March 3, 2014

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complete streets advocate bag of goodies

I can use this with my brooks saddle/brompton. That's my multi modal transportation tool for my advocacy work (my volunteer work to our rural community). This can be it's own bag for my standard advocacy tools such as notepad, pen, iphone for audio recordings, and extras from my camera. It would be stylish and utilitarian!

Chris Butner 322 days ago

Coffee break at the park

I want this stylish Carradice saddle bag to carry my portable stove and instant coffee to the park for an evening coffee break before the ride home from work.

ChanJP 322 days ago

Carradice Saddle bag

My class is planning a point to point ride this spring. This bad boy would be a loaner for kids who don't have saddlebags.

Chris byron 322 days ago

completing the picture

This Carradice Cadet saddle bag would be the perfect thing to attach to the back of the resuscitated old-as-dirt vintage Brooks saddle on my restored Raleigh 3-speed:
I saved this bike from a certain death and have been working on it from the bearings on up, and a proper saddle bag would be a super piece of kit.

Robin Rombs 323 days ago

Great Practical Bag

Gear four the bike life.

Christopher Norris 323 days ago


Bags store the things in life that can't be seen. Bags hold everyday trinkets from decoder rings to bike locks, which would you store? I would fill this bag with fun microbiotic animals and sunglasses to shade my eyes from the daily visions of rainbows and goblins. PS the bag would look great on my FIXIE as well.

Owen kleberg 323 days ago

Nice looking bag

I love to look stylish while carrying things.

Graham Lavender 323 days ago

Handy Carry

It would be a great way for me to be able to carry everyday essentials with me without needing to have a backpack or invest in paniers. small tool kit, snacks, that kinda thing :D

Michael K 323 days ago

why i a Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag

I want to give out to my wife, she's a daily commuter

Albert A 324 days ago


My doggy would love it!

Yann 324 days ago

carry emergency kit

This looks like the perfect bag to carry an extra tube and tire levers and a few snacks

Christian 324 days ago

Nice looking bag

This is the year I start biking to work and this bag would be great to join me on the ride - cotton duck cloth - woot - I dont even know what it is but it sounds awesome

Jummer 324 days ago

I need some English class

My BMX jumper with banana seat needs to be classed up a bit.

Jason Brune 325 days ago

Why I'd love to win

I'd love to win this bag because I've been on the hunt for a good bag for over a year now! I'm eager to begin spring training and hope to use my bike to run errands and this bag would be perfect for me!

Lenie 325 days ago

need a real saddle bag

My milk crate is breaking and I need something to replace it. Something like this is really too nice, but if I were to win it, it would be Very Well Utilized!

Joe Tilman 325 days ago

a spot for my lock

I want to win this bag because I'm always struggling to find a way to carry my long, heavy bike chain and lock, and this might just do it.

Barbara Leiterman 325 days ago

Saddle up!

I would love to strap this on my vintage roadbike for commuting and touring. Got a big trip planned in May and this would be a great addition.

Gordon Williams 325 days ago


They're classy! I'll probably have to clean up my bike to put them on though...

Dan Yen-Chiu 325 days ago


This would be a perfect match for my Brompton!!!!

Nicola Colarusso 325 days ago

Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag

I'd like to win so I can carry my lunch, and seasonal rain and cool weather gear during picnic rides, here in Detroit Michigan!

John Donahue 325 days ago

Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag

This would look great on my new bike !

Tara 325 days ago

Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag

This would look so awesome on my orange Public bike.

Sondra Bernard 325 days ago

stash my spring layers

All day bike riding in the mountains requires lots of layers. this size bag is just perfect!

kristy carter 325 days ago

Need a stylish bag!

My current panniers are 30L behomoths and are pretty dirty form day-in-day-out usage as well as cycle touring. I would LOVE to have a nice, stylish alternative for bringing on an evening out on the town!

Kyle Huinink 325 days ago

Makes diapers cool

Need a cooler diaper bag for the traveling with the wee one

Jeffrey Leone 325 days ago

Beauty and Function

I want to win because this saddle bag will look so pretty on my little white schwinn, also It will be perfect for packing my lunch for work!

Melody Stone 325 days ago


This would just look so cool on my retro 80's Peugeot. :)

Val 325 days ago

Anything you want to keep Cool

So I can carry 6 and half two liters of b-


GregPH 325 days ago

Junk in the trunk.

Who wouldn't want more trunk for their junk?

Traci Phelps 325 days ago

I need a new bike bag

Sadly, my bike and panniers were stolen a couple of years ago. I have since replaced the bike, but have yet to find some bag that I like. This one looks great and I would love to have a new bag for my new to me bike.

