June 24, 2014

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It's so pretty... in a classic sense, and it would look great on my bakfiet.

Emillie 173 days ago

Loose my backpack for Joyrides

I use my bike for everything. I carry a back pack for all the stuff I have to do.It would be fun to have a saddle back for a spare tube and a little stuff for joy rides.

Larry Ring 173 days ago

Classy ride

So I can ride around town, to work and run errands in style.

Brandi 173 days ago

So Stylish!

It would lend to a sense of creativity to cycling in my community, instead of the standard cycling outfits. That would be fun!

Judy Foster 173 days ago

Tweed for sister

I'd like to win this to give to my sister. I think that it fits her style and she could use a bag on her bike.

Eli 173 days ago


Love tweed products!!

Peter Shaw 174 days ago

For bike journeys

I would like this bag to pack essential on bike adventures and quests down paved roads.

David 174 days ago

A haiku for a stylish tweed bag

Classic bike fashion
Is admired by many;
Leave the Gor-tex home.

sam 174 days ago

Exquisite Tweed Bag

What a beautiful bag! I am planning on visiting Dublin this fall with my Brompton in tow. This would be perfect for me, serving both as a carry-on bag that can be quickly attached to my bike.

Michel Bouchard 174 days ago


What an incredible bag! I need a sweet bag like this one to put on the bike my brother restored for me. The bike has been in my family for over 50 years & this bag would be the icing on the cake.

Sondra Bernard 174 days ago

Dream bag!

This bag would be the crowning glory on the long, slow restoration of my 1965 Raleigh DL-1 which I ride every day. It would add elegance to every adventure.

Sarah Lydon 174 days ago

Ooooh! Nice bag!

Wow! I guess I could say that this bag would make me a better person and probably it will convince my mom that I have a good taste for bike fashion after all... :) Thanks for the contest!

David Monte 174 days ago

Awesome Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag

It's sleek, refined, looks awesome, and as I more and more embrace dressing nice for my riding around town, this bag would be the perfect addition to my growing cycle-style focussed wardrobe. Plus, I have the perfect bike to use, an old french steel-frame with mustache styled handle bars that are frankly naked without the Tweed Barley Bag.

Matthew Justice 174 days ago

classy tweed bag

This is a beautiful bag!

Tehmina Khan 174 days ago

Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag

Shhh. Don't tell my husband but I think this would be perfect for him on his upright city bike. He needs a great, all purpose bag to throw a few essentials in for his trips around town. As we live on the West Coast of Canada the Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag would be perfect as it is also waterproof!

Judith Elkins 175 days ago

Carradice Bag Contest

I want to win the Carradice bag because it would be more practical than panniers or combinations of panniers and rack-top carrying to have just one bag that would be large enough to hold all I could want to carry and could be readily carried off the bike. This older form of carrier might well be better than the many newer varieties. It also has a style, a panache, a je ne sais pas quoi about it that I like.

Douglas M. Kline 175 days ago

This Gentleman Cyclist has the Need for Tweed

This would be a fine compliment to my trusty steed.

GordonWilliams 175 days ago

Just want to be a proper gentlman

Winning this bag would bring me one step closer to being the dapper proper gentleman that I dream to be.

Joren Dawson 175 days ago

Will look great on vintage Hercules

Can't wait to add this to my 3 speed Hercules

Kurt Prescher 175 days ago

'Tweedlin' away on my bike

This bag looks really awesome and will be a great start to a tweed collection!

Beng 175 days ago

Newbie tweeder

I am longing to do a Tweed ride…but I don't have any tweed. This would be a great start! :)

Patricia 175 days ago


This would enable me to smuggle some nice aged Gouda over the Alps into Switzerland.

john 175 days ago

Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag

The need for tweed in California is obvious behind the saddle of my vintage British Racing Green Raleigh Superbe.

Brian Swander 175 days ago

Looks snazzy

I just need to have that look of sophistication on my bike rides. I know I cannot rock a riding kit so why not a great saddle bag?!

Byron Laakso 175 days ago

Needing tweed in my life

I am always looking for new places to ride my bike. This bag will help me ride on style with the gear I need. I ride any where from home to work to riding internationally on bike tours! Having this would complete my station in life.

