May 13, 2014

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Beauty Meets Function

My partner has been letting me borrow her Civia Twin City for when we are tooling around the city and don't want to be on our folding bikes--I would love to be able to have a bike of my own for errand running and recreational riding.

Yvonne Zipter 252 days ago

Mixties Rule!!!

I ride a vintage Puche mixtie that is on its last legs. Need a replacement!

Cassandra 252 days ago


So I can enjoy the two loves of my life together. It's for my girlfriend who just found out her hours are getting cut at work.

Travis Scherling 252 days ago

Big City Style

I love riding in town for errands, visiting friends, and just for fun. A mixte city bike is a great choice for riding in the city when needing to get on and off the bike frequently.

Tom Roetker 252 days ago

Fire Engine Red

I want to win a mixte so I can ride to work in style!

Johannes Schut 252 days ago

Please pick me :)

I really need to win this bike! My own bike got stolen and now I have to drive to work and school and polute the air in my ugly gas guzzling car. And nobody wants to see that.

Erin Hinds 252 days ago

Give me Brodie!!!!!

Brodie Metier Mixte city bike for a transportation as a student in Victoria BC, i love riding a bike but i don't own one(just got here from S.Korea) , i am desperate to ride Metier Mixte city bike in this beautiful city, I heard your company makes great bike :) and will be great if i get to ride on it

Yerina Kim 252 days ago

Brodie Mixte!

Beautiful bike! My husband and I do not own cars. All our commuting and errands are done via public transit and bicycle. Right now I have an old hand-me-down mountain bike, which has been reliable, but isn't great for commuting as it's heavy and clunky and getting to retirement age. The Brodie would be a perfect little commuter for me. The upright riding position is important due to a chronic illness which makes leaning on my wrists uncomfortable and even painful at times. This bike looks efficient.

danika dd 252 days ago

Granny needs step-through

This looks like the perfect bike to get this granny around the city.

Britt Dougall 252 days ago

Family Time

Just another great way to spend family time!

Jennie 252 days ago


Nice! I need a bicycle, my old one got stolen. I don't have a car...

Wendy 252 days ago

Merrier Mary on a Metier Mixtie

Eat, drink and be a merry Mary on a Mixtie. I will merrily ride to the store, to work, to school and the park. No matter where I go, I will smile and be a merry Mary.

Mary Anderson 252 days ago

to give it to my friend

I will probably give them my bike but maybe I will be nice?

Jessica Gadd 252 days ago

So I can get to work!

I commute from one city to the other, but I have to drive to even get to the bus station to catch a bus up. I would love to have a reliable, road-worthy bike to get me to the station and back so I can make my commute have as small a carbon footprint as possible!

Alexandra Brewer 252 days ago

Still dreaming about Amsterdam

Ever since we vacationed in Amsterdam I have wanted a sturdy bike for trips around town.

Susan 252 days ago

Wish I could win

that bike looks great

Jeff Richard 252 days ago

city bike contest

We have parked our car this season, due to the price of gas on our farm truck and the insurance. We have 2 old mountain bikes that we ride to town when we need smaller things or a few groceries. A decent bike would make riding into town much easier. We have found not having the xtra car is not difficult and the bike ride for errands gives us both a good break

Neil Anderson 252 days ago

I love Brodie bikes!

This is perfect to ride around town! I need this bike to do errands easily and get my exercise as well :)

Grace 252 days ago

Short jaunts

I'd love to win this bike so I can use it to run errands and have some carrying capacity instead of driving the car!

Sean 252 days ago

sweet ride

I would love to just have a sweet ride for the shorter trips in my life.

Rob Patterson 252 days ago

It's starting to get awkward

I'm a student and all my friends are awesome people who care about their impact on the environment, active life-styles, community-building and supporting local business. I'm willing to be influenced by good people. So I got involved in the community garden, got back into home-brewing after a long absence, and have pretty much committed to public transit. But the thing is, my friends tend to bike a lot. When they start talking about biking over beers, I go silent. Sometimes I try to participate in the conversation but I get caught up on things like the fact that "fattys fit fine" is not actually intended as dating advice. The worst, though, is when my friends go out for a ride. They're nice, they include me in things. But clapping two coconut shells together just isn't going to cut it much longer. They know I can't afford to ride a horse and, let's face it, my rhythm isn't particularly convincing. I don't wanna be a poser anymore. I want to know the joy that lightens their lives. I want to wear this bike helmet like it actually might save my life. Please, please, make an honest woman of me.

Adryan 252 days ago

Let's commute

I'd like to win the Brodie bike so I can give it to a friend of mine who really needs a new bike!! :)

David Monte 252 days ago

Wife needs a bike she can trust

Would like to get the wife riding with me again...

Joey T 252 days ago

Looking good

The reason someone should win me a bike is so that I can finally look good, gotta walk the walk if you talk the talk

Peter Herrel 252 days ago

I need more exercise and would, love to win a Brodie bike

Want to lose weight

Bonnie 252 days ago

New commuter

I've just recently resolved to ride my bike to work every day. I have a nice simple bike that is functional but while riding with other people that have city bikes I've realized that with mine I have to work so much harder(sweaty-er) . I'm a hairstylist and I would love to breeze to work on my awesome Brodie Metier Mixte city bike and be ready to work in style :)

Sarah 252 days ago

Great bike

I would use this great bike to make local rides around my neighborhood.

Jeff Rottman 252 days ago

Transportation :)

I haven't owned a car in over 10 years. I have chosen to live by public transportation or close enough to bike where I need to be. I would love to "upgrade" my ride to this beautiful bike!!!

