May 20, 2014

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Because I love my bikes and I could never replace them.

Bicycles become members of family, and it breaks my heart to think of one being stolen away from me. The Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Lock and Tube-R Carrier provides me with the reasurance that my bicycles will never be taken away from me while at an unattended stop.

Chris U 209 days ago

Keeping it mine!

I'm a Canadian, residing in Thailand, and when things get stolen - they stay stolen, so I'd really like some additional security for my specialized sirrus errand runner, and, decent locks are super hard to find here.

Bill Crowder 210 days ago

Kryptonite Lock

It will go with my superman shirt...I would be the Bad ass Supeman that carries Kryptonite around on his bike...

Malcolm Chrystal 210 days ago

I will bike instead of drive

I need a new lock so I can ride my bike to the store instead of drive.

Tanya 211 days ago

so my bike doesnt get stolen

I like my bike to stay mine

Rob Hendricks 211 days ago

New lock

Because why not?

Guido Lagos 211 days ago

Live in Rancho Cucamonga ride in LA

Need a lock to protect my ride.

Robin Neiuber 211 days ago

My Kryptonite!!!

I am in need of a bike lock. I love biking with my boys and I could really use this. I've been researching locks and super cute, cool bike accessories on your site. I would feel that my bike would be safe with this wonderful lock!

Robyn. 211 days ago

I NEED a lock!

I need a lock because my last kryptonite it's was cut :( and now I dot ride anywhere if I have to leave my bike unattended. Not cool. Thank you!! I miss my bike and all our adventures.

Kathryn 211 days ago

Cool Lock

I do distance riding and go on ferries. This lock would look cool on my bike. Totally coordinates with it!

Liane 211 days ago

New Haven

Because I live in New Haven and I'm find of my bike!

Andy Marchant-Shapiro 211 days ago

I need a new lock

Mine works, but this one looks interesting.

Eric 211 days ago

Why I need a secure new lock.

Because the one I have is not secure & I'm tempting fate whenever I use it.

Mike 211 days ago

Happines is only a bike lock away

I'm pretty happy anyway, but this would be cool.

Barbara 211 days ago

A (re-worked) ditty from the Wizard of Oz

We represent The Bike Lock Guild, The Bike Lock Guild, The Bike Lock Guild
And in the name of The Bike Lock Guild,
We wish to welcome you to Kryptonite Land.

Turbo Bob 211 days ago

Popped my Lock!

I used to ride my Haro/Kona/Jamis to work all the time. But over the past 14yrs of living in SanFran The City has managed to eat each of those bikes. It has a voracious appetite for bicycles. I can't be the only one offering up little appetizers in hopes the gods of components, wheels and frames are satisfied. It is is simply too much for one city cyclist to undertake. As loving and giving as I try to be in my riding, my patience for bike thieves is on the verge of less than nice scenes of torture and pain witness only on the big screen. Think Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale when he's tied to a chair and says he "has an itch...down there..."

Richard Woodruff 211 days ago

One kyptonite on cable from Walmart sometimes pops open, would love to feel more confident when riding round in the Loop


Mark Buettner 211 days ago

Need this bad

My 4 year ild son and I enjoy riding our bikes around our neighborhood. The only lock I have is a 25' rope with lock this is very inconvenient when we stop at stores along our ride. I'm in need if a smaller chain to lock up our two bikes while we stop and shop.Thanks for the chance at an awesome lock.

Dameon S 211 days ago

pick me pick me

I would like to lock my Janis I bought for 17 dollars from a thrift store in Kanab Utah. While the bike was under twenty bucks the new tires were so 60 bucks. Price aside the bike is priceless to me!

george scherer 211 days ago

You Can Never Be Too Secure

It's a jungle out there and every time my bicycle is left unattended I fear it won't be there when I get back. Ease my mind a little and let me win this lock

Cecile C 212 days ago

Why I need this lovely lock.