Noel lawson 175 days ago

Good for Heads

I am an immortal, and am constantly battling my foes, taking their heads in sword-based combat. This bag looks like the perfect size for stashing an enemy's head for my collection; especially Duncan MacLeod's head.

Perry 175 days ago

Saddlebag Romance

I'm in love with this tweed bag! I am a virgin when it comes to owning anything this beautiful and functional. It would look beautiful on my touring bike snuggling up against my derrière cycling along the Rhine River, in the mountains of Taiwan or around the USA. I will love and care for the Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag forever.

Ruth Miller 175 days ago


I'd like to win because I could do with something more stylish than my old messenger bag to carry my stuff when I'm commuting.

Paul M. 175 days ago


I have a vintage Raleigh made Supercycle Twenty that had been gifted to me by the most English of Englishmen. This bag would perfectly compliment my bike and the previous owner!

Mel Gow 175 days ago

tweed bag

I commute and need this beautiful bag to hold my stuff.

teresa loflin 175 days ago

British Style

This would be just the bag to compliment my British bicycle on trips around town!

Amber R. 175 days ago

Wow bag

Since I am doing more urban riding this one will hold my stuff And look great, too!

Ken 175 days ago

Worth a try

It's look good on my vintage Raleigh

Sarah 175 days ago


It would carry my stethoscope in style - a nurse has got to have something cool every once in a while.

Sarah 175 days ago

Pick Me

What a gorgeous bag!

Kim 175 days ago

Classic for Dad

Dad inspired me to start cycling. Would look great on his bike!

Laura 175 days ago

It's a Match

Prefect match for my 1966 Raleigh Sports three-speed bicycle.

Gary K 175 days ago

I need it to match my tweed shoes...

It would match my tweed shoes famously!

Doug Miller 175 days ago

Possibilities are endless

The beautiful thing about having a durable, well crafted bag like this is that it will last. This is a perfect bag to compliment any bike, but I'd enjoy it for commuting around town to local markets, movies in the park, coffee rides, and to simply look stellar on my bike. I love the materials utilized and the quality behind the brand!

Jamie 175 days ago

Positively Dapper!!!

This would match my nickers perfectly!!

Douglas Gook 175 days ago

Positively Dapper!!!

This would match my nickers perfectly!!

Douglas Gook 175 days ago

Handsome indeed - gotta love tweed!

Good for every ride.

Queenie 175 days ago

So pretty!

Style for miles.

David S. 176 days ago


Perfect tout carry my clothes and lunch over my everyday trips to and from work

Didier 176 days ago

Smashing! It's tweed!

Jolly good, this bag would befit a tweed ride queen! That is, I would roll down the street looking smashing with this accessory on my Mixte!

Victoria Levesque 176 days ago

Matches my Jacket

This would match my Harris Tweed jacket when I ride my Brompton!!!

Nicola Colarusso 176 days ago

"Cardiac" (commuting beast)

First off, I misread "Carradice" and thought it said (cardiac). My heart got pumping. This would look stunning on my kiwi colored commuter! I haven't driven a car in three and a half years, why not look sick as (duck) with this bag attached? Pick me!

Christine Adams 176 days ago

Real Tweed

Love the looks of this bag!

Sande MacEachern 176 days ago

Perfect for a tweed ride

This would be perfect on a tweed ride!

Tanya 176 days ago

very stylish!

This bag packs a great statement and would inspire creativity with the cycle community where I live.

Judy Foster 176 days ago

Oh, my tweed bag...

How perfect you will be to carry the essentials for both bike and baby as we bop around town from parks to play dates. Won't you be mine?
- C

Chuck E 176 days ago

Panache 2

yes - that's the word for it. I'd like to win one because it has panache!

Amand 176 days ago

too cool!

My touring bike was just asking me for one of these bags!

mark pace 176 days ago

Carradice bike bag

Awesome bike bag for my daily cycle to work as a kindergarten teacher!