Jennnifer Dennie 252 days ago

Velo love

I love this bike, but I love my lovely wife even more and she deserves a new ride. The step-through mixte frame and upright riding position would be perfect for her. Win or lose I'm looking forward to riding together much more often this summer...

Ken Ashdown 252 days ago

Still within the formula!

Winning the Brodie Metier Mixte would provide an errand bike while not upsetting the bicycle purchase formula: N+1<correct # of bikes<D-1 (N = existing, D = Divorce). Being stylish it will improve my odds of raising D-1. As we both ride bikes the same size it would see double duty.

Steve Mahovlic 252 days ago

I would love to win

I would love to win because I have just arrived to. Vancouver from New Zealand and this would be a fantastic bike for me to explore the city on.

Veronica 252 days ago

Beautiful Bike

My family and I ride our bikes for local errands. My son is in need of a better bike. We would use it locally and on bike trail rides.

Nancy Nunn 252 days ago

Nice ride

The Brodie Metier Mixte would be a nice ride for my commute or to peddle around the seawall. Would love to ride an upright position bike for a change!

Taya 252 days ago

My Heart

I need a bike, I don't own one nor can I afford one.....had my third heart attack around midnight on Dec 31, 2013 and I am changing my lifestyle immensely and one of my dreams is to start back riding a bike around town again. I am only 51. Besides, that bike is too cool but also perfect style for me and the new lifestyle I have to live by now.

jennifer vaughn 252 days ago

Brodie Metier Mixte

Love the upright riding position for the casual ride along the trails.

Andrew Nicklin 252 days ago

Such a great commute!

I would love to win this bike! I would ride it all the time, and use it to run errands and join in some of the no-drop rides.

Erica Y 252 days ago

A great bike

I need a great and sturdy bike to get around the city. I could use in addition to walking and taking transit!

Bons 252 days ago


I would love to win this bike and road around, I currently live in Boston and I am starting to write a blogg about different bike pads around the area and organize events, will love to show off my new bike !

Paola 252 days ago

Great Bike!

My husband, Keith, and I are in the process of building a prairie eco-house on a small acreage here in Saskatchewan. We spent our first summer demolishing numerous old derelict buildings, while living in a small travel trailer. I spent the following winter couch surfing, while Keith worked in a bush camp up north, all in an effort to build 'sans mortgage'. This past summer, we managed to get just enough of our house built so that I could move in before winter arrived, while Keith again returned to work in the north.

We’ve refused to buy in to the current over-priced housing market that has a death grip on so many struggling Canadian families, choosing instead a life of 'voluntary simplicity'. We are eager to embrace our life as subsistence farmers, and plan on living well, below the poverty line. Know that the current prize you’re offering would not only be greatly appreciated, but definitely be put to good use as we settle in to our sustainable lifestyle. Live small, live simple, live free.

Amberleah 252 days ago


The clients I work with, who are mentally ill and low income. I want to donate my immaculate bike to someone in need,
For a chance to maintain independence and ultimately employment. This would make me the most happiest if I could offer this opportunity for someone.

Barbara Schifano 252 days ago

My bike was stolen...

I've been looking for a bike like this to replace it. I love doing my errands and short trips by bike.

Sue Walker 252 days ago

I need a city bike!

Right now I commute on an old mountain bike. A nice city bike would make my commute so much sweeter!

Chamayne Ortegon 252 days ago

So I can start bike riding

This would be amazing to win so I could join in with all the people I see bike riding around the seawall!

Jenny 252 days ago

Mixte = universal bike

My very first "grown-up" bike when I was 12 was a balloon tire mixte bike. I rode everywhere on that bike for years. I'd love to relive those days.

dorin 252 days ago

She's a beaut!

Looks like a nice ride on which to run errands.

lisa smillie 252 days ago

Stylish, practical

I love mixte bikes: strong, easy mount and dismount, and this one looks beautiful!!

Craig 252 days ago

For My Favorite Teacher

I have a teacher in mind who stole the heart of mine. Her kids just love her, though they are leaving for the summer. This bike would make the mornings so much nicer as she rides it with her lover.

Jenny Windes 252 days ago

So pretty!

The Brodie Metier Mixte bicycle looks very pretty and comfortable to ride. It has a vintage look to it which I adore! :D

stacy ponask 252 days ago

Brodie Mixtie

This would be the perfect addition to our family. Style and function in a great package.

Kathleen Smith 252 days ago

Nothing But Mixtes

Mixtes are the most beautiful and practical city bikes there are. Oh, do I love mixes!

Joyanna Eisenberg 252 days ago

Ode to the Mixte

The bike for me - a poem (a bad one)

Having scoured the city because I'm the princess and the pea, finally i find the mixte for me! it's frame, bar and seat's what I need to ride me around in this summer's heat!

kerry ross 252 days ago


I want to win this to roll up around town in style.

Christopher Joy 252 days ago

Would love to have this bike

This is exactly the type if bike that I have been wanting! I am currently bike-less and have been searching for a comfortable ride. Mixtes are by far the style that I feel the most comfortable on and this Brodie is just a beaut!

Amanda Bell 252 days ago

Nice bike!

I rode an old red mixte when I was an exchange student attending university in Holland. When my studies were over I sold the bike to a German roommate before returning back to SFU. I miss that bike and have been looking for a similar one since, this Brodie bike would bring back lots of good memories and now get me through graduate school!

Chris 252 days ago

Bike for my girlfriend

My girlfriends bike was stolen and I've been helping her find a good new ride. We went to a few bike shops and she really likes Mixtes. Winning this bike would make her summer and it would make mine too because then we can ride together again.