Tiffany Holbrook 325 days ago

Nothing like some good looks and a place for all my stuff

Who wouldn't need this awesome bag? That includes me of course.
You can be sure my daily commuter would rock this.

Barbara 325 days ago

Nothing like some good looks and a place for all my stuff

Who wouldn't need this awesome bag? That includes me of course.
You can be sure my daily commuter would rock this.

Barbara 325 days ago

Carradice Saddle bag

I need a Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag to care all the things that were tossing around my bike basket on my last ride, especially my cell phone and a light snack in case of my blood sugar levels were to drop.

J. Sharp 325 days ago


13L Enough said!

Craig Clark 325 days ago

We are all about the Tweed Rides

For some English style, you can't get better than this.

Turbo Bob 326 days ago


I need this to carry my work clothes with me when bike commuting.

Bob A. 326 days ago

saddle bag

I would love to win this I have to carry a backpack for work and it gets heavy at times. This saddle bag would ease the tension my muscles feel. Not to menion, bet I could put some small groceries in there too...

Ashley B 326 days ago

Saddle Bag

I want to win to carry more stuff, of course. Adding a trunk to my bike would be so handy for recreation and commuting.
Plus how can you go wrong with a saddle bag on your trusty steed, I mean bike!

Neil 326 days ago


Saddlebags are the hallmark of Winners whether they are under my eyes, over my trousers, or on the bike...and I'd use the Cadet to carry stuff to giveaway

d 326 days ago

Extra Back Pocket

I would like to win this to have an extra pocket to stash my phone, wallet and other loose bits that take up room when I ride. And it would be nice to have something to attach ol' red blinky to...

Bryan L. 326 days ago

Back in the Saddle

I would absolutely love to ride to my nearby brewery, fill my growler, and use the Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag to carry it home. It's the dream.

Matt Van Hamersveld 326 days ago

love the functionality

Great looking bag and it looks very practicle and functional.

Chris U 326 days ago

Why I want to win

I suppose you are looking for reasons people want to win. We'll i do not "need" to win. I am a bike addict and love all things bike and love accessories. This would be another shiny item to put in the rotation.

Seth kreiss 326 days ago

Great for those low key rides

This would be great for when I don't want my full trunk and paniers that I usually need on my commute.

Phil Merritt 326 days ago


Because winning feels good, and I am a winner <3

Theresa Excell 326 days ago

A poem :)

I'd be the happiest gal in all the city
Biking around with my bag full of goodies
In my bag you'll find
my heels for dancin
cheese and crackers for snackin
flowers for romancin
this and more
could all fit in my bag
a bike pump! my groceries!
I don't mind being so lucky!

O if I won
I'd ride my bike
all the way to the tippy-top of Mt. Sutro
and exclaim to my foggy home, San Francisco

"My bag is so grand!
my bag is so rad!
even my cat Fluffy can fit in my bag comfy!

And me and kitty will look over the city
and be so thankful for my bag of endless goodies!
Oh I don't mind being so lucky!

Sara 327 days ago

Why I need this bag.

My vintage (British) Woodrup would look so much better with a (British) Carradice saddle bag hanging off of her (British) Brooks saddle!!! Cheers!

Chris Wilson 327 days ago

no outfit is complete without the right bag

When I start riding this spring, I will be layered. As I peel them, I will need to stuff them.

Kay Wilking 327 days ago

I want to promote world peace.

This bag has nothing to do with world peace, but it is a very cool bag. Well, maybe if more people rode bikes the world would be a more peaceful place. And if they had a good bag for their stuff, maybe more people would ride. So maybe there is a connection. But mostly it's just cool.

Phil Shanholtzer 327 days ago

Elegant and helpful

I would use it to help me carry items for utility rides!

Iris W. 327 days ago

Utility rules!

I would like to win because it seems like the Carradice Cadet would be a good tool to use for bike commuting and possibly some bike touring and camping!

Jun Zuniga 327 days ago

And the winner is......??? Carradice Cadet!

The fashion statement to my touring bike! What a great way to carry all the essentials!!!

FroseneSacco 327 days ago

Carradice Cadet

Who wouldn't want this totally cool vintage bag??? The fashion statement for my ride!!

Frosene Sacco 327 days ago

Win A Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag

The Carradice Cadet would make a fine replacement for my long in the tooth Carradice Junior on the back of my Brooks Champion Flyer saddle on my black Surly Long Haul Trucker as a do everything day trip saddlebag. Carradice bags can't be beat.

Jack Rayburn 327 days ago

I Need It Because I Need It!!

With a 3 yr. old granddaughter I need this to carry all the things she needs when we are out and about at the park.

