December 6, 2010

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ninja whereabouts

On the night we filmed the "talking heads" segment, Agent Chaos and Agent Instigate were at a grant night, schmoozing with potential investors. We're such bigtime fancy ladies now, it's hard to get us all together in the same place. Sometimes we have to have practice on the Concorde.

(ps - hi, Mom Chaos!)

Agent F-Word more than 4 years ago

REVo lution!

Inspiring and Inventive. L o v e this..
but, 'scuse me-- Where in the World is
Agent Chaos?!

Lin Ostler more than 4 years ago

Holy Guacamole

Yea Derailleurs in Momentum Magazine! The Bikedance Revolution is taking foot -er- gettin'wheels -rather! Body positive transportation autonomy for all! Pedal power to the people!!!

Sandra Kwak more than 4 years ago

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