May 20, 2013

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Stand Out From The Crowd

I turned in my car when I lost my job six years ago, I slowly let go of things in my life so I could afford to save my savings and my quality of life. Eventually I moved a mile from my job and gave up my car for a bicycle. I was side swiped by an SUV on my first bike commute to work. A few months later, I was hit walking my bike in a crosswalk. From that moment I began to devise ways to stand out in my community filled with race cyclists who caused frustration to drivers causing animosity. I lit my bike with all kinds of bike lights. Reflective tape is strategically placed on my bikes and bags to make me stand out. Now all I need is a well protective but fashionable helmet to set off my functional bike fashion. Ching. ching!

Kenya T. more than 1 year ago

Form follows function ... plus some silliness.

Most of Miles' mods have a functional component but some are just silly because life is short, do it up. :D Stickers to cover the paint dings, lengths of found radiator hose or pipe insulation for handlebar padding, long sleeves from abandoned sweatshirts for seat covers, plus discarded cardboard "tree" air fresheners on the handlebars (my favorite is vanillorama, but "new car scent" seems funnier on a bike), found cheezy gold colored plastic bling (I tell myself it acts like a reflector of sorts), found seasonal padded reindeer antlers (the kind that fit into closed veehickle windows) tied to my handlebar ends for helliday cheer, et cetera. I commute but am not a "gram cracker" intent on shaving off all possible weight so my "hey, that's a cool thingiemadoo, where can I put it?" approach might not work for all. Safe riding, all!

marge more than 1 year ago

Function then Fashion

My style is function first and then fashion no matter what, it's just nice when the two can come together. Last summer I was riding my bike on the way to the bike park with my helmet dangling off the handlebars, as so many people do here in Whistler. When I had to veer suddenly and slid out, the weight of the dangling helmet definitely a factor in my fall. My head took the brunt of the fall and I broke my eye socket. 2 months off of my bike and plates and screws in my face taught me that no matter what, always always always wear a helmet. Even if it's just a quick trip to the store for milk. I was incredibly lucky and I realize that. I often see my friends cruising around on their townies without helmets and I remind them how important it is to cover your noggin. It can happen anytime and it's just not worth it. So now my style is function first, then fashion. So it's always great when you can find a fashionable helmet that is functionable as well!!

Melissa S more than 1 year ago

Aquamarine Dream

My personal biking style is to be seen! With 2 kids on the back of my long tail Edgerunner, I don't want anyone to miss us. Bright blue & reflective accessories help us stand out. :)

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

Comfort always

Two words: Pendleton wool! Always in style in the Great NW.

Michael Mann more than 1 year ago


Hauling 2 little ones behind me leaves little time or energy for style. Maybe the helmet would help a little.

Katie Banister more than 1 year ago

lights, action

Christmas lights in the winter, light up marshmallow peeps in the spring

M Pop more than 1 year ago

My bike

My bike is from the '90s, and has stickers all over it. AND I COULD REALLY USE A NEW HELMET!

Sara H more than 1 year ago


Style? Ummmm ... My bike is red and sparkly!! That's enough, right?

Tami Glenn more than 1 year ago

Got nothin......

I have no style that's why I need a Nutcase!

Ryan Krauss more than 1 year ago

Personal style while riding your bike

I express my personal style while riding by singing Queen: Bicycle Race in my head... 'Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle.....

Siobhan Condon more than 1 year ago

Silverhair style!

I recently bought a great Terry cycling dress in a silver and white print - perfect with my silver hair! I wear it with black shorts or leggings and my Sherpani backpack one of my kids gave me to help me ride to work with all accouterments! Think how great I will look in a Nutcase helmet!

Linda Cork more than 1 year ago

Stylish... sometimes!

My style is wearing what I want! Sometimes that means a dress with my road bike and other times, it means running tights and sports clothing. I wear what's comfortable!

Tamara more than 1 year ago

my style

My style is mysterious and if I told you how I express it, Id have to kill you

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago


My personal style is "functionality"....and yellow! I have a yellow bicycle, yellow fenders, yellow water bottle cage. Newest addition is brand new black bicycle shorts....with a tad of YELLOW on them :) Would love to add a yellow nutcase helmet to the collection :D

stacy p more than 1 year ago

Express Yourself!

