Tall Order - Bikes for Tall People http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/tall-order-bikes-for-tall-people/ Chris Schroeder is tall. Very tall. And he's looking for a bike that fits to help him navigate the hills of San Francisco. en-us <function copyright at 0x6e29f50> Mon, 29 Sep 2014 11:39:27 GMT Bikes for tall people ]]> http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/tall-order-bikes-for-tall-people/ f0e83bce-4807-11e4-a034-22000a4f82a6 Mon, 29 Sep 2014 11:39:27 GMT 747 is great It is fantastic companies are starting to realize there is a real market for the 1 percentile, the tall people]]> http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/tall-order-bikes-for-tall-people/ 0fe97104-4b02-11e3-9e7a-1231394043be Mon, 11 Nov 2013 10:49:57 GMT european tall bikes
A friend of mine is 2.00m and lives in the US. She is mostly leg with an inseam of 1.02m and the only way to go was a custom frame. She couldn't afford it, but a kind company built one for her recognizing her work with kids.]]>
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Response to 'ol Sheldon
I'm only 6'4" but all legs. I test drove the 747 today (only a short bike store ride thru a flat neighborhood), and apart from the reach being too long it did feel "normal!"]]>
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We need bikes! http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/tall-order-bikes-for-tall-people/ 20e9c008-65d4-11e2-8cbf-1231394043be Wed, 23 Jan 2013 19:14:13 GMT Correction on my KHS 747 comments There are reviews by some 6'5" & 6'6" guys with 36.5" & 37" inseams, and they seem to really like the long cranks. Do a lot of research, but do even more test rides before you pull the trigger. Most think long cranks increase the risk of knee issues. Sheldon Brown has section on it, http://sheldonbrown.com/cranks.html, with a lot of good info and makes a comment I liked on it: "I think people really obsess too much about crank length. After all, we all use the same staircases, whether we have long or short legs..."]]> http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/tall-order-bikes-for-tall-people/ 8ef76a14-2c90-11e2-b986-1231394043be Sun, 11 Nov 2012 22:16:55 GMT Tall rider bikes BTW are you running fixie or freewheel on the feather & why no pic of it?

64cm specialized Roubaix or secteur; All carbon & aluminum/carbon respectively, various gearing & brake (disc) options. http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/road#enduranceroad

62 & 64cm surly long haul trucker: steel frame & fork. 11-34 9spd 26/36/48. Tons of fittings. Wheel & brake options. It is a very popular long distance touring bike, the shifters are super simple to operate and reliable. You can relocate them pretty easy to the upper bars & elsewhere if you don't like bar ends. swap out the tires to some light 28's and cassette if you want tight ratios plus all the range with that triple crank would cool. 62cm surly pacer or cross check, for a slight lighter and more nimble setup..

64cm fuji touring: steel frame & fork, fittings for fenders & front/rear racks, medium duty touring. Gears: 11-34 9spd 30/39/50. The 30 can be replaced by a 28, 26, maybe a 24 for cheap if you want super low gearing. Same Tire & gears stuff I mentioned above.
http://www.fujibikes.com/ bike/details/touring#bk_desc_tab

Fuji Roubaix 64cm: light large bike12-27 34/50. They discontinued the 64cm last year I think, so you would need to find old stock; I still see new ones around.

62cm jamis aurora: light duty touring. I have a '09; bad year. Lots of issues. I have final worked out most of the bugs. I am not recommending, but it exists.

Soma Smoothie es 66cm: bike frame only.

Cannodale has xxl they call "jumbo" but I think they may only be for flat bar bikes

One thing special about the KHS 747 (65cm) is that it comes with 200mm cranks instead of 175s on all the bikes above. These cranks make the 747 size more like 67.5cm (adding the 25mm for the longer cranks). This bike might be bigger than you need. 

There are other bikes I didn't mention; just need to look around a bit. I look forward to your bike reviews.]]>
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Gunnar makes bikes for NBA players http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/tall-order-bikes-for-tall-people/ 91c8d11c-1884-11e2-8701-1231394043be Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:00:43 GMT tall bikes http://momentummag.com/gear/bikes/tall-order-bikes-for-tall-people/ 6573f794-17d6-11e2-84c1-1231394043be Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:13:56 GMT