I lock my bike up at the subway station in a big city that has loads of bicycle theft. Help!!

Kaila Cramer 212 days ago

I need this lock

Because my office doesn't have bike room and I have to leave my bike parked on the street all day every day

Sarah 212 days ago

Bike (secure) with friends!

I can only lock up my bike with my current U-Lock, but with this fancy Kryptonite Keeper 785 chain lock and tube-r carrier it will be so much easier to take bike trips with friends because it will allow us to safely secure more than one bike. Which means: more bike trips with friends!

Marisa 212 days ago

Anything not bolted down

Can be stollen unless you use high explosives (not recommended).

Dave 212 days ago

Secure and stylish!

I would love this lock - definitely would not be worried about theft in my new neighborhood!

Beatrice 212 days ago

Because my last one wasn't up to the job

I used to have a Kryptonite but the cable lock it was paired with was too easy for the thief to deal with. I like to think that they Kryptonite gave em hell when they tried to remove it back at their evil lair.

franko 212 days ago

kryptonite keeper

I would really like to win this kryptonite keeper to go on my new Pink Townie

Lana H 212 days ago

Always good to secure a borrowed bike

A sturdy lock will make my friends more likely to loan me their spare bikes (lacking spare locks).

Eli 212 days ago

For the big rack!

I need a lock to secure my bike to my big Yakima Stickup rack. Its too large a rack for my U-lock.

Carl Marquis 212 days ago

My Bike Lives Outside

My new home no longer allows for indoor parking of my bike. I need a better lock to keep my baby safe!

Colin 212 days ago

dying lock

My current lock is old - if it were a dog, it would be. . . Well, it's been a faithful companion, but the coating is wearing off, my second key doesn't work so good anymore. I think it's time. A young, peppy lock will be just the thing to get past the loss.

Ross 212 days ago

High theft rate around here!

Sadly where I live there are a lot of thefts: bikes, phones, etc... I could use better security for my wheels!

Carolyn. 212 days ago

I lock my bike with my eyes

My current lock is not worthy of either of my bikes so therefore I never leave my bike out of my line of sight. If I had a better lock I could go run more errands with my bike.

Victoria Craig 212 days ago

Why I need a new lock

I only have a $5 cable lock that I found at WalMart. Ideally, I need a lock that would keep my bike safe and allow me to always be able to bike around town!

Lenie 212 days ago

Sharing locks with kids

We are so lucky to be a riding family; 5 riders, 12 bikes and lots of competition for favorite locks. Last year we rode to Target Field and used a set of cable locks instead because our U-locks were in use elsewhere. I lost an entire bike, my husband lost a tire. Shameful all around. Love the U/Chain Hybird and have never used one.

Amy Stoner 212 days ago

portable lock

an easy to carry a lock for my townie bike

John Reineke 213 days ago

Lost two bikes to cut cables

I need a good secure chain lock for inner city duty. I have lost two bikes to thieves who cut the light weight cable locks and rode off. One loss was next to a bus stop where people waiting for the bus said the thief walked up and rode off like they owned the bike and no one noticed the cable getting cut. Got to get a good chain!

Tom Roetker 213 days ago

the capital of bike theft!

I own a bakfiets and a cetma both of which are hard to lock with a u lock. this lock would keep my bikes safe here in portland where bike theft is an epidemic.

Brian Gray 213 days ago

Portable lock

This lock would be easy to store in my pack. I do a lot oc mountain biking & often like to drop into town for a meal. This would be a great alt to a heavy u bolt.

Tara 213 days ago

Protection for my new bike

My fave bike got wrecked when I got doored on the way to work. I got wrecked to but that's another story. I sure would be sad if the new bike get stolen.Living in New York, I need New York tough protection.

Nina Sabghir 213 days ago

Great Idea

I ride to work, to lunch, to the bank, to the store and I'm always frustrated with a heavy chain lock around my neck or shoulder. This is a great new concept and I'd love to give it a try.