Pam Flynn 327 days ago

Always be prepared

I have found out with my friends someone needs to be prepared. Someone will forget to bring enough water. Someone won't have any gels/bars/food and start to bonk. Someone will not think, even when clouds are very very dark, to bring a rain jacket. So I would put it all in the Cadet and *always* be the hero. Forgetful people buy beers for the hero.

J.D. Kimple 327 days ago

Bicycling Campaign

Winning this beauty would help me in my campaign to convert my friends and the strangers that I pass in the street, that riding a bike all year round (even in the snow, sleet, rain, icy road weather we experience here in Nova Scotia,) is comfortable, affordable, infinitely enjoyable, and that YES you can carry everything you need on a bike, and NO, you don't need a car to go grocery shopping. Sorry for the run on sentence. So please help my campaign succeed and make me the winner of your beautiful satchel. Slainte Kate Langan

Kate Langan 327 days ago

Why win?

Because I need a classy bag to carry my fancy stuff in.

John 327 days ago

I saw one once...

I saw one on a beautifully restored old Raleigh and thought, that would look nice on my restoration project Raleigh. It reminded me of the canvas Domke camera bags that protect my camera gear so well... Fingers Crossed!

Steve 327 days ago

Cherry on top

This would be the cherry on top on my vintage custom bike. Not only would this bag look fabulous on it, it would be a great addition to carry all the essentials while taking those long rides.

Karen H. 327 days ago

Complete my tweedy kit

I'm a bag slut. Please gimmie

Jason Brune 327 days ago

weary of my bike trainer

I'd like to win this bag for the off chance that it ever warms up enough in Minnesota to ride outside again.

Liz B. 327 days ago

Bike camping!

I would like to win this saddle bag because I am long overdue for some bike camping. This bag would be perfect to lug some bike camping essentials!

Marisa A. 327 days ago

I can fit a weekend in there...

Oh goodie goodie, weekend traveling by bike season is inching closer. I could use a bag for that, and for my groceries, my work cats?

charis 327 days ago

Carry Stuff

It would be oh so sweet to win this bag so I can brag to my friends about how I am a winner

james 327 days ago

I want to win because..

My vintage steel touring bike deserves such a nice bag...a hardware kindred spirit.

mark pace 327 days ago

Big ass bag

It makes anything else being viewed from behind the bike look modest by comparison

JD Hohman 327 days ago

Looks good in rain too

I use my bicycle everyday, for my daily needs. I am always in need of a waterproof saddle bag for my purchases and piece of mind. Being stylish is important to me too, I love the shape and strength of it.

Emilia Turner 327 days ago

coney dogs

I eat A LOT of coney dogs and this saddle bag looks like it can hold at least a dozen.

Jay Bruce 327 days ago

My cat Mia is afraid of subway rides.

She could sit in my wicker pet basket. Our collective stuff (food, supplies, reading material, etc.) would go in this fantastic saddle bag.

Rose 327 days ago

emergency 420 kit!

enough said :)

greengills 327 days ago

perfect for commuting!

I brave it every day on the streets of LA to commute to work. Seems like a great option to store a dry shirt and essentials without adding any pannier width! (And it would look sexy hanging from a Brooks B17!

Neal Spinler 327 days ago

Just what I've been looking for

This bag is exactly what I have been looking for! It will hold all the important bits I take with me on every ride. Tools, tubes, pump, snack, etc...

Doug Fisher 327 days ago

My Dawes Galaxy was made for a Carradice saddle bag

I really, really, would like to win a Carradice saddle bag. I just finished restoring a 1971 Dawes Galaxy last fall, just before the snow. I hope to take my restored bike out on a Spring tour, and the Carradice would be perfect for carrying tools, a spare tube, a rain jacket, an apple, cheese and a small heel of French bread. Maybe a camera and more would fit in to. And of course a Dawes Galaxy would probably have had a Carradice bag back in the day.

Kurt Murray 327 days ago

my girlfriend just started to commute

I want to win it for my girlfriend, as she needs a bag for her 70s Raleigh, which she is going to try to commute to work on!

ted 327 days ago

It could save my life!

I really need this bag. I recently had my bike bag stolen off my bike after a dog ran out in front of me causing me to crash. I was caring for the dog when I looked around and saw a punk running off with my current bag. It contained my medication that I need frequently when riding. Now I have to have my son run or ride along side of me to carry my medication in case I need it. A new bag could save me on those days when he can't come along. Bless you all.

Steve Brink 327 days ago


This looks great for hauling a few extras on a long tour.

Adam 327 days ago

I hope a six-pack will fit in here

And/or my camera.

