October 21, 2013

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For my children

It sounds like a cliche - but recycling and up cycling are important to me so that my children and future generations in general will have a chance to enjoy the beauty our planet has to offer.

Tanya more than 1 year ago


any activity with UP and CYCLING in it gets my vote!

franz more than 1 year ago

upcycling, recycling...

repurposing, reducing, reusing, regifting, reimagining, reengineering, repairing help reduce the remorse of relentless consumption. Regardless of my repeated repairs my current daypack reaches the point at which it can no longer be redeemed.

Markus more than 1 year ago

vicious cycle

We cant keep producing and not recycling. It is just not sustainable

tracey more than 1 year ago

save it

If we dont use the 3 R's we wont have blue skies and clean air for our children to enjoy cycling in.

john more than 1 year ago

I want that 'little green bag'. ;)

Upcycling and recycling are important to me because most things that make it to the landfill still have value, whether it be in energy or for use as the starting material for some other item. This company is truly where it's at with manufacturing out of previously existing materials. Our world after all is of limited resources which will eventually meet it's denise in this throw away society. I want that 'little green bag'. ;)

Natalie L more than 1 year ago

its important man!

Everything is made to fail these days! Nothing lasts - throw it away and replace it - most things aren't repaired or can't be repaired. Any company that can make a go of recycling, repairing, upcycling, or repurposing stuff rocks. We are going to run out of raw materials, nothing lasts forever, we cant just keep consuming with abandon! Rant over.

Albert more than 1 year ago

Green guru rocks

Why upcycling, recycling, bicycling are important .... The Dark Mountain Project

Chris Byron more than 1 year ago

Less is more

Less waste = more fun

Allen Hancock more than 1 year ago


When you spend a lot of time cycling, re- and up-cycling advocacy is definitely preaching to the biking converted.

Julian Dierkes more than 1 year ago

A way of life

I've been upcycling and recycling long before it was popular. Admittedly in the beginning it was more because every reused item was one less I had to buy, but when I see pictures of the garbage patch in the Pacific it makes me even more motivated to keep doing the little bit that I can.

Jenn more than 1 year ago


Upcycling and recycling is doable because we have so many existing processed materials. Rather than fabricating new materials, why not use what we've already got?

T more than 1 year ago

Upcycle, Recycle, Life Cycle

I have been an avid upcycler/recycler for over two decades. The importance of such a lifestyle choice can be summed up in two words: ONE EARTH!

Shaughn Uebinger more than 1 year ago

the world nedds more recycling

Only can dump so much waste in to this world. Upcycling and recycling are always the first step. The more we can show it can be done. The more it will be done.

john reineke more than 1 year ago

Product Life

The tube might have longer life in this backpak than it did on a wheel :)

GTJ more than 1 year ago

Why upcycling and recycling are important

Upcycling and recycling are important to me because our landfills are filled, our natural resources are limited, the energy demands to harvest new resources far exceed that which is required to recycle, and the reuse of materials provides an opportunity for an American worker to develop skills and give back to the marketplace and provide a valuable contribution to the community. I follow the reduce, reuse, recycle pattern in life and love that Green Guru Gear exists to manage the end of life of my tubes.

Charles Turner more than 1 year ago

Life is so important

Keeping the flow on life on earth is one of our goals.
We do much to help.

Barbara more than 1 year ago

And Away We Go!

Along with cycling we do many things to help keep our lives sustainable.
It is so very important

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

totally tubular

bi cycle re cycle up cycle...a cycle of life
use those old tubes as handlebar tape is one example
but you already knew that

danny more than 1 year ago

Upcycled Tubes are Rad

Riding is less consumption. Upcycling and cycling go hand in hand...or foot in foot. Whichever way you want to look at it. Riders are taking cars off the streets. Why not have gear-makers take items to reuse out of the landfill. It is only logical.

Jenna more than 1 year ago


Reducing waste and prolonging the use of material rather than creating new material is important for our protecting the environment for future generations.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Cycling should be sustainable

I don't like the culture of waste, I patch my tubes and don't use CO2 canisters. Utility cycling should minimize the footprint on the environment, if possible.

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

Minimizing waste

We live in PA, and import a lot of waste into our state. Creating less waste and repurposing items is in everyone's interest.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Giving back and cutting clutter

After giving up my car to become a full-time commuter, I've learned to pack less, use less, and make the most of what I already have. I started to evaluate all the other materials in my life too, and donated a bunch of stuff to those less fortunate than myself. I'm so lucky to live in a city surrounded my lakes, bike lanes, and a variety of seasons. I pick up recycling I see on the side of the road, and grab trash out of the lakes near my home. It's all about giving back to the places you enjoy the most.

Sara more than 1 year ago


Omg, it's so much waist around! I am trying to use less plastic in my life, seeing so much of it outside. Sad to understand we produce so much crap, I am happy to see how people find ways to upcycle and recycle.

IrinaZG more than 1 year ago


We generate enough garbage already per person, and we should all do our part to diminish our ecological footprints.

calvin lee more than 1 year ago


Upcycling is a fun, creative way to cut down on personal waste, and recycling is just common sense.

Barbara Leiterman more than 1 year ago

keep using it!

It makes so much sense to reuse durable materials and upcycle them into new cool stuff. And, the new gear has way more mojo. too!

Brent Stewart more than 1 year ago

Recycling and Upcycling

Recycling and upcycling are important to me because as a consumer I always get annoyed a the amount of wrapping material used for each product. A lot of these materials can be recycled and put to very good use. The Green Guru Commuter Backpack is a very good example.

Brendan Timmins more than 1 year ago

green guru commuter backpack

I love biking because I am polluting less than if I drive a car. if we don't recycle, where will all those dead tires go? what a lovely backpack. Happy riding, everyone!

Alison Hackney more than 1 year ago

Why Upcycling and Recycling is Important

I think many people are beginning to realize that much of earths resources are finite. Including space. I think that before the last century or so it was common practice to use and reuse what people had and not to waste as much. For me, I try to recycle/upcycle as much as possible and also try to not consume as much (reduce). That's not easy to do and I am a work in progress. I really do enjoy riding my bike and most of the time it makes me feel really good.

Michel more than 1 year ago

Green Guru Commuter Backpack

As a daily commuter in sometimes bright and sunny, mostly chilly, and sometimes downright freezing Winnipeg, Canada I know how important a good dependable all weather bag can be. I have used everything from backpacks to courier bags but this bag looks pretty slick. Gives the conscience a breather too by using upcycled materials.

Geoff more than 1 year ago

Its My Life

I live in Las Vegas Nv, one of the least Eco friendly cities in America. But through all of the tribulation we confront living here, there are many of us who have taken it upon themselves to share what it can mean to be eco sustainable. Personally, I work with a Cylcery that is 103% sustainable and is LEED Platinum certified, we recycle everything, in my professional and personal life. With items like these, I use it as a beacon, a conversation starter and a presence of the past and as a new frontier of the future. :)

Amanda more than 1 year ago

it`s unavoidable

We all know that our current way of life is not sustainable. If we are to make it as a species, we`re going to have to upcycle, recycle, reuse, reduce and much much more. Riding our bikes is a fantastic first step towards our future

Christian more than 1 year ago


The only things that should be seen as disposable are outmoded ideologies: i.e. the word "disposable." no longer serves its purpose.

Rob Patterson more than 1 year ago

Better than using virgin resources

Upcycling makes products we value without needing to use new materials, which is a desirable outcome with regard to resources and energy use. Furthermore, upcycled products makes a statement about one's values.

Moreno more than 1 year ago

Because you can see history

Especially with upcycled products, you can see the history of the materials, and think about what they were doing before they morped into something new.

Ross more than 1 year ago

Commuter Backpack

Upcycling and recycling are important because we have limited resources. Disposable products simply create waste and reusing previous products brings new life. Easy enough, but I don't understand why more don't comprehend this and embrace it.

S. E. Goss more than 1 year ago

Why is upcycling important to me

Upcycling is important to me for a number of reasons. It reduces my footprint and impact on the world. I already make a big impact by riding daily instead of driving.
it also has a very cool factor since you are using bike related parts for other purposes. I have many other products that have been upcycled once they are beyond their original purposes. Some of those being wallet & belt. I am also making many xmas ordimants and picture frames for presents to give out.
I would love this bag to help keep my stuff dry during the wet months of riding.

seth kreiss more than 1 year ago


Upcycling, recycling (well, just cycling in general) are important to me because taking care of our environment is everyone's resposibility. Utilizing items for new purposes, like my georgous black belt theat used to be an inner tube, keep land fills down, minds moving, and when it comes to cycling apparel, it makes us damn cool.

Michelle Schmiedeler more than 1 year ago

Recycle for Grandkids!

Recycle so my grandkids will have a chance, for a cleaner, greener world!

Kent Allee more than 1 year ago

Learning how to use things properly

Recycling, upcycling, etc. along with a lot of other things (like being frugal), is about learning how to use the things we produce properly to get maximum usage out of them and to prevent waste. It has lots of positive benefits, but it's also just a good way to make use of what we have.

Randy more than 1 year ago

green is upcycling

to be inventive, creative, and help spread the love of our earth is important to upcycle and recycle as much as you can. It is a way of life for me

Emilia Turner more than 1 year ago

why upcycling and recycling is important

we need to remember that the earth will be here for many more years to come and we need to do our best to leave it as habitable as possible

lisa mcfarland more than 1 year ago

GreenGuru pack

What a great marriage of green commuting by bike and green upcycling to help your stuff get there as well. I would obnoxiously brag about my low footprint, so maybe I should not win.

Guy more than 1 year ago

Adding value

I try not to recycle. I’m not being controversial, here’s the thing: I consider recycling to be the last resort; reducing and reusing always come first. An empty blue box is a wonderful thing. Upcycling is a brilliant combination of reusing and adding value. The Commuter Backpack is such a fine example of upcycling – well designed and made from materials that durable enough to probably be repurposed again. Help me help you keep those blue boxes empty!

