July 8, 2013

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Dahon S - my delta difference to Earth and environment

Earth and its environment has always been a subject close to my heart. I love and admire all the technological advances we humans have made in last century, but it sure has wreaked a havoc on the environment. This imbalance in the Nature by our actions and technology, I fear, may produce an unmanageable runaway leading to demise of humankind. I try to be as environmentally cautious and careful as I can. I use my education (Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering) in working on alternative sources of fuel and environmentally safe and sustainable batteries.

This awesome bike will be more one step in my quest to preserve our environment as much as we can and another crucial activity in my strict fitness regime. I plan to use for all my commutes within a 15 mile radius around my house instead of using my car. This will satisfy the environmental conscious part of me and satisfy the fitness and health conscious of my being.

RS more than 1 year ago

She gets around...

The sporty gear range and ease of use of the Dahon Formula S18 would be perfect in helping me expand my auto-free commuter options. Many of the places I'd like to go in Vancouver are best reached by transit and by bike. Instead of the stress of struggling with the bike rack on the bus, (I'm short, it makes a difference!), I could instead just fold and hop on board instead. Just like that the world is my oyster, or in this case an incredible bike. Instead of wishing I was enjoying all that my city has to offer, I could be riding around it instead. To work, to the park, to the grocery store, to the North Shore, to Victoria and beyond I'd be able to go car-free.

Tereza Anderson more than 1 year ago

Every day is a folding Dahon bike day

I can take the Dahon folding bike Upstairs, downstairs, fording the stream with it on my back, catching a ride in my friends car without a bike rack, and especially meeting up with other folding bike owners for the thrill of it!

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

The Dahon S18 in my daily life

With the Dahon Folding Formula S18 I could finally take the bus, train, or plane without big bike hassles.

Marina more than 1 year ago

The day-to-day Dahon

Day-by-day in summer I would drive with my folded bike inside the car then park within a reasonable distance of a bike-and-hike campground that does not require reservations like for a car, unfold my bike, load it up with camping gear, and ride in and set up camp for the night

Grant more than 1 year ago

Using Dahon folding bike in daily life

In my sketchy neighborhood, I would fold my bike and carry it up stairs and stash it away. Then, each morning I would pop downstairs, unfold the bike and go about my business.

Dr. Ramey more than 1 year ago

Taking over the Big Appl

With the Dahon, I could ride to work, class, errands and so much more. Also, since it folds up, making space for it in my small NYC apartment wouldn't be a problem.

Brandi C. more than 1 year ago

Commuting in Greenville, SC

Commuting in Greenville, SC

Janet Cardenas more than 1 year ago

For my dear daughter

This Dahon folding bike would be perfect for encouraging my adolescent daughter to cycle daily. We've recently converted to a bike friendly lifestyle, with my husband selling his car to commute to work by bike. Cycling has changed our lives greatly. It is a great way to help the environment, enjoy the out doors and save money. Embracing the cycling life style has enabled us to become more active while spending quality time as a family. My daughter has recently out grown her old bike, and while she used to love biking with us,is now more reluctant to do so. The Dahon folding bike is the perfect combination of 'cool' and functional that would get her back on the trails with the family! This bike would help our family greatly to connect, stay active, and most importantly, continue cycling!

Farheen S.C. more than 1 year ago

Folding bike

If I had this folding bike, I could do a weird multi-modal commute to work each day. For example, I could ride the bike to the beach, put it in a kayak, paddle to an island, get back on the bike, do a few laps then fold the bike and paddle back to shore. Then I could ride to the bus stop and then bring my bike onto the bus for the trip into the office.

Mary more than 1 year ago

frequent train user

As a frequent train user, a folding bike would be a great improvement for me. While the local train accomodates bikes, the bike car is a bit frantic. As a less-frequent traveller, a folder would increase my options where ever I go.

Tony Panero more than 1 year ago

Enhancing the commute

This would be ideal for getting to and from work and running errands in the city. And when the weather is like last week's rainstorm in Toronto, easy to bring on the bus or subway too... That's if the power doesn't knock the subway system out too!

Anna more than 1 year ago

for enjoy!

I´ll use this Dahon folding bike to enjoy my day-to day life. To safe money in my commute. To make exercise and be in shape. To be on time in my work and college and don´t wait long time until the subway arrives and to avoid crowded transportation. To be green, be in shape, be free and keep money with a Dahon. --

Arian J. more than 1 year ago

Folding Bike

I have seen these bikes all over. Very handy to attend events in high bike theft areas as well as general use or shopping, exercise, sightseeing and so on. Nice to bring on longer trips for travelling the last few miles when the plane/bus/train ride ends.

GT Joe more than 1 year ago

Looks like a real beast.

I had my old Dahon pinched in Seville, Spain last summer. I am dying for a new one for commuting and traveling. I have always wanted to take one of these traveling on planes and trains, cross-country style so that I could be self sufficient and show up on the doorstep of friends and family who live a ways from the airport or station. The one time I was able to do that at Barajas Airport in Madrid was a blast. Nothing like getting the blood flowing after a long, sleepless transatlantic flight!

Patrick Funiciello more than 1 year ago

I would love to give this as a gift to my mom

My mom used to bike when she was really young but she recently started practicing weekly with a biking group. Her and her biking group are preparing for the 20km "Ride Don't Hide" event which takes place this Saturday, June 22nd, 2013. This bike event raises money for the Canadian Mental Health Association as well as create awareness for people living with mental illnesses. My mom has struggled with mental illness for much of her life and one way of coping with this is through physical activity. My mom has been trying to be more active in order to cope with depression whether it be walking, biking, etc. The open door group for mental illness has partnered with a bike shop to lend bikes for free to her and others who have mental illness to practice. However, after the event she has to give it back. I would love to be able to give this bike as a gift to my mom so she can continue to be active and face depression head on. She seems a lot happier since she's joined this bike group and I'm sure she would be so thrilled if she got a new bike. My mom has done so much for me and my 3 siblings all while struggling with depression and it would mean the world to me if I could give this gift to her to show her my appreciation for all she has done for us. If she were to win the bike, I'm certain my mom will use it daily to get from place to place instead of using the car. Because it has the option of being electric and comes with a basket, my mom would love to use it to get groceries. Having the bike would not only save gas and be good for the environment, but it would allow my mom to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air, be physically active and do something that she actually enjoys.

Stephanie more than 1 year ago

Train ride

Caltrain in San Francisco has 2 bike cars on each train that can hold 80 bikes. It gets pretty full quickly making it hard for all bikers to get on. With a foldup bike, I could get on and sit on regular seat! And being that I'm an Air Force wife and we move, it's great to take with me anywhere!

Laura Leigh Conb more than 1 year ago

Dahon purpose: campus life made easy and economical

As a college student living on a fairly large campus with little time between classes, it would be wonderful for me to have a faster means of transportation that is also good for the health of the environment as well as my own.

Lindi more than 1 year ago


Commuting in Salt Lake City

Eileen Noel more than 1 year ago


I'll be checking out the many bike paths east of T.O.

Peter more than 1 year ago

With me in the train!

As I do often commute from Toronto to Montreal by train, I would definitely be able to take this bike with me and be able to ride anytime I want in the city. Morning commute or evening ride along the canal.Merci!

Yann more than 1 year ago


My first bike was a single-speed folder that I used for riding in the park. Donated my car, and sold that bike for a large 21-speed city bike. Moving to tiny studio - how perfect would that 18-speed folder be then!

Maria Char more than 1 year ago

Win a Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike

My neighborhood is too steep at my current health level. I'd toss it in the back of my car, take to the flatter areas, and go to town from there.

Julie Boyea more than 1 year ago

Tell us how you'll use this folding bike in your day-to-day life

Bike to work & back every day, fold up & store it inside for safe keeping

Michael Lim more than 1 year ago

Grace and Speed you say?

...I need both of these in my life, and err, well.... the S18 wouldn't hurt either!!! I would use the S18 for commuting and vacations, perhaps join a tiny bike club. Love folding bikes....LOve LovE loVe them!!! Sweet ride FOR SURE!

Natalie Labbe more than 1 year ago


I would give this bike to my girlfriend who fits the description: "performance & durability wrapped into a small package".

therese more than 1 year ago

To commute

Living in NYC, I would use this little guy to commute everyday! CitiBikes are too clunky and inconvenient. Plus, being able to take a folding bike on the subway in a pinch would be great.

Cory more than 1 year ago

Folder for the win

This would be perfect for when we rent a car for the weekend. Currently we need to leave a bike locked up near the rental place but it seems really insecure. With a folder, we could just pop the bike in the trunk and off we go!

Sue more than 1 year ago


I would give it to my father in law Espahbad, he has to give up his car because of the upkeep cost and has been riding this had to pedal junker mountain bike to his community garden in Portland Maine. He cannot leave any bikes outside of his building so he has to lug his bike up the stairs and it takes up a good portion of his apartment.

Dave Asselin more than 1 year ago

Dahon Formula S18

Biking is getting more and more popular in my area, I bike to work, to run errands via pedal power, and I am seeing more and more bikes out on the street. The folding bike trend hasn't hit this area yet and I would like to start the compact folding bike trend. I live in a condo on the second floor and I have to leave my bike locked up and exposed to the elements downs stairs. I would promote the versatility and convenience of this type of transportation while biking in town.

mike more than 1 year ago


What a versatile machine! Easy storage, secure bike parking when out or commuting great travel accessory, and sweet looking. This bike is a life enhancer, and I have always wanted one.

Guy Marjerrison more than 1 year ago


Step 1: Ride to hill.

Step 2: Climb hill, with folded bike for added resistance.

Step 3: ?

Step 4: Profit.

Andrew more than 1 year ago

Dahon S18

I loved the compactness of folders and the freedom of taking it with you anywhere. The 18 speed would be great on all the hills near my place. Plus, I love the look of it.

Diane Ho more than 1 year ago

City and Escape

I'd ride the Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike around town to run errands, get to work and across town to Point Pleasant Park. When traveling to visit my family by train, it would be great to fold up the Dahon and bring it along on the 2 day train ride! And then once there, take it on the commuter train into the city for visiting and fun! Such a fun and versatile bike!

Jennifer McGowan more than 1 year ago


I'd place my daily commuter ( a Diamondback) in the garage...Use the Dahon , FOLD in the living room and, yes, we could actually have furniture again!. Rather have bikes than furniture BUT with a folding bike, I could have both bike AND furniture!. Woot! ;). My Bike E recumbent STAYS inside, Dahon win or no! LOL.

Pat Arbour-Reily more than 1 year ago

Maximize Utility

I've been riding a bike since childhood and worked as a courier in Seattle for years. Now, intentionally living in a van for simplicity would love to be able to fold the bike up in the van rather than lock my current bike outside. A bike is simply the most efficient way to use your legs besides walking to the bathroom.

Mynhung Pham more than 1 year ago

Folding Easy Go!

So many uses to have this bike! My daughter will be in college soon, and I would give it to her! Or may be my mother will ride it again, as she used to ride when she was younger, just let me have it!

OrangeGaryFisherIrina more than 1 year ago


I'd use the Dahon S18 for all those trips when a full-size bike is impractical: on transit, traveling by train between cities, when good locking situations are absent, etc. Few things provide the flexibility of an 18-speed folding bike.

Eric McClure more than 1 year ago


My current bike is heavy and large. If I had a Dahon Formula S18, I'd feel much more comfortable taking my bike onto the Skytrain and not feel bad about taking up so much space. I'd also be able to fold it up and carry it up and down stairs much more easily than my current bike.

Chelsea more than 1 year ago

Dahon Formula S18

I've always wanted a folding bike - the ability to have a quick-handling, portable vehicle for multi-modal commuting would be awesome! The road bike would be broken out for longer rides, but anything that would require me to lock up outside or taken to an area where space is an issue (e.g. our garage, work), the fold would make it so easy to secure and transport.

Daniel Yen-Chiu more than 1 year ago

Greenest company "car" ever

My job requires me and my team to shuttle between large warehouses and currently the team shares a company car as shuttle due to lack of public transit in the area. Sometimes we even use it from one end of building to another. Having bike this this will enable so much imagination, and flexibility. It will be the coolest and greenest company "car" ever.

Michael Cheng more than 1 year ago

how i could use the folder

I would use this guy to easily get onto the train to get to and from work. Ghen when at work, I could easily fold up and set down in my cube instead of having to lockup out of view.

seth kreiss more than 1 year ago

Last Mile

This would be my favorite addition to travel on transit. Conquering the last mile.

Duane Laird more than 1 year ago


I absolutely have to get a ride in every day. Ahhhhhhh - help me, I can't leave home - that is, unless I had a portable folding bike ;-))

Brad Waldoch more than 1 year ago

Expanding travelling options!

Wow, a folding bike would greatly enhance my travelling options. I think if I went car camping or for a road trip, I would bring it along. Usually I have my dog in the back of the car, which means that I cannot have a bike rack there (and I'm too short to put one of the roof!) so a folding bike just means that I get to bike whenever I get to my destination. That would be awesome!!

Beng Khoo more than 1 year ago


This bike would mean that when i arrived at my studio for the day, i could easily carry it up the stairs (no elevator, no bike rack). This bike would get me my groceries. This bike would take me to the Seawall where we'd turn heads. This bike would also come with me to the Netherlands for my bicycle trip abroad. This bike would most of all be well loved.

kari kristenssn more than 1 year ago

wife and I

This would get my lovely wife out riding with me which would be the best thing ever...I ride a dahon speed 8...we would look great out and about in Vancouver b.c....love love the dahon!! She also loves white!!

Martin Argus more than 1 year ago

how i WILL use my Dahon S18...

1) put on helmet. 2) get on Dahon. 3) ride to Metrorail. 4) fold it, get on train, ride to station near job. 5) reverse #3.
1) skip last 3 steps. 2) ride ALL the way to job.

john campanile more than 1 year ago

Commute all the time

This would be a great bike to ride to work. It would allow me to fold it up and secure it easily in the storage room. It would also make it easy to hop on public transportation for those days when you don't feel like riding both ways.

Tyler Corcoran more than 1 year ago

Commuter and Light Rail Helper

I would use this type of bike to be able to hop on the light rail with out taking up so much space... then people wouldn't give me the dirty looks I get with my big bike! I'd also love to be able to take a bike to Portland when I visit family, this looks like it wouldn't be too hard to get on a plane!

James Gardner more than 1 year ago

Commute maker

This folding bike would allow for bike commuting to happen. My other bike broke, and I've been saving for a new one. This foldable one would add a convenience getting on and off the train and bus.

David Higley more than 1 year ago

Throughout my life

I live in a hilly area, so a lighter well-geared bike would be welcome. I also live in a high rise, so a bike that folds for storage and elevator rides to my apartment would also be fabulous. I'd use it for every day errands, mixed-modal commuting (especially during hours when unfolded bikes aren't permitted), and fun on our fabulous local trail system.

Krista Park more than 1 year ago

First time commuter

I would use this bike to commute to and from work, as I don't have a bike and would really like to begin doing this, there is so much to be said for a cycling commuter. I have a desire to bike and have been looking for a reliable one to start cycling on. My husband just purchased a used bicycle at a garage sale and it turned out to not be very good. Would love to start cycling with this bike, I will likely need to have a few lessons, but am willing to do that.

Jennifer Hroch more than 1 year ago

US Marine Veteran + New Student

I am a US Marine & Disabled Veteran - I just started going to College to get a BA in Graphic Design. I have some lower back pain, and riding a bike will help me stay in shape, and get to school for classes. A folding bike would be the perfect way to commute! Thank you for your consideration - Sgt Harris

Joel Harris more than 1 year ago

Commute, Travel, and Loaner

My primary use for an S18 would be as part of a multi-modal commute (combined with the subway) to and from work on days when the weather was less than ideal. The DC metro does not allow full size bikes on their trains during rush hour, but has no restrictions on folding bikes, which gives me a great deal of flexibility when the weather is iffy. Folding bikes also work extremely well when traveling for both business and pleasure since they will fit in a regulation sized piece of luggage. I would definitely use the S18 while traveling for both work and vacation. Finally, with its great adjustability, the S18 would be ideal as a loaner bike for visiting friends and family. I know all this because this is already how I use my Dahon Speed 7, but the S18 would be much nicer!

Mark Potts more than 1 year ago

School and work

I commute via bike everyday all year round, and as how I live in Chicago that means some cold a$$ riding! I would use this bike to enable a more inter-modal way of commuting, utilizing the trains and busses far moe easily than I do now! Also it would be fantastic for getting around NWU's campus.

Crispien more than 1 year ago


I'd use it for my multi-modal commute (xtracycles and buses don't mix well). I'd toss it in the back of the rental car for road trips. I'd put it on spinlister and share it with my neighbors.

Jeff Youngstrom more than 1 year ago

Guests Travel Security

I have a bike that I use daily, but many of my friends that visit don't have any way of getting around while they visit. I would love to be able to show them more of my city and generally allow them more freedom while visiting.
I also love to travel. There has been many a time when having a bike on my travels would have been very convenient.
There are parts of my city where locking up a bike don't make them secure. A folding bike would allow me to more readily travel to these places.

Jeremy Bird more than 1 year ago

Reducing car usage...everywhere

This folding bike takes me back to my younger years visiting my grandparents, in Germany, every summer. There was an orange folding bike of a similar design that use to sit neglected in a shed through the winter until I came to visit with my sister. There was a wonderful sense of freedom that came with it, since I had to leave so many things at home in Vancouver when flying overseas. Especially my Mountain Bike. As I've grown up, gotten older & wiser, and become a parent, I have become more interested in becoming more Eco friendly while still just having fun riding a bike. A folding bike is something that I would like to add to our home as it would be a better and more flexible option to our mountain bikes. The multiple gears would help on the hills that I & my wife encounter here in Calgary, where we now live. It would be an excellent way to encourage our friends and colleagues to consider riding more as well. Ultimately, because I do travel a fair amount, I would love to be able to take it with me so that I would no longer need to rent a car to get around whatever city that I might be in, since in most cases I'm only a couple miles away between hotel and my work destination. Cars are wonderful in the right situation, but they don't provide the kind of freedom and flexibility that this incredible bicycle would provide. Thank you for offering up such an incredible prize and, if I don't have the good fortune of winning it, I wish the winner a lifetime of riding enjoyment. Cheers!

Sven Stuwe more than 1 year ago

Bring on the adventure with a Dahon bicycle

The possibilities are endless with a Dahon foldable bicycle! Using this bicycle would make a multiple modes of transportation journey possible. Carrying it in a car, boat, plane, or on hike would expand the awesomeness of any adventure!

Deb more than 1 year ago

Folding Bike Contest

A folding bike is missing from my fleet. I travel now and again with my bike - like others, as an advocate attending conferences or workshops, but also, when the opportunity arises, as a cycling traveler and sometimes tour leader exploring, most deliciously, the backroads of the third world. In recent years, alas, the price of a bike as luggage is airline larceny. I need to find a ride that they won't charge me for when I take my bike on the road. Rentals or bike share might be ok for some occasions and some trips, but there is nothing quite the same as having your own bike on the road with you. Of late, I have also been commuting as a consultant, traveling to places for work to help build more bike (and walk) friendly communities. Inter-city ground travel is still not easy with a bike when distances and work schedules demand longer trips in shorter times. It's not always possible to make a tour of it as well, so a folder would be a real business asset, especially for someone like myself. I not only have the biological imperative (I'm addicted to my bike), but it is also in my job description. I can't go to a new city or an unfamiliar community or neighbourhood and design bike facilities without riding the route myself. A good folder is the perfect solution. It would give me my own ride, easily transportable, and infinitely useful for the stop and go riding demanded of the block by block audits of our neighbourhood transportation systems will require. You've found the perfect prize, and I'm already salivating at the prospect of perhaps winning this little gem.

John Luton more than 1 year ago

Safe storage

I would use the Dahon folding bike for my commute to work. Bike theft is a problem around my work, so being able to fold up my bike and bring it into the office with me would save me the stress of worrying if I will go out to find my bike gone after work. It would also be very helpful when the weather is bad to keep my bike in a dry spot. Additionally, it would be great to be able to use in combination with transit - being able to easily fold it up and bring it on the bus or train would be very helpful in every day life.

Catherine more than 1 year ago

commuting and short trips

I'd use it for commuting and other short trips.

Ron more than 1 year ago

Dahon Contest

I would use it to take care of my day to day chores. I would walk a little less and ride a little more.

John deal more than 1 year ago

Bike advocate on the go

As the sole staffer for a statewide bike advocacy organization, I'm traveling often: attending national conferences to learn from colleagues and visiting cities and towns throughout Georgia to share the whys and hows of being bike friendly. I'd love to have a quality folding bike that I can quickly & easily stash in the car or on planes and buses. I'll ride it with pride and will eagerly share pics of me & my Dahon's journeys on social media!

Brent Buice more than 1 year ago

Give it a good home

If I had this bicycle, I promise, I would give it a good home. I have lots of experience riding and caring for bicycles. I have always loved bicycles and, likewise, taught my children to do so.
First and foremost I would continue to bike/bus to school (32 m. round trip), just with more pizazz. I could travel with the assurance that I would be able to get the bike on the bus if its rack is full (capacity: 2). Increasing my transportation options on the other end of bus trips would be a real plus in our rural, once-every-two-hour, limited-bus-stop county (Sussex, in Delaware). This is important since I am presently unemployed and am retraining as an occupational therapy assistant at a local community college.
Second, I would introduce my two-wheeled, folding companion to everyone, especially my fellow bus riders, most of whom cannot afford a car. Think of how they and their friends could benefit by being able to extend their transportation options at the end of the bus trip from a 1- to 2-mile walk to a 5- to 10-mile bicycle ride. Increasing the travel radius from 1 mile to just 5 miles increases the potential covered area from 3.14 square miles to 78 square miles. What could this do for bus ridership? What could this do to empower the working class? How many cars could we take off the road?
Third, as I pursue my education I am very interested in the bicycle as a tool in occupational-based therapy. It can be used to increase mobility, enhance life opportunities and built confidence. This is not a new concept but one that I want to promote, especially with disabled veterans. Having a portable bicycle as a demonstration companion would be wonderful.
And finally, I would use my new folding bike when visiting my children and their families. My son and daughter both live very bike-centric lifestyles. My son, who has no car, lives on the West Coast. I live on the East Coast and right now, taking my own bike when I visit him is just something to dream about. Wow, wouldn’t it be great to arrive in Berkeley, Calif., with my very own bike.
Oh yes — did I mention that I would give my new bike a good home? I would treat it kindly, fold it gently, and stow it safely each night.

Timothy Parks more than 1 year ago

Unfold and Go!

A folding bike would be great for taking on trips when the longtail would be too heavy & bulky.

Michelle C more than 1 year ago


I will use this Dahon bike to replace the stolen one, to start again to ride with confident around this jungle city. my day-to day life needs a Dahon bike to go outside and shout out Freedom!

Arian more than 1 year ago

Mastering the multimodal commute!

Folding bikes open up your world to so many new possibilities! I'd commute daily with this bike, taking it on the train for the first part of my commute, and then riding the final 10 miles. A folding bike opens up so many new options for commuting, recreation, and living! My bike would come with me to work, shopping, bars, restaurants, museums, theaters! I’d even be able to check it in the coat room at the opera! Classy!

Kathy Forde more than 1 year ago

Winning Wheels

Folding bike = freedom: the freedom to board any train, any time, with a bike; the freedom to take your bike inside restaurants and stores, where you know it will be kept safe; the freedom to split your long commute between bike and train. It's this last I would be doing most often, but I like the idea of being able to board a train to a nearby city, take a folding bike along, and just explore. Having a folding bike means the freedom to be spontaneous, to be versatile, to be agile on wheels.

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago

Training, speeding, cruising, workwaying, lifestyling, life-exploring, endeavouring, eyecatching, homeart-iconing,

... and cooling down. :-)

Christoph Bläser more than 1 year ago

to the host, please

check my ip, please ... I think I've give not the right email. Please, sorry me.

Christoph Bläser more than 1 year ago

Small Car

I drive a very small car and can't fit my bike in it. But with a folding bike, I would take my bike with me and stop and bike anytime I want.

Andrea F more than 1 year ago

Work hard, play harder

If I were to win this bike, I would used it to commute to and from work. I'm still not quite on the workout regimen I would like, but getting a little bit of riding in would help!

Steve Z. more than 1 year ago

A must have...!

I would definitely use this bike to commute and bring it together with me in the office. No need to lock it outside on the street...so a lot of peace of mind!! Thanks.

Derek Lu Li Rong more than 1 year ago

Dahon S18

I will use this to get to work, and also bring it with me when I go to my mother's.

Maggie more than 1 year ago

Dahon #4

Earlier this year we had all 4 of our bicycles stolen while vacationing at Hilton head Island. Our bicycles were locked up, but this did not prevent the theives from cutting the cables and stealing the bikes. I have since purchased three Dahon bicycles (Speed Uno, Mariner D7, Vitesse D3), but have not been able to afford purchasing a fourth for my daughter. Adding this Dahon bicycle would make our collection complete and give us one for each family member. This bicycle looks amazing and I would absolutely love to ride it. I think it would be an awesome sight to see an entire family riding around Hilton Head on four different models. We will be folding these bikes and keeping them safe and sound inside from now on!


Eric Peterson more than 1 year ago

Dahon S18 - a catalyst for major positive change in my life

I recently lost my Mom after over a year of struggle with medical problems. This devastating event has introduced a major upheaval in life in terms of vacuum in my life, unprecedented stress levels, unhealthy weight gain due to stress and grief.

I am now trying to regain control over my life and recover from this enormous loss. Positive thoughts, meditation, healthy food habits and exercise are my weapons in this uphill battle with stress, sorrow and weight gain. I have loved cycling since childhood and this awesome folding bike will be my major ally in regaining a fit and healthy body and calm mind. It will allow me to reconnect with beautiful nature and fresh air, to get the much-needed exercise and to meet new people.

Since it folds and thus can be carried easily, I will not have to worry about it being stolen when I ride it to go to library, gym and grocery store. This Dahon bike will be a gigantic catalyst in my quest to transform my life and infuse positivity and health in my body and mind.

SJP more than 1 year ago

Conquer hills and space limitations in style!

Why I'd be able to zip all over my hilly city, get closer to my fellow commuters on the train, bike to meet friends and pack the Dahon into their cars to get us further, and marvel over the amazing engineering of the S18. Wow!!!

Janie more than 1 year ago

DAHON acrostic

Daily I would fly this bike, on and near the sea
And fold it neat on ship and land for all amazed to see
Has not a better steed been built for footloose fancy fun?
Oh, I think not: this steel origami is the one
Now I pray the Wheeled Fates will smile and say I won!

K. Webb more than 1 year ago

Too good to be true?

Art and bike in one! When not riding this Dahaon masterpiece, I would just stare at it and admire it’s innovative design and petite silhouette. This amazing bike would be a huge upgrade from my current, well used West Marine folding bike. First off, I would donate my current bike to Mikes Bikes Donation Project in Africa. Next, I would make a huge sign that says, “Don’t even think about stealing this bike, because I’m watching you.” [Weighing in at 110 lbs this is not much of a threat, but I won’t tell if you don’t!] Fortunately, I have a super duper lock! Finally, in 2013 I would ride, carry, and sing Dahon’s praises from San Francisco, CA USA to Barcelona, Spain which is my farthest current trip planned. Not sure how the winner is selected, but please, please, please count me in!

Lauren Meyers more than 1 year ago

multiple ways

I would love to have a folding bike that I can easily take on trips with me or use as a daily rider to work, trips to the farmers market or to use for bike polo once in awhile

Jason Bruce more than 1 year ago


I would love to own a Dahon for commuting. It wold be nice to be able to fold away the bike when I'm on the streetcar, bus or ferry when I have to go further into town.

James Wilson more than 1 year ago

Win Dahon bike

I would love to win a Dahon bike so that I could use it on my commute and also when I travel from Portland OR to Vancouver BC to visit family. It would make it so easy to get around Vancouver and I wouldn't have to rely on transit or my son driving me!

Chris more than 1 year ago


I would use a Dahon in my daily commute. I would ride it to the bus station and then throw it on the bus, and ride off once I am at my destination!

Dave more than 1 year ago

Follow the fold...

A folding bike is a great part of a car-free lifestyle! I would love to be able to take this bike on public transport at any time, without feeling guilty about crowding other passengers.

Ed Ravin more than 1 year ago

When the Bike Friday is too big

I'll use it when my other folding bike won't fold small enough!

Allen Hancock more than 1 year ago

Singing everyday

I will sing everyday while Im riding Dahon Fomula S18

Seungkyu Kim more than 1 year ago

Striving for simplicity

Shortly after moving into a compact and friendly neighborhood from a sprawling too hot to ride city, my family started riding bikes again to get to neighborhood venues, coffee shops and such. It was a lovely new way of life for me. But one morning my son rode my bike to a neighborhood restaurant to meet a friend, and when he was finished, he discovered the bike had stolen!! He was mortified and I was sad! We've been unable to replace the bike due to financial considerations, since I had major back surgery, as well as not having a great deal of space in our simple little downtown cottage. I think the Dahon folding bike would fit the bill!! Compact for our limited space, light weight for my newly healed back, and winning this prize would be a huge financial relief :)

Sara Laughlin more than 1 year ago

Tiny bike for tiny office space!

This bike looks amazing - disc brakes - and would fit in my tiny Boulder office perfectly! I support my family on a modest salary (veterans' law paralegal) and am serious about both saving money and not polluting, so we do not own a car. I bike everywhere. There is a lot of bike theft in Boulder, so I'd love to be able to fit a bike like this one in my office.

Adam Perry more than 1 year ago

A Dahon would fit us just right!

An awesome folding bike, like the S18, would fit our family just right! We have a small house, with stairs leading up to it, and carrying my girls' small bikes works well enough (but my bike? Not so much). A folding bike would be easier to carry and store, for sure, and when we go on trips it would be SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT! Plus, as we try to spread the biking lifestyle in our neighborhood, a bike like this (that captures people's imaginations so easily) would be a great conversation piece. Thank you for your consideration!

Jarrod more than 1 year ago


A dream of mine is to fly without boxing my bicycle and travelling via the rails in Europe. Having the freedom to alight from one mode of transportation then to mount a bicycle and take off from there. Or just getting onto a city bus without having to fuss with the finicky bike racks.

Cecile more than 1 year ago

Folding bikes are the best

A quick ride just about anywhere is only one reason I will be riding this bike a lot.

Barbara more than 1 year ago

You've got to know when to hold'em--Know when to fold'em.

As the owner of a folding bike I can't tell you all the great ways it has improved and helped my lifestyle.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

Expanding our world

I would like to get a folding bike for my wife, and then we can both use it. She would use it for recreational rides, shopping and to take on trips and I would use it for commuting and travelling. I ride bikes for commuting and fitness, but have been in the market for a folding bike to expand our exploring options while travelling. This Dahon Formula S18 would allow us to see more and do more!

Will Kerns more than 1 year ago

Super bike

Wow ! I would bring my bike in a plane and fly to west coast Canada !!

