November 20, 2013

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GoBe light contest

Where else but in saskatoon on the roads,the trails, the shared pathways and if I am really lucky on the separated bike lane we are petitioning for in Saskatoon, or the pedestrian and cycling only parkway bridge a group called SCRUb is advocating for!

ingrid Larson 337 days ago

GoBe Anywhere light

If i won the light i would be able to finally ride in the northern minnesota winters and be seen!

mindie 337 days ago

GoBe Light Contest

I would use the light to help spot wildlife and to be able to take the long route through tails home from work

glenowyn 337 days ago

Catching fireflies

I would use the GoBe to help my boys and I catch fireflies at night!

Iris W. 337 days ago

Staying alive

Should I win, I will use the GoBe Anywhere to assist me with staying alive on the road by helping me be visible to drivers.

Jun Z. 337 days ago

Holding back the darkness

As we approach the winter solstice, the hours of daylight get so short that it feels like we are besieged by darkness and cold. GoBe is, and could be my answer to the battle against the dark. Cycling commute to and from work would be well lit, as would walking the dog pre and post work day.

Gord Gallant 337 days ago

Ride at night.

I like to leave work, and ride to a local restaurant during day light. I enjoy a shrimp burger, live music, and grab a beer or two while it gets dark. I then ride back home at night. Not a bad life---oh, and that's just a Thursday!

Partovi 337 days ago

GoBe gobe go!

I would go anywhere my bike will allow me to go whether it be the local trails, commuting from work or group rides.

Josh Ward 337 days ago

GoBe Light Contest

I would use it for early morning rides on the bike trail!

Rachel 337 days ago

Gobe Anywhere Light

I'd use my Gobe for those cold and dark nightly bike rides. For the dim mountain camping trips with the fellas. And for the those unpredictable and upsetting times you break down on the road. Give me my GoBe Please!!!!!

Danny Drexler 337 days ago

Go Be

I would use if I am coming home from concert or other late night event.

Matthew LeDrew 337 days ago

GoBe Anywhere Light

I need a light for my bike. I don't have one and so I can't ride my bike in the afternoon now that it gets dark at 4:30.

Sondra Bernard 337 days ago

Light & Motion GoBe Light

I bike commute and bike camp. This would be a great light to shine my way and light up the campsite.

Jon Wasserman 337 days ago

GoBe Anywhere light

I will use my new light for my commute to work, and trail rides that last 'till after sunset, which happens frequently on these short winter days.

Deanne 337 days ago

dance party

I'd use it as a disco light and have dance parties.

amy 337 days ago

GoBe GoPee GoPoo GoRide

It's dark out people! My dogs pee and poo in the dark! That's super scary! I need a light to guide their way, and to use to scoop that stuff up! This all-purpose light will serve me from the first movement of my dogs to my daily commuting by bike (both ways in the dark) and then again back home for the nightly duty/doody. If I win I will graciously supply the mag with doody duty and commuting photos. :)

KS 337 days ago


I'd use the light as a secondary light during my commute to work.

Lloyd 337 days ago

Light and go

Just put it on my bike and go for a ride

David Viens 337 days ago

GoBe Light

I would use the GoBe to help me find the lost presents I hide in my basement last year to give this year. All the illumination I can get would help tremendously.

Dan 337 days ago

Using my GoBe

The sun sets very early in Montréal during the Winter months, and it's pretty much pitch black at 4pm, so having a reliable, powerful lights is essential to see and be seen. I'd certainly use it on my daily commute.

Andrée Lafontaine 337 days ago

gobe light

I would totally use it for the urban night rides in the city and for any night activities that happen -like bonfires and camping and such :)

Linda 337 days ago

Winter Commutes

I'd use it to be able to continue using my favourite commuting routes that I have to avoid during the darker months.

Ryan Barry 338 days ago

GoBe anywhere

Use it anywhere outdoors, while on bike, whenever flash light is needed!!!!

IrinaZG 338 days ago

Go be safe on the way to and from work

As the shortest day of the year approaches, I go be safe with my gobe light as I make my way down the hill to work in the quiet dark of the early morn and late night. Sometimes, I might just turn it off to revel in the starry sky though......