Tammi more than 1 year ago

Upcycling / Recycling

It's not enough to simply recycle. Using and using again keeps the product in its useful cycle much longer, avoiding the cost incurred in the recycling (putting the product in the bins, basically) process. I'm not 100% certain that our local recycling company is actually doing what I hope they are with our bottles, cans, plastics, cardboard boxes... So the more use I can get from something before putting it out for them to pick up, the better I feel. I would spend more to purchase an upcycled product, especially if the process of upcycling was one that didn't use more resources in the process. And when a company does such a beautiful job of it, as you have with this commuter bag, I can really feel proud of that purchase.

Susan White more than 1 year ago


I don't want my children's children to be buried in trash...

Dave more than 1 year ago

Up and Recycling

My wife and I recycle and compost everything possible. We all need to do our small part to help save the planet.

Jeff Arnold more than 1 year ago


It's important to not throw things away because they don't actually go away, stuff is still there but we think if it's out of sight it's not a problem. There's only so much space on this planet that we can try to hide our trash so we better wise up and realize that it's way better to reuse it. If we don't do this our children will end up living on top of landfills. (sorry to be so negative, but it's just the plain truth) Winning an upcycled bag would make me feel much better about this grim situation :)

Kim more than 1 year ago


They are important because why would we just throw away something that can be reused again? Id rather recycle something than just throw in into the garbage only to end up at a landfill. Or upcycle a product into something useful, like a soda bottle into a birdfeeder or a tshirt into a grocery bag.

Sandy N. more than 1 year ago

Why waste?

It's important because the greenest resources are the ones that aren't extracted for the first time.

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago

Becaus it's usefull.

I like reusing old stuff and transforming them in something else.in this way i can give a second and more life to old stuff and reduce trash.

felix sylvestre more than 1 year ago

Re and Up Cycling

This is important as we go forward and make this a "normal" activity to everyday things, instead of throwing away, we make them new. This is imperative as we do this, I've seen first hand the damage done to our oceans with plastics, especially. If we can just be mindful of this at the very least and do our part, we will help maintain what we have left of our oceans and environment and not make it any worse.

Ted more than 1 year ago

Green Guru Back pack

I always be different with my clothes and accessories. I like the size and it will be perfect for me and my new job (to be).

sylvie bouffard-gravel more than 1 year ago

It's good for everybody

It's simply good for everybody, less waste, less energy used... It's the way to design product now and usually they look nice.

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago


The need to develop and implement a sustainable lifestyle for humans is the most important issue of our time. Consumerism or economics based on disposable/landfill products needs to be replaced by sustainability. Upcycle and recycle provide ways to improve sustainability paradigm

James Webster more than 1 year ago

Why waste what still works?

Maybe part of it was growing up in a low income, rural home, but I hate throwing things into our overflowing landfills when they can still be used. I love figuring out how to take something with a minor issue and turn it into something amazing, and I really love that Green Guru does this with the things my bike shop throws out the most--tubes! This backpack is great and I would love to sport it around town on my rides :).

Sara Hoffee more than 1 year ago

Because it's fun!

I love using my stuff until it falls apart, and then turning it into something else, or giving it away to someone who needs it, or patching it up and using it some more.

Tod Booth more than 1 year ago

upcycling makes me happy

I really hate throwing stuff into our landfills, so anything that can be reused should be. Hats off to those with the creativity and commitment to make that happen!

Deanne more than 1 year ago

Education through practical application

Upcycling and recycling are important because can help educate the local youth on what to do with "old" or "broken" parts such as tubes, fabric, and various materials. When kids see that items can be upcycled and still provide a benefit to them, they'd be much more likely to use the newly created products in addition to saving and recycling items. The next step is to educate them on other items that can be recycled such as glass and plastic bottles. As a local educator, I work with kids on programs that educate them on safe bike routes to school, parts of a bike and how to fix them, and to show kids that biking to work (and using the bike in place of a car) is a great mode of transportation with benefits ranging from environmental to savings on gas.

Brian Davenport more than 1 year ago

Why Up/Re Cycle?

Because it just makes sense. It's good for the planet and good for us to practice stewardship. We teach our kids by example that way and buy less stuff from overseas child labor factories.

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Smaller Footpring

Any chance we get to reduce the waste we produce should be seized! Biking to work/school is a good start, and when you can combine that with recycling, you can make an even bigger difference!

Will more than 1 year ago

Finite Resources (and creativity)

Reuse is simply, whenever possible, the best use of any thing that's outlived it's intended use. It conserves the finite resources that make up that product in the most energy efficient way. Plus it's a great creative challenge!

J Leddy more than 1 year ago


i use a great deal of upcycling in my creation of jewelry and sewn crafts and even arizona tea cans for patterned combs that you can cut out of the alum cans.

Linda more than 1 year ago

It is the story

History is important, be it the reason a river got it's name or the imagined people who rode your old bike before you did. Not only are you sparing landfill with an upcycled backpack but you can imagine the stories behind the material. It gives a cyclist something to ponder as they take on the autumn rains.

Kim Wilton more than 1 year ago