May 26, 2014

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Everyday Duffel of Awesomeness

This duffel would go everywhere in Victoria with me this summer (and into winter!) It would meet my friends for coffee at a cafe downtown, go grocery shopping in Midtown, go on an adventure to Sidney and a picnic in Beacon Hill Park. And the best part, it would take me along for all those adventures too! And we would look fabulous while cycling around the city.

Nathalie 203 days ago

Summer with Bag

Summer time is always the best time to leave all your heavy panniers and backpacks at home and go out with something a bit smaller. This Detours Rainier Handlebar Duffle will accompany down to the cliffs where the ocean waves crash against the rocks over here in beautiful Santa Cruz. Of course the day just begins there. Next stop is definitely the Farmers Market downtown where i'll no doubt fall into more than a few conversations about this handy and fashionable accessory. Throw a few delicious peaches in the Rainier bag and again I'll be on my way to the lighthouse with a few friends to share our days events and chat about anything and everything including this new handlebar bag. Of course I'll let my pals ride my bike around with it then take it off for an impromptu fashion walk. As the day nears the next chapter I'll lock my iron steed and wander off to the sand and into the water, bag on land of course... or I could take it into the ocean with me to see how it fairs as a floatation device... but maybe not. Just one more day written into the books here in my small hometown by the beach. Thank you Detours Rainier Handlebar Duffle for accompanying me.

Jess Lopez 204 days ago

My adventure duffel

I would take it to one of the many yoga studios in my new home town of Portland. So many places to do yoga, so little time...

Liz Brower 204 days ago

Awesome bag!

This bag is perfect! Stylish and colorful on my bike. Just the right size when I take it off and run and errand!

marcia 204 days ago

For small trips to visit friends

I would take the duffel around my small bike-friendly town to visit friends and gather herbs and flowers.

Carlee 204 days ago

Lovely duffel!

I would take my bag to work, and to drinks with friends afterwards!

Abigail Alvarez 204 days ago

European Bound

I would take it to France on our Family's first bike/hike trip to Europe. Perfect for the Canadian Woman in France.

Gail Townsley 204 days ago

Orange bag for sportsfans!

Hi there! This bag is gorgeous. The orange color is perfect for a SF Giants fan like me. I'll take it to the ballgame and put a bag of peanuts in there, plus a few layers when the fog rolls in for night games. It will also come in handy for World Cup soccer outdoor viewings. I'll put a small pillow to sit on and some snacks to share with friends in there. Maybe some more bike camping too!

Kristin Tieche 204 days ago

love this!

Would look fantastic on my bike and would be the cheesy DIY solution that I'm currently using. Thank you!

Michelle C 204 days ago

Handlebar Duffel

I'll be taking this directly to my sister who will mostly be taking it everywhere else.

Rick Mayer 204 days ago

My future bike purse

I ride everywhere in the small town I live in, a car is not required to get around. This handlebar bag would be a lovely addition to my commuter for storing the small things you always need.

Micheline 205 days ago

Perfect gift for my Wife or daughter

Always a good time to surprise one's Wife with a nice gift to let her know she's the only thing on your mind,or as a senior in high school next year,I'm sure my daughter could find good use for it riding around :)

Stephen Sammons 206 days ago

The perfect gift for my mother

My mother has been looking for a new bike bag, and I know that she would love the style of this beautiul bag. It would perfectly compliment her rides :)

Chris U 206 days ago

Summertime Perfect

Looks great for cruising around town, when you don't need a pannier!

Alicia 206 days ago

Around town

I'd take it on my trips around town, when I don't need a larger bag - lunch with friends, shopping, work, everywhere!

Jacqueline 206 days ago

Ride on...

Ride to work, the beach, the bar, or touring days on end, this little number will see a lot of use.

Mike 206 days ago

Cute handlebar bag

Just the thing to add to my bike. Where will it be seen? All over Brooklyn NY, Manhattan and the other boros too. Why? Because I ride my bike everywhere.