Ari Feder 252 days ago


I'd love to win this beautifully crafted bike as I'm a French native and métier means craft.
It would add quite some conversation with friends and passerbys alike ;)
I do live in California and my commuter bike is on the way out, yet I have been hanging out to it since I can't afford any other for now...
Rouge; oops I meant red, would be wonderful but I won't be picky about the couleur, oops, color ;)
Merci/Thank you,

Sandrine 252 days ago

Go To Bike

Go to shop, go to work, go to eat, etc. A great go to bike.

Tracey Eide 252 days ago

Because it's Badger Red!

That's why! And who doesn't love a bike with style, comfort and functionality!?!

Jennifer 252 days ago

Mixte Contest

I would be so happy to win the Mixtie because it would be perfect for commuting to work!

Rachel Stickles 252 days ago

Fingers Crossed

I can't contain my excitement about this Brodie bike. Woo-Hoo! I love the styling. Plus the red is HOT. *sizzle*

Amber Procaccini 252 days ago

Who wouldn't want to own such a beautiful bike?

I love biking around the city and I would love to do it on a stylish bike made for cities!

Louise 252 days ago


I'd like to win it because I don't have a good road bike. My MTB is good on trails but a city bike would rock. Thanks!

David 252 days ago


Because a beauty bike is all we all really want out of life.

Sara maria d. 253 days ago

Brodie Metier Mixte

I would love to win the Brodie Metier Mixte , because I would be able alternate bikes depending on the weather, if one is in the shop. More importantly if i have friends visiting from out of town, they borrow my older bike and I ride my Mixte!

Matthew LeDrew 253 days ago

love this giveaway

I am now just looking into city/hybrid bikes since my MTB isn't suitable for the bike club rides I want to partake in and I really don't want to shop at big box stores to meet my budget for it. This bike is perfect, it has a rack included ( perfect for my backpack on days when I want to commute w/it as well as do the club rides), the frame/design is just what I'm looking for and is my favorite color!!!!!

Ashley B. 253 days ago

Sweet valentine's bike

I would love love love to win this beautiful Mixte bike, but not for me, for my sweet cherie. It would be a perfect valentine's type gift (who says Valentine's need solely be limited to February 14th) to show my love, and aid in getting the two of us out for romantic cruises around the countryside and yummy afternoon picnics. So please please please, win this bike for me, so that I may share it with my lovely sweety!!!

Matthew 253 days ago

My friend would ride more w/ this bike

I have a friend Lisa who would ride more if she had this great bike, since it would help her feel safe and confident riding, and carrying items. This step through frame would help her with her bad knee, which makes it difficult to get on regular frame bikes.

Chris Covert-Bowlds 253 days ago

Truly a Sweet Ride on the Seawall with your Sweetheart

What more could you give your Sweetheart of 32 years of marriage then a nice Sunday Ride on the Seawall with this Mixte.

Mike vanhove 253 days ago

Fenders and a chain guard... on this Mixte are just what I need for riding in the rain.

Eli 253 days ago

Bike Thoughts 2014

If I had a mixte , I'll tell what I'd do, I'd go down town and buy a parcel or two , I'm crazy about that "Metier" .Sung to the tune of "Mercury Blues " Gonna ride that "Metier " and cruise on down the road !

lee kenney 254 days ago

New Cargo for my commute

I'm currently riding a Brodie, but I'd love to upgrade to something that can carry a bit of cargo for my commute!

Craig Ward 254 days ago

Brodie for my wife

While my wife shares our cargo bike with me, she doesn't have her own bike and hasn't for years. While she's supportive of my riding, I think that winning a great city bike would all her to feel comfortable riding herself.

Patrick McMahon 254 days ago

Flaming red excitement!---Chili peppers and me

Hot, hot, hot---I like it that way---plus riding is fun too.

Barbara 254 days ago

As a gift...

for my wife. I'd like to win the Brodie because it is frankly, a beautiful utility bike. She is a utility rider and a practical ride with nice touches like a chain guard, fenders, and a cool rack would be something special for her.

Jun Z. 254 days ago

It's red!!

Need I say more?

Leslie 254 days ago


My current bike has been great to me but it is time for a pretty city bike :)

Heather 254 days ago

I like to mix it up---in a good way

With the chance to win such a sweet bike, what I'd do just might surprise you

Turbo Bob 254 days ago

My Bike was stolen

I shared my bike with my daughter, who brought it downtown, and it was hoo

Roxanne Delmage 254 days ago

Because I am aweseome!

I should win this bike because I want to give it to a friend so she can stop driving that infernal automobile of hers.

James 254 days ago

short urban trips

I have an old 10 speeds that is perfect for long rides on the bike paths, but this would be better for short jaunts around town

Christian 254 days ago

Brodier Metierv Mixte

I am part of my cities bike coalition.I helped implement a greenway bike path through my city and special bike lanes. Yet Ido not have a bike. I need to have one in my bike friendly city. The Upright position is the only type I am comfortable riding.

Frances Carty 254 days ago

Roses are red...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Winning this perfect red bike
I would be so grateful to you
The timing couldn't be better
To take care of this matter
Contemplating joining the biking community
Looking for a new form of physical activity
To keep up a healthy lifestyle
As chronic back pain keeps me out of style
Oh! This lovely red bike
Would be the perfect wheels for a great bike hike!

Caroline 254 days ago

Love This Bike!!!

I have been considering buying a bike for a few months now. This could really help me with my goal of getting in better health.

Lisa Rutkowski 254 days ago

Upright Efficiency

The Brodie Metier Mixte city bike has the position and technology to make a city with hills enjoyable!

tl 255 days ago

Function, Style... LOVe

I need a new bicycle! The Brodie Metier Mixte City Bike would be perfect to replace my older hybrid that I've been using for city riding. (That bike I plan to pass down to one of my sons, so he can help me with the groceries! Season-permitting, I do my shopping via bike, and it's three big burly men -- hubby and two teenage sons -- so LOTS of groceries.) Not only will the Metier Mixte be awesome for my purposes, but it looks hot! I'll be all over town on this!

