July 7, 2014

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First Bicycle

My daughter loves to bicycle. I myself, have not biked since a was a child, over 30 years ago. I would love to surprise her with my own bike and ride with her.

Kathy Miller 158 days ago

Albion Starling Frame

I would like get the frame and join it up with the Copenhagen wheel, so I have nice electric assistance on those hilly or windy days.

Matthew LeDrew 158 days ago


This frame looks great. Would be perfect for commuting to work.

Katie Bishop 158 days ago


Visions of Albion,think of a moonlight ride , say a super moon mixte moonlight ride, and that moment you turn off your lights and watch the shadows envy your passage !

lee kenney 158 days ago

new albion cycle

it would be a super rad rig to get my 15 year old daughter involved in cycling!

walter 159 days ago

Retired teacher wants to see the USA

I loved mathematics and students, you see,
but the time has come to retire, for me.
From the seat of this mixte, I'd love to explore,
Portland and Austin and cities galore!
(Back in the saddle and no Common Core!)

Claudia Scherstuhl 159 days ago

A bike for mama

My wife has been eyeing bikes on a daily basis for nearly 2 years but has not had the courage to pull the trigger. Now that our kid is nearly 2 years old and we have a little more free time, I would love to give my wife an awesome gift for all the love and hard work she has put in.

Francis Lee 159 days ago


After 3 years of daily riding on hand-me-down bikes that don't fit me, I'm so, so ready for a gorgeous New Albion!

Bethany 160 days ago


Because N is never enough bikes

Kris Fruin 160 days ago


This would be the perfect commuter and around-town bike for my wife!

Dave 160 days ago

Broke grad-student-to-be says, "Pick me!"

On the brink of middle age, I'll be returning to college this fall as a full-time grad student. Parking on this campus is a nightmare, and I've been thinking about commuting by bike, as a means of exercise, reducing my carbon footprint, avoiding the hassle of finding a place to park my car, and saving a little money on gas. But being a full-time grad student means being broke, so I have limited funds with which to purchase a bike. This free frame would go a long way toward helping me get back on campus.

Robyn C. 160 days ago

the right frame, please!

As a mama who tows, its really hard in a city of hills to find the right ride. Comfortable but aggressive enough to do the job. This would really help!

Queenie 160 days ago

No more training wheels

Contrary to popular sayings, one CAN forget how to ride a bike. I'm a recovering non-bicyclist, having gone 15 years without riding one and, when attempting to get back on the saddle, not really having command of the bike/common sense to remember how to. Also, at that time, my husband gave me a bike with no brakes so it didn't end well. I'd like to remaster the same skill sets I had when I learned how to ride a bicycle many moons ago. Help make that dream come true by starting me off with a solid foundation.

Karena 160 days ago

Nice wheelz!

I'd like to win it just because it is a fine looking machine!

Joe 161 days ago

A new start from having my bike stolen.

Recently, I had my bicycle stolen in my work parking garage. Now I'm on the search for a new bike. I defiently would love to make a custom bike. This frame would be an awesome start for a new bike.

Stephanie Miller 161 days ago

My wife needs a nice surprise...

My wife and I have six kids (ages 20 to 33). She has done an exceptional job of raising them while supporting me (I teach high school PE, coach all year, and run a free community CrossFit gym). She has also let me buy some pretty fine bicycles for myself to assuage my cycling passion. She is selfless! Two years ago she was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, and to add insult to injury she was hit broadside by a deer while driving hours to rescue some kittens (she runs a non-profit kitten rescue). A bicycle would be a perfect way to help her get sensible exercise while rehabbing (get back in the saddle as it were). It would also be a great way for the two of us to spend time together:) It would be just a swell way to get her back on her feet!

Brian 161 days ago

Finally, a gorgeous mixte in a variety of sizes!

This bike looks so lovely. It's wonderful to see a mixte bike that comes in a few sizes. I'm a tall lady, and need a large bike, but have been pining for a mixte for my commute - its a great bike for skirts!

Jen 161 days ago

It's definitely time...

A new frame set would be awesome! My used bike was purchased on a whim when I knew nothing about fitting a bike to my frame, so it's a little awkward, but I still ride. Riding more comfortably would be a dream!

Monica 161 days ago

I want to help my single momma friend!

I've loved bikes my whole life, & I've waited my little buddy Oliver's whole life for him to be old enough for us to go on biking adventures together. I recently got him a 24" wheel bike & he LOVES IT. It's been great to see his horizons expand & see how accomplished he feels covering the miles under his own power.

His mom's bike was recently stolen, and right after that happened her scooter was totaled in a hit & run while it was parked on the street, leaving her not only with no bike but with no transporation at all. She can't afford to replace either at the moment, which means not only that she can't join us on rides, but she can't pick her son up from school, or get to work easily either.

