April 29, 2013

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Flexible Lock

I've had two bikes stolen. Looking for an alternative to the standard U-locks. Thanks!

Richard K. more than 1 year ago

I need a dependable

I just rediscovered my love for bike riding after being inactive for so many years. I have been riding my bicycle on the weekends now. I am so thrilled that I live close enough to the beautiful bike path that I can ride my bike from my house all the way to the beach without having to drive anywhere. And, when my kids are out of school this summer, I am planning to ride my bike to work. This mini chain lock from Kryptonite would be perfect for me because of its compact design and its high quality that will keep my bicycle safe.

Judith Quilaton more than 1 year ago

No More Bike Room

I used to think that I could park in the Bike Room in my office building. Little did I know that there was a 1,000 name long waiting list, and the people who DO get to park there are not about to give up that sweet, sweet indoor spot.

I've gotten things stolen off my bike before, and it was a painful parting each time. It's led me to be a bit paranoid about locking up my bike - surely a theft-proof Kryptonite lock help me be a tiny bit less OCD about locking up in NYC.

Angela Cho more than 1 year ago


I just got a brand new bike and I would to protect the best I can as it it my main source of transportation!

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago


My commuter was stolen, and it was locked up too! Its true dont ride something nice in a big city. It was a beautiful Trek Carbon Belt drive with a great brooks saddle! A quality new lock would ease the pain:)

Granden B more than 1 year ago


i have a small combo lock...no bueno for Brooklyn.

KD more than 1 year ago

I live in East Van!

So I live in east van, a hot bike theft area. My sweet cruiser is a sweet target. Help me by getting me a cool Kryptonite lock! Thanks!

Kam more than 1 year ago

Because I love my bike!

I love my bike! To think of her in another rider's arms just makes me hot mad with jealousy! This lock would keep her safe and happy so we can have a lifetime more rides in the sun together.

Urszula more than 1 year ago


My lock is so old

Brian R more than 1 year ago


They stole one of my locks (from my pannier)

Rocio more than 1 year ago

My Lock was cut.

I need a lock to replace the not-so-good cable lock that was cut. Being retired on a minimum budget doesn't leave a lot and this looks ideal.

John Parsons more than 1 year ago

Why I need a new lock

As a college student, I have a tight budget! My current lock is a small, thin, cable lock that looks as if you could break it with your bare hands. I want to make the transition from driving a car to riding a bike most of the time and if I'm going to be successful in that, I really need to be able to find my bike in the same location that I left it. Thus, avoiding the transition from a bike rider to a mere walker. I would be so excited if I won this lock!

Joy more than 1 year ago


I commute to and from work and sometimes stop to pick up groceries on the way home. Need a good lock to secure my bike

Teresa Loflin more than 1 year ago

Because I love my bike

I love my bike + my lock is rusty because of the snow = I need a new one

Marielle more than 1 year ago

new lock

better than my lock

Mary Ng more than 1 year ago

why i need a new secure bike lock

i need a secure thief proof bike lock someone stole my bike and my sons bike after i secured it to my home , i never found my lock but i found my sons bike lock cut i dont understand why manufactures sell locks that can be picked or broken in seconds my son now has a new bike but no lock , i hope i win so i can secure his new bike

ej bognear more than 1 year ago

I certainly need a lock

I am 43 years old and just got into biking seriously this year with a GT mountain bike that I picked up on Craigslist for $50. I don't really have a lot of spare money, as I work in human services, am married, and have six beautiful children. We are an atypical Midwest family, choosing a vegan, home-schooled, peace-loving, recycling, pro-environment lifestyle. My $50 bike has been a great investment, as I ride it every day, and I would love a lock to protect it.

Shaughn more than 1 year ago

Need one bad!

I had my bike stolen because the thieves broke the cable lock. Against all odds, I was able to retrieve the bike. I have not been riding it as I am still shopping for a super secure lock. This would fit the bill perfectly!

Fred more than 1 year ago

Krypt Evo bike lock

I need this lock because it's the best lock, from what I can see, to get the job done. Light, small, and flexible will make it so much easier for me to use this while either commuting to school or just for a joy ride. It will also be a major improvement over my raggity old bike lock..

Chris Y, more than 1 year ago

oh a bike lock

I need a bike lock because i bike and would like to continue to bike.
bikes are a hot commodity here on the upper left coast.

Erin V more than 1 year ago

I could use this lock.

I have a 8 year old Giant that is my sole transportation, I currently have an off brand U-lock that a decent pair of bolt cutters could go through in seconds. I spend all my spare money on kids college and medical bills. I live in the SF bay area and well , they have pretty sophisticated bike thieves here.

Leo more than 1 year ago

need a second lock

I keep my U-lock on the bike rack at work, so it'd be great to have a second lock to carry with me in case I need to stop somewhere on the way home!

Ben more than 1 year ago

I need this lock because

I'm a downtown denizen in Toronto, and my bike is my commute. High density of population (more thefts!), and insufficient proper things to lock your bike to (need flexible locks). My massive u-lock is heavy and hard to carry.

Serene more than 1 year ago

Why do I need this lock?

I love my bike and it is my only form of transportation. I live in New Orleans, a city full of super-human bike thieves. Thus, I often walk long distances rather than biking where I need to go. With this lock the thieves will be powerless and I shall once again ride triumphantly hither and tither without fear!

Brent more than 1 year ago

nice bike

i bought a giant mountain bike came wit a lock and no key !!!! discount lol

bobby brown more than 1 year ago

Need a Lock

My bike cost $16,000.

Andrea F more than 1 year ago

Because in SF,

even a beater needs a quality lock while its owner imbibes...

Ian more than 1 year ago

Why I need a Kryptonite lock

I commute daily by bike to a spot where I leave the bike locked up, to catch a vanpool. The spot is at the rear of a church, in our small town, but still...I could rest easier with that nice Kryptonite lock!

Bob more than 1 year ago

why I need a new secure lock

I've lost the keys to my U-lock, fell out of a hole in my pants pocket!!!

Stuart more than 1 year ago


I started riding a bicycle to my college campus last year, and made the novice mistake of locking up my bike with a flimsy chain lock. Needless to say, I didn't have that bicycle for very long. :(

I recently purchased a new used bicycle, and would love this more secure lock to keep my new ride safe and secure. (Perhaps also combined with a U-lock!)

Thanks for the chance,


Bella more than 1 year ago

Because it's a loooooong way (back) to Tipperary.

My wheeled steed is my transportation, an essential part of my work (meeting clients, delivering merch), my schlepp-mobile (groceries, hardware, aluminum cans for scrap value), and my mental health management, all of which generally take me far far away from home base; my current single- polint- of- failure setup (some lengths of chain + padlock) only looks intimidating to someone without bolt-cutters; and there's not always a better, more tempting bike to park next to (sorry, guy, but I'd rather the scum steal your ride than mine). Something that doesn't add major league poundage to my load and will actually secure my partner in grime for real would add some cooling breezes to my travels.

marge more than 1 year ago

NEED new lock!

I live in Portland, Oregon; need I say more? But srsly, Portland has one of the highest bicycle theft rates in the US and I no longer have my 5' Krypto chain to go with my small Ulock as I left it behind a door at the last place I lived. All I have is a Krypto cable to go with the lock and it is not enough to defeat any serious thief.

Robin more than 1 year ago

I'm in a jam

My three year old lock that has served me well is jammed shut. No prying, trying, whining or crying will open the beast. It became stuck over 8 days ago and since then, I haven't rode my bike. No lock means no bike travel. Can you imagine living in Vancouver and not enjoying our recent sunny weather whilst out on your ride? I can. I'm living this nightmare. Please help me, Momentum Mag. I'm lockless in a real jam.


Brian Berry more than 1 year ago

I lost one bike to a bike crook ....

... I don't want them to get my new ride.

Mae more than 1 year ago

Lock Contest

I'm not just securing my bike, I'm securing my way of life.

sylvie Gaudet more than 1 year ago

I need som security...

It's true, my new-to-me used e-bike needs a major clean-up. A brand-new Evolution Series 4 Mini 1055 Integrated Chain lock from Kryptonite would inspire me to get my EMMO Urban looking sparkly new again!

Ric Belluz more than 1 year ago


I need a lock on my heart.

Brian Lehman more than 1 year ago

Lock Contest

I live in D.C.. Enough said!

Stacey Simon more than 1 year ago

Lock Contest

Have multiple bikes that I use to commute as part of a car free lifestlye and need an additional secure lock!

Adam more than 1 year ago

I need a good lock to protect my investment

that I made in my electric bike.

Allan Harmsworth more than 1 year ago

Crusty Old Coil Chain

I found my dads coil chain and padlock in our garage from when he was a teen. It's heavy, awkward and a big butt-pain trying to get it wrapped around my bike. It takes up 1/3 of the room in my camel back (I can't leave it wrapped on my bike while riding as it scratches the paint).
I would love having a MAJOR upgrade.

Morgan M. more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock Contest

A secure lock is what I need because I love my bike. A thief could never like my bike like me.

Susan Ryniak more than 1 year ago

Need a lock

I could use this to lock up my new bike that I built myself.

Dave more than 1 year ago

Friends don't let friends use cheap locks

My good friend had her commuter bicycle stolen a few weeks ago. I found her a lovely used Cannondale touring bike as a replacement, which she promply purchased. It's perfect for her and she loves it already. I was quite disheartened when she proudly showed me her new "high-security" u-lock. Better than her old cable lock, but unfortunately she's probably only gaining a minute more in security.

I dearly would like to give her this lock.

Brad more than 1 year ago

Around The Country

March of 2014 my girlfriend and I will set off on a trip that'll take us through all 48 contiguous U.S. states. I've got a lock right now, but it isn't big enough for the beast that is my Surly Long Haul Trucker with racks. I need a lock that I can use to secure my steed to all manner of anchors; trees, park benches, random sign poles, and--of course--actual bike racks.


Delio Pera more than 1 year ago

Need More Locks

I recently bought a bike having not rode one since high school over a dozen years ago and got a lock but the KRYPTONITE NEW YORK FAHGETTABOUDIT Mini Lock will only fit around the rear wheel, one chainstay and a slim signage post so i would like to add additional security to my bike!

Howard more than 1 year ago

I want to ride again

If I win that lock I will buy a bike to ride again!

Luis Saravia Patron more than 1 year ago

We need to secure our family cargo bike better!

We have a Yuba Mundo cargo bike, and I ride it with my 3 small children aboard. It's a great bike and does the job well. It's huge, though, and doesn't fit in most bike racks. I have a U-lock, and I can usually just barely securely attach it to a rack or pole while securing a wheel, but not always. I'd love to be able to secure my wheels AND frame, since the four of us would be really in a lurch if part (or all) of the bike got snatched while we're running errands around town. Thanks!

Jarrod more than 1 year ago

Bike lock

Just got a new bike...need a new lock to match!

Joel B more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Mini Lock

I love my current Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 standard U-lock! However, depending upon what I'm doing, it can be a bit bulky and cumbersome at times. I would love a lightweight locking alternative for longer, more strenuous or recreational-based trips, such as locking my bike up at the trailhead, etc..


Alisha Oloughlin more than 1 year ago

the reach

In my "secure" bike lockup, I have two bikes, so it would be nice to have both of them locked up at once with one good lock instead of carrying two. This lock has the reach for two bikes. It's a good candidate if you're locking up overnight or for a long period of time.

ted more than 1 year ago


I ride over 30 kms to work and back and my existing heavy chain lock, while very secure and intimidating, is too heavy to carry that far, unless I KNOW I am going to use it. I frequently find myself shopping after work with a change of clothes, tools, my 2.5 year old and all his daily daycare supplies, which makes for a heavy load on the way home. A lock like this would mean a lot more spontaneous shopping and dinner stops this summer, as well as not having to constantly keep one eye on my bike when I am chasing my toddler around a busy park.

Oliver Kuehn more than 1 year ago

two bikes

Well, I have two bikes, so it would be nice to have another bike lock.

Lauren more than 1 year ago

Re Secure my 2 bikes

I recently almost had my downhill and XC bikes stolen, if it wasent for my krypto lock they would have both been taken, I would love a new lock to stop anything else happening! I live in whistler, which is FULL of bike thieves as everyone has nice bikes here, its a hot sport for them and I cant secure my bikes with only 1 :(

great product guys!