Deb Woloschin 176 days ago

carry stuff

very pretty bag to carry stuff around town

Christian 176 days ago

Bag For Jeff

I'd love to win this for my husband Jeff. He's been biking around town to the library and children's museum with our son. He needs a bike bag, especially this one.

Mary Anderson 176 days ago


What style... what panache...and it would be an amazing accessory for my Opus bike!

Lori 176 days ago


I want to win this bag so I can give it to my mom for her birthday

Lor 176 days ago

A classic for a classic

I just ordered a classic commuter bike to replace the one that got totaled.Really sad to kiss my not so old ride goodbye. But I'm looking forward to riding in style once again. This lovely Harris Tweed would be just the ticket for commutes to work and rides through the park.

Nina Sabghir 176 days ago

Harris Tweed Bag

Fifty years ago I had a similar bag made of cotton canvas. Loved it! Thirty years ago I had a Harris Tweed sport jacket. Loved it,too! Wish I still had both. This Carradice saddle bag would fill in for both.

Bill Laughlin 176 days ago


Just think how snazzy I'd look tooling around town with this on my bike! I'd just have to dress up too and go out for a night on the town!

Deanne 176 days ago


So many bike bags are designed to wear out. They have plastic mounting hardware that one crack renders useless or zippers and fabrics that leak and decay and fail when subjected to weather. This bag on the other hand uses simple repairable attachments and materials that can stand up to sun and rain and won't crumble to dust after a few months of use. I'd love to hang this on my ride.

Jeff Youngstrom 176 days ago

Tweed Barley Bag

This bag oozes sophistication... and would love to don it on my 82 Raleigh I have been restoring.

Andrew Simpson 176 days ago

Carradice Tweed Bag

What a perfect accessory to the Tweed Ride I am pushing to start with our local bike club! Pick me! Pick me!

Brian Wood 176 days ago

Carradice tweed bag

Looks like a bag Sherlock Holmes' bicycle would have. Very British. Looks very durable and sturdy. I would love this bag..

M. Carson 176 days ago

Tweed Bag

This is a gorgeous bag, I would be honored to carry and find lots of uses for!

Lisa Connor 176 days ago

Tweed Barley Bag

It would be nice for when you have more things to carry than would fit onto a handle bar bag, but not enough to put on the shopping basket.

Mee Thao 176 days ago

Beautiful Bag!

Who wouldn't want to win this lovely bag?

Sue M. 176 days ago

Stylish and weatherproof? Yes, please!

This would go perfectly with my old Hercules 3 speed (1948)! I've been hunting for something fuctional and in keeping with the aesthetic :)

Carole Henshall 176 days ago

Completes the look

This bag would complement my bicycle and it's accessories nicely. Plus it would keep my stuffs dry from the wet weather.

Cecile C 176 days ago

Tweed Barley Bag

If I won this lovely bag, I would surely have to buy some other accessories to match.

Monica Desjardins 176 days ago

Tweedy beachy

That beauty would keep way hot wifey cool on either her Cannondale Hybrid or 82 Peugeot Princeton. Would also complement her Brooks B17 nicely, for those long moonlit rides on the beach should she need to stash our clothing for impromptu naked rides :)

Rob 176 days ago

Tweed Barley bag

I would love to be able to show off this handsome bag to everyone on the bike trail. My bikes a little old, but with the bag no one would notice. :)

sharon meagher 176 days ago

tweed barley bag

I have a 1952 Irish high nelly bicycle that is just screaming for this bag!

Simon 176 days ago

Tweed Barley Bag

This Tweed Barley Bag would hold my Barley and Hops Bottles quite nicely!

Stuart 176 days ago

Just moved

I just moved. My commute changed from 18 km to 32 km a day. I need to get some weight off my back. This bag is just my style. I love my trusty steed (my bike) and don't like to over accessories it but this bag would fit.

John 176 days ago

Ride in style

I'm on the fence to by a new mixte commuter city bike and the Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag would boost my new bike to the next level. I could even choose a frame color matching the saddlebag.

Katharina Hand 176 days ago

Carradice is very nice

Quite simply the Harris Tweed bag is the perfect accessory for an afternoon ride. Enough room for lunch and a few pieces of clothing if the weather turns.