If I win this bike, I have the resources and the know-how to build it up for her myself. Help me get this family out rolling again! Also, I love mixtes & ride one myself (SOMA Buena Vista), so we will be an extra adorable group smiling big when we go out. We'll send pictures!

Danita 161 days ago

Perfect starting point for a family-friendly touring rig!

My wife, 2.5 year old son and I really love riding our bikes (little guy has a seat on mama's bike, or sits in a trailer behind mine). Recently we've been doing some micro adventures, heading out to get into nature. I've got a nice touring rig, but mama's bike is a not setup for longer hauls as a under-geared, super-upright city bike.have been scouring the web for a reasonably priced mite to serve as the starting point of a super-awesome mama-touring bike. This is the perfect candidate! I can say that my wife would love it!

Doug 161 days ago

A bicycle for the Mrs

It will be nice to get a new ride for the Mrs.

Lawrence Seetoh 161 days ago


My bike was stolen this summer. Winning this frame would help me with my commute to work and other daily errands.
Please pick me! I feel empty with out a bike in my life!

Vanessa 161 days ago

It's a mixed up mixtie world

Euro-style urban riding. Easy on, easy off. I like it.

Dave McCabe 161 days ago

Weekend Tourer for my partner!

I'd love to build up a city mixte with porteur bars and a basket for my SO.

Boson Au 161 days ago

Family rides

We could finally have a quality bike for my wife so that we can go together on family rides with our baby girl.

Jeremy 161 days ago

mixte to match

I introduced my daughters to riding and purchased vintage mixties for both of them, I would love to win this frame to have a mixte to match theirs. Also it my birthday this weekend and what a great present this would be.

J.Sharp 161 days ago

Mixte Frame

Oh, my DD would love this cool frame. She's been pestering me to build her a real bike for some time now. A fine frame like this would be a great start.

brian 161 days ago

Cycling joys!

That Peacock Blue Albion is calling my name :-) As a cycling grandmother i am trying to get my grand daughters interested in cycling. They are learning and I can't think of a better way to enjoy this area than to toodle around on a bicycle. This is one of life's great pleasures!!

Nita Bynum 161 days ago

I Heart Mixtes!

I love mixte frames and currently have a custom-built Soma. I'd love to have the opportunity to learn to build a bike myself, and this would be a pretty spectacular piece to start! Also, the colour of the frame would match perfectly with my favourite dress!

Natalie Ethier 161 days ago

Step through to the Future

I ride a vintage Schwinn. And while i adore it and it is a lovely bike, it is damn heavy and has one gear. Looking for a bike that will fit me and my need to ride to work!

Terra 161 days ago

It's time

I recently started biking again after swearing off it in the 90s, and I'm loving every minute of it - waving to friends along 10th, enjoying the sunshine on a quick lunchtime ride - but my cheapo craigslist mountain bike doesn't fit and I have to lean over too much. It's time for an upright gentleman's bike to take this to the next level!

Robert 161 days ago

This bike of a dream

Longs to scream down avenues, carry me back from races, burn off pints drank at 'Paddy Rock' shows, and get me to work on time.

Mark Buettner 161 days ago

My guests's companion

The best way to enjoy Vancouver is to bike it. Having visitors very often, this bike would be a way for me to introduce them to the most beautiful spots of Vancouver, of which Stanley park, its magnificent trees and stunning beaches. They will fall in love for Vancouver and will never leave again

Julie 161 days ago


I have always wanted a frame style like this I love wearibg skirts and dresses when I ride. Frame color is my favorite, cork handles so smooth looking. I would enjoy this bike.

Aja Schieman 161 days ago

Albion Cycles

I want to build this up and ride into a beautiful midwestern sunset!

Jessica 161 days ago

Perfect for my BFF

This bike would be perfect for my BFF. She has an old mountain bike that works to get her around sometimes, but I KNOW that she would fall in love with biking as much as I have if she had a better/nicer bike. She has caporal tunnel syndrome and I think the geometry on this bike would be perfect for her and won't put unnecessary strain on her wrists.

Rosemarie 161 days ago

For my best friend of 18+ years

When people ask her if she's ever learned how to ride a bike, she says, "No, I'm vehicularly challenged." Her family couldn't afford one. She grew up in "poverty and squalor" in a swampland in the Philippines---an environment not particularly conducive to learning to ride a bike. I love her very much. I do not even know how to build a bike, but I will learn to build this one for her and teach her how to ride in Central Park. I just believe she would love it.

Rose 161 days ago

Nice Bike!

I'd like to win this bike to see the city in style, with all of it's sounds, lights and sights along the paths.

Joseph Gauthier 161 days ago

Albion frame

This would be amazing to win. I have decent wheels on my bike right now, but the headset and bottom bracket are both in dire need of replacement, and the frame has never really fit me well. What I need is a good frame to go with my good wheels.