Shannon Paugh 255 days ago

Mixte Love

I ride a beautiful blue 1970 Peugeot mixte. It has been my pride and joy for the last four years. Recently, I moved to a new city with plenty of hills. As much as I love the vintage look and mechanics of my current bike, I am on the hunt for something more efficient to get me to and from work and all around the city. This mixte is the bike for me, especially with the rack and fenders!

Hannah 255 days ago


What a beauty, and practical too! It's the kind of bike that I can't find in my town and I keep meaning to travel further to look for something like this. Maybe the contest will work out and I won't have to :-)

Charlene 255 days ago

Surprise gift for my wife

I would love to surprise my wife for our 5th anniversary with this bicycle. She loves riding and all things bicycles

Mike Goldberg 255 days ago

This is the perfect bike for me

I love the red colour coordinated frame, rack, fenders and fork as well as how it is nicely offset with the black chainguard and seat, and chrome cranks and handlebars. The low mixte height is what I always look for in a frame. This practical bike will allow me to ride off into retirement in style :-)

Susan U 255 days ago

It's the bike I've been looking for

This bike caught my eye when I saw it in a local bike shop recently. I love the stylish and practical fenders and rack, and the chainguard in a big plus too. The price is perfect, and would be even better if I could get one for free!

Ron U 255 days ago

It's the bike I've been looking for

This bike caught my eye when I saw it in a local bike shop recently. I love the stylish and practical fenders and rack, and the chainguard in a big plus too. The price is perfect, and would be even better if I could get one for free!

Ron U 255 days ago

Why the Mixte? It is certified GEEK cool

Just Look at it. It shivers with coolativity. Completely upright riding so that the phone I keep in my dress shirt pocket protector will never fall out. Chain guard? Oh! I WILL miss tucking my polyester bell bottom dress slacks in my socks....but that is a chance I will have to take. Maybe I will do it just for style now instead of trying to spend some awkward minutes trying to get my leg cuffs out of my sprocket.
Wicker basket on the back? I think not. I am in the process of recycling my 4l Soy Milk containers and weaving them in to my own panniers. I am inspired by West Coast Salish Aboriginal basket weaving techniques...I will call them the SoyLish Weave Panniers.

Most important is the low profile top bar. For reasons that the ladies ALL know...I want to be in prime optimal condition for that magic moment with that fine data analyst who has been smiling at me lately. I think she is smiling...but she could be laughing at my Star Wars lunch box that my Mum packs my lunch in.

Malcolm Chrystal 255 days ago

A friend in need...

If I won the bike I'd give it to my neighbor who doesn't have a bike and shares her car with her boyfriend that is in school. They actually both want a bike but I feel like I could see her on it. I feel like she deserves it because of her work within the community and bettering humanity. Plus she smiles a lot. She'd love that bike and I'd love to give it to her.

Lela Gonzales 255 days ago

Why a mixie

I want a mixture for more casual city riding. I will also be able to get a slower more upright position to keep up with my lady friends instead of a sweat inducing pace I feel I must ride on my normal ride.

Seth kreiss 255 days ago

I want to win it for my son.

He sold his car and commutes to work and gym etc in miami. Crazy! I would love him to have a nice new SAFE bike. He is riding from miami to quebec this summer. He would be so happy on this bike. Please!!!

Ms lee hoffman 255 days ago

New Cyclist Needs Some Style

I have a second hand bike which has done the trick, but man - it is NOT pretty. This bike can get me riding in style and I can donate my current ride to one of our many organizations that provide bikes to various shelters or families who live below the poverty line.

Monica 255 days ago

Because I don't have a city

It's a really nice bike and I don't have a city bike. Many times it will be very useful to go to the metro station !

Olivier Thomas 255 days ago

Because it's red!

I love the red bike, I have so many pairs of red shoes, it's a perfect fit!

Erin 255 days ago

Love this!!

This bike is amazing and so pretty. I love the color as well as the fenders and rack. :-)

Erica 255 days ago

Need bike

I can bike. I have a helmet but not a bike. I've always been renting bike for pleasurely biking with friends. Really want my own bike. I will use it more to get around and will help save lots of money.

Andrew 255 days ago

work clothes

chain guard, rack, mud guards, this the bike I can use with my work clothes

franz 255 days ago

Perfect for me and my son!

I have always secretly coveted Mixte frames! Secret because I didn't want to offend my top tube. I haven't been on the saddle since having my son and this would be the perfect mama/son bike for us. I would feel very safe & be super happy on this gorgeous bike!

Virginia Galvan 255 days ago

Learn bike riding

I never picked up skill to ride a bike. If I win, I'll get myself learning how to bike. I want to roam my city.

O.F. 255 days ago

Sit up and enjoy the ride!!

I'm a huge lover of bikes and in recent years have really grown to love bike commuting. It's a great escape from cars and traffic to ride in the morning, go a bit slower and take in the scenery, as well as get in some good exercise to start the day off right. Recently I've been struggling with back problems that have kept me off of two wheels. I'm used to using a bike to get to work, visit friends downtown, pick up groceries at the store but all that's been halted. My doctor suggested I look into mixte's as a great solution for my back pain. I'd love to win this Brodie so I can sit up and enjoy the ride and get back to life on two wheels! Plus it's super cute and I'd be able to rock some skirts on my commute around town, gotta love that!!

JB 255 days ago

To teach my Wife to ride on...

