August 6, 2013

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For my boyfriend

This would fit great on his brooks saddle, just what he needs for his touring bike.

Amy more than 1 year ago

Yes please!

My wife would love to have this on the back of our Surly Big Dummy so as to expand mid bike meal service. Usually we can carry only enough food for our toddler (read: small, inferior bag). With this bad boy, I feel a mobile Thanksgiving coming on! Think of it like this, we want this bag for us, but more so, for an entire community of hungry cyclists.... And one happy Turducken.

Patrick more than 1 year ago

It would complete the bike

This bag is the last thing that's needed to complete my husband's bike.

Anita Zaenker more than 1 year ago

Because it would be so cool

I would be the envy of the cycling community having this saddle bag on my Surly Disc Trucker!

Jim Brown more than 1 year ago

I need that bag!

What a great way to take some stress off my shoulders and avoid that yucky backpack shaped sweat on my t--shirt!

Whitney more than 1 year ago

Why I would love this saddle bag!

It would be an extra way for me to accessorize in the carrying department!!!

Natalie Labbe more than 1 year ago

a Carradice Barley Saddle Bag tell us why you want to win

Can always use more carrying capacity

michael more than 1 year ago

Why I want it?

Because I could put my dog treats in there!!!

Derek more than 1 year ago


Because I worth it!!!

Yann more than 1 year ago

Would Help My Son

We are a car-free family. My oldest son doesn't have any bike storage on his bike and this would be a great place to store his lock, raingear, bike tools, etc., which he often forgets to put in his backpack and then has to go without. In addition, I could then ask him to pick up some groceries now and again!

LaurenS more than 1 year ago

Good Reason

This bag would push me over the edge to decide to bike my commute. Being able to carry all my stuff would be a good reason!

Cory more than 1 year ago

Winner Winner Bringin' Home Dinner

I have been a bicycle commuter for five years and recently moved to a new city where I find myself needing a new bicycle and way to carry my things. A driver hit-and-run'ed me, which left me fine, but my bicycle needed some love. I haven't been able to replace my rack setup (rear rack + foodcrate zip-tied on) which was the most damaged, so I would really love to have something with this capacity and quality that will hold up against the years.

Geneva Stegall more than 1 year ago

What to win this perfect bag

I would like to win this great looking and very functional bag to consolidate everything that I currently carry by bike into one bag that is the perfect size to carry all of my flat repair kit, cable lock and U-lock, first aide kit, plus energy bars and other snacks, as well as a windbreaker/jacket when the winter settles in. Currently, I must carry way too many different size bags on the bicycle, plus a backpack. This one single bag can eliminate virtually all of the many different size bags that I currently lug around to accommodate everything that carry via bike. Thanks!

Fred L. Flores more than 1 year ago

Why I want to win!

I would love to win the Carradice Barley Saddle Bag because my dream is to do a long bike tour and explore the U.S. It's something that I've always wanted to do and I'm slowly working on a plan to finally do it!

Lenie more than 1 year ago

I want to find out

how big a burrito you could fit in there.

Sam Perry more than 1 year ago

Perfect for snacks!

I've always wanted some sort of bag to put on top of my bike rack. This looks like a perfect solution, especially because it could probably hold all of my snacks! I get hungry on my bike ride to work sometimes! :p

T more than 1 year ago


Living in a rural setting, I'm constantly filling my backpack with garbage people toss. This pack would keep all that crap off my back.

Chris Byron more than 1 year ago

New Job

After being laid-off a few months ago I just got a new job! Unfortunately though, the new job is a 17km bicycle ride from home. With this handy Carradice Barley Saddle Bag I could pack my work clothing and lunch in it instead of overpacking my backpack and riding with it for almost 35km per work day!

Jordan Magtoto more than 1 year ago

the bag

This looks like a camping pack almost and It would be great to use for camping or hiking or if i had carry a ton of stuff this would be very helpful

linda more than 1 year ago

Barley Saddle Bag

Ok, my husband is British and so needs this bag to match his Union Jack helmet! But other than that, he's a great guy who watches our son on the weekends so I can train for Bike MS.

Suzanne Perkins more than 1 year ago


What a well sized saddle bag. It would make my butt look smaller!

Guy more than 1 year ago

this would look beautiful

on my bike!

Elaine more than 1 year ago

Getting rid of my car

Purchased a Brompton and now I am looking for the perfect bag to accompany me on my carfree journey through life. THis bag would be the perfect fit on my Foldie!!!!

Nicola Colarusso more than 1 year ago

Bicycle Riding Twins

I've got a Carradice bag but my wife doesn't. There's nothing better, or more creepy than a husband and wife that match everything.

David Weismiller more than 1 year ago

Brooks + Manx

My cat is enamoured of bike rides and loves to see where we've been. This bag would be perfect to let her view the scenery and riders behind us, avoiding that ruffled-whiskers look from sitting up front.

Timo more than 1 year ago


Cause #swag

Ryson Walden more than 1 year ago


I ride a bike around town, I make $200 to $300 a wk, am 52 yrs., I can't afford gas, I have to use a bike for my main means of transportation, I have physical hardships which is why I use a bike (P.T. for the rest of my life), am a big bike advocate, and hate cars (so what I am a hater). I need a new bike, but this will make me happy with your gift, saves me $$, makes my life easier and convenient, and will make a nice addition for the new bike (when I can afford it). I hope somebody with a lot of $$ that could afford to buy, will win it and if so will make a real effort to promote your products. No, I am not a nice guy, I need all the help I can get, I want to get out of this slump, and I really need a new bike with all the accessories but can't afford it. let me know what you decide.

mike more than 1 year ago

A certain je ne sais quoi...

The Carradice Barley Saddle Bag is stylish and functional and would look smashing on my new bike. People, aka other cyclists or pedestrians, would think that I was carrying fabulous and fashionable clothes or accessories when in fact the saddlebag would hold my rather ordinary wallet, a snack bar and maybe an extra jacket. Mundane stuff but that will be my little secret.

May more than 1 year ago

I Don't Even Own a Car

Despite living in a city that has less than adequate bike infrastructure (Atlanta!), I've chosen to forgo car ownership as I believe a bike can do almost everything I need to get by in my day to day. I bike to work, to the grocery store, to friend's houses, to the bars, you get the idea... It get's awfully hot during the summer here in Hotlanta, and having a saddle bag like this would be super convenient over a backpack (which means a sweaty, gross back).

Kyle more than 1 year ago

What a great magazine

Yeah, the Carradice Barley bag is a great piece of kit. I would love to be chosen to own it. But mostly I want to express thanks to Momentum Mag for being the kind of publication that can get my wife interested in riding a bike again after having a baby. Thanks for doing good work.

Colin Santos more than 1 year ago

a Carradice Barley Saddle Bag!

this bag is awesome. Who wouldn't want this bag? I't would haul what need and look good doing it.

Albert more than 1 year ago

It matches my S&P hair

Why do I want a Carradice Barley Saddle Bag? Have you seen it? Because it’s cool! And even though cyclists are already cool, this sharp bag well bust the cool’o’meter when I strap it on my vintage Schwinn or my modern day Cannondale.

Michelle Schmiedeler more than 1 year ago

Frightfully Classy

I've been wanting one of these for ages, to do ultra-light tours with, while remaining classy!

keith bass more than 1 year ago

Reasons to flaunt a Carradice Barley Saddle Bag.

What better way to show your cycling community that you have great taste and class - the white buckled straps and side pockets are attractice features. More great advertising for Momentum
Magazine when I tell those envious onlookers where and how I scored this sweet accessory.
Wish me luck !!

Monique Wood more than 1 year ago

Smart and tidy bag

Hi - we do a lot of trips to the farmer's market and make up picnics for long rides - how wonderful to be able to stow everything in one tidy, smart looking bag. We both have restored, vintage bikes and the Carradice Barley Saddle Bag would be a perfect complement to this type of bike - and our bike clothes which are usually black and white! Fingers crossed! Backpacks are heavy, uncomfortable and make you quite warm - this would be a great solution.

Karen more than 1 year ago

a marriage of cycle chic and cycle sport

As far as I can tell, there's no better advertisement for bike commuting than by showing up at the office looking happy, healthy and stylish. This classic-looking, cycle chic bag would be an excellent foil for the very practical function of carrying spare tubes, multitool, mini pump, cellphone, jacket and snacks for the road. I can pull up to a client meeting in style, then head out for a speedy after-work ride over a few bridges or up a few hills with all the tools I need. Perfect!

Yvonne more than 1 year ago

awesome looking saddle bag

I'd love to win this as I currently have a tiny underseat saddle bag. I frequently bike around carrying 1 or 2 young kids and it would be great to have some extra storage space

Markus more than 1 year ago


I would love to win this so I can put it on my steel Roberts sport-touring bike.

Dave more than 1 year ago

you are what you sit on

if it doesn't fit in here, you don't need it.

janet north more than 1 year ago


I'd love a Carradice because I love that feeling of having stowed everything I need for a ride, in one bag. One well-made bag.

Erin Snow more than 1 year ago

Need to carry my own weight

I need my own bike bag! I am currently limited to a tiny under saddle wedge bag and could use more capacity. Plus these bags are the best out there.

Lori B. more than 1 year ago

have bike will travel

This is an awesome bag for the daily commuter ( me). Makes packing that extra set of work clothes easy and breezy.

Michael-Sean Morgan more than 1 year ago

Saddle Up a New Rider

My friend just bought a bike for all the right reasons; efficient commuting, healthy, clean/green, and social. This will make commutes more special by avoiding the backpack and attracting attention from fellow travelers.

Don Wagner more than 1 year ago

Barley Bag

The Carradice Barley bag is such a classy style and harken back to a simpler era. So I could use some class and freshen up my old steed.

Jason Brune more than 1 year ago

Carradice Barley Saddle Bag

I love the style and the pockets of this bag and would definitely utilize every inch of it as I like to carry many "just in case" items. However, after reading Jarrod Fischer's post, I think his purposes are much more meaningful. Great thing to teach the kids the love of cycling when they are little.

Karry Rood more than 1 year ago

A Barley Bag sure would help this kid-hauling Dad!

This awesome bag would be a big help on our daily rides. As a stay-at-home dad, I use our bike to take our two kindergarteners to school, and take my 18-month old with me to grocery shop and run errands. A smart, useful bag like this Caradice would make it a lot easier and smoother to bring snacks, extra clothes, diapers, drinks, etc. Space is at a premium, and bulk adds up quickly! A bag like this would be an answer to my bicycling prayers. Thanks!

Jarrod Fischer more than 1 year ago

Carradice Barley Saddle Bag

This classic design would simply look amazing on my classic handmade Belgian 1969 Groene leeuw. End of story.

MIchael Van Laeken more than 1 year ago

Barley Bag

I use my bicycle to commute to work everyday, a good saddle bag would make the trip better. Thank you for the opportunity.

Debbie more than 1 year ago

Barley bag

It's cold here in Indiana winters. Cycling goes on of course. My mantra: no bad weather just bad clothes. You can use that, no charge. Many that I ride with are always complaining that when it warms up after our breakfast stop they have no where to store the shell jacket. Of course I, being an enlightened, if not a lighter, cyclist, use my Carradice bag so no problem. I have been known to haul a wrap or two from others without the means to do so themselves. Most often their bikes are carbon wonders that have no capacity for racks. But they could mount a very cool Barley with a simple adapter for the saddle. So my plan for this bag is to draw tickets for it at a cool weather ride to make a friend happy ( and my load lighter!)

Ron Gurth more than 1 year ago

Wanted: a new bag

My current saddlebags are about to bite the bust. A new replacement would be perfect!

Kristin J. more than 1 year ago

Stylin' Silverback

Perfect size to store my rain cape and red pumps while I'm out canvassing for the causes I care about!

Cheryl T more than 1 year ago

perfect size

This bag is the perfect size, a bit bigger than my handlebar bag that only fits my wallet, phone keys and lipstick. I want to be able to throw a sweater and a snack. Perfect for day rides.

Anne B more than 1 year ago

To carry spares

No lie, I ripped a pair of my best dress pants today, catching them on my big ring on the commute home because I forgot to secure my pant cuff. The Carradice Barley Saddle Bag would be an excellent place to store an extra pair of dress pants, in the event of user error!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Carradice Barley Saddle Bag

I would like to have this bag because the one that I bought this spring is unlikely to survive the year. Plus this saddle bag is looks really stylish and durable,

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

This bag rocks

This bag would be a better cycling buddy than my last boyfriend - supportive, fashionable, reliable, and able to carry my stuff to the beach or work without a fuss or complaining about a sore back.

Jocelyn more than 1 year ago


Because I really, really, really want a reason to wear a cape when I cycle on rainy days!

Oliver more than 1 year ago

The bag of my dreams

No more lugging a knapsack with a towel between it and me. Not worrying about the weight. I could go and on and on.

Sarah Robertson more than 1 year ago

Saddle bag

This would be the perfect way to carry my stuff when I run errands on my bike!

Sondra Bernard more than 1 year ago

Super Duper Awesomeness!

Who wouldn't want a saddlebag like this? As for me why do I want it? Well I would much rather have a sweat free back... and shirt; instead of a sweaty backpack on me everywhere I go. One thing I dislike the most is putting on a cold, sweaty backpack. Also for the sake of my comfort and health. Distributing the weight on my bike would be healthier for my body. I tend to carry a lot of gear with me. But to be honest... I think the main reason is; I love riding without a backpack, feeling the wind while speeding down a hill!

Maylies Lang more than 1 year ago

I would like to win this Saddle Bag because

It's gorgeous, practical and would look great on my bike, underneath my butt.

Tracey Eide more than 1 year ago

Carradice Barley Saddle Bag

Because it would look good on my classic Ross Mt. Whitney from 1984. That's right, still rolling.

Sean MacDonald more than 1 year ago

Why I want this bag

because it's really nice and it will add a nice look to my bike. I can carry things too, not bad !!!

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

Why I want to win

I want to win this bag to class up my ride and give me more carrying capability. This saddle bag would give me the additional carrying capability and do it with style.

Seth more than 1 year ago

no more sweaty back

I carry everything in a messenger bag now, would be nice to not have a sweaty back anymore

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

Stylish Moms Rejoice!

So I can show my other mom friends that you don't need a car to cart around your things for a day out with your kids if you have the right tools! Looks like the perfect size for a diaper change and some snacks to me!

Emily more than 1 year ago

Carradice Saddle Bag

Ooooo, a trunk bag that doesn't need a rack! That's why I want this awesome bag, because sometimes a little seat bag just doesn't do the trick.

Deanne more than 1 year ago

need a new trunk

I bike just about everywhere I go, and unfortunately my trunk bag just fell apart recently so I need a new bag to carry the stuff I like to take with me on all my rides. This would be a great bag for me to use so I don't always have to use a backpack like I've had to do.

Michael Keats more than 1 year ago

To Carry Advocacy Info

I would like to have this bag to carry our rack cards, business cards, and other advocacy material around my County -- which is in serious need of our efforts! I will also share it with other advocates if they need to borrow it. Sharing is caring, you know.

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

carradice barley saddle bag giveaway

i could use a handy carryall bag like this - both functional and attractive and from a great company

lisa mcfarland more than 1 year ago


Why do I want this bag? Because I'm totally bike bag crazy! Also, it would look awesome on my '92 Bridgestone XO-1, that's why!

James Wilson more than 1 year ago

I want to win...

...because it would match my handlebar bag!

Lexy more than 1 year ago

saddle bag

Because my Brooks saddle looks naked without one!

nicole more than 1 year ago

Why I would like the Carradice Barley Saddle Bag

The Carradice saddle bag would enable me to carry large loads of all kinds of shapes in one bag which is more flexible than using panniers. In addition, since it's one bag, I would be able to carry the load off the bike with one hand, just like any other bag. I like its old-fashioned nature too. Everything's so modern now. Getting back to the older days' things and with a very useful product is very appealing.

Douglas Kline more than 1 year ago

A great excuse...

... to buy a bike and start riding around town.

eduardo more than 1 year ago


Why would I like to win that fabulous bag? Simple; they are just too cool and I would love to have one! I have lots of bike rider friends and I can turn them on to the brand, I would be their unofficial promoter!!

Mike Young more than 1 year ago

A nice Carradice for my Beach-Cruiser bike.

I have a Beach-Cruiser bike ; a nice Sparker Electra and I like to have a ride with my bike but I am afraid to lose my keys, my phone portable and some food sometimes. But with the Carradice saddle bag I will have no more problem ; I will put the Carradice saddle bag behind my very comfortable saddle ; a B 190 Brooks saddle, the biggest saddle from Brooks. Let's have a goor ride ...

