July 14, 2014

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commuter carry along

This allows usual backpack to be retired to be replaced by a Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier while still hiding your carrying items.

yvonne martin 152 days ago

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier would be a great replacement for my backpack, providing a more viable riders

Peter Martin 152 days ago


This pannier would be great for rides to work and after work errands: lunch bag, purse, groceries, libraries books.

Susan 152 days ago

Freemonster Flap Pannier contents

I am always thinking what if I need this or that happens so I end up with a boatload of stuff I carry around with me. Always a multi bike tool, tire repair kit or 2 one or two tubes, a bicycle pump, tail light, headlight, rainjacket, rubber gloves, pad of paper pen some spare change. Then stuff seems to accumulate so I end up with rags and toilet paper magazine(momentum which I subscribe to) my reader, Cable lock. I usually havnf't much room for something I may buy so I am hoping to win this to give me more space and utility. Thankyou, Tim Gross

tdgross144@hotmail.com 152 days ago

Detours Pannier

A summer picnic lunch for the kids and I!

Tara 152 days ago

I will tote:

Work clothes, lunch, and laptop to work and beekeeping supplies on the weekend.

Carl Jordan 153 days ago

I want this bag

For my iPad, phone, keys, a sweater, and shoes!

Adriana 153 days ago

lunch, clothes and laptop!

And maybe some shopping!

Cuthbert 153 days ago

Leg warmers and ballet slippers

long sleeve tees and my best knickers

French cheeses and sparkling wines
Plates and napkins on which to dine

Flowers for mom, tools for my dad
Anything else to make me glad!

Val 153 days ago

I will carry

My sons football clothes, lunch, wallet and my phone

Tove Sæther 153 days ago

Awsome size for work!

I would throw my lunch and papers in here as I head off to work with my cargo bike!

Lee Wiart 153 days ago

Fremonster part deux!

My Fremonster Flap goes with me everywhere. This one would get to hang out with my boyfriend all day.

Ramsey 153 days ago

Be seen with a flapper...

bicycling with me!!!

mark 153 days ago

detours fremonster flap pannier contest

work clothes

Michael Gionta 153 days ago

Detours pannier

City, country, work, play, always need stuff on a ride.

Michael 153 days ago


I am going to watch movies in the park this summer and would love a nice fremonster flap pannier!

Lisa 153 days ago

What I'll carry

I plan to carry a first aid kit, cell phone, toolkit, lock and fuel for a summer of biking!

Lene 153 days ago

things I'll carry in a pannier

I find lots of stuff along the way when I ride around and sometimes my plastic crate is not the best thing to hold them while i pedal on. this would help.

dave bovaird 153 days ago

School Bag!

I'd use this to carry my books in when I go back for academic upgrading in the fall. Would make the commute to the college so much easier on my bike!

Michael Keats 153 days ago

My new baby's diapers!!

Likely both clean and dirty. :) Kid up front, accoutrement on the rear rack!

Dan Narsavage 154 days ago

Snacks, grafic novels and my work cloths.

Snacks, grafic novels and my work cloths.

James walker 154 days ago

My Pomeranian !

I have a little blonde Pomeranian who would look perfect in this pannier on my champagne pink Creme bike

Julie ward 154 days ago

For carrying my laptop to work

I need this to get to work.

JeffPerr 154 days ago

All my work stuff!!

I work several part-time jobs and often have to haul dress clothes, sheet music, bike tools, and various other things related to completely unrelated careers :). This bag would be perfect for my commuting needs!

Sara 154 days ago

my groceries...

very simply my groceries...

Yann 154 days ago

Lava Rock

It could happen...

Barbara 154 days ago

A Wing and a Prayer

Yes, my model airplane should slip handily in sweet bag.

Turbo Bob 155 days ago

Detours Pannier


Mikie 155 days ago

Sewing projects

I like to take hand sewing projects with me (I commute to work on my bike) to work on when I have some free moments. This bag would be a great project bag.

Holly 155 days ago

I commute to and for work

As a reporter, I bike to assignments (in all seasons) and bring notebooks and pens as well as a tablet. I'd love a stylish, new pannier to use for work... and play!

