January 13, 2014

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Add extra hill workout after work

To increase my exercise level, I will add an extra hill loop to my daily bike commute 3 or more days per week.

Janie 332 days ago

Ride all of the commutes!

In august I sold my truck, and bought a cheap bike. I started commuting almost daily, despite the intensity of my commute (didn't think it through). Come 2014, it's my resolution to not only bike 99% of my work commute, but all local trips to restaurants, grocery stores, so on and so forth. Even with the wife and three kids.

Dustin 333 days ago

Get wetter

My resolution is to ride even when it's not a 100% perfect ride day. Maybe a little rain, snow, or whatever. I usually wimp out if it looks like rain :)

Scott Thomson 334 days ago

Toughen up!

My resolution is to brave the elements on my bike commute 7mi each way in Ann Arbor, MI. I currently am a fair weather commuter and wimp out at the slightest chance of rain/snow. I know this backpack would keep my gear dry which is half the battle!

Jay Sell 334 days ago

More Court Time!

My resolution is to get more time on the polo court, get better at the game and hit at least two tourneys this year! A bag like this will make riding with my mallets alot easier.

Greg Guy 334 days ago

Grocery trips

Using my hot new Greeen Guru backpack ( or perhaps my old beat up on) to cruise over to the grocery store. smaller trips, more on my back :)

Marcia Kramer 334 days ago


My resolution is to bike instead of driving as often as I can. For example, biking to the grocery store, the post office and to work!

Robert 334 days ago

get back on my bike

After my second child is born in april I am going to get back on my bike and pulling a trailor as soon as I can

tracey 335 days ago

clean it up.

Im am going to continue riding to work but I am going to take better care of my ride. I will keep my bike clean and lubed.

john 335 days ago

Ride the Phoenix heat out

To continue riding even after the desert heat of 115°sets in -- at least 80% of the hot days.

Brad Boydston 335 days ago


to tour the Oregon coast!

Spencer Hawkes 335 days ago

My 2014 Biking Resolution

I want to bike a mile for every five I have to drive as well as try to force myself to bike for most trips of 3 miles or less.

Charles Treat 335 days ago

My 2014 Biking Resolution

To become a more active and involved cycling advocate, working to improve cycling infrastructure in my community to support the expansion everyday cycling.

William H. Lowe 336 days ago

My 2014 Biking Resolution

to continue commuting by bike all year round

Amanda Plante 336 days ago

My 2014 Biking Resolution

To complete my first charity bike ride, and ride as often as possible!

Joe LeDuc 336 days ago

My 2014 Biking Resolution

My 2014 biking resolution is to do as many errands and local trips as possible on my bike!

leniejoye@gmail.com 336 days ago

No Fear

Experience more difficult trails.

PK 336 days ago

Increase Bike Commuting on Campus

I work at a university where half of the students are commuter students that do not live on campus. Many of them drive and complain about the lack of parking available. I am in the process of organizing several group rides and updating the bike racks on campus to make them more user friendly and more readily available. I hope that by raising awareness and ease of commute that I will be able to increase the overall percentage of students that bike commute to the university.

Rob Oxenford 336 days ago

Head for the hills!

I will not be conquered again!
It's time for me to settle my score with the hills!

Jennifer Chamberlain 336 days ago

Get non-profit status for my bicycle advocacy group!

We're trying to give our advocacy group some teeth here in our sprawling desert city, so we've made it a mission to carve our our identity, build our member base, and really advocate for bikes!

Libby 336 days ago

Bike commuting

I resolve to commute on my bike even when I don't feel so excited to, even when the weather is crappy, because I'm always happier that I did than that I didn't

Toby Smith 336 days ago


To spend more time riding with the kids instead of just to/from work

beth 337 days ago


I will embrace serenity and learn to forgive the drivers who put their desire to get home after work above my safety. At least once.

Rob 337 days ago

Stay at 100%---What more can you do?

Riding is a way of life.

Barbara 337 days ago

Bike maintenance

My bike-related new year's resolution is to always wipe down my brakes, wheel rims and chain after rainy ride.

Maria Jackman 337 days ago

Ride with my kids more

My kids love to hit the bike trails. Now that they are older, I don't join them as much. This year, I will try and join them on their adventures.

joyce s. 337 days ago

Up cycle more

I have pile of tubes I need to send out.

Larry ring 337 days ago

Always use my bike for trips to the store

No more driving for errands, unless I need to carry a metric ton of stuff. I really dig that Green Guru is reusing tubes - looks great, and super durable, too!

Brent S 337 days ago

Get my father back on a bike

My father (now 92) biked regularly until a stroke about 8 years ago. I'd like to get him back out, perhaps on a recumbent tandem trike to address balance and strength issues. Thanks to all the RAGBRAI riders on unusual machines who raised my awareness of the option

Ross 337 days ago


I am trying to shift my schedule so I can start volunteering at my local bike cooperative, and have more time to work with my local lady's bike club! My goal is to ride more with friends and neighbors and to encourage a few people this year to start biking.

Teri 337 days ago

NY Resolutions

To bike as much as possible and drop 40 lbs

babatunde22@yahoo.com 337 days ago

Resolutions 2014

My resolution is commuting to work more often and tacking on extra miles and seeing different routes during my commute.

Brandon 337 days ago


Bike to work 3 times a week. Rain or shine!

Joel G. 338 days ago

2014 Biking Goal

I have been dreaming about a week long bicycle ride a on one of our nation's rails to trails. In late June, we will ride for a week thru W.Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland - part of the way along the Allegheny Pass and two other greenways! So excited.

Heidi Davison 338 days ago

GFW First Timer

Want to finish my first Gran Fondo ride (Vancouver to Whistler)

GFW frist Timer 338 days ago

Nothing to change!!

No resolutions for 2014! Just hope to enjoy my bike as much as I did in 2013!!!

Yann 338 days ago

Ride More Dirt

I want to ride my mountain bike more this year.

Lloyd 338 days ago

Getting Fit

I'm resolved to getting in better shape in 2014 but hate traditional exercise. Cycling is the one "sport" that I love and I'm endeavouring to make it a regular habit to improve my overall health and make exercise "fun" again.

Elizabeth 338 days ago

Rain or Shine

I have resolved to ride my bike to work rain or shine, to go on at least two bike camping trips, and to get more than 4 people on my commuter team for this years bike month.

mrisacortez@gmail.com 338 days ago


I want to start riding my bike to work more and also, ride more and drive less overall.

Lindsay 338 days ago

Why change anything?

Too much fun on a bike is part of life is all about.
I think I'll just let things roll the same this year.

Turbo Bob 338 days ago

bike more

I love biking, so I guess I will bike more

becki 338 days ago

bike resolutions

Getting rid of 2 out grown bikes and getting good one for my husband; this might help him get out and ride more often. Teach my son bike maintenance and repair. Get a good shop style stand for repair.

sarah heyman 338 days ago

Biking Resolutions for me

First I'm getting on the bike instead of looking at it, and ride, ride, ride. I need to stop hanging things on it and put my behind on it.

Pam Flynn 338 days ago

Reading and riding

I am writing, reading and riding more this year. That pack would keep many books dry while riding to my next destination.

William Koonce 339 days ago

Helping others..

I am going to help another person achieve their riding goals this year - training them to feel confident, to feel good mentally & physically & to realise that adventure & passion can start with riding a bike - it can lead to other opportunities, to meet new people, to foster relationships & to feel apart of something that is a community on a global scale. This will be a great year to help others achieve their cycling & life goals.....AND its going to fun all the way! Thats what friends are all about!

Nicola 339 days ago

Biking resolution

I resolve to ride whenever I can instead of driving.

Howell 339 days ago

2014 bike resolutions

Repair that wheel and go ride again!

Luis Saravia Patron 339 days ago

Spinner Backpack

My goal for this year is to try not to be pissed off at drivers so much.

Chris Byron 339 days ago

Bike resolution

I resolve to ride further down the rabbit hole by building a longtail electric cargo bike and teach my wife to go car free. (Or at least ridiculously car-light!!)

Finkmoney 339 days ago

2014 bike resolutions

to increase the amount of time I bike weekly

lisa mcfarland 339 days ago

Bike more, bike better

Bike more to work, bike more with the familly, bike more formshopping, using less my car. Enjoynriding in everynconditions espacialy here in Montreal !

