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The bad news is that there is no proof that hi-viz increases safety. My view is that everything a cyclist does to significantly increase their illumination above the minimum legal requirement both 1 - Makes other cyclists - and pedestrians - less visible in comparison, and 2- Gets motor vehicle operators used to this level of illumination to the point where they don't look for less lit up - but still legal - cyclists. (Please note that pedestrians do not have to wear anything reflective, etc. by law, and I am glad you do not market to pedestrians... BUT of course people who cycle with your stuff will also walk with it, at least a short distance.) In sum, wearing this makes others less safe.

The cheapest full garment is about 100 bucks... wow... imagine buying standard lights for four friends and strangers instead of spending it on oneself. Can you imagine not being narcissistic about safety?

This cult of high lux is a disease and a distraction from really solutions for safety. ]]> fc77220c-da1d-11e1-97e0-1231394043be Fri, 21 Oct 2011 12:53:30 GMT
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