June 10, 2014

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windy evening rides

in Victoria, start out warm and end up cool, a light jacket like this would be a good answer

Markus 186 days ago

To survive the island hills

I commute to work every day, covering over 800m in elevation. The jacket will help with my serious need for moisture control. And it will go with my moustache.

nathan 186 days ago

To match my

rip-stop parachute pants from the eighties...

corey white 186 days ago

crazy weather!

I live in an area with unpredictable weather. I could use a new jacket to help me deal with that!

lenie 186 days ago

chilly MI U.P. weather

The temps change between the hours and between shoreline and 2 miles inland here in the U.P. Always have to dress in layers and be able to cover up to stay warm. And this summer is staying very cool this June!

Judy Foster 186 days ago

Cool evenings

This jacket is perfect for cool evenings. The reflective piping is also a nice safety feature for those evening rides home in the dark.

Eli 186 days ago

One Word: Vancouver

I need a new jacket because the liner on my current one is broken, literally.

Cecile C 187 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

Got to look sharp when i get to work!

Matthew LeDrew 187 days ago

Challenges of the High Desert

In Northern Nevada scorching heat during the day quickly gives way to windy and chilly weather during the evening. It would be nice to have a lightweight top layer to throw on in a breeze when riding home.

Eric R. 187 days ago


Whats the diff between this jacket and my old school thrift store nylon windbreaker with the snaps?
Oh...the name & price...

d 187 days ago

Packing light

I'm known for over-packing my panniers with all the essentials. The Giro Wind Jacket would allow me to lighten the load. When riding in the wind, this jacket would make my ride more comfortable and I can stow it away easily when done riding.

Janice Ng 187 days ago

Don't like the weather?

Wait 5 minutes. Every day I ride through 4 seasons of weather. Wearing the right layers is the only way to remain comfortable on the bike. This looks like the right layer!

Theodore Essenfeld 187 days ago


Gotta win this jacket

Peter Shaw 188 days ago

Orange beauty

Love this jacket!!

Sande macEachern 188 days ago

Ride More of the Year

I'd love to have a new wind jacket because the one I have now I got for running. It doesn't really work so work for cycling. With this jacket I will be better equipped to ride through more of the crazy weather we get here in Northern Michigan.

Paul Molnar 188 days ago

Nippy New Mexican evenings

Just started bike commuting this year and temperature swings in the high New Mexican desert leave me wishing I had a stowable jacket.

Ramsey 188 days ago

Wind jacket FTW

I hate having to wear a wind jacket while cycling into a headwind. So sweaty. hopefully this will solve the problem.

Nat 188 days ago


The weather here in Portland, Or. can change so fast that unless you are just making a short >1 mi. trip you had BETTER carry something to shed the rain and wind1

Robin 188 days ago

Biking Jacket Contest

A lightweight jacket should be a mainstay in every bike rider cyclist wardrobe. Being visible is key for our safety. Yes, you can be stylish and safe at the same time. How many times have you seen a bike rider in a jacket looking like a "puffed up" trash bag, just to try to stay dry and warm,that's a drag in so many ways. Style and function.

Wilma Schmitz 188 days ago

Better than Denim

When conditions aren't ideal, I currently throw on my trusty jean jacket. It's neither light nor windproof. It's packable, if I bring a big bag. It's not particularly water-resistant. In fact, people may call it water-attractive. It's kind of the least ideal biking jacket to wear. So perhaps it could go into well-deserved retirement if I could get an upgrade to the Giro Wind jacket!

Cec L. 188 days ago

Perfect compliment to my biking lifestyle

The packability and light weight of this jacket wouldn't add weight or bulk to my commute. On my commute to work I carry a change of clothing, an ereader and tablet, biking necessitates like a spare tube, frame pump, wrench and multi-tool etc etc and could really use a jacket that stores easily in my bag, yet always ready to provide the protection i need when the weather turns a bit.

Ralph Branch 188 days ago


From the elements and others on the road (orange color required).

Kevin 189 days ago

Poaching cycling clothes

So I can stop borrowing my husband's cycling jacket!

Iris W. 189 days ago

I live in Portland. Nuff said!

Fickle weather + lots of bicylists to tell about my new jacket = win for us both

Paul Smith 189 days ago

A very windy day

Living at one of the highest points in Calgary I can tell you all about wind. If its not chilling me to the bone rolling off the foothills of Alberta its my speed as I descend the hills of Calgary trying to destroy my speedometer. I need a good windbreaker to keep me warm.

John 189 days ago

Fine Looking Jacket

I could ride with panache when I pedal the streets of Brooklyn. A little flash, combine with practicality. Always in style, even for a 60 year old Bubby.

Nina Sabghir 189 days ago

If I won the Giro..

Chris Horner would need to surrender the pink jersey to go with the cool jacket.

Jim 189 days ago

Giro jacket

I just moved to a windy city but commute to a city with a much hotter climate! I need something that can be folded up and thrown in my bag once I reach my destination area, where the sun is out. I love the structured design of the women's jacket.

Emma R 189 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

I am a 66-year-old bicycle commuter and I want to look like a cool 66-year-old bike commuter!

Sharon Guenther 189 days ago

Prepared for Summer Rain and Autumn Chill

A new jacket would stylishly compliment my riding in summer rain showers or shield me from the chill of Autumn as I commute to class.

Amber R. 189 days ago

They Are Sexy

I have just discovered Giro products and love them. I just moved to the city (Vancouver) from the country and need to update my cycling look ;) and I think this jacket is just the item I need. It is functional, light, very good-looking and best of all - not black! And 2nd best of all - not white, like my 15 year old, falling-apart, formless, dirty one.

Tracy Dixon 189 days ago

A design dream

I always bike everywhere in happy prints and patterns, but I haven't found outerwear to match. This windbreaker is proof positive that cyclists don't have to sacrifice style, and beats my drab grey MEC jacket any day (sorry, MEC - but I'll definitely donate it).

Lisa 189 days ago

Giro sport jacket

Because the weather here is so unpredictable, i need something i can stick in my bag and not make me sweat. :)

sharon meagher 189 days ago

I need a jacket

Because I live in Boston! Sunny then cold, then windy then rainy...

Natalie Brady 189 days ago

handsome, functional

...but enough about me ;-) This lightweight jacket fits my idea of dressing in layers. On its own on a summer evening or over a sweater on a cool winter morning, this would see a lot of use out of my house.

Robin 189 days ago

Why a Giro Wind Jacket?

Because it's always cold and windy in the first half of my commute and frickin' uphill hot in the second half.

Kenneth Chen 189 days ago

Wind breaker activate!

I need one of these, simply because I don't actually own a windbreaker jacket at all. Just got into biking and am slowly getting all the items I need to make it a year round activity. This would help out a lot! The wind won't stand a chance!

Nathalie Drummond 189 days ago


OMG, the wind when I pass the lake on the way to work every day. Not 12 months of the year but when it's blowing, you wish it were at your back......

Pat Arbour-Reily 189 days ago


So can I eat a sandwich in peace.

Doug 189 days ago

Never dressed correctly for Victoria weather

It never fails, I leave home cold and arrive too hot. It is so hard to dress for the weather in Victoria and temperatures vary so much depending on proximity to the water. A lightweight wind jacket would be a perfect layer to carry all the time, providing easy access to extra warmth when needed.

Tanya 189 days ago

To break the wind! Wait. That didn't come out right.

More practical than a hoodie. :)

Angie 189 days ago

Cool and windy

Its cool and windy today and I need a wind jacket.

John Wegner 189 days ago


To look super rad on my bike!

lindsay 189 days ago

Time To Stand Out

Many cyclists in Calgary have the same jacket from MEC that comes in one of three colours and is frankly boring. It's time to break out and these look phenomenal.

Kris Fruin 189 days ago

Because this one is cool!

I had a cycling accident last month, which broke my femur in several places and had to have surgery so I won't be able to ride my bike again until September. I am so sad to miss my whole summer of cycling, and I'd love to have this jacket for when I can get back on the bike in the fall!!!

Connie Jackson 189 days ago

because I don't have one!

And I need one! And I like this one!

Julie Schliebner 189 days ago

To Block the Wind

Seems obvious, but the best reason to use a wind jacket is to block the wind. (And it does get windy here in the South.)

Stephen Thomas 189 days ago


The weather hasn't quite stabilized to being consistently warm. On morning rides when it's cool, a nice light weight jacket will keep the chill at bay til the sun is higher in the sky. If I get too warm the jacket can fit into a shirt pocket. The bright color helps with visibility so crazy drivers can see me better.

Yolande 189 days ago

Fashion & function

What is not to love about a dry & warm cruise to & from work? Leading by example, proving that commuting can look pretty sweet.

Kim Wilton 189 days ago


I'd be able to fit this in a side pocket of my pannier and rock on with the layering as needed!

CaroLyn 189 days ago

Perfectly packable!

This jacket is perfect to roll up and keep stashed in the bike trunk, so I'll always have it for the bike commute. I'll never have to think ahead to put my bulkier rain jacket in there or not (unless it's a super rainy day)--a perfect solution!

Linn 189 days ago

Cute and functional, sweetness!

This jacket would make my morning commute a breeze.

Nicole 189 days ago

It is REALLY windy here!

I live in Richmond, California, and the fog and the wind roar through here during the summer. My lightweight Pearl Izumi shell doesn't really cut it, so a new wind jacket would be awesome. Thanks!

Brent S 189 days ago

Cool, and Not

I'll look cool, and be just warm enough!

Morgan Staines 189 days ago

Non-Alien Cycle Jacket, please

I would love a cycling jacket that is lightweight and easy to carry around that doesn't make me look like an alien from outer space. This jacket is it!

Alyson 189 days ago

Why could I use a new Giro Wind Jacket?

Because all of my cycling clothing is a dozen years old and starting to wear out, including my jacket. Would love to upgrade to one of these lovely jackets!

Sue McWain 189 days ago

Wind for Wind

I would love having a wind jacket because of many reasons! 1) to cut the wind! 2) to keep Vancouver's misty rain off of me and prevent me from getting sick! 3) to avoid getting hit by a car in that beautiful, luscious orange colour! 4) to stash as a backup on Vancouver's schizophrenic weather days when you don't know what you'll need and you don't want to get stuck without it 5) to match my colours and look stylish (who wants an ugly jacket, and Giro makes good looking merch)! and lastly, 6) because it's an essential which I don't have and ride about 300 days out of the year, 7) to support Giro because I like their products and am obsessed with good gear and am told I'm should be a salesperson because when I like something, I really push it, and lastly 8) because I will be losing my job at the end of the year so i'm too cheap to spend on anything right now!

Pam Jost 189 days ago

wind jacket

My zippers always go on my jackets. Perhaps this one will last longer.

Johannes Klein 189 days ago


My current jacket is on the verge of ripping apart. Good luck to everyone!

Leon 189 days ago

I don't have a jacket for riding! Just haven't gotten one! my oldest just got his license and now I'm commuting to work by bike because I'm finally able to! Living in Indiana, the weather is always crazy. A jacket would be awesome!

I don't have a jacket for riding! Just haven't gotten one! my oldest just got his license and now I'm commuting to work by bike because I'm finally able to! Living in Indiana, the weather is always crazy. A jacket would be awesome!

beth 190 days ago

Cuter Commuter

The women's Giro wind jacket is nice, light, functional and fitted--and not black which is a combination that can be hard to find. I would love this because it is a cute jacket for my commute!

Daly 190 days ago

A good field test

My jacket is patched at the elbows with nylon pressure patches after a bike commute vs. pothole crash and an OTB incident. I definitely could use a new jacket. :)

Jun Zuniga 190 days ago

Momentum Mag Giro Wind Jacket contest submission!

Why I need a new jacket...
Good question! I own a jacket, it looks sort of like the one the man's wearing. However, the one I have was not designed for riding, so when my torso stretches across the top tube to reach the handlebars, up go my sleeves! The jacket is neither light, nor water resistant. It has no reflective piping either. This Giro Wind Jacket would be great for my spring and fall rides or on cool and windy days, sort of like last week! I can fold and stash it away when it gets warm, or after I've worked up a sweat. This would be a perfect companion to my small bike wardrobe!

Jason 190 days ago

Why I would love to win a Giro Wind Jacket

I started cycle commuting in 2012. I bought a brand new high-viz wind jacket at that time. However, due to losing over 60 lbs due to the constant bike riding, my jacket is now WAY too big on me and flaps in the wind. Something a little more form-fitting would be amazing.

Sylvie Charbonneau 190 days ago

wind capital

Ottawa is the wind capital of the country. I think. Because of some cold air forming over the Gatineau park at night and coming west in the morning, I get headwind morning and afternoon almost every day.

Christian 190 days ago


Would like to win

Peter Shaw 190 days ago

Hear the wind

Would love to win this jacket!

Sande MacEachern 190 days ago

New wind jacket!

My current sleeveless wind jacket is 20 years old and my one with sleeves is 7 years old. I would love a fitted new wind jacket that actually works and is packable, unlike the aging wonders I have now!

Carrie M 190 days ago

Oh, I need one

I don't have a bike specific jacket yet, I just wear an old not so rain proof hoodie when I ride...

Jessica Galli 190 days ago

my yellow jacket shows the grease spots

It's really visible, but my yellow jacket has lots of grease stains that won't come out. At least at grey one will kind of go with the black trim it will inevitably acquire.

Ross 190 days ago

for the fit

My current wind/rain riding jacket does not sit comfortably and rides up my arms and back. Would love a jacket designed for pure function while looking good.

derick 190 days ago

Just for the ride!

what more could I ask for?

patrick nicastro 190 days ago

For my Bride

Fort the past six weeks my wife has been on a Doctor supervised diet and has lost 25.5 pounds. This past weekend we went shopping for new clothes for her. We couldn't buy much because she still has a lot of weight to lose. She has taken up the sport of biking to help with her cardio. A new fancy Giro Wind Jacket would be a nice reward for all her hard work and a good motivation for her new life change.

Chad 190 days ago


Slipping through the traffic like mounted cavelier one must be stylish and prepared , this jacket does both !

lee kenney 190 days ago

Aesthetics and Function

It's nearly impossible to find an affordable jacket that functions well and doesn't look like something a prisoner wears while picking up trash on the side of the highway. The Giro jacket appears to be wholly different.

Christopher Jones 191 days ago

Look like a good jacket

what more could I ask for?

joe 191 days ago


I haven't been able to find just the right jacket after shopping the brands I usually love.

jacqui oostergo 191 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

My cat peed on my last jacket, now no one will ride with me or behind me.

Lee 191 days ago

Can't afford a spiffy new jacket

I'm a broke student who bikes to and from campus. A new jacket would be a massive upgrade over my frayed dollar store fluorescent safety vest. :)

Brian 191 days ago

I have no jacket

I'm a relatively new cyclist since May 2014. I don't have a set cycling jacket but am in need of a good jacket that's reflective and can hold up to the elements.

Judy M. 191 days ago

A reason to still ride in the rain/wind

I like this jacket because I need a good jacket to protect me from the rain/wind when I commute to school. A reason to still ride outside instead of hiding indoor.

Laura 191 days ago

Could use a new jacket

I could use a new jacket as my present wind breaker I have had for well over 10 years. Thank you for the great contest!

Stacy 191 days ago

Why I "Need and New Jacket" vs "Could use"

I Need an new jacket due to the fact I do not have a jacket. I ride walk and run in a variety of Regions and simply do not have a jacket that is at my disposal. I need a jacket that can stand up to the elements and in turn assist in alleviating sickness associated with changing conditions, As well, look good in the interim, that is Giro.

Frank DeSomer 191 days ago

Shelter from the storm

Like a warm embrace, or a canvas awning.

Mike 191 days ago

Time to Give Up the Value Village Find

I just rode from New Orleans to Hamilton, ON with my father, and while the Hind jacket I scored at VV did the trick, it's time for an upgrade. I want to ride more often, and riding stylish is always a bonus.

Claudia 191 days ago

Long New England rides

I love to go on long rides that start early when it's chilly and end when it's warmed up. A jacket like this would be perfect!

Sean Condon 191 days ago

Unpredictable Indiana Weather

Temperatures can change rapidly here so having a jacket that is easy to carry would be ideal for our climate. Giro has a great name and I would be honored to wear it and tell others about it.

Dave Schaller 191 days ago

Pick me

I look good in gray.

John 191 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

I'm a daily commuter and could really use a new jacket since my old one is becoming frayed. I would love to win this great Giro jacket.

Robert Bellini 191 days ago


It would allow me to ride in a variety of weather!

Lindsay 191 days ago

Win a Giro Wind Jacket

I want to ride with style, and what is best that a Giro

Tomas 191 days ago

Slim jacket

Who knew Dallas was a windy city? And it doesn't rain often but when it does I can be prepared with this Giro Wind Jacket.

Christina 191 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

As a bike commuter, I could really use this jacket on rainy days to and from work. PLUS it would be an awesome BIRTHDAY present for when I turn 28 next Friday, June 20th!!!

Chad Carwein 191 days ago

Save me from the wind

I need a wind jacket because my sweatshirts aren't cutting through the crazy wind storms that hit the Colorado Front Range every spring!

Dave Koenig 191 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

I prefer to ride in style with this jacket on. It lets others know that I belong on the road.

Con Sumer 191 days ago

New Jacket

I could use a new jacket because my current one is now too large. I guess I've been doing something right by getting out there and riding.

Jim 191 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

I could use a Giro Wind Jacket, I spend a considerable amount of time outside hiking or cycling, but appropriate equipment and clothing can be expensive! this would be great!

Andrew S 191 days ago


I could use a new jacket, because my current jacket is my college track windbreaker and doesn't have any reflective details. I'm all about more visibility the more I ride.

Bryan L. 191 days ago

Wind jacket

I would love a "new" wind jacket. The zippers on my thrift store cycling jacket are almost toast!

Daniel Trujillo 191 days ago


As a newbie cyclist a need to get cycling gear, but it's costly at times and it would be nice of I could win this jacket to start my collection...

Igor 191 days ago

Why i could use a new jacket

I am a daily cyclist, rain, shine, hot, cold, inbetween, for work or for play. It is a part of my lifestyle. I can always use new gear, especially clothing since it gets used daily and hauled around.

seth kreiss 191 days ago

Jacket Required

I sit here wrapped in gauze, smelling like triple anti-biotic cream. A pot hole brought me down at 25mph and took with it some of my leg and arm skin. If I had such a jacket, I would have looked great descending into the pothole and sliding across the road between my group ride colleagues. Now the jacket would serve to hide my wounds from curious children, disapproving pedestrians and hungry dogs. Cheers.

Zachary Krom 191 days ago

Giro jacket

I'd like a new giro jacket because I need something bright to improve upon visability and style! Orange would be so sweet. Men's Medium!

shannon Burt 191 days ago

giro rocks

I guess I would look pretty damn good in such a stylish Giro wind jacket when I am cycling through Austria and other parts of the world!

Johanna 191 days ago

Time to upgrade

The liner of my North Face shell has disintegrated in a shower of peeling strips and my own tears, leaving me vulnerable to biting morning winds. A new Giro jacket would be the sunshine that brings out the rainbows hidden in all those tears.

