July 2, 2013

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have lock will travel

i really cant afford an eighty dollar lock, but i can only imagine the nightmare of my four year old and i coming out of a store or the public library and my bike and her co-pilot gone. both trying to explain to her that there are bad people who take things that don't belong to them and then, oh yeah, we have to walk home

christopher roper more than 1 year ago

Lock and walk

My cable is too flimsy and my U lock doesn't always fit what I want to lock to. This looks like a good solution.

Tony Panero more than 1 year ago

Love all of my bikes... what can I say!?

I am in need of a good quality bike lock and this fits the bill!

Natalie Labbe more than 1 year ago


I am in dire need of a new lock after I had to walk home from the local library as I managed to loose my bike lock key. I then had to walk back again with a saw as I had also managed to loose the spare key and had to saw through my old lock to release my bike! I was shocked by how easily I managed to saw through the lock ( and also by the fact that no one asked me what I was doing... ) So I would love a new high security lock. Thanks

Lizzie Tombs more than 1 year ago

Using bike for errands

I recently moved into a one bedroom condo located near my town's downtown. I have an old Nishiki mountain bike that I put street tires on and would like to use to run errands rather than a car. I need a lock. I do not have one.

Janet Cardenas more than 1 year ago

Upgrade bike needs upgraded lock

My old townie just has that European-style frame lock on the rear tire. I love this bike. But it is so old and broken that I am giving it a complete overhaul, repainting the frame and replacing all the failing components. That old lock won't be enough to keep thieves away anymore. It must be replaced with a real Kryptonite lock.

Jon R more than 1 year ago

have lock, will travel

My neighbour in the apartment upstairs had her bike stolen a few weeks ago. That makes me feel, rightly or wrongly, exposed and inadequately protected. This integrated chain and lock mechanism will put my mind at ease.

Anthony more than 1 year ago

My Precious

So I bought my shiny bicycle two years ago and I still have this constant fear that one day/someday someone will take my baby away from me. I am hoping this day will never come...that's where the Kryptonite comes into play.

Cecile more than 1 year ago

Vintage Classic Road Bike

I own and ride a vintage Peugeot Mont Cenis (PSN-10), and desperately need the "very best" bike lock. I use a Kryptonite U-Lock, but it's a first generation. I really need the Kryptonite chain lock!

Keith more than 1 year ago

Ride to work

Just got a bike to ride to work since we recently moved closer, but I have to drag it into my office every day I ride. Not much room in there to begin with, so a lock would allow me to keep it on the rack. Much easier.

Elizabeth B more than 1 year ago

No Bicycle

I have had two bikes stolen and want to prevent that from happening.

Jeff Summers more than 1 year ago


I lose my bike, I lose my transportation

Dave more than 1 year ago

I alway tell him

My husband never locks up his bike. Hes going to lose it one day. I would give this lock to my husband so he wont come crying to me that his bike was stolen.

tracey bombard more than 1 year ago

lock it up.

I might as well not lock my bike, all I own is a cable lock. With a kryptonite lock o would have reason to lock it up agian.

john bombard more than 1 year ago

Lock wanted

I need a tough lock to secure my Norco Cabot that I bought just today.

Andrey more than 1 year ago

A new secure bike lock needed

My old hybrid was not so appealing to steal so I used my old chain and paddle lock. But my new electric bike requires a much more secure bike lock, now!

VItellia more than 1 year ago

The great need for a new secure bike lock

There are times when my U-lock just will not fit through the frame and the thick post where I am trying to lock it. An integrated chain lock would really do the trick.

Marina more than 1 year ago

Why do I need a secure new bike lock?

It took me a few hours to hack out the broken tumblers on my combination U-lock to get it off my bike. I need a secure new bike lock now.

Grant more than 1 year ago

Need for a secure new bike lock

A driver just crashed through the gated parking lot to my apartment building and now I need a secure new bike lock to make sure my bike is not taken by gate crashers.

R G more than 1 year ago

Secure new lock

Still only have a cable lock - thinking I rather not push my luck in high-theft areas

michaelim more than 1 year ago

darn kids

Yes, I need a new lock. Over the years I have taught my now adult children to be responsible and caring people. I have also taught them to ride. Unfortunately they keep losing their own locks and therefor feel the need to "borrow" mine. Over and over, I wave goodbye to a lock that has served me well, and never see it again. So I am currently lockless. Fortunately they do not share my taste in helmets, so at least that is safe.

