July 15, 2013

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Don Valley Ravine

my favorite place to ride is the Don Valley Ravine bike path near Lake shore in Toronto

Derek more than 1 year ago

Summer nights in the city

Nothing brings home the dog days of summer like a nighttime ride through densely packed Denver neighborhoods. Stereos bumpin, people grilling. The smells and sounds are so much more enjoyable after the heat has lifted and the sun has disappeared behind the mountains.

Alexxandra more than 1 year ago

Night Ride

There's a section of Sheridan that hugs the lake so that I can watch the waves in the moonlight while I cycle home.

Whitney more than 1 year ago

Night Ride

There's a section of Sheridan that hugs the lake so that I can watch the waves in the moonlight as I cycle home.

Whitney more than 1 year ago

Bike at night

I love to ride on the levee of the mighty Mississippi at night. Feels a little like riding into the abyss.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

My favorite riding place when it is dark

I like to ride in the dark and very late on the big boulevards without car traffic hassles.

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

My favorite place to ride when it is dark

Oh, on Walnut St and Zanja St, the little small streets that have the big trees and bushes and the cars are gone.

Marina more than 1 year ago

Where I like to ride when it is dark

I like to ride in the quiet neighborhood streets, smelling the flowers and reveling in the quiet without the cars.

Grant more than 1 year ago

Where I like to ride when it is dark

Along the beach bikepath listening to the sound of the surf with almost nobody around

Dr. Ramey more than 1 year ago

your favorite place to ride when it's dark outside

Home from work

michael lim more than 1 year ago

Riding before the sun rises

Some of my favorite rides have been with Colorado Ride the Rockies. Due to the nature of the routes, we have left pre-sunrise. It is one of my favorite times as it it quite and few riders on the road. My simple light and rear reflector blink offering a slight advantage in the dark for other riders or vehicles. Each morning I am riding awaiting a beautiful sunrise. I ride in the evening many times that require lights however it is these early morning pre sunrise rides that our my favorites.

greg olson more than 1 year ago

Night time commuting

A local advocacy group in NYC organizes "midnight tours" through Central Park and Prospect Park. Those of us who've lived here a while used to cringe at the thought of being in Central Park at midnight, but it turns out it's just as beautiful by night as by day, and by all appearances just as safe.

Ed Ravin more than 1 year ago

No more riding down dark alleys

When I was living and working in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, I used to have the opportunities to visit many of the alleys at various times of the day. I remember Judy Graves, homeless advocate, once took me to visit some of these alleys at night. There was a whole different world out there and I was so touched by how strong and resilience the human spirit was there.

Clarence Li more than 1 year ago

Home with my kids on the longtail

We sometimes leave in the morning on the Edgerunner & don't get home til after dark.

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

Home from an Orioles game with my teenage son

Riding our bikes to the game beats the cars, the bus, light rail and any other form of transportation available to us. Coming home after the game on a summer evening, we stop by the inner harnor to see what street performers are drawing a crowd and cycle along bike trails and quiet residential streets talking together as the daylight fades. How many more times will we get to do this together before he leaves to pursue his ambitions?

Guy Babineau more than 1 year ago

Light for Road Cycling in Autumn once the days get short

This light would be perfect for my road bike once the fall season arrives and it becomes difficult to squeeze in a weekday ride. I love the idea of the USB charging capability and brightness of this light!! If awarded to me, I would take very good care of it and make sure it sees many good bike rides!!!

Natalie Labbe more than 1 year ago

Knog lights

Night riding is great sometimes for the peace and solitude. However, in Mpls recently there has been some tragic accidents between bikes and cars. I like to light up my bike like a Christmas tree so all cars can see me.

David Higley more than 1 year ago

Trail Of The Whispering Giants

There is a street in Akron that runs along an old Native American trail which the tribe out here named 'Trail Of The Whispering Giants'. That is part of my cruise that I make almost nightly. The road is smooth. It is pleasantly dark with the occasional road light. Along the road there is a giant Native American head carved out of a tree right next to the road. I pass it by all the time, and that Native Head is a big part of the reason why that is my favorite place to ride at night

Kenntron more than 1 year ago

Darkalicious: lighterific?