Rob Melvin more than 1 year ago

country riding

I have an older Fiji bike and plan to ride to work "cross-country" during our upcoming Bike to Work week. My only fear is that my older lock might have me walking home...35 kilometres...not fun! Thanks for putting this contest on.

Walter F more than 1 year ago

Live in NYC? You understand why.

Living on a 4th floor walkup and having to carry a bike up and down multiple times/day is not ideal. This lock would gladly replace the suggestion of a lock that I have now. Unlocked/poorly locked bikes last approx 3 minutes max in this city.

James Stewart more than 1 year ago

Skinny jeans

I need a real good lock because my current lock is the equivalent of a pair of skinny jeans: it looks good, but it doesn't have any functional value,

Tamara more than 1 year ago


I don't have peace of mind right now locking up my bike with my skinny cable lock. Winning this lock would keep my mind at ease knowing that my little baby is going to be safe.

Bret E. more than 1 year ago

New Bike

I just this past week end bought a Toba electric bike, a shiny new lock would keep it safe and me happy.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Debbie Poley more than 1 year ago

I need the lock because...

I live downtown!

nikka more than 1 year ago

Getting your bike stolen SUCKS!

Getting anything stolen sucks for that matter! Having a lock that is easy to carry makes it more likely I will have it when I'm on a quick ride, which is usually when I leave my bulky old lock behind. Kryptonite locks are the only lock I trust with my bike!

J. Robbins more than 1 year ago

Evolution 1055 Needed

That lock would really help me feel more confident locking my bike up. I recently started riding again after a long period of not riding and I'm really enjoying the freedom to go places under my own steam.
I don't live in the best neighborhood and I'm worried my u-lock isn't up to the task of securing Lucy on its own. Right now I only leave her alone for ten to fifteen minutes max because of my fear. I would really love to go to the store or the library with out fear of losing her, or a part of her.
She's given me back my freedom, and I would like to offer her security in return. Just imagining how many more places we could go with that lock makes my heart skip a beat. The adventures we would have...

Betty more than 1 year ago

The right way

I'm getting more into cycling life and really taking steps into urban commuting. So far so good! I keep seeing the right way to lock up a bike and how it takes more than one to do it correctly. I'd add this lock to my other kryptonite lock and keep both of my wheels!

Alex Sawyer more than 1 year ago

new lock

I'd like to have a new lock for my new bike--a beautiful Pashley Princess. At the moment, I'm not yet comfortable leaving her...not until I get a new lock, an insurance rider, and a little more bravery!

Becky more than 1 year ago

EVO 1055

My son is 3 and we take him out riding every Saturday. As you can imagine he can't ride for too long and we need to stop and rest every now and again. During these rest breaks, a portable, secure and light weight lock would come in handy.As one could imagine a 3 year old just doesn't have the attention span to just sit there.

Dameon Schirer more than 1 year ago

Evolution Series 4 Mini 1055 Integrated Chain lock from Kryptonite

I'm riding my bike to work several times a week so I should have a better lock to keep it safe.

Mark Hubley more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock for when you don't have Superman

This lock says I love my bicycle, and I do.

Erin Snow more than 1 year ago

Evo Mini 1055

This lock would be a great complement to my New York Legend 1590 chain on my cargo bike-- 1590 on the front wheel and frame; Evo Mini 1055 to secure the rear hub and motor. Thanks for the contest!

Kev more than 1 year ago

Evolution Series 4 Mini 1055 Integrated Chain lock from Kryptonite

I need this lock because my bike is so AWESOME!!! It's more tempting than your average bike to would be thiefs!

Deanne more than 1 year ago

Keeping my new Dynohub wheel

Ok, I now have a Dynohub on my commuter. This lock will help keep it safe while I work.

Daniel more than 1 year ago

not just any lock

I need the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Mini 1055 Integrated Chain lock to pose a new puzzle to would-be bike thieves.

ECruz more than 1 year ago

Evolution Series 4 Mini 1055

Looks like it will do its job.

