February 25, 2013

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favorite dark ride

Riding home along the SF Embarcardero, I marvel at the pier, boat and bridge lights. I relax on the transbay bus that gets me and my bike up to the Berkeley hills, where I continue my ride. Boynton Rd is like a Dr. Seuss or a child's drawing of a kooky street with terrific dips and climbs and a split between up and downhill sides of the street. My lights help me see if I'm sharing the road with deer or raccoon. What a perfect way to end the workday!

Janie more than 1 year ago

High Trestle Trail Moonlight Rides

In Central Iowa, the Des Moines Bicycle Collective sponsors monthly moonlight rides on the High Trestle Trail. The bridge is drop-dead gorgeous and the experience is reserved for cyclists and walkers. Photos don't do justice to this 1/2-mile bridge sculpture and lighting created by David Dahlquist of RDG Planning & Design. Afterwards, it's on to the Flat Tire Lounge (about 20 feet from the trail) for a drink with friends.
Scroll down here and check out the lighting http://www.cyclecentraliowa.com/river-valleys-and-trail-art/

Carl Voss more than 1 year ago

Quadra Island

I love riding in the dark on Quadra Island on clear nights, down the side roads where there are no street lights and the stars & moon burst out of the dark sky - it's super sweet, just gotta watch out for deer! ;)

Brenna Coupland more than 1 year ago

Dark ride

I like riding down by the river, here in Sacramento. Our spring comes early and fall ends late, so many nights are just right for a relaxing ride along the water. Throw in an abundance of trees, and it's the perfect way to end the day.

Jarrod more than 1 year ago

favorite dark ride

Back to Troon Village from an Italian dinner in the Pinnacle Peak area of North Scottsdale AZ. The moon shines off Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain as you coast downhill. Other than that and the occasional car Alma School Road is pitch black. Without a great light set you have no hope...

Jim Anderson more than 1 year ago

Night Rider

When it gets cold and dark out, I pedal as fast as I could using every last bits of energy, fueled by adrenaline. The bike light help me concentrate on the road ahead, and only the road ahead so I can get home and be warm in record time.

Lil more than 1 year ago

Night RIder

When it gets cold and dark out, I pedal as fast as I could, fueled by adrenaline. When I get home, I'm usually drenched in sweat. Bike light help me concentrate on the road ahead and only the road ahead.

Lil more than 1 year ago

PDX lights

My favorite night riding is through the esplanade in Portland by the Willamette River, you get to see the city lights on the other side reflected in the water. It is soul charming, and the best part there are no cars present.

JC more than 1 year ago

night ride

I love riding my bike on the greenway, next to the the westside highway in NYC. Being sandwiched between the highway and the Hudson river, seeing the lights twinkle on the water, trying to figure out where the geese went, wondering what people are doing in Jersey or where the cars are zooming off to. Taking my time on my Dutch bike. It's peaceful, even with the noise from the traffic.

Brandi more than 1 year ago


I like to ride my bike at night in my neighborhood. Home from work or yummy dinner out with friends.

Tami more than 1 year ago

Love to ride when dark outside

I love to ride dark outside on street when not too many car and i am riding every where especially Downtown and Lakes so peaceful and quite area and thinking of a good moment that happened with me ....

Aisha Hassan more than 1 year ago

Mississippi night ride

I like riding my bike along Mississippi river especially St. Paul side from Minneapolis towards Lowertown, St. Paul. It's winding and scenic, even at night.

masa more than 1 year ago


I like going to the corner store late at night. The streets are quiet and my ebike is quiet, it is a different city, seeing the dog walkers, cats and racoons scurrying around, they do not notice you until you are a few feet away.

Allan Harmsworth more than 1 year ago

Sacramento River Twilight Ride

WE live along the levee where a nice city built trail runs along the Sacramento River, "east" levee side that is a fantastic evening ride that opens up into a view of the Sacramento Valley looking west. The sunsets are amazing and monthly evening rides are even more enjoyable as the full moon reflects upon the surface. The trail gently ends at a local park with boat ramp access and well lit with tennis courts in summer evenings. I often connect to a South canal that again , provides a city maintained trail that can be even more striking using lights along the canal that also is a quiet ride through city neigborhoods. Sacramento is the BEST place to ride bikes for the urban cyclist.

Tim Shironaka more than 1 year ago

Night riding

My favorite night riding is around Lake Harriet in Mpls,MN. It's full of night sounds and sights. Love the peacefulness.