My Wife has never in her life ridden a bicycle (though I've wanted to teach her throughout our 21+ years of marriage). She was never given the opportunity to as a child growing up,and has had no interest in learning until this year,as she's realized that she has packed on some pounds over the last 5 years (almost 100) and she's becoming more health conscious,now that she's 41,and when she began a walking routine to help with heart rate and losing weight,but was complaining about joint pain (from pounding her feet for miles at a time walking quickly I assume and her dr confirmed),she was asking me (and her doc) about a lower impact way to burn calaries by moving around out of doors,we both blurted out enthusiastically "BICYCLING!" and we all laughed when I added a "duh!". Anyways,she would LOVE this bike,but something like that is quite out of our financial reach with 2 kids on her salary and my VA/SSD benefits (as I'm a Vet whose "legally disabled" from on the job spinal injuries in 2001),so we've been savign up and pre-shopping bottom feeder comfort bikes at the LBS,and watching for deals on CL/etc.

Stephen Sammons 255 days ago

My wife needs a new bike!

This bike would be perfect for my wife to cruise around Salt Lake City with our kids in tow. She has gotten more and more excited about cycling, and a high-quality, stylish bike like this would really encourage her. The free Sears Free Spirit she rides now is ready for retirement.

Travis 255 days ago

Great bike to ride around in the city!

Red isn't usually my colour but this bike is so sweeeet! I like how it comes with a rack, chain guard and fenders all ready to go. Plus, the having a slanted top tube makes for easy getting on and off 'cos I'm one of those people who has to stop their bike to get off! I also like that it's an upright riding position which helps with my neck and shoulders :)

Beng K. 255 days ago


This would be perfect for my husband who needs to get rid of his deteriorating neon green bike and upgrade to a newer, sturdier bike that will be a pleasure to get up hills with and has a bonus rear rack so he can pick up groceries for us now without hurting his back!

AC 255 days ago

Brodie Mixte

It would be wonderful to win such a lovely bike! Summer riding, picnics, grocery store runs and not to forget rides along the beach's of sunny California.

J.Sharp 255 days ago

Brodie Métier contest

I want to surprise my wife with the Brodie. She has an old Haro that is on it's last legs. Cheers!!

Perry Conn 255 days ago

Perfect for City Riding

I'll deal with top tubes on distance rides, but this beauty would be perfect for the constant start/stop of city riding. So functional and so pretty!

Tracy 255 days ago

Late Mother's Day gift!

My mom recently moved closer to downtown and is interested in getting around by bike now that she doesn't live in the country. This bike would be perfect for her!

Milena 255 days ago

Perfect for riding with my daughter

This would be a perfect bike to introduce me to cycling.

Beatrice Martinez 255 days ago

Awesome bike!

Efficient, beautiful, perfect for summer riding - I would love to explore my new neighbor with this bike!

Valentina Zapata 255 days ago

Why wouldn't I want one?

Slick, comfortable, and you can never have too many bikes! Perfect for getting around.

Josh Crough 255 days ago


looks a great upright bike

gary c 255 days ago

Host dinner picnics in the park

It is the perfect bike to carry heavy loads of wine, olives, hummus, pita, Dalmatia, and other tasty Mediterranean foods to the park to share with friends and stranger on an array of blankets

Tricia enns 255 days ago

Fun, Fun, and Fun

This looks like the perfect bike for quick hops to the shops and to deck out in style for the group theme rides around town!

Mike Pop 255 days ago

Brodie Mixte contest

I own a Brodie Bandit and I LOVE it! The only problem now is that I have an infant daughter and the bike trailer I bought won't fit onto my Bandit frame because of the disc brakes... This Brodie would make an awesome commuting bike for my daughter and I! I am currently applying for a handful of jobs related to sustainability, so it's important that I live the philosophy and cycle to work add much as possible!

Lisa Hallgren 255 days ago

This is the Mixte of my dreams!

I have been looking for this style of bike for the past few weeks. My bike that I built from an old Miele frame at the pedal depot was stolen recently. Now I am looking for a new bike, I have gone to several bike shops and test driven different styles of bikes. I fell in love with Brodie Mixtes! I was also recently laid off from my job so money is tight at the moment but i need to get a bike and enjoy this amazing bike weather we are having, please make my dream come true!

Amanda Bell 255 days ago

My first city bike

I've lived in D.C. for a few years now, but since I've never known how long I'd be staying, I haven't bought a bike. Now that I've taken an opportunity that will keep me in DC a while longer, I would love to have a bike. I feel it would be perfect for my work commute as well as overall travel in the city. I think this beautiful bike will further help me as I transition into a new job and settle in as D.C. resident.

Celia 255 days ago

Right-sized bike

My errand bike is a 1977 peugeot, which is gorgeous but too big for me and I can hardly get my leg over the top tube!

Julia McCleeary 255 days ago

Upgrade needed!

I love my bike. It is a 1977 Schwinn Heavi-Duti. One gear steel work horse that has served me well. But as i get older and want to leave my car at home, i need something that can get me to work and a few gears to help me get up the hill into east van. Riding in style on a cherry red bike is my vision for the future!

Terra 255 days ago

Please, please me!

I've been riding the same dinged-up old mid 90s hybrid Schwinn for the last five years, having bought it in the give-up pile of our community cycling center for $60. I've replaced just about everything on it, and now that the brakes are finally giving out I've outgrown it beyond comfort and safety. I'm ready for my first real bike to continue my 12 mile a day commutes, and this looks amazing! I just won my first raffle ever the other day (a dozen local eggs, woohoo!), and figured I'd try my luck here. Thanks for all you do! Love your magazine!

Thea 255 days ago

Riding in a suit

Simply: I need a more upright forthright bike for riding in a suit to work.

Chris C 255 days ago

Pick Me!

