August 11, 2014

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ROBIN WOLFE 161 days ago

super cool!

What a great design -- a basket that folds when not in use.

Tehmina Khan 162 days ago

cargo frex

Looks good for me, I always have too much stuff to carry.

Clay 162 days ago

Cargo Flexx look excellent

Cargo Flexx look excellent , for my rides to the grocery store

Tomas Viramontes 162 days ago

A CARGO Flexx to make trash pickup a breeze!

I ride along a mixed-use path along a river on the way to and from work and often stop to pick up trash. But they go in my panniers which is not as convenient as far as access :-/ until I can get to a trash bin. With the CARGO Flexx I can stop and drop trash in quickly, be on my way and do my part to keep our trails beautiful!! On my way home I can pick up produce and flowers from our local urban garden. Last time I did that, the flowers went in my panniers.

Cuter Commuter 162 days ago

so different!

haven't seen something like this before. i'd be the groovingest person in this neck of the woods.and save my neck from my cross body bag.

Jess 162 days ago

I hadn't thought about a front basket...

...but somkething like the Cargo Flexx might just work for me!

Joe 163 days ago

Who doesn't want the best?

I know I do.

Turbo Bob 163 days ago

I want to win a CARGO Flexx because...

I'm on a bike more than half of the day as a courier and need a awesome lightweight storage basket.

Ryan Combdon 163 days ago

Keep my stuff close & safe

I'm always carrying something!

Morgan Staines 163 days ago

All our EGGS in one basket

A basket with no gaps? Looks perfect! My children have raised up four chickens from day old chicks, and now they are finally laying. Their plan is to sell the eggs we don't use so they can have some pocket money. They'll bike to the local coffee shack, where our friend Deanna has offered to buy the eggs for the fresh treats she bakes every day.

Caron LeMay 163 days ago


This would be perfect for riding to the Aksarben Village Farmer's Market!

anne macklin 163 days ago

Want one

Don't have a basket yet and this one looks inciting. Want it!

Claudia Campos 163 days ago

Better than a backpack

Why would I like to win this? My textbooks take up all the room in my panniers so it's impossible for me to pick up groceries on the way home from campus or pack my beach gear for Wreck Beach. This nifty basket would save me an extra trip to Save-On and allow me to schlep my gear down to Wreck Beach on sunny afternoon between classes.

Brian 163 days ago

Going out

When on the way to the pub it's tough to squeeze my bike in with the basket I have, but with this one I'll never have to worry about things again.

Jess Lopez 163 days ago

New front rack

I just installed a new front rack on my Raleigh Port Townsend and have no basket. The Flexx would have a permanent home on my new rack transporting my goods around town.

Gael 163 days ago

Practical basket

This basket is practical and stylish, even for an old lady like me! I would use this basket to get library books to and from the library and to haul more groceries home since my two panniers are usually bursting at the seams after a trip to the farmer's market.

Judy M. 163 days ago

Oh, Void in Puerto Rico

But we still ride in style!

Victor L. Vazquez 163 days ago

Cargo Flexx

It is so stylish! There is limited room in the bike rack at my workplace the rigid basket I have now only allows me to lock up at the ends of the rack, if the ends are full then I am out of luck. The folding feature would make it much easier for me to lock my bike up. But mostly I love the way it looks!

crystal 163 days ago

Cargo Flexx

The more cargo space I have on my bike, the more often I can leave the car home!

Deanne 163 days ago

Get the Cargo off my back

Hi, If I were to win, I'd be installing this on my sister-in-law's bike. She does use her car for work, but afternoons and weekends, its like she didn't even own a car. When she carries stuff in a draw-string bag-pack, her complaint is that the items in the bag get all sweaty. If she uses a messenger style bag, she says its moves around too much. This bag will keep her stuff out of her way and off of her back. Thanks.

Victor L. Vazquez 163 days ago

Basket use

We love any excuse to ride! Grocery shopping is more challenging because it requires more square feet to handle the food. This basket would be perfect for those quick trips to the store.

Mike Blandina 163 days ago

Carrying lots of things

Because carrying bike bags isn't fun when you have the option to put stuff on your bike to feel more breezes on yourself

Amanda 163 days ago

Blue storage

Would like to win this for my wife.