Dan more than 1 year ago

for shopping trips

I would like a secure lock to protect my precious bike as I go into stores to do my shopping. I count on my bike being there to get me home.

Dan Hanton more than 1 year ago

Secure new lock +

Secure new lock + precious bike = there when it's time to ride again.

Ian Deleporte more than 1 year ago

I love my bike(s)

I love my bikes so much that they deserve a Kryptonite. At present, there is only one Kryptonite lock that gets to be shared with all 3 bikes. It would be a wonderful feeling if all my bikes had a Kryptonite. If my bikes are happy and safe, then so am I.

Carrie more than 1 year ago

I need a lock badly

I need a good lock so I can bike to the park and feel confident that my bike won't be gone when I'm done playing disc golf. Too scared to leave my bike unattended with the cheap lock I currently have so I've been driving to the park.

Jason Bruce more than 1 year ago

This Kryptonite Lock

I ride in the city and if I had this lock, it would prevent my bicycle from being stolen,I'm on my 3rd bike and maybe having the Kryptonite lock would be the ideal lock to deter thieves! Thank you for the chance!

Maree Grandy more than 1 year ago

Because I love my bike

My bike was made for me and is irreplaceable. I need a good solid secure lock to keep the bad guys away.

Tami Glenn more than 1 year ago

It makes me sad

It makes me sad when I look at the local bike forums in KC and I see all of the photos of missing bicycles. I do not want my bikes to be victims. I would like to do all that I can to make sure they are safe, and I do believe Kryptonite is up to the task of being a superhero! Please help me feel more confident about leaving my bikes in public and eliminate the need to double and triple check my lock before I walk off!

Alan McGinnis more than 1 year ago

I need a more secure lock

My landlord cut my old Kryptonite lock thinking that my bike belonged to a tennant that moved out of the building. He replaced my lock with a cheap lock that's not as secure as a Kryptonite.

David Sutcliffe more than 1 year ago

security while touring

We're going to do some bike overnights. I don't want our dream vacation ruined by theft of our trusty steeds.

Mae more than 1 year ago

why I want to win Krypto lock!

I iave four bikes, no car, and not enough locks for my bikes! I need lots of bikes because I am a car free traveller. if one bike has a flat I can take anopther one; if I have a friend with me, I can lend them a bike.

Alison Hackney more than 1 year ago

Need a new lock

This lock a lot cooler than my current lock

Travis more than 1 year ago


...because I live in Toronto.

Amy more than 1 year ago

Why I need a secure new lock?

Rust... lots of rust on my current lock. The key is now bent and very uncooperative. I need this lock so I can bid rusty adieu.

tom Goluza more than 1 year ago

Why lock?

Any biker needs a secure lock, and I need just one more, for my husband! Please choose me!

Irina-Orange-Gary-Fisher-Rider more than 1 year ago

To Keep Me Free From Hills

I love my ebike which I transport on my trunk rack. I NEED this lock!

Scott Forman more than 1 year ago

Convenience & Encouragement

Having a lock such as this would encourage me to use my bike for more daily tasks other than just training rides & commuting to work, without the fear of bike theft. It also looks to be a more convenient lock for carrying in a panier or other bag.

Ryan Barry more than 1 year ago

Protect the Trailer

This would be an excellent lock to keep the family Maya trailer and bikes locked together when out shopping or at a special event in downtown Calgary. Of course, it would allow us to lock up any would-be thieves to a post as well until the police showed up. (We're kidding,... but, then again....)

Sven Stuwe more than 1 year ago

Sad old Lock

Still dealing with a sad 25 year old U-lock that I just found out can be opened with a pen! Need to protect my beautiful new commuter (Public C8) and my Go Fast Machine (Specialized Dolce). Please please please send the cool new lock my way!

Laura Chutny more than 1 year ago

new rider in family

We have a new cyclist in the family who sadly does not have a lock. This lock would be awesome for her.

Darlene Stericker more than 1 year ago

Two bikes, one lock

I have two bikes that I ride multiple times per week depending on what needs to be done. My road bike for exercise and a city bike for grocery shopping and errands. I only have one Kryptonite U lock. Having a lock for each bike would exponentially increase the amount of awesomeness in my life.