Megan Stewart 155 days ago

lots of stuff!

lunch, work computer etc. This is way more stylish than my current very ragged pannier

Markus 155 days ago

The Fremont Fairy Godmother

In summer I put on my wings and guide walking tours of the Fremont neighborhood as The Fremont Fairy Godmother. I usually bike the Burk-Gilman from my abode on the north end to Fremont. This bag would be perfect for carrying my magic wand, fairy dust and the keys to the Fremont rocket, as well as, other props that I use on the tour. The rest of the year it would serve to secure this fremonster's computer and lock on my 15 mile commute to work!

C Mariahn Scarborough 155 days ago


Books, school stuff, groceries, picnic items, possibly my cat, who knows!?

Zoe 155 days ago

school books

This would allow me to easily carry my books back and forth to school without the weight on my back.

joyce s. 155 days ago

something to eat

I would carry my lunch.

Susan 155 days ago

Flatpack vases

I'm just about to start selling flowers from my vintage Pashley bike, the Fremonster would be the perfect place to keep my supply of ingenious flatpack vases

flowerboy 155 days ago

College Bound

I could really use this for college. I would keep my iPad2 in it.

Teddi Bear 155 days ago

All Day Long!!!

I'm a classroom teacher as well as a yoga teacher and I do everything on my bike. My old threadbare one-compartment panniers are great, especially for grocery shopping, but I sure could use a professional bag like this to carry my devices, supplies and clothes without having to dig around for it all. This looks great!!!

Deanna Fitzgerald 156 days ago

Picnics, day trips and camping supplies!

If I win the Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier it will carry my work gear on my daily bike commute, but on the weekends it will be stuffed with picnic supplies, day trip, or camping supplies. I'll also be sure to get some bike tools, a patch kit and a portable pump that will have a permanent home in the bag.

Marisa 156 days ago

A little of this, a little of that (or maybe a lot)

a change of clothes for work, a five-pound box of blueberries, library books, ice cream, swim gear, chocolate from the factory outlet. . .

Ross 156 days ago


I bike to work, I bike for fun-every day a different adventure! All adventures require supplies, a book, a snack, a change of clothes or ??!
Having a smart, stylish way to transport your favorite items on your bike just make journeys better! :)

Jean Ridgway 156 days ago

Bread and roses....and wine

I would put a bottle of wine and a loaf of good bread (and perhaps some flowers for the table) in this pannier, and ride to a friend's house for dinner.

Heike 156 days ago

What Id carry...

Id carry everything I need when going on a bike ride. Water, a couple tools, small bike pump, keys, wallet, phone, snacks, sunscreen.

Sandy N. 156 days ago

Summer Stuff

Would be great to put sunscreen, water, snacks, and some bike tools. Thanks!

Michelle C 156 days ago

Camera gears

It would a great camera gear panier...

Tommy Noshitsky 156 days ago


My bike is my main mode of transportation, so everything! Groceries, work stuff, tools, books, treats:)

Christian 156 days ago

bag of stuffs

it should be what i would not put in it. the refrigerator, the kitchen sink or my siberian husky. everything else is game to go in

rose 156 days ago

A fly rod and tackle

Living in the Philadelphia suburbs has increased my love for cycling! I find myself looking for ways and places to cycle and combine it with other hobbies, like fly fishing. I found the perfect bike trail next to the Perkiomen creek, which is excellent for trout fishing. I would use the pannier to carry all the gear needed for a perfect afternoon expedition.

Gibson 156 days ago

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

this would be perfect to haul my stuff in

lisa mcfarland 156 days ago

multi purpose pannier

My wife is always complaining that she doesn't the room or the pockets for a tablet or a laptop and once she finds one, it isn't waterproof. This looks if would fit the bill. She would probably use it for uniform also, since it looks roomy enough.

Patrick Bowers 156 days ago

what I would carry

In my detours bag, I'd carry lunch, locks, and loved otems. And and apple and a banana.

Kristy carter 156 days ago

A flap pannier

My iPad, stylus, wallet, keys, a knitting project(cause I never am without one), first aid kit and empty coffee mug.

