November 11, 2013

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More bike parking!

In Vancouver we need bike parking all around the Art Gallery which is located adjacent to UBC's downtown campus and is an area frequently used for rallies and public gatherings - this place severely needs more (any!!) bike parking :)

Katherine 341 days ago

More bike parking!

In Vancouver we need bike parking all around the Art Gallery which is located adjacent to UBC's downtown campus and is an area frequently used for rallies and public gatherings - this place severely needs more (any!!) bike parking :)

Katherine 341 days ago

Bike theft alerts

Bike theft is a huge problem and even when folks are diligent and copy down serial numbers of their bikes it only helps if the bike has been abandoned somewhere and if people are actually on the lookout for said bike via description of model, colour etc. We need an effective way of stopping bike theft or at least a way of communicating to cyclists where bike theft is most common and how thieves are pulling it off (my friend's bike got stolen after she locked it to a sign and the thief unbolted the sign and lifted it up through her lock). Another thing that could help this is even more bike parking so there is no need to lock to a sign!

Kate 341 days ago

bike lanes that actually go someplace

I'd love to see a bike master plan put in place that focusses on safety and transportation!

Spencer Hawles 341 days ago

Knog Milkman Lock

Enough road room for all users.

Gabe Comolli 342 days ago

More bike lanes

Definitely more bike lanes!

Derek 342 days ago

Education for all

In DC there are copious pedestrians, cars and bicyclists - all make mistakes. Cars turn in front of cyclists and pedestrians, Pedestrians walk out mid-block and against lights. Bicyclists blow through stop signs and through cross-walks. It creates dangerous situations and antagonizes everyone. If there was a mass advertisement campaign city-wide for everyone on the hazards of not following laws and basically considering others on the streets, it could greatly raise awareness and lessen tensions.

Charlotte 342 days ago

Connect the dots

Our city has lots of decent bike routes, and separated bike lanes are great. But what is being overlooked is the connecting bits between routes. Too often I come off of a nice bike route only to be confused where to go, or merged into a busy car lane. It's the small connections that help make a strong grid of bike routes. These are often forgotten, or were too difficult to figure out and not completed. I bike like every lane is a bike lane, but even for cyclists that have the confidence to battle traffic, too many bike routes have dangerous sections that keep people from feeling comfortable about a bicycle lifestyle.

David Stoyko 342 days ago

Enforce existing laws

Drivers need to be held to the 3 feet safe passing law so cyclists are safer. And cyclists need to heed stop signs and stop lights. So education and enforcemént are necessary. Thanks.

Janie 342 days ago

Construction & Pot Holes

I would love if the City would spend more effort in keeping bike lanes smooth. Fill pot holes and patch the street after construction and/or enforce the patching by contractors in a way that allows cyclists to ride without the danger of being thrown off their bikes

Martin Rathgeber 342 days ago

city ride

monthly ciclivia with the same routes thruout the city

danny 343 days ago

Bike Lanes and Education!

I would be so excited if my city added bike lanes! It would send me over the moon if they attempted to educate the local drivers about how to safely drive around bikers. Most of the drivers I've encountered have been fairly polite, but a little uncertain on how they should drive when I'm on the road. But getting bike lanes would be fantastic!

Lenie 343 days ago

bike parking

I shop where I can park my bike easily

franz lefort 344 days ago

Adequate Funding

The priorities of any city can be determined from their budget. To be cycle friendly, the city must have enough money in the cycle infrastructure budget to install high quality infrastructure. A capital budget of $45/ person/year is needed!

Moreno 344 days ago

Bike lane

We need more bike lane in the city

Lillian 345 days ago


My city could use more bike lane and paths, especially ones that are for more than recreational purposes. Paths that actually get you safely to work.

Matthew LeDrew 345 days ago

bike lanes

Bike lanes on Willamette Street!

Allen Hancock 345 days ago

Bike lanes!

We need real bike lanes!

Craig Whitacre 346 days ago

A more bike friendly city

MORE BIKE RACKS!!! I use my bicycle as my main form of transportation, and would really appreciate having places to lock my bike. I frequently discuss this with business owners who all tell me that is a great idea they are looking into. So far no new bike racks.

Deanne 346 days ago

Bike Share in Cleveland

The City of Cleveland has been working on implementing a bike share program and I'd like to see that come to fruition.

Lindsay 346 days ago

Reduce Hit and runs

If Los Angles could reduce the hit and run epidemic, that would be great for pedestrians and bikes.

Steven 346 days ago

Improving cycling in Annapolis

Dedicated bike lanes and allow cyclists discounts on mass transit to encourage greater usage of both.

Wil Colquhoun 346 days ago

Jarvis bike lane in Toronto

Mr Ford bringing back the Jarvis bike lanes he scrapped earlier this year! (with our taxpayer $)

Yann 346 days ago

Unified Front from Cycling Advocacy in Calgary

The City of Calgary has an issue where the Transportation group has a 'vehicles first' mentality. They pay lip service to the groups that engage them. What is even worse is the two main groups advocating cycling in Calgary are at odds with each other. The more visible group is grassroots and won't do anything to upset the apple-cart (ie - they are happy with the piecemeal progress we get). The other group is not afraid to muck around in the politics of things - both in business and political. A balance of these ideals is required to make a push through the beauracracy in town.

Kris Fruin 346 days ago

Bicycle Valet

I would like to see a conveniently located bicycle valet. One that the public can see and this in itself will promote more cycling I believe. You would not have to worry about your accessories or bicycle being vandalized and it is also a sense of community.

Emilia Turner 346 days ago

pavement maintenance

bike lanes with big potholes are not useful; better maintenance, together with stricter oversight of repairs following utility work, would be a big help

Ross 346 days ago

Milkman Lock

More biker friendly lanes and paths

cam varcoe 346 days ago

more bike lanes

Some streets in Ottawa, like Baseline or parts of Bronson, are so intensely dangerous that I have to ride on sidewalks. Bike lanes would change everything.

christian 347 days ago

Educate Cops

Hitting/hurting a cyclist is, most of the time, not an "accident" but a "I didn't pay enough attention to the world around me." Police compound it by dismissing the cyclists' point of view. If a motorist hits another motorist, and says "I didn't see them", they get cited. Cyclists deserve the same.

Kelley Westenhoff 347 days ago

the whole 9 yards

We want more Bike Boulevards....dedicated routes all around the city where bikes are the primary mode of transportation and cars are second, yielding to cyclists at a speed limit of 15-17 mph.

Betsy 347 days ago


Hold drivers who injure, maim and kill cyclists responsible for their actions.

Christopher 347 days ago


Don't just paint sharrows without educating the public on what they mean. Don't just put up "Share the Road" signs without educating the public what they mean. There is a lack of knowledge of the law and that causes a divide in cyclists and non-cyclists. I say make basic bicycle laws/rights a part of drivers education and have questions on your DL renewal exam.

Jeff 347 days ago

Biking in the city

This is easy enough: More bike lanes!

Dave 347 days ago

Bike paths

It would be great if I could get to the important places using just bike paths that are separate from loud and scary motor vehicles.

Chris Dembia 347 days ago

Bike lanes

Designated bike lanes everywhere there's very few streets in my city that have bike lanes.

Tanya 347 days ago