December 9, 2013

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Ruding on Gardiner an DVP in Toronto during Bexel ride

Yann 362 days ago

Opening of Bike Path on East Span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge

A fantastic roll out onto the new path, which (nearly) gets you half way across the bay. It's been several years in the making, and ushers in new hope that one day soon, cyclists will be able to ride their bikes all the way across the Bay from Oakland to San Francisco. The cycle path is pretty spiffy too, and the views are gorgeous.

Jim Flip more than 1 year ago

Blessing of the Bicycles, Berkeley

While most days are fabulous, it's occasionally treacherous commuting by bike. After many a close call, I am grateful for every day. I loved the Blessing of the Bikes during Bike to Work Week: it's a diverse group of spiritual leaders and cyclists who gather each year. Feels great!

JANIE more than 1 year ago

Moonlight Bike Ride

We have a local charity ride that's called the Moonlight Bike Ride that is such a blast to do every year. The police block off downtown and we are free to cruise around in the the moonlight without the fear of cars.

Elizabeth more than 1 year ago

Bike to Work Week in Vancouver - without rain!

Usually so wet for much of the week, hardly a drop this year. Dry muffins a the commuter stations!

Paul more than 1 year ago

Tour de Fat and So Cal Cross

What was not to love about New Belgiums Tour de Fat? The side shows, freak bikes? The beer? This beer caddy would look great at Tour De Fat or at a Socal cross event!

Steven Nancarrow more than 1 year ago

Tour of Alberta - Cycling Challenge

The Tour of Alberta was successful this year, but I was proud of doing the 130+ km cycling challenge that ran on the final day. It was 20km more than I'd ever done in a day, and 40 km more than my longest day of the year. Lots of fun!

Kris more than 1 year ago

Ciclavia Miracle Mile

Car free Sunday ride on LA's Wilshire Blvd from Beverly Hills to Downtown with 12,000 of your newest velo friends...what a city!

danny more than 1 year ago

Full moon rides

The best bike event to me would be the full moon fixie cruise in Spokane.
This would be perfect! Instead of riding around with a backpack full of beer, we could use this. This would be perfect for our weekly on campus rides. Would help eliminate irritating shoulder pain.

Daniel more than 1 year ago

Tour de Fat

The best bike event out there is the Tour de Fat. Such a riot...

Dan more than 1 year ago

For our weekly fixie cruises!

This would be perfect! Instead of riding around with a backpack full of beer, we could use this. This would be perfect for our weekly on campus rides. Would help eliminate irritating shoulder pain.

Danny more than 1 year ago

I am known to partake in a cold one

A few passed these lips at the San Diego Tour de Fat.
New Belgium Brewery, you're the best.

Barbara more than 1 year ago

No brewskis for this guy

Although I don't tip a mug, we had the best time at the San Diego Tour de Fat.
Way to go New Belgium Brewery.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

Bike event

Bike to Work Week Rally--I loved being in downtown Chicago with so many other bike geeks. It's like we all spoke the same language. . . .

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago

City tour

My favorite bike event was the city tour. Started downtown and then circled out along the bike paths past all the traditional landmarks and lakes. Beautiful weather. Beautiful ride.

David higley more than 1 year ago

Favorite bike event this year

That is tough to choose what my favorite bike event this year was. I think my favorite "event" would be the larger umbrella event that occurs in Portland called Pedalpalooza. Under that umbrella there is 3 weeks of bike rides and bike fun. Every day there are many rides held by many people all with different themes.My favorites of Pedalpalooza would be the kickoff ride, Run DMC vs Beastie Boys, Grunge ride, Loud n Lit, hot sock ride, the massive Midnight mystery Ride and I could go on. Many of them had sound system bike along, especially the music themed rides. I met many new people and made many friends on the rides. Fun riding with some of the same people over and over. One of these 6 pack caddies would get much use on next years pedal palooza along with the monthly rides I still go on, Midnight Mystery ride, every second friday of the month and the dropout bike club ride, every third friday.

Seth Kreiss more than 1 year ago

Take your kid to work day

I am a daily, year round bicycle commuter. This past October my son joined me for take your kid to work day. The two of us enjoyed a nice bike ride along the riverfront path. When we got to work he said "Dad that is the farthest I have ever biked." I reminded him we had the same ride home in the evening :)

Gordon Williams more than 1 year ago

Bike to school week

I really had fun riding to school with the kids as they participated in bike to school week. Great to see kids having fun and not sitting in a car waiting to be dropped off. The bike film fest was another great event...

Bryan L. more than 1 year ago

Cool wind in my hair

While visiting the beach this summer my husband and I took long early morning rides along the beach. Cool weather and not a person in sight with just the sound of the crashing ocean waves. Maybe not an event but it was great!

Brittany more than 1 year ago

Answering people in the elevator while in bike gear - every day

I've tried to be serious, and have learned to smile if I'm asked if I rode. I'm standing in my bike commuter gear, bright vest, pannier in hand, helmet in the other, cleated, and I know I'm covered in road mud. Yes, I rode my bike, and have been doing so daily for the last 40+ years.

Laura more than 1 year ago

Bicycle Fashion Show

My favorite bike event of the year was the Mass bike Gala and fashion show in Boston!

Emily more than 1 year ago

Counting Bikes @ Bike to Work Week

Twice a year I get to volunteer at a couple of my favourite HUB Bike to Work Week around Vancouver. I've doing this for 3 -4 years now and it's great to see more and more bike commuters every year. And more bike commuters with lights, fenders, and real riding gear for year-around commuting. Also, first time seeing teenagers commuting to their high schools on their bikes. The numbers keep going up and the party gets bigger and better every year.

wong wing-siu more than 1 year ago

Midnight Madness San Diego

Best ride for everyone! more than 1 year ago


CicLAvia is by far the most refreshing bicycle event in the car-oriented city of Los Angeles where I live. The streets shut down to car traffic, the train offers more bike cars, and thousands of people on bicycles, skateboards, and roller-blades (these are still popular here) flood the streets of LA. Whereas in their daily car commute most people barely acknowledge each others existence, CicLAvia is a kind of giant bicycle block party where people begin chatting with others cruising the streets. Conversations inevitably lead to beer, food, and friendship. CicLAvia helps us Angelinos take a second to think about and appreciate the possibilities and the unnoticed natural beauty of this crazy city of ours. more than 1 year ago

Portland Naked Bike Ride

In Portland Oregon we had nearly 10k riders bear it all for the love of biking. The trip ended underneath a freeway overpass.

Alex more than 1 year ago

Uwharrie, Uwharrie!

I loved going out to Uwharrie state park in NC for the first time this year. No road biking, it was a bit more aggressive, but great views and workout. A nice refreshing beverage after would have worked nicely ;)

Daniel O more than 1 year ago

Bike to work

I really enjoyed Bike to Work week - all of the different spots to visit to and from work were interesting.

Andrea more than 1 year ago


My favorite event this year was Biketober fest at hopworks urban brewery in porrland oregon

sam cope more than 1 year ago


Attending BBI in Colorado Springs and enjoying the cycling culture there. I am involved in a new venture to bring a cycling technician course to our community college in WV (WVUP) that will expand the opportunity for thousands of cyclist. Federal Financial Aid and the G I Bill will open the door previously closed to many.

Michael Smith more than 1 year ago

Favorite bike-related event

Hey there! The Chicago Bike Swap was my favorite bike-related event of the year. I had the chance to volunteer and oversee all of the bikes coming in and out at the bike valet. It took a lot of self-control on my part to not spend my money on all of the bikes there. The event is such a great way to meet other cyclists and check out used bikes in a legitimate, fun environment.

Erin more than 1 year ago

Tour of Gardens in Brookings, SD.

My favorite bike event in 2013 was Tour of Gardens in Brookings, SD. This event visited local gardens in back yards and public gardens and a garden that prduced for Farmers Market

Robb Rasmussen more than 1 year ago

So many to choose from!

My favorite bike event is either Tour de Troit (thousands of bikers riding through the city!) or the Michigander bike tour (a 2,6 or 7 day ride around Michigan promoting Michigan Trails and Greenways)

Kelly Kachnowski more than 1 year ago

Montreal Night Ride

On a Friday night in June thousands of cyclists (young and old) took to the streets in bright lights. From Disco to Lazer lights we cruised the streets of Montreal!!!

Nicola Colarusso more than 1 year ago


I have been to a lot of bike events over the last year, but it is always hard to compete with one of the largest week long rides in the country. The Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) It is 10,000+ people riding all day for seven days stopping in small towns eating, drinking and dancing. Love it every year.

Robert Oxenford more than 1 year ago

Winnipeg's Winter Bike to Work Day

Nothing like sharing the road and valentines day at -40 with some very hardy cyclists. Best part was the night time ride to curling with our brooms tucked into our backpacks, and a bottle of cinnamon whisky to warm you up when you got there!

Shoni more than 1 year ago

Saanich Bike Festival

So many bikes on a busy urban arterial taking over one full lane!

Corey Burger more than 1 year ago

Bike Rave Vancouver!

Almost 3 thousand people showed up-- we all had a blast dancing the night away...

teddy more than 1 year ago

Favorite bike event

So many bike events that it is hard to pick just one, but I have to say that biking over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset with my daughter definitely tops the list!

Deanne more than 1 year ago

Fuller Center for Housing Bike Adventure

3700 miles from Savannah, GA to Vancouver, BC. Greatest reason to quit my job, ever!

Carol Hawkins more than 1 year ago

anniversary ride

I was in an accident last year that should have killed me. The dr said I might never ride my bike againso on the year anniversary, I rode 100 miles with my wife

Rob more than 1 year ago


Always a highlight as it is an excuse to celebrate and evangelize about bike commuting!

Julian Dierkes more than 1 year ago

MS Riding Mountain Challenge Manitoba

What a fun ride and there were so many people of all ages and fitness levels. I did the ride with my new bride: BEST HONEYMOON EVER!

Rob more than 1 year ago

Bike event!

My favorite bike-related event of the past year was definitely Velo Swap in Denver. I found some cool stuff there.

Dave more than 1 year ago

Seattle Bike Show

Seattle Bike Show

eric stobin more than 1 year ago