Burine Olivier more than 1 year ago

Awesome Saddle bag

A handle bar bag isn't the best solution for my dirt road bike and a rack is out of the question. This awesome saddle bag would relieve me of the need to use a backpack. I'll be able to take my SLR on my rides making the country side explorations all the more enjoyable.

brian McPherson more than 1 year ago

A stylish tour

I want to win because my husband and I are leaving our kids with their grandparents for a week (for the first time!) and heading on a tour from Southern Oregon to the coast and back down. I would love to have this on my touring bike to make our tour a little more stylish.

Joyanna Eisenberg more than 1 year ago

Dreams can come true!

Have a second bike now... it gives me more Momentum... I keep thinking... if only I had a saddle bag, my life would be complete... I saw the contest, smiled and teared-up simultaneously... I think a choir even sung a long, suspended, harmonic, wwwahhhhhhh..." Could this be Christmas and a birthday in August? :-)

Jennifer Wyatt more than 1 year ago

Why Win?

Because this bag is a much classier way to carry my flat repair kit and other goods I'm carrying when I ride than a grocery bag over my handlebars!

J Leddy more than 1 year ago

Need a bag

Right now I just have a backpack for taking a lunch to work, a bag would be much nicer. I'm saving my nickles, but it would be nice to win this one instead!

Kate more than 1 year ago

yes!! Finally!

It comes with a "six metal D-ring strapping points on top for fixing a cape or a jacket" How else am I to strap on my batgirl cape? An absolute must have!!!

Tanya Raymond more than 1 year ago

Need storage.

I want to be able to use my bike to store more personal belongings safely while I ride. I have a rear rack but thats only good for certain things. I need a designated bag for my bike. I'm tired of having a backpack on my back that makes me sweat and strains my back on my rides in the summer.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Switching from "Avid" to "City" Cyclist

Couldn't agree more that it's time to be a "city" cyclist instead of an "avid" cyclist! So, putting the gortex suit and huge panniers on the camping shelf - and I'm on the hunt for functional, everyday gear.

Sam more than 1 year ago


My bike is my minivan; I always need more ways to carry more stuff!

Jessica more than 1 year ago

For Fun

I would love a smaller bag to carry a book, some snacks and a few other things for fun rides to the beach and elsewhere - this would fit the bill!

Randy Gatley more than 1 year ago

Grocery Bag

I need a bag for my groceries, so I can stop driving to the grocery store! I would love one of these sweet bags, especially if I have to move to somewhere wet!

James Gardner more than 1 year ago


I could to purchase a bag that costs more than my bike!

Jeff Arnold more than 1 year ago

Saddle Up

I would love to have this saddle bag to carry food and extra clothing when I do tours. I currently use a backpack, but make my back hot and sweaty. This saddle bag would eliminate that problem.

Yolande more than 1 year ago

Need more cargo space for my commute/errands!

I have a Swift Industries saddle bag that cannot stand up to the demands of my daily, 26 round trip commute. I am frequently jamming in locks, cables, bags, lights, and there is barely room to sneak anything else in! I am a dedicated, year round bike commuter and would put this beautiful bag to great use. I have been longing for a Carradice bag for a while, but as of yet do not have the resources to get one. I would be so so grateful!

David Pulsipher more than 1 year ago

Saddle Bag

I've been using a bungee cord to attach things to my rear rack, but things (books, water bottle, etc.) have fallen on the road a number of times. Finally having a saddle bag would make bike life easier.

Amy T more than 1 year ago

I can stand up to the teasing!

I already get teased at the bike shop for my saddle bag, which actually doesn't hold everything I need! Seriously, this pale girl needs a lot of sunblock and I actually have to choose between my sunblock and a spare spare tube.... I'm a bike commuter and do a ton of endurance rides and bike tours and could really use a beautiful, hardy bag like this one for both my daily rides and my longer tours!

Sara Hoffee more than 1 year ago

Saddle Up!

I won't say that I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me when I bike to work, but a coworker once said to me, "What have you got in that backpack? A toddler?" I am always on the lookout for better ways to carry all my stuff--change of clothes, lunch, snack, a couple of volumes of poetry. . . .

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago