November 13, 2012

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Oh Lord, Will You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz.

Even though this is my favorite song, the last thing I need is a car. What I do need is a better bike lock for keeping my bike and I together as best friends.What a sorry day it would be if something should happen to split us up. With this super-strong bike lock, I would make it through my day so much better.Bigger smiles and a happy ending to my work day are a goal anyone can love.

Barbara Bandhauer more than 1 year ago

I want to win

A fabulous idea. Much better than the bulky brackets which are supplied with the Series 4 lock. This should fit on my folding bike and not interrupt the fold.


Jo more than 1 year ago


Already have a kryptonite series 4. This is perfect.

Jordan more than 1 year ago

Win a kryptonite H-bar carrier and U lock

Because I LIVE in city with to many thief and I'm not feeling safe. And in Brazil I can't buy it.

Wilma Ferrari more than 1 year ago

Handlebar lock mounting system

Because I usually keep my unlock on my back pocket but my pasts keep falling down in traffic. Nobody wants to see that.

Rory more than 1 year ago

handlebar mounting joy

I really need this because I'm tired of wearing my old lock around my neck.

Chad more than 1 year ago

Help my marriage

Because my wife could not get mad if I got bike stuff for free instead of spending our entertainment money on new bike things for me and the kids.

John Nunes more than 1 year ago


Because I would like it!

Mark more than 1 year ago

I only own a cable lock :(

I run most of my errands on bicycle and would love to have a more secure lock & holder.

Sue W more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite lock

I'd like to win it so my bike stays where I lock it up! I've had two bikes stolen in the last couple years, very frustrating.

Lou more than 1 year ago

U Lock

I ride a 48" bike and a regular u lock is simply too big to fit in. H-Bar shall help.

Yon more than 1 year ago

Tired if hitting my knee

Like Harald, my frame is too small to fit my U lock fully inside, so it sits on the side. If I'm riding on bumpy roads, the lock swings Pitt a little and I always bang my knee on it. Would love to have this better solution!

Erik W more than 1 year ago

krypto h-bar

what they said...

john campanile more than 1 year ago

Safer mode of carrying

Since I didn't have a holder for it, I've always just slid my U-lock into the top of my rear frame rack. About a week ago, as I was speeding downhill on my morning commute (and an admitted ten minutes late for work), I hit a small pothole that shook me pretty good but didn't throw me off completely. It wasn't until I pulled up to a red light a while later that the commuter behind me informed me that my lock had flown out of my rack. I was late for work and wasn't sure where I'd hit the pothole, so I called the loss and went on my way. How awesome would it be to get a new U-Lock (Kryptonite, on top of that!) and a secure H-Bar Carrier to boot!

Natalie more than 1 year ago


Having this lock would be a stop gap measure till the day soon when our culture rids itself of our current exploitive economic divide. An epidemic of participatory economics would change the `grossness of our national product' into a rich Power To Us All cooperative cycle culture, where bike locks can be melted down for urban garden tools. Till that day....

douglas gook more than 1 year ago

My frame is too small

My frame is too small to fit a regular U-lock and bracket. Which means I have to carry the lock either in panniers or in some other awkward way. This handlebar mounted lock would be perfect!

Harald more than 1 year ago

Why I want the Kryptonite lock and H-Bar Carrier

With several bikes, I could make use of another lock. The H-Bar Carrier would be useful because it could permit carrying the lock when other ways are precluded because of othter things I'm carrying. Besides, it looks different and trying new things is good.

Douglas Kline more than 1 year ago

U-Lock Handlebar Holder

This is a simple alternative to my belt loop which can be annoying to constantly unlock and lock and sometimes the u-lock wont fit in certain back pockets on my pants. This is great for running errands on a bike with multiple stops.

Paul Prasil more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite lock

If I won this lock I would give it to a co-worker who commutes to work along with me. He has already had one bike stolen and with a young family could ill afford a second loss and could really use a better lock than what he is using.

Richard Edge more than 1 year ago

I want Kryptonite

I want to win the Kryptonite H-Bar Carrier and U-lock! I never had a bike lock. My bike was stolen before. It would be great to have a bike lock like Kryptonite.

Dennis Valera more than 1 year ago

No bike, no lock

A couple of weeks back my bike was stolen. I had installed a corkscrew-type bike rack ( like the kind you find on public sidewalks) in my underground parking garage. The thieves ripped the rack off it's moorings and unscrewed the corkscrew to liberate the bikes. They rode away with my kryptonite intact, still dangling from the crossbar. I have finished my greiving process and am poised to buy another Devinci bike....and of course I'll need a new lock....

Alan Woodland more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite lock

Because I got a bicycle and do not have money to buy a lock.

Sanja more than 1 year ago

Butt why?

I'd love the u-lock and carrier, because it would ensure that my bike and I continue on this long term love affair. The bea-U-tiful lock, will prevent any nasty butts from taking my steed away.

Donna more than 1 year ago

Because safety is no accident

When out on a family bike ride, you can't have too many locks

John Leddy more than 1 year ago

bike miles with smiles!

It would be a great gift for my college age daughter... she is returning home for Thanksgiving break and picking up her "new" (old vintage schwinn) bike to start commuting to campus.. The U lock is the perfect lock to keep the bike safe and the H-bar carrier is a such a neat invention! May this be the start of many bike miles with smiles on her face!

Jae S. more than 1 year ago

My hopes of winning a Kryptonite U-lock and H-bar carrier from Momentum Magazine

Oh, what I could do with my own block. Everyday could be Ciclovia and the riding would never stop. The sound of bike bells and horns would fill the air. Smiles would be contagious as the wheels turn nonstop. What a wondrous thing it would be if I only...wait...you are giving away a lock, that's different...never mind.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

Bike lock

I am moving to Surrey in few weeks from a smaller community. I like to commute and do my errands on my bike. It's an expensive bike and I need a good lock! It would allow me to ride and possibly park my bike without constantly worrying whether it will still be there when I'm ready to ride home.

Fran Friesen more than 1 year ago

need to feel secure

Got a shiny new bike in May. Still do not have a lock I can trust in to lock the new steed up outside for extended periods of time. I have a cable lock but still do not completely trust in it and when I lock up outside, have to continually check on the bike.
With s lock and carrier like that, I could trust the bike would be safe and would be where I parked and locked it.

seth kreiss more than 1 year ago

Free Bike Lock

As a senior who is on a fixed income,with a nice but cheap bike, I would love to have this to keep my bike from being stolen. And I have heard through other people who ride bikes, that Kryptonite Locks are the best.

Charles W. Demmons more than 1 year ago


Love the Kryptonite locks. Strong and light. The choice for the bike commuter.

David Higley more than 1 year ago


Getting tired of all the bikes getting stolen, Understand Kryptonite is the best!! My oldest son just bought one and would like to win one for my youngest son

Billy Moses more than 1 year ago

thieves in Boston

Recently, a small bike shop in Jamaica Plain neighborhood was broken in to, and thieves stole everything - including tools that can break locks anc chains. There have now been a rash of bike thefts in and around my neighborhood. I'm scared to lock my bike out even during the day time. I feel like Kryptonite would prevent such a theft.

mel shabani more than 1 year ago



JL more than 1 year ago


I gave my sweetheart a bike, but she only uses it when we ride together. If she had her own Kryptonite u lock with carrier, it would give her confidence to attempt a bike errand by herself.

Jon more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock

My current lock is broken, so I need a new one. And I've never won a contest!

Jim Angelillo more than 1 year ago


You can never have too much bike protection. Or too much style. This lock appears to fit the bill.

Adam b more than 1 year ago

kryptonite u-lock

because I've done up an old bike for a friend, and it would be the right thing for you to do to gift it to him so the lovely old bike doesn't get nicked. He's a poor trainee teacher

Ben Brown more than 1 year ago

Best U locks!! Ultimate security !!

II would love to Win a Kryptonite H-Bar Carrier and U-lock because when I was buying my bicycle, I spent all my money on so that I get the best possible bike in my budget. But ignored my Bicycle security.

Currently I do not have a U lock due to which I'm unable to leave my Bicycle anywhere unattended.

Winning the Kryptonite H-Bar Carrier and U-lock will provide my Bicycle with the Ultimate security and a complete peace of mind, when leaving my Bicycle locked outside.

Ahmed Zuberi more than 1 year ago

Lock holder

I don't want to mar the frame of my 3rd hand, twice spray painted, $140 single speed bike that I love and would hate to lose!

Guy more than 1 year ago

Lock holder

I don't want to mar the frame of my 3rd hand, twice spray painted, $140 single speed bike that I love and would hate to lose!

Guy more than 1 year ago

Acrostic Poem: I Want to Win a Kryptonite H-Bar Carrier and U-lock

---------Bi - K -e
----------- - R -ide
----------- - Y -oung and old
----------- - P -eddle power
----------- - T -ake your time
------gas - O -line
---------- - N -ot for me
------- opt - I -onal helmets
---------- - T -hieves beware my
kryptonit - E -

Eric more than 1 year ago

kryptonite bike lock

Because if something happened to my ne fat tire bike, I would die.....You don't want to feel responsible for my death now do you!?!?!?!

Deanne Fridley more than 1 year ago


I need this because by On Guard wasn't "on Guard" and my bike got stolen. I had to buy a new bike and can't afford Kryptonite so I don't ride my new bike. sad but true.

Lynn Iacono more than 1 year ago

For my bikes!

I need a lock to better protect my bikes! I have a cable, but I'm always worried that today will be the day that someone cuts it and makes off with my ride home. I can't afford the Kryptonite New York, but I'm not willing to buy a lower quality u-lock, so I've been trying to save up to buy this one! Winning this would be lovely. :)

Tamara more than 1 year ago

Why I want the Kryptonite Bike Lock

I got to a Lee University which, though bike friendly, is also a haven for bike thieves. Though I have a decent u-lock right now, this one would be awesome to have.

Zach more than 1 year ago

Contest entry

I need a new NY lock even though I work for Kryptonite! My last one was stolen right from a trade show display. I know it is strange, but I need to talk to our guys about making a lock for our lock!

Gustavo Marquevich more than 1 year ago


I need this lock because my bike is my baby. I get anxious when I leave it alone for just a few minutes even if it's locked up. I have to run back outside to check up on it. The H Bar is perfect since I almost always transport my lock on my bars but it always rattles. Kryptonite locks are the besttttttt!

amy more than 1 year ago

kryptonite bike lock

Toronto is the bike theft capital of North America. I lost 1 last summer. Plan on riding aagain next year in the Friends For Life Bike Rally... this lock will prevent my new bike from getting stolen!

Tyler Ennis more than 1 year ago

I want the Kryptonite lock because...

I need one! It's as simple as that. I have a Kryptonite lock, but not the keys. (kind of a weird disappearance). When I take my bike places, I can't leave it outside or on my bike rack on the back of my car for fear of it being stolen. It's quite inconvenient. I've been wanting to get a new lock when I saw this contest! It would be quite awesome if I got a new one through this.

Aaron more than 1 year ago

kryptonite u-lock contest

I want to win because I love my bike and Kryptonite locks are the best locks out there.

katie s. more than 1 year ago

Contest Entry Comment

I like the way that the H bar is holding the U-Lock. Nice. I sure could use one of these. Thanks!

Jeff Rottman more than 1 year ago

Kryptonite Lock

I need a Kryptonite Lock for my new bike so that it will be better protected against theives! My old Cannondale was stolen last August. :(

Riana Feliciano more than 1 year ago

why I want to win

I want to win so I can donate my old lock to one of the homeless cyclists here in the city

James Murphy more than 1 year ago