November 26, 2012

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Dargelos Vest- Because I've wanted it forever

II have wanted this vest forever but haven't been able to afford it. I commute by bike and ride 15 miles a day on streets in road rage-tastic Chicago. I'm on blood thinners, so I have a keen iinterest in not being splattered.

haileyw more than 2 years ago

Why would I LOVE this vest?

I just started bike commuting to work this year and one of the things still on my "gear to get list" is a vest. This is WAY cooler than the construction vests that I've seen.

Aimee Pollard more than 2 years ago

diamonds are a girl's best friend

Can't show off my diamond ring - it's hidden in some stuffy glove in the rain. Any girl needs a little bling. These diamonds, they will be my new best friend.

Cathy more than 2 years ago

Why I would like to win a Dargelos Lightening Vest

I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and at least one bicycle is hit here every single day. I would love to have it so it could possibly save my life. I would be seen for sure. Of course this time of year it gets darker earlier and stays darker longer in the morning so there is more time riding in the pitch dark with just blinky lights. Thanks for considering me and making this a possibility.

Jan more than 2 years ago

THIS vest!

I've been saving money for it and then the prices went up. Winning it would make me so happy!

Dani more than 2 years ago

Lighting vest

It is a beautiful thing

gretta more than 2 years ago


I would love to win this vest because it doesn't take up much room I could keep it on me all the time and not have any excuses for not being visible when the sun goes down so early and I am caught out on my bike without my after dark gear! I also like that I could wear it summer and winter over whatever else I have on : )

Julie more than 2 years ago


Gonna shine bright and far. I like that it's very minimal and packable.
Maybe I could use it as a fishing net too.

amy more than 2 years ago

lightning vest.

I just have to have this lightning vest, so my awsome beautiful amazing bikes aren't so embarressed by me! Every day on the way to work, my spectacular bike cringes with shame that I am riding her while wearing an ugly orange safety vest!!! Please save my bikes from this horrible fate and let them be proud once more!!!

Deanne Fridley more than 2 years ago

Like to be seen

Why do I want a lightning vest?
Let me count the ways,
I ride frequently at night,
On brevets I might ride ALL night,
I often ride on the street,
Colors aren't as good at night,
To be seen nothing beats being reflective.
I've got lights,
I've got colors,
I've got ankle straps,
I've got reflective patches on my panniers,
But the diamond pattern of this vest tops all that.
My bike and I thank you,
For the chance to be more visible.

MIchael Hartmann more than 2 years ago

Cycling conversation starters

I'm a big fan of introducing new folks to year-round commuter cycling culture, which can sometimes seem a bit exclusive. Biking apparel can be a low-barrier way of kickstarting conversations around commuter cycling, and I think this vest would offer fun opportunities to initiate dialogue around the climate, public health and personal well-being benefits of travelling on two wheels.

Anelyse Weiler more than 2 years ago

Love being Noticed For the Right Reasons

With the raining season upon us here in Vancouver & the days getting shorter, we need to do everything we can to be seen to keep us alive & decrease the stress on the drivers. But my existing reflective vest is so dorky that I don't feel my best walking around in public after I've parked my bike and it's bulky.

Such a stylish vest will help my feel my best so I'll show it off daily and will definitely inspire other to enquire & talk to me. Who knows what positive encounters it will lead to ;)

Attractive & Smart = me & the vest are a perfect match.

leslie calder more than 2 years ago

Arrive Alive

We bike to school with our bike train. Sometimes I am the leader, sometimes the corker. This vest is our motto-Arrive Alive!

Carie w-f more than 2 years ago

Change My Life

I am a nerd, living in front of a computer for da man.
I dress ugly, but comfortably.
I can't remember when my junk was last held.
I ride my bike home, floating freely, like a feather.
And cars hate me.
I can't dance.
And trucks hate me.
My grocery trips are green with full panniers.
And drivers are gunning for me.
This vest is magical -- keeping me seen, popping out of the crowd, making me desirable -- so much so I'll be drowning in teh sex, encouraging cars to ease away, reminding trucks that this moonlit 3M custom fabric is a cloak of a higher force, with the reflections of light off my new vest the clumsy dance moves are seen as lithe and modern. The Dargelos Lightening Vest: Changing lives.

