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Issue 65

M65 May-June 2014 Cover

4th Annual Gear Guide

Brazil on Bikes

Praising Parklets

Biking to Work Guide

Issue 66

Momentum Mag M66 July-August 2014 Cover

Summer Bike Fun Guide

Cargo Bike Lifestyle

Mail Order Bikes

Atlanta Bicycle Chic

Pets on Bikes

Issue 63

M63 Cover

Bicycle Fashion Designers

Brooklyn by Bike

Autumn Gear Guide

World Bicycle Relief

Biking While Pregnant

Issue 64

M64 Winter 2014 Cover

The Travel Issue

City Bike Tours

Winter Riding

Bike Share

Copenhagen Winter Style

Issue 61

M61 Cover

3rd Annual Gear Guide


Tucson, AZ

Bike Weddings

Vintage Bikes

Issue 62

Momentum Mag Issue 62 Cover

Shop by Bike

Rise of Protected Bike Lanes

Yoga for City Riders

Boston by Bike

Summer Riding

Issue 59

M59 Cover 205x266

Winter Riding


Bikes and Technology

Bike Around New Orleans

Issue 60

M60 Cover 400x519

How Bicycles Bring Business

Open Streets

Savannah, GA

Bike Travel

Issue 58M58 Cover 205 x 266

Upright Riding
Bike Around Long Beach, CA
15 City Bike reviews
Dynamo Lights
Bikes are Transit
Reflective Bikestyle Bikes for Tall People

Issue 57M57 Cover Beaches, Bikes and Summer Riding
Cargo Bikes
European vs. North American Infrastructure
Biking in Montreal
Choosing a Saddle
Fast Commuter Bikes  How to Clean your Chain
Issue 56M56 Cover thumb Gear Guide 2012
Bike Around Los Angeles
Diversity and Cycling
6 Mixte Bike Reviews
How to Bike To Work
Running Errands With the Kids
Issue 55M55 Cover_feature image 2012 Urban Travel Guide
Handmade Bicycles
Bike Weddings
Fashion Bloggers Riding in Style
Behind the Brand: Linus Bikes
Folding Bikes


Issue #


Issue #

Single Issues (#17-#54) also available for $5 each!


Issue #


Issue #

Back Issues Catalogue

Issue 54M54 Cover

Guide to Winter Riding
Explore San Francisco by Bike
How to Pump your Tires
Holiday Gift Guide
Run Bikes for Kids
Q & A with Gary Fisher

Issue 53

M53 Cover Small

What Women Want- A Women's Perspective on Cycling
Bike Shop: Hub and Bespoke
Review: Linus Roadster
Choosing a Lightweight Kids' Bike
Bike Curious: Locking your Bike
Issue 52
Bike Share has Arrived
Family Bike Camping
Bike vs. Bike: The Idaho Stop Law
Biking with Dogs
Bike Curious - Bikes Defined
Toronto by Bike
Issue 51
The Helmet Debate
David Byrne: On Bikes and Cities
Minneapolis by Bike
How to Fly with your Bike
Lunchtime Bike Club
Behind the Brand: PUBLIC Bikes
Issue 50

This is the Bike Lifestyle
New York City
Top 10 Cycling Destinations
Bicycling with Newborns
The Mistake of Ticketing Cyclists
Timeline: 50 Issues of Momentum

Issue 49

A Handmade Affair
Austin, TX
Wet Weather Riding
Gear: Devinci Oslo
Bikestyle: Classically Chic
Finding Love in the Bike Lane
Pothole Woes

Issue 48

The Photo Issue
Capturing Cycling Culture
City Feature: San Diego
Recumbent Riders
Book review: Joyride
Gear: Rainwear
Gear: Melon Slice

Issue 47
Growing Up Velo
Cargo Bikes
City Feature: Miami
The Art of recycling Bikes
Urban Agriculture
Gear Review: Yuba Mundo
Gear: Kids' Stuff

Issue 46


City Feature: Colorado
Subculture: Cruisers
Artist Vanessa redwick
Gear: Sunglasses
Gear review: Opus Lugano
Good for You Granola
The Advocate: Licensed to Ride?

Issue 45

City Feature: Detroit
Subculture Feature: E-Bikes
Q & A with Bike Snob
Bicycle Travel
Baja, Mexico
Gabriola Island, BC
DIY Bike Sound
Camping Polenta

Issue 44

MOM 44 Cover Thumbnail


A Modern Biking Advocacy Timeline
City Feature: Portland, OR
Subculture: Fixie Gold
Coco Love Alcorn
Gear: Knickers
Gear review: SE Lager
Go Means Go: Biking in Seattle
Photo Contest Winners

Issue 43

City Feature: Vancouver BC
Subculture Feature: Unicycles
2010 Gear Issue: Bikes
2010 Gear Issue: Clothing
2010 Gear Issue: Bags & Panniers
2010 Gear Issue: Locks
Bicycle Cafe Culture
Book Review: Cyclecraft
Food: Wintry Chickpea Stew
DIY: Hanging Bike Rack

 Issue 42

Mia Birk
City Feature: Los Angeles
Public Spaces in NYC
From Rails to Trails
Ready to Roll
Book Review: The Hungry Cyclist
Gear: Kids' Stuff, Lights, and Recumbents
Bicycle Bob

 Issue 41

Cycle Chic
Bike to the Future
Cycling in Salt Lake City
DIY: Inner Tubes
Artist Adam Turman
Book Review: Bicycle Diaries
Gear: Joe Bike + Ecospeed
Eating Your Way down the Saint-Urbain Bike Lane