Laura Chutny 156 days ago

Mama bag!

I would pack a picnic for my kids and some library books!

Olena Russell 156 days ago

I know who needs this baby

Actually, I'd give it to my niece who shleps all her books, clothes, lunch and stuff all over town in a big bag attached to her rack. This would be perfect!!!!!!

Lorraine 156 days ago


To carry all my items In it on my bike while ride with the grand baby.

Roberta R. 156 days ago

Great for work!

This would be perfect to bring my work clothes back & forth, especially in winter

Carrie 156 days ago

I would carry...

...my tablet, rain gear, goodies from the farmers market, my U-lock, a picnic blanket, my latest book find, an extra pair of socks, and occasionally my cat, who likes to get outside as much as I do. I'd switch in bug spray and sunscreen as needed, pick up chocolates for me and craft beer for my husband, and be stylish when I bring it all indoors after biking downtown.

Kristin 156 days ago


to do my regular errands on my bike

franz 156 days ago

lots of stuff

will be carried in this new pannier - lunch, water bottle, and all the items I bring back and forth to work

Amanda 156 days ago


I would carry snacks and books, lock, phone

Rene Martinez 156 days ago

day out with my son!

I would put snacks, sunscreen, water and more!, and go out there for a ride!

Caroline 157 days ago


I would like to break it in by packing a picnic. Food. Wine. Book. Dominoes. Sunscreen. Blanket. I'm sure it can fit more...

Eileen 157 days ago

My Fremonster...

...will carry a book, my lunch and snacks, thermos and groceries! Occasionally a flute or a piccolo :)

Beng K. 157 days ago

The Things I Carried

(who can resist a literary joke?) Anyway, I'm still looking for the best way to carry a six-pack of beer without all the jostling, but perhaps more than anything, this pannier would most likely carry a little bit of everything that gets me through - books, crafting materials, writing supplies, beer, food, and tchotkes. The better question is - what won't I carry in it? Probably my cats.

Claudia 157 days ago


Need a decent panier - mine has holes! - for yoga clothes, craft beer, and market fruits. Loosing my blueberries... :)

Heidi Kuhn 157 days ago

Filled with color

Going to paint somewhere would definitely require a nice pannier like this. All my paints and brushes would fit nicely, just barely, along with a small canvas. Going to take everything to the mountains and set up shop.

Claudia campos 157 days ago

Cat in the Bag

I would carry a cat in the Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier. I would name the cat Schrodinger. Of course I wouldn't really be sure if he or she was actually in the bag until I looked. Which I would do frequently.

Ralph Hollingsworth 157 days ago


The other day I realized something- I need balloons! Oh yeah! Carrying balloons and a small bottle of helium is the way to go. I'd keep the little weight in the pannier with the strings leading to the outside. Yes! Of course I'd have to keep a picnic blanket in there with me along with some sandwiches and a small sweater, but BALLOONS! are my new favorite thing. They're going everywhere... Maybe I'll haul around a birthday cake too.

Jess Lopez 157 days ago

change of clothes

Just the right size for keeping my change of clothes dry and neat while I bike it to work.

J Thorne 157 days ago

Housecall Bag

Plan to carry visiting nurse supplies...BP cuff, stethoscope, headlamp, thermometer, glucometer, pulse oximeter, assorted dressings, catheters, IV stuff, you know, the usual.

d 157 days ago

bag of happy

fill it with sunshine and smiles

james 157 days ago

Detours Flap Pannier

Fresh veggies from farm stand, extra clothing, lunch, towels. Endless what you could carry.

Peg O 157 days ago

Fremonster Pannier

Lunch, water, rain coat, ( during the week) water, dog bags, treats, groceries( weekend)

Sharon Meagher 157 days ago


Books, journal, pens, extra layer, lunch,water, chocolate -- all would love this bag.

Tehmina Khan 157 days ago


my violin bits and pieces- music, shoulder rest etc - going to orchestra practice on my bike - music and cycling - my passions!

parveen akhter 157 days ago

Detours Pannier

I'd carry all sorts of stuff. A light bit of shopping, my sandals, whichever book I happen to be reading at the moment, who knows.