Jeffrey R. more than 1 year ago

I always need more lock

With the family growing, we always need new lock the the kids bike, the trailer... I love Kryptonite lock and I want to had this one to my collection !!!

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

Momentum Mag Contest

I live in the area of Boston, Massachusetts, known for theft of bicycles. A lock with a tough chain offers the resistance to being cut of a U-lock and the flexibility of a cable that can go around things like lamp posts. So I could make good use of this lock while shopping or running errands.

Douglas Kline more than 1 year ago

Krypto Evolution

I have a habit of buying bikes that are "too much bike" for riding around TO. I need this lock to save my steeds!

Guy more than 1 year ago


I need a lock for guests.

steve more than 1 year ago

Badass! you won't take my bike with this one

Plain and simple.... you can't have my BIKE

Lefty Gallucci more than 1 year ago

Nice compact lock

I need a trendy strong lock that will fit in my funky pannier bag.

Lynn hennessey more than 1 year ago

The right size

At the moment I'm relying on cheap cable locks to lock up my $400 bike. I need this lock to have a peace of mind when ever I lock my bike out in a public area.

Ahmed more than 1 year ago

Hot bike, tough lock!

My bike is so sexy it needs a strong lock to keep it safe.

Nicole more than 1 year ago

Just Right

I bought a new commuter bike recently and this lock would be just the one to help keep it in my possession.

Matt more than 1 year ago


I need a secure new lock because my old lock grew legs & walked off the job.

Jennifer Chamberlain more than 1 year ago

Lock it up!

I just bought a new bike and am definitely in need of a good lock. I've always trusted Kryptonite locks -- they have never let me down. I gave my last one away with my old bike (both went to a good home). I would love a new one so I can safely take my bike out on errands and know that it will be waiting for me when I'm ready to head home.

Margot more than 1 year ago


I commute to work and school daily, I lock my bike to secure areas but it is left unattended for hours at a time. I've had my bike targeted plenty of times when I park for work downtown. I use your Kryptonie Kryptolok series 2 along with the Krpytonite Kryptoflex 525 to keep my seat safe. Unfortunately it doesn't deter thiefs from trying to break through. I've found damage to my frame where it looked like someone tried to pry a monkeywrench to leverage the U-lock off. The Kryptolok held strongs but the attack left unsightly dents and scratches along the frame. If I win this serious chain lock, I believe it will enhance the defense of my bike to scare away low life thiefs!

Ross more than 1 year ago

BMW R60/6

To lock up my 1975 BMW R60/6!

Will more than 1 year ago

My quick release bike seat was stolen

And I know they're coming back for the rest of my bike!


Anthony DiMarco more than 1 year ago

college kids

living in a small college town, there is a shocking amount of bike thefts. I have always thought my bike looked to "trashed" to be stolen but recently found out a good friend had his jacked from him and looked a great deal like mine. a lock like this, gives me much less to worry about.

josh k more than 1 year ago

Why I love and need that lock!

I recently bought a new-old 1990 Marinoni bike and starting this week I want to take it everyday to work! Now I have a Ulock that I use on this bike, but I would love to get a chain lock so I can lock my wheels and be even more secure!

I love this bike so much, it would break my heart to have it stolen. Here is a pretty picture of the guy we need to protect! http://i.imgur.com/EOAbk5H.jpg

Sébastien Richer more than 1 year ago


I live in a very sketchy part of town. Often I am discouraged from cycling around the area as it is not a safe place for a bike to stay outside. However, with a new secure lock I'd be more apt to cycle more!!

Rhema more than 1 year ago

My new bike

So my car broke down, and can only currently afford a bike. I use it to get to school and work, for a total of 30+ miles. I need this lock, because it is perfect for my use, I need this lock because commuting to work or school, I don't have much space for a big lock, this will be perfect! I don't want to lose my only way of transportation, and something that'll make my transportation more fun and light!

Anis more than 1 year ago

Stolen? Never again!

Well, the story starte a few years ago, when my first "serious" moutain bike was stolen in my building basement, hidden behind one metal and one wooden doors. It was such a sad moment... But, I got over it with buying another serious bike, GIANT... So we spent some nice moments together until it went out of my reach, and still today I don't know where it is... Now I have a nice white Focus Fat Boy, and it's awesome... Will it share the same destiny? Will it be STOLEN? Never again!!!