Gini 338 days ago

Would love a GoBe light..

For my commuter bike. I don't have a good bright headlight for commuting, also the versatility of this light makes it a must have!

Amanda Orr 338 days ago


I only have one small "be seen" light on my bike. It'd be great to have a versatile, powerful, high quality light to add to it!

Chelsea 338 days ago

Be Anywhere

I'll have another light on my bike to make myself visible during my early morning commutes. It'll also double as my travelling/camping flashlight.

Daniel Yen-Chiu 338 days ago

I will use my GoBe Anywhere light .....

my road bike with no fixed lights, never seems to be bright enough,
I've ridden with many different brands,
but cheap price seems to reflect cheap quality,
worst of all cheap lighting..
My new helmet doesn't allow for a 'head-light', ..
so I need more 'juice' on the 'bar' for my night rides!
..this would qualify...thanks ;)

Ron 338 days ago

bike light contest

gonna use it to take the family on a night ride through southern California

Luke Lopez 338 days ago

I will use my GoBe

during the next moonlight mystery ride in Victoria, BC

aaron 338 days ago

Momentum Mag Contest

I would use the GoBe Anywhere light on the bike to see the ground in the darkest conditions and to see my bike parts if something needs fixing. I would use it off the bike in dark basements and on nighttime walks in the woods. I might also use it in sessions intended for people who are new to bicycling or are considering trying bicycling to show the neat equipment we get as an inducement or encouragement.

Douglas Kline 338 days ago

How I will use the gobe anywhere light

I would use the gobe anywhere light in a few different ways.
First would be on my bike during evening and nighttime rides. Favorite ones would be group nighttime rides. Rides like the midnight mystery ride, other local bike club regular rides that happen every Friday like the dropout and sprocket rides.
Second would be when hose rides get to the end location. I would use this to get settled and find firewood and comfortable on the beach or camp spot.
Third would probably be when camping. You always need good light camping. I used to go for the big mag lights but now prefer the smaller lighter lights.
Forth would be as an emergency light always carried when either directly on thebike or in the bag. Never know when you need light like for roadside repairs or helping people in distress.
Fifth would be a work liht. Being a computer technician, light when working under desks and inside computers is very useful sometimes invaluable.

Seth kreiss 338 days ago

GoBe light

More light for commute would be awesome.

Melonie Edwards 338 days ago

That thing looks like an electric razor.

So, in addition to being seen at night on the dimly lit Long Beach streets, I may also attempt to shave with it; I don't know how effective it will be. 338 days ago

light & motion

lights are so important... I would use this light on my handlebars, but I like the advantage of making it mobile when I need to search in my bags or inspect my bike, or even lock up in the dark

Darcy 338 days ago

Eat Darkness

I would like to say that I would use the GoBe to change a flat tire, adjust my seatpost height or raise my handlebars. And that would indeed be an amazing flashlight if I could do any of those things. But I'm afraid all I would use it for is to add a second light to my commuter, though I might, from time to time, light up the bottom of my chin while talking about the evils of department store bike builds.

Sam Joslin 338 days ago


I have found I do my best problem solving on a bike. That I become philosophical almost. When I am on my bike and turning my legs and focusing on my breathing I tend to think about a problem that plagues me, and often times, that is when I find the answers to those problems. I have realized while turning my cranks up a hill, focusing on my breathing, making the distance between me and the crest smaller and smaller with each turn, that life is similar to riding a bike. It is similar in the sense that to enjoy the downhill, to truly enjoy it, you must climb the uphill. That the battle, the hard work, the dedication and perseverance is what gets you to the top of the hill, and that is what lets you enjoy the absolute incomparable pleasure of speed, wind, and excitement that you can only get on the downhill. Without the hard times, it is impossible to fully appreciate the good times. My bike is my therapy and my new GoBe light will keep me going to therapy. My GoBe light will make sure I make my therapy sessions… the one on two wheels.

LynnDMae 338 days ago

GoBe Light

This little light will help the commutes I go along with my kids to school now that daylight savings is over. Anything to help increase visibility and keep kidos safe.