My favourite after dark ride, by default, is the one I've the most over the past few years: home from the University of Victoria to Vic West after the library finally closes. The traffic is much less abundant, and I can sometimes get most of the way home without sharing the road with a moving automobile, thanks in part to judicious route selection. Closer to downtown, there is the inevitable stretch where more folks are driving, but then it's off the streets and across the water on the Galloping Goose for the closing minutes. I can't count how many times I've stopped on the Selkirk Trestle to admire the lights and the relative silence. The one downside of the Goose and the park I traverse after: on moonless nights there are some treacherous spots, and a Knog Blinder would be just the thing to keep me, other trail users, and wildlife (deer, racoons, etc.) safer through those parts: not to mention the times when I'm sharing the road.

Many thanks!

Robin Rombs more than 1 year ago

Riding in the dark

Well, occasionally we do ride in the dark, and that's when we need some light! I just love to go home from work in the dark biking, and talking my bike whenever possible!

IrinaG OrangeGaryFisherRider more than 1 year ago

knog blinder light

This would be good for neighood night ride so to see all the dog walkers, night walkers, cars, branches, and other street needs.

linda more than 1 year ago

The. Nations Capitol

I am lucky enough to live right outside of Washington DC and the monuments are beautiful at night. There are actually guided night time tours ! But with knog lights I can be my own tour guide.

Monique more than 1 year ago

I need this light!

Here in the frozen north, once school starts, we often need lights to ride to school in the mornings. Our favorite place to ride in the (semi) dark is school. My son's light was stolen off his bike, this would be a great replacement!

Laura Chutny more than 1 year ago

Need more light

Since I am a substitute teacher in Mpls, my commute takes me to different locations throughout the city. Sometimes, the lighting is very poor, especially along an old bike trail built when people thought only recreational bikers would use it. I know installing better lighting is cost prohibitive, so it is best to provide our own light for safety. You never know when another poorly lit biker or runner will come around the next bend.

Deb S. more than 1 year ago

Bike trail

I live right by the WO&D bike trail I could do all my errands anytime I want. I love riding when it is quiet and peaceful.

Sharon Meagher more than 1 year ago

night ride

the quiet back streets, no traffic.

Debbie more than 1 year ago

Night riding

My favourite place to ride is on empty roads. I like heading out when no one's around and having the entire road to myself. It's quiet and peaceful.

T more than 1 year ago

"Favorite" night riding

Hmm, everyone else is describing the beautiful places they like to ride at night. I ride at night when it is dark during commuting hours, so from that perspective my favorite riding is downtown Seattle because it is the fastest route home---and you had better be lit up when riding downtown!

Paul D. Sampson more than 1 year ago

Favorite place to nightride...

After living in NYC for several years my favorite place to ride at night is still across the Brooklyn Bridge. It makes me happy to be a New Yorker (and on a bicycle)!

Logan more than 1 year ago


I love riding my bike at night! I feel so energized, especially in the summertime, when it cools down at night, riding through quite streets, enjoy the breeze,... and I also can't wait to go on my first mountain bike night ride,... once the fall is here.

Kathrin more than 1 year ago

My favourite night ride

...is around James Bay, Dallas Road and Oak Bay in Victoria. There are some beautiful heritage buildings, quiet streets along the ocean and the occasional deer.

Jocelyn Chan more than 1 year ago

Riding at night

My favourite place to ride in the dark is along W Broadway in Vancouver. It's still busy enough that it's not creepy, but it's cool because the major street gets pretty quiet.

Chelsea more than 1 year ago

Where to ride

At night, I like to ride on pretty much any side street in Vancouver. It gets really quiet. Nice and serene.

Daniel YC more than 1 year ago

night ride

I like to ride at night just after a nice rain shower. The smells are incredible.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

night ride

Down town Vancouver 4am. Not a car insight you own the city.

