November 19, 2012

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Locked down at work.

I keep my bike locked down in the back room of the psych ward in the emergency room I work in. Talk about secure! Theres at least 2 I.D. badge access doors keeping any theives away from my beloved machine. Not to mention the plethora of cameras and constant monitoring by our pals in security. ;)

Sean more than 2 years ago


we usually make a tangled pile of our bikes and lock them all together. It would take a good thief hours to get even one of them, and by then, they would be in a heap of woe!

Eugene Blesing more than 2 years ago

Safety in heart

I park my bike in my heart because only there it is safe.

Lina more than 2 years ago

Looking it

Well, if you could get it there, locked to itself on the Sea of Tranquility on the Earth's moon. Who would take it from there?

Lorraine more than 2 years ago

Police protection

Directly outside the police station window.

Gerry more than 2 years ago


To my very intimidating looking pitbull

ap more than 2 years ago

Saftey in NYC

There is always a fear of my bike being stolen. I usually park my bike on a post, fence, tree, bike parking, anywhere where I can see it, someone can see it. There are alot of eyes in NYC.

Myrna more than 2 years ago

Secure lock spot?

Public place with high visibility, secure ring and post lock works for me!

Chat more than 2 years ago

Don't Have an Expensive Bike

A secure post in a visible area and with more expensive bikes. I once even forgot to lock my bike - but other more valuable bikes were stolen, and not mine.

Diane Beckett more than 2 years ago

Work bike cage

Keyed bike cages at work are decent. Weakness is sometimes the racks aren't bolted down properly.

Derek more than 2 years ago

Secure Bike Locking

For short term parking nothing beats a "ring and post" rack and a good lock. Long term Inside for sure.

brian McPherson more than 2 years ago

Visability is the key

When running errands or biking to a restaurant, I've learned to try to secure my bike where it can be seen from within the establishment. So, table placement at a restaurant is as important to me as where I lock my bike. i.e. Creat a line of whenever possible.
No one cares about your bike as much as you do. So, putting it where "you" can watch it is always the best idea.

Mark Solow more than 2 years ago

I love Kryptonite

I love the bike racks that are an upside down U. These racks allow me to loop the lock through the frame and front wheel.

carrie more than 2 years ago

In a bike shop

I work at a local shop, and always lock my bike up outside on the front racks. I've never ran into a issue, but than again why would I, I use a Kryptonite lock!

Brody Isaak more than 2 years ago

in my office

If you're lucky enough to be able to do this, the most secure place is inside your office. Just be sure to lock the door when you're out!

VanFitz more than 2 years ago

Caffiene and bike locks

Lock your bike to something solid near in front of a cafe that has outdoor seating . Thieves hate to be seen.

ISaac Denham more than 2 years ago

most secure place to lock your bike with a kryptonite

With a kryptonite lock, just about anything you lock it to will keep your bike secure. I mean really, not even Superman would mess with that lock!

Deanne more than 2 years ago


The most secure place to lock up is to yourself.

Josh more than 2 years ago

not a nudist colony

If the least likely place you'll get pick-pocketed is a nudist colony, the least likely place you'll get your ride stolen is where there is zero opportunity and your bike thief is totally exposed. For zero opportunity make sure you wrap your kryptolok around your frame and your back wheel and an immobile object (like an iron railing or lamp post, if there is no bike rack). Pop off the front wheel and lock it in there too. For maximum exposure ensure that your bike is somewhere you can eyeball it, or at least a place where security minded people (and electronic eyeballs) can see it like outside a bank, government building, or where naked cyclists park there wheels.

robert more than 2 years ago

Lock it!

Lock it to something with sharp teeth and a loud bark...works especially well if it's hungry, too.

rich gunn more than 2 years ago

best place to lock bike

Best place is at work in the secure underground parkade

AllanL more than 2 years ago

Secure spot!

The best place to lock your bike is a bike rack or a gas pipe.

Elias de Souza more than 2 years ago

Lock It

Best to lock your bike frame to a secured bike rack, the kind installed by your city Transportation Department. Bike racks embedded in concrete are the best.


Randy more than 2 years ago

Locking my Bike

I believe is the most secure place that I can lock my bike is in a bike locker but most places don't have them. I usually secure my bike with 3 locks: one u-bolt and two combination locks. I also try to lock it so I can see it when I am in the store or restaurant I am in.

Kellie more than 2 years ago

A lock, A lock. My kingdom for a lock.

Nuff' said?

Turbo Bob more than 2 years ago


I try to lock my bike outside only for short periods of time while I'm running errands. I have secure bike parking at work and indoor parking at home. With locking skewers and multiple locks I feel my bike will be as safe as it could be in a big city.

Julie more than 2 years ago

momemtum lock contest

Step 1 – Place your bike against a fixed, immovable object with chainring facing out. Make sure your bike cannot be lifted over the object it will be secured to. - ie - somthing metal and thick thats cemented to the ground - not bolted - seen that before haha.

Step 2 – Remove your front wheel and place it by your rear wheel

Step 3 – Wrap chain through both wheels, around the frame and around the fixed object while taking away any chain slack.

Step 4 – Attach chain to lock and secure shackle around bicycle frame.

Darren Simmie more than 2 years ago

Lockup Locations

Living in Halifax feels pretty safe for bike lockup, even though some bike theft takes place.

With bolted on wheels, I'm pretty safe securing my bike with the Sheldon Brown method, or even just around the frame sometimes. The best place to lock up though is always closest to where you're going to be. Not just so you don't have to walk far, but so the bike is within eye and earshot of you. You can't rely on high traffic areas; most people don't bat an eye at suspicious activity around a locked bike.

On campus here, the best places to lock are in front of the buildings (generally University Ave). The side streets are just asking for trouble with how secluded they are. Around town, there is a lack of bike racks and bike parking areas, so you generally take a signpost or parking meter. Chains are especially good for this, unless you get a large (and vulnerable) u-lock.

Of course, the safest place to lock my bike would be in my apartment!

Alex T more than 2 years ago

secure place

A familiar place where my bike can easily be seen by me is where I feel it is the safest. If I don't have that luxury, then making my bike look unatractive or difficult to take helps. Removing the front wheel and locking it to the bike as well as removing any easily snatchable components helps as well.

david more than 2 years ago

Momentum Contest

If you must lock up your bike outside, I would do it near a busy intersection with a security camera recording the area where my bike is locked up. Maybe in front of a busy restaurant where there's a big window where people can look outside while eating there meal. Locking up your bike near a Police station or Fire station is nice, but there are no too many in one area.

Anthony Leong more than 2 years ago

Momentum contest

It's not so much where but how and with what. Lock up in a place with high traffic and good lighting. Also, lock the front wheel and the frame. Plus the back wheel and frame. It might be a hassle, but i think it deters thieves. Have more locks than your neighboring bikes. also, when you see people with cable locks, tell them to change. I lock up both the front and the back with my Kryptonite U locks. I saw a bike in downtown Chicago locked up that way and thought it was a good rule.

Connie Pappas more than 2 years ago


Inside a kryptonite lock.

Thijs van Giils more than 2 years ago

Nowhere safer than...

The Fortress of Solitude!

RL more than 2 years ago


at the train station here, they have these hard plastic covers on the bike racks. i figure if im locked to a pole with that thing locked over it. im unhittable

chris haik more than 2 years ago

Safe parking for bike

If we as a society all rode more, there would be more infrastructure for keeping bikes safe. I find the bike locker at work in the parking garage pretty safe especially with the staffed parking attendant watching it all day.

Wai Liu more than 2 years ago

Momentum Safe Lock Spot

If at all possible, I lock my bike where I can keep an eye on it, preferably to a solid post in a busy area!

Katy Chancey more than 2 years ago

Momentum Contest

My office is Cross the street from the North Precinct cop shop. Couldn't hurt.

Turbodave more than 2 years ago

Locking your ride

It's not a location, it's a state of mind. I noticed a guy who was checking someone's Jake the Snake. He was obviously waiting for me to leave. I didn't. He eventually did.

Chris Byron more than 2 years ago

safest place to lock bike

Sometimes you can't be too picky about where to park your bike, and a maybe not so safe place will have to do. Besides of course using a Kryptonite lock, I decorate my bike with reflective tape, which not only makes my bike less interesting for thieves, it also makes it safer to ride! :)

Jackie Chow more than 2 years ago

Mo mag contest

I lock my bike up various places. Guessing I do look for something well lit and with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Lucky so far and I still have that junker commuter bike to prove it.

Kurt Franke more than 2 years ago

Momentum mag

I lock it right next to my pit bull Molly's dog house. any questions

Monica L more than 2 years ago

good lock

In the garage of my working building there is a good place to lock may bike. The place is note the most secure, but secure enough for Specialized Cyclcross. With a good lock like Kryptomite make you can leave it for the day.

Olivier Thomas more than 2 years ago

Safest place to lock bike

The wording on the question was not clear if it is the safest spot on the bike itself or the safest location to lockup to. So I will answer both.

There is no place safe outside that is not monitored. So the safest place, would be in my garage or at work, inside. At work I can either park inside in a spot that has a few other bikes locked up or a couple hundred feet away from my desk in an empty cube.

The safest place on the bike to lock up on is from the front wheel that has quick release to the frame. Usually lock up to a pole or rack from that location.

seth kreiss more than 2 years ago

Lock 'em down

It's tough to say! Anywhere outdoors is at risk. And I'd hazard to say that although it's better to lock it in the front with traffic rather than out back behind a building, where a thief can be hidden from the passerby, the videos of people stealing their own bikes show that even in the view of the public, people will still keep walking! So in the end, it's the lock that matters.

Tamara more than 2 years ago

Eyes on the street

I'm going to assume by "most secure place to lock your bike", you meant a public place. Otherwise, even more than one's own garage, certainly the command room at NORAD comes to mind as a "secure place" to lock your bike.

But if you are locking in public, I believe a good rule is to look for somewhere that has a lot of eyes on it - so many, in fact, that a potential thief might worry that the owner may be there watching the bike. Nothing in my mind could be safer than locking right next to an outdoor cafe - who's to say the bike's owner isn't that gentleman right there eating that panini? And even if he isn't, wouldn't the dozens of other people dining there tend to notice a dude walking up to a bike, whipping out a hacksaw and wailing away at it while they sip on a coffee just 10 feet away? No I think the thieves will move on to a less conspicuous target. And if you want real security, lock at the same cafe every day, eat lunch there yourself, get to know the staff by name, and tip them VERY well. After that you won't even need the lock.

Bike Snub more than 2 years ago

Kryptonite KrytoLok Contest

The only really secure place is probably on another planet. If you're to lock the bike up on earth, a locked indoor place with the bicycle locked to something in there would be best. However even this isn't secure -- I know of thefts from such places. Outdoors, the post-and-ring locking posts we have in Cambridge, MA might be the best objects for locking. BTW, you can securely lock a bicycle around either set of stays and around the rear wheel's spokes; it doesn't have to be through the rear triangle.

Douglas Kline more than 2 years ago

Secure locking

The best place to lock up is a locked bike room within a building or a standalone bike station (such as the one near Union Station in DC or the Cycle Center in Chicago), so long as it it has high quality racks that fully support the bike and allow for u-locks and thick chains. If that's not available, I always look to park near other bikes at a solid rack in a somewhat public place.

Stefanie more than 2 years ago

Lock 'em Dano

As far from downtown as possible. It's the same everywhere. The closer you are to downtown, the higher the chances of having your bike ripped off are. When we were in the Netherlands, we lived in a small town 30 km from Amsterdam. The bikes were all secured with just the wheel lock. In Amsterdam the same bikes were secured with the wheel locks and a NYC chain. Same here. When I lived in Ladner, I left my bike in front of my house without a lock every night for 15 years and never had it touched. Now that I live in Vancouver I wouldn't think about having my bike without a lock.

Duane Laird more than 2 years ago

In sight

I like to lock two bikes on either side of the pole, with the bikes locked together (around the back wheel and frame of both, and then both to the pole as well. As for the most secure place? somewhere i can have a direct view of, if not all the time but where i can check periodically... i wldnt want to be the guy caught stealing one of our bikes.

Mike MacKool more than 2 years ago

Kryptonite KryptoLok contest

In my garage at home. I don't feel confident its safe anywhere else.

Kim Rios more than 2 years ago

Lock Strategy

No place is entirely secure, but choosing a well lit and highly trafficked public location, and securing your bike properly to a dedicated fixture are all good steps. Space permitting, secure your bike inside at night and follow Sheldon Brown's tips for properly locking your bike. A U-lock should go around the rear rim and tire, somewhere inside the rear triangle of the frame. There is no need to loop it around the seat tube as well, because the wheel cannot be pulled through the rear triangle.

Galen Maynard more than 2 years ago

Kryptonite KryptoLok contest

The most secure place to lock your bike is to ten other bikes locked to each other.

Karl Gossot more than 2 years ago