Bryan L. 338 days ago

i am the light what you seek is a gobo

There can only be one

peter bakken 338 days ago

It's just cool

The light perfect for traveling to me, small and you can use it in severaö ways

Juhani Väihkönen 338 days ago

GoBe and me

Good golly that's quite a light. I'd start with using while pedaling to and from rowing in the evenings. And on the rare days I can convince the 5 year old to bike in the rain, I'll use it on my ride home from work.

Sara 338 days ago

GoBe Light

I'll use my light to go everywhere at all hours of the night or day, since now the sun is setting earlier. During the summer months I will ride with it late into the night during the cooler temperature hours.

Christopher Joy 339 days ago

GoBe light

Riding home after a long day at work during the winter presents a number of hazards and challenges. I ride from Penn Station to the greenway following the Henry Hudson River. The GoBe would insure not only that I can see, but more importantly, that drivers can see me. Proper lighting saves lives

Ernst VanBergeijk 339 days ago

GoBe light

Would definitely get great use out of this on my commute.

Jacob 339 days ago

Visibility is key

I'll use it to light my way on my ride home. And when I get home, I'll use it to find my way to the chicken coop to close them up for the night.

Jes 340 days ago

Rescue from dreary long-night winters.

This is an every activity, GoBe anywhere light so I'd mount it on my bike to ride to work when I need to see through the rain, I'd use it as a flash light when I am trying to find my keys, keep my house lit during the coming storms, and mount it on my canoe for river runs!

Heidi 340 days ago

Live in darkness

This time of the year I leave home in darkness and get back in darkness. The GoBe will light my way to work and light my way back to my loved ones.

Nicola Colarusso 340 days ago

it was a dark....

and stormy night, but I rode safely down the streets of my rain-soaked hometown thanks to the conspicuous illumination of my new GoBe light.

Markus 340 days ago

GoBe light

Darkness comes so early this time of year, the GoBe light would be a welcome companion on my evening rides

john 340 days ago

GoBe light

I take kids on winter rides after school. Winning the GoBe would mean I could give my current light to a kid and extend our riding time.

Chris Byron 340 days ago


When you're used to ride at night with lights, going lightless feels like being naked! My attitude is to ride as "seriously" as possible in public so as to promote respect towards cyclists from the part of motorists. Besides, sticking to the letter of the law means in practice riding more slowly, and that's more pleasant and less stressful anyway. Long live bicycling!

Marc Wampach 340 days ago


We can all use a little help. I need to see and drivers need to see me. This light would help us all

joanne 340 days ago


No matter how much I try drivers dont see me. I would use this light to I crease my visibility on my bike

tracey 340 days ago

dark winter rides

Winter commuting is tough enough with the cold but add darkness and a bad light and thinks can get bad real fast. I would use this light to see the bumps in the snow

john 340 days ago


The other day I almost got wiped out by someone rolling through a stop sign. Who then honked at ME for being in the road where I was supposed to be! The GoBe would help a lot on my commute to and from the train station here in suburban auto-land.

ScottEric 340 days ago

Let there be light

bike and renovations

Stephen Leckie 340 days ago

Be a GoBe! Anywhere and Everywhere!

I will use my GoBe Anywhere light to guide me through the tricky traffic of San Jose. Knowing that this light is built with care in Monterey, will help keep those cars at bay!

Will Deibler 341 days ago

To light my way

It's dark when I ride to work and it's dark when I ride home. Great lights are a necessity!!

Tami 341 days ago

The light in the dark

I will use the Light & Motion GoBe for my dark winter commutes after dusk.

Joe Lee 341 days ago

City Commuting!

I ride in and out of downtown Boston every day. It gets dark at about 4:30 PM in winter and, as anyone who's been around Massachusetts drivers knows, you need every bit of help you can get. I'd love to add a serious light to my handlebars!

J Gang 341 days ago

Fall Riding

As the days get shorter in the fall, I find that I am more often riding my bike at dusk or in the dark. Good lighting on my bike is essencial to seeing and being seen.

don cook 341 days ago

I want that light!!

I am currently a TA for and outdoor class my school does and we take a weekend to go camping and hiking. All I can say is you NEED this light when it comes to these weekends. Walking aimlessly into the woods to pee without a light isn't as fun as it seems (then you pee all over your boots....). But yea a light like this would help all my camping endeavors and when I go climbing outside. Please pick me!!!

Mike Kim 341 days ago


I'll use this for early winter bike rides. A great way to ride safel in the dark. Nothing beats a light motion.

Tim pringle 342 days ago

Double duty

I would use this light on my early morning rides. One with the brightness to light the way and allow me to get to where I am going. My light would also have a second task. Once back from my ride, I would take it off the bike and place it in my gear bag. I'm also a scuba diver. Being that it is waterproof to 120 meters, it would make a great light to bring back the colors that are lost as I descend deeper. While others would use this light for their bike and general illumination, I would use your lights extra feature of being waterproof. Above or below the waves, your light would be a welcome addition to both of my sports activities.

Ralph Zetti 342 days ago

My Winter Motivation! GoBe

This is exactly what I need to pump up my motivation for the sometimes dark winter rides! This looks incredible awesome!

Paula MacMann 342 days ago

Night walker

I would light up the critters that frighten my old deaf rescue dog when we are out on night walks. Since Monterey is only 1 mile from where I live, I hope someone else wins the trip, but I would not mind seeing the manufacturing facility.

KimMarie 342 days ago

GoBe Bringing Day to Night

I would use the GoBe on night hikes to illuminate the epic out-of-doors that I fail to see during the day.

Zac G 342 days ago

Darkness be damned!

Oh, how nice it would be to have a light that actually lit up the road I traverse - to be able to miss the occasional pot hole or crack in the road would be so wonderful. I plan on seeing in the dark with my GoBe light!

Kent Anderson 342 days ago

GoBee Light

Would like the light for late night riding

Roberta R. 342 days ago

GoBee Light

I want to use it during the long winter nights.

Jeffrey R. 342 days ago

Light my daily commute

I know, mundane, but I'd use it to see and be seen on my daily commute

Joe 342 days ago

Oh the joys of the night...

When you work a job that starts at dawn and sometimes ends darn close to sunset...oh the joys of the night! When you have a wife who loves your company but does not always love when you ride during said company time...oh the joys of the night! When you have two kids who you love very dearly but take up all of your waking riding time from dusk till dawn...oh the joys of the night! When you have a sweet light set that lets you escape whatever ails you and find peace and solitude on your favorite trails on your own terms...oh the joys of the light!!

Chaney Burks 342 days ago

Light and motion gobe light

I would use the gobe light on the cross Florida 250 mi time trial mtb race it will get very dark in the Ocala national forest in the middle of the night I will need as much light as I can get to keep up a good pace

Dave Ameno 342 days ago

My commuting days are over.

I no longer commute by bike but I'll use the light for my routine workouts on the streets and bike paths.

Dennis Gilmore 342 days ago

Can never have enough lights

Don't forget your lights at night.

George lIEM 342 days ago

My Student Rides in the Dark

My son, although he is licensed to drive, chooses to bike to high school, but since it starts at 720, he is often in the dark. This would thrill his mother's heart as he would be more visible and would see better.

Kelley Westenhoff 342 days ago

Light & Motion GoBe

Peddle Faster.
Hi~ I commute 6-7 days per week 21 miles round-trip each day. Rain, shine, snow, & wind. Back street, inter urban trail, alley way, city street, up hill/down hill & neighborhood. I live in Seattle WA. GoBe would be my "guiding light" to get there & back home, SAFE, each day & night. I am a cyclist & I ride! -cheers-Peddle Faster- David M

David Maple 342 days ago

I need to be seen on my daily commute

Daily light savings makes the afternoon commute challenging at dusk and in the dark. This would be great.

Shelby 342 days ago

Perfect complement to my Taz 1200

I'd use it in tandem with my Light & Motion Taz 1200

Steve Taylor 342 days ago

Oh, I didn't see you.. not something I want to hear when I'm on my bike. Especially on the commute home in the dark.

George Pearson 342 days ago

biking, sailing, kayaking, and walking

I'd use it for biking, sailing, kayaking, and walking.

Stephen C. 342 days ago

Dark Art

I would use the GoBe for a bike light painting photo project. Beyond that it will shine my path bright so I can see my way to work in the dead of winter.

Michael Harber 342 days ago

Commuting with kids

It's so hard to keep my kid visible at night when they ride next to me. I'd mount it on his handlebars to make him more visible and make sure he can see the road as well.

David 342 days ago

I Need To Be Seen!

Riding at night or in the daytime, I need to be seen.

Kelvin 342 days ago

Commuting & Camping

The two activities where I am dependent on a flashlight when it's dark: camping in the woods and commuting by bike in Vancouver winter.

Julian Dierkes 342 days ago


Commuters often overlook quality lights, I'd use it for commuting.

Tom 342 days ago

Cat's eyes

This light will help me to have eyes like a cat at night.

Sande Maceachern 342 days ago

See the Light

This light will help a lot with all night riding as I am in constant pain and do not want to fall at anytime.

Peter Shaw 342 days ago

Piercing through Darkness!

The GoBe would be my buddy in town, in the forest, up mountains in the rain and along busy roadways on frosty nights. I'd use the GoBe to get me home safe from work at the end of the day, to light up my morning training ride, and to bring me to shelter while on a multi-day cycling trip. It'd be perfect for my next tour, along the Lewis & Clark trail in 2014!

Thor 342 days ago

fall`s dark evening

It gets dark very early in the late fall in Ottawa. This late would help me ride safely.

Christian 342 days ago

Walking The Dogs

i would use this while walking my dogs, and biking at night

sarah james 342 days ago

Light It Up

This would not only be great for when I bike to work at night, which I often do, but because it is WATERPROOF it would be really nice on my boat for Night Fishing! This is a great versitile light that I could really use!

Carl L Smith Jr 342 days ago

Late night class

This light would be great for commuting home through the streets of Flagstaff after my seven pm class ends - rain or snow!

Michelle B. 342 days ago

GoBe Entry

I'd use the GoBe so I stop crashing doing moonlit hotlaps in Tucson Mountain Park. Crashing hurts, GoBe helps!.

Andy 342 days ago


I really like the L&M light I have, and it would be even better to have two of them. These are great lights, BTW!

Wendy Peabody 342 days ago

Winter commuting.

This light would be a great safety addition on my rides home during this winter.

John 342 days ago

Great for biking home

Would be great for biking home after work in the winter

karen 342 days ago

Winter commute

Dark lonely roads at night would be perfect for this light. I would blast though the night!

Brandon 342 days ago

Riding after dark

Sometimes you just have to go home late...

Christopher Stephens 342 days ago

Bike Touring

I'm getting back into bicycle touring after many years, and would love to replace my archaic camp light with a GoBe!

Todd Nutting 342 days ago

Night Hikes

I would love to use this GoBe light for a night hike or a MTB night ride

Joanne Liu 342 days ago

GoBe light

I would be sharing my GoBe light at a exciting Midnight group Ride in December 1st, then using to spot all those giant hedge apple on trails that seem to be the size of bowling balls this year!I would be sharing my GoBe light at a exciting Midnight group Ride in December 1st, then using to spot all those giant hedge apple on trails that seem to be the size of bowling balls this year!

Karen Houcek 343 days ago

GoBe Anywhere

I would use this light anywhere I could from off road riding, commuting, camping, around the house and for neighbourhood walks.

Gabriel Comolli 343 days ago

GoBe Anywhere

I would use the GoBe light anywhere that I am going to be out after dark, whether riding, running or walking.

Howell 343 days ago

Safe bike commuting!

I will use this light for bike commuting. I won't let the short days keep me from riding. Ice on the road may stop me, but not the lack of day light.

David A. Lynch 343 days ago

Monster slayer

I'd use the GoBe Anywhere Light to slay those errant monsters from the dark corner recesses of my son's room. I'd use it to ward off the scary unknown from the night's sky so that my daughter may fill her rightful role as Princess of the Purple Hills. I'd use it to shine truth upon the land so that these same kids wouldn't have to take the word of another and, in turn, know when to seek their own light.

Matt Killeen 343 days ago

keep riding

because I want keep communting despite the dark

franz lefort 343 days ago

Biking to Rowing

I would use a GoBe to bike safely to early morning rowing practices and home from late night practices. And on those really dark mornings I would even put it on my bow to keep from running into anything!

Ryan Newell 343 days ago

Versatile GoBe

I would use this light for biking, camping and hiking. It would be a great light to have on all my adventures.

Eugenie 343 days ago

great name

what a great name!

danny 342 days ago

Bike commuting

My family only has one car, so I bike commute everywhere. I currently use a few cheaper lights to stay visible on the road. The GoBe light will keep me visible and let me see the road. Anything that brings me safer to my baby girl!

Steven Nancarrow 343 days ago

Take me home tonight

Everyday I work it's dark by the time I'm coming home. I depend on a good light to be seen. All the better to have one I can actually see with. I would make taking trails home feel a lot less "Slender-Man."

Rob Patterson 343 days ago


By having my light with me these cold, dark, November days, I can be ready whenever darkness hits. I see so many bikes and dog walkers travelling by trail and road in complete darkness. I hope to promote the importance of using lights for everyones safety.

Eric 343 days ago

Perfection in lighting can be mine

anything from a simple trip to the corner store, all the way to the most intense adventure seems possible with this light

Barbara 343 days ago

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Nuff' said

Turbo Bob 343 days ago

gobe desert

nightlite readinglite campinglite tacticallite headlite patientexamlite & powerfailurelite just to name a few uses

danny 343 days ago

trail running and biking

I do a couple regular night trail runs and also road bike regularly. Would be great to have a waterproof bright light especially since the rainy season is here!

Anna Liao 343 days ago

biking, hiking, and diving

What a great light! I'd use it for biking, hiking and backpacking, and for scuba - so cool!

Brent Stewart 343 days ago

Do all light!!

I will plan to use this light for many activities!!
1. Torch for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro!
2. Commuting bike light
3. Mtn Biking light! Its dark out there this time of year!
4. Scuba dives for finding things hiding in the crevices!!
5. Diving Photography and video light!
6. Camping and backpacking light
7. Finding the darn utensils that fall behind the stove!! lol

Ian 343 days ago


I could use this for everything. Especially on bike rides since it gets dark here by 5PM. It could also be used on hikes.

Tanya 343 days ago


Wow, a quality light I can find many uses for on and off the bike.

Jeff 343 days ago

just in case

I'd use it as a bike light, but I like that it would still work if I fell into the river near my house. Think I could bike under water?

Ross 343 days ago

My GoBe Light!

Biking, camping and I would find a way to mount on to my construction hard hat

Jose Saldana 343 days ago

it's going on...

my 3 year old niece's scoot bike! I love my little niece, and I'm instilling some bike culture into her upbringing with as much support, enthusiasm, and gear as possible! Starting her out on her scoot bike at 2 y.o., she's going to be a ripper by the time she reaches 10. Probably kicking my butt up hill on a mountain somewhere. Love you niece!

BDC 343 days ago

GoBe Light

Seeing as Christmas is almost here I would use my GoBe light to stake out the living room on Christmas eve. I'd hide behind the tree, wait for the jolly ol fat man to slide down my chimney, light him up with my GoBe, snap a photo, and prove to all my adult friends that Santa is real!......what. He is real!!

Michael Simmons 343 days ago

Well-lighted ride home from work

I would use this for a brighter commute home.

Doug Campbell 343 days ago

GoBe light!

I would love this light for biking on the trails around my house at night!

Katie Baker 343 days ago

GoBe Light

I'd use mine for biking (Off-Road & commuting) & camping..

Dirk Duane 343 days ago

GoBE light

I would use the light on the numerous campus my son goes on with the boy scouts.

Phil Cooper 343 days ago


to see the road and/or trail in front of me

Rob Hendricks 343 days ago

GoBe Light!

I would use this light to find my dog's toys when they roll under the couch.

Dave 343 days ago

let me count the ways...

with winter on the horizon I could imagine a multitude of ways to use this light but I think a Nighttime multimodal adventure is the best way to sum it up.

J Leddy 343 days ago


i commute 8 mi roundtrip and this time of the year it is dark both ways! would love this light

stephanie 343 days ago


What a great product! I would use this bicycling, hiking, camping, and if I ever need to venture into the basement to fix a circuit breaker.

Steve 343 days ago