Gwendal 176 days ago

I Raleigh want it!

This bag would be a stunning addition to my 1937 Raleigh Golden Arrow. It might make all my fellow three speed club members a bit too envious though!

Steve Brink 176 days ago


It's a beauty! I would out it on my cream colored bike, or maybe it would match the bike I am building up for my mom.

Teri 176 days ago

British Bike; British Bag

A gorgeous tweed Carradice would be the perfect bag for my 68' Raleigh Lady's Sports. Efficient and charming accessory for getting around L.A.

Jan Davidson 176 days ago

ooh la la!

what a beauty! and so practical! would that it were mine! xo

robin howell-jones 176 days ago

Tweed on my Steed

Function with style.

Mike 176 days ago

Harris tweed

A worthy replacement for the polyester copy.

Johannes Klein 176 days ago

Good Company

As a British Bicyclist I would consider it a great dishonour if I were not to win this British Bicycle Company bag. I am as smart and sophisticated and downright spiffing as this marvelous piece of luggage and we would compliment each other to a tee!

Olivia Hart 176 days ago

Well, now.

This fancy bag would pair nicely with my fancy man. Except I don't have one. He's more of a jogging pants and hip hop t-shirt type. Would still pair well, methinks.

Lisa 176 days ago

Tweed Barley bag

Because it would long amazing with my army green classic trench on soggy days!!

Christina Kerr 176 days ago


That bag is adorable. All my fashion issues will be solved if I have that bag.

Gretchen Howell 176 days ago

Picnic Perfect!

It would give my old bike some style! (As well as me, too ) It would be great for Concerts in the Park!~

David Jones 176 days ago

Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag

Perhaps I could show up at a Tweed ride with some actual Tweed...?

Tim Brown 176 days ago

Carradice Barley Bag

This bag would look wonderful on my custom 650B Randonneuse. Classic bag for a classic bike.

Lenora Bruckdorfer 176 days ago

Tweed ride

I say, that's the perfect accessory for the tweed ride, sir!

Nicole 176 days ago

need bag for utility biking

Beautiful bag

David Viens 176 days ago

English & French Working Together

This bag will look great on my 40-year-old Peugeot!

Morgan Staines 176 days ago


Such a handsome bag, why wouldn't I want to win one?

JJ Strahle 176 days ago

Nice bag

Nice bag

Gary Toriello 176 days ago

Great Bag

Love, Love, Love this bag! on the bike or off the bike!

Darcie Loth 176 days ago

Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag

This would be a great bag for riding around town.

Wendi 176 days ago

Nice !

With a saddle bike like that, my bike will be the nicier in town ! That,s a ggod reason to win !!!

Olivier Thomas 176 days ago

Nice bag

Looks like a great bag for carrying a few things with me on my commute to work.

Mike Larson 176 days ago


This bag would make me and my bike look stylish :)
Needin' to up my game when riding around town!

Tracey Chang 176 days ago

Bag contest

This would be the perfect addition to my touring bike to bring all of my work stuff home the long way at the end of the day.

David 176 days ago

Beauty in Tweed

It's always helpful to have a beautiful bag on one's bike.

Michelle C 176 days ago

bag contest

ooooooh! How I love it! We would have some many lovely adventures together.

Lindsay 176 days ago

I must have this

It awesome looking, and would carry my everyday stuff while making and my bike look fantastic!

Nathalie 176 days ago


This is the perfect companion piece for a day trip

Sarah R 176 days ago

I need the tweed

Had I this bag my days would turn from busy chores to happy hours all day every day. Tweed and me would enjoy the world one pedal mash at a time.

Claudia Campos 176 days ago

Harris Tweed Bag

I like contrasts. Putting this bag on my fat bike would look great.

chris byrojn 176 days ago


I'd love to win this bag to put to use on my daily commuter bike. It looks like the perfect size to stash a morning snack, lunch and my wallet, and maybe a rain jacket on occasion!

Natalie 176 days ago

Biking Business Casual

My work "dress code" is business casual and I commute by bike. Usually I change when I get to work, but sometimes it would be nice to figure out a way to be business casual the whole day. This bag would be a great start!

