December 10, 2012

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Hornit Contest

Eight weeks ago I landed on someone's hood of their car while commuting home from work on my bike. The bell on my bike didn't alert the driver...maybe a Hornit would have!

Sonya Lovine more than 2 years ago

It is simple--to stay alive

I do not have anything flowery to say. But when your daughter is involved in two bicycle accidents within a week (one a "right hook", the other a motorist opening their car door into her path) all you can think of is equiping her with the proper warning system to keep her alive.

Nora more than 2 years ago


Riding where I live Toronto is dangerous and fast paced and I need to be heard. Especially since our "beloved" mayor took our hard fought for bike lanes. My 3 dollar bell is not really doing it anymore!

Happy Holidays!

Jorge C. more than 2 years ago


This would be a great addition to my daughter's commuter bike! She'd actually be heard when going through traffic on her way to and from work - particularly at night and during twilight. It would also fit very well under the Christmas tree ;-)

Sue more than 2 years ago


I ride in Florida…..

Billy Moses more than 2 years ago


I'd like to have this loud one because my tiny bell doesn't seem good enough in comparison!

Amanda B. more than 2 years ago


I want to be loud and heard. I want to get everyone's attention; all those wearing headphones, on their ipads, on their phones, texting listening to really loud music in their car, etc.

I'm tired of using my voice and losing it when I get to my destination. Some times I just don't have the energy to yell out and other times they just don't hear me.

I need this!

Amy more than 2 years ago


On my often dark commutes home, I like to sound a warning at intersections.
Some of our Bike Routes here in Vancouver have rather dimly lit intersections: So I give a ring of the bell (at present) to warn of my approach.
In the rain, as bell can sometimes be muffled by the water.
This horn would be a great upgrade!

Andrew Mitchell more than 2 years ago

Busy Listening to Music/Phone

I ride to work and the trails and streets I ride on are usually filled with runners, walkers and other bikers. The issue I have with them is that most of them wear headsets listening to music or too busy talking on their phone to hear my bell ringing away. I could also use the usual verbal warning along with my bell ringing, but I think this gadget would be great to definitely get their attention.

Ronald L more than 2 years ago

To awaken my fellow commuters

It looks like a good solution to awaken chronic texters and help others shake off the morning cobwebs!

Jun Z more than 2 years ago

The road runner

I could really use this horn because I am certain that other drivers, riders, and pedestrians in the city of Milwaukee are wonder when I, the road runner, moved into town. Meep! Meep! Is the noise I make when I need to get someone's attention, so this horn would promptly put an end to the road runner. Meep! Meep!

Ashley more than 2 years ago

The Dark Hill

As I commute to work in the sunny glow of midmorning, I relish the pull of Mother Earth as I descend into the gravity well which terminates at the rails in the heavy, damp air above the creek. Even the motorists seem to keep their distance as I nearly match their speed as we rumble across the tracks, as they slow while I do not.

At night, though, the story changes. I illuminate my bike with dozens of LEDs, and clothe myself in hi-viz and retroreflective splendor as a king of yore would don his jewels and ermine. A glowing and flashing sideshow in motion, I soon leave the streetlights behind as I rush toward the hill, my Mount Crumpit. With all the speed I can muster, I shudder back across the tracks and slowly climb back out from the core of the planet in all-enveloping blackness. In the hours since the morning, the drivers have been changed. Wearied from their days in cubicles or serving customers, their patience for the plodding peddler puffing his way up the hill has worn thin. Although they can see -- can't help but see! -- my lumbering form alight in the night, they disdain to leave their lane to pass on the right. Honda and Hummer, Pontiac and Porsche, they all yield but the stingiest of clearance to me, the slipsteam of their effortless uphill climb shakes me in my steady course.

If only I could express to them in the slightest of ways, in the loud vernacular of the road, my displeasure; a braying warning to them of the danger their carelessness causes; to shake them out of their ignorance to elicit a second thought and perhaps a sheepish look when we meet again at the stoplight. A really, really loud horn would be just the thing.

Russell Taylor more than 2 years ago

To find my way in the dark.

This time of year the ride to work in the morning and back in the evening is in darkness. Love to replace my old light with this powerful beauty.

Gary Wallenwein more than 2 years ago

Why I need this fantastic light!

I have been commuting by bike for the last two years. I love it but the Winter days/nights in Chicago are challenging and being able to see and be seen makes a huge difference. Also, I am 47 and it gets a little more difficult to see at night as I get older.

Jill more than 2 years ago


Hi guys,
My reasoning for wanting to win this horn is pretty cut and dry. Living in Chicago's SW side my everyday commute runs parallel with commuter and freight rail lines for about 6 miles. I start work at 5 am so it's still dark and motorists haven't had their coffee yet. Needless to say I have had a few close calls that should of been completely avoided if the driver could of heard or seen me alongside them. Thanks guys, your doing awesome things in the cycling community.

Joseph more than 2 years ago

Because I need it.

I ride my bike to work. All trail riding, but lots of dog walkers, stroller pushers, etc. Kids running around. Not everyone seems to have much spacial awareness.

On the weekends, I take my bicycle on Caltrain and head to San Francisco to swim. There's a lot of tourist traffic between the station and Aquatic Park and yes, I have to ride through Fisherman's Wharf, where you have tourists just wandering aimlessly about, jumping out of sidewalks to take a picture, drivers dropping people off at random spots...

It would be nice to have a horn for both types of riding. One that's a little quieter for the trail that won't startle anyone, more like "hi, I'm here and I'm coming through..." and one for riding in San Francisco.


Lisa Amorao more than 2 years ago

To put the fear of God. . .

or at least of ME into those adipose idiots who waddle down the middle of the MUP (or even STAND there and smoke) and won't give way until you are practically on top of them, if then

Bruce Alan Wilson more than 2 years ago

who knows what's there

I travel regionally for work, so a lot of my bicycling is on bike paths I find along my travels. When you don't know the local traffic and behavior, a device that makes sure you get seen can be a lifesaver.

mark p more than 2 years ago

On a recumbent trike I can,t be seen & need tl be heard

I ride a recumbent trike, very low to the ground. In traffic it's difficult to be seen. Bellowing in a loud voice can be heard only sometimes in traffic. The Hornit bike horn should make motorists take notice.

Richard Rogers more than 2 years ago

my snow beast needs a voice box!

this fall i have crafted the ultimate snow bike from an old peugeot oriental express. its tires are a 26x2.5 maxxis hookworm each fully studded with small machine screws. it grips up nicely, just needs a voice!

joe baier more than 2 years ago


Ok I don't actually want to strike fear into the hearts of anyone. I just wanted you attention.

I commute through the downtown core of my city every day and it would be nice if I could alert cars to my presence in a similar manner that a bell alerts users of our local path system. I can think of a few times when having a nice loud horn blast could have helped me avoid being cut off or almost squished.

Colin Sproule more than 2 years ago

My commute is mostly

on multi-use paths and most of the walkers have their earbuds in. They cannot hear my "on your left" but i think they would hear a really nice loud horn. That would be awesome...

Mark Hill more than 2 years ago


So that I can use the Hornit to be a hornet to the motorists who don't respect my right to the road.

Douglas Kline more than 2 years ago

My drill sergeant type voice is all I really need.

I just love to wn cool stuff, who doesn't?

Turbo Bob more than 2 years ago

Because I'm a singing fool!

I get really into being on my bike and cruising around my neighborhood. I need the Hornit because it would be the only thing riding down the street louder than my singing!

Jeremie Fletcher more than 2 years ago

...because I'm out of breath & can't shout!

I commute on fairly busy Winnipeg highway. People in vehicle typically can't hear the traditional bicycle bell and I'm often too short of breath to yell (especially during the dry cold of winter). A horn would be the perfect asset & addition to my bicycle!

Cory more than 2 years ago

why I want a Hornit

My teenage daughter cycles to Yaletown to her babysitting job a couple of times a week. Here in Vancouver we have a big problem with cars blocking bike lanes. I'd like her to be better equipped to deal with these problem drivers, and the Hornit might be just the right tool in these situations.

Janet more than 2 years ago

Want this cute light

I ride in the night and I want to be seen by the other. So I think that the hornit will be the best light to ride Montreal by night. Thanks

Olivier Thomas more than 2 years ago

Why I want a hornet

Nothing scares me more than when dogs chase me on my bike....bet I could scare them with the hornet!!!

Deanne more than 2 years ago

An urban biker who rides at night

Hi there Momentum Mag. I'd love to win the Hornit. I am an urban biker who often finds myself riding at night, and while I use flashing lights (front and back), I'd like to be able to be heard as well as seen, if I need to be. Thanks!

margie more than 2 years ago


To scare away the geese

Steve C more than 2 years ago

Need the Hornit!

Because sometimes...a bike bell just doesn't cut it!

Mike McCurdy more than 2 years ago


It's COOL, it's USEFUL, it may save my LIFE : )

Robin more than 2 years ago

Why I would be lucky to win the Hornet...

I have made the choice to ride my bike year round in Chicago land for the typical reasons (health, environment, financial, and most of all FUN). I've had a few accidents now that I tried to avoid using my current bell. Sadly it doesn't do the job. Maybe if I had the Hornit I could've prevented the road rash and stitches...honestly I don't mind that as much as I do the scratches on my bike. Here is hoping if I had something louder, drivers would share the road.

Larry Maday more than 2 years ago

Hubby needs a loud horn

For use by the hubby on the mixed use trail - perfect for getting walkers, rollerbladers, moms with strollers 4 wide on the path to move over !

Tara Christie more than 2 years ago



joe hettle more than 2 years ago


I ride in traffic with oblivious drivers every day.

jeff Perry more than 2 years ago

Why I want to win the Hornit


Dave more than 2 years ago