Paul Molnar 157 days ago

Carry On Wayward Son

Carry on,
You will always remember
Carry on,
Nothing equals the splendor
Now your life's no longer empty
Surely heaven waits for you

Gordon Williams 157 days ago

What To Carry?

Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.

Ryan Barry 157 days ago

My Detour (bike) carries Detours bags

There are holes in my Detours dear contest oh contest. There are holes in my Detours they've carried so much. With what shall I fill them? Let's list all the stuff now. There's lunches and dinners. Clothing for kayaking. Bottles of Zinfandel, Chardonnay too.

Nina Sabghir 157 days ago

Detours carries fun

I have absolutely worn out an older Detours bag. What do I carry? Food for several meals since I work 2 jobs. Library books. Changes of clothing especially if I go kayaking after work. My lock. My collapsing cane. Bottles of wine. Ultimately the bag carries fun.

Nina Sabghir 157 days ago

I've got some toting to do.

I was eyeing this bag at a shop recently. It'll hold all the neighbourhood cats I plan to "borrow"...um, or rather, all the stuffs that needs schlepping on my bicycle: books, food, life's bits and bobs, and a singular banana.

Cecile C 157 days ago


Practical AND good-looking... A bag like this needs a permanent baguette!

Julie 157 days ago

Bricks of a Textbooks

I would carry my massive textbooks you have to buy for some ridiculous price, and bring them to school.

Brendan 157 days ago

Detours pannier

Perfect size for my bike...

M. Carson 157 days ago


A few groceries and a bottle of vino....Yum! Tastes better after a bike ride!!

Andrea Stevens 157 days ago


I would carry my work uniform as well as lunch and workout gear

Stephen 157 days ago


I would carry groceries and personal items.

Tanya 157 days ago


All sorts of food! My back is getting sore lugging around my groceries in my backpack. I'm ready to start making my bike do more of the work!

Teri 157 days ago


Cheese. All kinds of delicious, local cheese. I can just see this bag, strapped onto the back of my plum-colored bicycle, as I pedal to the farmer's market to pick up my weekly fix of fermented dairy products.

L.B. 157 days ago


There are so many lovely reasons to ride, this being one of them. A great carry-all.

Queenie 157 days ago

New pannier in order

My poor old pannier has seen so many years of being stuffed and rained upon...and it has NO carrying strap. Time to retire it and get a new one! I always carry raingear, lock, small tool set, paper, pen, small first aid kit, bungees. Often add change of clothes, books, veggies from garden etc.

Pat Arbour-Reily 157 days ago

All kindza stuff

Gotta carry tools, tube, pump, lock, xtra layers, couple beers, food, spots for cell, keys, what have you. A little style helps.

Mike 157 days ago


Monster indeed- this pannier looks like a beast. This would be a great carryall for trips with my daughter. The bike trailer just doesn't cut it sometimes; it is difficult to go inside a store or home and leave the trailer full of pinchable goodies. Pannier pour moi s'il vous plait.

Guy 157 days ago

Pannier Pour Moi!

I must have been British in my previous reincarnation. I love to carry a thermos of hot tea and biscuits no matter where I am cycling. I also need room for my kindle, bicylce lock, iphone, wallet, and a rain poncho just in case...

Melanie Stern 157 days ago


considering all of this in moderation, i plan to pack...
picnic lunch, blanket, laptop, books, beer, thrifting purchase, glasses, wallet, swiss knife & art materials.

ashley 157 days ago

Movin' Mommy

I would haul groceries, picnic items, and play gear as I use this to ferry my family around town.

Chelsea 157 days ago

New bag necessary for commuting

I would love a new pannier bag because mine is ripping from everyday use!

Rachel 157 days ago

Everything that I can

I plan to carry everything that I can possibly carry in that bag. My laptop, books, wallet, everything!!

Janice Lawrence 157 days ago

Carry all the things!

I would carry my ipad, bike seat cover, u-lock, garden tools (for the communal garden) changes of clothes, for after gardening, my lunch, water bottle, book or e-reader, and my knitting. Oh, and sunblock.