Stéphane Tardif more than 1 year ago

Folding bike

I will use this folding bike to get by train in Montreal and then be free to bike everywhere on the island !!!

Eloïse Simoncelli-Bourque more than 1 year ago

Origami bike

Ride it to school, work, library, senior center, park, etc. and hold contests to see who can fold and unfold the Dahon the fastest thus promoting bike transportation lifestyle.

cheng more than 1 year ago

Until Vancouver's Public Transit improves

Since my employer moved the office from downtown to the suburbs, my current commute is too long to do by bike alone, so I've been incorporating public transit with my cycling. The closest rapid transit station is not the safest of places to leave a bike, and in Vancouver, there are limitations on the number of bikes per bus/train so you cannot be sure you will have a space,.. so it is not a reliable way to get to work on time,...- unless you can fold it and carry it! The Dahon would be the magic bullet to my commuting woes and wow, would it ever be awesome for travel!

Laura Langs more than 1 year ago

Commute Tool

With a Dahon I wouldn't have to worry about being bumped from CalTain on my commute. It happens a couple times a week.

Dave more than 1 year ago


This bike is a great asset for any commuter that will have to have some transit mixed with cycling but the main reason I'm eyeing the Dahon line is travel. After seeing many Dahons this spring in Japan, I'm convinced that a bike that can be taken into a hotel and transported on a plane with less headaches. I am currently looking at trips in the Southwestern USA, Washington DC, the Queen Charlotte Islands, and Southeast Asia - all starting with plane rides.

Steve Vanderwoerd more than 1 year ago

Every Minute of My Life Dahon

I promise and swear I would use this bike rather than driving a car. I would ride it from Los Angeles to New York to Promote Dahon Bikes. I would do this Solo and Document the who thing on facebook and youtube. Then I would ride South to Savannah, GA then back across the USA to San Diego, CA Promoting Dahon Bikes. I am 44 years old and have cycled across the USA once already to I am quite aware of the time it takes. It took me 54 days my first time. I love to talk a lot and all that would be coming out of my mouth the whole time is that "Dahon Bikes are the most functional bikes that can be folded up for easy storage and space. They are built like a Rock with the weight of a Feather!!!! The Best Bikes In The World!!!!!!

Brian Alexander Smith more than 1 year ago

Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike

I will use it to commute to the bus to get to work, and to get to yoga.

Steve more than 1 year ago


Just love my folding bike. Take it with me where ever I go. On the bus or on the train. Take it to the Tate and home again. Can't think of a better way to travel.

yvonne bowden more than 1 year ago

daily Dahon

I had an old Dahon 13 years ago when I went down the West Coast on a sailboat. I spent a winter in San Diego, and I used to ride up from the harbour over the ridge to Ocean Beach and further north with a surfboard tucked under my arm so I could reach the waves.
Now I'm a single dad, living and working in Victoria. I would use a new Dahon to get to work, where I could carry it up the 3 flights of stairs and feel more secure about it than leaving my old hybrid locked up on the street, between the tattoo parlour and the nightclub. I'd also ride it to yoga, shopping, you name it! The disc brakes would help keep me safe and feel better about riding during the several months each year when the streets are always wet.


Robin Rombs more than 1 year ago

never miss a bus again w/ folding bike

for trips too long to do by bike only, our Seattle buses are great, but only hold 3 bikes. a folding bike can be brought inside, so never have to wait!

Chris Covert-Bowlds more than 1 year ago

Ride right from the Airport

My dream is when traveling to trade shows to ride right from the airport towing my luggage and not rent a car or take a cab. I just bought the Samsonite F'Lite hard shell luggage but my current Dahon does not have a stem that adjusts, it only folds. I am not able to fit it. With this bike, the luggage and Southwest's 2 free bag policy it is a slam dunk. Worst case is to take a hotel or car rental shuttle offsite and leave from there.

Tony Valentino more than 1 year ago

Commuting With My Kids

I would use this to ride to & from school with my girls to get them out on their bikes more often. My wife would love to ride it to work too, I'm sure. I've never been on one of these, they look fun!

Ryan Barry more than 1 year ago

How I will use my Dahon S 18

Each day on my S18 ,the days' commute will be swifter as I pass the line of car to reach my destination , place my folded Dahon next to my desk never having to think of finding an automobile parking space again.

Chafin Rhyne more than 1 year ago

After School Commute

Sweet ride! I would give the Dahon to my 12 year old son for his commute home from school. He'd be the coolest rider in 6th grade.

Wendy Asato more than 1 year ago

Ultimate commuter

I'd ride this to and from work in Columbus, Ohio, about a 15-mile round trip. The best part is that I could bring it into my office with me. No doubt I'd get a lot of admiring looks, too (for the bike, I mean).

Chris Shea more than 1 year ago

Dream bike

I work two part-time jobs and this bike will make things easier for me. Rather than worry about my bike being stolen, I can fold it up and bring it into my office for each job I work.

Sande MacEachern more than 1 year ago

Crazy NYC

Everybody knows that NYC is an expensive and crowded city. If you are able to get an apartment, it will be surely small and in a building that has no elevator. If you dare to leave you bicycle outside, you should leave it with a chain that is heavy as a car... but with a Dahon S18 everything will be different. I will use it every day to go to my job... on the weekends for sure I'll go to the beach and to the parks riding my beautiful and useful Dahon. I love this crazy city, but for sure I'll love it more riding a Dahon S18.

Gerardo Jaramillo more than 1 year ago

A dream come true!

I have severe fibromyalgia and exercising is a challenge. This folding bike would be ideal for me as I can get exercise anywhere by putting the bike in my car's trunk. Awesome item up for grabs!!! :0

Peter Shaw more than 1 year ago

Dahon - my Love

Because of polio I have many troubles with walking and I use bike everyday.I would take this bike daily on a bus for transfer to citycenter or on a train for a weekend trip.

Natasa Novak more than 1 year ago

Doing Both, Working and Leisure

I will ride it 4 times a week to my office and install trail bike which i made for my previous Dahon than start biking with my 5 years old daughter every weekend. It will make everyone jealous

Goen more than 1 year ago

To Get Rolling at Work

I just changed office locations and a Dahon would make it much easier to get lunch and run errands from my new office. I could stash it in my car or office and break it out as needed. It would be very practical - and fun.

Garret Condon more than 1 year ago

A caring heart on two wheels

My boyfriend and I share one car. After being unemployed for months he finally found a kick ass job that would however expect him to be stuck in traffic in and out of the city for hours, and me left having to hitch a ride from coworkers/ friends or wait for up to sometimes hours to be picked up. We tried the combination of him driving, then me, until we decided to take advantage of public transportation.

Now every day, I drop him off at the train station super early in the morning with his folding bicycle that he returns home on. All so that we can save on gas and that I can have the car to be able to get around. Every evening I see his sweaty and gorgeous face walk through the door, I know he does it for me. I would love to be able to buy him a new bike, one that is as amazing as this, so this is my entry for a chance to win him something that would mean so much to him, both of us...

Ewelina more than 1 year ago


I would love it forever and ever and make all of my friends/coworkers jealous!! And then convince them to get their own!

Laura Espinoza more than 1 year ago

Dahon bike


I would replace my dahon bike that I'm using for 2 years now..
I'm using it 5 times a month to go to work by train, I fold this bike on the train and unfold it and bikes to my work.


Randy more than 1 year ago

Dahon bike


I would replace my dahon bike that I'm using for 2 years now..
I'm using it 5 times a month to go to work by train, I fold this bike on the train and unfold it and bikes to my work.


Randy more than 1 year ago

(Sub)Urban Warrior

Having a lengthy 6.4km walk home from the train station daily--albeit along the bucolic Schuylkill Trail--a folding bike would be a perfect way to speed-up my evening travels. I'm surrounded and passed by cyclists all evening and I won't deny I'm jealous.

Daniel Uzupis more than 1 year ago

Be a Dahon fan!

I became a fan of Dahon about 5 years ago. My first Dahon is really a rookie style K510, when I was in China. Then I moved to UK, where Dahon is not that popular and making me really difficult to find a retailer then I managed to buy a Speed P8 from online store finally. A folding bike is absolutely great, for couples of reasons, like traveling to some places by train and then starting a route by bike.

Liming Jiang more than 1 year ago

my bike and I

Everyday I will use my folding bike to make my day easier one.
No more traffic and crowded trains because my folding bike will help me to avoid those crazy days.
Freedom, breeze and a bit of sweat in this summer I will win a Dahon with a lot of swift.

Hey! Who says boyfriend, who says friends if my folding bike would be my best friend.
Yes, I didn’t win the helmet, I didn't win the chain but it's worth to try again.
Eighteen speeds what else I can wish so as you see the Dahon fits on me as a socks on my feet.

Shinning or raining 'Constantine' and I will be out, yeah I have put it a nickname, but why not, Doesn’t do that those who love someone from their heart?

As you see I am nothing without my Dahon folding bike, you can laugh or you can smile but you can’t say that this has not rhyme. --

Ariana Juliao more than 1 year ago

To replace an old friend

If I won this bike, it would replace my aging Raleigh Twenty folding bike, currently with just 2 out of 3 gears working, which I use to:
- go on rides with my daughter
- go to the grocery store
- take with me when I travel for work, so I can ride when the drive is over
- go on Sunday evening rides for ice cream with my wife
With the 18-speed drivetrain, I would likely even use it to ride the 14 miles to my office!

Ted more than 1 year ago

Cycling, representative of my drive to push forward.

Two years back, I quit my well settled job at a multi-national software company in Saint Louis, I moved to India to start a social enterprise that tracks donations (using software) to improve consumer trust in corporate giving. The journey since then has been extremely tough. The financial drain (of not earning enough) and the physical drain of coding day-in-and-out fuelled by RedBull has started affecting my resolve. Over a year into it, I really started doubting myself and if I could do it. Just then, a friend was moving and selling off his stuff. Among those was a Dahon Eco 3. I thought to myself, stepping out in the open and getting some fresh air could help. I bought it and started casually cycling. Now a days, week after week, be it under the Indian summer sun or in the Monsoon rain, I cycle at least 160 kms a week in trips of 40 kms each. With time, cycling for me has to represent the determination and drive in you to survive. It has come to represent my drive to succeed in my mission. Also cycling around, instead of maintaining your own vehicle saves cost. Dahon's foldable bikes are great because in a crowded, congested city like Mumbai, if you get stuck somewhere, you can simply fold your bike and hop into a richshaw and get back home. Sadly, Mumbai's extremely humid climate and pot-hole ridden roads have rattled my Eco3. Winning the Formula S18 would be very helpful. It will help me replace my ageing Eco3, save my costs on regular travel to-and-from my workplace and finally continue my passions of cycling and social work. Finally, I am no more in the United States but have family there and they can get the bike to India when they come visit.

Social Entrepreneur more than 1 year ago

It's got everything I need

Easy to travel with: take it on the train, plane, back of car or load it up and go on a bike tour. Simple and easy to use. A great bike if I have family or friends come over, I will have an extra bike and can adjust it to fit them comfortably!

amy p more than 1 year ago

Commuting! I need a Dahon!

To feed my bike habit and allow me to take my bike on our LRT system whenever I have meetings. I can't take my big bike on during rush hour right now, I have to leave it locked at the station where thieves can get it... A folder can come with me anywhere anytime!

Laura Chutny more than 1 year ago

Commuting Glory

This gorgeous folder would be perfect for my 28 mile round trip daily commute! It would fit perfectly under my desk, and be a conversation starter with my co-workers on cycling and fitness. Rock on, Dahon.

Amy Scott more than 1 year ago

Vail Pass, Colorado, 10,610ft Elevation

The available storage lockers at our home in Vail, Colorado are too small for full sized bikes yet the surrounding terrain demands capable equipment like the Formula S18. It is a fun yet challenging ride up the 12 miles to the Vail summit at 10,610 feet, requiring every gear to keep moving. The dry mountain air keeps sweat at bay but does nothing to hide the work needed to reach the summit. The return is exhilarating as the steep inclines urge you to maintain momentum while your sense of self-preservation squeezes the brake levers. The rim brakes found on many bikes combined with mountainous terrain is a recipe for acrid smells and wheel rims too hot to touch. It is these times that the disk brakes found on the Formula S18 will come into their own. The disk brake pads are designed for temperatures far higher than wheel rim brakes can withstand while the disk itself keeps the heat generated by braking from overheating the rim and tire. As it is the Dahon Formula S18 will allow me to enjoy the company of cyclists on traditional road bikes on challenging rides yet fold into a compact shape than can be easily stored.

Craig Weems more than 1 year ago

Fun Everyday!

I would be able to bike when and where I want at any given time!

Marci more than 1 year ago


Great compact bike for a commute, trip to the market,-Very compact, folds really easy, less than 20 secs.
-Very compact, folds really easy, less than 20 secs.

dmitri more than 1 year ago

Super Commute

I love Dahon bikes, I would use it to go to work every day to the hospital as it's the perfect transportation. Eco friendly and noiseless.

Nitzalis Otero more than 1 year ago

Riding the Unicorn

Nothing would beat the badassity of having my own portable unicorn and riding it through the sunset of each day while leaving behind a trail of faces in awe wondering, is this real? did I just saw a unicorn? YES! Unicorns exist... unicorns exist.

Alex Araujo more than 1 year ago

Being fabulous

How would I not use the Dahon? To and from work.To and from fun. I'd name it Frederick and we would do everything together. How could we not since it folds up into nothing, I think it might even fit into my purse.

Kim Wilton more than 1 year ago


Finally I have chance to have sexy, comfort and foldable bike! I always want to have Dahon bike but it was so hard to find one in local. First of all, I will show this bike to everyone around me to show how sexy this bike is! I will mostly use this bike to commute in my day-to-day life.This is perfect size to fit under the desk so I do not need to bring heavy lock! I will also take it with shopping. I will install rear rack on the bike and it will make me easy to carry shopping stuff.
Finally I will take this bike on trips by plane, bus or automobilie. I would use this bike on most of my trips. Especially this is perfect size to bring the bike to camping!.

Martin Kim more than 1 year ago


I already ride a Dahon Vitesse, but I'd love to ride this lovely machine. I'd pass my Vitesse on to my wife, and we'd be able to get to the trails easier; just throw them both in the trunk. I'm a daily rider, and I love being able to stow my Dahon under the desk at work. That 18-speed drivetrain would certainly take the edge off of commuting in Pittsburgh...

Chuck more than 1 year ago

Dahon S18 folding bike

I am a 'car free' person. Currently I use two used bikes, one that is an older mountain bike/commuter and another old steel road bike. I use the mountain bike for all my errands/commuting, and the road bike which I just got, for training. I just got back into biking a few years ago, and can't get enough of it. Besides riding daily, I am active as a volunteer for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and at our local Bicycle Cooperative SOPO. Atlanta is becoming a better and better place to ride bikes with the first part of the Beltline opening this past year (a bike/pedestrian train that will follow old railroad tracks and encircle the city) I'd love to have a new bike and a folder! I would also use the bike when I travel to Oklahoma City to visit my family. It would be so nice to have my own, transportation when I visit, rather than renting a car.

Susan Schmieding more than 1 year ago

Life unfolding

I am semi-retired and work at a non-profit near my home a few days a week. I'd like to say that I'd unfold it every morning and pedal my way to work - but it's more likely that I'll tuck it in my truck and take it with me on camping adventures. You never know how the day will unfold.

Boda more than 1 year ago

Return to roads

After 3 years in SE Asia (much fun, but horrendous roads and biking is a contact sport), a Dahon on real roads means freedom, city riding, going to the market, hopping on the train, hopping off the train, enjoying the luxury of bike-able roads

Heatherly more than 1 year ago


Ive been planning to backpack around Europe with my best friend. The whole trip would take us around 8 months and even though we're going to do a lot of "tourist" sightseeing, we're also kinda adventurous and were also planning on doing some sightseeing of our own, everyday life, places off the beaten track, etc. You can't really get to know a town/city until you've experienced the local's life and what better way to tour a city and get to know people than on a bike. And it's not any random bike, it's a cool one. It'll definitely be a conversation starter more than once. I mean nobody these days do Amsterdam without a bike and besides it'd be fun when not sober.

Martin more than 1 year ago

Good for All

Ride. Commute. Revel in the road. Cruise. Spin. Meander. Get lost. Go shopping. Buy coffee. Relax.

Mike Bucher more than 1 year ago

A way to leave an old love

Do not cry, my old Strida. You know that sooner or later she would come!

Carlo more than 1 year ago

Race day and a century!

I would love to have one of these to take with me to my local road races and crits. Post race, after I put away my bike, I would whip out the Dahon and cruise around checking out the other races and conversing with friends. It will allow me to easily get to the action from all different areas of the races which I haven't been able to do before since my legs have been too fried to walk the distance. I think having this Dahon would be the perfect compliment for me to accompany me at all my races and I wouldn't leave home without it. I can see the jealousy in peoples' eyes right now. I have not seen any folding bikes at any of the races that I've been to so perhaps it would be a new trend as others will see how useful it would be to bring to the races. Plus this thing looks hot! I would also love to try completing a full century (100 mile event) on this thing! Please give me the opportunity to challenge myself in riding a century in this machine! Perhaps it would be a great marketing opportunity as 1000's of others would see that riding a Dahon in a century is do-able, and fun!

David Dang more than 1 year ago

Quickest way from A to B

Well, I'd say that it would be used to do amazing things like deliver food to the elderly and such things, but really I'd just like to use it to get my mail down the street. :D

Salvatore more than 1 year ago

Bike More

When I travel I often have to go by car or plane and taking a bike can be a real hassle. This bike would allow me to go places using other modes of transportation and then explore them by bike.

Ray Stericker more than 1 year ago


I could ride around my neighbourhood, commute to work and take up to our summer home to explore the countryside.

Julie MacLeod more than 1 year ago


I live in a small apartment on a small salary. I have a simple old bike that folds often replacing my feet. I have sore feet due to diabetes. how would I use this bike? just like I'm using my old bike today. Is that my "feet" would be safer and easier. healthy feet - my dream!

Alexey Korotkevich more than 1 year ago

Dahon for Serbia

If I win Dahon I will certainly commute to work 12km from my house, as I was doing until now. I am also a ciklotourist and I plan to travel from Serbia to Greece this summer (850km). With this bike I think that journey will be completely different experience. I don't think that you send prizes to Europe but if you send it to me that will be, for shore, among first 5 Dahon's in my country :)

Rade Uncanin more than 1 year ago

ciclista milanese

Ciao sono di Milano, una città molto inquinata e dove la cultura della bici fà fatica a prendere piede. Se vincessi questa fantastica bicicletta darei un piccolo contributo a far diventare la mia città piu a misura d'uomo...ah! Se vinco traduco il mio messaggio...

Beppe Sgro more than 1 year ago

Perfect Bike

It would be nice to have such a great bike to commute every day (about 15km). I Think my friends and coworkers will love this bike. Hope it will inspire them to ride to work to.

Martin Engler more than 1 year ago

Dahon Contest

I would use the dahon to travel to and from work. As I don't currently own a bike.

Richard Carrion more than 1 year ago

Dahon Formula S18 giveaway

If I win the Dahon Formula S18 folding bike, I will give it to my urban planner husband so that he could return to bike commuting, combining it with Phoenix's light rail on his way to work. He could take it with him on out of town business trips for exercise and getting to know the lay of the land where he is consulting. Since I already have a folding bike, we can both take our bikes on vacation rather than having to rent a bike for exploring - we're thinking Paris or Copenhagen after I graduate next year.

Karen Voyer-Caravona more than 1 year ago

My Pedal Stroke

I bike-commute daily, my little way of helping out. Helping out my city by being one less car on the road. I do it because I care. I care for my health, my city and our earth. I would like to think that for every pedal stroke I make, I make my city, our earth a better place to live in.

Antonio B.S. Perez more than 1 year ago


I would use this bike for exercise and fitness. I live in a very hilly area and need a better bike. I would love to be able to ride with my friends. I currently only have a Dahon Stowaway that is over 14 years old.

Barbara Dye more than 1 year ago

dahon greece

if i win i will stop driving for the rest of my life!

tasos more than 1 year ago

Dahon contest

If I win this bike, it will become my new commuter bike. I can fold it in the office and it won't take up as much room as my current commuter (Trek 4500).

Darlene Stericker more than 1 year ago

Dahon folder

If I had this bike I would keep it in the car because there are many times I could have road if I would have had bike with me. Love the rail trails.

Bree Pace more than 1 year ago

How I would use the Dahon Formula S18

I have managed to not drive my car this last year. I currently use a heavy 7 speed beach cruiser. The Dahon would giver more speeds for the climbs , less weight to manage , and the ability to quick fold it for bus rides ( should I start using them at times ). Plus , I would be getting around in style. Leaving a smaller foot print on our planet is important , and the Dahon would help me accomplish this feat.

Joel Merrylees more than 1 year ago

getting around

I would use the bike to get around for daily activities. My everyday bike can be a hassle because I live in a condo. This bike would be a lot easier to manage.

Dan Hanton more than 1 year ago

Dahon: my teaching tool

I work to make our roads safer to travel for all users, cyclists, pedestrians, transit users, even drivers but, especially for kids. While I would use this incredible folder from Dahon all across the city, state and country where I live and work riding it to and for, on transit and into the office. I will use this incredible folder from Momentum Mag to teach kids how to bike to school safely, more easily bring the bike to classrooms and events to teach them the parts of the bike and demystify how the bicycle operates. Behavior change starts with inspiration and I will use this bike to inspire!

TL Lansdell more than 1 year ago

The best companion

I read gas meters for a living which means walking about 20 kms a day. I have to drive to my routes, but with a folding bike in my trunk, I can easily pull it out to tackle industrial routes with ease and keep my carbon footprint just a little bit smaller. I do have a 5 speed Dahon now, and love her so very much. To upgrade to an 18 speed would be a dream and make trips on the weekend that much more accessible and working that much quicker (I get paid by the meter, so the quicker the better!). Having a bike to fold up and travel with allows so much freedom on weekends away. I get to engage with my destination so much deeper than from a car and so much farther by foot.

jenn chic more than 1 year ago

delightful design

This would be so great for getting to work form the transit station, convenience and quality.

steve gray more than 1 year ago

Every day bike and special bike all in one

I ride about 100 to 150 miles per week between commuting, errands around town, and fun rides. I wore out my first folding bike (over 20,000 miles) and had to switch to a regular street bike for commuting. I ride 24 miles each way to work often and I like to put my bike in my car trunk so I can ride at anytime. I also must travel overseas for work and having a folding bike I can take with me allows me to explore new cities and stay healthy while traveling. One dream that I have not yet realized is to fly to Portland with my folding bike and ride from the airport to the cost and ride the entire length of the Oregon State coastline. I have been interested in Dahon's affordable bikes and this one looks really good.

Tom Roetker more than 1 year ago

Origami Bike

It would be amazing to take to work - fold it up and tuck it in my cubicle, and I'll be the envy of the office! :)

Megan more than 1 year ago

Small & Sweet!

This is just what I need to carry on the bus with me!

Tim Farley more than 1 year ago

Trains, planes, buses and automobiles

Finally a great, compact, foldable bike to take with me on trips by train, plane, bus or automobilie. No extra baggage charges! I would use this bike regularly on all my trips. And it looks like a great city shopping bike too.

George Schoenhofer more than 1 year ago

Such a great idea

This bike would be great to take to work! I could fit it under my desk instead of locking it up outside in the rain etc.