Olivier Thomas 339 days ago

"Uppin' the ante!"

Running 50-70 mile weekly average, for the winter months...it ain't easy! "Cold n snow n ice, oh my!"

Dave Freylack 339 days ago

2014 Biking Resolution

I resolve to commit myself to another spring/summer/fall of commuting to work by bike. I also resolve to extend my range this summer beyond the city limits.

Matthew LeDrew 339 days ago

Bike more, drive less

I want to bike more than the 10 or so miles I am doing a week now. It is too easy, too often to leave the bike at home and get in the car, when I can grab the bike and get there in the same amount of time.

Wil C 339 days ago

Bike more, drive less

I want to bike more than the 10 or so miles I am doing a week now. It is too easy, too often to leave the bike at home and get in the car, when I can grab the bike and get there in the same amount of time.

Wil C 339 days ago


My new job is 27 kms away from home, so too far for a reasonable commute. I just decided I would try and find one of the bus routes that has bike racks and ride at least part of the way, or the way back.

Christian 339 days ago

Ride more

I resolve to ride my bike even more often.

Eugenie 339 days ago

Bike resolutions for 2014

My 2014 bike resolutions would be to keep on biking more then in 2013. I finally decided recently I do not need to know the numbers to know I am riding and I removed my bike computer. No more energy put into logging miles daily. Instead I am going to ride as much as I can and have fun doing it.

seth kreiss 339 days ago

Bring the message to the wee masses

I left my desk job and am back in school studying to be a teacher. Part of my mission is to bring the message of bike transit (and fun!) to kids! I'm so glad the country is starting to recognize biking for what it is: a fun, environmentally friendly, community building, and fantastic way to get around! I need a new backpack and this would rock!

KS 339 days ago

1000km for work

This year, my goal is to ride a 1000km to work on my folding bike.

Joe 339 days ago

Bike futher

I plan to bike further and use my bike over my car when weather permits.

Tanya 339 days ago

2014 Biking Resolution

I ride my eBike to work on a daily basis but for 2014 I resolve to ride my push bike more often.

Mike Turek 339 days ago

biking resolutions

My biking resolution is to bike at least 2014 miles in 2014! Biking more and driving less will get me there.

Deanne 339 days ago

Backpack contest

I resolve to ride even more!

Warren Rudd 339 days ago

Ride with Friends/Family more

I too often ride by myself. My goal is to find some people who will push me more and improve my speed/performance on the bike. Additionally, I'd like to slow down sometimes and ride with my family. My dad can't always keep up, but always keeps the rides fun and memorable.

Dylan Graves 339 days ago

green back pack

My New Years resolution for 2014 is to give the car up. I work 5 miles from home, and the bank, grocery stores are less than 3 miles. So far it is working!!!!

mike 339 days ago

Make the bikeshare projet I'm working on the best new bikeshare startup possible!

I'm working on a great new start-up bikeshare project called Community Access Bikeshare (CAB). This bikeshare is crowd-sourced and crowd-funded. In 2014 we need to make our system bigger and better: we need to add more stations, invite more members and attract super advertisers and sponsors who believe in what we’re doing.

Jane Snyder 339 days ago

resolution for 2014

This year I will commute 2000 miles for work. Last year I reached 1480.

Joe Czubernat 339 days ago

Bike Goals 2014

Get our after-school earn-a-bike program up and running at our middle school.

Kelley Westenhoff 339 days ago

Bike for fun

I commute by bike most days but I haven't gone on a joy ride around the park, or even around my neighborhood, in forever. I'd like to bike more for fun than for transport this year!

Kacey 339 days ago

More Miles

Reaching 2600 miles this year. Reached 2478 Last year and would like to average at least 50 miles a week this year, mostly commuting.

Phillip Merritt 339 days ago

Resolved to get over the fear of crashing

Broke my collarbone & ribs in a crash last April & haven't ridden since. I miss the freedom of my bike & hope to get over the fear of crashing again so that I can start commuting/exercising like I used to.

franko 339 days ago

Bike Resolution

More time in the saddle i.e. commuting, racing and going on many adventures with my bike.

Josh Ward 339 days ago

Get my colleagues to commute by bike

I'm going to help get some of my colleagues started on bike commuting! I have some co-workers who want to start commuting by bike, but aren't sure how to start.