Nathalie 157 days ago


I would use this to carry anything and everything. A change of clothes and my laptop when I commute to work? Check. Groceries and household goods when I run my errands? Check! A picnic? Absolutely! It would be very useful!

Casey McNally 157 days ago

books and lunch

I'm a librarian and always have a ton of books, tapes, movies and magazines plus my lunch that I haul everyday. This is a very nice looking bag!

Judy Foster 157 days ago

Getting to work every day!

Every morning I carry an extra jacket, my lunch and my coffee for the day. Once a week I pick up my farm share and load up my panniers. Would love this handy shoulder strap and key clip. Just what I need!

Melissa 157 days ago

Work, play, ready for anything!

My laptop, lunch, schoolbooks and a frisbee!

jess inskip 157 days ago

Work Gear (and groceries)

I've been a fan of Detours for a while now, and the design of this bag is just great (especially the U-lock pocket). I'd love to use it as a work bag as I bike across town to various meetings on pedestrian safety, and maybe to grab some groceries on the way home.

Jaime 158 days ago

My morning bagel and...

Quick repair tools, glasses, rain gear, u-lock

Tom 158 days ago

Books, clothes, food

I would carry little essentials : a good book, some snacks, my phone

Beatrice Martinez 158 days ago


... or my jacket on my way to work.

Christopher 158 days ago

Detour fremonster flap pannier- what I would carry

Since I am retired, the things I could carry in the Detour Fremonster Flap Pannier are without end. Gym clothes, picnic gear, library books, foul weather gear, groceries, art supplies, sports gear, interesting lost and wayward items that would fit, a beautiful bouquet; I promise I would never carry a pet or a small kid!

Sandra Souza-DeSimone 158 days ago

my clothes for work! so I can ride everyday, and my bible!

my paniers roall soen and smash my clothes etc.....I need one that is wider like this! to carry clothes, shoes and my bible!

Jennifer Scanland 158 days ago


A bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, and a book of Tao

Morgan Staines 158 days ago

In dis Rad Monster

Id carry my iPad mini, my ulock, clothes and prolly a sixer w groceries. Daddys gotta eat and drink.

Xavier Gunz 158 days ago

Carry Schmarry

In this rad bag id prolly have my iPad mini, my bike lock, prolly a sixer w some groceries and maybe some clothes.

xavier gunz 158 days ago

Survival Kit

Will carry netbook, lunch and other summer survival necessities

Andrea Adleman 158 days ago

What I would carry

I'd carry a change of clothes for my work commute, groceries, U-lock, and my lunch.

Mindy 158 days ago

What to carry

I would carry anything I wanted from a change of clothes for a commute, to a few items at the grocery store.

Sarah R 158 days ago

Ditch the backpack

Everything I currently put in my backpack for commuting to and from work and places in between - food containers, tea mug, clothes, mail, groceries to name a few.

Micheline 158 days ago


We’d plan another family cycling trip with our kids, with delight!

Susan 158 days ago

the good stuff

bike tools and donuts of course

Drew Mabry 158 days ago

plan for adventure

Were your ride takes you one never really knows...so take a snack a mug for coffee, a journal and pen...your all important phone and bus money in case your ride so far you need public transport t get home.

Linda 158 days ago

Fresh fruits & veggies

Figs, plums, pluots! Zucchinis, tomatoes, carrots! I'd use the pannier year-round to get fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market.

Rey 158 days ago

what to carry

My khaki slacks, change of shirt and wing tips for the perfect office attire after a brisk ride to wirk.

bill day 158 days ago

...subject time

I would definitely carry small items from the nearby store. But probably use it to carry the children's stuff. Sucks being the responsible parent ;) Love you dear!

Greg M. 158 days ago

what to carry..

I would carry everything needed for a nice picnic on the beach. I also love the front pouch to carry a U-Lock which I am purchasing soon.

J. Sharp 158 days ago

What to carry

I'd carry my groceries! I usually do all my grocery shopping by bike -- I'm too lazy to walk :P Bleh!