Me on my bike - open book. My personal style is "at ease". Toddler on board in front-seat, cross-body "mom bag" full of an afternoons necessities, wayfarers, rolled up denim, k-way, comfortable shoes, band-aids on legs. Just another day out and about.

Queenie more than 1 year ago

Style is being on a bike

My personal style is to assume nobody can see me on my bike and stay out of any situation where it is possible for a car, bike, skater, motorcycle, or pedestrian to make contact.

Grant more than 1 year ago

My style while on my bike

I wear my customized helmet with full visor, reflectors, and lights, my yellow reflective vest, my flip flops (except in the rain, then my rubber clogs) and my Perl Izumi shirt (or jacket when cold).

Dr. Ramey more than 1 year ago

My bike riding style

Flowing in the air

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

Personal Bike style

My personal style is free and elegantly engaged and evolved

Marina more than 1 year ago

Personalized Accessories

I haven't changed my clothing choices much since bike commuting other than buying a bright red jacket. I do love personalizing my bike accessories. I swapped out the stock grips for candy pink ones. I decorated a brown milk crate with reflective designs to go with the pink grips. I also knitted a yellow and pink lock cozy. The lock cozy is pretty silly, but I love to knit and why not combine the two things. I really could use a new bike helmet. The one I have is a drab blue sporty one.

Amy more than 1 year ago

My Cycling-Specific Jacket(TM)

The only waterproof/breathable jacket I could find in my size and price range happened to be yellow and black with reflective stripes---so I MADE it my personal style. I just wear it everywhere with an attitude of "Yes, I'm wearing bright yellow with Scotchlite trim, what of it?"

Jennifer more than 1 year ago

Princess all the way

My 4yr old rides daily on our street often dressed in a variety of a princess dress, fairy wings, long gloves, and leggings. She loves to ride, and definitely expresses her style a sweet helmet and bell would top it all off!

Dale Ristau more than 1 year ago

all business-like, with a flash of my wild undershorts!

I ride to work in a nice skirt, blouse, scarf or blazer, with my briefcase in the rear basket, looking like I'm ready for the business world. But I hitch my skirt up on one side and flash my hot pink zebra stripe shorts or purple leopard print or . . . something wild.

Karen more than 1 year ago

Stylish riding

I rock my xc ski racer roots by riding in spandex on the North Shore downhill trails (no baggies or body armour for this girl) and I always wear my stylin' pink Googie atomic star Nutcase when commuting!

Lindsey Bolivar more than 1 year ago

Every kind of bike

My style is "whatever is happening". Roadie with Lycra? Yup. Mountain X-country muddy fat tire riding? Weekly! Commuter on 'easy-rider' hybrid with panniers? Totally. I just love being on my bike!

Brendan more than 1 year ago

frequent stops

I can't pass an aluminum can on the street or sides...I gotta stop and pick it up to be recycled. My pannier can get full fast!

Steve more than 1 year ago

Bike Style

My bike peddles backwards while I go forward, need I say more!

Matthew Justice more than 1 year ago


I smile

franz more than 1 year ago

Fast commuter

My style is fast but without lycra. I cruise with the roadies and often pass them but I sport a Bern helmet, stretch jeans, and the ubiquitous neon yellow commuter jersey. I ride an unassuming hybrid bike with touring bars with the loops angled downwards so that I can get into an aerodynamic riding position.

Tan Truong more than 1 year ago

Personal style

It's all about the shoes..... Fluevogs rock. You can tell much about a person by their footware. Fluevogs whilst riding my Hybrid all over Vancouver, now that's style.

Wendi McDonald more than 1 year ago


Look out for me riiding my pink and white Hollywood of my late grandma's...Lucielle - named after her - we stock up the double wire saddle baskets with books and farmer's market goodies - I like to get a loaf of French Bread and pretend to ride the French countryside in the middle of Wisconsin!

Shana Harmsen more than 1 year ago

Personal Style

I express my personal style by cackling with glee and reckless abandon while everyone looks at me like I'm insane when I ride by.

Ml Stromer more than 1 year ago

My Bike Style!

My bike style is simple and minimalist! I always dress black because I love the colour and my bike is black too! My bike and me are perfect, its like 'black machine', kind a gothic and underground, but not sad!!! I can say its a 'black pretty hate machine' you made me very happy, health and fashion!!!

Nuno Costa Gomes more than 1 year ago

Personal Style

I express my personal style by ignoring the bad road users and acknowledging the good! I have a black and white helmet that matches my bike :-)

Heather Noel more than 1 year ago

Bike Style?

