About Momentum

Momentum Mag is an independent media company that promotes, encourages & inspires Smart Living by Bike.

Momentum Mag is the taste maker of city cycling in North America. We want to change the perception of what it is like to ride a bicycle and help normalize cycling. Our goal is to influence a shift in the transportation culture in North America from car-centricity to a balance of public transportation, appropriate car use, walking and bicycling, by showcasing riding a bike as a fun, smart, stylish & sexy way to get around.

Momentum Mag focuses on urban cycling lifestyle in North America from a global perspective. Momentum’s positive and solutions-based editorial coverage includes style, urban travel, smart riding solutions, city and people profiles, family riding & gear.

Momentum Mag is available in print and digital 5 times a year, in weekly newsletters, online at momentummag.com & through social media.

Subscriptions Customer Service:

momentummag@pubservice.com | 1-818-816-4745

Momentum Headquarters:

201-211 East Georgia St
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1Z6 Canada


CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Mia Kohout, mia(at)momentummag.com


Tania Lo, tania(at)momentummag.com

Managing Editor

Duncan Hurd, duncan(at)momentummag.com 

Photo Editor

David Niddrie, photo(at)momentummag.com 

Creative Director & Design

Jim Nissen & Switch Studio, momentum@switchstudio.com

Style Editor

Molly Millar, style(at)momentummag.com

Online Editor

Duncan Hurd, webeditor(at)momentummag.com

Account Managers

Dawson Hamilton & Molly Millar

dawson(at)momentummag.com, molly(at)momentummag.com

Office Manager

Lindsey Wasserman, lindsey(at)momentummag.com

Momentum Mag is grateful the support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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