5 New City Bikes for Under $500 http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/5-new-city-bikes-for-under-500/ Decked out with must-have accessories that include fenders, racks, lights, bells, (and even a bottle opener) these lower-priced bikes prove that you don't have to sacrifice utility or style as the price drops. en-us <function copyright at 0x6043f50> Wed, 07 May 2014 12:29:57 GMT Step thru frame for tall people
Other basics like having a chain guard, full fenders that actually keep my feet and back dry, and a generator hub, are also very frustratingly difficult to come by. They do exist, but often require making modifications to the bike. Funny how these items are standard in places like Holland and Germany. US bike manufacturers just don't get it. They continue to cater to recreation cyclists.]]>
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For more affordable cargo hauling bikes, look up yuba bikes, xtracycle]]>
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Proper assembly not included
HOWEVER, these prices do not include professional assembly, adjustment, or fitting. Unless you can confidently adjust headsets, derailleurs, hubs etc. and know a bit about bike fit basics, consider paying an additional $50-150 at your friendliest local bike shop to get it running smoothly and comfortably. It will be much safer, more comfortable and more fun.

Or test ride similar bikes they have and buy from your local bike shop.]]>
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Love my old powdercoated bike. Get yours here http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/5-new-city-bikes-for-under-500/ d6b4b5fa-b6be-11e3-b905-1231380a02d9 Fri, 28 Mar 2014 14:20:51 GMT city bikes http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/5-new-city-bikes-for-under-500/ f7d96214-b6bc-11e3-be17-1231380a02d9 Fri, 28 Mar 2014 14:07:27 GMT City bikes http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/5-new-city-bikes-for-under-500/ d374efd2-b398-11e3-82bf-1231380a02d9 Mon, 24 Mar 2014 14:11:11 GMT Beater Bikes
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