March 31, 2014

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Because we cycle year-round.

Christopher Boot 296 days ago

Wet Spring

I to win this jack because it looks like its going to be a cold wet spring in Eastern Ontario.

Matthew LeDrew 296 days ago

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

But this jacket is so delightful!

Lenie 296 days ago

win a Giro Mechanic Jacket

Woohoo its raining cats and dog
woohoo I'm wet through to my sox
woohoo this weather really sucks
if I win this jacket I will no longer sing this song on the way home. 😄

Bruce McHardy 297 days ago


I'm pretty sure this will keep me warm on that endless descent to work...and I need the style points.

Steve Coleman 297 days ago


I am pretty sure I will look the coolest in this jacket. That's what I strive for while riding a bike. I have to look cool. 297 days ago

Bike clothing mechanics jacket

I'm outside all the time, good weather or bad. Would be nice to keep part of myself dry.

Sharon Meagher 297 days ago

Help a Bike Share Mechanic

Because I volunteer for our local bike share by maintaining bikes on Fridays at the bike-share centers and could really use a hard working mechanic's jacket embroidered with the ‘Mystic Community Bikes’ logo while making the rounds.

Brian Kent 297 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

I want to win this for my local mechanic. He works on my bike and always has it running. He NEVER charges me. In fact he insists I drink a beer with him. Although I buy beer for the shop, it is not nearly enough of a thanks. I would love to give him this as a gift of gratitude (along with a 6 pack of beer, of course!).

Renee Goldberg 297 days ago

I would like to win this jacket...

... because I love my Giro helmet and think this garment is also great!

Alexandre St-Laurent 297 days ago

Mechanic jacket

I wrench all the time. I need an awesome jacket to show the world my mechanic...ness...

Michaelann 298 days ago

I'm Handsome


Matt Z. 298 days ago

Gray for gray

Because it will match AND stand up to the weather around here lately

Jason Grden 298 days ago

i'd like to wear this

for commutes in spring showers. It looks great and functional

Markus 298 days ago

I should win because...

...when I go bike camping and traveling across the country there will many different climate changes and it will be nice to have something that will work on and off the bike while maintaining comfort and style.

Josh Ward 298 days ago

Looks great!

Sure would wear that on my walk to work! I'm walking more now its better for the enviroment and my health!

Maree 298 days ago

Volunteer love

A win for me would mean that this awesome jacket will wind up in the hands of a dedicated mud-slinger at the next Kymba Bluegrass trail day!

Carrie 298 days ago

Looks trim and won't flap/billow

Does it stretch? Does it vent? Does it have Reflective design aspects (because black is stupid in low light conditions). Is the pocket big enough for a smartphone? The right answers will make me want this jacket.

JD Hohmann 298 days ago


Save time by not trying to figure out what to wear, you already know it. Its the go to for all comfort and utility.

James Grigsby 298 days ago


To give to my husband!

Emily 298 days ago

Nice jacket

I I think this would look good on me for spring commuting

Crispien 298 days ago

Blends work, rides & life?!?

What more can one ask for? Sold!!!

franko 298 days ago

Giro Jacket

My husband bikes to work year round and deserves a jacket as hardy as him!

Deanne 298 days ago

Need help

Since it's grey and not radioactive, my wife will be less likely to divorce me!

Scott Cramer 298 days ago

Want to look dope as hell

This jacket is dope as hell and I want to be the same. What other reasons do I need?

Benjamin van Loon 298 days ago

I want it.

I live by bike and bus in a place where good jackets aren't taken for granted.

Kyle Crawford 298 days ago

Good looking jacket

I could really use this jacket for commuting and general riding in less than perfect conditions.

Ron Whitmire 298 days ago

stay dry

Spring is coming. It's coming, right? It's not going to be winter forever...

NS 298 days ago

Surprise me to surprise him

If I win it, it goes right to my snazzy husband! He would rock it! He doesn't have a commuter jacket yet..

KaylahKola 298 days ago

Working Class Hero

Looks like a great jacket for my ride to work..