Sarah 161 days ago


It's gorgeous and would be perfect as a city bike I could convert to electric for commuting.

Fritz Kreiss 161 days ago

I'd love this bike for myself

I love the style and geometry of this frame and would love to build one up as a nice fixie for myself. I have a Brooks B.17 waiting for this bike and have plans of putting together a nice kit for it. It would be the best prize I have ever won!

Chris U 161 days ago

City mixte for my SO/family biking

I'd love to set up a mixte for my wife.

Shoji T 161 days ago


I need a lovely city bike for my wife!

Jared Powell 161 days ago

winning is fun

Other than it would just be nice to win this prize, but I am learning how to build bikes and it's a beautiful frame that I would be proud to own.

Doug 161 days ago

Perfect match

This is just what my new lady friend would enjoy !! And I'm just building up a Privateer for myself. Perfect for our next adventures!!

Seth Warner 161 days ago

City bike contest

Just what I should give myself for my upcoming 70th birthday, and my husband (my bike boy) would love building something great!

Sue Liserani 162 days ago

build it up!

What a wonderful time I would have building this one up for my daughter, who has re-entered the world of city cycling in the last year.

Ken 162 days ago

Ultimate win

I'd like to win because a town bike would be the perfect build for my niece!

Dallas McCann 162 days ago

building project

would love to build the bike up with my summer free time

Christian 162 days ago

Starling Power

I will "win" this Starling frame and fork to build it up as a mean & lean racing machine...electronic shifting, aero wheelset, titanium rails saddle, carbon drop bars, & clipless pedals, yeah!!!

d 162 days ago

Mixte needed

Hard to get the old leg over the top tube lately; a mixte would be a true blessing.

J thorne 162 days ago

New Bike

I need to upgrade my tired 2009 Schwinn World GS. I would love to build it with a Gates belt drive and a Nexus 8.

Jeff 162 days ago


Peacock blue!! That's the beginning of a beautiful bike.

Lindsay 162 days ago

We will ride

This bike is just what I need to zip around town in the morning and evening when I'm not slaving away at work. Yes, this bike will be my lifesaver, my steed that gets me around a bend if there is one in my way. Can't wait to go night riding on it.

Claudia Campos 162 days ago

Summer around town style

I would like to hames a great ipbike for around the city primary transportation. With the New Albion I could ride in style.

troetker@mac.com 162 days ago

for my mother

My mother had always wanted a bike but never got around to get/find one. Would love to surprise her with this bike!

Laura 162 days ago

Do It Myself

Because I have always wanted to put together my own bike!

Tracy 162 days ago

Great look!

Because this bike just looks awesome!

Ryan Barry 162 days ago

Wife bike!!

Sounds like a perfect bike for my wife! Good project to complete together too.

Greg 162 days ago

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do.

But you'll look sweet,
Upon the seat,
Of a bicycle made that's blue

Gordon Williams 162 days ago

I'd never be blue with this peacock blue!

I'm starting to get more into cycling and although I'm still scared of traffic crashes, I think I'd get over that fear pretty quick in order to ride this pretty beauty around. And I can't think of a better way to get to know and love a new bike than to build it up at my local bike coop.

Rey 163 days ago


For the pleasure & the beauty of a sweet ride. Add internal hub & I am swooning.

Kim Wilton 163 days ago


I walk to work everyday, 5 miles a day. Uphill, in the snow and barefoot. If I won this bike, it would shorten my commute and cure the blisters on my feet.

Candee LaPlaca 163 days ago

New Albion!!

My lovely girlfriend followed me from NYC to Denver to start our life together. I'd love to build her a classic looking steel commuter bike to thank her for coming with me. With room for fenders, timeless lines, and a step through, this would be the perfect, beautiful frame to let her wear skirts or ride on rainy days in style and comfort. I used to build bikes at Counterbalance in Seattle with Evan from New Albion/Soma, and I've loved watching this new brand blossom. It'd be truly awesome to own one of these frames. Keep up the good work, guys. Thanks!

Ryan Lemke 163 days ago

Nice Bike

I've been looking for a good mixte, and it would be amazing to have one built for me. This frame would make a perfect bike for commuting around the city.

Tehmina Khan 163 days ago

Albion Cycles Frame

I would love a mixte frame bike. I like to build bikes so this would be a fun project, what a gorgeous bike!! Pick me, please.

Rachel Bee 163 days ago

It's a Beauty!

This would be a great bike for getting around my little NorCal town.

David Lee 163 days ago

Such Panache

What a lovely way to ride in style. Such panache. Just right for cruising the streets of New York City. Not to be confused with Citibikes, blue too.

Nina Sabghir 163 days ago


I would really appreciate a nice bike for commuting.

Rachel 163 days ago

perfect step-through

this is the perfect frameset for my daughter! She is ready for her first "adult" bike, and I want to find a smallish, step-through frame and build it up with an internal 3- or 7-speed, maybe even drum brakes if she needs 26" wheels to start on. This a bike she can grow with and until high school, maybe beyond!

David Goodyke 163 days ago

Pretty new bike needed

A pretty new blue bike is needed to be next to my no longer so pretty red bike that's seen lots of miles.

George Pearson 163 days ago

Blue bike for my wife

My wife would love to win this bike.

Peter Shaw 163 days ago

Best Bike Ever!

Love this bike!!

Sande MacEachern 163 days ago

Nice city bike :)

My girlfriend is looking for a mixte with a stepthrough frame, and she would love this frame. Our favourite bike mechanic would also love to custom build this for her.

Gael G. 163 days ago

Cute little bike

I need a bike so I can go riding around with my kids and get exercise and manage my diabetes, and my daughter would have fun customizing it for me.

JUDY 163 days ago

A bike to get around classes

This bike is absolutely adorable. I would love to win it because it would make getting from class to class at UBC much easier and faster than walking.

Brian 163 days ago

No more flashing

My office's new dress code now requires business casual clothes, not casual wear any more, and I've probably flashed a few people getting on and off my road bike, so this bike's step-through frame would be perfect for days when I'm wearing a skirt!

jmchan0127@gmail.com 163 days ago

skirts and dresses!

I struggle with commuting on my tour bike in a skirt or dress for work. The step through frame would be a pleasure to tour around town to events and work dressed nicely with easier, less showy on and offs. It's also my favorite color!

Judy Foster 163 days ago

Great Bike

A wonderful design for my wife to use getting into Town from the Country

Walter Fischer 163 days ago

Mixte City Bike

Oh how fun it would be to ride around Stanley Park on this little beauty. It would make my summer.

Wendi 163 days ago

Great frame

A beautiful frame and colour. A lot easier to get on and off with the step-through style. It would be a great ride around town :)

Beng K. 163 days ago


The Mixte is one of the most versatile designs ever. Someone loaned me one after my bike was stolen and if it was the right size I would still be riding it.

Dan Coogan 163 days ago

A bike for guests

This would be a perfect bike for all the guests that pass through town.

Allen Hancock 163 days ago

gorgeous peacock!

Such a great commuter bike, would be a thrill to ride :)

Nicole 163 days ago

Albion Cycles

I have a baby on the way, and I'm very much looking forward to a new bike purchase after birth that will allow for me to tote my baby around with me! If I get a new bike, the hubby's gotta get a new bike... it'd certainly help with the cost if we won one of those bikes!!! :-)

Bobby 163 days ago

Bling Bling

Oh, how fashionable and functional this bike would be. I would love to ride it around town with a big fat bell that I could ring at everyone.

Kristy carter 163 days ago

Basis for an e-bike

I'd like to put together a ebike for my wife and this would be very nice to build it upon

Kevin 163 days ago

Silver (or turqouise?) lining

Normally wouldn't enter a contest for a bike frame, but my hubby's bike was stolen last week. This will help keep him on two wheels instead of four when getting around town. I want to win him this frame so I can build him a bike and get our family back on the road (where we belong).

Lisa 163 days ago

One sweet ride ...

Lovely color, great style. Would love to ride along with my gf riding this bike ...

Louis 163 days ago

Summer Pace

It would be so nice to have a bike to ride on those nice summer days, that will help me go at a slower, more summer appropriate pace :)

Anna 163 days ago

Fresh New Start

I have a new apartment, a new job and am in need of a new bike as mine was sadly stolen — thanks for that welcome to the city, LA :(. I am lucky that my job has a program for bike commuters and I can't wait to join, but I need a set of wheels first.

Kacey 163 days ago

Albion frame set

Looks like a beautiful frame. Would love to win it.

Margo Carson 163 days ago

One could truly...

strut one's feathers riding atop this peacock blue beauty!

Linn 163 days ago

beautiful machine

I need a new flying machine.

Gretchen Howell 163 days ago

to ride!

I currently commute about 150 miles per week, but I don't have a bike to take out with my fiance on the weekends! This would be perfect.

nikki 163 days ago

To My Dearest

To my dearest, think of the adventures we will do. Imagine the beauty we will see. I can't wait to ride you.

Elena Lopez 163 days ago

Peacock Blue is Brilliant

Love it, would piece it together to make a beautiful city bike for my daily needs, and have customizing too.

Emilia 163 days ago

Come to me

We will go to the movies, I promise. I'll take you with me on every trip I go, I swear. Please be mine and I'll forever take care of you. From the bottom of my heart I want just you. Say you'll be mine, say you want to do all the things that make life worthwhile. I'll wait for you even until you decide. I love you.

Jess Lopez 163 days ago

Good home!

Please pick me. I will give this bicycle a good home. Mixte frames work so well with my short stature.

Renee Goldberg 163 days ago

OOOOOO!! A bike project!!

I'm about to move into a new apartment that has a garage and the first thing I thought of was "I can finally build a custom bike!" This frame would be the perfect start to my custom upright bike project!

Neal Spinler 163 days ago

Mixte (not just for me)

I'd like a mixed not just because pretty but because of its versatility. I could share it with my wife or a friend i'm trying to get into cycling or the kids I'm trying to get in cycling through a bike club I run at local at-risk school.

Terry Carpenter 163 days ago

Wow...where did you get that bike!

It would be the start of many great conversations about what a great bike should be and the benefits of bicycling...and I have just the right blend of new and vintage components that would make for a very cool build.

Daryl 163 days ago

Mixte Bag

Anyone guy who suddenly had to stop or was involved in an accident that involved sliding across a top tube on their bag will appreciate a Mixte. Apparently they are also allergic to nuts.

Alalexander labayen 163 days ago

City bike

I'd love to have a Starling so I could set up a great city bike for commuting. Love the clearance for bigger tires and room for fenders and a rack.

Alison 163 days ago

To pick up chicks

I want to win so I can pick up cute chicks a the farmers market.

Eddie Glayzer 163 days ago

Why I want to win? because I bike.

Bicycles are an important part of my life. I like the feeling of freedom they give when I ride to everywhere in town. There is something about the idea of pushing forward by my our force I love when I bike. I'm very proud of use my bicycle as my first choice of transportation, even in the hot Idaho summer or the cold Idaho winter. In this hard conditions need I need a light but strong frame, your looks like it is up to the task so I want to win the frame, I can assure you I will give it good use.

Carlos Bula 163 days ago

Why I'm entering the New Albion Starling Frame Contest

I know this is a great bike because my son helped design it! He gave me the Del Sol I now ride that he bought for me from his first earnings at his first job at a bike shop for my birthday and Mother's Day. I want to be able to do my shopping and go have fun on my days off in my new home in Santa Cruz on a great all around bike. If I win this bike I could reuse some of the other parts to finish the build and afford to get the great racks and bags and leave my ol' jeep behind. My son has ridden down two times from San Francisco and now has finished building his New Albion Homebrew and I would love to ride with him on my own New Albion Starling next time. I'm a Montessori preschool teacher on a modest budget finally getting back on my feet after a pretty rough ride through the scarey twists and turns of this economic road from hell with single parenting, the loss of my home, my work and my own small preschool. Now I'm back in the saddle and would love my many cycling families who bring their children to me each day on their bikes to see what my son has helped to accomplish and maybe someday they could see us riding together on our New Albions, too! From the tricycle with the handle to the two wheel with training wheels, bmx, mountain bikes, fixed gears, dirt jumpers, crashes, stitches, concussions and contusions and now randonneuring he and his younger brother and I have seen a lot and still love it and live it! I hope this inspires the readers of "Momentum Mag" to live the 'rolling life' as I hope you will consider me to be the winner of this very exciting contest and this brilliant New Albion Starling Frame!

Lisa Kingman-Baird 163 days ago


I have lymphedema which causes both of my legs to swell up and a mixte frame would be easier to mount and dismount than a man's bike. Plus being on social services, if my car finally dies, I do not have the funds to replace it.

David King 163 days ago

I'd like to win

because I could really use a new commuter bike (to replace my old but true bought in 1993!)

Amanda 163 days ago

Paying it forward

I currently have a 5 year-old blue Haro cruiser. It's beautiful, but a little heavy on the hills. If I were to win this frame I'd set this one up to commute to work and donate the Haro (after a tune-up) to a low-income girl, woman, or society who can ensure it gets into the hands of someone who needs it. There is nothing more empowering than being able to get where you need to under your own steam and on your own time. Everyone should have that chance, although not everyone can afford it.

Oriana 163 days ago

Proper commuter

I'd like to win this bike because it would present a great opportunity to build myself the perfect commuter. I currently ride to work very day and my commuter bike is an old mountain bike (complete with front suspension). It is not very well equipped for commuting. This frame gives me the opportunity to build a beautiful and functional commuter about which I dream on a regular basis.

Dominique Labrosse 163 days ago


One of my teachers opened my eyes to a passion for cycling, although I haven't been able to start yet because I can't afford a bicycle. She started "help earth ride," to raise awareness about biking and about our planet and how great biking is. I have grown very passionate about everyone biking more, for exercise, errands, health, happiness, and for the sake of our planet. Even though I'm passionate I don't have my own bike yet, I have to borrow other peoples bikes. I would be more than extatic to win this, even though it's not a full bike, it would be an amazing start to helping me save the planet by cycling.

Chelsey Fojo 164 days ago

Mixtes rock...

...are practical for easy dismounting, and this is a beautiful bike.

Craig 164 days ago

I'd love to win...

Because I've wanted to get a new bicycle for a bit now as I want to get out and ride like I used to as a kid. Nothing beats riding your bike on a summer day. I'd love to relive my childhood! The contest closes on my 30th birthday....no better time to get back on a bike and enjoy a summer of cycling.

Tara 164 days ago

city bike

I would love to ride to work on this

France 164 days ago

I desire to...

...have my LBS build up that elegant frame for me, so I can put some beautiful miles on it with my family, running errands, commuting...looks beautiful and comfortable.

Iris Winter 164 days ago

Evolution of a cyclist

If you had told me 4 years ago that I would be a "cyclist", no one would be more surprised. The last time I had ridden a bike I was 7...with training wheels. When I moved to Vancouver, I was nervous but excited about exploring the bike culture of this city. I bought my first bike as an adult and in that time I've explored Critical Mass, the bikeways, started my own crew called The Spare Tires, introduced several friends to cycling, organized foodie/bike tours and have proudly become a daily commuter. I've learned so much about bikes and would welcome the chance to upgrade my current ride! :)

Daphne Chan 164 days ago

I love this bike!

I love this bike

Lori Cranfill 164 days ago

Building a bike

What an incredible opportunity to learn all about your bike by building it yourself. I would love to have that chance. Always looking to learn new things.....

Sondra Bernard 164 days ago


I love mixte bikes and I ride my bike everywhere but am currently missing a mixte in the stable!

Natalie 164 days ago

What a challenge!

A few weeks ago I was looking at Mixte style bikes and wasn't finding a frame that caught my eye. Until I saw this giveaway, seriously that frame is perfectly balanced and light blue is my color. Not too girlish. I would also love to take the challenge to build that bike up by myself (with advice from my lical bike shop). So badly need a commuter bike fo spread more bike love in Chattanooga!

Katharina Hand 164 days ago



Sara 164 days ago

peacock blue

I think it is a pretty blue. for me.

masanari kawahara 164 days ago

bicycles breed

Over time one bicycle will become two, then for, then eight and so on. Like rabbits! I've upgraded almost all of my upright mixte. If I upgrade the frame too... PING! Two bikes where there used to be one. More bikes = sweet!

Olivia Hart 164 days ago

A city girl needs a decent city bike!

I currently ride a Schwinn. Its tank of a bike! I love how it rides but it weighs too much to carry if needed. I live one flight up but that one flight is a mountain with my Schwinn. I am looking for a bike that has a little retro look, can handle the city and won't break back. I think this bike might.be it.

Jill 164 days ago


Glad to have to build a bike.

Roberta 164 days ago

New Albion Cycles Starling

Because... SHINY!

Tim Brown 164 days ago

Something to look forward to

This summer my wife has been going through cancer treatment. I would build this for her as a recovery gift. A frame like this would allow her to travel longer distances than her 1969 Schwinn Breeze does, which is one of the things she's looking forward to doing.

Vanessa 164 days ago


My fiancee just discovered cycle-commuting, and I would like to get her a stylish, quality frame to suit her style!

Daniel YC 164 days ago

Building my Fiance's Dream Townie

She'll fall in love with the color, but we'll be able to build it up exactly how she wants it, giving her the perfect townie, commuter, bikedate bike.

Robert Rowe 164 days ago

The frame of my dreams!

I've been lusting after a mixte frame for sooo long and peacock blue is the perfect color! I would love to win this and teach myself to build it up, maybe with some guidance from my husband. It would be a most excellent project.

Marisa 164 days ago


I'd love a bike to build up for my girlfriend or roommate.

Alec boyle 164 days ago

Westward Bound

This past year I introduced my wife and myself to regular urban biking, on the unfriendly streets of Manchester, NH. The purpose, aside from getting more exercise and making up for my voluntarily selling my car, was to prepare ourselves for our move to the extremely bike-friendly streets of Portland, OR (where we plan to move next June). I couldn't think of a better way to get us prepared for this move than with this gorgeous frame.

RC Victorino 164 days ago

Because its beautiful!!

This bike is gorgeous. And I would love to ride it. I would ride my bike more often if I had this bike. Which would do a lot of good for me. Its gorgeous. It would make me more gorgeous riding it.

Shira Schwartz 164 days ago

Blue is my favorite Color

I need to win this because how can I attract a mate who rides but has no bike but to have a bike all ready. Simple as that.

Thomas Alleman 164 days ago

Dream bike

I always wanted to ride a blue women's bike. I will become more fit riding the bike!

Shun 164 days ago

Customized mean personalized

I want to customized it to internal hub gears with fender and rack!

Joe 164 days ago

Too beautiful to ride...

But I will anyway! The crime would be owning it and not showing it off!

mark pace 164 days ago

Bought my daughter a city bike and my wife keeps riding it

Last month I bought my daughter a city bike and my wife keeps riding it. Now she could ride her own city bike.

Matt Collinge 164 days ago

Perfect for my wife

She would be riding high if she had this bike

Kurt Prescher 164 days ago

Starling mixte

I love mixtes as they are graceful and utiliatarian. They also fit both guys and gals!

Robin Lacey 164 days ago

Health Issues

I have retired and haven't been getting any exercise. I am now starting with health issues and winning this bike, I could start to exercise and enjoy the scenery while getting healthy again.

Linda Poplees 164 days ago

ride with style

It a beautiful bike that I would be proude to ride it

David Viens 164 days ago

ride with style

It a beautiful bike that I would be proude to ride it

David Viens 164 days ago

Mom could use a quieter, lighter + more reliable bike.


Ian 164 days ago


I grew up in a town called Albion and would love to have a New Albion bike for cruising around my new city....far, far from home :).

Sara 164 days ago

For my Husband

I recently got a used road bike at a garage sale and it would be nice for my husband to have something newer than he currently has. We don't really purchase gifts for each other, so it would be a nice surprise!

Chloe Campbell 164 days ago

New bike for my wife

This would make a nice new bike for my wife.

Lloyd 164 days ago

Building my first bike for my 40th bday!

I taught myself how to ride at 34, and my friends taught me how to do repairs. I learned to respoke & true my wheels, adjust brakes & replace pads, adjust my derailer, and of course change tubes & keep my gears clean. Building up a bike would be an empowering next step, and a rad 40th bday present!

Anna 164 days ago

Getting into maintenance

I would love to win this frame set because I'm just starting to get into bicycle maintenance/repair and building, and this would be a great second project. (Hopefully with fewer errors than last time!) And I would definitely gift it to my girlfriend. :)

Lee Smith 164 days ago

Saving the earth and myself

I hurt my back and because of it I haven't been able to run but biking would be a great way for me to get back in shape and help cut down on using fossil fuels, as well. It'd be awesome for those little around town trips that I now use the car for.

Hal Summers 164 days ago

For me :)

I would fix this up for me. Finding an affordable, quality bicycle at my height (4'10") is almost impossible.

Deborah Guillen 164 days ago

It's a Lifestyle

7 years ago I sold my car and started my life as a full-time cyclist, a choice I've never regretted despite two compound ligament sprains in the knees (from getting hit by a truck), a neck sprain (train tracks), and a few scrapes and bruises. With it has come an incredible liberation--I feel best and happiest when riding a bike. Winning the Albion frame would be an incredible opportunity in multiple ways: 1) I've always wanted to build a bike from the ground up and this would be a beautiful way to learn. 2) I currently have only one bike as my sole mode of transportation and cannot afford to buy a second backup bike. Today is a beautiful summer day and unfortunately, due to a surprise flat I didn't have time to fix this morning, I won't be going for a ride. This bike is also perfect in particular. I'm 5'1" -- which makes finding bikes that fit me sometimes difficult. Step throughs are often the best option—and this bike is a beauty, a perfect mix of form & function.

Amber Nelson 164 days ago

For my wife

I would love to build this frame up for my wife. Her only bicycle is a cruiser and she's always saying that she wishes she had something that was lighter weight and more maneuverable so that she could commute to work by bike.

Steve Smith 164 days ago

For a freind.

I have a friend who has always been an inspiration through the changes she made in her life. She's an avid runner and recently graduated college many years after high school. Unfortunately she sustained an injury while working at her home when she fell off of scaffolding. It was a severe leg/ankle injury that compromised her ability run. She recently took up cycling to remain active and has fallen in love with her new found freedom. This would make a nice gift to add to her recovery process.

Michael Smith 164 days ago


I've been wanting to build up a bike just for me, and this would be the best way to get started - I'm a sucker for a mixte frame, and the color/styling on this is just divine.

Amelia English 164 days ago

Mixte frame for a guy!

Honestly am incredibly intrigued by mixte frames, and want to give one a try. I've been looking for a second bike and this would give me the opportunity to build one, at quite a discount!

Chris 164 days ago


Wouldn't mind a new frame to build a single speed which is great for toodling around town.

Nat 164 days ago

Birthday Present for my Wife

My Wife live and works in DC and is dependent on public transportation for everything. I would like for her to have an escape and building this bike would be perfect. I can baskets on it so she can go shopping as well as ride to work

Tony Peters 164 days ago

I round love to win this bike

I desperately need to replace my wife's '97 Fuji and she refuses to let me spend any money on the project. This frame and for combo should be perfect for me to start building on, especially since it appears to be her favorite color.

Ron Whitmire 164 days ago

Beauty + Beauty = Amazing

I'm not going to lie, my wife is more beautiful than this frame set (at least I think so). Not that the frame set is bad looking.... it is a stunner! Put an beautiful woman on an attractive bike and what do you get? Amazing! Also, she has not bought a new bike since August 1992, so this could come at the right time. Thanks!

Matt 164 days ago

Opportunity, envy, invested, and uniqueness.

Who wouldn't want the chance to start from the frame up on a build? Besides the unique opportunity, it also makes you feel part of your ride. More invested so to say. Not to mention you be the envy of the neighborhood and will have a ride that is yours and yours alone. A unique ride...

Ryan 164 days ago

I need a new bike!

We have moved to SC and everytime I take out my road bike, I end up with flat tires! Maybe I would have better luck with this bike!

Tracy Charles 164 days ago

Albion Mixte Frame

I would love to build a bike from this. And even if I don't win, I would love to see it go to another WOMAN who wants to build a bike for herself or someone she loves. Some women enjoy doing mechanical things for ourselves. Enough with the "build for the GF" stuff. Let her learn to build her own!

KK 164 days ago

Mixtie Commute

I find the Mixtie frame shape to be one of the best for city commuting, particularly in skirts and dresses. This blue will nicely compliment my orange.

Amber Raley 164 days ago


this is the perfect project bike for my commuter lifestyle. I am lucky enough to live in a city where commuting my bike is an option, what I am riding now is from 1975 and should be retired....

Susan Donnelly 164 days ago

PERFECT for cruising on the seawall

Summer is here in Vancouver and the beaches of Stanley park are calling! This bike would be perfect to reach them, while getting a nice exposure to the sun and working on my tan! I would add a front panier before grabbing my towel, pair of Rayban and yellow and blue beach volley ball. Here I come!

Julie 164 days ago

My wife!

My wife is still riding the same MTB she had when I met her 21 years ago. I'd love to see her on a city bike!

Bill Koonce 164 days ago


The idea of customizing my own bike sounds fun and challenging! Totally up for it :)

Sathia Vong 164 days ago

Perfect Bike/Perfect Color

I've been riding a cruiser for years. This is the perfect bike frame to start upping my game!

shelly 164 days ago


Because a vintage style mixte is a classy bike!!

Emily 164 days ago

That frame perfectly matches my blue bloomers

I wear skirts all summer long and want a bike that will allow me to kick my leg over without flashing the world But, on the chance that I do show the goods, this frame perfectly matches my favorite set of biking shorts that I wear under my short skirts. Could not be a better combo! I need this bike!

Kari K 164 days ago

Summer fun!

I've never put together a bike by just starting from a frame! It sounds like a fun summer project with a great product as a result!

A.P. 164 days ago

Next Step in Learning!

I've been learning a lot of bike maintenance both by keeping up my own, relatively new bike, and my girlfriend's vintage 1970's Rollfast. Hers is a great old bike, and we love it, but its former neglect before it came to us is starting to pay a toll--constant need for adjustment and repair is getting old. It's got a mixte frame just like this one, and getting to build up a new frame like this would be the perfect next step in my learning! I'd love to get to build it, and she'd love to get to ride it--win win!

Pep 164 days ago

Explore A New City

I just moved to LA and haven't been biking at all! Coming from Portland, this is a huge shock, but I'd like to get out & about in my new home.

Marina Mont'Ros 164 days ago

Build up a bike for the GF.

She could use 2nd bicycle as her current one is aging.

Tom 164 days ago

One for my spouse

My wife does not ride but would if she had a bike. I ride and ride a lot but to be able to ride with her would be the greatest thing about being on a bike. This bike would be the start of new adventures for us out on the road.

Bill 164 days ago

Build a bike

it would be really cool to build a bike from a frame and add the pieces together

linda 164 days ago

Because it's awesome!

I need a do it all bike. I have to haul around my two boys with Autism and they are quickly out growing their trailer...I'm building a new one, but I need a sturdy steel frame that can handle hauling a heavy load. A mixte frame would be perfect to do everything I need a bike to do. Men can ride mixtes too you know!

Oscar Madrigal 164 days ago

Help keep my new husband from leaving...

Having past the two scores age mark, starting a new hobby is challenging - Fresh off of a new marriage and new house and new step-kids and step dogs, I need another NEW way to connect with the new hubby. He is an avid cyclist and wants me to give two-wheels a try, but I am nervous to spend that kind of money on something I may stink at, or hurt myself at, or...this bike would be a great way to start the process with the only risk being my pride and bum!

Rhonda 164 days ago

A Great Way to Combine My Love of Crafting and Biking

Likes shoes, hats, and gloves, you can never have too many bikes (AbFab reference there), and this bike would give me an opportunity to learn about building a bike from the frame up, as it were. What a sweet opportunity!

Claudia 164 days ago


I would unquestionably win husband of the year if I could snag that lovely bike and build it up for the Mrs. Start out with some fat cream tires, a good set of fenders, cap it off with a brooks and that bike would be a thing of beauty.

Nathan 164 days ago