Chuck 213 days ago

New bike

Just brought home a restored 1957 CCM. I could use a nice lock to keep it safe.

Terry Lusk 213 days ago

Lunch on the Road

I wish I had a nice reliable lock to use while out on longer rides so I could take the time to stop for a nice lunch without worrying about thieves.

Ryan Barry 213 days ago

Chain lock and tube carrier

WOW, the chain covering is impressive but that tube carrier...Mama mia! EXCELLENT design, ya'll. Would be a delight to "win" but methinks I'll look into purchasing one, just in case !

Pat Arbour-Reily 213 days ago

Well, I don't NEED a new lock...

...but the concept looks pretty cool, so I'd like to give it a try!

Joe 213 days ago

My bike was stolen

I'll use this lock to bind myself permanently to my sense of shame so that it will never happen again.

Jayson 213 days ago

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Lock and Tube-R Carrier

Ok, this is the coolest lock ever! It's just what I've been looking for. This lock would be perfect for my awesome orange Public bike.

Sondra Bernard 213 days ago

Moving from a village to the city

I will be moving from a village where the schools children do not lock up their bicycles at school to the city where bicycles are stolen all the time. A new lock would be very handy as my husband and I cycle a lot. Thank you for the great contest!

Stacy 213 days ago

Because my current lock has lost its cover

My chain lock's cloth cover has worn out a second time (I sewed on a jean cover once already), and without the cover it scratches my bike and falls through my metal panniers, dragging on the road.

Barbara Leiterman 213 days ago

Not enough locks for our bikes

My kids and I are new to cycling. We are getting the stuff we need for our bikes as we can. We still need two more locks

Nancy 213 days ago

Need a new one!

I lost my old lock! Best to replace it with the safest possible option.

Cory 213 days ago

Better lock

As I am able to move up to better bikes, I need better locks.

Jeff 213 days ago

I'd love a Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Lock

I just bought a second bike for city riding. I'm committed to uping my cyclying game from pleasure to my primary mode of transportation. This lock will help me keep my bike secure and as a bonus it will look awesome on my bike. Happy peddling!

Jay 213 days ago

Krypton item bike lock

I leave at the shore and we have many visitors. In the summer bikes seem to get stolen. This lock will secure my bike so I don't have to worry about it.

Judy 213 days ago

My Current Chain and Lock

I shop with my bike and panniers. As I am paranoid about losing my bike and lock, I carry around a very good solid chain, and U-lock. Together, they have about the same mass as my entire bike!! UGH. I am worn out before I pick up the groceries! At age 66 I think that this ultra light lock and I are a good fit! I love the carrier, too. Use of it would leave extra room in my panniers for COOKIES! or PIE or TOFU!

Ted Parkinson 213 days ago

my missing q

here's the dropped q from my prior comment ;)

Craig 213 days ago

Too many bikes, not enough locks

For all of our family's bikes, we haven't enough uality locks.

Craig 213 days ago

Bikes are getting stolen around here!

My son needs a real lock instead of his flimsy cable.

Brian Wood 213 days ago

I need a new lock!

My lock is a smaller u-lock and i have a hard time with it at some bike racks... this would make it so much easier to lock up my bike and feel secure about it!

lyndsey 213 days ago

My bike for keeps

I need a good lock to keep the thieves away and to keep me riding

Shauna 213 days ago

Love my bike and want to keep it

My lock is falling apart and I'd like to try out this new style.

Janie 213 days ago

New bike = new lock!

Sure could use a nice flexible lock to carry on my new bike... picking it up on Monday.

Kim 213 days ago

Bike lock

I love my bikes I love to clean them and I love looking and riding them this lock would keep someone else from taking and loving my bikes.

Diane Rhodes 213 days ago

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Rescue me

I have had 2 bikes stolen, locked with various locks. I would ride alot more if I felt my precious babies were safe.

wendi mcdonald 213 days ago

My lock is a hog and is rubbing off my paint!

As an engineer, this looks like a very well executed design. I get teased for the big ugly lock I always carry that is rubbing the paint off my bike. Great product development = happy customers!

Dave Schaller 213 days ago

Kryptonite keeper of bikes

To lock our family's xtracycle!

Lindsay 213 days ago

A versatile option for the commuter to secure one's bicycle

There's a cable lock with the strength of a U-lock. I need to try it out to verify the claim!

John S 213 days ago

Why I need a new lock

I really need a new lock, my old one doesn't work, the keyhole is totally jammed up. I have a new bike and my lock just jammed up the other day. It would be awesome if I won a new one.

Rachel 213 days ago

I need a little Family Flexibility in Bike Theft Mecca

My oldest Daughter is off the X-Tracycle and onto her own bike but my youngest is still riding it with me. We have a lot of awkward two bike locking situations where I have wished for something more flexible than our U-Lock. We also live in Eugene OR, one of the nation's bike theft meccas so not just any flexible lock will do. I have been dreaming of something like a Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Lock and Tube-R Carrier so the bike rack experience doesn't have to be a puzzle solving experience while kids are waiting.

Rex Redmon 213 days ago

Needing a strong chain link lock

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Diego 213 days ago

Locking up Trailer Bike

We always travel/do errands with a bike trailer and/or trailer bike so multiple locks are necessary to lock up all the pieces of our road train! Inevitably, we are short a lock and need to get creative in our systems. This extra convenient lock could be attached to the bike at all times so less logistics are required for stopping.

Tanya 213 days ago

Why I need a new lock...

... because the one I have sucks.

Paul M. 213 days ago

why I need a secure new lock

I have the Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 U-Lock, but it gets a little unwieldy to carry on short trips. I like the apparent convenience of this Keeper 785 Chain Lock and Tube-R Carrier. It looks handy, but secure.

Doug C. 213 days ago

NYC Bike Theft City

I've need a bike lock because NYC a bike theft mecca.

Gary Toriello 213 days ago

Too many bike thiefs on the hunt in Vancouver

I need a new lock to protect my bike on campus from all the nasty bike thiefs.

Verena G. 213 days ago

Need an upgrade in security

Because my current lock is a piece of crap, it works, but its also a childs lock. Need something much stronger!

Sandy N. 213 days ago

Deterring theft

I'm a new cyclist of less than 6 weeks, but in this short time, I have noticed how high the bike theft rates are in Richmond and parts of Vancouver. I need a secure lock to keep my bike safe and sound when I go to the library or to the farmer's market.

Judy Mah 213 days ago

Had my rear wheel stolen

Have a u-lock which has prevented my old bike from getting stolen, but someone use the quick-release to steal the rear tire while I was in class. I need a second lock to secure my new rear tire to the rest of my bike while I'm in class or writing exams!

Brian 213 days ago

Solid Security

My wife is getting back into cycling. I have a secure lock for my bike, but it's not big enough to lock two frames.

We'd like to ride more places together, but need a way to keep both bikes secure.

Jason Wright 213 days ago

Feeling Insecure

My middle-range cable lock was good enough for the two years I rode a no-name fixie; if someone stole it, he probably needed it, and $96 would get me a new one.

But my thoughtful bride tucked a Public D8 under the tree last Christmas; it was a bit of an investment, and it's such a sweet ride that to leave it tethered to a post at the mercy of any crook with a bolt cutter borders on neglect.

So I would truly appreciate a security upgrade. I already love to ride, but I'm still leery about parking.

Jim Strillacci 213 days ago

I need a second one

I already have a bike lock but it stays at work. But some day I need to stop during my commute a second one will be welcome.

Olivier 213 days ago

Bike lock

This would be for camping or overnight outside lock down of my bike!

linda 213 days ago

Bikes are expensive

Locking up my wife's and my downhill bikes at the base of Whistler mountain while we go in for lunch. Those two bikes are worth over ten grand together. We could really use a chain like this.

Stephen McMillan 213 days ago

kryptonite keeper

i need a secure new lock to protect my ride

lisa mcfarland 213 days ago

Hefty lock = peace of mind

This lock would be perfect for urban riding and locking up my precious bicycle. My mini u-lock just doesn't cut it these days. Ride safe!

Kara Dennison 213 days ago

Kryptonite Keeper

My fat bike turns cyclists everywhere green with envy, so I need a worthy lock to secure my sweet ride!

Deanne 213 days ago

Losing bikes sucks

There's a special place in hell for bike thieves, but if you can lock your iron horse up to a good post you've got a leg up on the competition

Peter Herrel 213 days ago

i have no lock

i don't have a lock at all….

April 213 days ago

Why I'd love to win

Our soon-to-be 8 yr old son scored a sweet bike for at the local bike project and he wants a good lock for it. He would be so excited to win this lock. We commute by bike and he wants to keep his precious bike safe!

Shalom Drummond 213 days ago

family biking

I want to spend more time biking with my wife and kids. It's not easy locking up two bikes, a trailer, and/or kid's bike when stopping to play at a park or get a snack. The Kryptonite Keeper could make it easier!

shoji 213 days ago


Each time I leave my bike outside without a lock I have to go back home with a cab. That's annoying.

Herr France 213 days ago

Katie G

I'm organizing a bike share for a domestic violence shelter in my city. We're in need of locks plus lots of other gear! This could be a great and helpful addition to our fleet! Thank you!

Katie Glaser 213 days ago

Living & Errand Running in City of Rowhomes

No room in my home for a bike, which I frequently take for errands: banking, grocery shopping, to the salon, bookstore, restaurants, museums, etc.

Donna Hickman 213 days ago

strong lock

I need a lock that isn't easy to cut.

Lloyd 213 days ago

because I want to ride a nice bike to work

I want to be able to finally take my nice bike to work (on a university campus with a huge bike stealing problem) instead of a bike from the 70s I bought off of Craigslist for 50$

Catherine Holloway 213 days ago

Awesome lock

Sometimes you gotta leave your bike outside.

Nat 213 days ago

Hard to carry a great lock

I love all my precious bikes and I still haven't had one stolen thanks to Kryptonite. A good lock is heavy to carry. I would love a Kryptonite lock with a carrier. It would make security so much easier.

Carrie M 213 days ago

Sometimes need to lock my bike overnight

downtown when i travel for work. I have one lock, but another would help me feel safer doing this. I don't have an expensive bike but I still love it and don't want to lose it.

Markus 214 days ago

because i love my bike

i try not to let it out of my sight - that's the best method i've come up with so far. i also have a kryptonite u-lock for it, but man, i'd feel better with another lock on it!

rae 214 days ago

To Live & Ride in LA

A secure new lock to slow down the gangsters here in Los Angeles...hopefully.

d 214 days ago

Working in Brooklyn's highest crime neighborhood

I work the night shift in the part of Brooklyn, NY with the highest crime rate, most shootings. I really want to see my ride waiting for me to ride home in the morning.

Nina Sabghir 214 days ago

never again!

I've had both my bicycle and trailer stolen and, while I was lucky enough to be reunited with my bike, I can still remember that feeling of being sucker punched in the stomach when I realized that my bike was gone. The Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Lock would significantly decrease my odds of having to go through that again. As the temperature increases here in Vancouver so too does the rate of bike theft. Let's practice proper lock up techniques people!

Claire 214 days ago

security first!

I only have a u-lock, and it isn't enough to secure both wheels.... so this lock would be perfect!

Brent S 214 days ago

I live in Portland, Oregon

As with "I live in New York; shouldn't require any additional explanation" DITTO!

Robin 214 days ago

I live in New York

... which shouldn't require any additional explanation, right?

Christopher Stephens 214 days ago

Keep Rolling The Dice

Living in a small quiet town my wife and I only lock our bikes up once in a while. We use one chain for the both. She keeps the chain on her bike. I had bought another chain for my bike but the keys broke the first time out. I haven't bought another lock since. One of these days I'm going to get my bike stolen because I'm to lazy and cheap to buy another lock. My wife won't be withe and I'll leave the bike unlocked and it will be stolen. Help me to not go through all that drama.

Chad R. Whitley 214 days ago

I want to be able to ride home

I work in downtown Salt Lake City - no, it's not as crime-ridden as other locations, but there still is an element who would rather take than work for. As I said in the subject, I work downtown, and occasionally I convince my wife to meet me downtown on her bike for a pedal-powered date night. I would like to come out from work, dinner, or wherever I leave my bike to find it still waiting for me. A good lock will do more to discourage people from taking what isn't theirs.

Kendall 214 days ago

Great u-lock alternative

It would be a great alternative for when a u-lock is not flexible enough.

Graham Lavender 214 days ago

Peace For Mind

It would bring peace of mind that knowing my bike will be there when I get out from work.

Dave 214 days ago

New lock!

My old lock is too small and I need something secure to lock up in downtown Denver.

Dave 214 days ago

Grandchild bike

This lock would be a perfect fit for my grand daughters bicycle. When we stop to rest I now use a cable lock. The Kryptonite is amazing and the keeper is a brilliant idea.

Steve 214 days ago

Bike lOck

I live in Hollywood CA. Enough said.

Drew 215 days ago

bike lock

This lock looks much more secure than the one I've been using.

Jen 215 days ago

outfitting for the city

I really want my son and his young family to get into bikes traveling their city. Outfitting them with security for the bikes would be a plus. My daughter-in-law needs lots of encouragement to enjoy cycling.

Judy Foster 215 days ago

No lock no freedom

I have no lock so I cannot take my bike on errands. I do take it for joy rides but I really need a lock I can trust and Kryptonite makes the bests locks. I really want to make more use of my bike but I can't because I have no lock and I wouldn't trust any other lock to protect it. A kryptonite lock has been on my wishlist for Birthdays and Christmas but I have yet to get one.

Tanya 215 days ago

I love my bike

I love my bike and don't want it to be stolen. I already have on U-lock, but a second lock for the back tire would be great to deter a would-be thief.

Gael 215 days ago

New lock for new bike

Bicycle theft is bad where my kids live, it would devastate me to visit and come out to find my bike stolen! That's why I need a new lock!

Judy M. 215 days ago

Deter bike thieves

Some idiot stole the rear wheel of my bike when I was writing a final exam. A second lock would be great to secure the new rear tire to the rest of my bike.

Brian 215 days ago

Awesome lock.

I would like to win this for my wife as she needs a great lock when she rides her bike to work.

Peter Shaw 215 days ago

Best lock!

Would love to win this lock as it is the best I have seen.

Sande MacEachern 215 days ago

I love my bike!

I have a cruiser with a basket, candy apple red with full fenders, and I know that she has admirers. Personally, I would like to keep her with me and the Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Lock and Tube-R Carrier would help facilitate that and ensure I continue to have adventures with her!

Iris Winter 215 days ago


I'm a hipster and I need a belt. Seriously, though, it would be useful to help keep my bike and trailer secure on our upcoming family bike camping trip!

Jun Z. 215 days ago


I need a strong lock that doesn't take up a lot of space when not in use. My bike is my source of transportation and I need to keep it secure.

Matthew LeDrew 215 days ago

City living!

Easy way to secure your bike when shopping, working and cavorting!

Nicole 215 days ago

So hard to lock up cargo bike!

I love my cargo bike, but a U lock doesn't work well. I'm still trying to find something that will be secure, not weigh 15lbs, and is versatile. Could this lock be the answer? Hope so!

James 215 days ago

Perfect for cargo bike

With a new cargo bike on the way to haul groceries and kids, we need secure locking.

Mark 215 days ago