Tomekk more than 1 year ago

For my 8yr old!

Good kids bikes are expensive. My son has outgrown bikes almost as fast as he outgrows clothes! This would be perfect for him to have on his bike and start getting in to some good bike security habits! Yes, Please!

Beth Waller more than 1 year ago

Lightweight mtn biking

I travel for mountain biking anywhere from a 30 min to a 6 hour drive away. It'd be nice to have a small, easy to carry lock, that I can lock the bike up while taking a bathroom, drink, and eat break throughout the day. Can't always make it back to the car.

Kris more than 1 year ago

New bike

I just bought a new bike and would like it to stay mine!

Chelsea more than 1 year ago

Safe & sound

My current commute doesn't allow for many safe locking locations, and I feel like my current lock set-up isn't intimidating enough. This Kryptonite chain lock set in addition to my Krypto U-lock would really deter someone from stealing my bike!

Dan YC more than 1 year ago

Why I need a new Kryptonite Lock

I need a new Krytonite lock ecause I was spoiled for the last couple of years. My office was just a few blocks from the local Bike Center, which offered secure parking to annual leaseholders. I was free to commute from home, store my bike in the converted shipping container, and know that my bike was safe. To be sure, I used a very light cable lock, that I stored at the facility. But, over the winter, my office moved. That safe, dry secure bike parking facility is now a mile from the office, and I have had to re-learn all the important elements of safe bike parking. With an 8 mile commute each way, I want something that is small, and easy to store. With no options other than open racks in an urban, downtown neighborhood, I need something secure. I think this might be exactly the lock I need!

Sara Walfoort more than 1 year ago

I don´t want to loose my bike!!

I need a good lock to protect my bianchi. The Mini Lock would be perfect, heavy duty compounds and still easy to carry around.

Hoellinger Christian more than 1 year ago

To keep my ride safe in town

I need a new lock because I'm currently using a cable lock, which I've been told isn't much of a deterrent to bike thieves!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

Old school

I still periodically use one of the old school U-locks that could be defeated with a Bic pen!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

New bike

I just bought a new Trek DS 8.4 and I am looking for a good lock for it. I have always owned Kryptonite locks in the past, and (win or lose) I will again! Thanks!

Adam more than 1 year ago

My beautiful New Ride

Got a beautiful new Biria City Bike and took her out for the first time today. I have never owned such a stunner due to the fact that I never wanted my bike to get stolen. I had to buy this bike due to my back hurting constantly from my other mountain bikes. I live near the beach and before I picked my bike up, two folks at my local bike store saw the bike and wanted to buy it right then and there. Luckily I was in the day before and did it myself. In any event, I know where we live is famous for others stealing nice bikes and would love to be secure that it won't be taken from me.

Ricki more than 1 year ago

why I need a secure new lock

I need a secure new lock to protect my new Surly I am riding around along with my older Trek. I am currently using a couple of locks I am unsure of their strength against a would be theif. With this bad boy, I would feel confident my bike would be secure.

seth k more than 1 year ago


I like to keep my bike from being stolen.

Tim more than 1 year ago


I relocated from Marin County, CA to Cape Coral, FL after I was involved in an automobile accident as a pedestrian. While working in Ca., I commuted to work everyday on a Specialized Bike; I loved my bike, I used it for everything, It was easy riding comfortable, and so, so enjoyable to ride. I rode the hills of S.F. and around Marin County The bike got stolen and I found somebody riding it while on my way to go fishing, while stopped at a convinient store as my friends and I were getting ice. I got it back (that was a miracle) I enjoyed the weather and the scenery until my accident. Once I relocated to Fl, my bike was abandoned and sat under a stairway while I was doing rehab in order to recondition my legs and learn how to be mobile again, it took me quite a few years. One day I woke up and it was gone for the second time, I felt violated, and never got it back, I had just started to ride again and lost my favorite means of transportation, therapy,and entertainment. Now I ride an E-Bike (due to the condition of my legs) and is locked up downstairs as well but not in use since it needs a new battery and repairs, I have a better lock now but still feel insecure, losing another bike is not in my agenda, buying a new battery and repairing it as i save up for a new and better E- Bike is also on the agenda as well as knowing that my property is secure. I would love to try an Kryptonyte Evolution Series 4 Mini 1055 Intergrated Chain Lock to secure my future E- Bike. I am only a few (not really, I need 5 or 6) hundred dollars away from getting my new bike. I will blog on the quality of the lock once i experience it, I promise!!!

