September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

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Riding in the rain, especially heavy rain, always reassures me of how little can come between my bike and me; and that makes me feel powerful and exhilarated.

Susan Ash 358 days ago

symbolism of fresh starts

riding in the rain, being exposed to the elements, the smell in the air... being part of the eternal reminder that we are all part of the same thing and ever growing, learning (and relearning). Nothing is stagnant. Portland is perfect for this.

contessa 358 days ago


Riding in the rain:
Shoe covers, jacket, fenders
trickle down my neck

Peter 358 days ago

Rain - (edited version oops).

The sound of water cutting away from my bike tires, while droplets of rain and perspiration mix to a fine balance with each perfect pedal stroke provide glory in a rainy morning commute.

Katrina Boucher 359 days ago

Glory in the Rain.

There's nothing better than listening to the sound of water cutting away from my bike tires while droplets of rain and perspiration mixing to a fine balance with each perfect pedal stroke during my glorious rainy morning commute.

Katrina Boucher 359 days ago

what I enjoy about riding in the rain

I like the feeling like we were meant to do this. And then I like going inside afterwards, feeling grateful for shelter and warmth.

Anita Zaenker 359 days ago

Riding in the rain

I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, in addition to the feel and the sound of a light rain.

Katy 359 days ago

Riding in the rain

The thing i like about riding in the rain is imagining that all the people sitting dry and comfortable in their cars think i am crazy.

Chris 359 days ago

the right gear

Having the right gear to stay dry is my favorite thing

tracey 359 days ago


My favorite thing about riding in the rain it when its ovet

john 359 days ago

In the rain

Riding is just fun, except on ice!

IzG 359 days ago


Cycling I pull my gaze
from ocean. Fine mist blurs all
mesmerized on the Sea Wall

Lorraine smith 360 days ago


I am a Kapha so my elements are earth and water.
Riding in the rain makes me feel alive! I am here :)

Kara Beall 360 days ago

You don't melt in the rain

I love riding in the rain...I love riding all the time! Especially if I have gear that keeps me warm and dry. This is a good thing because I live in Vancouver where it rains so often we call it liquid sunshine.

Janet Fletcher 360 days ago

throw it on...

...when it rains. Makes me relive my trip to Vietnam!

franz lefort 360 days ago

It's all about the winning

I feel like I am pushing the elements, my comfort factor, that I am the only one out there, but that I am going to make it. I think, well, soon it will be snow, but I am still winning. I love getting a bit of mud in the pony tail and having to clean my bike from riding it and that I won.

Kim Wilton 360 days ago

Flying with Rain Kissing my Face!

Honestly, I LOVE being in the rain. My other Love is the feeling of flight as I ride my bike here, there and everywhere. I live in a city that has not embraced bike travel yet....but that doesn't stop me from using my bike for going anywhere that is 5 miles or less. Everyday, I load my friend up into the car as I drive to the very north side of the city so that I can ride my bike between classes and errands before heading home. Rain or shine, she and I see our beloved city together. I am hoping that the more people who see that life can be full, complete, and enjoyable on the seat of a bike, more people will try it too! My trusty Dutch step through turns heads and draws smiles......and I hope to see more on the road soon. Until then, this environmental engineering student in Alabama will continue to lead by example! Maybe someday soon, more people will enjoy flying with rain kissing their faces!

Laura M 360 days ago

ah, the rain

I started riding a bike again when I was 40. Everyone I know loves to ride in sunny California weather while I wait for the cool fall mornings. My favorite rides ever were bundling up in a rain coat to ride to the train in the early morning cool rain. I hated that job, but I loved that ride :) I searched and searched for a perfect rain coat-is this the one?

janel Astor 360 days ago

Los Angelenos Can't Drive in the Rain

They say that 'Los Angelenos can't drive in the rain.' Well they are correct! On a sunny day, driving is horrible in LA, but let a few drops of rain fall, and all goes to hell! That is exactly why I like to ride my bike in the rain! I'd rather ride in the rain than be stopped in ugly bumper to bumper traffic with irate drivers honking their horns.

Julie Lansing 361 days ago

Singing while riding in the rain...

I recently moved to Hamilton, ON and brought along my extracycle as my main mode of transportation. A new direction in travel for me as it was new before I moved here. Two weekends ago I made my way to the Ottawa street market, as I do every Saturday, and this time I finished my last veggie purchase just as the rain began. Initially I thought, great it's raining, and then the song "if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops oh what a world this would be" began in my head and I began to sing it and it made me smile as I made my way home.

Sarah 361 days ago

Riding in the rain

I like it when the rain is a fine mist. It's like riding through a cloud.

Gabe Levesque 361 days ago

Riding in the rain

My favorite part: when it stops raining and you're one of the only bikes out there. Second best part: being prepared for rain!

Pedal Power Pete 361 days ago

Rain Ride to Work

I always feel bummed when I look outside before my bike commute to work and see that it's raining and knowing I'll get to the office with rain on my glasses, wet hair sticking to my face and damp socks. But I always feel a little rush of excitement when it's raining as I'm leaving work, because I know I'll get soaked, but I can enjoy the smell and coolness of the rain because when I get home I know I'll be able to get cozy and comfortable.

Marisa 361 days ago

Riding in the rain

For the nights like last night where I rode home from work at midnight in a downpour , getting completely soaked. Normally I enjoy riding in the rain, but with the jacket I have I end up soaked anyway.

Loren Rogers 361 days ago

Muddy Skunk Stripe!

Since my main road cruiser is still fenderless, it's always fun to see what kinda soaking I'm gonna get on my rear end! I could really use this cape (or invest in some fenders already)!

Pam Speed 361 days ago

Rain cycling

The rain slows traffic, clears the bike paths of all but the hardy and reminds you to put the fenders back on.

Chris byron 361 days ago

Feel the rain

Feeling, hearing the rain patter upon your jacket, your helmet, the low hiss of rain on the road, harmonizing with the sound of your rolling tires, clicking gears, realizing the weather doesn't slow you down, doesn't stop you. Bliss of the next level of riding.

Scott Cramer 361 days ago

Free as a kid

Riding and splashing in the rain makes me feel like I am 5 again. No worries, soggy socks, rain hitting my face. Its good to be young again!!! All I am missing is my banana seat!!!!

Nicolas Colarusso 361 days ago

Riding in the Rain

The rain is a stark reminder that my life goes with the elements, not against them. Being soaking wet reminds me that my body is made for this world, and that being soaking wet is just fine! Except when I have a meeting and really could have used a Cleverhood Cape!

Elliot! 361 days ago

I feel a bit hardcore

On days when I ride to work in an epic rain storm and hardly anyone else is out on bike. Also plowing through the ultra deep puddles that sometimes form when the storm drains aren't working fast enough. Probably not the best for the drive train, but makes me feel like a big kid.

MarkusK 361 days ago

What I like most about riding in the rain

Everything after the first five minutes

Randy 361 days ago

Riding in the rain

What I like most about riding in the rain is the abundance of parking spots for my bike as no one else is riding. The second best thing is getting out of the rain.

Laura Chutny 361 days ago

Turning the question around

I especially enjoy the hearty laugh I get when, upon arriving at work by (fenderless) bike on a rainy morning, I realize that I should have carried my underwear in my waterproof bag with the change of clothes, and NOT worn them under my riding tights, Going commando in the office: priceless.

Colleen Barclay 361 days ago


Coolness on a hot day!

Jeff 361 days ago

I live in a Rain Forest

I love the sounds from all around, the puddles, the squeals of the brakes, the scenery the freedom of riding a bicycle everyday for my daily needs. The look of longing from others in their cars. It makes me feel youthful

Emilia 361 days ago

Good question

I don't know...I haven't had much chance to ride in the rain. I look forward to adding wet-weather riding skills when it gets rainy this fall.

Janine Hempy 361 days ago

The smell, the peaceful feeling

I love riding in the rain because it smells fresh and clean and there's a simple peace about it that's like nothing else on earth. Getting that close to the elements while speeding through puddles - it's magic.

Melody Stone 361 days ago

In the rain.. feels so good to zoom by even worse traffic.

Amy 361 days ago

Feeling like a bike ninja

Riding in the rain makes me feel like I have mad biking skills! I zip past pedestrians and cars and feel invincible. There's something empowering about biking in any weather, no matter what the elements. Once you accept that the worst thing that can happen is you get wet, you feel liberated,

Lisa 361 days ago


I love pretty much everything about riding in the rain, from the sounds of the rain falling to the crazy looks I get from my coworkers and pedestrians. I love that you don't need anything fancier than a raincoat and a pair of boots. One of my coworkers once asked me what was worse, riding in the summer heat or the summer rain, and I immediately answered the HEAT! Once you embrace the fact that you're gonna get a little wet, you learn to enjoy it. That said, I'd love a cleverhood because I think it's a lot classier than my old raincoat, and it'll keep my legs a little drier too!

Cass 361 days ago


I like riding in the warm rain because it feels cleansing. That said, cold rain is not so fun. Neither are wet feet. A handy rain cape may alleviate the unfun aspects of riding in the cold rain in the Pacific NW.

P.J. Pemberton 362 days ago

Rain riding

My favorite part of riding in the rain??? The PUDDLES!! Love the sounds and fresh smells.

David Higley 362 days ago

Rain is my Meditation

I love riding in the rain because there are less people and cars out which means I don't have to be as worried about my safety and i can ride with my eyes closed if for just a few seconds.

traceypl 362 days ago

All's fair in love and .. rain

I love riding in the rain because it makes me feel adventurous. I usually think to myself "Well, this is crazy. I might as well enjoy it!" And then I get a huge smile on my face because who else partakes in an extreme sport on their way to work? I do.

Elana P 362 days ago

Riding In The Rain

My favorite thing about riding in the rain is the reaction I get when I arrive to school, both from my students and fellow teachers. These people can't believe I ride when it's sunny, so, when it's rainy they're just gob-smacked. PS: I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT TO WIN THIS PONCHO!

Caroline Hendry 362 days ago

I don't enjoy riding in the rain at all

I think it sucks big time. That's why I need the cape.

Don 362 days ago

Getting soaked

I like riding in the rain, because you just have to give in sometimes and get soaked. And live through it. Except when it's windy too. That is just torture.

Anne B 362 days ago

Trail to myself and unlimited bike parking!

I love riding in the rain because no one else does--it means no fighting for the best bike parking spots and that I'm pretty much alone on my commute, both nice things!

Sara 362 days ago

Feet in the air!

Since it rains most days in Amsterdam, there seems to always be puddles of water on the bike paths. While squinting, holding the umbrella with one hand and the handlebars with the other, I love to lift up my feet from the peddles as my two wheels gush through the water. WEEEEE! For some reason this makes me feel like my feet won't get as wet (even though they are already soaked)....

Meredith 362 days ago

Rain at Night

Rain at night is even better. Light reflecting off the streets is amazing.

Tom 362 days ago

Biking in the rain

It's NOT riding through snow or slush! And sometimes I get a cleaner bike at the end of the ride. :-)

Vivien 362 days ago

One with the weather

It's like being a kid again. You get to be one with the environment. Almost as fun as running through the sprinkler on a hot day!

Queenie 362 days ago

Not fair weathered

Usually I would look at the rainy weather and dismiss riding my bike up until a few years ago. Too much work I thought. It changed once I realized that driving a car or taking the bus just made me frustrated that I wasn't enjoying a bike ride in the fresh air, water included.
With a few "water proof" items, biking in the rain was no longer a taboo, instead it felt exhilarating and refreshing. Now if its sprinkling outside, I think of how the raindrops will feel on my face, knowing that a rain cape will keep the rest of me relatively dry!

Victoria Levesque 362 days ago


I love that moment when you've realized "yes, it is actually raining (not heavy fog or a slight drizzle)" and you give in to it. It's just another part of commuting by bike - weather happens. You start to notice how the road is shining, that you're one of the few people outside, that the air smells different. You see pedestrians running to and from buildings, as if the rain might cause them to melt. But you, you just ride on.

Alyssa Koomas 362 days ago


Getting to my destination as quickly (and safely) as possible.

Bob 362 days ago


Since I do not like riding in the rain we usually end up with a fit of the giggles. Warm rain is my favorite.

Iowakathy 362 days ago

Riding in the Rain

I like the sound of the tires on the wet roads - squish, splash, whirr.

Malia 362 days ago

Riding in the rain...

Just hate it!! but sometimes have no choice!

Yann 363 days ago

Riding in the Rain

I love the coolness that the rain brings, I also enjoy the smell of the rain.

Matthew LeDrew 363 days ago


I love being warm in the rain. Here in Western Washington that is not always possible. When you are bicycling, the warmth that comes from exercising, coupled with the sting of cold rain on your face adds to the rush that bicycling already brings. I also love the steam that comes off of your body after a good climb.

Courtney I. 363 days ago

Singin in the rains

Torrid torrents, thunderboomers, & monsoon typhoons...real rain vs cricket's pee.

danny 363 days ago


I enjoy the camaraderie between the hard core who rides no matter what

Dave 363 days ago

Four Memories

#1 You never forget your first time. Portland, Oregon: Crossing Hawthorne Bridge and being passed on my heavy blue mixte by everyone else on the road. Wet road grit striped my back and bag. By the time I got to work, I lamented that I had not the foresight to bring a change of clothes.

#2 Cold for a July, I crossed town to comfort a friend over beer and sushi during a bad breakup. I crossed town again to tell my boyfriend that I loved him for the first time. The rain fell like nails being hammered into a board. I was soaked and got sick the next day, but the trips were well worth it.

#3 Boston, Massachusetts. I was the new girl in town and got lost in this labyrinth of a city. After being splashed and nearly clipped by passing cars or doored in the bike lane, I felt that I had survived... something by just getting back home. The container of clam chowder from the grocery store that I reheated on the stove that night tasted pretty damn good.

#4 Having conquered the labyrinth, I ride for pleasure as well as to get from point a to point b. After a night of dancing and revelry, I rode through Central Square to find more of the same. Couples kissing clandestinely in doorways, groups of friends staggering in the street to hail cabs. It was warm and sticky like a toffee; the rain hovered in the air more than falling. The streets reflected red and green from all the lights. Yet as I rode home that night, the green followed me to the Mass Ave bridge and all the way home.

The Girl on the Green Bicycle 363 days ago

The air

The air smells fresh in the rain. There's also a feeling of accomplishment (I'm still working on turning myself into a wet-weather rider, so I feel like I've done something special when it's dreary outside and I get on my bike)

Manda 363 days ago

It's replenishing

Just as riding my bike everyday replenishes my energy, we desperately need rain to repenish something else: our fresh water sources over here. I welcome rain too just for the joy of being in it. Nothing stops me from bicycling so smart rain gear that breathes and flows is essential for me. And I love the feel and style of capes as I sweep along the windy bay!

Janie 363 days ago

Joyfully Drenched

During times when 'damp' gives way to 'drenched' and I have to accept that I can't outrun the rain, speed becomes unimportant. I tuck a baseball cap under my helmet so I can ride upright and boost my view. Always trying to be a positive ROLL model, I can't bear the thought of those sharing the road with me thinking, 'thank goodness I didn't BIKE today!', so I take full advantage of my upright seating and paste on a huge smile. My huge fake smile always turns real instantly and I find myself wearing it like a billboard all the way home.

Jody 363 days ago

Clean Air

The air feels cleaner and cooler after the rain comes. On a bike path there are fewer people, and I will ride freely with fenders. On a road ride, I continue until visibility becomes a problem.

Matt 363 days ago

New to Florida

Twenty-nine years in California. Twenty-four gears. No rust. No rain.
Now six months in Florida. One gear. Fenders. Glorious rain. Warm, soft, hard, driving, gentle, tingly rain. Every afternoon. Clouds forming, moving closer. Can I beat them home? Not today.
Tomorrow's shopping list: Ziplocs.

Camille 363 days ago

The wetter the better!!

Love riding in the rain!

Yulieth 363 days ago


I get to look like a skunk on a good ride through the rain

Sean M 364 days ago

Riding in Rain

Riding in the rain is cleansing to the soul. Every time I do it I feel refreshed and accomplished.

Jennifer Brenneman Tobey 364 days ago

Riding in the Rain

During the rainy season, travelling by bus to get to my school campus just didn’t appeal to me. I disliked the suffocating feeling of damp, warm bodies and soaked umbrellas pressed together. Instead, I battled the wind, cold, and rain by bike to get to class. It gave me a sense of accomplishment being able to reach my destination faster than a crowded bus could take me.

Tiffany 364 days ago

Singing and Riding In The Rain

I love riding my bike in the rain because generally speaking in the suburban are in which I live (Ocean Park/Surrey) it seems there is less traffic. People often turn and smile when I pass by and they hear me singing, I think it is due to the fact even though I am not what you would call a great singer, by the time people hear me singing I am past them. Think of it as another form of singing in the shower ha ha. I would so love to have this rain poncho, I would ride even more in the rain. Thank you for the offer.

David Chesney 364 days ago

"Riding In The Rain", a POEM

warm inside,
fire glowing steady.
winter's here,
cold asks, "are you ready"?
deep breath in - exhale out,
my bike is always true.
rain and thunder,
windy weather-
life is full of wonder.
splash through puddles,
dance in rain-
bike says, "Feel No Pain".
life is a winter's ride,
life is biking in the rain.

by joel r. harris

Joel Harris 364 days ago

thank you

love riding in the rain and this poem says it all - thank U

pinkandpurplesocks 364 days ago

Victoria ride

For a biking weekend, we rode our cargo bikes to Victoria from the San Juans with our 9 year old son on the back of our bike. The weather was okay until we got going on the Lochside trail then it started to downpour for the next 8 miles. We threw on our cheapo rain gear and continued on. We laughed and enjoyed the beautiful fall views and arrived soaking to our hotel. It was the best vacation ever and we did it again in the spring.

Charlotte Clifton 364 days ago

The thrill

..of zipping by stopped traffic, or past umbrella-bridled walkers. It's freeing and liberating. You are braving the elements and beating the odds. You will not be deterred because you are better than that. and Cleverhood can help.

Brian Hodge 364 days ago

I don't...

Riding in the rain is a pain, but I do it anyway. Maybe with this cape I would like it?

Eric R 364 days ago

Being a kid again

I was commuting home from my office on a particularly rainy afternoon, puddles everywhere. I couldn't avoid them one and was starting to feel frustrated getting soaked. But then I sort of gave in ... I hit another and another and next thing you know I'm purposefully heading straight for the huge one - and loving it! It felt so liberating and playful to splash my way away from the stress of the day. And of course, it made me even more grateful for dry clothes once I was home :)

Michelle B 364 days ago

Because at first it's so hard

and then it's so easy, and I wonder why I dreaded going outside in the world. Like it's fine to look at it through a window but getting into it might be dangerous or exhausting, or at least a mess that I have to deal with... but I get out and start rolling and I get the same smile that I wear when the sun is out. I get where I'm going at the same time as always, and people are like "really? Isn't it.." - what, wet? A little, not a lot though, and I got my exercise and my free therapy and it's wonderful to ride in the rain. And it's easy, it really is easy after all.

Kymba 364 days ago


I love the sound of wet tires and water flying.

Al 364 days ago

I grew up in Seattle

I love riding in the rain, because I grew up in Seattle, and lived for a time in Amsterdam. In both of those cities, rain is a pretty regular thing, so I got used to it. I have an inexpensive rain cape that I purchased in Amsterdam, not nearly as pretty as the one pictured, but it makes riding in the rain easy and almost dry!

Wilma 364 days ago

Cleverhood rain cape

What I enjoy most about riding in the rain is coming home to a dry, cosy home. Wearing the Cleverhood rain cape would be the best way to travel by bike and keep completely dry on a wet west coast day. It would be a fantastic way to celebrate the joy of cycling with my husband, especIally as September 22 is our 41st anniversary!

Jill Croft 364 days ago


As a fairly new cyclist, I'm not very good yet at riding in the rain--so my favorite thing is knowing I can! Fenders definitely help, and also knowing which parts of the route are likely to be too slippery for safety.

Becky 364 days ago

Fresh Autumn Smells

As the leaves fall, in the dry or in the rain, they just give off the most wonderful smell of Autumn. It always makes me happy.

Andrea 364 days ago


I ride 5 days a week, and my co-workers either ask "if I'll be riding when it rains," or comment "I can't believe you rode to work in the rain." I just smile and say "yup, I haven't melted yet."

Joe Tilman 364 days ago

new fenders

I never used to ride much in the rain. I thought fenders were uber nerdy and uncool. I installed some neat ones last year and can't believe how much more pleasant it is! 364 days ago


I love riding in the rain alone!! So refreshing, perfect quiet time.

Kati J 364 days ago

rocking in the rain

I love riding in the rain, it is the absolute best! Plug in some great tunes and hit the vacant roads, giants bursts of lightening lighting your way.

Genessa 364 days ago

lazy 4-eyes

It's the laziest way to clean my glasses

Brent Buice 364 days ago

I love riding in the rain because

I imagine all the drivers of cars thinking I'm a real hard a** or a little crazy. :)

Carolyn 364 days ago

rain cape

I enjoy the freshness.......and with a rain cape you become a super hero! enjoying the freshness!

Debbie 364 days ago

The Riding Part

What I enjoy most about riding in the rain is that I'm riding! After years of feeling uncomfortable on a gifted bike that was much too big for me, I finally passed the gift along and got a bike that that fits me, suits me, and as it turns out, I love to ride. Everything changed. I'm now in the midst of a cyclo-romance and it's hard to imagine a day I wouldn't want to ride, rain or shine.

Julia 364 days ago

Liquid Sunshine....

Liquid sunshine in Seattle...& the feeling of being alive!

David Maple 364 days ago

cooling off

I love when the rain comes and cools me off on those hot Arizona days. I don't even let the monsoon storms stand in my way - but I could definately use this beautiful cape as my jacket is an oil stricken hand me down.

beth 365 days ago

Toughing it out!

I love that I'm one of the few still out riding when it pours so I get the bike lanes to myself. I love the disbelief when I tell people I'm riding home, and still beating them home! I love not slogging it out with pedestrians because I'll already be drying off with a towel and a hot tea!

Kekily 365 days ago

the light and sound....

I love the sound of bike tires on wet pavement, the hiss - splashing through puddles, and the way lights reflect and refract off of all the wet surfaces.

brent stewart 365 days ago

riding in the rain.

After touring in the hot sun, a cloudburst while crossing the Selkirk mtns, we were so hot in our rain gear, but, one of the group had a poncho that was the envy of us all ,... in every regard, it was lighter, easier,(pretttier!) than anything anyone else was wearing ,.. That's why I want one.

Ron 365 days ago

Rain riding

I love riding in the rain and seeing all the disbelieving looks I get from drivers and co-workers when I walk into work. Riding to work in the rain is a real time saver, ride and shower at the same time.

Dereck Waggoner 365 days ago

Want to keep riding!

I live in Seattle and want to keep riding in the fall and winter!

Erin Snow 365 days ago

The life is wet

I feel more alive in the rain and it smell so good

David Viens 365 days ago

In the rain

I'm still on my bike!

Miranda Cox 365 days ago

riding in the rain

It makes me feel slightly anti-social but I love riding in the rain because no one else is out!

AnneK 365 days ago

Gives Me Cred

I don't get caught in the rain often, but when I do, I enjoy the smug satisfaction of knowing I am proving myself as a true lover of cycling! Seriously, I enjoy the way everything smells, and the excuse to not care about my appearance.

Karen 365 days ago

Cleverhood Rain Cape

What I enjoy most about riding in the rain is the smell in the air. As the rain falls things are cleansed and fed, streets are washed and plant life is refreshened. There is a sense of starting over, scrubbing away yesterday and getting ready for today. There are also usually less cyclists on the streets in these conditions so there is also a feeling of being one of the few and experienced brave souls who chose to ride on such a day when most do not.

S. E. Goss 365 days ago

Riding in the Rain

I am just starting to ride with my grandchildren. I look forward to riding in my new rain cape. I will feel like Mary Poppins!!

Janet Brown 365 days ago

Rain riding

I love not letting the weather get me down. If I'm biking in it, I've got one win under my belt for the day.

Sara 365 days ago

Cleverhood rain cape

I lover riding in the rain because so few others do and there's less others on the cycle paths.

Tim Brown 365 days ago

Riding in the rain.

i love how vibrant the trees, grass and flowers are when riding int he rain!

Kelly 365 days ago

riding in the rain

what i love the most about it is for that brief time, i don't care how my hair looks, i let my inner child ride free and throw cares and caution to the wind.

kathy goldberg 365 days ago

Cleverhood Rain Cape

Love it. It would also be great to walk my dog in, since they don't mind the rain.

sharon meagher 365 days ago

Why I love riding in the rain.

I love feeling the cool rain hitting my face as I pedal through the puddles it reminds me that mother nature is in charge. When I ride in wet weather I feel closer to the elements. As I use my body to move forward it's feels like I'm participating in a dance with fresh air and raindrops. Cycling in rain activates all my senses and makes me acutely aware of the rhythm of the water as it hits the pavement, the trees, the buildings, my bicycle and my body. I enjoy the dance and the closeness.

Laura Eveleigh 365 days ago

I ride in the rain

I love riding in the rain, it feeling like I have discovered a great secret. It is so freeing.

suzanne 365 days ago

Riding in Raincouver

The air feels fresh as I am gliding down slick streets through puddles, the white noise sounds of the water hitting the ground and the quiet stillness of the city as it gets washed down.

Amanda Bell 365 days ago

Riding in the rain

I love it. The city smells sweet, and the moist air makes lamps seem warmer and the nooks and corners of buildings cozier. Lights reflecting on wet streets, ripples by the curbs, people huddled behind rainstreaked cafe windows…it's the closest Los Angeles ever gets to feeling like Paris.

My wife loves rain riding too but has a lousy rain cape, so help her out!

Richard Risemberg 365 days ago

no sweat

no sweating and usually have trails to yourself

Rob 365 days ago

Cape comeback

I love the sanctimony of riding in the rain. I smile and feel the satisfaction that I've just enjoyed some exercise, fresh air, and made my commute in style...without the carbon footprint of a car. And really, my Pashley Princess should not be ridden with anything less stylish than one these classic and cool capes! It will match my Yakkay tweed riding helmet perfectly!!!

Michelle Kirby 365 days ago

Rain Cape

I love the smell of wet cement ,the quite swish of the bike tires on the pavement and the wet mist on my face.

Jon Wasserman 365 days ago

I feel like a child again!

it makes me remind of my chilhood years where I would run or ride outside when it was rainning.I feel like a child again and the prana is outstanding when it rains!

Nathalie Marcotte 365 days ago

Rain Cape

I love riding in the rain...except the getting drenched part and I still don't have the right gear for the heavy rain. I love this cape!

Veronica 365 days ago

riding in the rain

It gives me the chance to sing in the rain

Warren Rudd 365 days ago

Cool rain

I like riding in the rain because it cools and calms me. It feels different than riding in any other kind of weather, and you're always riding the fine line between just enough rain (slow down) or coming thunderstorm (hurry home)!

Gina 365 days ago

It's Mine! :)

LOVE riding in the rain...hearing the rain patter on my helmet and the methodical "whir" of the tires on the wet pavement. Sweet! Well, except if there's thunder & lightening.

PK 365 days ago

Want and need this

I commute in fair weather but would love to commute more in rain. Please pick me!

Heather 365 days ago

i need this

amazing rain cape!!

Tami 365 days ago

Rain Cape

i don't want to be a fair weather commuter. this would keep me dry on my commute in the pacific northwest

tami 365 days ago

The Cleansing Rain

Rain cleanses all the grit away from my bike, my body and my soul. People looking on see a soaked cyclist and feel sorry for rme while they are dry under their umbrellas. They don't realize that I just tolerated being wet, endured the chill by riding faster and arrived home, wet, cleansed and hardy!

Cecelia Casey 365 days ago


The scent of rain on dry ground is called petrichor. I live in the Colorado Plateau desert and when it rains, everything opens and comes alive and the scent is wonderful. Best way to experience it: on a bicycle.

Willie DeFord 365 days ago

Riding in the rain

When I ride in the rain without car traffic I feel liberated as long as I embrace the weather. It makes me feel strong and at one with the elements. But I much prefer if the trip is going towards home so I can dry off with a nice cup of tea.

Kate Berniaz 365 days ago

Riding in the rain... a reminder that bikes are great transportation in all weather, especially if one prepares for it. A Cleverhood rain cape will make it all the more pleasant.

Eric McClure 365 days ago


I love the smell and the sense of being in nature when it is raining, but my favorite this is the feeling of being self-sufficient. I'm not the girl who asks for a ride when it rains!

Brenda 365 days ago


I like it because so many other people don't so it is quieter.

Nicole 365 days ago

Fresh Outlook on Life

If I didn't occasionally ride in the rain, I wouldn't appreciate riding in the dry conditions nearly enough.

Kelley Westenhoff 365 days ago

Riding in the rain

I most enjoy just giving in and being soaked. I don't usually ride with rain gear so if Im riding in the rain I'm wet, as long as its not cold its just a good time. Being wet and miserable then getting home for a warm shower is great.

Albert 365 days ago

Bath Time

Riding in the Seattle rain is like riding in a swimming pool; by the time you get home your hands are pruny!

Arden 365 days ago


Riding in the rain is energizing garners respect and I love that!! Biking to work in the rain is the dividing line between biking enthusiasts and those with the commitment to the biking lifestyle. A rain cape is a brilliant idea!

Lauren Meyers 365 days ago

rain and pours

Love to ride in the rain, if it's not a deluge. It cools you down a little down here in the humid south. I love to feel the rain on my face as I ride. I'm sure people think I'm nuts because I usually have a big ol' grin on my face!

James Wilson 365 days ago

Riding in the Rain

I love how riding me in the rain makes me feel a part OF nature and not apart from it, like how as kids my sister and I would run around in the rain to feel those cooling drops hit you in the hot weather. It's exhilarating.

Yvonne Zipter 365 days ago

Still Like Splashing In Puddles

There is still something immensely satisfying about rolling your bike through a big puddle and remembering doing to that as a kid.

Kris Fruin 365 days ago


I love that I often have the path to myself while pedaling in the rain. I also love that I get to experience all kinds of weather--including rain--on my bike.

Kathy Forde 365 days ago