May 20, 2010

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Better bikes - better lives

This makes sense to me as novice cyclists upgrade from Walmart and CDn Tire Bikes - they (like me) move to the pricier models at the LBS. I used to say that my old bike was disposable and I would not worry if it was stolen as I was saving $250 a month (about what it cost). Once I paid $700 for a bike - I kept it longer and secured it more -ergo fewer purchases of bikes.
With the HST in BC now it will be interesting to see if Alberta enjoys a boom in high end bike sales and BC loses out. Might be.

Michael more than 4 years ago

Are canadians buyingfewer bikes?

Of course, the coming HST doesn't help things for the B.C. Bike consumer! I have owned a MTB for many years and now have opted for a road bike custom made from Italy! I can't wait for it's arrival in July!

Ron more than 4 years ago