T. N. 158 days ago

store my stuff

I'd love to use this to ferry my work papers between meetings!

julia mcc 158 days ago


I would carry my camera stuff, everywhere I go, if I had this pretty pannier!

Tammie 158 days ago

for school

Just the bag I need for work and gym! Being able to carry those little annoying things would make such a big diff than to stuff it all in my jacket's pocket.

Laura 158 days ago

My day

My gym clothes, shoes lunch and a small purse on work days. But I see potential for groceries, picnic lunches, shopping trip and more.

Mindy 158 days ago

I plan to carry it all

All the things I need in a day: Rain cape or change of clothes, laptop, and maybe even pick up some groceries.

Amber R. 158 days ago

Gear for fun, gear for utility

Epi-pens, wipes, snacks, extra clothes, water bottles, groceries, umbrellas, spam musubi, pens, protractors, Trapper Keepers, small reptiles, wind up robots, bottles of red wine, multi-tools, spare tubes, wallets, cameras, paper origami cranes, Leatherman's tools, recycling, soccer balls, handkerchiefs, Pokemon cards, your standard pannier fare. Perhaps a sandwich or two.

Iris W. 158 days ago


I would carry ALL THE THINGS in this beautiful pannier. Snacks, books, gym clothes, money, chapstick and anything else needed for a bicycle adventure :)

Stacy 158 days ago


I'd love to bundle up freshly made sandwiches, a big slice of blueberry lemon cake and maybe some juice spritzers for a fun picnic in the park. Yum!

Natalie 158 days ago


Books to Little Free Libraries.

Jeff 158 days ago

Here be Monsters !

This bag is a musset bag for the next century , It is a murse , for I a vintage cyclist of almost 7 decades use bags Currently my favourite is a 1946 Air Raid Wardens gasmask bag,so a more modern one would be a strap forward.PS , I carry every thing I possibly can in a bag , it gives them reasons to go everywhere .

lee kenney 158 days ago

I would carry

books, and groceries.

Shannon 158 days ago

my daughter needs this

I will give this to my daughter so see can carry something, anything on her bike

kurt prescher 158 days ago

With my New Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier....

I'll be riding to work not having to worry about losing any of books, student assignments and a change of clothes...Functional...and will look great

John Sustersic 159 days ago

Carry All

Snacks, U-Lock, library books, laptop, random children's items (change of clothes, etc.) that my kids always end up needed.

Joyanna Eisenberg 159 days ago

I would carry...

I would carry groceries, mostly heavy things like cans. I hate carrying cans in my backpack.

Samantha 159 days ago


I plan to carry my two kittens, Pepper and Lulu. They love riding around on my bike!

rick conroy 159 days ago

I plan to Carry

I plan to carry my groceries when I ride my bike for shopping. Whatever the supermarket or farmers market. No reason to use your car.

Espen Jensen 159 days ago


When I cycle to work I will carry my work shoes, tools and snacks for the day

Debbie Fiebig 159 days ago

I'll carry

you with me! Plus some other stuff!

Nikolaos Chandolias 159 days ago

I plan to carry

No, I never plan to carry but it finished that I always have to carry

David Viens 159 days ago

I plan to carry

Anything and everything

Veronica 159 days ago

I plan to carry

much. My panniers are almost always full.

Barbara Leiterman 159 days ago

I'd carry...

Local beer to share with friends at the park!

Trisha 159 days ago

great design!

I bike everywhere, and I have only used packs, either a messenger or a daypack. It would be cool to check out using a pannier. Thanks.

Brent S 159 days ago

Detours fremonster flap pannier

Perfect to carry my scrubs, lunch and tennis for a work commute.

Monica Desjardins 159 days ago

bye bye backpack

This could carry everything I need for my commute to & from work and it would also relieve the discomfort of my backpack rubbing on my collarbone plate during my commute.

franko 159 days ago

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

I want the Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier for commuting to work on my folding bike!

Joe 159 days ago

Detours Fremonster Flip Pannier

An entire picnic for two!

Rick Mayer 159 days ago

Detours Fremonster Flap Panier

A beautiful bag to carry my glasses, sunblock, arm warmers, food, and any other century ride essentials. It would be nice to be stylish and have room in my back pockets!

Bonnie Traphan 159 days ago

Staying hip while I work

You're a beauty of a bag, but I might also decorate you slightly, so that I can look super-cool as I cart my tasty snacks and work essentials about.

Ellie 159 days ago


Swiss Army knife, snacks, spare tube, notebook...

Jennifer Chamberlain 159 days ago

Picnic in the park !!

Perfect for carrying picnic goodies to the park on the tandem.

Mark 159 days ago

Win a Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

would love to win this - it would be so perfect to tote stuff on my bike

lisa mcfarland 159 days ago

In all likelihood, groceries

I'd like to think this workaday pack would satisfy all of my commuting needs but I have no idea considering I've never heard of the company and, aside from seeing an array of zipper pulls protruding from the sides of the main flap, haven't a clue as to how the storage is laid out. At the very least, it appears to be fairly robust in appearance and I can always cram some volume of groceries in just about any bag so it's entirely possible that will be it's main duty: grocery hauling.

Pete Wallace 159 days ago

Work and play stuff

I would mostly be carrying my laptop, and notebook, but after hours we'd be hauling towels to the pool, and more.

Matt 159 days ago


All my clothes and food for the day would be much easier in one of these. My back is starting to get sore from the slingbag and backpacks I wear that weren't meant for distance rides.

Patrick 159 days ago

I will be carrying coffee and muffins for our our local Walnut Bridge Muffin Group that meets every Friday morning on our walking bridge... Great conversation, coffee, and muffins.. open to anyone and everyone... A great way to start your day!

Amy Christian 159 days ago


I'd carry my fresh bread from the bakery in it so it would nice and warm and dry!

Zach Watson 159 days ago

Baby basics

I would carry a few baby essentials – diapers, snacks, small toys – for our twin girls. I would also carry a few things to work.

Jen Peters 159 days ago

Building a Bike Friendly City

I will use this bag to help me haul materials for meetings as I start a Bicycle Coalition in Rochester, MN to build a more bike-friendly city for those who live, learn, work or play in the Med City. The home to the world famous Mayo Clinic should be more bike friendly and that's my plan and I need a good bag to do it!

Kelly Corbin 159 days ago

the things I cannot ride without

tools, tube, camera, notebook, book

Brian Lehman 159 days ago

Food and snacks for picnics

I would put some snacks and book in this!

Valentina Zapata 159 days ago

Day Trips

This is a great bag to take snack and a camera in for my summer day trips.

Linda Poplees 159 days ago

pannier give away

I will be carrying books and crafts to work with the preschoolers. Books to the coffee shop and a few groceries on the way home.

becky walker 159 days ago

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

books, lock, tools, spare tube, spare socks... the usual stuff...

Tim Brown 159 days ago

Yes please!

This bag would Be so perfect for Nursing school! I just got accepted and will definitely be on the go all the time, so I could carry all my books, laptop, lunch, scrubs, whatever I need for the day! AND perfect to throw on and bike to class. Would be a groovy piece of gear to win.

Leah Tannehill 159 days ago

Work stuff

I'd use this to carry everything I need to take to work on a daily basis.

Lloyd 159 days ago

All my work gear

And anything else I need when we start bike touring.

Kim 159 days ago

Lovely looking bags

These bags would look great with my Brook saddle.

Jason Brune 159 days ago

All I can imagine...

...and it doesn't really matter would be in that lovely bag, it would look phantastic! I would carry veggies from the farmers market, to a picnic for the park, or a note book & ipad for the next bike club meeting. Eventually a six pack of beer!

katharina hand 159 days ago

Oh, how I'd love to have a fashionable pannier...

Ahhh I love my sporty panniers but sometimes, when I'm wearing that cute outfit, the pannier just doesn't go with the outfit! I'd love to take this out on the town with a cardigan for when it gets cooler, maybe a local craft beer or two to enjoy with friends and some beach picnic snacks. Perhaps it would fit my Ukulele!

Tasha 159 days ago

The Fashionable Carry-All for Carrying Everything

Why not!?! It is fashionable for a guy or girl and it looks as if it could hold anything you want! Perfect for any situation!