Pete more than 1 year ago

Cute bike

With a good quality, compact bike like this Dahon, I could easily take it on transit and carry it in my car2go when I need people powered wheels for the rest of my journey.

Maria Jackman more than 1 year ago

The Bike Doula! <3

I work as a doula (Birth Companion) for women in the city. Having a folding bike would make transport to my jobs much easier, not to mention folding it away when I get to the birth would be better than chaining things up with all of my supplies with me. I look a little funny riding a bike with a big birth ball strapped to my back, but I would look much cooler if I was on a Dahon! Yay!

Mary Bratcher more than 1 year ago


I bike I can take onto the train and bike away wherever I stop!

mpop more than 1 year ago

please pick me!!

This bike is wonderful! I would love to have it becasue then I could take it into my office at work and not worry about it locked up outside!

Rebecca more than 1 year ago

Business travel

I travel for work by air and always have a difficult time finding a bike to ride when I arrive at my destination. I would bring this bike with me every trip to discover all the places I go to versus sitting in my room reading Momentum magazine....

keith L more than 1 year ago


Who wouldn't want this bike? So portable in so many ways. Plus, I need a new racing bike that is easy to store in a safe, secure place (my closet) ... :)

Cory more than 1 year ago

No space for a third bike...

I just LOVE bikes. Unfortunately, my two bicycles already take all the space I can give them... in the garage. I could fit a folding bike in my appartment and use it, with transit, to go explore places in rarely go.

Alexandre St-Laurent more than 1 year ago

folding bike for easy storage

we live in a small apartment and the folding bike would allow me to bike to exercise and still have a place to store it afterwards

Aura more than 1 year ago

tiny bike

tiny bike to put in my tiny car or tiny apartment, to pass on to tiny grandchild when he comes of age...

janet north more than 1 year ago

Getting around town

I drive 32 miles from a rural community to work in a city every day. Once in the city, I like to get around by bike. At present, I use a 1960's Amica which I keep in my car at all times. This would certainly be a step up.

Paul Borden more than 1 year ago


I live in rural sprawl and taking bikes on the few busses here is not always an options. this would pass as luggage I hope and I would take this to work with me.

Tobias more than 1 year ago


I would use the Dahon Formula S18 for commuting to work and going to the gym.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Inviable Safety Blanket Workout

I will pack this in my trunk in the event the world ends and I can't drive my car home. In the meantime, I will be using it for my lunchtime exercise breaks forcing coworkers to drool over my good fortune. Of course I will tell them where they can get one of their own, but I would enjoy the ride and needed exercise thoroughly.

Jamie Allen more than 1 year ago

Dahon folder

No more keeping a precious vehicle on the sidewalk, to be ogled by would be thieves. I would be able to take it into my office building, past the security guard's curious glances, and prop it up safely in my cubicle.

Anthony more than 1 year ago


If I were to win this Dahon Formula S18 I would throw my leg over it as often as I could for the sole pupose of increasing the fun in my life. More fun getting to and from work, more fun riding with my children and more fun touring around town. This bike has that power. A Fun Machine!

Chris Price more than 1 year ago

it would fit by my desk

it would be the perfect work commute bike. my wife and i carpool twenty miles to work. she drops me off close to my work with my bike and after work i ride to her parents house to meet her and pick up our daughter. i wouldn't have to take my daughters co-pilot off my bike and have her ask why i broke the train bike. i want it, i want it, i want it.

christopher jason roper more than 1 year ago

Convenient Travel

I would use this bike to take with me on road trips. I have a small car, so it's not easy to carry a bike around when I travel without a bike rack. Biking is the best way to explore new places!

Shannon more than 1 year ago

My uses for this bike

I will pack this bike in my cars trunk and take it out on bike trails I never explored that are too far away.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Carpooling Bliss

Drive to the carpool lot in less time that it takes to drive. Throw it into a carpool mates car (lock it up in there). Work. Look forward to a nice bike ride home. Carpool home and take the long way back on my new Dahon folding bike.

Eric more than 1 year ago

Storing at work on my daily commute

Storing my bike at work is always a challenge, no parking outside (working on it...) so those of us riding everyday have to juggle the few free spaces in the store for bike parking. A folder will take up FAR less room and making both workers and management happier for the free space :)

Shawn J more than 1 year ago

Amazing Dahon Formula

It's an amazing bike that will help me show Indianapolis that biking is the way to go for a city that is changing its way and increasing the bike ways and the commuting style. Still, there is a lot to be done, but a good start and an example in the US Midwest. I will be using the bike on my trips to downtown Indianapolis and for sure on Mass Ave.

c_dasilva@ymail.com more than 1 year ago

Folding Bikes Encourage Flight

If I had a folding bike I could take it on the Metro during rush hours and on planes to travel to visit other biking locations. It would expand my wings, and my advocacy!

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Fantastically Flexible Options

I borrowed a Dahon folding bike last summer to take to a conference. I biked partway, folded up the bike and rode light rail, unfolded the bike and rode to the airport where I folded and flew to my destination. Then I used the bike to get to a ferry boat. Once across the water I was back on the bike again. I would like to be this flexible in my every day commuting as well. Riding a Dahon folding bike allows for spontaneous changes in plans, like stowing a bike in a friend's trunk for a drive together and not have to return & pick up your bike later. The Dahon is a fantastic little bike that feels just as great as any static 18-speed commuter bike. But it can do so much more!

Ronna Dansky more than 1 year ago

Dahon Formula S18

I like everyone else would love to win a Dahon. I like the style of the bike.and heard about them first when Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue talked about his.I would just start riding it around town to the library and stores and then use it daily to get out an enjoy riding my bike like i did when i was a kid.when i first fell in love with bike riding.and i would also like to tweet photos and write about my Dahon adventures on my blog.

Stephen Mayes more than 1 year ago

Good bye rental car

Hello travel companion. I travel out of state an average of twice a month and miss my daily commuting. With a new folding bike I can skip the rental car lines most of the time and head for the hotel and job site. And then I would be set up to take advantage of the rails to trails I find when I travel and the bike rental or lack of in those situations.

John D Leonard more than 1 year ago

i already bike everwhere around town

with this foldable, i can go even further by bike. the Dahon would join me on regular trips to vancouver, seattle, portland, san francisco, los angeles, and beyond!

Jill more than 1 year ago

Business travel bonanza!

I travel frequently for my work, and have been renting bikes at my destinations. With a Dahon, I could take my own bike with me to New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Washington, DC, and beyond!!

Karen Canady more than 1 year ago

Bicycling to School on my Dahon!

I'll enjoy riding my new Dahon bike when I ride to my work at our community high school. Since we do not have secure bicycle parking on our campus, a folding bike that can be brought into my office will be more secure. My students at school will love seeing me ride up on this bike!

Molly Peterson more than 1 year ago

Dahon Formula S18 contest

If I win, I will be equiping this great bike with a Bionx ebike kit. My daughter is leaving Winnipeg Canada for Stanford University in California this fall. I would love to privide her with a fabulous way to get arround, she diserves it for all her hard work.

Dave McNicholl more than 1 year ago

Serious about being a bike-commuter!

Seriously! if I win the Dahon folding bike, I would never use my truck again! I would tottaly be converted into a cyclist commuter! I care about the environment and am spending too much on gas. with this bike, i'd be an unstoppable urban cyclist. If I win, I promise I would put this bike to good use and put some serious miles on it! I've been wanting a DAHON forever! it's just been way out of my price range. now is my chance to win the bike of my dreams and become the happy commuting cyclist I've always wanted to be. please....I need this...

Jesus Sierra more than 1 year ago

Car free for me

Since going car free this spring, I have been wanting a foldable bike for my work travels. This would be amazing for my NYC and San Fran trips. Getting lost on the Bart and subway is getting old. Thanks y'all

Joseph szul more than 1 year ago

Diabetic work out

If i won The Dahon S18 i would ride it every day to keep my diabetes in check

Gary Alvarado more than 1 year ago