Alex Kleider more than 1 year ago

Along the rivers!

Downtown Pittsburgh along the rivers makes for great night riding, especially if the Pirates are in town. Lots to see and do, and because you're on a bike, you can jump on and off to participate when something interesting happens.

Cheryl more than 1 year ago

Favorite place to ride in the dark...

BIKE RAVE. because this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk48jbspq4k

bex0r more than 1 year ago

To and from the neighborhood hangout

We live a little less than three miles from an amazing newly redeveloped elementary school. It was closed a few years ago, but it now houses a brewery, a bakery, a deli, an art school, and community space for live music and events. It's a great addition to our area, and most of the fun happens at night.

Joanna more than 1 year ago

to the store

to the store at night.

Ron more than 1 year ago

On a coastal road

Whether it is the Pacific or Atlantic ocean I love to ride along both coasts when it is dark. I know that seeing the ocean is amazing, but when it is dark you get to hear more of the ocean. It is just simply awesome.

Dan Hanton more than 1 year ago

dark trails

We have a great system of trails in my town but none of them are lighted. Some go through open space; some go through the woods. It's so peaceful and serene to be riding next to a bubbling creek in the dark. But scary without good lights. Good lights light up the eyes of the night critters watching me ride by silently. And you can never have too many lights so that you can be seen as well as seeing the trail in front of you.

Jackie Luta more than 1 year ago

favorite place to ride when it's dark outside

My favorite place to ride after dark is through a local wooded park; the moon reflecting on one of the lakes is beautiful on a clear night and you almost always see a deer or two.

Mark Hubley more than 1 year ago

Kimberley, BC-Cranbrook, BC commute

Great commute to and from work.

allan more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder.

Favorite night riding is ride to anywhere.

Ian more than 1 year ago

Golden Gate Park

I love to ride in the park when the fog is in: the mist on my face, the muffled city sounds, the indistinct shapes - very mysterious!

Judy more than 1 year ago

I like riding in the country.

I like riding in the country with my beach cruiser bike. I take my two lights : Knog Blinder 4 Square and I go away. There is no noise and I like the wind in my hair.

burine olivier more than 1 year ago


I like riding just about anywhere, anytime, but Portland's Willamette River waterfront Esplanade give a fantastic view of the city.

Erinne more than 1 year ago

Favorit place to ride at night

I love riding on the beach at night!

Deanne more than 1 year ago

The Dunes!

Riding along the rec trail, at Marina Dunes Park. Especially when it's foggy and deserted.

Wendy Peabody more than 1 year ago

Pizza Night

Riding home from Pizza Night at our local lunchtime deli. They only do pizza on Friday nights and there's always a live band. It's only about 1/2 mile from my house, but after dark, I certainly need the lights on while riding my bicycle home.

Molly Peterson more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder Road light

I like riding home from coaching basketball. Models for the kids that physical activity is important even off the court. But, in the winter, night-time come early.

Sara Maria D more than 1 year ago

Central Park, NYC

One of my best bike moments... riding through Central Park, at midnight, in the winter, a day or two snowstorm.

Everything is black and white, and the park is completely empty. Yet you still see the lights of the city around you, in color.

It feels as if you're in the middle of an apocalyptic movie and you're the last person in the island of Manhattan.

Sebastian more than 1 year ago

All over C-bus, Ohio

Tuesday night rides stopping at Taco trucks, coasting races down the soap box derby hill, riding through the short north on a weekend night, brick streets in German Village, late night trips on Olentangy trail. Columbus has it all. And my bike got stolen so I need a new light too.