Top to bottom ! A Nutcase helmet (Love my brain!) & Chuck Taylor high tops. Done&Done.

Samuel Foster more than 1 year ago

Bike Style

I've got an old Schwinn bike, complete with lever gear shifts and racing handlebars. Best $20 from the thrift store ever, even with the extra work it took to get it fully operational. I also show off my style with my bright pink and purple camelbak water pack and a watermelon helmet. And a big smile to any folks I pass by on the bike path!

Lisa more than 1 year ago


My style is big and loud. I wear bright colors, bright shades and a talk constantly. Talk to other riders, talk to the cows, talk to the drivers at the lights, talk to pedestrians. Have a good time man, you are out riding!

Steve Taylor more than 1 year ago


I'm entering the contest for my daughter who is 3. She likes to express her style by pretending to be rocket ship while she is riding her bike.

Lisa more than 1 year ago


I'm entering the contest for my daughter who is 3. She likes to express her style by pretending to be rocket ship while she is riding her bike.

Lisa more than 1 year ago

Bike style

I express my style by saying a cheerful "passing on your left", ringing my bell cheerfully when passing weekend warriors while I'm wearing sandals, a skirt, riding a mixte.

dita rudinow more than 1 year ago


I express my style by treating everyone on the road with respect. Respect: That's what all the cool kids are wearing.

jooltman more than 1 year ago

Tight and Bright

On the way to work I wear a bright orange windbreaker with some homemade reflective tights. If I'm feeling fancy and the sun is out, I'll wear a bright pink or blue blazer and knee high boots. At night some tube lighting turns my bike into a vision from Tron haha. I hope to get my roommate onto this bike swag and gift her a helmet and bell! Thanks!

Grace more than 1 year ago

My bikes, my styles

I have five bikes for five different occasions. I ride my mountain bike in the mountains and hills around Alberta and wear bike shorts, cool max shirt, and camel back with food and water, helmet is beaten up because I don't always stay in the saddle. On my road bike it is spandex and streamlined, It looks great when you are moving but I don't run any errands dressed like that. The BMX i ride in the dirt and I dress like the dirt, shorts, T shirt etc. I ride my folding bike to work and dress for the destination. I let my daughter pick out my helmet for work and she bought me a nice lime green bell shape helmet with yellow straps. Does it scream professional? No, but she picked it out so I wear it with pride. Lastly I have a trail along for my son. He loves biking and we will go for hours. I wear what ever I have on at the time because when he wants to go we don't have time to change, I just jump in the saddle and go. I've rode in everything from a swimsuit to a formal suit, just never a birthday suit.

Steven Sommerfeldt more than 1 year ago


That's it. One word. Every day, I wear knit legwarmers with my bike outfits 'cause I just can't stand to be that one zooming by in close-fitting clothing, shut off from the world as "one of those spandex-wearing cyclists." I don't bike to be different than everyone else, I bike to be in community. And the community LOVES rainbow legwarmers. I've gotten smiles, laughs, thumbs-up, and a 60+ woman who stopped in the crosswalk to compliment me on my bike-style-sense.

Up. Legwarmers.

Now all I need is a new helmet to match . . .

Phoebe more than 1 year ago

Nutcase helmet & bell

I ride an electric bike because of the many hills in Seattle, especially the one that brings me home every night at the top. I am over 50 and my style is "stop and smell the roses" - I no longer rush around and hate to break a sweat. My cycling is commuter comfort, as I do not own a car and get around strictly under my own power (with a battery boost as needed). My helmet is very important to me. I have a sticker on it that says "TOBY" in memory of a cycling friend who lost his life a few months ago in an avalanche. Toby always wore his safety equipment, and though it didn't save him from the mountain, I always say What Would Toby Wear if I ever think of leaving the helmet behind. I would wear a Nutcase in his honor and ting the bell in his name! I have stickers for both!

Ronna Dansky more than 1 year ago

My Personal Style

I ride a flat-black Batavus Personal Bike. it's full of Dutch badassery. My personal style is pure practicality and pure fun. I love nothing more than hitching up the tag-a-long (seriously the best thing ever invented) and hitting the pavement for a day of riding with my boys (Ethan, 12 and Graham, 5). Blue skies, and smooth pavement. There is nothing better...