Martin Rathgeber 298 days ago

no bag or snag

this jacket is warm yet no bulk or baggy cloth to snag on a branch as I whiz by

Kelly Bowyer 298 days ago

Staying Warm Before The Ride

I'm on the organizing board for the annual Fort 4 Fitness Spring Cycle event in Fort Wayne. The jacket would be a great way to stay warm as we welcome over a thousand cyclists and get them organized. Then I could take it off and generate body heat as I marshal the riders through the course, and put it back on after the event. Unfortunately as cold as it has been in Indiana, it may still feel like a "polar vortex" for our event in early May. Thanks for the opportunity, you rock!

Dave Schaller 298 days ago


This would perfect for me to wear on my ride to work.

Albert 298 days ago

Jacket needed

I would love to win this jacket for my husband! He's committed to riding his bike to work and inspired me to start riding to work daily. My husband has been wearing the same shell for so long I'm surprised it hasn't disintegrated yet. After 9+ years of commuting and bike tripping I think he's overdue for a new jacket and the Giro Mechanic Jacket would look great on him.

Marisa 298 days ago


I ride to work and I don't like wearing nen

Jeff Perry 298 days ago

Jacket required

I need something that will make co-workers stop saying 'Did you bike today?'. Or maybe start saying it.

Larry 299 days ago

It may be grey, however anything but drab

Sharp outerwear for the cycling commute. I can imagine myself on my bike in the jacket - looking good and feeling even better.

Jim 299 days ago

good jacket

better than naked

David 299 days ago

Dweeb City

Looks like my ordinary midweight jacket with some sewn on pocket flaps.
Nothing special...thrift shop styling!

d 299 days ago

Because my husband asked me to :D

But, really, I think he would look very sweet in this jacket. The close cut is a great look.

Kirbee 299 days ago


Exactly what I need!

Warren Rudd 299 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

I would this jacket so I can retire my 13 year old cycling jacked and have something with pockets in the front

Mark Beauchamp 299 days ago

make me a better person

As an uncool cyclist with two left hands that are all thumbs, I need one of these to make me cool and mechanically adept. Help!

Ross 300 days ago

sweet jacket

I live in the Windy City and need something protective and stylish to wear while riding.

Bob 300 days ago

jacket to go with the giro shorts i won

Would it be wrong of me to want the Giro jacket to go with the Giro shorts I won, they are now my favorite short., I can only imagine how awesome jacket must be, just can't justify price with my five year old princess in dance classes.

christopher jason roper 300 days ago


I think this would come in handy to prevent the dreaded roster tail form the spring rains inviting themselves on my rides.

Dan Stover 300 days ago

Since 2009...

I've been wearing the same jacket, all seasons. It needs a break.

Jordan 300 days ago

My poor husband.

My husband has worn the same coat for an eternity and won't get a new one. It always the same old "my coat is still good. Why would I buy a new one?". He works and plays hard. He deserves it. Thank you.

Tracey 300 days ago

Pure style.

I don't look good on a bike. I'm tired of hearing everyone point and laugh. Maybe I would get some respect with this coat.

John 300 days ago

This jacket...

...looks like it is woven from pure awesome, interspersed with threads of grandeur.

Andrew Kaiser 300 days ago

All year commuter

I commute to work at 3 in the morning all year and this would be perfect for those in between days

Phillip Merritt 300 days ago

Giro Sport

Awesome Jacket. Perfect for spring weather

wendi McDonald 300 days ago


That jacket looks perfect for on and off bike. And the colour should compliment the greying around my temples after a Calgary winter.

Kris Fruin 300 days ago

Perfect fit

As both a cyclist and a mechanic, I feel like this is a perfect fit for me. Just in time for warmer weather too!

Cory Herc 301 days ago

Model vs. Reality

I photoshoped my face on the picture above and I look pretty good. I would like to find if I'm that stylish wearing the jacket when I win.

Tuyen Nguyen 301 days ago

Just the right look

As someone who works with areospace mechanics every day, many if whom are bikers, how cool would it be to show them that cyclists can make a bold statement when it comes to fashion with function!

Jeff Snyder 301 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

as a bike mechanic, clearly, I need this jacket.

Tim 301 days ago

I want to look cool

I tend to look like I put my "bike look" together with a pile of random whatever I could find that works for the weather. For once - I just want to look cool!

Susan Taylor 301 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

A rider looks stylish and has a feature rich jacket with the Giro Mechanic. It's light but ready for whatever riding in Spring weather might dish up. I want one because riding has put me into top shape and I need a new jacket for my new body. Bring it!

Dennis 301 days ago

Cycling apparel

The best jacket ever!!

Sande MacEachern 301 days ago


Because my last spring riding jacket has failed me completely. Maybe a Giro one will do me better

Ryan Gagnon 301 days ago

Perfect jacket

This would be the perfect jacket to wear while touring the vineyards of Niagara.

Keith C Ippel 301 days ago

Could use one!

Love the clean and simple design. Practical and functional. No frills, no pink -- LOL!

Raven 301 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

The jacket would come in very handy! I bike my son to day care Monday to Friday on our cargo bike. Currently I use a small blanket to keep me warm and this, ok I don't use a blanket :-) anyway the jacket would look class! and I would feel rather dapper in it! So lets keep our fingers crossed for the win!

Simon 301 days ago

Looks like I might need this soon

With any luck, I may have a new job soon that would enable me to commute to work by bicycle. Finally. This jacket would be a great start.

Christopher 301 days ago


Perfect replacement for old blue broken zippered MEC riding jacket. Now that I am commuting tonwork in the unpredictable Toronto spring, this jacket suits my needs for weather conditions and looks good enough to wear into the office too.

Steven Shulman 301 days ago

Nice Jacket

My husband has been wearing his yellow bike jacket for ages and it's showing its wear. Would love to win a new one for him.

Elaine 301 days ago


This would be the perfect jacket for my commute in the unpredictable Colorado weather.

Dave 301 days ago


I'm picking up biking again seriously after many years and have no specialized equipment. This could be the start of something awesome.

Sabocat 301 days ago


I happen to think my boyfriend is pretty hot, and would look even hotter wearing this jacket. Besides he's a hard working mechanic, who's jackets happen to be falling apart so could use a high performance good quality and great looking jacket!

Diane 301 days ago

Momentum Mag Contests Blog

Keen for a jacket that's not going to look out of place on and off the bike

Angus Macdonald 301 days ago

At last....

I have found the perfect jacket for my Dieter costume.....Touch the monkey!!!!!!

Rick 301 days ago

For Papa Bear

My husband is starting his spring commuting season and needs some stylish protection from the elements.

Queenside 301 days ago

I need a Sharp Jacket

I'm tired of the glow in the dark "Cycling" jackets. I need something I can ware to the pub or theatre. A casual not sporty night out. This jacket fits the bill.

brian McPherson 301 days ago

Giro mechanics jacket

I will never be 33 again but as a 63 year old grandfather, it would sure feel good to pretend. That's one cool coat

Derek Williams 301 days ago

Stylish while out

I need a jacket that I can wear while rolling up to the brewery and looking good inside.

JR 301 days ago

I need this to up my fashion game

I need this jacket so I look good enough to be considered for a photograph in Vancouver Cycle Chic

David K 301 days ago

A Mechanic and a Cyclist

I really like being a bike mechanic and ride bikes a lot! Simple as that...

Roger Class 301 days ago

Dry commuting

I'd like to stay dry on my bike commutes to and from work.

TJ Knight 301 days ago

It's Cold

My commute is cold. Need multiple layers to stay warm

Dave 301 days ago

I don't know a lot of bike mechanics...

...that specifically need a jacket like this, but plenty of bicycle commuters (including myself) that do!

Joe Tilman 301 days ago


I need a new jacket that would keep me stylin' both on and off the bike (none of that neon reflective stuff)!

Dan YC 301 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

I've been looking for an appropriate jacket to sew my BBI patch on and this fits the bill nicely. Our new Bicycle Technician program @ WVUP kicks off this Fall and this will surely impress my students. Plus it's just cool!

Michael Smith 301 days ago

Cool Jacket

I'd love to win this waterproof jacket. I use my bike to go back and forth to work and this jacket would rock.

Rob B 301 days ago


Waterproof yes!