Toosdhi more than 1 year ago

I don't deserve anything

I'm getting a Surly LHT. If I don't have a proper lock, someone will steal it, and I'll be Hulkified.

Ted Scheck more than 1 year ago

So I can share with a friend!

I ride with my family and little guys and a longer, yet still secure lock (i.e. not a cable) would increase our security!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

My old lock is bootleg

I still lock up with the old Kryptonite U locks that could be defeated by a Bic. Shhhh.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

win krypotonite lock

This is lock would give you a peace of mind that your bike would be there when you return.

Richard Anstett more than 1 year ago

secure flexibilty

A flexible lock is perfect to secure my folding bike

Kellie more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock fun!

So we can lock up our new family bike anywhere in the city and feel safe it will be there when we get back. Especially if we want to stay for a long visit with a friend or in a museum.

Erin more than 1 year ago

Krptonitei lock

I ride everything to control my diabetes, I would love to have a new lock to put my mind at rest whilst I parked at Nester's in Gastown. I am never really convinced my wonderful lifeline ( my bike) will still be parked in one piece. I don't know what I would do.

Wendy McDonald more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite lock

For the new rider in our family

Kate Haines more than 1 year ago

I'm sure I parked here....

Few things make a grown man cry like the broken remains of his bike lock littering the sidewalk.

Rob Patterson more than 1 year ago

Don't leave me my love

Save me from the heartbreak of the unspeakable.

Barbara more than 1 year ago

Trying to win a lock!

Because my lock is 20 years old and can be jimmied using a bic pen!

Kim Wilton more than 1 year ago

Not for me, but for my better half.

My girlfriend really needs a better lock to protect her bike. The one she currently uses could be cut with a pair of small pliers. We bike EVERYWHERE for EVERYTHING. It would be terrible to see her precious ride get swept away by some ne'er-do-well.

Kyle Huinink more than 1 year ago

Locks come and go, but bikes are forever

A bike is a terrible thing to waste

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

I need a more flexible lock

I do have a lock, but not one that is secure and allows me to lock it to larger poles. In a bike town, there's a lot of competition to find a place to lock your bike. Having a lock like this would give me more versatility while not compromising on security.

Aaron Couch more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock Contest Entry

This should better protect my bike's paint and help it be more secure when in a bike rack.

Roberta Rottman more than 1 year ago

Bike Lock Contest Entry

To better lock my precious bike, better than the one I have now.

Jeff G. Rottman more than 1 year ago

Keep My Baby Safe

I need a new lock because I just found out the typical Kryptonite U-locks are super easy to pop off!

Cory more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock?

So I could blog about it:

Mister Ed more than 1 year ago

bike lock

I would use it for extra protection for bike riding in ybor :)

linda more than 1 year ago

My Car was stolen and destroyed, trying to keep my bicycle in Los Angeles.

My car was stolen in 2007. I have been basically bicycle dependent since. I go through locks, because I have to leave them oustide, and this Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1090 looks wicked and looks like it would last well outside.

dsew more than 1 year ago

'Cause I don't have one

I just finished having a conversation about this with my hubby. I would ride my bike more often for errands if I had a good bike lock. Win or lose, I need to get one anyway.

Victoria Craig more than 1 year ago

Protect the valuables!

Need to make sure that my bike is kept safe and sound!

MaryBeth KArpel more than 1 year ago

Just got a fancy new bike

The flip side of getting a new bicycle is that you worry that much more about it getting stolen. Or at least, if you live in New York, you do.

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock

I would like this for my high school son's bike. It's hard enough to keep teens on bikes and out of the car culture. A "defeats even superman" type lock would be ideal.

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Gift for my girlfriend...

My girlfriend just had her bike stolen... I thought a good quality lock would be a nice present for her next bike to come soon!

Yannick more than 1 year ago

Locking up in Times Square

I ride my bike to work at 50th St. and Broadway in Manhattan, I know the lock I use now is inadequate for task and the real reason my bike hasn't gone missing is it isn't that attractive. That said a good lock would give me peace of mind, increase my concentration and generally improve my productivity at work. So if I were to win this lock it may ultimately save my job.

Franken New York more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock

I need a secure new lock to help protect my brand new bike, which is my main source of transportation.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago


Got my daughter her first road bike and she is off to college this fall. We live in a small rural town where locking it with a cable suffices, but won't at school.

Joel more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock

I need the lock so hopefully I can ride around town without fear of my bike being stolen.

Michael Oglesby more than 1 year ago

Lock myself

I need a new lock so I can lock myself to my bike. I can't seem to get enough time on my bike and having lock that's tough to break would allow me to spend more quality time with my bike...

Bryan L. more than 1 year ago

Integrated Chain lock from Kryptonite

I bought a new bike from Public last November and I still don't have a lock for it. It would be so cool to win a new lock so I don't have to worry about someone walking off with my bike!

Sondra Bernard more than 1 year ago

Daughter at college

My daughter attends college in Boston, and really needs something more secure than a cable lock to ensure her bike will be there when she needs it to get to class!

Ted more than 1 year ago

Lost key

I think I just lost my key to my old crappy lock.

Steve more than 1 year ago

New lock

i need a lock to keep at home so my bike is super secure at night

timothy sokol more than 1 year ago


locks protect protect my bike and it good to have an extra lock to keep at home.

Timothy Sokol more than 1 year ago

About to get a new bike

I'm selling 2 bikes to purchase a new one, if it gets lifted I'll be left with nothing. You better believe that I'm gonna protect it best I can.

Franko Arsenault more than 1 year ago

With a nice buke you need a good lock

When you have a good and nice bike you need to protect it. I already have a good Kryptonite U lock but it never enough. A second lock would be usefull.

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

best lock

I need a lock so that I can go shopping at the farmer's market.

wehy@att.net more than 1 year ago

New bike rider

I have been introducing my girlfriend to the great world of cycling. She has really taken to it well, and wants to ride her bike to the gym instead of driving. But she needs some security for her bike while inside! This lock would be perfect.

Rick Pasley more than 1 year ago

New Bike!

I just got a new bike, the most expensive I've ever purchased. My old combination cable lock probably isn't going to cut it anymore.

Casey C more than 1 year ago

Part-time commuter

I need this lock to secure my bike when I take it to work as there is no secure location to leave my bike. The lock will do the trick.

Sande MacEachern more than 1 year ago

Life saver

This lock will be a life saver for my bike and for me. I need the bike to exercise as I am in a lot of physical pain after being diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia.

Peter Shaw more than 1 year ago

I need a secure lock!

I need a secure lock because I'm trying to drive cars as little as possible. I'm a college student and money is tight. Not only can I not afford to replace even my cheap bike if it was stolen, but I'm currently unable to afford a good lock. Not to mention getting stranded without transportation isn't fun at all! Biking helps me relax and get a quick break from work and school. It really helps me get through the days and something that valuable deserves an excellent lock!

Lenie more than 1 year ago

Expensive bike needs tough lock

I have an expensive bike that I fear being stolen so I never take it out where I need to lock it up. Since my lock is pretty basic and could easily be cut I will not risk it. I need a lock that's a thief's Kyptonite. Make a thief walk away when they realize they cannot cut through this lock.

Tanya more than 1 year ago


I'm a super paranoid person that always thinks my stuff will get stolen. I have a sweet ride that I don't want scratched and could use a funtional lock that'll give me peace of mind.

Edd more than 1 year ago


I live in downtown Washington, DC where bike theft is high. I already have Kryptonite locking skewers. Would love to have this tough, bad ass lock.

James DiLoreto more than 1 year ago

Quite literally stuck in the 80's

Being a college kid my discretionary income is practically nonexistent. For this reason my bike as well as bike lock have been handed down to me by my 60 year old father. While my 1983 Gary Fisher is a beaut the lock that accompanied it is a little less than secure. When my dad gave it to me he said, verbatim, "These are the u-locks that can be picked with a pen, you may want to invest in a new one." Comforting right? So I beg of Momentum Mag to please keep my vintage Fisher safe with a lock that isn't able to be picked with basic office supplies.

Connor MacWilliams more than 1 year ago

because I need a great lock

I've been eyeing this new Kryptonite Lock for awhile now. I'm always looking for a better lock that's more flexible and easier to use than a U-Lock.