Nick 339 days ago

MS Bike Tour, Riding to the Viking!

My husband and I will be riding 160km in two days from Stonewall, MB to Gimli, MB for the MS Bike Tour, Riding to the Viking!

Stacy 339 days ago

Make Florida's Roads Safer

Florida is the most dangerous state in the nation for pedestrians and the 3rd most deadly for cyclist. I may just a one man band, but I beat a loud drum!

William Davis 339 days ago

Get Brave

And finally do a race!

Jessica 339 days ago

Maintain and Maximize!

To continue to provide routine maintenance on my beloved bike throughout the year, in order to: 1) maximize effort and energy while pedaling; 2) reduce the risk for on-the-road injury/breakdown/flats; and, 3) maintain connection to the road and the supportive community I am in.

erika 339 days ago

Friendly Peer Pressure

Of course I resolve to bike more, life is just better on two wheels! But this year I also want to make an effort to encourage others to get out on a bike with me. I'd like to start a fun community ride where everyone is invited, no matter what gear you have, to share the joy of bike riding with friends and neighbors.

JB 339 days ago

Getting my mojo back

Toward the end of 2012 I had a collision with a car, which broke my pelvis and totaled my bike. After months of recovery, many difficult discussions with my wife, I started riding again by mid-year. Mentally still insecure, but getting better. I'm working to make 2014 the year I'm back into form, stick with the pack, and put the pressure on! If nothing else, just to bring the fun back.

Jonathan Sainsbury 339 days ago

Next town over

When my office relocates to the adjacent city creating a much longer commute for me, I plan to ride at least once per week.

Susan Ewing 339 days ago

Spread the Love

I can see and feel appreciation when I cycle up to a shop or cafe for my daily needs. I know it inspires others to ride their bicycle.

Emilia 339 days ago

100km ride

I want to complete a 100km ride before the year is out

Michael 339 days ago

2014 Cycling More for Happiness

I will ride my bikes more in 2014 for the simple reason that it makes me happy! I smile more, laugh more and see more on my cycling journeys.

Stephanie Switzer 339 days ago

100km ride

manage to complete a 100km ride by the end of the year

Michael 339 days ago

Biking resolution for 2014

My biking resolution for 2014 is to go for longer trips up to the hills! I want to try to get out and bike for fun in addition to commuting and for utilitarian purposes.

T N 339 days ago


I resolve to bike more and drive less!

Dave 339 days ago


Bike through the cold weather!

Tara 339 days ago

Big trips!

I want to get on my bike way more and earlier this year. I'm looking forward to exploring further places as well.

Kara D 339 days ago

'14 Bike Resos

To make more time to ride. Its been nice outside lately and have been riding more than usual. Instead of walking Ill ride because its much faster than walking. Ill ride my bike to the local park just for fun and more often.

Sandy N, 339 days ago

2014 Bike Resolutions

I resolve to continue riding my bike to any place that I'm too lazy to walk to.

(and maybe I should do some longer distance riding in the summer...)

Tim Brown 339 days ago

2014 resolution

one month from being a year without a car and all bike in atlanta. keep doing it (for many reasons). that's all...

niklas 339 days ago

no more injuries

Ride the year out with no more major injuries

Rob H 339 days ago

Simply ride more.

Even if its in foul weather. I've put fenders on my commuter and am determined to ride to work when ever feasible. I believe even if its just 30 minutes of riding a day, it will be beneficial to my health.

Mark Armbruster 339 days ago

2014 Bike Resolutions

Simply. Bike more and drive less. Also, to work on riding backwards and static balance.

Mark 339 days ago

biking-related resolutions

My biking resolution is to get out more and go longer distances,to venture to faraway places.

Maree Grandy 339 days ago


My biking resolutions include not only riding more through the cold, but actively working with my city's new master plan to help design future greenways and safer bike routes.

Kyle Crawford 339 days ago


To get on the bike more ofter

Mary Rutter 339 days ago

rad bag

good looking, good spirit... this should be a winner!

Tommy Noshitsky 339 days ago

resolution 2014

My resolution this year is to travel by bicycle to 2 differents countries, New Zealand and Australia !

Marianne bellerose 339 days ago