Mike Young more than 1 year ago

Moar locks

Because you've never heard someone say, after getting their bike stolen, " This never would have happened if I didn't use so many locks."

jleddy more than 1 year ago

New Family Rides

More bikes = more locks needed. Thank you for the contest!

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

Sensitive. Powerful.

I am biking across America this summer and gotta keep my only mode of transportation safe and sound! If I could do that while also keeping my sweet ride from getting scratched up with a metal lock - well, that's just Heaven.

Lacy Schmidt more than 1 year ago

new lock for a new bike

Im purchasing a new bike next month, and need something secure enough for my ne Ti rig

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

You scratch my back...

I work hard for people on bikes and on foot, trying to get our nation's roads designed safer. It's fun work, but for now it doesn't pay as well as it should. I live and work in Chicago and I'd hate for a stolen bike to put me out of commission. With a new Kryptonite lock, I won't miss a beat.

Chris M. more than 1 year ago

Need it!

Our bikes were stolen right out of our garage in March. We have new bikes, but I am nervous to leave them anywhere - even in the garage. So currently they are in the bedroom. We'd love to have a great lock like this - for peace of mind!

Barbara Ransom more than 1 year ago

Lock me up!

My old lock is rusty and the key barely turns. I've started using a cable and a padlock. That way I'm encouraged to do my chores quickly so I can run back to my bike and make sure it's still there.

gretchen more than 1 year ago

I want to lock it so they don't hock it

Would love this lock to help my sanity on my urban rides!

Paula more than 1 year ago

Bike lock

A bike lock would relieve a lot of anxiety while in class hoping my bike will be there when I'm done with class.

Marsha baker more than 1 year ago

The key to my heart...

I've used the same lock every day for the past 8 years... in fact, I've used it so much that the grooves on they key have begun to wear down. Please help me move on and keep the loves of my life safe and sound!

Elizabeth more than 1 year ago

beware the bears

i live in alaska- a low bike crime area to most. however, i know there is a hidden colony of escaped circus bears out there, just waiting to get back in the saddle and cycle around.
my 20 inch wheel folder may look like a Shriner's parade bike to the general public, but to these bears it brings back sweet memories of peanuts, applause and hot lights. how could they resist?

janet north more than 1 year ago

Lock it up

I have a folding bike, but no lock. This would allow me to go places where I can't bring my folding bike. HELP ME TRAVEL FARTHER! :)

Lacey more than 1 year ago


My lock is so cheap - I have to bring my bike inside everywhere - I need something as tough as nails, and a lock that deters Thiefs - like Kryptonite

Ryan McCann more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite lock

so my cheesy neighbors wont steal it.

sharon Meagher more than 1 year ago

Sweet Ride

I've got a really nice ride, and I'm terrified of theft

Steve more than 1 year ago

When you're addicted to buying bicycles

You need as many locks as you can get your hands on!

Tom more than 1 year ago

Need a new lock

Mainly because I've become paranoid of bike theft - and I live in a high-crime city!

Amanda more than 1 year ago

Krtptonite lock

I would like to lock my bike up while riding to store to keep my bike safe.

Roberta R. more than 1 year ago

Love it!

Fixing up my first bike to ride again and I really don't want it stolen parking it around town!

Brenda more than 1 year ago


I live and commute to work in NYC - 'nuff said!

Jude more than 1 year ago

Win a Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Mini 1055 Integrated Chain Lock

Our daughters vintage road bike needs to be safely secured at high school & the current 2 locks arrangement is silly. When other students see her cool bike locked with the Evolution Series 4 Mini 1055 Integrated Chain lock from Kryptonite they will purchase (have parents purchase) this lock.

Gary more than 1 year ago

Win a Krytonite

My bike is used in 100 blocks East Main Vancouver, the craziest spot in Canada to leave your bike, I don't own a car and love my old bike.

Emilia Turner more than 1 year ago

Currently have 3 ulocks

I currently use 2 Masterlock ulocks for the front wheel and frame and my kyptonite lock for the back wheel, frame and wherever I lock it. I am very happy with the kypotonite alone but I have to utilize two masterlock ulocks just in case.

Would be nice to not have this dilemma and carry 3 ulocks around.

Henny more than 1 year ago

i need this

I live in NE Calgary; is that enough of a reason??

Please help me keep my Simple Seven Cruiser safe!! :)

monica more than 1 year ago

Look how burly that thing is!

That would look badass on my bike. And would keep it safe! What more could a gal want?

Liz more than 1 year ago

I wanna keep my bike

I don't have my own bike lock and I shamelessly expect my significant other to carry locking mechanisms for both of us when we ride together. It's time for me to carry my own weight in this relationship.

Lori Beuerle more than 1 year ago

need a bike lock

Just bought my daughter a new fixed gear bike. We live in a small rural community where locks are more of a hassle than a need, but she will be taking the bike to college in the fall and will have to lock it up.

Joel Powers more than 1 year ago

Need that lock1!

My sons bike is left outside all day everyday. He rides it everywhere and all he uses is a cable lock (like the ones you probably had in the 80's) He needs something secure and strong!

Sandy N more than 1 year ago

Protecting my precious!

I don't know what I would do if my bike were stolen - a loss of transportation and recreation. This is the perfect sized lock to keep my valuable secured!

MaryBeth Karpel more than 1 year ago

Replace my cable lock

I don't lock my bike up that often, but when I do it would be great to have some peace of mind.

Lloyd more than 1 year ago

great new lock....

would greatly deter any would be thiefs in my town, which I just found out the number 1 theft items are bikes..a nice Kryptonite lock would really ease my mind and let me enjoy hiking or camping at a State park...

Ashley B. more than 1 year ago

It'd match the color scheme

and be the perfect size to lock the front wheel to the frame of my CETMA Largo.

Todd more than 1 year ago

Real need for a secure new bike lock

My old hybrid bike is not appealing to thieves and the cable lock is enough deterrent. However, I really need a secure new lock for my new expensive IZIP E3 Path.

Marina more than 1 year ago

The great need for a new secure lock

I have a combination U-bolt lock and the combination is stuck. Help: I need a new secure bike lock!

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

Need a tough lock

Well I just received this very expensive electric bike and now I need a lock I know that will hold up against theft. My current luck isn't as tough as a kryptonite lock!

Tanya more than 1 year ago

My need for a new secure bike lock

There are times when my U-lock is very difficult to hook around the bike frame and a thick post. A new secure flexible chain lock would really solve this problem.

Grant more than 1 year ago

My need for a secure new lock

My combo on my U-lock does not work, but I pretend it is functional because visually the lock looks closed. I could really use a secure real functioning lock.

R G Ramey more than 1 year ago

my life depends on it...

My doctor has told me my liver is too large and i need to lose weight. I have joined gyms.. no help. Bought supplements, changed my diet, done this and that... no real help. I am cycling to work 12 months a year now and losing weight... feeling great. BUT i have 4 kids and a wife that is in university doing her doctorate. So i can't afford to replace my bike if stolen with all these other demands on my finances... so the "best lock ever" will help me keep my bike secure everywhere i go which will help me lose weight which will help me save my own life.

canjake more than 1 year ago

Hate to lose another bike.

With another lock, I could buy another bike to lock up in my shared bike storage room!

Casey more than 1 year ago

Why I need a lock

My landlord just told me I can no longer bring my bike inside the building. I need good locks for my new bicycle.

Sara Maria Daubisse more than 1 year ago

i love my bicycle

I feel I need to win this lock, because it will save my baby in the streets of Medellin Colombia... there are some thug thiefs with saws.., I think it will take a wille for them to cut open this lock...

Luis Rueda more than 1 year ago

Bike theft = bad

I live in New York, which should be enough to explain why I need a new lock, right?

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago