February 18, 2013

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Join the cool club

I want to be cool like all the other people on bikes!

Chelsea more than 1 year ago

Win a nutcase street helmet and bicycle bell

Haven't got my bike yet. I'd love to have a fun helmet (if I have to have helmet hair I might as well have fun wearing the helmet. Definitely want a bell to show my style. Want to be seen and heard.

Sandy more than 1 year ago

Win a Nutcase Street Helmet and Bicycle Bell

I currently do not express my personal style while riding which is why I need a nutcase helmet and bell!

Colleen more than 1 year ago

bike style

I've got a bright orange bike! That is the perfect expression of my style.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

Personal riding style

I like to ride with a Philips soundshooter speaker. I can catch podcasts or talk on the phone without being a hazard.

Chris byron more than 1 year ago


A girl's got to wear 'em sometimes!

Jessica more than 1 year ago

My Style...tats anyone

On each calf I have a tattoo which expresses my riding style. On one there is an elephant riding a tricycle Nd on the other a clysdale riding a tricycle. I a clyde as you might guess.

Andy more than 1 year ago

Mix-n-match functional

I would call my style mix-n-match functional. By this I mean I find components and clothing that are functional for my riding style and I mix them together to work for me.

Dijana more than 1 year ago

Colourful Socks!

...but a Nutcase helmet would really help take a bite out of my geekieness.

Colin more than 1 year ago

Bike Style

We have lots of bike paths in Santa Fe, NM. I moved here with my mountain bike and have added a really cool Nantucket Bike Basket and Kikkerland Bike Belll and they are fun and help to set my style. I am still working on the perfect helmet look, you surely could help with that.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Ann more than 1 year ago


My bike is my personal style. I own over 30 bikes, none of them look like the factory model, none of them look like anything else. I like that way

Travis more than 1 year ago


Living in a place where not that many (and certainly not enough) people bike-commute, the bike is style enough!

Linn more than 1 year ago

colorful personality = colorful bike

I express my personal style while riding with lots of colors- bright orange paint job and colorful jerseys.

Laura more than 1 year ago

Personal Style

Two words: Pink Converse. Of course, if there are raindrops here in Seattle, these get tucked away. But a nutcase helmet in pink would go perfectly with those shoes, don't you think?

Christine Weiss more than 1 year ago

Matching it Up

My personal style while riding my bicycle is typically business-casual for work and very casual for the weekends. Equally important, I always make sure that my face rag matches my clothing because I hang the face rag from my handle bars and remove it when I board the bus or the train, and I won't have the color of my face rag clash with that of the outfit I'm wearing. After all, not because I a bike-commute means that I can't look put-together. ;)

Roger Williams more than 1 year ago

nutcase sreet helmet and bicycle bell

I get my style from riding bikes with my two boys. My three year old on his balance bike and my one year old up front on my bike in his baby bike seat. The laughter and outdoor time we share is the best.

fred h. more than 1 year ago

Personal Style / Nutcase Helmet

I'm as without style on my bike as I am off. If, on my way to work, I'm usually business casual, if to the store, just plain casual, if just out for a ride, sometimes the lycra comes out.

Sheryl F more than 1 year ago

Just being me

Expressing my style varies from season to season as a year round commuter here in Wisconsin. My wife calls me a Polish Nerd with my shorts over my insulated cycling tights in the winter, complete with safety vest, to simple shorts and a t shirt in the warmer months. Enjoying the ride, and those I meet along it, that is my style.

Al L more than 1 year ago


I have no style except skull flashing lights added to my helmet for safety. Truthfully i hope the skulls in combo with my numerous tattoos serve as warning to motorists to leave a wide berth:)

Stephanie a more than 1 year ago

evil knieval hemet

MY two year old rocks his evil knieval (I mean silver fly) helmet while riding his awesome vtech plastic zebra, his radio flyer tricycle and our furniture dolly that he insists we take him on rides with all over the cul-de-sac. If it weren't for that awesome helmet he'd probably be dead...and have no style at all:)

Christa Price more than 1 year ago

Nutcase Street Helmet and Bicycle Bell

My style is that I wear a helmet every time I ride but other than that I'm have a boring style. Even my helmet is boring black. It's not very safe color. I have added nothing to my bike. My bike has been asking me for a bell so it can have a little personality. I been told I need more color in my style.