Nina Sabghir 206 days ago


This would look great on my new Public Bike that I ride all over Chicago - to work, to the beach, to meet friends.

E. Moerke 206 days ago

All around town!

This is a great little bag for the summer when it's too hot in the southwest for a messenger or backpack. I'd put this on my commuter bike and ride around town.

Tara 206 days ago


All over NYC and on my longest ride yet, to the beach!

Brand 206 days ago

This duffel

would be perfect for stashing the bigger items that won't fit in my pockets.

Jen 206 days ago

Duffel through Key West

I'll be taking the duffel with me on vacation through Key West, FL where transportation cycling is the efficient way to get around town!!

Daly 206 days ago

Formal wear

To go perfectly with my tiara and over-the-elbow gloves.

Janet north 206 days ago

Lake Tahoe!

I'll take the bag and my stuff to Lake Tahoe!

Morgan Staines 206 days ago

Around the lake

Around the lake to pick up mail.

Paul 206 days ago

Charity Ride

I'd take it on the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes!

Cathy 206 days ago

The beach

I'd like to take a bike trip to the beach the summer.

Michael 206 days ago


I'll be taking mine on some overnights on San Juan Islands!

Zach 207 days ago

Good to go

I'll be using this bag for rides around town.

Howell 207 days ago

Rainier handlebar duffel

I will be taking the duffel on long bike rides to beach picnics!

Rachel 207 days ago

To wherever I'm having fun

It looks like the perfect size to stow sunglasses, a little mad money, lip balm, phone, and of course a notebook - just what I need for the ride to farmers markets and food truck fests, beaches, parks and barbecues. So cute and colourful!

Christine Rowlands 207 days ago


I'll be taking this bag everywhere I go.

Eugenie 207 days ago

Looks good...

...for putting stuff in.

Eric 207 days ago

Duffel bag

A lady needs to hold stuff sometimes and pockets aren't always convenient

Nat 207 days ago

LA cruising

I'd take it with me around LA as I bike to my charity events - it matches my outfit!

Marina Mont'Ros 207 days ago

A perfect mini-picnic

I'd pack two cold drinks, some fruit, and some cheese, and head straight to Toronto Island with my sweetie.

Lisa 207 days ago

Handlebar Duffel

I will take this adorable bag to Chicago, where we plan on trying out their new bike share system. This bag will go perfect from train to bike and back!

Deanne 207 days ago

So stylish

I would love this bag to adorn either my Velorbis or my custom Winter while enjoyong the summer concert series in the park.

Amy Stovall 207 days ago

out and about in Ontario

I will give this bag to my wife who is interesting in taking up biking again in a country-to-urban cycle to Alliston, Ontario from the countryside. Anything to make it more stylist for her would REALLY help!

Walter Fischer 207 days ago

to work

I would love to take the bag with my lunch to work

Kelly Blanton 207 days ago

Farmer's Market!

I need a little pack for my wonderful dutchie. It'd make my market trips even more charming.

Ella 207 days ago

Carry on

Stay calm and carry on , off to England to look for the 4001 hole in Blackburn , Lancs.and catch a glimpse of the TDF. June 23.Cheers

lee kenney 208 days ago

Finally...a VB bike bag

This summer I will ride stylishly around town for the first time with my VB-style handlebar duffel...
VB as in sounds like Zeera Sadley.

d 208 days ago

out and about in Vermont

I will give this bag to my daughter who has just moved to up state Vermont. She is a farmer herbalist and will be riding all over the Vermont backroads collecting herbs, going to farmers markets, yard sales, and just exploring the countryside. The Rainier is a great bar duffel to accessorize her bike and have a place for her important finds and other gear. Go flower power!

Tom Roetker 208 days ago

Collecting bits and bobs for the possibility of Craft-O-Tron glory!

There is a cool local craft project I like, the Craft-o-Tron. With the help of the Detours Rainier Handlebar Duffel, I can visit places like the Center for Creative Reuse to create projects for possible inclusion in the Craft-o-tron!

Iris W. 208 days ago

Exploring Vancouver

What a beautifully stylish bag! I would take this bag anywhere, but in particular I could see it gracing my handlebars while exploring Vancouver on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Amanda 208 days ago

Here, there, everywhere!

What a great little bike bag! If I win, it would join me at work, at play and definitely travel!

Nicole 208 days ago

To work!

If I win this contest I'll be taking the Detours Rainier Handlebar Duffel with me when I ride to work every weekday.

Marisa 208 days ago

Handlebar duffle

I have been looking for the perfect duffle. It would make running out for quick errands so much easier

Wendi McDonald 208 days ago

Fashion in the Forest

We have several biking/camping adventures planned this summer. I'm sure all the fashionista woodland critters would appreciate my stylish Detours Rainier Handlebar Duffel bag!

Angela Cash 208 days ago

Biking with my bag-o

I've been eyeing this bag. If it joined my bike family, it would travel with me to work, rowing, the beach, school, parks, restaurants, maybe even on holiday. The question is, where wouldn't it go?

Sara 208 days ago

Making the commute more fun and colorful

Would be great on my wife's Brommie for her daily commute!

Kev 208 days ago

To DC!

I'll put my essentials in this cute bag when I ride my bike around DC to see the sights!

Stephanie DeHart 209 days ago

Detours Rainier Handlebar Duffel

It will go on my Brompton folding bike where I will put my wallet and cell phone and water bottle :)

Joe 209 days ago

All over town!

A bag like this would be perfect for my "new" road bike, a 60s-era fellow me and my bike mechanic husband rescued from a garage sale for $20. Lovely and zippy, and lime green. Gotta love a little cuteness on a bike :)

Kirbee 209 days ago

My new everyday bag

This swet bag will match my orange public perfectly and pretty much go with me everywhere- store, school drop offs, market and out to meet friends.

Vanessa 209 days ago

On every adventure!

I'll take this bag to advocacy events, fun rides, charity rides, church, work, school, meet ups with friends, ... wow, I can't think of anywhere I wouldn't take it!

Kelley 209 days ago

to the movies!

i'll stuff this cute bag with wine & cheese & popcorn and bike to outdoor screenings of big lebowski, princess bride and the like.

rae 209 days ago

Detours Rainier Handlebar Duffel

with me to run all sorts of errands

lisa mcfarland 209 days ago

Riding to the Beach

I would put it on my bike and take it with me to the beaches, local pools and farmers markets

Emilia 209 days ago

Pretty and functional

Great bag for running errands around town!

Diane 209 days ago

Around town!

I Will take this back to school and the grocery store and hopefully I won't lose my phone on the street again when it falls out of my pocket!

Jen 209 days ago

Detours Rainier Handlebar Duffel

Lets keep it simple..... EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I definitely know my girlfriend would love it)

mike young 209 days ago

I will take it everywhere

This is such a cute bag I will take it everywhere with me to the beach,park,the amusement park,on a date and just running errands.

Tanya 209 days ago


Summer's just around the corner and I think it'll be epic taking this cute duffel for riding down the beach, commuting to work; everywhere!

Jamaica 209 days ago

So pretty!

Looks like a perfect bag to hit the park, trolley rides, library and strolling around!

Lisa Fry 209 days ago

Cute and Functional

This would be perfect to take on my favorite lazy afternoons - rides downtown for lunch and the library and maybe a little shopping.

Shannon Paugh 209 days ago

Daytona Beach!!!

I will take it up and down the beach, around town, and on the pier!

Lynn Corbaley 209 days ago

Perfect for commuting

This bag is sweet! Great for commuting and leisurely rides around Seattle

Alicia 209 days ago

Oh, so much better than a shoulder bag!

Wouldn't this look nice and convenient? I could ditch the shoulder bag!

Kim 209 days ago

I want this

I will take it to all of the places my bike goes: everywhere!

Ally Gill 209 days ago

Summer fun!

I will be taking it on all my summer biking!!

Veronica L. 209 days ago

Bicycle Adventures!

I would totally take this on many bicycle adventures with my husband.

stacy 209 days ago


looks perfert for a cool look on a summer picnic to the beach

Christian 209 days ago

Ireland and commuting!

I'm going to Ireland and we are renting bicycles. I would love to take this into a village to go shopping. Plus, I am a regular bicycle commuter and could finally get rid of my fanny pack:-) thanks for the ideas!

Cheryl 209 days ago

Bag on my bike

My mom would take this bag on her daily bike rides around town and also on vacation to California this summer, she plans to rent a bike in San Francisco and around San Diego, and this bag would be stylish and perfect for her to keep her wallet, passport, keys, and maps in while she pedals around.

Chris Bean 209 days ago

Everywhere on my bike

This bag would go everywhere with me! Around Richmond, Steveston, the farmer's market, to buy groceries and cat food, and for my medical checkups. It's so cute that even if I have to take transit somewhere and not my bike, I might bring it along as my purse!

Judy 209 days ago

Bag Envy!

On my shoulder or on the handlebars, this beautiful little bag will undoubtedly create a bit of "bag envy".....

Rachel Stemach 209 days ago


This bag is the perfect size to take anywhere around town. So much more practical than a knapsack and so very stylish.

Charlene 209 days ago

All around town

This could very well become my bag of choice both on and off my bike for all my short trips around town.

Amber R. 209 days ago

Tres Chic!

Awesome stylish and colorful. Perfect for a chic chick on the go, like me! Great size for the bare necessities of running errands on my bike. Even very cute for a night on the town. Would love, love, love this bag to carry on my bike!

marcia 209 days ago

Exploring, getting exercise and cutting use of gas

I'd take this bag all over our little town as I explore all the side streets on my new bike!

Elaine Bennett 209 days ago


perfect for a ride to the pool and riding with friends

linda 209 days ago

Fashionably cool

Summer is too hot for a backpack. This cute bag is the perfect way to be fashionably cool in the summertime. <3

Andrea Adleman 209 days ago

Bag to keep me organized!

I would attach it to my Surly Big Dummy which I'm going to order later this week ( been saving for a year and a half and I've finally made it!) Having a little bag would prevent me losing my keys and wallet in the big cargo bags.

Elizabeth Tombs 209 days ago

Detours Rainier Duffel

I'll be taking it to yoga!

April 210 days ago

I will be taking my Detours bag all over Ottawa on my new Public bike I got for Mother's Day. It will look a lot more stylish than the diaper bag I have been lugging around for almost 3 years. Thanks for the chance to win! Aleksandra Walsh (

I will be taking my Detours bag all over Ottawa on my new Public bike I got for Mother's Day. It will look a lot more stylish than the diaper bag I have been lugging around for almost 3 years.

Aleksandra Walsh 210 days ago

Beach bound

This would be perfect for carrying my iPod, water and sunscreen to the beach!

Laura Gibson 210 days ago


Bag to carry stuff is always good

Nat 210 days ago

handbar duffel bag

Perfect bag to take along for my rides to local coffee shops, beaches and the beautiful 6 miles trail through a lovely neighborhood park.

J. Sharp 210 days ago

gift for my wife

my wife would love it

Rob 210 days ago

Detours Duffel to the beach!

To the beach!

Susan 210 days ago


This looks perfect for a daytrip to the beach

Sarah R. 210 days ago

Downtown night out

I often bike downtown in the evening for a drink and am then stuck carrying around an ugly bag for the evening. This would solve that 1st world problem with style!

Wendy 210 days ago

handy bag!

This bag looks to be the perfect companion for me and my bike to carry some light snacks, cell, and a book while I'm out exploring one of the many bike trails in my city.

Monica Hunt 210 days ago