James Wilson more than 1 year ago

Momentum Mag Contest

I would use this lock because I live in an area where bike theft is rampant and I'm always nervous about a thief's breaking through my lock, this lock is more secure than my horseshoe lock, and it's flexible which will enable me to lock to things like trees which or too wide for a horseshoe lock or chain link fences which a horseshoe lock can be fit through only from the opposite side of the fence.

Douglas Kline more than 1 year ago

poor college kid

because i'm tired of using cheap walmart locks to keep my ride safe.

Todd Bradshaw more than 1 year ago


because I don't want to lose another bike.

sharon meagher more than 1 year ago

New lock please

So I can get rid of my cable lock once and for-all.

Lloyd S more than 1 year ago

Steal Yo wheels

Quick release race wheel set. Spent all my money I saved on a new bike. Oops. The wheels are worth how much!!! Ahhhhhh.

Joseph Szul more than 1 year ago


For my new family cargo trike!

Katie more than 1 year ago

Why I need a Kryptonite Lock.

So I don't have to keep taking my daughters Dora the Explorer lock to lock up my road bike at the store.

Chris Emslie more than 1 year ago

Venice Beach

is the capital of bike theft. We've had 3 stolen and could use a new lock (we have 2 Kryptonite D locks, but 6 bikes). We are bike commuters (school and home).
Thanks! Happy riding everyone!

Barbara Ransom more than 1 year ago

because I live in NYC

I need a secure new lock because I don't feel relax to leave my bike outside. I need one that secure my bike and make me feel confident and free to leave it outside and protected meanwhile I go to buy a coffee or park my bike outside my college.

Arian more than 1 year ago

Why I need a secure new lock

Because my bike is part of me, and I'd be lost without it!!

Deanne more than 1 year ago

Moar locks

because a safe bike is a happy bike. Not as happy as a ridden bike but, still, happy.

John more than 1 year ago

never too prepared

i commute everyday to work and would love to be able to secure my (quick release) back tire as well as my front tire/bike. with a second lock i'd be able to be sure I've done my best to make my bike secure! it'd be a stellar feeling to have everyday!

Letha more than 1 year ago

Bike lock giveaway

I need a new bike lock because mine doesn't look as secure as yours and I love my bike and don't want to lose it do to an inferior lock

Peg more than 1 year ago


I need my bike to get around and see family and friends and without a sturdy lock I would be left without my ride, passion and my most cherished possession.

Josh Ward more than 1 year ago

Because I love my bike

That's why

Randy more than 1 year ago

commuting piece of mind

I'm starting to bike commute again, and having a nice, sturdy lock will bring piece of mind to me leaving my trusty bicycle locked up out of sight while at work.

Kendall more than 1 year ago

Need a replacement

For one of my two Kryptonite's U-Lock's and this would be the one to do. I already carry the weight for over 20km's everyday.

jorgechaves@gmail.com more than 1 year ago

New Bike New Lock

Recently purchased an "e" bike. A new lock would give peace of mind.

Debbie more than 1 year ago

Rampant Bike Thefts

I work on the “not so great” part of the city raising money for the school I work at. People are amazed that I ride my bike over here and park it outside, but I love what I do and love biking as well. I have gone through several locks over the years and am always looking for one to keep my bike safe from people that are hard up and looking to make a buck. Would love to get a kryptonite lock to know that my bike is safe and also give me the ability to ride my nicer bike to work so I can go straight to practice after work.

Rob Oxenford more than 1 year ago

Death to Bike Theives

My small city is seeing a large amount of bike theft lately, and they aren't scared to do it in broad day light, or in parking ramps with security cameras. They just walk up with bolt cutters and off they go. I have two cable locks that I know wouldn't hold up to bolt cutters and just can't afford to buy something better. Also, our PD isn't very concerned about bike theft, so the best thing is to have an indestructible lock. From the reviews, this is the one I need. Here's to wishful thinking! Cheers!

Tonyt Burnett more than 1 year ago

I Want to Win!

This lock is secure and packable... Everybody needs one!

Shauna Smoliak more than 1 year ago


I need a really good lock for my Hilltopper equipted Schwinn.

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago

Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain lock from Kryptonite - See more at: http://momentummag.com/blogs/contests/win-a-kryptonite-evolution-series-4-1090-integrated-lock/#sthash.QiRgFLFs.dpuf

I am currently converting a 1971 Schwinn Suburban ten speed into a fixie, to use up at Edinboro college in the fall and I don't want to lose all of my hard work to some hooligan who think it would be funny too steal a bicycle.