Tanya 176 days ago


Will look awesome on my Brooks B17 saddle.

Joe 176 days ago

School bag

I want this bag so I can carry stuff to and from school everyday for 5 more years.

Laura 176 days ago

For my Beach - Cruiser bike ...

I like to have a ride with my Beach - Cruiser bike ; my Sparker Electra ; and with this nice Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag I could put my keys, my cellular phone and ... some beers ...
Have a good ride. Thanks ...

burine 176 days ago

Harris Tweed Barley Bag

To bring some British style from across "The Pond" to Seattle!!

Frosene Sacco 176 days ago

Tweedle Dee...

I want to win the Barley Bag because a hand crafted, rugged beauty like this never goes out of style and always gets noticed.

Crystal 176 days ago

Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag

I have a vintage Raleigh. This bad is perfect for it!

Victoria Pink 176 days ago

tweed bag

I would totally ride to the oxford exchange with that bag and be super posh petaling around tampa !

linda 176 days ago

City Tranportion Bag

This would be great for my Daughter who rides her bike through DT Los Angeles for work & school everyday. The Tweed Barley Bag is more Classy then her backpack so when she riding it would be a great impression seeing her, making the motorist think that cool & smart looking Girl with that Tweed bag.

Cindy 176 days ago

Everything But . . .

Let's see: tweed jacket (check); knit tie in pleasing autumnal shade (check); moleskin knickers (check); over-the-knee stockings (check); black leather cycling shoes (check); tweed cap (several); ancient Raleigh 3-speed (check); string-backed riding gloves (check); place to stow cap and gloves when going into pub or bar (ch . . , oh! Wait a moment! London we have a problem!). Please don't make me pour my pint with gloves on! People might think I was strange!

Peter Storey 176 days ago

A day out for the family

This bag would be perfect for my family's summer love: long, slow bike rides. I can see my daughter bringing along her favorite book, me and my wife bringing ours, and lounging somewhere shady - which I'm sure would be accompanied by snacks, which the carradice could help us with. Who doesn't want a perfect Sunday?

Michael Cipi 176 days ago

Please... hook a brotha' up:)

I own and LOVE British and Dutch antique bikes and this bag would perfectly complement any of them. My current "project": a 1970 Raleigh DL-1Tourist would be first up. Picture it....all original,old, a bit rusted with loads of charming patina, new Schwalbe cream tires and a Brooks B-67 with the tweed Carradice hanging from the back. And of course me riding this beautiful steed. Let's make it happen and I'd love to share the pics with the Momentum Mag readers!

Ray 176 days ago

Tweed please!

Just this morning the leather drawstring on my trusty reused rucksack snapped on my way out the door - I'm now left with either my falling apart camping pack or my boyfriend's skater one. As a staunch classy riding enthusiast, please save me from making biking look less glamorous. Thanks a bunch!

Thea 176 days ago

The need for tweed

Because I feel the need...the need for Tweed!

Also, while a thneed is NOT something that everyone needs, a Tweed bag IS. Biking saves Truffula Trees, and I will bike more if I have this bag, which will save even MORE Truffula trees.

Alex 176 days ago


It's rare that I don't get a ridiculous lift from riding my beloved Pashley Princess around town. It combines the best of sturdy urban cycling with an Anglophilic love of guild-like craft and form. This gorgeous saddlebag would look smashing on the Princess. Someone just nicked my basket and I've been looking for a stylish replacement for a few months. Winning the Carradice Harris Tweed Saddlebag would make my summer and make participation in local Tweed rides more elegant! Thanks Momentum

Amanda Gibbs 176 days ago

Stylish Bag

It would be perfect to take places with me. I like the look, style, what its made of. Id love to win it and show it off I so need a bag on my bike!

Sandy Nevels 176 days ago

My hubs needs tweed!

He's new to biking and loves a good tweed, so this would be a great surprise for him!

April 176 days ago

Barley and tweed

There is no finer combination than canvas and authentic tweed.

Jeremy 176 days ago

For the new setup

Taking this biddy around this summer cannot make life easier as backpacks are left at home and the heat plays a role in dress. For a more simplistic ride around town I'd love to win so I could show off and look stylish to boot. Big bags out, small bags in.