Jim 301 days ago

Giro Sport Design Jacket

A little dapper jacket would help go a long way.

Jason Brune 301 days ago

Giro Gacket

I am a wannabe bike mechanic type, but would like to look the part too- this jacket is perfect!

Guy 301 days ago

jacket win

i don;t have a bike riding jacket

gary c 301 days ago


Love me some cycling gear!

Vin 301 days ago

Fashionably practical

In everything, I choose style and substance.

Bob 301 days ago

Because I'll be 66 on the 6th...

...And no woman is ever too old to wear a cool jacket and release her inner dude!

Diana B. 301 days ago

Winter is Coming

Tired of turning up either cold or sweaty by not wearing the proper amount of layers. I'm a teacher so the kids are sick of the smelly armpits with option 2.

Joel Harris 301 days ago

Sweet jacket

my denim jacket is getting holy

Rob 301 days ago


my girlfriend keeps stealing my mid-weight jacket.

jeff 301 days ago

I need a warm layer

because it seem winter will never end.

John 301 days ago


In the immortal words of The Fonze, HEYYYYYYYY!

Nick Dahl 301 days ago

Dandy no more!

I've been called a fancy man. A dandy, if you will. This jacket will make me look more like the working man I am, or at least pretend to be.

James 301 days ago


It's slick. I'm slick. And it would make me happy, my wife happy and my 18 year old hipster son jealous if I won it.... but then he might mug me for it....

Wong Wing-Siu 301 days ago

everybody's a winnah!

Everybody wins, if I wore this jacket. It's sooo easy on the eyes.

Jonathan Sainsbury 301 days ago

It's cold up north

It's April 1st tomorrow, and we're planning a bike ride to celebrate spring....but we're supposed to get freezing rain and some snow. A new jacket would really help any of us northern Ontario riders! Thanks!

Harris Leach 301 days ago

He Deserves It

I'd like to win for a friend. I moved to his city without a job, and he's helped me with everything, including paying for fun times when I can't. Neither of us can really afford much stylish attire for cycling - and while I'm looking for a job I can't afford to give him a gift. He's worked hard to get in shape and would look so awesome in this jacket!

Jenifer Hanson 301 days ago

It looks sharp, and I want to look sharp, too

My gear wears out since I ride everyday, so a new jacket would great! Thanks.

Brent S 301 days ago


Because the zipper is in the middle like a non-futuristic jacket

Denis 301 days ago

Momentum Mag Contests Blog

I want to win so that I can wear the jacket riding to work and riding for fun and riding for exercise and being a mechanic and other ways too. At this rate, I guess I'll never take it off!

Douglas Kline 301 days ago

Great gift for my riding partner

He rides everyday to high school, even though others think he's crazy. Having this jacket will show that he's stylish and crazy.

Kelley 301 days ago

I need one

I need one so bad

John 301 days ago

great look

Love the crisp and slim look of it

Christian 301 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

This would be a perfect UBI bike school graduation gift for me.

Josef Forsberg 301 days ago


Giro, cause i tots to look fancy while eating a Gyro.

guerilla gus 301 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

I do need to upgrade my bicycle jacket.

george liem 301 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

I want t win this because it looks functional and fashionable.

Christopher Joy 301 days ago

Giro Mechanic Jacket

I deserve that jacket because I've just endured the Polar Vortex from hell, and wore out my previous less attractive jacket!!

Rob Christensen 301 days ago

Giro Jacket

I would love to win this for my husband! He has just returned to riding after ankle surgery and is loving being back on both his road bike and mountain bike. He turns 50 in two months. This would be perfect

J. Sharp 301 days ago

Mechanic Jacket

I'd love to improve my mechanics skills and perhaps this cleverly named jacket would encourage me to do so!

Amber 301 days ago

No Jacket require. Jacket desired

Looks like a pretty great jacket to have and I expect since it's cycling gear, probably has a good slim fit.

David Weisz 301 days ago

A jacket for long armed people

I would love to win this jacket because at 6'3", most jackets yank up badly when I'm riding on the hoods. This appears be a jacket cut long enough to actually be comfortable and fit well when riding in a more aggressive position.

Nate 301 days ago