Brian Weiss more than 2 years ago

Dargelos Lightning

I ride lots on rural roads in the Cariboo region of BC. Since I cross many wildlife 'freeways', I want to make sure the moonlight and this vest helps me be seen and avoided by the many moose, big horn and deer that I meet.

douglas gook more than 2 years ago

simple brilliance!

A stylish (and handmade!) way not to die? How could I ask for anything more?

L. Young more than 2 years ago

It's getting dark outside!

In the winter it can be scary to bike after dark for fear of not being seen. I prefer the cycle chic approach to bicycling rather than the various types of athletic gear with reflective details. A vest like this would be a very fashionable way to stay visible and I could wear it over my normal clothes. A perfect solution!

Jenny H more than 2 years ago

Dargelos' Smart, Cool Lightening Vest

Beyond it's brilliant practicality for biking safely, I've always thought the lightening vest as a very cool, strangely-stylish adornment unto itself. I want one to wear around just for the heck of it, to light up here and there and surprise people. If they ask about it, I would spread the word about what it was designed for, all the while showing its alt benefits as a personal design/style element.

Sally Schneider more than 2 years ago

Bring the LIGHTning!

I ride 5 days a week, braving the dark nights with country Cadillacs filled with phone wielding distracted drivers who may or may not notice their big knobby tires rolling over my back. Losing friends to bumpers hurts, and if this thing is as bright as it looks, I'd love to help make it contagious with my cycling clubs and local bike awareness groups to remove the, "I didn't see you," excuse. It will compliment my headlights, 3 blinky tail lights and wheel lights nicely, plus it will keep me seen if I'm off the bike, batteries die, or I'm out without a light for some reason.

John Gorman more than 2 years ago


My new enterprise is encouraging more women to ride--to help get them over the common fears that keep them off a bike. Two of the concerns I hear consistently are riding in the streets and being hesitant to wear cycling clothing. UpOn A Bike (uponabike.com) will teach street smart cycling both on and off the bike through free lectures at a local bike shop, parking lot drills, and group rides. My first lecture is on Safe Seasonal Riding that includes discussing winter clothing choices, special winter road concerns, and riding in the twilight and dark. Your vest would be a perfect example of the cool things on the market for cycling safety and convenience that are also great ideas in design!

Kathy R more than 2 years ago

Safety Fashion is Where it's at!

Helmet or not (I do wear one by the way), I think it's even more important to be seen. I commute most days to work via bicycle and I started riding this year with a light and safety vest during daylight hours. But my reflective, construction-style vest is ugly and I'd love to increase my cool factor with this Dargelos Lightening Vest. I belive we need to be the change and lead by example - I've noticed an increase in lights & safety vests on the roads, but there needs to be more. I'd love to help spread the message that safety gear can look great!

Victoria Craig more than 2 years ago

Lightning vest take me away.

I would love this vest so that I could go out for a evening bike ride through our neighborhood park as the sun sets.. My way of relaxing after a day of taking care of my 92 yr old dad. This would make my outings possible, right now it's just dream. I took up biking at the age of 50 after not riding since the age of 12.. it's the quickest way to get in some exercise, clear my mind and enjoy the fresh air, after a long day. I am trying to ride almost daily ( although with my dad coming over in the earlier part of the mornings, it's not always possible) so an evening ride would help! Thanks for the contest!

J. Sharp more than 2 years ago

Visibility can be Stylish!

Most hipster makers of bike clothing are choosing very subdued colours that merely have "reflective details". This mesh gilet seems to suggest that stylishness can be reflective as well.

I would generally err on the side of safety over style, particularly in rainy Vancouver, but a combination would be even better!

Julian Dierkes more than 2 years ago

Proud of my Brother-In-Law

I would like this vest as a gift for my brother-in-law. At age 52 he overcame cancer and he and my sister have adopted an entire new life style, healthy diet and exercise which includes biking. He had not been on a bike since a child, but now bikes daily;He and my sister have biked & camped trails in P.E.I., Quebec and Magdalene Island. I am very proud of them and I would love to give this gift for night biking. Thank You

thelma Ball more than 2 years ago

why I want the vest (hint: visibility!)

I ride to work practically every day, and in almost all weather. I often find myself riding to work in the dark. The vest is something that I can easily put over my jacket and wear to work allowing me to be more visible to motorists.

Kathleen Lowe more than 2 years ago

Dargelos Lightning Vest Contest

Last July I bought a Gio scooter, (power assisted bicycle), to be shared equally between my two children. The eldest just started college and his sister is in grade 11. I think the cost of an auto will be prohibitive for them in the next ten years and the scooter along with public transit, a viable alternative.

Needless to say this will involve riding in the evening and I would like them to be better seen. I have put a construction safety vest in the storage compartment on the bike. They have declined to wear it. If the Dargelos Vest is considered cool they will wear it.

So here's the deal; you award me the vest and I will tell youif they wear it. I admit this requires a bigger leap of faith on your part.

Carey Robson more than 2 years ago

Why I want the Dargelos Lightning Vest

Riding at night is actually fun and so I hope to continue to so for transportation and recreation. Safety is enhanced by lighting including reflective lighting. I have lights but they have failed on more than one occasion. Bicycle lights aren't the most reliable things in the world. So in addition to its steady value, it could also be an insurance policy.

Douglas Kline more than 2 years ago

New Job, New Tribe

Ohemgee that is a cute vest!

In a short matter of time I will be starting my new job. It's close enough to home for me to commute, but this will be my first experience commuting to work, and I am a little more than apprehensive. It's an emotionally torn state of wanting to be a bike commuter, and not wanting to get run over while riding to and from work. My morning commute is total darkness, leaving ~4:45 am...that's year round darkness. My main concern is being visible during my commute. This UBER cute and practical vest is the perfect addition to my dark morning commute. It will surely make for a safe and fashionable addition for my induction into the commuter Bike Tribe.

Elyse more than 2 years ago

Laneless in Toronto

I ride everyday to take my son to school, commute to work and shop at local businesses. I also live in a city that, for two years running, has been THE ONLY CITY IN THE WORLD to take out bike lanes.

Yes, you read that right.

I join thousands of other cyclists in Toronto in a daily fight for safety and respect on the road. While many drivers open their horns to "welcome" cyclists to share the lane with them, many more drivers are oblivious to our presence.

Eye contact, bell ringing & lighting up are but a few options we have to ensure that we're not mowed down by cars or trucks and that pedestrians can see us before they cross the street.

Seems like this innovative lighting vest would do just the trick to increase our visibility to those drivers that are less keen to share the road with cyclists. After all, with limited bike lanes to travel in, it's best to be seen (as well as heard).

ben more than 2 years ago


I had a good lighting system for my bike - and was very happy with the type and number of lights that make me visible. But my bike was stolen, just after I was laid off in October. I bought a new bike because its essential, but my lighting system hasn't been replaced to the degree where I feel safe when I bike in the dark winter monings and evenings on my search to find new work. This vest would be great to increase my visibility! My current vest is a construction vest - huge, ill-fitting and so full of velcro, it is a struggle to get it on and off. Its also not nearly as effective and stylish as the awesome Dargelos vest!

Diane Beckett more than 2 years ago

Dargelos Lightning Vest

I ride at night almost every time I ride a bike and because my safety vest is a bit dorky looking, I usually don't bring it along. That said, there are an awful lot of car/bike wrecks here in Austin, so I'd like something reflective, noticeable and NOT dorky to wear when I'm out and about pedaling. I'd wear it proudly!

april dawne more than 2 years ago

ready in a flash

I try my best to leave the office before dark, but of course that can be difficult this time of year. It's a short commute and sometimes I "chance it" by cutting it close. The lightning vest is one I could keep tucked away in my purse and ready to pull out "in a flash" on those evenings I've cut it too close!

Karen more than 2 years ago

you can't be too visible!

this is a great solution to reflective safety - glad this item is out there! Would love to have something like this to increase my safety this winter. My bike based business in Toronto needs me safe and visible, and those early morning rides sure are dark!

RH more than 2 years ago

Reflective vest

This would look so much cuter then the safety vest I wear when meeting my girlfriends for Friday night drinks! My outfit is cute, my bike is cute the safety vest is not cute.

Kristyn Eagleton more than 2 years ago

bike winter

I plan to bike all winter, and usually don't leave work until after 6 pm. This vest would help me feel incredibly visible, on top of my very bright headlight and tail light in dark conditions. My 3.5 mile commute might be slightly less stressful with the lighted vest. I've had my eye on this Dargelos vest since I discovered their website about a year ago. Their products are genius.

Nicole Semple more than 2 years ago

Light the Night

I have 5 lights on my bike and helmet but it simply isn't enough. With the darkness of winter arriving at 5pm my commute to and from work is in blackness and with less cyclists out the awareness just isn't there. Please don't let me become a statistic. Your lightning vest is the silver lining that fulfils my need to be visible.

Mark more than 2 years ago


This is an awesome and beautiful concept. As the days are at their shortest more than half of my daily messenger shift is in the dark. There have been 6 cyclist deaths here in Toronto this year and although I try to do all I can to be seen when riding, there is always more to do. I think this amazing Dargelos vest would increase my visibility and safety SO much. Ride In Peace to all cyclists that have lost their lives and everyone else please be safe out there.
Thanks for considering me in your contest.
Mom, messenger, cyclist,

Leah H

Leah more than 2 years ago

lite brite

As a motorist I often see, or more acurately do not see, cyclists at night with little more than pedal reflectors to show themselves, no lights or other reflective material. A vest like this should be encouraged as standard equipment. As an ecyclist, I want to be seen when I go out at night. By the way this would be great for pedestrians out walking their dogs at night, and people who have to change their tires by the side of the road, it could be stuffed in your pocket ready to use.

Allan Harmsworth more than 2 years ago

Lightning Vest

That vest is so cool! I moved to San Francisco in 2009 after my time was up with the Army. Since then, cycling has transformed my way of life. I use it for everything, and since June I've had the opportunity to begin working in the city in a bicycle. First as a pedicabber, as now as a budding courier. I love my life and my job, and I owe it all to the bicycle. Please consider me in your contest!! Thanx!

Todd Butillo more than 2 years ago

Why This Vest? An Experiment in Verse

What better way to
tell you about my daily
commute of 15

or more miles than
haiku! From Baker Beach to
SoMa, I want to

be seen / not be "scene."
This vest would keep me safe and
bright / a beacon to

other cyclists,
shining through city fog, an
unrelenting glow.

Caroline more than 2 years ago

Make me bright

This vest would allow be to be visible on winter rides without looking like a yellow poncho

Steve Konkle more than 2 years ago


Too many close calls winter bike commuting. The more obnoxiously visible I am, the better!

Katy more than 2 years ago

Vest contest

I have a long commute to where I teach Grade 8 and some of my students meet me along the way (studded tires and all!). We have to navigate one very busy freeway intersection and the more attention we can draw, the safer we will be (and the parents of my students will be a little more at ease!!)

Tyler Rittinger more than 2 years ago

Safe while riding every day!

I commute every day at odd times. Sometimes 6am, sometimes 9pm... But now that winter is here it seems I'm ALWAYS commuting in the dark! I ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan and my lights are always breaking and running out of battery or getting stolen.
This seems like the best option to keep in my bag and slip on whenever I ride: lightweight, visible and fashionable!

Kym more than 2 years ago

My hubby needs that vest for riding to work ...

My hubby needs that vest for riding to work, especially now that the days are shorter and it's dark when he commutes. Anything to make him more visible as he rides to and from downtown Toronto !

Tara Christie more than 2 years ago

Lite vest

Day or night I lite to stand out

David Smith more than 2 years ago

Illuminating Kids

I often want something that I can keep in my kids backpack, and that THEY WILL WEAR! These vests are cool, hip and so lightweight that they fit in you bag so you will always have it handy. I have sewn stars onto my kids jeans and shoes to keep them visible, but this vest is so perfect, and it goes with everything, and they won't outgrow it!

Hilda more than 2 years ago

visibility 2.0

When riding at night I use a safety sash that can be cumbersome to maneuver over my backpack but with the Dargelos Lightningh Vest I could be visible and stylish at the same time!

Ruby more than 2 years ago

Visible but not ugly

I'd love to have a vest to make me visible on these winter nights without the need for fluorescent yellow everywhere!

Nate DT more than 2 years ago

Nice and visible

A must have to ride at night. A nice complement to goods lights !

Olivier Thomas more than 2 years ago

Dargelos vest

I've always wanted to ride around looking like a ghostly chain link fence through the cemetery at night. I also have never worn fishnets.

Xander more than 2 years ago

Visible Vest

I bike through the dark nights of MInneapolis and it'd be great to have such a stylish visibility option. I love how it stretches to fit over my winter coat but will look cool over a sundress in 8 months too!

Amelia more than 2 years ago

Dargelos Vest giveaway

Now that the days are getting shorter and darker in Vancouver, this is just the vest I'd love to wear riding home at night.

Daphne Chan more than 2 years ago