Choosing me would be a win-win for both of us! I currently commute on my road bike, "hacked" into a commuter bike with a commuter rack added. It's a little less than ideal, but it gets the job done. I am the fitness director at a YMCA and the members are amazed everytime they walk past my office to see a bike sitting next to me. We welcome exercisers of all levels, especially beginners. Most of them can not even comprehend biking to the Y or work, let alone in New York City. But I tell them they can do it. I have seen a few people step out of their comfort zone and dust that bike off. I would love to convert my ride into an easier commuter experience and would love to share the "winning" Brodie experience with everyone I encounter!

Jennifer 255 days ago

Win a Brodie Metier Mixte City Bike

My wife has been disappointed with her current 3 Speed Bike for some time now.
If i won this would score me some points for sure.

Ryan C. 255 days ago

I want a Brodie

My bike was stolen just a couple of weeks ago, this one would be perfect to help me get my shopping done and get around town!

Fritz Kreiss 255 days ago

Easy answer!

Simple: It's an adorable, functional bike. Perfect for trips to the grocery, the park, or nights out in the city.

Chris 255 days ago

Cause you can never have enough bikes...

This would be a perfect bike for bringing in to work for riding places on my lunch break. I would also use it for going on rides with my daughters.

Travis Nelson 255 days ago

For my daughter.

My daughter went away to school this year, and funds are tight for all of us. A good bike like this will help her get around campus and the town while saving money that would otherwise go towards gas and parking.

Kendall 255 days ago

Taking my Life Back!!!!..Illness beware!

I lived the life of being outdoors and active. I thought nothing topped it. Well, I was right. But sadly my journey so far in life hasn't offered much concern as to what I wanted in life. I had other lessons to learn. After two decades of dealing with nonstop illness, chronic/terminal, I just finished another major surgery leaving me with no colon and very little of my stomach remaining. I am relearning my body with some major changes, but promised by my medical team that I am finally strong enough to get back out there and take life into my own hands. Cycling around is exactly what I want to do. I will start small but finish big. There is no other way. I know I can do it & I plan to inspire others around me to do just the same. Local meets up where we ride because we can. We may not have control over what our bodies are doing, but we can control our minds. Cycling is exactly the cure I need.

katie 255 days ago

Brodie Metier Mixte...

...gifted to my mom would elicit the biggest, long-lasting grin ever from my happily retired and riding everywhere daily mom, on her rusty, squeaky and weighs almost a ton bicycle.

Ian 255 days ago

Slylish and Classic

This Brodie Metier Mixte is stylish and classic. I'd like to win this for my wife. She has definitely spent time looking for the perfect wicker bike basket.

Matt Laforest 255 days ago

For my best friend

I've been riding bikes for almost 20 years and just got my best friend to start taking her kids to school in a bike trailer (kids are 3 and 2 years old). I'd love to give this bike to her to make her commute a bit easier. I've been all about spreading the joy of biking for utility purposes, and this could help me by helping her!

KS 255 days ago

Need a new commuter

My current commuter is an old Sekine frame with a direct drive. Basically a Frankenbike. Great on the flats but not hills are murder. Also, I would love to have a bike with panniers instead of carrying everything on my back! Hope I win :)

Chris 255 days ago

New bike for friend

About 2 months ago, my friend had her bike and lock stolen. This has really put a crimp in our community bike riding and she is wanting to ride but sans bike. So if i win, i would like to give her the bike so our health and riding "rides" can resume! thanks

linda 255 days ago


I would love to have a bike that I could ride in regular work clothes on my daily commute, without having to roll up pants, or constantly pull down my skirts.

Sarah 255 days ago


Mixte bikes are beautiful and practical. Perfect for the city.

James Angelillo 255 days ago

New Puppy

I want to win this new bike because I am getting a new Cavalier King Charles puppy this weekend. Her name will be Ruby, and I plan on putting her in a little woven basket on the front of this ruby red bike. Make my dreams come true!

Ashley Holt 255 days ago

Perfect Bike for a day trip with the family

This bike would be perfect for keeping up with my six-year old bicycle enthusiast!

Laura Grady 255 days ago

This bike will make my bum look awesome!!

This bike will make my bum look awesome!!

April 256 days ago

Ultra practical

Fenders, chain guard, easy-mounting drop frame, nice rack--good practical way to pedal to work. Beats my beater.

Jeff 256 days ago

I will look great on this bike

I want to win this bike because it will match perfectly with my summer dress.

Jenn 256 days ago

A perfect summer bike

This is the perfect bike to ride around town to pick up everything for a picnic then head to the park!

Tanya 256 days ago

my mixte brings all the boys to the yard

I want to win this bike so I can ride it wearing a shirt that says "My mixte brings all the boys to the yard." And if I'm feeling particularly feisty, I'd say "Damn right, it's better than yours" to my friends on their non Brodie Metier Mixte bikes.

rae 256 days ago

Shells be gone!

I had a bike that I never rode because it was a cheap bike,and it had a super heavy frame and bad components. I then found a bike that had great components and was as light as a feather. The craigslist posting said it had shells on the frame. I thought that meant it had shell stickers or something. However, it has actual shells glued to the frame. It is a smooth ride and I love the bike, but shells just are not cool. It totally works when you're in the beer drinking, bike parade. However, riding down to the park with my kids, makes the kids ride 100 yards ahead of me. Please help to make my family stronger and closer! Help Mom be cool! :-)

Angie 256 days ago

Design & Sharing

Chain guard and upright design would be an upgrade from my road bike that I use to currently commute to work. I also dig the cool matching fenders, back rack, and candy apple red color. Maybe I could even convince a fellow coworker to bike with me on the cool ride! It would looke cool alongside my husbands self built cargo bike too - let this be my lucky day :)

Beth 256 days ago

Back compartment ready for saddle bags!