Jarred Smith more than 1 year ago

Why I need a new secure lock

I need a secure new lock to keep my precious from being taken. I got a new surly cross check and I need to keep it from being taken by the jealous haters out there.

Seth Kreiss more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite lock

I just bought my first Kryptonite U lock thevother day. Up till now I've been lucking out with a simple cable/paddle lock combo. I've been upgrading my bikes the last couple years and now time to upgrade my security. That's cheap insurance!

Kurt Franke more than 1 year ago

Need a worthy replacement!

I am traveling and exploring cities with my bike and have found that my old U-lock is usually sufficient but there have been times when I just cannot get my U-lock and bike to fit around certain bike racks in the city. A new chain lock would be more flexible for some tight squeezes and would allow me to lock both my tire and frame to a rack and alas - peace of mind!

Dee more than 1 year ago

In need of some security

Literally, this morning...my ON-GUARD U-lock was stolen. I carry two bike locks daily, last night I decided to leave my U-lock behind. Went to my spot where I park my bike at work and found it was gone. I thought for sure security guards may have removed it, but was told they hadn't touched it. No locks where cut last night. Such a "downer" on my morning.

Napoleon more than 1 year ago

New lock needed

I am getting a new bike this summer. My previous bike basically fell apart from the tough winter riding. I would love to have a new secure and safe lock so I don't have any anxiety. Your equipment is high quality and more secure than the u locks. Plus easier to lock in unusual locations. Thanks for making a great product.

David Higley more than 1 year ago


I live in a crime ridden city and if Kryptonite gives the Man of Steal trouble, just think of the problems a would be thief would face.

Dan Lamb more than 1 year ago


I ride all over NYC so if I have to lock up I want to be sure my bike is going to be there when I get back.

Josh more than 1 year ago

Replacement Lock Needed

The other week I was dropping off about 6 large boxes of styrofoam chips to a UPS store so they could reuse them (instead of throwing them into the waste stream from my store we make them available to such businesses so they get reused) using my long bed Bikes at Work trailer. I stored my Kryptonite lock in its usual position. When I got to m next location I went to lock up only to find that only the U-Shaped portion was there. The locking bar was missing.
I walked back the 2 kilometres (it was all one-way roads so I could not use my bicycle) but I did not find it. I have a no name u-lock for the time being (haven't found the time to stop in to purchase another Kryptonite lock yet. This would be nice.
Perhaps this style will eliminate the winter freeze up that I have experienced with the U-Lock.

Michael Kalmanovitch more than 1 year ago

Lock time

My wife and I like to go on long rides to explore new cities. This would be a great addition to add to our lock lineup in helping is feel secure in these new to us cities!

Tyler more than 1 year ago

Sweet Grey Single Speed

I just got a sweet Grey Single Speed w Camel Brown handle bar tape and a old skool camel brown Brooks saddle. I had a bike stolen before and i dont want to get this bad boy stolen. This evolution lock would be the icing on the cake.

Xavier Gunz more than 1 year ago

Sure could use that fine lock!

My bike is my primary transportation. I need another lock to make sure it is secure. You make the best locks, the only locks I will use!

Lynn Corbaley more than 1 year ago

You could win an Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain lock from Kryptonite

Daughter took my Keyptonite to college.

Gary Johnson more than 1 year ago

Why I need a great lock?

I love my bike and I want to keep it safe!

Catherine McPherson-Doe more than 1 year ago

Need a new bike lock

I am moving downtown and my current bike lock is a 1/4" cable lock.

Craig more than 1 year ago

Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain lock from Kryptonite - See more at: http://momentummag.com/blogs/contests/win-a-kryptonite-evolution-series-4-1090-integrated-lock

I would love to win this for my husband, who has a purchased a new Breezer bike, recently. He does so much for me, and he is such an awesome guy, that it would be great to be able to win this for him. Just a small gesture of appreciation.

Christine Oglesby more than 1 year ago


My son is only 14 so he can't drive yet, but there are tons of places he could go on his bike. He doesn't currently have a lock so this would be awesome for him! It would encourage him to be fit and independent. Thank you!

Rachel Byrne more than 1 year ago