Mike Cheung 191 days ago

New to Commuter Cycling

New to commuter cycling, and have been researching wind/rain jackets. I've seen the kind that are too cheap and would easily tear, to the kind that are over-priced. Unfortunately, trying to find jackets between the two extremes is difficult, and am unsure of what features I really do need for Nebraska commuting. This Giro looks really nice, and I would love to own it.

Lee 191 days ago

Perfect for windy days in the mountains

Some days, the wind here about blows me away! Would love a nice jacket that would make my mountain rides more comfortable.

Tara 191 days ago

Leaky jacket

The current rain jacket I use is leaky... I'm often ending up soaked when I wear it. Infuriating!

Kaye 191 days ago

cold bay air

I'll be moving to Berkeley in a month. Can't wait to ride in the bay area but I know the air will be chilly and damp. This jacket would be perfect.

Neal Spinler 191 days ago

My Windy New City - Seattle

Well I sold my house, car and moved from Arizona to Seattle to pursue a healthier more bike focused life. The only thing is that the city of Seattle has a lot of wind and drizzle. I could use this jacket to fuel my new adventures riding in Seattle and the Islands surrounding Seattle please pick me. Cheers-

Zachary Blechner 191 days ago


We have lots of wind and cold here in Wisconsin. The wind blows up from Illinois!

Jeff 191 days ago

Need a jacket

I need this jacket because I don't currently have a wind jacket.

Eugenie 191 days ago

Upper Body Wrap

Amazing shell that is designed to hide all your flaws on your upper body. Ohh and it is Wind Proof as well!

Ryan Cathman 191 days ago

giro sport design jacket

I could really use a comfortable lightweight jacket that won't interfere with my ride.

lisa mcfarland 191 days ago


It looks so nice I'd wear it twice.

Andy MacDonald 191 days ago

never ending jacket hunt

i'm always in search of lightweight jackets and never seem to find one that does what i want it to do without costing an arm and a leg. would love to be able to try this one out!

Letha 191 days ago

Replacement jacket

When I was hit by a car last october my hi viz jacket was destroyed. I had a fractured pelvis, lacerated ear and much road rash and bruises. I am back to riding again after 6 months of rehab.

Jim Guenther 191 days ago

New Jacket

I'd love to have a jacket that actually fits close, what I have function nicely as sails, not so great for long rides in the Great Plains wind

Nate 191 days ago

Be prepared

Layers! It's all about layers!

Christopher Stephens 191 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

Why do I need a new jacket? My current jacket was purchased in the late '80s and acts more like a wind catching sail than a slim cut wind protector.

Guy 191 days ago

Cuts through wind like a hot knife through butter

It's always nice to have the right tool for the job.

Josh Ward 191 days ago

Better then thermals

I commute all the time and I wear thermal underwear or sweatshirts. These items are bulky, hard to get on or take of while riding, and hard to store. It would be nice to have a cycling specific jacket that would be easier to do all of those things. A new jacket would also make me look very stylish on my daily commute.

William 191 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

I was very sick (hospitalized for a month!) earlier this year, and lying around not moving did a number on my waistline. My old wind jacket was already a little snug, and now it's completely out of the question.

Sarah 191 days ago

Could always use a new raincoat

Could always use a new raincoat

gary 191 days ago

Cool morning rides

Need a light jacket for those cool morning rides.

Lloyd 191 days ago

I need this jacket.

I currently use my raincoat as a windbreaker, but it's a raincoat. It's hot and its hood acts as a wind catcher. I need to slice through the wind, not collect it, and this looks like it will work great for that.

Sean Pollock 191 days ago

Giro Wind Jacket

I live in Canada...... where you always need a jacket!

partunia 191 days ago

I really need a good windbreaker

I've been shopping around for the right windbreaker - I think I just found it!

Jenny 191 days ago

New jacket

Just moved to Toronto from Tel-Aviv, where it's either hot (usually) or cold(ish), so I don't have a light weight jacket

Rotem 191 days ago

new jacket

I dont own a wind jacket

Rob Hendricks 191 days ago

new jacket

women need multiple jackets

Gloria Hendricks 191 days ago