May 27, 2014

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I miss my Raleigh...

My beloved rare blue Raleigh M-45 was stolen by some Craigslist cretin a few years back and I'm still in mourning..sob!

d 207 days ago

New house new life

You should totally give my sister Lisa and her family new bikes. Two fun adult bikes, one with cool tattoo stickers, one with nursing stickers and splashy design, one for a toddler, and then a super Pony-ifed one with rainbow streamers for my soon to be 8 niece. My sister is a neo-natal nurse who works every weekend saving baby lives friday evening to tuesday morning and then goes home to watch two super active kids and is supervising the building of the new house by builders and is quiting smoking. So she needs something to put the wind in her sails and the breathe in her body to do all kinds of family togetherness-she really wants this and it would be a fabulous surprise that it was taken care of. That is why you should pick Lisa, super nurse-mom with nerves of steel. That awesomeness needs the appropriate ride.

Linda 207 days ago