Nathan Wild more than 1 year ago

Matching my insides and my outsides

I am a passionate bike commuter, social justice advocate, professor and university administrator. I bike in high heels and flowing skirts, scream down steep streets on my Felt Cafe 24 speed upright, then glide along the bay. My frame sports an antique Chinese plaque that says "serve the people." I grow grass on my hubs for the joy of it. I protect my brain as best I can with a well-lit helmet, but it doesn't match my insides as well as one of your styles. My bell is broken, from daily warnings to crazy taxis and distracted tourists. Nutcase would help me express my inner me with style!

Janie more than 1 year ago

My bike

My bike, 'green racer' is a 70s era vintage three speed that I restored and painted John Deere green, added a brown leather seat to and reflective lights that make my wheels glow in the dark. My bike is unique, all-purpose, functional, yet doesnt take itself too seriously, and I can take it with me on the road or on the trail. I would enjoy a new helmet and bell in the watermelon design to match my 'green racer' and to increase the fun factor and my visibility to other drivers. As for my bike style, I let my destination decide that, not my mode of transportation, though I draw the line at heels or moon boots!

Lily Camille more than 1 year ago

My style

I'm a tomboy with a beautiful pretty baby blue Public C8 bike. My style is my steam punk jacket and an Ironman helmet that is falling to pieces from being carried here there and everywhere. My Vivo Barefoot shoes, because I have to wear shoes to bike. A study in contrasts. My kids are my constant accessories, on their Norco Detonator and Norco Jasmine.

Laura Chutny more than 1 year ago


I wear real clothes and always my Union Jack Nutcase.

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago

Old Rocky

I commute on an old Rocky Mountain which is now 20 years old! Two decades of riding - many parts have been changed and added but many are original. I could use a new bell and funky helmet to add to my ride!

Amanda Plante more than 1 year ago

Personal style.

I'm an old guy, 61, that rides an old bike, 1970 Raleigh DL1. New helmets are too Star Warish and the bells are annoyingly shrill. The Hutcase and related bell look to fit a need ignored by the major suppliers.

Thom Jakowczyk more than 1 year ago

Bike personalization

My bike is orange color Gary Fisher mountain bike, I installed a seat without 'nose' and since it was in pink fabric - I protected it with leather cover, that I custom stitched attaching it to my seat. I did it like 5 years ago, so far so good! And I ... fell in love with that watermelon design shell!!!!

Irina zG mom of three more than 1 year ago

Christmas bike lady

I decorate my bike a week for different season. For Christmas I put sleigh bells across my handlebars and added some foam antlers to the handles, and put a mini sleigh on top of my rack. Two tiny wreaths went on the inside of the spokes. I hope nutcase makes a Santa hat helmet! If they do I'll finally make a reflective Santa coat this year, I promise!

Jane Lenox more than 1 year ago

Double Trouble

I ride on a tandem with my dad. Whenever he rings his bell, I honk my horn. Everyone looks at us and smiles. I wave at them.

Leslie Goddyn more than 1 year ago

helmet & bell

The helmets are so snappy!!

Debbie more than 1 year ago

sexy socks

I always ride my bikes with my pants rolled up and long, sexy socks. I have them in different colors, patterns, and messages. People like them!
iI love your mag, it's awesome! Mua!!!

hernan carrillo more than 1 year ago

bike style

Nothing better than being atop my 1989 Bright red Cannondale Criterium fat aluminum tube bike, now converted to single speed and decked out with my black Fizik tape on the bars. That's how I roll!

Ken more than 1 year ago


A funky helmet would bring some fun to cycle-commuting!

Daniel YC more than 1 year ago

Expression on a bike

I'm a firm believer of expressing your inside out on the outside, especially when it can brighten someone else's day. I've smiled when I see something fun or beautiful and I want to do that for others. When riding a bike, I feel free and fun, and I like to reflect those feelings in my style and dress. It shows that cycling is fun and inspires others to ride, which makes them feel better about themselves, which inspires more people to ride! I love wear my feelings on my sleeve, quite literally!

Valerie Hempel more than 1 year ago


PORTLANDIAN here and I LOVE Nutcase, just can't afford one ATM. My 6-yr old Giro is almost worthless and my head would love to be protected with Nutcase! Being that I live in Portland, Or. where they come from I think I would be a logical choice for the winner!

Robin Dale more than 1 year ago

win a nutcase street helmet and bicycle bell

I have a green die drilled out and fitted with a valve cap on my rear tire.

Lisa more than 1 year ago

Bike my style

I press fresh flowers in the top flap of my handlebar bag. The flowers go well with my pink bike.

Molly more than 1 year ago

I need a new helmet

I could really use a new helmet for my dodging through traffic errands.

Heidi more than 1 year ago

no much different than my normal style

I wear my normal clothing as I bike for convenience but my kids have decorated my helmet with stickers

Aura Haft more than 1 year ago

win a nutcase street helmet and bicycle bell

I have been cycling since I can balance. I have gone from ribbons and pigtails to lycra and back to Ribbons and side pony tails. I have different outfits for different kind of cycling. My favourite is my daily needs bicycling to the shops, and to my local coffee shop. At the moment I am wearing slip on green shoes with capris, blouse and sweater. The colourful helmuts and beautiful bell would go perfect with my style and bike.

Emilia Turner more than 1 year ago


So I can be as fashionable as my daughter who has a orange nutcase helmet

george liem more than 1 year ago

Biking Pretty

Biking doesn't impede on my flair for fashion one bit. I love to dress up and bike in heels. I never let biking be a reason to not express myself through my clothes. Out on the streets of Minneapolis I encounter many people on my bike, so I want to look my best. My Nutcase helmet is perfect for when I style my hair, as the spin dial allows for nearly undisturbed tresses. A new helmet (I know exactly which one I would choose) and bell would be fresh additions to my growing Nutcase addiction.

Alison Luedtke more than 1 year ago

Bicycling for daily life

For the most part, I dress in my normal, everyday clothes. I tend to choose more flowy materials and more loose fitting pants especially when cycling longer distances. In the summer, I often wear button-downs of light material paired with shorts and brown sandals. In the winter, I tend to wear heavy coats, black gloves, dark boots, and a beanie to keep my ears warm. My main goal when choosing clothes for bicycling is to make myself look less like a sports cyclist and more like someone that's just getting from point A to B in their everyday routine. It really feels encouraging to be apart of the change in mindset that society's going through at the moment; that bicycling can be used not only for recreation but for everyday transportation needs as well.

Andrew more than 1 year ago

Style by way of skill

I wear my work clothes when I commute, with the exception of my bright red Chrome sneakers. I often ride my foldable Brompton, which set up with the bare minimum of extras--people either think it's the geekiest thing ever, or they want to ride it on the spot. Other than that, I express my personal style by not riding like a dick. Sometimes slow, sometimes very fast, always safe and respectful of pedestrians and drivers...unless they do something awful that puts me in danger. Being calm and controlled is the most stylish thing you can do on a bike.

Jason Chupick more than 1 year ago

Letting my freak flag fly

I'm an old hippie with long white hair that I love to let fly in the wind. I wear normal old lady hippie clothes and Dansko shoes on my 15 mile commute on an Electra Ticino. I like to smile and wave at other old ladies I ride by, to share the joy of bicycling and the freedom of self-powered transport. This town won't be safe for biking until there are more of us old chicks on bikes, but it's a chicken and egg thing: which comes first, the bikers or the infrastructure? I don't wear a helmet because they clash with my outfit. But if I had a really cool helmet I'd change my mind.

Casey more than 1 year ago

resl men ride pink

Several years ago I purchased a used road frame off of eBay.. Then previous owner had powder-coated it pink. I intended on refinishing it a less obnoxious color, but at the insisting of my friends, I kept it pink. Now, it is easily to spot me riding down the road, or on a charity century.

Kendall more than 1 year ago

Polka Dots and blaring music, handmade flag and three crazy kids

Our bike itself is an expression of ourstyle: it's an orange cargo tricycle with yellow retroreflective star stickers and a handmade (by me) "LOVE" flag (a la LOVE park in Philly). As the bike is a Haley trike, we were able to pick out the paint color!
My three kids usually have crazy outfits on, and they're usually blaring some type of obnoxious music/screaming. We ding our bell and wave to anyone who looks our way, especially those who attempt to door us or honk at us incessantly.
As an ex-triathlete and recovering spandex wearer, I'm striving to adopt the Danish outlook on cycling (that is, your style doesn't need to stop when you're riding). I make my own skirts and cycling shorts with vibrant patterns. I like to knot my maxi skirts so they aren't in my way while I cycle. The shorts can be worn under shorter skirts/dresses to minimize flashing my neighbors.
I wear a bright blue Fabric Horse utility belt that I made while interning with the company. It holds my keys, wallet, phone, lip gloss, and headphones. That way I never forget my keys or important stuff.
Oh, and lastly, we bring our potty with us everywhere. Our youngest is potty training and we learned the hard way that it's always a good idea to be prepared.

Marni more than 1 year ago


My style is to always wear vans and argyle socks, preferably non-matching, while cruising around on my bike!

T more than 1 year ago

Hot Pink

I have a red polka dot rain jacket that I wear when it rains or a hot pink zip up when it is dry. I normally dress for my fitness class so I am often spotted in hot pink or electric blue pants. Hard to miss me!

Heather Johnston more than 1 year ago

Nut Case

Well of course, I wear a cool nutcase helmet when commuting to and from work, but besodes that I just wear my regular 'business casual' clothes. I want to show other women that you can wear skirts and heels and ride a bike. You don't need spandex and padded shorts.

Donna more than 1 year ago


I usually do not care and wear normal street clothing. Whatever is comfortable to ride in.

Seth more than 1 year ago

Everyone looks better on a bike

My bike is not too fancy ... just like me! I dress for practicality, and maybe to get noticed, while riding on by on my favourite silver ride. Depending on destination, I put on slim pants that won't get caught in the chain, a loose top that I can move in and feel the breeze, my cycling heels that grip the pedals, and a handbag that straps to the rack, with a comb for freshening up any "helmet hair."

Christine more than 1 year ago

happy little details

I ride around in comfortable clothing with happy and fun little details that are not noticed right away. I were "Everyday Day is Beautiful" socks from MEC and a head Buff underneath my helmet with a pirate theme. These little details give me smiles.

Dan Hanton more than 1 year ago

nut case helmet

I don't really wear anything different, but my bike is a cruiser in a sea of racing bikes. That makes me stand out (and not wearing yellow)

sharon meagher more than 1 year ago

Nutcase Street Helmet and Bicycle Bell

I wear what I wear... nothing fancy...

Tim Brown more than 1 year ago

Slim Jim

Since I'm 6"4 and about 165 lbs soaking wet, I like to show off the marvelous bod I was blessed with in my cut off Levi's and sleeveless shirts. As for the winter months I resemble something closer to a yeti made out of wool.

Joseph szul more than 1 year ago

Nut case helmet

People think I am a nut for riding around town on an electric bike at my age, but little do they know that it helps my legs since I have permanent damage on them, saves me about $100. in gas per month, I only put $10 a week in gas in my car and hardly ever use it, and get plenty of exercise. I dress colorfully so I can be seen, have a lot of fun while running errands, people stop and ask questions about the bike.But I don't have a helmet, and Nutcase helmets look like a lot of fun that would be the only way I would use a helmet, they have to be fun and Nutcase has a good nitch with their helmets.

Mike Young more than 1 year ago

Scotland Forever

I often sport a Kilt on my British Raleigh 3 speed as I am part Scot. I get lots of complements and a few double takes. I've never heard a bad word though.

Steve Brink more than 1 year ago

My cycling style

I have an entire wardrobe of bicycle bags--I mix 'em up for work, shopping, going to the gym, going to the public library, etc. Now I just need a stylin' helmet to match.

Jane Y. more than 1 year ago

Ride to Work or to the Bar!

On the bike to work, I'm generally sporting clingy spandex and a purple top. My style is to ride safely in the flow of traffic, catch drivers' eyes, and smile and wave thanks when they let me over! On the bike to fun, I'll wear sandals and if it's dark I've got my flashers on - that's quite a conversation starter!

KJ Garner more than 1 year ago

Bike Style

I ride in a t-shirt, usually from my local bike shop, and either shorts or a pair of great knickers I have w/ lots of pockets, Chrome shoes and pink/black striped Castelli socks (my favorite), helmet, of course, and if it's cold a windbreaker over a hoody.

Kim more than 1 year ago

secret style.

rainbow of grey on the outside, and electric blue underpants to match my bike....

shauna more than 1 year ago

Cycle Chic

I ride it whatever fashion I happen to be wearing, including dresses and skirts and my favorite red Frye cowboy boots.

Amy more than 1 year ago

How I express my personal style while riding.

My commute is only 15 minutes so I don't work up a sweat. I like to wear my work outfits which are usually dresses and skirts with a fitted top and matching sweater. I work mainly in the evenings so I'm always looking for reflective accessories. I found a reflective flower brooch last year when I was in Portland Oregon. I wear it all the time when I ride at night. I also like to display some of my art work on my front detachable bike basket. When I take it into shops to pick up some items it makes for a fun conversation piece. Lastly I like to put a flower in a little vase I installed in my front basket it makes me smile and ads a dash of color.

Laura Eveleigh more than 1 year ago

different day, different bike

I rotate through my bike collection on a daily basis, and each bike puts me in a different mood. I get spandex-y and super pro on my road bike for a long-distance ride to a meeting. When I ride my pink mixte Miyata, my upright position calls for cute flats and huge sunglasses. And on my mish mash of a touring bike, an old hand-painted Schwinn with bull horn handlebars, I wear whatever goofy outfit I want.

Amelia more than 1 year ago

loose clothing

I just wear loose clothing and try to be as comfortable as possible if even they are bright mismatched colors.

Wil more than 1 year ago

see me coming!

Nutcase helmets always catch my eye - which is what I want: I want car drivers and pedestrians to see me coming so me (and my girls) stay safe on the road all the while looking great. Nutcase has the best looking helmets, unlike any other brand, they are full of character. They make wearing a helmet -- safety first! -- FUN!

Karen Steele more than 1 year ago

(Lack of) Style?

I ride in my scrubs to work, because scrubs are pretty damn stylish. Well, perhaps not. Outside of my commute, you might find me sporting a kilt. Be warned.

Chris more than 1 year ago

The Mama Cyclist

Everyone who knows me knows I love to ride with bright colors. Bright blue bike, bright helmet, white gloves, and my red child trailer in the rear with a twirly colorful flag. The brighter the better. Maximum visibility is what it's all about. Plus it makes my days brighter. And you can always spot me in pics!
I'm due for a new helmet. Hopefully you pic me :)

Blanca Villareal more than 1 year ago

my personal style

in the winter I wear bright funky leggings and in the summer- bright tops to make myself visible and the cutest bell to alert others I'm close by.

peg o more than 1 year ago

Music first

I sacrifice my well-being by rocking music and typically singing while riding. My style could be described as happy and loud. I let cars know that I'm having a good time and encourage them to ride. Hang up the car keys and embrace the breeze in your face!

Ryan Schoenefeld more than 1 year ago

A Silver Sparkle in VanGroovy, Lotusland | CANADA

I ride a blue Bianchi steel italian frame with sliver fenders and an anodized purple bottle cage and bell. Definitely looking at the Silver Sparkle Street Sport helmet in S/M to round out
the Urban Vancouverite aesthetic...

Daisy more than 1 year ago

my style

I mainly think about how to be both visible and comfortable while riding. I like bright colors and cool clothes in the the summer/ layers in the winter.

Brenda more than 1 year ago

burst of color

we need all the color we can get with the coldest and longest winter on record in alaska. there isn't a leaf or flower to be seen anywhere!

janet more than 1 year ago

Work it, Girl!

I show off my style by wearing my helmet that i use for roller derby when I ride my bike. it has stickers from other roller derby teams and events that i have been to... a fuzzy mustache sticker adorns the front of my helmet! I also ride with my back pack that has buttons from other events and teams that i like. i have received lots complements about my helmet and buttons on my back pack

Amanda more than 1 year ago

functional, downhome style

My style is more about function than form, so it ends up running the gamut. Most times i'm out riding, i have a repurposed kitty litter bucket on one side of my rack, and a high-end handmade convertible backpack/pannier on the other.

Tree more than 1 year ago


i express my personal style always cycling to work even though my profession - clergy - often requires me to wear a collar and suit.

j birch more than 1 year ago


My style is to rock some tunes on my mini speaker while riding. Otherwise, I have no style but trying to stay comfortable in the summer heat.

Christopher Joy more than 1 year ago

Sweet style

I ride an old Dahon folding bicycle. I think that says a lot.

Dave more than 1 year ago

No style is sometimes the best style

When I'm touring I like to wear simple clothes--shorts and a T-shirt--so that people in small towns can more easily relate to me. Lycra can create a barrier between me and the locals.

Allen Hancock more than 1 year ago

My Style

Bunnyhopping everything I can and making motorcycle noises in between laying down sweet skids. Always have fun.

J Leddy more than 1 year ago

My bike, My helmet

I'm 43yrs old and I just bought my first bike ever so that I could ride with my kids who are 8yrs & 6yrs! Now I need a cool, loud, & original Nutcase to protect my noggin! Plus, I need a bell to alert those ahead of me!

Debbie Woo more than 1 year ago

My bike, my style

I like to bomb around my small town on a classic apollo ten-speed. It makes people smile and reminds them of a bike they had a long time ago - plus my plaid gum boots go great with the bike's retro blue color!

Betina Buten more than 1 year ago

The Right Bike for the Occasion

Going out for dinner? -> pick the classic blue 70s Peugeot Sprint with white bar tape/blue pin stripe tires
Cruising the seawall? -> pick the bamboo bike kawasaki green wheels/pin stripe tires and bar tape
- a well coordinated color scheme for cable housing, tires and bar tape are an excellent way to style up a bike to make it stand out.

Peter more than 1 year ago

My Seabag

I repurposed my Navy seabag by turning it into saddlebag. The Navy was a big part of my life, and I enjoy carrying my stuff in this bag.

Chris more than 1 year ago

My Colors

My Korean and U.S. flags show my national pride.

Cory more than 1 year ago

My mascot

I have Gonzo strapped to my brake cables as my mascot.

Stephen C. more than 1 year ago

My basket

My basket is an indicator of my utilitarian attitude towards riding!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

My backpack

I've got a sweet Timbuk2 Swig backpack with a reflective stripe. Way sweet!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

My Style

I wear some really nice shoes while I ride my bike plus my running shoes stay in mint condition while I ride so I don't fear ruining them. I would love a nice helmet that could up my shoes in style or at least come close.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

My cycling style

I am a cycling fanatic; my cycling interests span the range from road cycling to year round commuting. My style is to have good quality, functional gear all the while keeping things simple, which i believe has contributed to my longevity as a cyclist! While road cycling, I dress like a road cyclist but when commuting, I keep things simple by wearing my work clothes. About the only thing I will usually have to change once I arrive to work is a pair of rain boots if it happens to be raining. I really DO believe there is no such thing as bad weather just bad gear!!! I would love to win this helmet to stir up the monotony of my usual road style helmets....pick me, pick me!!!!

Natalie more than 1 year ago

Nutcase street helmet

I express my style with my sweet Peugeot 10 speed from the 1970s. That, and the various sneakers I wear to ride.

Sara Maria D. more than 1 year ago


The bike itself represents my style.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

My style

I express my creative style by adapting everyday things into bicycle things! I take bags I like and figure out a way to attach them to my bicycle instead of buying bags made for biking. I love adding things to my bike, but prefer to make them rather than buy them. As for fashion, I wear bandanas in my favorite colors underneath my helmet. My clothes are limited by what is comfortable, won't get in the way, and makes me more visible to motorists, but every now and then I find something that matches my style!

Lenie more than 1 year ago

Expressing Style

I don't actually own a bike yet, however, when I do ride a bike, I express my sustainable and artsy style by just being me. It's all attitude of resourcefulness and choosing a sustainable lifestyle by walking, riding a bike or using alternative transportation.

I'm getting my first adult bike this June and I'm doing this to promote sustainable choices during a time of peak oil. At the same time, I will try to buy accessories used, since over consuming on bike fashion and bike products (even though it creates jobs for people) is not environmentally sustainable.

Patricia more than 1 year ago

short & shoes

Shorts & shoes, you don't have to wear snikkers to ride a bike. Hey, I am always on the go!

Brian more than 1 year ago


For me my style is to be comfortable, I would rather not to look fashion but being comfortable to ride

Rocio more than 1 year ago


Riding a bicycle should not dictate your style, but rather compliment it! I don't like to put up barriers for people when trying to get them on their bikes like telling them they have to have special clothes to ride. How do I express my style? My handlebar mustache matches my mustache handlebar. Yesterday, I wore green seersucker knickers, and a green bow tie to the New Orleans Bicycle Second Line (Parade)!

James Wilson more than 1 year ago

expressing style

I 1st have a bike that's my favorite color and then I put stickers of things I like from bands to sports teams on the framework....

Ashley more than 1 year ago