Dorena more than 1 year ago

Modern with some traditional twists

I have a modern hybrid frame with some great traditional accents, such as leather grips and a saddle, Most of my components have chrome finishes. When I'm riding, I usually sport my Nutcase glow brain helmet. My bike turns a lot of heads whilst riding by.

Adam C more than 1 year ago

nutcase helmet and bell

My style is simple and functional - nothing really fancy here but I ride bikes to get me where I need to go - to work, for groceries, taking kids to activities. You name it, I bike to get there and do it. I think it could be time for a lovely nutcase helmet to spice up my life and my look!

Amanda Plante more than 1 year ago

re: how you express your personal style while riding your bike

i express my style by riding as i am.

armando more than 1 year ago

Princess Costumes and Nutcase helmets rule the road in our house

Our three and five year old girls insist upon their nutcase helmets first, and princess costumes second. Occasionally we throw in gumboots for that extra wow factor :)

Kerry more than 1 year ago


I wear a helmets because my kids do. They always keep me in check .

Marissa Nokes more than 1 year ago


My favorite color used to be red (perhaps because I was angry person....hmmm, Freud might have had a field day with that one...). But then I bought my women's Trek bike. The only option was glittery-black (ick!) with some light/sky blue accents. "Fine," I thought. "It's a good deal, so like, whatever." Luckily the glitter quickly faded, but something miraculous happened. I got happy (thanks to my bike) and all of a sudden my favorite color was blue!

So now I express my style by being a "blubell" on my bike. Bright blue handlebar tape, blue chain catcher, blue gloves, blue socks. To top it off, I have several blue jerseys and jackets. And I even bought glasses with blue frames! Up next? Helmet and shoes with blue accents.

Too much? Maybe. But with all my pedal power, I like to ride on the rode imagining myself as a blur of blue-ness.

Ashley more than 1 year ago

helmet contast

I love to get dressed up to ride my bike. I wore my seersucker suit on last Easter's ride. I like to wear bow-ties, ties and suits when I get on my old school Bridgestone and tool around town. Unless it's too warm - then my personal style is reflected in my handlebars - as in mustache that is.

James Wilson more than 1 year ago

horn and streamers

colorful streamers and a horn let people know I'm coming

Aura Haft more than 1 year ago


I have a red velorbis studine that I love to accessorize with a wool cape and red scarf :)

Julie more than 1 year ago

Riding style

Wearing a helmet with a big grin.

Kenneth House more than 1 year ago

"Oh, I hope not."

The words of Jose Jimenez when Ed Sullivan asked him , "Uh, what is that called, the crash helmet?"

Barbara more than 1 year ago

Bell Me

Play it again Sam.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

stylish while being functional

I ride a Pashley Princess with my swim gear in the (very) large basket across my Southern California town. It's dark when I leave, so I ride with a generator light and must be seen well, because I've never had to use the (very) large bell. I like to wear gear that stands out, but not too flashy... I call in stylish-func. It's always a good day when you can ride your bike!

Ruth Bury more than 1 year ago


Practical & feminine & feminist: heels when out on a date, rugged winter boots rest of the time. And for inner-city night-time riding: helmet, four lights, reflective stickers on my signalling gloves.

Barbara Leiterman more than 1 year ago

3 wheeled librarian style

Bright apple green recumbent tricycle, matching socks, polka dotted nutcase helmet , turquoise backpack, cane sticking straight up next to the flag, silly grin

Robin Brown more than 1 year ago

Bright visibility look for dark conditions

Biking through the dark, rain,16 miles to work each AM in Seattle, my "style" is high visibility: yellow Novara reflective rain jacket, bright front white light on helmet and handlebars, red blinkie on seat post and back of helmet, reflective bands on both ankles and wrists, and latest and greatest, bikeglow.com flexible tubular light on frame, to be seen by drivers on side roads. Ride like a ninja, dress like a Christmas tree, to be safe in darkest conditions!