My current bike forces me to wear a backpack, but the Brodie Metier Mixte will allow me to ride free!

Vivian Ng 256 days ago

Win the mixte!

I want to win this Brodie Metier Mixte because my wife LOVES it.

Albert A. 256 days ago

Riding With Panache

I would love to ride this to the mall. 256 days ago

great for exercise/getting around

I should be getting out and more active,so this would help.

Owen Dovenor 256 days ago

Getting back into biking!

Just recently started to get back into biking after 7 years with a used bike bought off a friend. Now, I need to get a bike that's better for my longer commute. The Mixte would make for a perfect replacement bike =)

Steve Feng 256 days ago

shiny...and red

I didn't believe in love at first sight, until now. It's pretty and my favourite colour.

I am a commuter cyclist who rides an old beater. My beater is a trusty workhorse and does not tempt thieves. Just looking at this bike gives me the same joy as flying down a hill. C'mon, please? I will ride it everyday.

Tara 256 days ago

haven't had a bike in years

I had one bike for all my school years and for another few years after that. A Norco bought on sale from Canadian Tire. I got that bike when I was 12 and have it away 20 years later to a 12 year old.
I lived in a non bike friendly place for years but recently moved to an area perfect for biking. I got a 2nd hand bike for my 5 year old son but still don't have one for myself.
Sure would be nice to go biking together.

Heidi 256 days ago

Looking to get back on the road

Once upon a time, my parents bought me a tough, durable, cheap steel frame "mountain" bike that I thought would last me a lifetime. I rode constantly, commuting 13km to work all throughout 2007, and loved not worrying about hitting potholes or locking it up. But I broke my back in 2010, and while I can still cycle without pain, I can't carry anything with me... and my frame won't fit a rack. I also can't get into shape again by taking the bus part-way, because I can't lift the steel frame onto the bus rack.

Anyways, long story short I'm looking for a commuter bike, and this has a rack and looks relatively lightweight... so I'm entering your contest! Thanks so much.

Janice Henderson 256 days ago

Belated Mother's Day gift

My mom doesn't ride her mountain bike anymore, need sell it and get something like this.

Stephen Chessor 256 days ago

Shortie needs a ride!

I'm 5'2" and need a bike that fits my little legs. And, the gorgeous red bike will match my flowy hair. I will ride with pride on the Brodie Metier Mixte!

Renee Goldberg 256 days ago

Love mixtes

I currently ride a mixte - a very heavy, rusty, clunky mixte from the 80's that I've named Cecilia - because she's always breakin' my heart. I like the style and geometry of mixtes but I'm sorely in need of an upgrade!

Krista 256 days ago

For the momma

My mom is finally getting excited about joining me on some bike rides! She knows my husband I bike everyday, but only recently started to get the bug herself. A coworker is lending her a bike to practice on and we went for our first ride on Mother's Day. It's the first time she's been on a bike in over 20 years. She took one tumble while she was getting used to the handling and scraped up her chin. She was not discouraged and got right back on the bike! This would be a great around-town bike for her.

Teri Stop 256 days ago


There are too many poor bikes sitting around owned by riders witht the best intentions. I couldnt allow such yravisty the be brought upon the beautiful bike. It will be riden. If it is not I will hunt down the winner and avenge this fair maiden and ride off into the sunset. Then I will give it to my wife who need a nice bike for riding to the grocery store.

john 256 days ago

My teenager is off to boarding school

Wouldn't it be great if she had a shiny new bike to ride at her new school?

Jan 256 days ago

Daughter needs bike number 2

My daughter will be going away to school this fall, so she'll need a second bike for school. This one looks just her style - great color, not a real aggressive geometry (unlike those preferred by her dad and older brother), built-in fenders and rack. It's perfect!

Ross 256 days ago

Sweet Bernadette

I'll name her Bernadette. She'll be my partner in crime, my companion and sidekick. Together we will discover the hidden gems in this colorful world. My hair will blow freely with the wind and her wheels will grasp the warmth of the road.

Please help me meet my sweet Bernadette so we can embark together the journey of our lives :)

Alexandra Emura 256 days ago

Brodie Metier Mixte

I could get my wife back into cycling on this bike!

John Wegner 256 days ago

Daughter needs a new bike

The Brodie Metier Mixte City Bike would be the perfect new bike for my daughter who is need of a new bike. The stylish design would encourage her to ride more often.

Matt 256 days ago

Mixte it up

They're way more classy than my current bike

Dan Yen--Chiu 256 days ago


The two most important qualities in design are exemplified in this bike: form and function!

Allison Haught 257 days ago

Need to commute in style

The Brodie Metier Mixte is exactly what I need: sturdy and dependable (like my current bike, which I've had for over a decade) and stylish (nothing like my current bike). Cycling is both utilitarian and fun for me, and I think this bike fits that description perfectly. If it came to live with me, it would be well cared for and well used, on my way to work, to the beach, or just for a little stroll.

Cristina Bianchi 257 days ago

Less Bike Tackling

Mixte is a good frame to ride on with a skirt, but isn't specifically a woman's bike. I feel like I would tackle the bike less trying to get onto a frame like this than a regular straight bar style.

Kc 257 days ago

Great Bike for a teen!!

My daughter is at an in-between bike stage right now and as a pre-teen she would love this bike that has the look of an adult bike but also offers great style to show off her personality. This is the type of bike she will use for years and the quality will last as well. Her grandmother (my mom) still rides the bike she got when she was 11 and I'd love for my daughter to have the same story to tell her grandchildren, possibly even pass it on to them.