ER 327 days ago


This saddlebag would be the perfect match for my vintage Roberts sport-touring bike!

Dave 327 days ago

need new bike bag

My current one is disintegrating.

Susan 327 days ago


I was just thinking the other day how awesome it would be to be able to carry stuff attached to my frame.

Alfred Gadway 327 days ago

Carry Stuff!

I could certainly use this for my commuting, particularly in the weather as of late! Nice size for my needs.

Amber Raley 327 days ago

My new bike is incomplete without it

After a fantastic ride on the GAP/C&O trails last year I've caught the long-distance touring bug, and just got a Surly Disc Trucker to make those dreams come true. While I've gotten the bike kitted out with rack and fenders, and already have my Brooks on it, what's really missing is a great, tough, classic bag that can go anywhere. This is the bag I need!

Nick Tepe 327 days ago

Best bag for Brooks saddle

Since I can not put handlebar on front because I use thumbies. I need a bag to carry bits n bobs, and this would. Look sweet upon the seat of a Brooks saddle or two.

Brian Martin 327 days ago

saddle bag

I ride my bike all over the country and meet people from all over the world. So not only would it be functional for me, It would be a demonstration of my Global attitudes.

Daniel Young 327 days ago

Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag

This looks like a perfect bag for my type of riding, day trips with camera, tools and a place to put layers and a bite or two. Have been looking for just the right bag and found nothing, until now. Thanks.

Tom Campbell 327 days ago

bike bag

I have been doing more and more urban bike riding so having a bike bag would be very handy to use to carry items and be able to go to stores and buy things and then carry them home.

Linda Evans 327 days ago


I need it to carry all my stuff

John Reineke 327 days ago

saddle bag

I want to win so I can put junk in my trunk, and my sleek road bike needs a sleek trunk!

Deanne 327 days ago

My son would love it

This would be a great way to haul items for my son while on our rides together.

Chuck 327 days ago

Frank Patterson fan...

I have a single-speed road bike I'm using to recreate the kind of countryside riding pictured in Frank Patterson's cycling illustrations. A Carradice saddle bag is the obvious choice for everything-in-one-bag travel.

Sam Joslin 327 days ago

Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag Contest

This will look awesome and be very useful on my randonneur touring bike when I ride around Devon and Cornwall this July!

Karl Gossot 327 days ago

A sturdy bag is hard to find

I commute to work daily and have been looking for a good sturdy saddle bag for my lunch and clothes. My current bag is flimsy and starting to look worse for the wear.

Tara 327 days ago


Nice size bag , useful for riding in style.

Christopher Joy 327 days ago

Great Gift!

My son and I are moving to town so we are able to bike everywhere we need to go. This would be the perfect gift for him, as he will now be biking to school.

Susan 327 days ago

Perfect Bag

I just got a new bike and this would look great on the back of it. I need a way to be able to carry things without always having to wear a back pack.

Sandy N. 327 days ago

Would Make Volunteering Easier

I don't have a bag like this although I commute a ton around Vancouver. I'd stuff this bag with paperwork and my netbook to support my volunteer work with the Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research!

Lindsay Marsh 327 days ago


This would look perfect on my Fargo

Rob H 327 days ago

Perfect for Commuting to School and Around Town

Entering into my first year of medical school in a town that is thriving for bicycle commuting, this setup would make the remainder commuting to school easier. Those miles between school and home are my mental downtime from an overly busy life schedule for the next several years.

Patricia 327 days ago

Riding to school and back

My son rides to school everyday. This would keep his hands free and not lose anything on the way.

joyce s. 327 days ago

This bag is perfect

...because it is just the right size to fit everything I need for a picnic with my love.

Nate 327 days ago

Bags are like shoes

You can never have too many.

Grant 327 days ago

Perfect match!

I live in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and use my Brompton to get around town. This bag would be the perfect match for my Brompton and would be ideal for running errands. Thanks for this opportunity!

Kehlenbach Daniel 327 days ago

Lovely bag!

I want to win because my poor Raleigh Sprite has bag envy. Our Sun Atlas has Surly bags mounted on it, and my Sprite's little baskets simply can't compete :)

Kirbee 328 days ago


13 litres saddle bag! That thing is massive. It has cycling adventure written all over it. My wife and I are going to get so much use out of this bag.

Rob 328 days ago


This would be just perfect for the trips I take to the store and for the trips I plan on making out to Red Rock in Las Vegas!

Karly 328 days ago

Heavenly Match with Brooks Saddle

The Carradice Cadet Saddle Bag will look splendid with my Brooks saddle, a heavenly match! I can commute to work looking smarter with my bike.

Joe 328 days ago