Ryan 159 days ago

Win a Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

I plan to carry my groceries and snacks for my girls!

Xiomara 159 days ago

No more backpack sweat marks!

It would hold my laptop, nalgenes, and a change of clothes for commuting to and fro! It would eliminate the sweat marks and strains from backpack lugging in the downtown phoenix heat! Great for BYOB restaurant bike trips as well.

Kaylah Kola 159 days ago

All the things...

my bicycle so lovingly demands I cart for it.

Linn 159 days ago


I would us mine for picnic food, traveling around Puerto Rico and on everyday rides thru the city.

Sherry 159 days ago

Bites & Brews

Perfect for a growler of my favorite local beer and some snacks to go with it!

Allie 159 days ago

The World

Not quite, but I will carry all sorts of wonderful things! My bicycle takes me everywhere I go; last week I traveled out for a nice country ride to deliver a pair of used cowboy boots - they made the journey in my backpack, but would have done splendidly in a pannier. Found objects such as geodes and foraged forest food seem to always travel home with me. Fresh produce from the farmers' market, library books, bike parts, dog treats, perfectly positioned milkshakes from Bloomington's Chocolate Moose (no spilling allowed) - it all comes and goes, somehow.

Katie Glaser 159 days ago

Momentum Mag Contents Blog Pannier Contest

I am a bike commuter in Las Vegas, NV, where the temperatures now routinely hit 100 degrees and higher during the summer months. Let's just say that's mighty toasty conditions to be cycling in to and from work, with these temperatures producing a mighty sweat. I need this pannier in the worst way to transport fresh pairs of underwear to use at work because not only would you make this bicycle commuter very happy with this gorgeous pannier you would also make hundreds of his co-workers quite happy as well since the aroma of sweaty underwear would no longer be in the air in the building.

Alan Snel 159 days ago


You would look so great sporting the Fremont on Fremont!

Beth Geohagan 159 days ago

That's one smart looking bag!

I could carry my camera there!

Colleen Speigler 159 days ago


It would replace my milk crate and carry lunch to work, groceries after and anything I collect when out and about on weekends.

Carla Hills 159 days ago

For all those times my wife says...

"Hey could you carry this for me?"

Andy 159 days ago


Would love this!

Sondra Bernard 159 days ago


If I had this pannier, I'd use it to haul my textbooks around campus and for my groceries, gym clothes and beach gear.

Brian 159 days ago

Farmer's market

Thursday's and Saturday's is our local farmers market. It's 4.2km one way so it's great exercise for me and the kids. This bag would be perfect!

Jcee 159 days ago

Visiting Fremont with my Fremonster

I'd tote around my clothes, sunscreen, snacks, some bottles of body paint and paintbrushes in this pannier on my weekend trips to Seattle for the Summer Solstice Ride (which is so much fun!), the Body Pride Ride (also a blast), and the World Naked Bike Ride (also fun).

Gael 159 days ago


My u-lock, work clothes, lunch...I bike 15 miles round trip to and from work, would love to have a solid pannier for my cargo :)

Lindsay 159 days ago

Love it!

I will carry my lunch, books & beer! Gorgeous bag.

Allison Meyer 159 days ago

flap pannier

yes…..i need this in my life!

Trish Harriger 159 days ago

daily living by bike

I would carry my tennis racket and runners to the courts

Emilia 159 days ago

Picnic for two

I'm going to pack everything I need for a picnic for two.

Michael 159 days ago

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

My gear for commuting to work. Computer, change of clothes, etc. 1 less car on the road, 1 less internal combustion engine spewing pollution into the atmosphere.

Steve Taylor 159 days ago

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

I will be carrying my gear for work, computer, change of clothes, etc. 1 less car on the road, 1 less internal combustion engine spewing pollution into the atmosphere.

Steve Taylor 159 days ago


It's nice not to wear a backpack and just carrying things on the rack.

Nat 159 days ago

Bad Ideas

My camera, my Moleskin pen, and a notebook labelled "Bad Ideas".

Shelley Porter 159 days ago