Craig Clark more than 1 year ago

Springwater Corridor trail in Portland

My favorite place to ride at night is the Springwater Corridor trail in Portland, Oregon. Right next to the river for a good 3 or so miles, there are no streetlights, so without a headlight, it's dangerous as hell—even with a headlight it can be hard to see, but it's certainly exhilarating.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

Late night Rides on Halifax's beautiful waterfront boardwalk

Cooling breeze, gusts of salty ocean air. The lights on the other side of the harbour. It's just beautiful any time of year.

matthew92worona@gmail.com more than 1 year ago


My favorite place to ride at night is wissachickon Gorge in Philadelphia. The trails are tricky by day and even more exciting in the dark!

Lance Lau more than 1 year ago

Shopping by bike is fun

We have many traffic calmed streets and trails. I'm very lucky to live here. Even a night time errand is fun. Still need to be safe and visible to other riders and cars. I'd love a good set of lights.

Mae more than 1 year ago

Holiday Rides

I love to ride in the Christmas Light Rides with the kids. Perfect way to see Christmas Lights!

Ryan more than 1 year ago

Oh I like those!

In the fall we often forget how fast it gets dark in the evening and we get caught out on the bike as it gets dark. We have a great tail light, but a head light would make it a little less scary.

Andrea F more than 1 year ago

Nightly rides from work to home

My favorite place is the diverse range I encounter daily: from the high traffic stretch along the Embarcadero of San Francisco, to my neighborhood with deer or raccon dashing out in front of me suddenly. Gotta have an excellent light to avoid wildlife collisions!

Janie more than 1 year ago

Night ride fun

Anywhere my happy bike will take me.

Barbara more than 1 year ago

Pacific Coast Trail

Ah, the fresh sea air ... the cool, calm breeze ... the KLUNK from running over something in the dark! I would so love a light to illuminate the trail ... not in my budget at the moment, so hoping you'll pick me!!

Scott more than 1 year ago

it's darker on the trails

Park trails offer the cooling of the forest when it is nauseating hot in summer. You can get relief from the heat and, at the same time, from the carbon dioxide and noxious fumes.
To see and be seen under these conditions, you need lots of lumens. Yes, you need something blindingly bright.

Anthony more than 1 year ago


Ghostrider, this is Strike...one of the best guys movie line from Top Gun opening sequence. Also, I feel the need, the need for speed! This Blinder Light embodies
all that and more.

danny more than 1 year ago

Night riding

I love to ride the Boulder Creek bike path a night with a good light. Always relaxing and fun!

Dave more than 1 year ago

just want to be visable

These lights will improve my visibility day or night while pulling the chariot

tracey more than 1 year ago

night time commutes

I need to see on my urban pathways. Why no lights on the paths

john bombard more than 1 year ago

night riding

I work nights, and I love putting in another 30 or more k before going home to bed.

Rob more than 1 year ago

Fun rides anywhere during the nightime

Come on baby light my fire

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago


My favourite night riding is to and from concerts in Vancouver.

Stephen more than 1 year ago

Atlanta BeltLine

Great sunset views of the city and flat path home on my commute. Necessary to have lights to see and be seen.

Amber more than 1 year ago

Favorite Nighttime Rides

Anywhere leading home, through our quiet neighborhood streets or lit up paths along the river...

Mistee St Clair more than 1 year ago

Quiet roads

Vancouver's streets can be very peaceful in the dark,, and hauntingly pretty in the rain.

Andrea more than 1 year ago

Knog Light

Biking to the football game is fine. but coming home in the dark, i really need a Knog front light

Alan Magnusson more than 1 year ago


Summer evenings have us riding to the end of a pier that stretches into Lake Michigan. We watch the sunset and pedal off in the dark, relying on great bike lights to guide us safely home.

Mel more than 1 year ago

Maine Roads at Midnight

When it gets to be 90 degrees
With nary a chance of a breeze
In day I'll sit tight
And go biking at night
With a Knog Blinder Light, if you please

Mike Pop more than 1 year ago


We have a nice downtown area which is great to ride around at night. Less cars, but still lit from the street lamps.

Ashley S more than 1 year ago


Through Stanley park in Vancouver...

Brian H more than 1 year ago

Where I love to ride at night

I love riding around the downtown of my city because it is absolutely beautiful at night! It's a pretty place during the day, but at night it becomes stunning. It's quiet, peaceful, and has many little quaint shops to see and some wonderful places open late where you can stop for a cup of coffee, dessert, or a late meal.

Lenie more than 1 year ago


awesome lights are awesome

keith b more than 1 year ago

Through our university district

Through our university district, past the shops and students!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

Roads sans sodium lights

I enjoy riding roads without sodium lights, peaceful.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Night Riding!

Around the town as an alternative to driving when I hang out with friends!

Shannon more than 1 year ago

Knog could light my way

I love riding through the city of Vancouver , Gastown, Chinatown and Stanley Park, after all those pesky cars have gone home

Wendi McDonald more than 1 year ago

Pitt Meadows: Old Dewdney Trunk

My favourite place to ride while it's dark would be my commute through Pitt Meadows along the Old Dewdney Trunk Road, especially at dusk. Currently, I don't use this route during the darker months because the lighting is just too poor along that stretch. Maybe these lights can change that for me!

Ryan Barry more than 1 year ago

Long Rides

I'd use this light on long training rides on the road to my first 70.3

Cory more than 1 year ago

fav place to ride when it is dark

My favorite night place to ride, hum, like taking the longer dark route home from work at times. It runs through the zoo park and through the hills. Nice quiet ride most of the way.

seth kreiss more than 1 year ago

Summer in Maine

I like to ride in Rockland, Maine when all the tourists are asleep!

Dave Asselin more than 1 year ago

Night ride

Definitely along the lake shore in Toronto.

Yann more than 1 year ago

Pre-Dawn Commute

I really enjoy riding on the Monon here in Indianapolis in the evenings after work. It is by far the most peaceful place in the city after dark when it's deserted.

R. L. Nicolas more than 1 year ago

Night riding

I really enjoy night rides around my neighbourhood as its cooler and the roads are less crowded. I do worry that the cars will see me at night so this is where a good light comes in handy.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Night Destination

My favorite nighttime destination is the Waterfront Trail in Cornwall, ON.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Bright at night

Having this light will make it brighter when I am riding home from work when the darkness returns. Awesome!!

Sande MacEachern more than 1 year ago

Show the light

It would be excellent to have a front light such as this one. It will show all that is front of me when on my bicycle.

Peter Shaw more than 1 year ago

riding home

I attend way too many night time meetings in my community and a good front light is essential for the trip home. The lights I have now are bright enough, but heavy and inconvenient to mount / dismount.

Tony Panero more than 1 year ago

Knog light contest

My favourite place to ride when it is dark is the bicycle lane on the way to work. It is dark from October to April when I ride to work.

Darlene Stericker more than 1 year ago

Knog lights

I night ride to downtown Vancouver through Strathcona.

Maria Jackman more than 1 year ago


I ride in Yellowknife most of the year - the days are now getting shorter and before too long the sun will set at 4pm. A good light is key to safe riding until it starts to get bright again!

Rich McIntosh more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

Around Annapolis, Maryland. For at city filled with cars, night time is not a bad time to ride.

WIL COLQUHOUN more than 1 year ago

Dark Outside

My favorite place would be to be riding a mountain bike on a familiar trail,not only when if is dark, but also storming!

Kelly Bowyer more than 1 year ago

Night time in San Antonio, Texas

Love to ride past the Historic Alamo late night in San Antonio, Texas. Tourists are out taking photos at midnight and the ambiance is exciting to be a part of.

Jeff G. R. more than 1 year ago

Night Bike and Hike

My brother and I have sought adventure together since we were kids. These days we enjoy biking along the dark and deserted drive in the UW -Madison Arboretum before heading out into the woods on foot. We rely on our night vision as we wander the trials, but like to see and be seen while biking. If I win this light, I'd give it to my brother who never has a reliable bike light.

Alyson H more than 1 year ago

Lakeshore night ride from Port Credit to Toronto

After spending all day visiting favourite restaurants around Port Credit marina, it always gets dark before we can think of returning home along the scenic lakeshore trail that winds alongside beautiful Lake Ontario, back into the heart of Toronto, where the tall buildings light up like homing beacons to guide the weary traveller back home.

Karen more than 1 year ago

The sleeping city at night

I love cycling through the city around 2 or 3 a.m., when I have the streets to myself and the darkness somehow makes me feel like I'm traveling faster than I am. I remember living in London, England, and cycling home from a party with my then boyfriend at 2 a.m. or so, through a silent Oxford Circus and along a Thames sparkling with reflected street lights. It was all ours, and so very different from daytime London.

Leah Geller more than 1 year ago



Ian more than 1 year ago

night rider

Sometimes I detour through the woods on my commute home. It is a nice trail, but it gets dark there before it gets dark on the street. I need a good light.

Jon J more than 1 year ago

Riding home in the rain in winter

Here at the 49th parallel, we still get some daylight in winter, but even when picking up my kid early-ish at 4:30, it can get pretty dark on the way home in the rain. But it's fun, when taken slowly, cautiously and with much lighting!

CJ more than 1 year ago

Favorite Dark Ride

Around my block, which is 1.1 miles. I live on Buick Drive, and 1/8 of a mile, it turns into Cadillac Drive. Cadillac drive is somewhat bumpy, and needs to be resurfaced, but at night, it's something out of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Quiet, windy, and a little eerie. The streetlights only provide small pools of light, which I swim through on my old Trek aluminum. The rest of Cadillac is as long as Buick is, and then I turn left for the last 1/4 mile on a bumpy old sidewalk, back to where I began.

Ted Scheck more than 1 year ago

alaskan winters

with 21 hours of darkness for several months, i could really use this light!

janet north more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

I love riding home from UBC on 16th Avenue after it's dark. There are not as many cars, it's quiet but the streets are still lit so you can see and riding past Pacific Spirit at night is just so calming. Riding on well-lit bike paths at night is also really great. :)

Beng Khoo more than 1 year ago

Night Riding tis the Best

One of the best rides Vancouverites all know about is going out SW Marine drive towards UBC and then down the big hill on NW Marine Drive towards Spanish Banks and riding 5km of hard gravel along the beach. At night, the whole final 3rd you stare right at the city skyline and the freighters. However, it is dark for much of this ride - this lighting rig would be awesome, especially the USB charging once I get home!

Steve more than 1 year ago

West 10th Vancouver

Sad but true, and it is a bike path. The trees here create a beautiful canopy to shade riders in summer, but in winter add to the pitch blackness any time near or after sundown. Whether I'm riding home from work along this great path, or heading to the Olympic Village or MEC, it is the other reiders that ride with no lighting that are a not so so clear, but present,.. danger. My boyfriend calls the legendary cyclists that don't seem to care about lighting in there "Stealth hipster death cycle-topedoes" especally when they cut round abouts the wrong way and their fixies seem to be oiled for minimal sound!

Laura more than 1 year ago

Rural Sections of Galloping Goose Trail

It is incredibly stimulating to ride at night in places without streetlights, like rural sections of the Galloping Goose trail in Greater Victoria, or Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. The challenge is when meeting two bikes traveling with with super bright lights, side by side in the opposite direction. Without an equally bright or brighter light, one starts looking for an escape route to avoid what appears to be a motor vehicle coming down the trail toward you.

Ross Archibald more than 1 year ago

Light up the Cathedral of Trees

I love biking my neighborhood at night, whether on a joy ride or winter commuting in the dark. If it is a quiet night, with little automotive traffic, I enjoy the lit up tree branches arching over the street. Being lit from underneath gives them a different flickering majesty than daylight. If the traffic is sharing the road with me, I feel so much safer knowing my headlights and taillights keep me visible.

Ronna more than 1 year ago

Wanna? or Gotta?

My favorite place to ride at night is definitely home from a dinner out on the town, but where I actually end up riding in the dark is home from work. Perhaps, I should start going out for dinner on my way home from work? Would definitely need a good, strong light for that!

mbb more than 1 year ago

The City Streets

I like to ride on the city streets where the business men and women have gone home with little to no foot and car trafic. Also to the local breweries, a local french bakery and wherever the night takes me.

Josh more than 1 year ago

Wherever the cars are NOT

I like to ride wherever the cars are NOT, but since our planned community eschewed path lights in the Master Plan back in 196something, I need a good light to avoid the trees and deer and other nightlilfe!

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

I love riding around my neighbourhood, or home after a night out with friends. So quiet and peaceful.

Kate more than 1 year ago

Dawn in the Don

We ride in the wee AM hours in the trails bordering Toronto's Don River. It's our "Dawn in the Don" ride. Awesome to watch the city wake up.

Brent Marshall more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder Road Front Light

I need a light for my new Public bike!

Sondra Bernard more than 1 year ago

mommag contest

Would really help in the fall as I ride to work quite a bit and it gets dark earlier and earlier.

Russell Price more than 1 year ago

Tofino's multi-use path.

There's been some serious bike accidents so I need a stronger light to see those without lights sooner.

Warren Rudd more than 1 year ago

Night Rider

I live in the city, so night riding is never a pitch black situation and actually, for me, is easier on my eyes. In Minneapolis we have many biking corridors that are well lit, but my favorite is the Greenway - it's a biking super highway.

Justina more than 1 year ago

night riding

I like to ride along the central valley greenway. Need to be seen and to see the road.

Lloyd S more than 1 year ago

Riding with my Chicago rats

I'd have to say riding through the financial district of Chicago's loop is kinda spectacular at night. From being almost impenetrable during rush hours to being a ghost town after dusk. It's quite majestic..... Just watch out for the rats.

Joseph Szul more than 1 year ago

Park after Dark

I like to ride in Golden Gate Park after dark. I also commute at odd hours and in the winter when it's dark out.

JJ Strahle more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder contest

I like riding everywhere at night. It's miserably hot and humid during the day, plus being a fair-skinned redhead I burn easily so I prefer riding at night.

Christopher Joy more than 1 year ago

Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail

There's some spooky pitch black parts. Once I rode side-by-side with a coyote for about a block. A lot of people like to walk their dogs late at night...

Randy Gatley more than 1 year ago

In the woods!

My favorite spot to ride at night is the deep, dark woods. I enjoy hunting down the teenagers that hang out there and mangling them with my chainsaw! If they got bike lights like the Knog Blinder, I'd be able to see them coming from further away and jump out to scare them more effectively.

Michael Pickens more than 1 year ago

Knog Blinder

I love both trails and streets at night. Mountain biking in the dark is ethereal, and biking home from the pub at night also has its charms!

Guy more than 1 year ago

Bliner headlight contest

My favorite place to ride at night is my neighborhood especially in spring. I live in old neighborhood with Victorian houses and the streets are lined with Cherry Blossom trees. Riding at twilight one can smell the heady scent of cherry blossoms floating through the air. People are out on their front steps playing music and chatting and everyone waves and are happy.

Jillian Player more than 1 year ago

Anywhere and everywhere!

I find night riding to be more freeing and low-stress, especially in parts of town where there are less cars on the road. One of my fondest bike memories is riding on a long open road at night with a group of 15 friends. No car head lights, just a full moon and some stars. I've never experienced a sensation so close to flying

Nelle Pierson more than 1 year ago


Let's be real, my favorite place to ride at night is towards home. Living in the NW is can get dark pretty early, so over half year, my ride home is definitely in the dark.

Jessica Bare more than 1 year ago

Palouse Trail near Moscow, ID

Recently I moved to Moscow, ID -- which is a small town, but big on biking. They've got a nicely paved trail that runs through it and connects to two other towns. My little light gets me by at night, but a light like this would really help me see.

See, I love mountain biking too. And I'd really like to do a night ride on the mountain, but the light I have now wouldn't be up to par in allowing me to see all of the dips, rocks, roots and logs before they come up. A light like this certainly would. Thanks for the giveaway!

Aaron Couch more than 1 year ago

Slicing through the darkness

Riding at night is a completely different experience than riding in daylight. Summer night riding is much different than winter night riding. But either way, it's quiet and calm and it almost feels like you're getting away with doing something you're not supposed be doing. My favorite is just around town and through my neighborhood.

Lori more than 1 year ago


Yes, I need a better headlight.

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago

Love that dirty water!

I'd use it to ride home along the Charles River bike path in Boston, during the winter months, when the bike path is dark. We need some wicked powerful lights here in Boston, where we love that dirty water, but where the road is full of potholes and notoriously aggressive and clueless drivers.

Al more than 1 year ago

College Campus

Being a student can be difficult at times.But being a student who commutes to class via bicycle can be a real challenge because of the other 45,000 students I have to avoid on my way to class. However, I recently road my bike through campus at night and it was then, when I was able to really enjoy the landscape and architecture because I could actually look around! I now ride my bike at night to and from work and the downtown district on the regular basis!

Garrett Warren more than 1 year ago

Let there be Knog

I like to get home safe and sound at night, regardless of where I have ventured by bike. These blinders would be an amazing addition to my evening rides!

Eric more than 1 year ago

Rails to Trails with my kiddos

The most fun I've ever had riding at night was with my daughters on a rails to trails route. We sang silly songs, we speculated about the noises we were hearing in the trees (zombie cows!?), we felt like we were flying in the dark with just our headlights to guide us. They still talk about it!

Jules more than 1 year ago

Mt. Tabor

Favorite place to ride late at night. Surrounded by trees and hills to climb and descend on. With a great view of the city at the top.

amy more than 1 year ago

DIY streetlight

In New Orleans, neighborhood street lighting is haphazard at best. If one goes out, it won't get repaired for months and months. But potholes are many! So good lighting is a must.

Tara T more than 1 year ago

Lakeside Madison

My favorite place to bike after dark is around Lake Monona here in Madison, WI. The view on John Nolen of the isthmus is incredible after dusk. Biking lakeside and past the terrace, machinery row, and through Madison neighborhoods, in the quiet company of Madison's many cyclists - it's a city biking dream come true in any season.

Ivy more than 1 year ago

biking at night

I'd use it to bike it along the bike path right by the river as I make my way home from downtown after work

Ashley B. more than 1 year ago

antelope by moonlight

My favorite nighttime ride is an organized ride on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. Antelope by Moonlight takes riders on a 20 mile ride across the island under the full moon in July. It is a inspiring sight to see hundreds of lights streaming along the road in both directions

kendall hill more than 1 year ago

Anywhere it's dark, really

Biking at night, with a group of good buds...feels like we're 12 again.

E. Reeve more than 1 year ago

Neighborhood ride

I love to ride my bike around my neighborhood at night when it is quiet and peaceful.

Veronica L. more than 1 year ago

Willamette Blvd

After spending a gorgeous Portland day at Cathedral Park or any other place in the St. John's area of Portland, OR, coming back at night down the Willamette Blvd is the best. You have the most amazing view of the river and of Portland at night from way up high on the cliff. I've never been able to ride that route at night and not stop to take in the awe

Neal Spinler more than 1 year ago

Bright and Smart

I'd be bright and smart using this light set. Bright, to keep me visible on winter commutes, and smart since it is USB-rechargeable!

Kathy Forde more than 1 year ago

Homeward Bound

I'm not a fan of riding in the dark, so if it's dark enough that I need to turn on a light, I hope I'm riding home.

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago

Lakefront trail in Chicago

When commuting from my office to the train along Chicago's lakefront in the colder months, it is very dark on the path. It's beautiful hearing the wind in the trees and the waves crashing on the shore--but I'd still like a better view of where I'm riding!

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago

park trails

love the dark

Steve more than 1 year ago