Peter Shaw 164 days ago

Great space

Love to win this storage for my bike

Sande MacEachern 164 days ago

When going to the mall

Just what I need for all sort of things to carry

Lise Roy 164 days ago

Pump you up with the FLEXX

Winning a FLEXX by it by what it really is--a desire for stuff that is undeserved and unsatisfying in an attempt to fulfill a "need" created by mass marketing for our consumer culture.

d 164 days ago

Quick trick

Fantastic cargo rack! Stylish and smart.

Nicole 164 days ago

Shopping just got easier

What a great idea to pick up those things I need at the store and just haul it away from the store and then to my bike. The downside is that it will all be there right in front of me so snacking may end up happening.

Ken 164 days ago

All sorts of things!

On a normal day, you'd most likely see me carrying my things to work and picking up groceries, but I would carry all sorts of things in here. My favorite things to carry are treasures I find discarded in alleys or on the side of the road as I am bopping around town. I like this basket, and unless I am mistaken, it looks like it comes with it's own mounting rack.

Teri Stopoulos 164 days ago

postmodern porteur

I'm looking for front carrier options for my Raleigh restoration project, and this would be the perfect "new" component for my blend of old and new. Looks good, functional, and fun!

Robin Rombs 164 days ago


Looks like another practical and attractive innovation from the Netherlands! We are great admirers and love to cycle.

Susan E 164 days ago

Offer to my wife

I want win a cargo flex, because I want offer the cargo to my wife for both go to shop, to beach, to park, to everyplace. I think it will be a nice reason for her ride more with me!!!

Nuno Costa Gomes 164 days ago

Moms need cargo space

I'm 5.5 months pregnant with my first child, still cycling, and plan to still be cycling post-baby. I'm already needing to haul a lot of stuff around, but will need an even better solution with that includes stuff for another human. This would be so helpful!

Nicole S. 164 days ago


This would be perfect for my new cargo rack as I don't have anything to actually put on it yet. Looks great for grocery shopping and picnicking.

Amy 164 days ago

More Style, Less Spandex

I have recently sold my car, and now I ride everywhere on my Brodie Ronin. I wear road riding gear and look as though I am about to ride the Tour de France on a steel-framed bike! I need to change my look - soon! Funky urban baskets and clothing are called for. Please help! :-)

Catherine Wiggins 164 days ago

Looks like denim!

Great place to carry my skivvies to the laundry, open-topped so it can air out nicely. Also looks like a great place to throw food, water and other comestibles as I head over to the beach.

Martin 165 days ago

It could be the perfect basket

I have been looking at baskets a lot lately. I am trying to find the best one that combines form and light weight. Something that won't get in the way, but will carry the groceries home when I need it. This could be it.

Kevin 165 days ago


It would be perfect for packing a fall picnic...

Eileen 165 days ago

The things I could carry.

I tote a lot of stuff when I ride - work gear, lunch, kayak gear (no not the kayak) groceries too. I can just imagine a basket of fruits and greens, with a speaker jammin out the tunes as I pedal home.

Nina Sabghir 165 days ago

Basket Galore!

I love baskets, and this is a very unusual one. I would use this to go to the farmers market! Pad it with some recycled bubble wrap and get fresh eggs! Yum!

Kimmie 165 days ago

Forever in Blue Jeans

Great for trip's to the library! Cargo Flexx would also keep my lunch safe on the way to work :) Like the denim

Matt Chapman 165 days ago

cool basket!

I want to win this because I like to be able to carry my bag and water bottle around. bottle cage holder thingy doesn't fit with my bike. So there is no where to put my water bottle. So I mostly just stay dehydrated most of the days.

Laura 165 days ago

Cargo Flexx and Fruit

Lots of oranges, apples, pears and plums..., are gently cradled when my Cargo Flexx comes . . .

Ted 165 days ago

Fall is coming!

The weather is changing quickly around Indiana! This would be great to throw gloves, hat, scarf etc in and have it handy if the breeze picks up and I want it fast.

beth 165 days ago

Problem solved!

I'd like to win this because it's awesome! I was not so interested in a front basket because it seemed impractical when parking/locking my bike in super crowded spaces in the city but this space saving design is an awesome problem solver!

Miko 165 days ago

Sold the car!

We sold the car and now I am in need of good cargo/shopping options!

Heather! 165 days ago

Great for Navigating the Ciry

I'd love one of these so carry all my gear to and from work! It would be so so useful!

Erin 165 days ago

For all the stuff I bring to work

This basket looks perfect for carrying all my items on my commute to work and still having room if I need to pick up a few groceries on the way home.

Julie 165 days ago


This is perfect for those trips to the market! Just imagine all of those fresh veggies I can haul back home on my bike!

Neal Spinler 165 days ago

Gotta carry STUFFFF!

I ride every day, and whether I like it or not I have to carry stuff! This would make that oh so easy AND attractive.

Natalie 165 days ago


Because it's awesome! Perfect for short trips to the store with some extra carry capacity.

Fritz Kreiss 165 days ago

A new best bud

Apologies in advance for the excessive exclamation points, but we're getting a puppy!! He's a little guy (will be max 9lbs at his adult weight), and I'd love to be able to bring him out with us to places beyond where his little legs can take him. That I'd get to keep my eye on him because his carrier can be in the front is bonus, bonus, bonus.

Lisa 165 days ago

Perfect for shopping

Great design - perfect for trips to the market. I am a fan of putting my load on the bike and off my back, so this would be great! Thanks.

Brent S 165 days ago

To bring home the Amish goodies!

Our group does a ride out to an Amish store a couple of times a year and the ride usually averages about 60-70 miles round trip. This basket would be perfect to carry all of the Amish goodies that I wish I could bring home with me every time I go!

Patti Shew 165 days ago

It would be a nice gift for my wife

It will be very usefull for my wife and an incitative to use more her bike for shopping. So if I win, I will give her this very nice basket.

Olivier 165 days ago

Perfect for my Gazelle bike

This would be perfect for my Gazelle bike, to further my Dutch biking look.

Jenny 165 days ago

We are three now

We are excited to ride with our little one who will be turning 1 in a month. Of course that would mean my husband carries her (better biker) and I would carry all her stuff! this would be ideal!

Dia 165 days ago


I load way too much on my rear rack - one of these days I'm going to fall over backwards. I need this basket to save me from this humiliation. Besides, it's cool, and I need all the cool I can get.

Ross 165 days ago

2 Ways to be Honest

Honestly, I want to win for two reasons. One - because I like to win things I like and could use (who doesn't?!); two - the design would allow me to have a basket on my touring bike, which is the one I ride around town the most often. Things wouldn't slip through the wire...because there isn't any, and the design works in conjunction with my own aesthetic. Voila! Two really good reasons.

Claudia 165 days ago

what an ideal basket! it's flexx-celent!

i'd love to ride around without my messenger bag thumping against my bum and giving me shoulder strain when i'm carrying heavy things. if i could throw my bag in this front basket, my rides will be super comfy and safe! thanks!

rey 166 days ago

The possibilities are endless

I could see myself using this daily from holding my purse to go to work, or for going to the grocery store to hold a few bags in it for those small trips. I really like the design its well thought out. I always limit myself on the bike when it comes to worrying about carrying stuff home this would make me switch to the bike for more trips and leave the car parked.

Tanya 166 days ago

bike basket

This would be great for me for work and errands. The bike rack at my job doesn't fit well w/my milk crate hehe and it would help being able to fold. The Flexx also looks bigger than my current crate, which is an added bonus!

Ashley B 166 days ago

no more balancing act

I frequently stop for groceries while biking home from work, which is often a bit of a balancing act. This would be a great option for added carrying capacity when my rear-mounted basket is overflowing with food!

Natalie 166 days ago


To carry compost to the farmer's market. I'm a real asshole

Adam Sokol 166 days ago


Because this means I can run more errands on my bike!

Sarah 166 days ago

Cargo Flex

Because the basket I have now is too heavy and makes the front turn around funny when I'm carrying it, and actually gave me a black eye the other day :(

Lauren C 166 days ago

Cargo Flexx

I love front bags/baskets because you can keep an eye on the cargo. I'd put this one on my wife's bike.

Mark 166 days ago

practical solution

I have trouble parking at work with my wide baskets to the side. The Cargo seems to be big enough for my cargo eeds and narrow enough for my parking needs.

J Thorne 166 days ago

Basket case (probably used already, sorry still drinking coffee)

A folding basket? I'd definitely use that!

Greg 166 days ago