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March 25, 2014

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Style, now really!

Style in rain-wear for cycling that sacrifices practicality does little to promote cycling. As exemplified by hoods that do not seal out driven rain because of a design that permit a tight seal around the face. Rain-jackets that end at the waist and allow water to roll down onto the thighs and buttock are another example. I could go on but suffice it to say that cycle-wear should echo the practicality of the bike and clearly much does not.

Wilhelm Frankl 268 days ago

Urban Rainwear

Dear Frank,
I feel your frustration about being soaked when biking in storms or sailing the oceans. I tend to wear Musto gear, when sailing, but then I represent a completely other target group, than what Takaokami aims for.
Takaokami is rainwear for urban, fashion conscious people, who are looking to feel well dressed and for whom traditional rainwear is too, well, traditional. All styles are made so that you can get around town easily, also if you bike.
Almost 40% of commuting in Denmark is by bike and most want to look good when doing their daily commute. Girls wearing high heels and fine leather accessories are very common, when biking the streets here.
Our styles are meant to compliment urban, feminine fashion and at the same time protect from the rain. Many cities around the World are inspired by the biking community in Denmark and we are supporting this trend. For example take a look at the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog, that has spread to numerous cities around the World, showcasing fashionable bikers.

Again, Takaokami is not meant for harsh weather, high speeds and 100k trips in the mountains. What it is for is strolling around the city, looking feminine and feeling comfortable, not sacrificing your looks. Urban Rainwear that is.


Nikolaj Bak 267 days ago