 Issue 40

Montréal's BIXI Bike Share
Scraper Bikes
Biking with a Belly
Weaving their Way Out of Modern Mass Consumption
How to Start a Bicycle Music Festival in Your Town
How to Make Your Own Wooden Bike Fenders
Gear: The Yuba Mundo

 Issue 39

Cycling at All Ages
The Xtracycle Radish Cargo Bike
Child Bicycle Trailers
Book Review - Pedaling Revolution
San Francisco’s Bicycle Music Festival

Issue 38

Washington DC
Going for the Green!
After School Bike Club
North America's Thriving Network of Community Bike Shops
Learning to Share the Road
The Tweed Run
Delicious Deliveries

Issue 37

Cycling on the High Road
Boston Bike Renaissance
SCUL - Boston's Chopper Armada
How to Tame Motorists & Restrict Car Use
A Match Made in Bike Heaven
North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2009

Issue 36

San Francisco
Cycling for Everyone: Part 2
LEED Leads the Way: Bicycles in Green Buildings
Bike Aid to Africa
Making Less Space for Cars, More Space for People
Flickr Bikes have Purple Pedals
Make Your Own Rain Poncho

Issue 35

Fashion Pedallers
Cycling for Everyone
The Object of Desire
The Deadly Nightshades
Austin's Cycling Culture
Ottawa City Profile
Bike Fitting
Book Review: Roadside Bicycle Repair

Issue 34

New York City Streeter
Better Than the Subway
The Breakfast Ride
Yoga for the Urban Cyclist
Bike Rage
The Tokyo Great Cycling Tour
Cycling the Magdalen Islands
Book Review: The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles

Issue 33

Lance Armstrong: Shifting Priorities
Children's Bicycle Education in the US
The Golden Thread of Curbside Cycle
Cycle Messenger World Championships
North America's Bike to Work Programs

Issue 32

The Family That Cycles Together
John Pucher – the Bicycle Scholar
The Self-Propelled Outdoor Club
Book Review - Chasing Rickshaws

Issue 31

City Bike Trendsetters
City Bike Shakedown
Melbourne by Bicycle
'Bent Culture
How Recumbents Were Banned From Racing
My Dream Bike for the City
Haute Biketure
How To Install Fenders
Gear: Pumps

Issue 30

Turntablist Romina Wendell
On Wind and Two Wheels
Womankind, You Can Save Mankind
Copenhagen Cycle Chic
Cuban Bici-modifications
Cycling in Cities
Winterborne Bicycle Institute

Issue 29

There's No Place Like A Few Miles From Home
Touring in Spain
Credit Card Touring
Traveling Salesman
Bicycle Dream Date, Portland
Bike Talk For A Better World
Gear: Tents For Bike Touring

Issue 28

The True Story of an Adult Bicycle Beginner
New Haven, Connecticut
Car Head
Riding on Hope
From Poop to Popcorn: A Reflection on Bio-fuels
Mountain Biking Meets Inner City Youth
The Bike Culture of Burning Man

Issue 27

Gary Fisher
Make way for Muddbunnies
Riding on More than instinct
The Vancouver Skatepark Coalition
China Creek's Path to Salvation
A Perfect Day in Caracas
The Role of the Bicycle in the Women's Liberation Movement
Shopping by Bike

Issue 26

Love on two wheels
An argument for bike lanes
Tokyo Transport Tales
Moonlight Midnight Mystery Ride
North American Handmade Bicycle Show
Educate, Enable, Empower: Earn-a-bike
Five romantic bike rides

Issue 25

B:C:Clettes Co-operation is Revolution
Critical Mass growing pains
Talking co-ops with Chelsea Lake
Songs from the underground
HELP! How to ask for it
Riding on Top of the World
Film review: Monkey Warfare

Issue 24

Ghost Bikes
Back on the horse – what to do after taking a tumble
Geek’s paradise in Portland
Are Helmet Laws Justified?
The Ditty Bops tour America by bike
In Memory of Dugald Christie
Geeky toys for competitive types

Issue 23

Joe Breeze’s passion for city bikes and efficiency
Vancouver Public Space Network
Has Beans
Book Review: Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance
Progressive bike picnics

Issue 22

Fixie chicks are FAST FRIENDS
Bicycle Gang Basics
Welcome to København & Hello Buster!
Everyone Benefits at a Bike-friendly Workplace

Issue 21

Jett Grrl Bike Studio blasts off
University is a Hub of Alt-transportation Activity
Doing it Backwards
PEDAL opens Bicycle Depot
Portland’s City Repair
A DIY Punk Rock Touring Guide (of sorts)

Issue 20

Jobs in the Cycling Industry
Work Less Party
Slow Sex
Long Now Foundation
Transglide 2000
Pemberton Re-defines Meals on Wheels
The Going is Steady for Seasoned Cyclists

Issue 19

Olympic Funding and Bikes
Sk8 School
Onward Christian Cyclists
Ecstatic Dance
Bright Lights for a Big City
Cycling Safety and Buses
Pressure Cooking on the Road
Speedy Cyclist Gift Guide
Spiraling in the Cosmic Critical Mass

Issue 18

Raingear is SEXY!
Cycling and the Capital Plan
EYA Helps Youth Find the Mode that Fits
One Big Happy (Bike + Family)
Trailer Tips for Toting Tots
Bridge Under Troubled Rider
Kayaking – by Bikes
From Toronto with Velolove

Issue 17

Cycling Superheroes Save the Day
Disappearing Traffic
Made in Secret – The Story of the EVPC
Jeremy Fisher Interview
Cycling Scenes of the Windy City
Edible Landscaping

Issue 16

Hello Cycle Racing, Goodbye Indy!
Car Free Commercial Drive Festival
Pedal Play
To Live and Bike in LA
Profile: Dustin the Purple Pirate

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