February 24, 2014

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My Style: Head to Toe

I always stay stylish when riding in the city. Dress for the destination is my motto and stylish casual is what I like.

brian McPherson 292 days ago

Solid gold.

When I swing a leg I like to think that I am the most fly guy cruising the streets on a cyclocross. I know them squares be checking me like "damn... That guy...I wish I was that guy..." JK, I always try to be as safe and comfortable on a ride as possible.

Danny 293 days ago


Lovely helmet

George Liem 293 days ago

my style : adapt to the situation

I were different clothes and it depends were I go, the purpose and the length of the ride. I prefer to be visible all time and were a good helmet. The one shown is very nice and will fit nicely with my casual city style !

Olivier 293 days ago

Personal Style while riding my bike

I like to combine safety, practicality and joy in my personal style. Nutcase helmets help me express that perfectly! They improve my safety they are practical and they are joyful! I smile every time I see Nutcase designs and everyone loves and asks about my nutcase Watermelon helmet. Let me spread more bike love and joy with the new gen3 Nutcase!

Todd Steben 293 days ago

Bicycle Fashion

While biking, I express my fashion style by the relaxed fit and vibrant colored clothes I wear. Because safety is paramount while biking, I'm always dressed in bright and illuminating colors. Comfortbility is also important while biking. If I'm focused on an unfitly outfit, then it makes the ride not enjoyable. So I'm always mindful to have a great fashion fit while biking.

Stephanie 293 days ago

my style

I accessorize my bike to my liking and don't care if I don't look like every other cyclist out there.

Luke Lopez 293 days ago

Style by the mile

I express my style by keeping casual, striped and fun on my bike. Just retired my 4+ year old swirled Nutcase helmet. Ready for a new one.

Sara 293 days ago

Personal style

My personal style while biking is usually just me trying to be comfortable. It gets hot enough here that I prefer to wear a dress with shorts, since those clingy biking and running shorts just get way too hot... and I love feeling the air on my arms! Sunglasses are key, too. Sometimes, I apparently look stylish.

T.N. 293 days ago

Noggin needs a case

Off the bike my head needs a hat and on the bike my noggin needs a case. Off the bike my bald head needs a Borsalino or a Bailey, a Kangol or a Goorin Bros. On the bike my bald nut needs a case. Perhaps a Nutcase, with swirls. A Giro, Lazer, Bell won't do. On the bike style has to match the off the bike style to which my brain is accustomed.

Ethan 293 days ago

It's a match

The mellow swirl allows me to wear one stylish helmet that matches all my bikes.

Robin Neiuber 293 days ago

Style expression

Well if I had any style, I would express it, but I guess I ride around as an understatement. Maybe we need to fix that.

John Luton 293 days ago

Fingers Crossed or a Nutcase!

I'm about to give my bike a make-over as I'm adding my 20 month old son into the mix.. he would LOVE to see this on me and it would be perfect for my new style.. mama to a fireball!

Virginia 293 days ago

Forest colors

I do mt.biking and would like to see forest colors on helmet!

Meir pluznik 293 days ago

I need some swirl

Swirl is great for helment and bike alike! You can't go wrong with a nutcase.

Harald 293 days ago

I build my bikes to my tastes and ideas.

Every bike that I own has its own character and purpose, and I often dress with the bike that I plan to ride that day in mind. My Tiki Tote is a grass green, rust orange and brown '70s tribute that features leather and hand-carved wood details to make jaunts to the store just that much more entertaining. My '64 Schwinn is in an oxidized raw finish with shellacked twine wraps on the grips, and a pirate cutlass basket hilt to protect my knuckles from errant mirrors in traffic. Meanwhile, my CX700 camping bike was repainted in sage with cream and maroon accents, leather, and Brown Schwalbe tires. Nothing is left as-purchased, and every bike is ME.

Dave McGowan 293 days ago

Turquoise Dream

I like to match my beautiful turquoise Xtracycle Edgerunner! :)

Michelle C 293 days ago


That's a gorgeous street helmet. Have a Nutcase "eight ball" helmet that I wear when riding trails but would love a new helmet for road riding.

Maureen 293 days ago

Enjoy the ride

I wear what makes comfortable and helps me keep it real

Nate Van Bibber 293 days ago

Nutcase Helmet

I express my personal style by matching my clothes to the bicycle I choose to wear that day.

Sara Maria 293 days ago

Love that helmet

When I bike to work, on errands, to friends', I wear "regular" clothes but try to make the bike-specific additions a little more interesting. Like my hot pink reflective vest.

Miranda 293 days ago

multi modal

My style often gets showed off the most, when on my Brompton folding bike. Since I'm the only one in my rural area with one. Even though we are rural on the far northern California coast, we have an extensive public bus service. This is when I get the most attention, and questions. In full folded mode sitting inside the bus with my Brompton. It leads to many conversations, and it also allows me to promote multi modal travel, and express that advocacy work that I enjoy so much!

Chris Butner 293 days ago

Smeg head

For those lovers of "Red Dwarf", the "Swirly Thing Alert " model.

lee kenney 294 days ago

my bike is often accessorized

with the addition of my 4 year old son on the back. He will be so jealous if I win this helmet. it's almost as colourful as his

Markus Kellerhals 294 days ago


I try to wear clothes as "normal" as possible when I'm riding my cyclocross bike. I try to break the stereotype that cyclists only wear spandex and hi-vis jackets.

Daniel Yen-Chiu 295 days ago

Personal bike style

I like clothes ( fashion ) I like bikes. There is no reason to not look your best while riding, in rain I wear a rain coat, or a pea coat if it's cold.
It's like walking to work , just faster, and of course a stylish bike doesn't hurt either. I'm probably a bit of a bike dandy.

Martin Larsen 295 days ago

Keeping my style under cover

Nothing beats a fancy helmet for the riding days of your life.

Barbara 295 days ago

Style is how you ride

To me cool bike style is all about how you ride your bike. I like to bike around with a big smile, laugh at jokes from the day before, and think about how to ride the most graceful lines through traffic, on the bike path, and on the bike polo court. It's all about how you ride - that's the best kind of style.

Charlotte 295 days ago

Fashion Statement

I admit....I wear waterproof socks and clipless sandals all winter...a fashion faux pas...I need a fashionable lid that will distract...

Janet Fletcher 295 days ago

Shiny new bike, great trails to explore!

We've moved to Vancouver Island on Canada's west coast, and there are never-ending trails, like the Lockside and the Galloping Goose, to explore! My bike is so new that the little nubs haven't worn off the tires yet- all I need now is a really cool helmet :-)

Heather Maciak 295 days ago

Style? uh. . .

Calling what I wear a "style" would demean the term. This helmet is way to cool for me, but my daughter would like it - she has a very colorful style.

Ross 295 days ago

Bicycle clothing is for cyclists---I'm a person on a bike

Shorts, sandals and t-shirts are the So Cal way.

Turbo Bob 295 days ago

My style is "no style"

I don't really worry about "looking cool" on my bike. I bike in whatever I'm wearing. Sometimes it's bike specific togs, sometimes I just tuck my pants into my socks and go.I don't skimp on lights though. I got enough lights to start a moving disco partay. The helmet is a great place for more lights...ooh look more pretty lights!

Scott 295 days ago

Bright style

Bright colours are certainly part of my cycling style... and though it is hard to be reflective and stylish, I try my best. Safety first!

Eric Scott 295 days ago

Ride in Style

The Nutcase Gen3 Street Helmet will look fabulous with my sage green Brompton with Brooks saddle :)

Joe 295 days ago

Awesome Helmet for an Awesome Cause!!

I Bike EVERYWHERE for an awesome cause. I work for the Teen Program of Safe Routes to Schools in Marin County which means I promote cycling to teens in Middle and High Schools. I have a very playful style (jeans, leggings, cute shirt or jacket) when I ride because it’s important to show up at the schools donning trendy clothes to show the teens that cycling is FUN and accessible for all!!!! It’s not just a geek sport, or a spandex sport, or road warrior sport – it’s something that everyone can enjoy, particularly while commuting to school or work. If we want to get this generation to bike for health and for the environment, it’s important to have relatable helmet styles like the Mellow Swirl that they will enjoy. One of the main obstacles to getting teens on bikes in the U.S., is that they must wear a helmet (till age 18) and they don’t want to. So, helmet “art” is important and the Nutcase Gen 3 Mellow Swirl fits my idea of style to carry the message that biking is cool, exhilarating, liberating and FUN. Thank you!!

Gwen Froh 295 days ago


My personal style has to do with how I ride and interact with others around me, I try to ride confidently and acknowledge those around me, after all, I get to ride!

Iris W. 295 days ago

Comfy 'N Casual Baby!

When I ride its all about feeling free; I suit up in my comfiest gear (always with my helmet!) and hit the open road! Nothing like a flannel with cutoff shorts on a spring day.

Alicia 296 days ago

On My Home PLant

This helmet looks much like a small hard-shelled reptile we have on my home planet. They are both friendly and good to eat. It would be an honor to have such a thing atop my head. I would definitely transmit an image of this to the beings there.

Tommer Peterson 296 days ago

Stylin' while I'm milin'

My style is definitely middle-aged commuter and errand-runner. This manifests each morning as I ponder what to wear on my ride into work. Shall it be the orange t shirt, or the yellow? Shall I wear leggings under my shorts, or scare the world with my pasty-white legs? Shall I wear socks that compliment my pasty white legs and thus make them look like party of my stylin' milin'?
Once I've got the clothing straightened out, I ponder other essentials. Sometimes I just cover everything in rain gear b/c, heck, I live in Seattle. There's an art to looking good in rain gear which I haven't achieved, but I suspect the Nutcase Gen3 Street Helmet in Mellow Swirl would ensure I achieve it. If it's not raining, I consider things like shall I braid my hair, or pull it back in a pony tail? How about leaving it hanging down and going for the Cousin It look? That's good for some double-takes.
Stylin' milin' also includes how well I match the cars stuck in traffic that I pass in the evening while whistling "A bicycle built for two". I ride especially close to red cars for the way they bring out the rosiness in my cheeks. If I'm feeling a little sad, I ride close to blue cars because... you know why.
Stylin' milin' doesn't just have to do with what I wear; it includes the world I pedal through. The ambiance of the street is part of my style, even if the street isn't aware of it. But oh my, the street will notice it's part of my style if I'm wearing the lovely Nutcase Gen3 Helmet in Mellow Swirl.

Reb Roush 296 days ago


What Ive noticed is red. Got a used chariot a few years ago, red. Got a new bike, red, needed a new coat and what colour was on sale, red. I fell very matchy when I go for a ride with my daughter in thw chariot

john 296 days ago


Such a cute helmet, I do admit I try to match my outfit to my bike sometimes - it's a bright red dutch style bike.

Julie 296 days ago

Oo, Oo Pick me! *raises hand*

Depends on which bike I am riding- and sometimes with who I am riding with! I know this nutcase helmet would look stylish next to my nutcase of a husband ;-)

Kaylah Kola 296 days ago

Stylish cycling family!

I feel most stylish on my bike when my kids (age 5 and 8) are riding with me! We need more families embracing cycling as a great way to run errands and get around their communities!

JS 296 days ago

Staying safe and stylish

I always wear a helmet, but to dress it up, I'll don a country plaid cape, a garland of flowers around my neck, my most colorful bright blue culottes, and sky blue espadrilles or straw sandals. This helmet would go so well with that outfit, making biking even more fun! Reflective attachments and a reflective keychain for my bike lock keys, as well as lights at night, are always a must.

Dakota 296 days ago

Riding in style

I usually wear whatever I wear normally. I don't go out of my way to wear special clothes while riding.

Rhi Myfanwy Kirkland 296 days ago

Neon Glow

I wear neon yellow, orange & green accessories of shoes, socks & jackets. I love a splash of color color and fun patterns.

Karen Houcek 296 days ago

Style is great SAFE is better

I love llokin cute but I'm not apposed to looking dorky in the service of safety! But really i prefer both!

Sue 296 days ago

Different bike different style

My style depends on the bike I ride, and vice versa.
On my Koga trekking bike I wear hi-tech all weather clothes.
On my Giant race bike I look like an arrow. On my Bianchi ATB I look like a monster.
On my no-brand everyday bike I look no-style everyday.
And on my vintage hanging out/weekend bike I look like I don't care how I look.

Tijl Vandersteene 296 days ago

Style is personal

I express my style by having fun on my bike. I wear what I want, do wheelies, go on long rides and short rides. All with a smile on my face

John 296 days ago

Bright orange

My bike style is less about style and more about being seen.

Susan 296 days ago

Bike helmet contest

Don't own a nutcase but did have one lent to me. It clearly expressed a style that may not have been mine but clearly was viewed and commented on, frequently. A nutcase helmet expresses style more than any other I've seen.

Rick Mayer 296 days ago

Wear dresses and carry my doggy

You will see me tooling around in my commuter bike with my 11 pound poodle in the front basket. In the warmer months I wear dresses and sandals on my bike. Even with my spandex bike club...I often wear a dress with a little but of lace bike bloomers peeking out underneath. Or I'll wear black knickers with Mary Janes in the cooler months. I need a nutcase to go with my commuter style and flaming red hair!

Kristina 296 days ago


I love bringing my camera all places that I take my bike. You never know when a photo opp may come about! With the nutcase helmet I'll be brighter than anyone else, best if taking pix in busy areas...also my wife can find me easier ;)

Daniel O 296 days ago

I carry flowers

In the summer only, coming back from the garden, I like to carry flowers. It helps to keep car drivers courteous. Somehow they have a hard time yelling insults at a happy cyclist carrying sunflowers on her back. In the winter, since a squash in the front basket is not parctical, I wear a skirt over my snowpants. It works almost as well as flowers, though less visible. Would love a second one of these helmets for my bike in Gatineau.

France 296 days ago

need it..

I fall a lot. Somehow, now matter how hard I try not to, and like a lot of cartoon characters, I always land on the top of my head. Thats my style.

Brad 296 days ago

I would only change my nutcase for a new Gen3 Nutcase!

Been wearing a fun and elegant daisies nutcase since 2008 and I would love to keep on my fun and safe daily rides

Marc 296 days ago

would only change my nutcase for another nutcase

Altough I amb not suited for the contest( for I'm not Canadian nor American) I'd like to say a bit.
I got my daisies nutcase as a present back in 2008 for the BWC...and I did wear it daily since then
In the past weeks I've been reviewing and testing several helmets to get a newer one for safer rides...
I have tested and browesed several brands ans models and my mind is set. My next helmet would be Nutcase Gen3!
Happy and safe rides everyone!

Marc 296 days ago

Stickers and a Yellow slicker

I have fun stickers on my bike (Put the Fun Between Your Legs, and I Love Funky Fernwood- my neighbourhood). I also wear a long yellow rain slicker, my white helmet and my bike is also a sexy single speed for commuting around town! I would love a nutcase with a visor...yeah!

Allison Patterson 296 days ago

Fun and Colorful, but especially red.

I love getting around on my commuter mountain bike, which is simply gray/black with red accents. But I'm going to begin restoring a vintage 3 speed this spring, which I hope to poke around town on when the kiddos are not with me. Those are two of my rides, and my boys already look swell in their nutcase helmets. Now, I need one to keep up with those two!

Shawna 296 days ago

Still Finding My Style

In May 2011 I was in a head-on collision on the freeway (the other guy's fault). I spent the next two years feeling pretty discouraged with my recovery. Then, last summer, I determined to get back into running and riding my bike. I set a goal to ride my bike everyday of the entire summer. I installed a rack and basket to the back of my mountain bike and started riding to the grocery store. I bought an old Mixte at a garage sale and started riding to the library with my kids. I expanded my wardrobe at a thrift store to include some funky old pants that I shortened for riding pants to wear with my Converse All Stars. Oddly, I still wear my old racing style helmet, but nevertheless, I have become obsessed with riding my bike everywhere possible in my little town. I am now embracing a new me, one who is emerging in a fresh way out of my recovery. I used to be pretty obsessive about running, but now I accept a new pace on a bike, cherishing all of the colors, smells, and sounds that my world has to offer. And meeting some pretty cool people along the way.

Bryan Milliren 297 days ago

Yep I'd like one

For starters, purple is my daughters' fav, so this winter for a change on went the purple cable housing for my black Karate Monkey by Surly. Slacker rules dictate cargo pants/shorts and a really neat t shirt, usually the one from Pacific Beach California. And for shoes, usually the hikers from work which are worn in to begin with, but the brown dollar store sandals get broken out for the ride back. The Surly flask is all about style and making the ride turn into an unbelievable party by bike where yer wildest dreams come true. When its pool jumping season, I strap a giant blow up beach sandal raft on my back and ride from pool to pool. It's a real teat for those along the route. Recently acquired an assortment of bags by revelate designs which make the Surly appear pretty cool when its standing still, but for most people it's like "what the heck do ya do with those." What would really tie it all together is one of these helmets by nutcase, cuz right now it's the circa year 2000 helmet the size of a large turtle on my head at an angle cuz all the cushions fell out about 3 years ago. The visor is pretty sharp. If I don't win this I think ill go and stare at the nutcase display at that bike shop in downtown Indy next time I'm over by der since I'm from Chicago.

Nathan Konrad Steiner 297 days ago

Personal style

My personal style is pretty nondescript, I just want to get to and from work without getting ran over. I slap on my reflective pant strap, throw on my helmet, jump on my beater bike and make sure to use my turning indicator arms and stop at signals when I'm on my way. It would be rad to have a flashy helmet to make me stick out some.

Marisa A. 297 days ago


Safety is my style in work and play and getting to each by bike.

Stephen Chessor 297 days ago

My pink bike

I commute on a baby pink custom randonneur-style bike. It's a sweet ride.

Molly 297 days ago

Street Cred

I dress like color clash and Barney Fife to stay high viz.

d 297 days ago

My Bike is My Style!

Most of my style on the bike, comes from the bike. Road bike for racing style, track bike for attitude, touring bike for practical commuter, and rigid, single-speed mountain bike to brag without bragging. And off the bike, always a proper wool cycling cap.

Brian Wood 297 days ago

zoom zoom

I like to go really fast, and my bike is therefore very streamlined...

quayso 297 days ago

70' Splendicity!

Astrid, my Dutch City Bike, with her fully enclosed chain allows me to ride all out in my big bells and platform sandals. My style is in my attitude...lets all just slow down a bit and enjoy the ride... and Mellow Swirl is most definitely an outward expression of the inside of my head!

Libby Bowles 297 days ago


My son loves groovy helmets! The groovier the netter. Anything to make sure he wears his helmet everytime is perfect.

Scott hudson 297 days ago

Nut case for a nutcase

I'm a children's librarian so when I ride around town, I like to wear bright colors to match my bike and a big smile. The helmet I have now is sooooooo boring...all it's good for is protecting my head.

Edinita 297 days ago

Protect yur Mellon!

I've been wanting a Nutcase helmet for two years!! I would rock this helmet on my orange Public bike!

Sondra Bernard 297 days ago

It all changed....

I was one of those guys that flew through the streets of Toronto on my bike...long, grunge-type hair flowing behind me in the wind...zig-zagging around cabs and streetcars. But then...he was born...my son Adam...and everything changed. No more zig-zagging....no more flowing long hair...I wanted him to see how safe we should all be...I bought a helmet...never ride without one....either of us.... ;)

Fil Cortese 297 days ago

Nice helmet

I really don't have a personal style, that's why I would love this helmet

Vickie Jones 298 days ago



KATE DALY 298 days ago



KATE DALY 298 days ago

Dress for the ride

I dress to fit the activity. If I'm going for a hard ride for exercise then I wear kit. If I'm just running to the store, I just wear what I'm wearing. I do wear a helmet either way.

Paul Molnar 298 days ago

Fun :)

I dress practically for the weather so I can enjoy my ride to the fullest! I also have a yellow theme going on with my bicycle.

Stacy Ponask 298 days ago

My style

I express my style by dressing safe (bright, helmet), warm & dry!

Warren Rudd 298 days ago


I wear what it comfortable, what is appropriate for the weather but most importantly, what I like. Sometimes that is wool pants, other times a skirt & leggings.

Sally Hunt 298 days ago

keepin it diy

I express my style by keepin it DIY. i like to work on my bike and mix and match old parts with new. i like to decorate with plastic flowers that i find on the ground, or a knitted tube cover. right now i'm working on a panier made out of spent bike tubes. one thing that i can't make is a helmet!

kayla 298 days ago

keepin it diy

I express my style by keepin it DIY. i like to work on my bike and mix and match old parts with new. i like to decorate with plastic flowers that i find on the ground, or a knitted tube cover. right now i'm working on a panier made out of spent bike tubes. one thing that i can't make is a helmet!

kayla 298 days ago


I'm not always fast but it like to look cool I need a new riding around town helmet

Tracey West 298 days ago

My style

I like to express my style with bright colours either with shoes, pants,shorts or top. If I had this helmet it would be the star of the show.

Tanya 298 days ago


I express my style with crazy socks and fun color-coordinated bike accessories when I ride my lovely cruiser!

Darcy Allen 298 days ago

by riding everywhere

by riding everywhere

Rob 298 days ago

express your own style

I like to stand out, and be different..as far from the norm as what you see off of big box stores as possible. I want color and something of interest. I want you to see it somewhere off of me..and go OH that is meant for Corissa to wear...

Corissa Dorethy 298 days ago

How I express personal style while riding

How I express personal style while riding, hum. I am not too concerned with what others impression of my style. I dress with what is appropriate for the weather and situations. Not concerned with style necessarily. One of my items I carry that is styling is my North st bag. Love it since it is functional and has a nice look to it. I also have many cycle caps I rotate through. Again, it is more about functionality and how comfortable they are.

seth kreiss 298 days ago

off the bike!

I wear what looks good off the bike, but is still comfortable on! Stretchy jeans yes, lycra no.

JP 298 days ago

second hand shop

We have a really nice second hand shop in Quebec city and all my clothes are choose to be bike friendly.

David Viens 298 days ago

Riding with style.

I go to second hand shops and look for skirts or dresses that are short enough to ride in. In cold weather I put on my Columbia pants liners and knee high boots. I can easily ride and still look put together when I arrive. I tend to carry a nice hat in my pannier to wear and cover my helmet head.

Carol Hawkins 298 days ago

Personal biking style? No problem I got it

As a daily year round rider who's winter coat is a Harris Tweed Sports Jacket, few could match the practical forward thinking this bit of retro-wear evokes. Wool pants, layers of wool and a vast collection of cashmere and wool scarves add to the winter look. Noticing the sport clothing folks moving into and promoting the benefits of wool is old news to this life time wool trader. Spring time? Boston's Bike Friday event has highlighted a photo of me multiple years as the combination of my big Red Beach Tek Cruiser, cashmere or 120s wool suit with the sign "I bike to work!" says it all to any bike cynic who thinks perspiration is an excuse not to ride in your business or work attire. The planned Red White & Blue combo topped by the bicycle covered bow tie has a great chance of being part of this year's glamor shot as well. So, while the green stripes in the helmet pictured might not complement the current ensemble plan, we'll have time to adjust before late May. The bike bow tie will stay either way. Wearing the helmet would certainly highlight the collection of baby blue, yellow and natural silk sport jackets I've assembled for the upcoming spring months. Summer? Shorts are the rule as well as my collection of wool IBEX polo shirts in blue, green, orange and a similar blue/purple/light blue stripe as the helmet. Of course my endless collection of light weight Smart Wool patterned and striped wool socks keeps a cool edge to my collection of penny loafers. Fall? I tend to favor my Loro Piana cashmere sport jacket and work in my bleached camel hair sport jacket on cooler mornings. My Brooks Brothers herringbone check jacket gets a lot of use too. The white helmet might have to come out for the Lindsay Tartan sport Jacket that shows now and again, but we'll see. Certainly a Nutcase helmet would be good enough for any Waspy/Preppy dresser as we're the original Nut Cases in terms of expressing a personal style. While others may have their own compelling argument, everyone would have to admit to this writer's distinct, obvious and consistent year round sense of personal riding style.

Philip Schuyler Lindsay 298 days ago

Time for a New Helmet

My helmet is over 10 years old which surely is against all recommendations that were on the sticker that might have been in the helmet originally.
As a Vancouver commuter, a visor is essential to keep the rain our of my eyes and a mellow swirl seems like a fine way to broadcast my presence to drivers.

J Dierkes 298 days ago

Riding While Elderly

I express my 1960s hippie self by riding with my freak flag (white hair) shining in the mellow-yellow sunshine, my ragged bell-bottoms getting caught in the chain, a bunch of plastic daisies woven through my front basket, a bell that sounds like zen meditation chimes, and peace sign stickers.

c liston 298 days ago

Dress for Access

I make a conscious effort to choose clothes and bike accessories that make riding a bike look fun and accessible. My bike is a fun color, my fenders are covered in stickers, and I ride in my "normal" clothes. This helps me make biking a seamless part of my everyday life, and I also hope it encourages others to try making it part of theirs. This fun helmet would definitely add to the velo fun!

Emily 298 days ago

Cargo Bike Style for the family

Our Kona Ute cargo bike (nicknamed Alli) has been extensively decorated by our children at various ciclovias and Baltimore Family Bike Party rides. It currently has a tail made of colorful pipe cleaners, foam stars, and much more. For a lot of last fall as this winter it was decked out as Harry Potter's Nimbus 2000, with a handmade broomstick helping lift us into the sky when we ride to parks, playgrounds, stores, ice cream, and friends houses. But alas Mom doesn't have a helmet to wear while riding.

P McMahon 298 days ago

Cute duo.

My 5 1/2 year old son and I ride as much as we can in our neighborhood in Brooklyn! We even ride when it is below freezing as long as it isn't too windy! We are hardcore cuties!

Suzi Emanuele manbeck 298 days ago

Helmet hair never looked so good!

For my current helmet, I opted for comfort, 100%. I'm ready for comfort AND awesomeness and this helmet would make my bike riding dreams come true! It will look amazing protecting my brain and shielding my eyes from the sun while my skirt is blowing in the wind and my baskets are overflowing with plants for my garden! PICK ME PICK ME!!

Andee Penner 298 days ago

Help me protect my head.

I love to protect my brain while riding on the WNBR.

Joseph Fortino 298 days ago

How I roll

I have favored the city-style helmets ever since crashing last year and bouncing my head (encased in such a helmet) off the pavement like a basketball. I won't say I came through as good as new, since I haven't been new for a long time, but my injuries were limited to scrapes and bruises. Good helmets rule! This particular model would add some color to my generally muted garb (today I rode to work in gray/black houndstooth leggings, taupe boots, and a long black sweater). However, my vintage singlespeed is orange!

Colleen Barclay 298 days ago

My bike style

I purposely choose to express my bike style by biking in whichever cute outfit I will wear for the day.

Jenny 298 days ago


I used to be known for the girl that went clubbing on her bike, but now I am usually walking around with one rolled up pantleg a dirty shin, helmet hair and sometimes soaking wet thighs because fenders can't stop that. People might think I'm weird for riding all year-round, but the best 20 minutes of my day is my commute, so it's worth it. A Nutcase helmet would definitely turn the attention from dirty drab to fabulous!

Jen 298 days ago

Yes, a girlie girl rides a bike

The way I express my style is to show that I'm a female riding! Call me the lady in pink! Pink jacket, colorful scarf with pink shoes. This helmet will definitely add some style to my ride!

Cynthia Carter 298 days ago

Helmet needed

I'm on a borrowed bike whilst in Atlanta and there's no helmet so, give me this one and provide me with much-needed style and safety.

Eric 298 days ago

I need a cute one!

I love a classy city bike and all the lovely accessories. Right now I'm riding a Sun Atlas, though, so I show off to my fellow mama friends that cycling can be a family activity - no matter how young the tots!

Kirbee 298 days ago



BILL ADKINS 298 days ago

I am a nut

And officially did a flip over my handlebars at the Bike MS ride and saw my life flash before my eyes. Need to get "back on the horse"--but need a new helmet first. Mine cracked, but saved my life!

lexie 298 days ago

Nutcase helmet!

Need a new skid lid to keep the nuts inside my brain case!

Robin 298 days ago

Nutcase Gen3 Street Helmet give-a-way

That helmet needs to be on my head! Beeeaaauuutifulll!!!

Jillian Player 298 days ago


I love being decked out in bright colors, both on me and my bike. Nothing shapes up your mood like a nice ride in some neon!

Tara 298 days ago


Carefree....and with this helmet it will add to whole ensemble. Thanks for the opportunity.

Debbie 298 days ago


I show off my personal style with as many vibrant and lively things as I can. Would love to add this fun helmet to the mix!

Jennifer Chamberlain 298 days ago

Smile Machine

My Bike is my Smile Machine. Everyone I see while riding, I smile at, and the smile is returned. Can't get a better return on investment!

Robert McClellan 298 days ago

Nice Helmet!

It will definitely add some class to my heavily stickered bike.

Eric McClure 298 days ago


Riding my bike is my style

Jamie 298 days ago

Joyful helmet, joyful soul

Personal style is less about what you wear and more about the energy you express through the items you wear. Fortunately, this helmet has colours and a design that can help express a joyful style while on my bike.

Alice Hutton 298 days ago

My riding syle

I like to ride with light up wheel valve stem caps. As I ride when its dark - you can see my wheels as they light up. I get lots of head turns as I ride by. Plus it makes it safer for me to ride at night, cars can see me.

Sandy N, 298 days ago


Having a good helmet is super important for safety and riding! As for fashion, I wear my white and red helmet and my brightly colored safety vest over my fabulous outfit so where ever i go -i am sure to be seen :)

Linda Evans 298 days ago

personal bike style

I never ride my bike without wearing a scarf to match my outfit or flat shoes. I believe I have a scarf in every color to match that lovely nutcase helmet. I've been looking to purchase a helmet lately ( I don't have one) and really like the selection that Nutcase offers!

J. Sharp 298 days ago

Ring my bell

Has to be my chrome revolving bell. It really clears out the pedestrians with style and humor....

Madcity Maurer 298 days ago

*i* am my bike's best accessory :)

My personal style is being on a bike. That and the wheel lights and reflectors.

Jess 298 days ago

I <3 my Brain

My personal style on my bike is a smile. That's it. I can't help it. People sometimes wonder why I'm grinning from ear to ear and the simple reason is, "I'm on a bike!"

ann smith 298 days ago

let the helmet do the talking!

My personal style is pretty much all black, but the pop of color on my head would be awesome!!!

Norma 298 days ago

Personal Bike Style

My personal bike style is orange and highly visible. These colors will do quite nicely.

Amber 298 days ago

I want to wear a Nutcase...

...since there are already some who call me a nutcase for using my bicycle as my primary in town transporation.

George Pearson 298 days ago

By adding colour to my style

I have the threads, but they tend to be greys and blacks,.. what could top it better than one of the colourful Nutcase designs!

Laura 298 days ago

Let Nutcase be the start of my cycling style.

I would say I DON'T express my style when riding, and big part of that is my "sporty helmet", that makes it look like I have cornrows after I take it off after even a short ride! A Nutcase would go a long way to fix that and set my on the path to style!

Steve v. 298 days ago

Style on the Bike

I don't dress flashy, so I try to ride a cool bike to express my personal style.,.

Dave 298 days ago

Because safety can be stylish

Love the look that Nutcase has always provided. Stay stylish and stay safe!

Chris U 298 days ago


A great helmet adds looks to an otherwise bland bike frame.

An indistinct frame is great for theft-protection, but not so good at standing out when you need it.

Jason 298 days ago

Living large

I'm a big guy - 6'6, 260 lbs on an XL Breezer Uptown full of reflector tape with a Wald grocery basket on the back. My handlebars are cockpit of nerd-dom: Coffee holder, light, bell, and cell phone holder. I live and ride in Hollywood, and when I'm bombing down Sunset I go heavy on the bell and ride middle-lane so I don't get doored or clipped by one of the many bike haters here trying to pass where they shouldn't. Dickies shorts, white v-necks, a black nylon windbreaker and cheap sneaks are a classic LA look. I'm never caught without my helmet because brains don't heal right like arms and legs.

Drew Mabry 298 days ago

sweet helmet

Unless I'm on the MTB whatever I put on that morning, sometimes what I put on the day before

Christopher roper 299 days ago

Helmet bike fashion contest

I'm an executive staffer at a large law firm in Washington DC, and I am over 40. Every day I try to wear something that is both bike-able and work appropriate. So I have lots of colorful dresses and light-colored coats and jackets. I'm big on bike lights, and I have a little plastic vase with an artificial flower on my handlebars - a gift from my brother, also a cyclist. I like to show the nation's capital that anyone can get out of the car and ride to work, whether in a skirt and tights or spandex. I would love to top off my biker chick persona with a colorful and safe Nutcase helmet! Thanks for the opportunity.

Rachael Loper 299 days ago

Grow grass on my bike

I sprout wheat grass on old socks. Once they're rooted well (5-7 days) I zip-tie them to the hubs and handlebars. I water them every day. They're green and lush for weeks! They express my commitment to the environment, like my bike riding.

Janie 299 days ago

biking in style..

I am always biking. I love to sew my own clothing, I make lttle shorts to go under my dresses in the summer time. I would love to have a new helmet to mix up my look!

Jess 299 days ago

I dont`t dress in lycra

I wear normal clothes. One day when I was wearing a tie, some kids gave me thumbs up and it felt neat.

Christia 299 days ago

here i am

I like to be seen so i try and be extremely colourful.

joyce s. 299 days ago