Jess Lopez 176 days ago

One Fabulous Bag!

I love the shape and size of this bag. I'd use it all the time!

Kay 176 days ago

Why I should win

I would like to win this bag to help style up my ride! I could wear a top hat and a bow tie and tweet a picture of me rolling around, looking all fancy and such.

Matthew Ellis 176 days ago

Tweed bag

It would fittingly be an awesome bag for my rivendell !

Benjamin Wilkes 176 days ago

Tweed Ride Organizer

I organize a tweed ride and always look for more tweed to add to collection. It's a grand material.

Joshua Crough 176 days ago

Need Tweed

Tweed bag for a Tweed Ride.

Chris 176 days ago

Great bag

I love how different and beautiful this bag is.

Andrea 176 days ago

I tweed my pants

For the ride to work...everyone should be tweedy and fun.

Charis 176 days ago

simply beautiful

This is one of the most gorgeous bike bags I've ever seen. I've got a brooks saddle and recently did a cotton harlequin wrap on my bars. This would be an excellent addition to my bike.

Neal Spinler 176 days ago

Tweed Bag

Pretty cool!

Ann 176 days ago

tweed bag

To carry this bag on my bike would be a honor to show it with pride.

David Griffith 176 days ago

I Tweed this Badly

I really love this bag.

Kim 176 days ago


The Barley Bag would be a perfect addition to my old Raleigh that I restored. Such a classic look and design that you rarely see these days. The attention to detail is amazing and I would be honored and delighted to show it off wherever my bicycle takes me:)

Korey L. anderson 176 days ago

Barley love

I'm barely able to contain my love of this barley bag - it's a stunner!

J Freeman 176 days ago

For the Tweed ride

I would fit it on our annual tweed ride!

Jen 176 days ago

Need more Tweed

This bag, my tweed knickers... Need I say more?

Chase 176 days ago

Carradice Harris Tweed Bag

It will match the vintage Nigel Smythe tweed mud flaps that I just installed on my vintage Raleigh mixte. The Brooks saddle has bag loops ready and willing to carry it.

Bridget Hayes 176 days ago

Been thinking of getting one

I'm on a tight budget, and I would love to win this bag! It's a classic look

JD 176 days ago

A stylish bag!

This is a beautiful bag. As someone who's not a big fan of the standard nylon look, the Barley is definitely my dream bag!

Kirbee 176 days ago

An ode to tweed.

Oh, tweed, how I heart thee, especially in handcrafted bike bag form. The addition of your tweedy glory to my saddle would certainly bolster my street chic cred by many a notch. How I long to latch your leather straps and put inside of you all of my most coveted essentials.

Linn 176 days ago


I just bought a Brooks saddle so the bag will look pretty sweet with it.

Nat 176 days ago

Tweed barley bag

First of all , the name is awesome. Second this is THE perfect bag to take from bike to brunch.

Michele Jehenson 176 days ago


This bag would add class to my bicycle!

Dave B 176 days ago


Perfect size bag for day-trips and shortrange touring! Would love to add one to my rig.

Cory Herc 176 days ago

Tweed bag

So I can look like a rad hipster in the local tweed rides through town.

River bailey 176 days ago

Pick Me!

I just finished restoring a '72 Raleigh Superbe and this would just be the perfect finishing touch. Beautiful product

Clinton Charlton 176 days ago

Elegant and practical

An elegant and practical bag for storing the necessary tools with room left over for local errands or a picnic lunch.

Ted Roche 176 days ago

A bag for the PNW

It rains here. The bag is tweed. Perfect.

Eric 176 days ago

Solo picnic bag!

This bag would be good for carrying my food and ummm "soda" when I got for a long solo ride and need to eat and drink!

Jeff 176 days ago

Awesome Saddle Bag

This would be great addition to my summer tours. Lots of room to bring a camera and other essentials while riding around scenic Ottawa.

brian McPherson 176 days ago


Because nothing says 'stylish cycling' better than tweed...

Emily 176 days ago

The Perfect Bag for Biking Adventures

This is a beautiful bag and looks like it would be perfect for the adventures and field trips that I am on in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area. It is my goal that I can leave at moments notice when someone suggests something. My bag is always ready to go. I'd love for this bag to be my IT BAG.

Ann Dowdy 176 days ago

I want it!

It would be the perfect addition to the city bike I just purchased. I ride all over downtown and could show it off in a very bike-friendly city!

Kathie Logan 176 days ago


It would look smashing with my leather saddle AND represent wonderful UK handcrafting!

Kel M 176 days ago


This bag is all about style, which I am severely lacking. I want to up my game.

Christopher Joy 176 days ago


It would be the perfect accessory for the urban professional cyclist - I have my spandex days, but when I'm trying to look spiffy on my way to a meeting or event, the sporty panniers I have just don't cut it!

Casey McNally 176 days ago

Beautiful bag

I don't really need this elegant bag, but I want it!

France 176 days ago

lifestyle match

The Barley saddle bag would be perfect for carrying my many many books for my liberal arts Great Books program. Not only would it accomodate and protect my precious copies of Foucault, Plato, Homer, and Dante without giving me a sweaty back, but it would also help me look like I truly belong to the program - hip, a bit academic, and very very cool.

Sophie C 176 days ago

Harris Tweed's cultural signifigance

I would like to win this bag because Harris Tweed is such a wonderful symbol of the importance of historical textiles. The regulations for calling anything Harris Tweed are a result of Scotland's desire to preserve the techniques, materials and craft of the weavers from Harris in the Outer Hebrides. It's wonderful to combine this heritage with bicycling.

Rebecca Roush 176 days ago

tweedy love

Ah, I love tweed. a 10 month a year love in my cool coastal climate. A bag to help me tool around town, getting my errands, appointments and socializing done with style and panache.

Darcy Allen 176 days ago

The Beginning of a New Era in My Cycling Career

After discovering Momentum magazine and purchasing my first comfort bike, I have decided that at least some of my riding will be non-Spandex'ed, non-training, non-challenging, but just getting from Point A to Point B comfortably and stylishly. In the remote town where I live, there are not options for purchasing cycling clothing aside from those of the Spandex variety and no gear except that for racing. This bag would look fantastic on my new comfort bike, and I would hope it would whet the appetite of local cyclists and non-cyclists, even, for developing a stylin' bike culture here.

Shelley Porter 176 days ago

Lovely tweed bag

This would be a lovely bag to store snacks, and other things while I ride around with my children.

Olena Russell 176 days ago

The perfect bag

I have been lusting after the Barley for years! And to have one in tweed...well, I am all aflutter. Not to mention that my last name (you'd never guess it from the spelling) is pronounced "Barley." 'Nuff said.

Lori B. 176 days ago

Form and Function!

This would be a fabulous bag for commuting, taking what I need on the ride, and transitioning right into professional when I walk in the office with it. It's lovely and looks well made. Would be a fabulous companion on the bike.

Mindy 176 days ago


just the right size for the road bike - this is classy - not too big and sleek - all winning combinations :) and it would be amazing on the upcoming RAGBRAI ride across Iowa!

Tricha Hartman 176 days ago

Backbreaking commute

My current bag is an old backpack and commuting every day gets painful! Stuffing all my stuff in there isn't very fun. This would be awesome!

Patrick 176 days ago

Beat up bag

My current bike/brief bag has been with me for 10 years, and is no longer presentable when I meet with people in a daily basis to make our city better for biking!

Scott 176 days ago

I need this and it's beautiful

Currently I use a tie on bag off my walker that it just cloth and hangs. It flops about. This bag would be so much better for riging and it would surely look better as well. Would love to win it.

Lynn 176 days ago

Totally Tweed Time

I want this because it is classic,stylish, and reminds of me a by-gone era where bikes were more popular than cars. It would look so cool on some of my vintage bikes! Hopefully the tweed gods will shine down upon me....

Ryan 176 days ago

Fashion first

I'm trying to work up the courage to start commuting to work by bike and fashionable accessories are a great motivator!

Robin Castillo 176 days ago

Unique Bag

It would be great to have another thing for people to annoy me with when they constantly talk to me about my belt drive, IGH, drum brake, dynamo, double top tube beater. It's just a damn bike, I'm in a hurry!

DP 176 days ago

beautiful carry bag

me and my boyfriend have started bike riding, this beautiful bag would make it easier to cart around our lunches and phones… and give us the incentive to ride around town more

Alicia 176 days ago

I have no fashion sense....

....but even I know that this is one fantastic looking bag that would look fabulous on my Rivendell.

Kristy carter 176 days ago

It's completely gorgeous!

...and just what I need to make my vintage Raleigh look perfect. The extra carrying capacity would be very useful for trips to the grocery store.

Alison Pfeffer 176 days ago

Throwback Tweed

Because it is sooo throwback style and is something I would never think about buying, but now that I see it I WANT!

Ryan Cathman 176 days ago

Because I want it!

I want to win because this bag is beautiful and I want it!

kristykae@gmail.com 176 days ago

Great bag

It would make my commute so much nicer.

Miranda Cox 176 days ago

"Bike Bald" - Tweed Ride for Pediatric Cancer

We are holding our first Chicago Children with Cancer "Bike Bald" Tweed Ride - we need raffle items to present to our vintage, raleigh, high wheel etc. riders. or to be an accessory to the vintage Raleigh Bike we will be raffling off to raise money for Children with Cancer. www.BikeBald.com

Debbie Mossburg 176 days ago

it's tweed-rific!

i would totally take this with me on tweed rides! would go well with my tweed jacket and shorts! what tweed-mendous fun!

Han L. 177 days ago

I need pretentiousness!

Something I lack in my life is an adequate level of pretentiousness, at least according to my non-cycling wife. This item would provide it in spades! I wouldn''t even need to say what it was worth. It speaks for itself. It's awesome.

Bill Crowder 177 days ago

perfect for my old Raleigh

This gorgeous, stylish, classic-looking Carradice Harris Tweed Barley trunk bag would be the perfect cargo-carrying accessory on my recently restored vintage Raleigh three-speed! The water-proof aspect would be allow me to use it even through our often-wet Pacific Northwest winters.
Thank you!

Robin 177 days ago

Rainy rides

Ever since last Septembers historical flooding in Boulder, CO, it seems to be wetter than ever here and I do not have a waterproof bag....and this one is phenomenal looking too!

Renee Goldberg 177 days ago

This would really class up our tandem.

I am restoring a classic Gitane Tandem so my wife and I can ride together and this would be the crowning touch.

Jeff Perry 177 days ago

I've never considered anything like this before

This would be a really cool addition to my commuter, never really looked into anything like this before though

franko 177 days ago

PERFECT for "The Tweed Ride" here in Portland!

I REALLY would LOVE to win this as it is also waterproof and, being car-free since 1997 I often get "extra moisturizing" help from our famous rain here in Portland, Oregon!

Robin 177 days ago

Gotta love Portland!!!

Hotel Deluxe, Grimm, steel bridge, Pearl Bakery, Powell Books

raymond 174 days ago

Tweedy Tweet

I don't need to win...I just want to win for the short, transient, temporary emotional high which will only feed into wanting more stuff that I don't need. That's the awesome power of mass marketing.

d 177 days ago

Caradice Harris Tweed

I Am an elementary school teacher who commutes by bike. This bag is perfect for carrying supplies and papers to and from school. It will go beautifully with my green Raleigh city bike. It might encourage kids to ride to school more often because they will see how cool accessories can be.

C Mariahn Scarborough 177 days ago

A nice alternative...

...to the full sized bags I use for pretty much everything now. One can never have too many bag options!

Al 177 days ago

Tweed bag

This bag would look perfect on my vintage Roberts touring bike!

Dave 177 days ago

Win a Carradice Harris Tweed Barley Bag

What a Beautiful bag; I want to be a Brit -

John Donahue 177 days ago


Because it is TWEED!!!

Jerry Peck 177 days ago

I Need The Tweed

I would personally like this bag because my waxed canvas bag looks like crap compared to this and I can't afford a $200 saddle bag.

Merv J 177 days ago