Jen 257 days ago

Parking my truck

I am working on using my gas guzzling truck much less and two wheeled power much more.
This BEAUTIFUL Brodie would be the perfect grocery getter :)

Steve from Idaho 257 days ago

City bike for city life

I'm moving into the city and closer to work so I need a new bike to it my new lifestyle, it's time to give my touring bike a break!

Heather 257 days ago

Cool Mom

I'd like my kids to think I'm cool. This should do it!

Susan White 257 days ago

I want to drive less!

I want to get a bike for riding around town and shopping. I really want to cut down on how much I drive each week.

Sue Walker 257 days ago

My Son's Bike was Stolen!

After my son's bike was stolen from the library bike rack, he has been forced to use a fuchsia colored mountain bike. He is not happy about the color but he prefers to ride than walk. He would absolutely love this red bike!

Denise Carrera 257 days ago

Expanding Belly!

My wife is now 6 months pregnant and finding it more difficult to ride her old drop bar road bike. I think she would definitely benefit from the mixte's upright riding position.

Brent Baker 257 days ago


This would be the perfect give for my fiance, although I might consider keeping it for myself!

Dave 257 days ago

For My Wife!

If my wife had a bike that was this stylin' then I know she would come biking with me more often. Her bike right now is 20+ years old and is reaching the end of its life cycle so this would rock!

Jeremy MacLean 257 days ago

This is the bike I have been dreaming of!

The Brodie Metier Mixte is the perfect combination of style, functionality and build quality that I have been looking for. It is also available at a great price, but it would be even better if I was able to win it :)

Chris U 257 days ago

I need this for family outings !

Currently I am the only one in the family lacking a bike. This would be amazing so that I could ride along with my family on bike rides around our gorgeous waterfront and city. Plus, we would love to take bikes camping and this would be awesome to have !

SUMMER PLEWES 257 days ago

This bike is PERFECT for my wife

Upright, step-through and even a cute rack that matches the frame. This is the bicycle for my wife!

David Erne 257 days ago


I'm about to lend a bike to my friend who finally has expressed an interest in riding. (She is nervous because it's been years and she has some mobility issues.) Would love to be able to give her my current ride that she likes and switch to this red one. Looks great for my work commutes and rides around town.

Randi Kaufman 257 days ago

Love the mixte style!

I am in love with the mixte frame and this bike seems to have it all! Chain guard, fenders, rear rack that would allow me to commute safely and stylishly in skirts and dresses. Beautiful bike!

Diana 257 days ago

Dressing Up

I commute in dresses/skirts almost every day and a mixte is SO much easier to modestly maneuver. This would be the perfect bike for riding while dressed up!

Sara 257 days ago

Brodie bike

My very first bike was red. And I called it Red Flash. We have recently moved to Stratford which is a perfect town for cycling and this would be the perfect bike for cycling in Stratford. The car would never leave the driveway!

Brenda Roy 257 days ago

Sweet Ride!

My very first bike was red and I would love to have another sweet red bike to ride to work and around town!

Robin Wallace 257 days ago

trying to convert my wife.

She rides, but only for tri training. Whenever I want to ride in Philly or ny she says her bike isn't appropriate for that type of riding.

Paul manogue 257 days ago


I love the mixte for ease of getting on & off with a front child seat. It also reminds me of the old hand-me-down Raleigh mixte that was my first bike commuter ride about 15 years ago.

Lisa Corriveau 257 days ago

For my wife

This is the perfect blend of color and style for my wife that wants a more upright riding position.

Joe Chan 257 days ago

beautiful practical bike

This bike looks fantastic! Upright, comfortable, and really stylish. I have an old mixte with skinny tires and clunky shifting. Would love to ride the Brodie!

Tehmina Khan 257 days ago

Want a grown up bike

I would love this bike as with the bigger wheels to more easily keep up with the other kids. I like the flexibility of my 20" folder, but the greater the distance, the longer the time.

Paul Wirsing 257 days ago

Mixte Brody Beauty hubba hubba

I love bikes, I ride 'em, I teach kids about 'em, and I even helped organize parties for em. But I keep choosing the wrong size for my body. My last one (Lulu) was too small - I made all kinds of adjustments, but my shoulders complained. So I got a bigger one (Steve) but he's too big - the cross bar knows my nether regions all too well. The mixte bike looks perfect - the medium size should fit nicely - and it would look so much better than my Frankenstein patched together buddy Steve when I do presentations at the schools.
In fact I first learned about mixte bikes from Momentum Magazine - and I have been admiring the look of them - strong yet upright and stately.

I think I'd name it Ruby....

Lorraine S

Lorraine S 257 days ago

Brodie Bike

We are a cycling family, and will soon need to move the kids up a bike size. This one looks lovely!

Susan 257 days ago

Need a bike to get to school!

Everyday I walk to and from school and it would be really nice to have a bike so I could ride there!! :)

Lexi 257 days ago

Steering snapped off on my Dahon

Ended up with severe infection for almost a year because metal in the stem was too thin (common issue with Dahon I gather). Dahon refused to do anything to help me. Very disappointing Dahon doesn't back ther products.
So I need a sturdy bike for daily commute and shopping that won't fall apart and put me in the hospital. Bike all year round averaging about 4,000km/year so it will get plenty of use!

David 257 days ago

A gift for a loved one

My girlfriend is hopefully arriving from overseas in July and this bicycle would be a welcome gift to her and would allow us to cycle this beautiful city together.

Gerry Luton 257 days ago

for my wife

My wife would love such a beautiful bicycle! I would too, but I've gone recumbent :)

Joe 257 days ago

Love to Ride

The bike looks amazing. Looking for something comfortable and stylish.

Mike L 257 days ago

Mixte with my daughters!

If I won this Mixte, My wife & I could use it to ride with our 2 daughters.

Ryan Barry 257 days ago