David Higley more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

I love to ride along the trails through the woods behind my house just before; watch the sunset from a hill; then ride home while greeting the creatures of the evening (deer, owls, etc.).

Shannon more than 1 year ago

Greenlake Calm

I love my weekly ride home around Greenlake (Seattle WA) before I head up the hill to Phinney Ridge and then down the other side to my Ballard neighborhood. Friday's I volunteer and visit a hospice patient, it's not always the easiest thing to do... coming is usually in the dusk/dark home around the lake with the lights shimmering on the surface of the water and the immense sense of calm always resets me as a human. :)

L Myers more than 1 year ago

Night rides

We love to ride our street along the Holston River....and watch the fireflies dance.

TN Rambler more than 1 year ago

l<3ve night rides!

I love riding anywhere in my adopted home of Olympia, WA. The black tree lines are barely visable against the deep amethyst sky, and the stars are bright thanks to less polution. I can smell the air of the woods and hear frogs. But watch out for potholes! Washington roads are treacherous. It's the perfect conditions for a Knog Blinder :-)

kristin hope more than 1 year ago

Thunderstorm rider

It's not the place but my favourite time to ride is only by chance and it's a late night thunderstorm in the heat of summer. Toronto has wonderfully epic thunderstorms a couple times each summer and the few that I have had the pleasure to ride in is a truly amazing experience. The sky will be dark and rainy and then all of a sudden for the briefest moment the lightening will go and the whole nights sky will be as bright as daylight. Then the darkness invades once again. You come home drenched to the bone but the amazing experience makes it all worth while.

Genessa Radke more than 1 year ago

Burnaby By Night

For some reason, I really enjoy riding the Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail and Sea to River bikeways in Burnaby at night.

Randy Gatley more than 1 year ago

Night Light

Favorite place to ride at night is out in the country on the Fourth of July, surrounded by the distant fireworks of small towns in central Illinois.

Sam J more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder 1

I like to ride around town, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Boston and neighboring towns. I get around by bicycle and often ride at night. I like the largely empty streets which are packed with cars most of the day.

Douglas Kline more than 1 year ago

Lincoln Memorial

Washington at night is really pretty, especially the Lincoln Monument. During the summer, it's great - you'll see lots of people on bikeshare bikes and bike tour groups too.

Joe Flood more than 1 year ago

night ride

Anywhere by the beach.

Kathy more than 1 year ago

the night

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors, but riding on deserted city roads is where its at.

Andy MacDonald more than 1 year ago

i love to ride at night!

the night is cool & peaceful & dark ~ just the way i like it! i mostly ride home from work at night, but i like to take the long way home & ride through the neighbourhoods on the way, and imagine what may be going on in all the houses...

mary o'neill more than 1 year ago


I'm a Manitoban, Winter cyclist. Most of my rides end up being in the dark.

Rob more than 1 year ago

DARK PLACES.... scary faces....

I enjoy riding on the Shelby Bottoms greenway when it's dark - mostly for the quiet, and the deer, and the sound of the Cumberland River pounding away nearby.

KJ more than 1 year ago

Love usb charged everything

I love riding home from the beach after a beautiful sunset through beautiful Vancouver.

Bell more than 1 year ago

Favorite Place To Ride In The Dark

My favorite place to ride at night is home! I'm usually such a nervous wreck that the best place for me is definitely enroute to home.

Necia more than 1 year ago

Summer night in my neighborhood

I love being able to ride at night in the summer, just rolling around the neighborhood. It gets so hot and humid in DC that the nights feel amazing on a bicycle. Thanks for the chance to win!

James more than 1 year ago

Roscoe in Chicago

I love biking through Roscoe Village at night, usually because it's so quiet and peaceful. There's a lot of one way streets with interesting houses, plus there's a bike lane on Roscoe. It's just nice to ride and get to look into the windows of the local stores and take in my surroundings without having to worry about constantly getting hit by cars.

Emily Owaki more than 1 year ago

Japanese Blinder 1 is rad!!!

I would bike to the moon and back for the chance to blind in the face anyone or anything that gets in the way of EDGAR MRK V.80 Lazerface Deathrace Edition. (That's my bikes 2013 build version name, because every hardcore steed needs a hardcore name.) It'd go perfect with her matching pokeball stem ornament!

