August 1, 2010

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weight loss and cycling for 4 years

I went on a dr adkins diet, and I lost 40 lbs and several pant sizes, then i gained some of it back, so i started riding my bike to work and a little weight lifting for my upper body, and after 4 years i have just gained more weight til i am back where i started from before i dieted. i do notice the harder I work the more i crave and thus over eat, I have stopped eating sugar and refined products but still don't lose, we live down wind from Fucushima Nuclear fallout and the tidal wave hit here, i did notice that after that i could no longer wake up early and feel refreshed and I have cravings for sweets,but that has been two years and i can now wake up early and feel refreshed, but i still crave and have a hard time with portion control . I just heard that they are finding newborns along the coast here have thyroid problems,

suzanne more than 1 year ago

Take Shape for Life / Cycling

Cycling sounds like an excellent choice for my clients who have chosen
the "Take Shape for Life" weight and health management program. After
achieving a target goal weight and several weeks of a transition period, the maintenance phase is most successful with a consistent activity that effectively burns calories. See

Pete Kelley more than 4 years ago

Bike it off

When my doctor told me I should get back to my "college weight" I just laughed: that was 40 pounds and 25 years ago! But...between diet and cycling I took off 40 pounds in less than a year. Now...can I get my college hair back?

Rich Gunn - SF, CA more than 4 years ago

Ass-ertive geometry helps too

The "attitude" of your bike makes a difference in the shape of your body too.I rode a heavy cruiser to work for years and while I loved the bike, I didn't get as much power from my ass and legs as I did when I switched to a road bike (mine now has upright bars)

Choosing a more "ass-ertive" frame geometry will help you get good exercise from your ride - and also give your ass and thighs a sleeker shape than the "chicken drumstick thighs" which we develop when riding a more relaxed geometry that works mostly the tops of the quadricept muscles.

Amy Walker more than 4 years ago

Just have fun.

Cecily : Agreed. Whenever someone asks me why I cycle to work I always answer "Because its fun!". However, I did lose 12 kg in the first few months and dropped two sizes in jeans. After more than 5 years in the saddle I've stopped losing weight - but I eat whatever I want and never put on any either!

Im guessing you havent noticed any weight loss yet because muscle is heavier than fat and you are in the "conversion" stage. The loss of inches around your middle is a pretty good sign that something is going on.

Gandalf more than 4 years ago

Losing weight? Just have fun!

I commuted by bike every day this summer and so far I haven't lost a single pound. I've lost a few inches on the lower half of my body, but the scale hasn't moved a bit.

Then again, that's not my primary motivation - having a good time and arriving at work with a smile on my face is.

Cecily more than 4 years ago