Trench Baralski more than 1 year ago

Riding up 1st Ave in NYC

Riding at night up 1st ave in lower Manhattan. It's great to be on the protected bike lane in the middle of NYC (thanks Mayor Bloomberg). You can enjoy all the great energy & sights of NYC.

Salvatore Denise more than 1 year ago

Climbing up Cypress, going down on Heather

One of my favorite loops in Vancouver is taking the Cypress bike path south - this takes you through some quiet, beautiful neighbourhoods with lovely houses. I return on Heather street, which borders more quiet neighbourhoods and parks, making for a relaxing, stress free ride. All hail the healing effects of pedaling!

Phil Johnston more than 1 year ago

biking in berlin

berlin is such an amazing city, and it's my favorite city to ride in. along the canals, through the parks, down the streets... the city pulses and when riding day or night, you just feel a part of it.

lindsay pettingill more than 1 year ago

locale of fav night ride

My street -cruising home at night and feeling the anticipation that in less than a minute I will be in cozy homeness - so lovely!

Matthew Justice more than 1 year ago

Light up the Pacific Northwest

Up here where the weather is damp and dreary you need lots of lights.

Mae more than 1 year ago

riding in dark places

following the light!

steve more than 1 year ago

Biking is the Life for Me

Don't you know my bike would just love this great light.

Barbara more than 1 year ago

You Light Up My Life

The words of Debby Boone!

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

Los Angeles

Downtown after business hours when streets are quiet and empty, and bike lanes are just for bikes.

Maria more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

My favorite night ride is just after dusk along the St. Lawrence river during the early summer. You're surrounded by plants flowering and washed by their numerous aromas. Summer night riding allows you to navigate by the light of the moon and flickering of fireflies.

David Albertan more than 1 year ago


Along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Casey Carnes more than 1 year ago

Star Gazing

My favorite night ride is the cross loop from my house to the star gazing lot at the horse park. At night everything is quiet and still with the exception of of my lights blinkin and the stars twinklin.

jeremy more than 1 year ago

night riding

Anywhere, anytime, day, night, and in-between are the right times to ride.

Brian Lehman more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

Home ;)

Kate more than 1 year ago

night riding

Strathcona and Chinatown at night during the summer :)

john more than 1 year ago

The Falsest Creek

I love riding around False creek in Vancouver - it gives you so many vantage points of the city including the mountains, science center, the harbour front in general and Granville island. One of the most wonderful bicycle loops in all of Canada!

Phil Johnston more than 1 year ago

favorite place

my favorite place to ride when it dark outside is anywhere the light takes me!

steve more than 1 year ago

night riding

My favorite place to ride in the dark is through downtown Chicago. All the people have gone away and the city is mine!

Sarah more than 1 year ago

night ride

The best fun place to ride my bike at night is on a frozen river or lake. Make sure the ice is safe. Wait for a snow fall about 5cm of snow is a lot of fun. Than go crazy...

Laurent Moreau more than 1 year ago

Along the St-Lawrence

My best place is along the St-Lawrence and Lachine Canal in Montreal.

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

night ride

I love riding the Spring Water Trail. The reflection of the city lights on the river. The sounds of frogs happily communicating to each other, geese honking and flying above, others responding from their watery resting spot. The whooshing sound of other bikes passing quietly on the trail, everyone respecting the peace and quiet of the evening ride. An almost full moon covered by a veil of fog. Then to return to my beautiful tree lined neighborhood, down the alley, the crunching of pebbles under my tires letting me know I'm almost home.....At last, my sweet old 1928 garage door is visible and I tuck my bike safely and appreciatively away, grateful for the enchanting evening by bike.

Suzi more than 1 year ago

Favorite night ride

I like the trials in and around the Niagra Escarpment in south central Ontario. Forever changing with the seasons. Never boring.

Maurice Prokaziuk more than 1 year ago

Fave places to ride in the dark

Kingsway in Vancouver. With decent lights, solid and not blinking, you can take the lane like you should, and 99% of motorists just pass you without any fuss.

Ian Weniger more than 1 year ago

The Umpqua

Slowly pedaling along the bank of the South Umpqua river in the just dark times, listening to the river bubble and flow, hearing unknown critters splash in the river or crash through the brush, seeing the occasional fox or rabbit or nutria cross the beam of my headlight, this is what grace feels like.

Rick Pasley more than 1 year ago

Brooklyn, NY

Down Bedford Avenue, there's plenty of street lights lighting the way

Aura more than 1 year ago

Favorite night ride: the river trail

The Sammamish River Trail that connects Woodinville and Redmond is a nice night ride.

Caron LeMay more than 1 year ago


Riding through the streets of Denver at night and taking detours through all our city parks. Quite a different feel than the buzz of traffic during the day.

Lindsay more than 1 year ago

Fave place to ride at night.

Nose Hill in Calgary. You're alone with, wildlife, quiet and stars.

Chris Byron more than 1 year ago

Washington DC at night

Riding through the streets of Washington,DC with all the monuments and the memorials and watching all the cars just sit there in traffic.

James more than 1 year ago

Light at night

My neighborhood streets become quiet and calm at night. I generally slow down and enjoy the moment.

T Panero more than 1 year ago


Zoobombing ratbikes down through the midnight city from Bristol Zoo to the centre of town with a hundred Blinders flashing away...

boneshaker magazine more than 1 year ago

night riding

I love riding along the nearby coastal road on a warm summer night with ocean on one side and some amazing houses on the other.

Saul Dargie more than 1 year ago

Night riding

Favorite ride of the week is usually Wednesday night with the White Jacket Club. A twenty two mile road ride through Rocklin and Lincoln, Ca. Night riding is so different from daytime riding, and so much fun.

Kristie Shaw more than 1 year ago

Blinder light contest

I like to ride around the downtown area of the city with family.

Roberta Rottman more than 1 year ago


The bridge in Ashikaga over the Yatarasa gawa

Leigh Harris more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder light

It is nice to know you have a reliable, bright light to help the motorists see you.

Laurie more than 1 year ago


Every full moon bike ride on the streets of Saint Louis, Missouri riding with friends, coworkers, and old classmates along with everyone else from the metropolitan area. Never knowing where we end up, the fbc ride at night is the best being surrounded with fellow cyclist, no matter the weather.

Brendon Hamacher more than 1 year ago

Help me to not be a Bike Ninja

My favourite place to ride in the dark is home, after a long day's work, along the Lachine Canal in Montreal and over one of the bridges to my pad in the suburbs. While I was considering a set of Knog lights for one of my bikes (and will probably buy anyway because I like 'em a lot) to have this limited edition light would be oh-so-cool.

Peter Schwar more than 1 year ago

kind of permanent

Iceland in winter = by night. bit hard sometimes but rewarding :)

F T more than 1 year ago

Blinder Contest

I'm a commuter bicycle rider, I ride my bike, instead of drive my car. It seems the reasonable thing to do. I ride at night, because it's night. I ride from work to home, it's quite, it's dark. That's what I like about it. The traffic is usually less, and they seem to be slower and more accommodating. It's a section of Ryan Road leading from CFB Comox to my home, noi street lights on half of it, about 10 km long ... uphill ... nice going into work ... sometimes a pain coming home.

Brian more than 1 year ago


Along a tree covered trail with the moonlight peeking through along the river on the way to Ely, Iowa, dodging rabbits and other unknown wildlife.

ike more than 1 year ago

Be seen...

My favorite place to ride at night is the middle of times square on a Friday or Saturday night when the car and pedestrian traffic is super congested. Super fun to weave in and out of a sea of cars and people. Having a bright light helps....

Jeff Marsala more than 1 year ago

knog blinder light contest

We do a MTB ride on the Luge onTuesday & Thursday evenings here in Orange County, CA. The scariest part of the ride is on the road on our way to the trail head and hoping the drivers won't hit you.

Tom more than 1 year ago

Minimal fuss ride

I do really enjoy a late night runaround to/from CBD to/from the inner city suburbs (Carlton, Kensington, North Melbourne etc). Less cars, people and trams, a minimal fuss ride, just me, my bike and street nights with light breeze and starry night. I like.

Candy more than 1 year ago

Night rider

I love riding through Interlaken in Seattle at night. It's the only place in the city that I know where you have a valid reason to use your highest beams to see -- a very dark place.

Andrea more than 1 year ago


i like to cycle around city centres watching drunk people's antics - it's hilarious.

otis more than 1 year ago


I like to ride through the parks its scary but exciting. This light would help me avoid some danger.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Riding home after work

It's always great to ride home along the lake in Toronto after a long day at work as the sun sets in the west end :)

john mania more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder 1 Japanese Special Edition Light

Vancouver's Sea wall just before dawn. The city still asleep, the cargoships at anchor and the still only broken by the odd runner wheezing around.

Duane more than 1 year ago


Love the knog!

Guy more than 1 year ago

evening connection

To New Seasons Market for a treat to share with my husband, once all the kids tucked in.

Carie more than 1 year ago

Green Flash!

Going south through Encinitas, Cardiff, and Solana Beach, on South Coast Highway at sunset--and waiting for the elusive green flash when the sun goes over the horizon :).

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Seaside City

Ocean Ave on a still, warm summer's eve right at twilight, listening to waves lapping onshore, the final calls of the day's sea birds joined with the night peepers emerging for the evening. You can smell the sea and imagine yourself being transported to the island Where the Wild Things Are.

Allie more than 1 year ago

On the way to work

6 am on my way to work, crossing the hill into the I-90 corridor, even as far inland as I am, I can often get a whiff of the saltwater air coming off Puget Sound, and on the perfect morning, a layer of fog on the deserted street off the main drag reflects off my headlight. No noise other than my tires hitting the detritus on the road. It's my favorite stretch of riding I can think of, it's just not long enough.

Matt more than 1 year ago

Favorite Night Ride

Springwater Trail out east of the city lights through the Beggars Tick Marsh area in the spring when the peeper frogs are all around me.

Michael Mann more than 1 year ago

Nighttime Fun

When the sun sets I like to be on the Cherry Creek Trail outside of Denver. Mostly isolated from the roads, and lined with trees, you feel alone and the quiet allows for your mind to wander. I like thinking that I'm being followed by unseen wildlife

Matt more than 1 year ago

Bumpy Road

I like riding my cargo bike (Trek Transport) with my 2 kids home from school. We go on a local street that is downhill and has speen humps. The kids start yelling "bumpy road, bumpy road" when we turn onto it. They love it. My current light shines off the street signs as we go up and over the humps. Very cool. And they get a jolt before we get home and homeworks starts.

Chris Holben more than 1 year ago

City streets

I like riding down side streets at night. I don't have to worry much about cars or pedestrians!

Chelsea L more than 1 year ago


At night, I like to ride through the UBC campus. It's got a really cool feel when it's quiet and dark, without all the students rushing around.

Daniel YC more than 1 year ago

blinder contest

I like to move it, move it at night through Deering Oaks park in Portland ME. also in Boston MA and Fitchburg ma

alfred gadway more than 1 year ago

Knog Me

As long as I'm on my bike, every place is my favorite location to ride.

Mike more than 1 year ago

Blinder light

I live right near the WO&D bike path. That would be my favorite place to ride since it goes on forever in either direction. I can practically do all my errands by bike.

sharon Meagher more than 1 year ago

Broke Spoke

I often ride to volunteer at the local community bike shop, the Broke Spoke, in the dark. With only a couple of blocks of bike lanes in a 4 mile ride passing through downtown Lexington, KY, good lighting is essential.

ck more than 1 year ago

Night rider

At night, I need to ride my bike to and from the gym. I am recovering from a serious illness and training to be a bodybuilder. I've lost 50 pounds of fat since I sold my truck and bought my bike. I live alone out in the desert of California and don't own a car. I love my bike and ride it to work, grocery, etc, but my favorite place to ride is to the gym. With proper lighting, I feel unstoppable, even in the cold, rain or high winds. Coming home from a great workout, with still a 10 mile ride before Im warm in my house, I feel so accomplished. Id love to win a new rechargeable light for my bike because I care about the environment and don't want to use more normal batteries.

Morgan more than 1 year ago


I love to ride on the Boulder Creek Path on cold, moonlight nights.

David more than 1 year ago

Knog Contest

My favorite is a local rail to trail, through familiar country along a route that Ive known since it was still the railroad. It passes within a few hundred yards of my house, so easy access and passes through a lot of typically pleasant western Pennsylvania woods. Its home..and a safe peaceful bike trail.

Bob Atkison more than 1 year ago

Favorite Night Ride

Me, i just want to get home!

tb more than 1 year ago

Favorite place to ride when it's dark outside.

Anywhere and everywhere...I'm on my bike.

Ian Deleporte more than 1 year ago

Ride in Snow.

Snowy nights along city streets in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.

Mike Greene more than 1 year ago

commuting home on a clear night

I guess my favorite place to ride when it is dark outside, is to be heading home along a designated bike path where I can be out of traffic and relax a bit on a night where it isn't raining. There's a couple of points on my commute home that are like this and offer a bit of open space.

Oliver more than 1 year ago

Gliding next to silent sailboats in the dark

Along marinas, especially under a full moon, smelling the salt air, a breeze making things on boat masts jingle faintly beneath the sound of lapping water.

Erin more than 1 year ago

Fave place

Has to be down the main street in my city. I like to stop by shops and get a snack from my fave place to eat. I'm not allowed to go to the city parks after dark, but riding on city streets is exciting.

Sandy N more than 1 year ago

Everyday ride.

My daily commute. It's dark at 6:30 am for much of the year!

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago

Night Riding with my Dog

I love to ride at night after visiting our local dog park with Roxy in Highland Village, TX. She is harnessed in the Burley pet trailer and I've been looking for a good tail light that will attached to the flag mast on the trailer without slipping.

Mark Solow more than 1 year ago

Hear myself think

My days are full of noise from before I even wake up, from the non-stop noise of two growing boys to a ringing phone for 10 hours at work it never lets up. Riding through the quiet night lets me collect my thoughts and sort through the day in a way that would never happen if I were, say, in my CAR.


Abigail Porter more than 1 year ago


Scouting the cyclocross course the night before the race..... If allowed of course. Cheating is wrong!

Joseph more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder Light Contest

Living in a sub-development designed to maximize throughput of cars/hour, driving at night near home is risky business. We often load up the bikes and drive to nearby villages with an actual downtown and genuine neighborhoods full of "connectedness", friendly people out on walks or bike rides of their own, well-lit streets, and a safe environment for ALL users.

Ed Fuhrmann more than 1 year ago

My favorite place to ride my bike at night.

My favorite place to ride my bike at night is around Old Town Pasadena, CA and just going down the main street is on because its fun and nice to see all the people going out around the town having fun. I also get to pass by the Norton Simon museum and there's just so many places to see from coffee shops to art galliers and its just and awesome feeling

Tatiana Mendez more than 1 year ago

Flying at Night

The River Trails Manhattan, KS- We've have a trail that we've built that winds down the bank of the river. Something about having your hands in the dirt, bleeding, sweating, sharing beers with friends on every single piece of the 7 miles makes you know a place better than any other. When the sun goes down, when it's just you, your bike and the spot directly in front of you, you tune in. You know every corner and are guided by the sound of the knobs on your tires through every berm. The dirt in the light ahead of is the only reality until you fly over the hill, your light only catching darkness but still you know exactly where you are because you're home. That's when you truly feel like you are flying. That's my night ride.

Jacqueline Logan more than 1 year ago

side streets in our neighbourhood

through our neighbourhood in the summertime - nice breeze off of the lake and only a few cars on the road !

tara christie more than 1 year ago

Springwater Corridor

I love cycling in the summer when it is light out until 10 pm in Portland, Oregon. Sometimes I stay out past 10 pm, and I find myself riding home in the dark on the Springwater Corridor rails-to-trails bike path, worrying about cowboy outlaws that might jump out from the bushes. This light would help me see better, so I can ride faster through this spooky area.

Charles Wood more than 1 year ago

10th Ave. Vancouver

It is a delight to ride this bike route at night and share the road with so many other travelers.

Ken Ohrn more than 1 year ago

In the dark

Like riding to my favorite Mexican restaurant to meet friends. Being seen on a bike is so important especially when the sun goes down. Riding at night changes the look of my route.

peg o more than 1 year ago

Blinder light contest

I like to ride through the downtown area with plenty of fellow bikers. We can see the sites of the city lit up at night.

Jeff G. Rottman more than 1 year ago


I love riding up to the University of British Columbia at night, glancing around the campus streets, and taking in the hum of the community there. Out on the western point of Vancouver, it offers a gentle refuge with sounds of the ocean and wind.

Phil Johnston more than 1 year ago

PDX Bike Boulevards

By the time everyone is done for the day, dark seems to be the only time we have to ride together as a family. We are lucky to live in the middle of a fabulous network of bike boulevards and there is a lot of awareness.

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

zero dark thirty

Love cycling downtown at night, but with all the wine drinking tourists, it can be a challenge. At least now, maybe I'll be seen!

Rick more than 1 year ago

Through the city

I enjoy riding near the University of Pittsburgh campus at night, I get to see how the character of the neighborhood changes.

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

After Hours

I love riding the calm and quiet downtown streets near my apartment when most folks are tucked away for the night. It's fun to glide along under moonlight, starlight, and the subtle glow of streetlights--knowing I'll probably have a path mostly or entirely clear of vehicles. Traffic lights are kind to me, changing quickly. The odd car wanders home instead of hurrying somewhere. The stillness of life reminds me that I'm fortunate to be alive and well enough to share the night with my bike.

Loretta Esparza more than 1 year ago

Singletrack, or somewhere quiet

Any singletrack is fun at night, on the road, there's a street that goes through a golf course, barely lit, quiet, and you typically see deer. There is something pure and peaceful about it.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

snow nights

I like riding out on a lake near my home in the winter at night. I am the only one on it. The quiet is so wonderful. The snow covered ice makes this wonderful sound under the tires. It is not very dark since the snow is so reflective. One of Minnesota's winter perks.

Steve more than 1 year ago

When the lights go down in the city...

I love to ride city streets downtown and surrounds when it's dark outside.

Amy more than 1 year ago

Dark: thirty

Having the streets to yourself around town during the early morning hours is the best.

John more than 1 year ago

South Platte River Greenway Trail

Denver, Colorado: Ordinarily when riding at night, I'll take the Cherry Creek Trail because it's well-lit. However, I'd much rather take the South Platte River Greenway Trail, enjoy the cool breeze as I ride along the river, take in the smells of Denver's riverside industry and coal trains passing by. But I'd never ride that trail at night without some kind of BLINDING bike light. Now where could I acquire one of those...?

@ethang more than 1 year ago

Commuting outside of normal commute hours

To & from the train station when it's way too early or late to be riding the train, let alone my bike. The roads are clear & I don't have to compete for a seat close to my bike, good times!

franko more than 1 year ago

riding at night

I love to ride in the city at night. not the super busy streets, but not the dead ones either.

jason more than 1 year ago

Night riding

I like cruising the city streets at night down to the river with a group of friends for an impromptu beer and bbq party.

Christopher Joy more than 1 year ago

night riding

i like to ride along the river at night, especially in summer (of course) and late at night when almost no one is down there. the city & river are beautiful & peaceful.

t.a. barnhart more than 1 year ago

Niiight Riiider!

At 2 or 3 a.m., I cruise the center lanes of the busiest street in town, no traffic, just me and my bike.

Earthslice more than 1 year ago

Night Rider

I like to ride to our local downtown in Traverse City, MI whether it is to explore the local parks for a night swim, go out to a nice restaurant or do some shopping.

Gabe Talaga more than 1 year ago

Downtown at it's best

I love to ride up and down the streets of our downtown area, past the bars, clubs, restaurants, and parks, to people watch and enjoy the scents of the wonderful flowering plants.

Stacey Jones more than 1 year ago

Riding at night...

Strathona, Vancouver. Cherry Blossom season.

Jacqueline Robins more than 1 year ago

Night riding

My favourite place to ride at night is any road that the opposite direction of traffic doesn't blind me!

Amanda more than 1 year ago

Late night rides...

I love to ride along the lake front of Lake Michigan. Watching the lights of the cargo ships go by as I ride home.

Larry Maday more than 1 year ago

in the country

I like riding out in the country, where the sky is dark. On starry nights you can see everything and the quietness of riding a bike makes it magical.

rebecca more than 1 year ago

Night Light

I like to ride any and everywhere at night in the summer. It gets cool out, you can ride through sprinklers and watch the sun set. I love the smell of the wet grass and I'm never ready to go home. Winter, not as fun since I usually can't feel my feet. I'd love this light though. I rode in a thunderstorm a few months ago and my rear light went out for good.

Kim H more than 1 year ago


I love riding on highways late at night. Less traffic, more relaxin'

Travis more than 1 year ago


I love riding on highways late at night. Less traffic, more relaxin'

Travis more than 1 year ago

favourite place to ride when it's dark outside

Picking up my son from school at the end of the day in the winter and biking home with him amidst the snow drifts.

ben more than 1 year ago

Biking in the dark

My favorite place to bike when it's dark outside? Downtown Durham, to meet my friends at my favorite brewery.

Meghan more than 1 year ago

Riding at night...

I love to ride around Lake Merritt in Oakland at night. Strings of lights are strewn around, the light dances off the water creating an aura of magic and beauty.

Jakkz more than 1 year ago

bike light

I like to ride randomly through the city streets at night.

Fritz Kreiss more than 1 year ago