Chris Covert-Bowlds more than 1 year ago

Political lawn sign taped to my rack

After seeing a lawn sign for Sam Adams on a bike in PDX once, I've strapped several to the back of my bike during elections or special events. The best was an Obama/Marriage Equality/Dream Act one last November (electoral hat trick) but I need a new one for tomorrow's Ravens Championship Baltimore Bike Party ride.

Patrick McMahon more than 1 year ago


Being an artist I love fun prints or colors. I wear what I like. I love the fun bright colors that cycling jerseys can be. Some people would say that I'm a Nutcase for riding RAGBRAI every year (this will be my 13 year to participate).

MelindaK more than 1 year ago

nutcase indeed

My style up to now has been 'whatever is clean and warm and reflective enough". My I'm really getting excited about all the colors and styles coming to women's cycling! So call me a nutcase, but I'd love to trade up from boring to bold!

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Nutcase Helmet and Bell

Generally speaking the only cycling specific clothing I ever wear is a helmet (and sometimes gloves...), which gives me lots of options from utterly practical to totally impractical and fun.... A new stylin' helmet (and bell) would be nice.

Tim Brown more than 1 year ago

Personal style

I ride my vintage bike in whatever clothes suit my day. I love a big hairdo with a scarf, large dangly earrings, and shoes that are comfy. No Lycra in sight! I might be large, middle aged, and not what one expects when one thinks of a 'biker' but I am. My bike style is me, just on wheels. I don't need a separate look or a different personality because I am riding instead of walking. Riding for me isn't an event I have to prepare for with a costume, it's just life!

Cassandra more than 1 year ago


I like color. I like new bikes, old bikes....wood bikes, BIKES. You might say, Ima a bike Nutcase. My latest project is for my special needs daughter, Kathryn. We have a boring blue and white cruiser--- which we will turn into... Tiger bike. Flat black and orange tiger stripes! Make your bike and your helmet~ personal. A reflection of your Spirit and no matter what or where you ride...be sure to remember to put some fun in your ride. Be a Nutcase!

Kim Moorhouse more than 1 year ago

My Style

I ride a multi-colored Van Dessel with curved frame tubes, a flip-flop hub, a bottle rack on the seat tube fastened around the tube which doesn't have mounting bosses for the rack and rotated to one side as an oversize bottle touches the top tube because of the curved tubes while a frame in my size with straight tubes would have enough space for an oversize bottle on the seat tube, double lights front and rear, an air horn, a holder for a U-lock that was intended to be inside the frame which I have attached to the seat post in order to leave space for the water bottles inside the frame and which is posed at an oblique angle which leaves space for a seat pack and for my pedal stroke, a U-lock which has a cable looped around it in said holder, fenders with mud flaps front and rear, and me. Now, if that's not style, what is?

Douglas Kline more than 1 year ago

nutcase contest

I have a folding bike and express my urban style by riding it to work in a business suit. I also have a cute basket with flowers and of course a coffee mug holder.

Rhonda more than 1 year ago

super cool, super sexy

The best thing about riding a bike is you can wear whatever and still be super cool - some may even say sexy! A nutcase would just add to the appeal and hopefully get more people on bikes knowing they don't have to only wear those boring, aerospace helmets.

Lindsay more than 1 year ago

My Style

Used to be a fat bike till it got crushed by a car that hit me from behind. Got lots of looks and questions

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

sticker crazy!

On my 3 speed me and my daughter have added stickers to my fenders and rims. I think it's fun for me and her. I honestly feel proud to ride around on my bike even more.

James Jay more than 1 year ago


I have several backpacks, messenger bags, and hip bags to choose from when biking and usually coordinate my outfit and bag. I also match my cap or bandanna to my outfit but its covered by my old red helmet (which matches nothing). For the past three months I have been stuck at home staring at my precious bike collecting dust due to an ankle injury and multiple surgeries. As I wake every day I imagine what I would wear if I were riding that day. I cannot wait for the day I am cleared to ride again. Hopefully I can have a fabulous helmet to enhance my ensemble. :-)

Heather LeBlanc more than 1 year ago


I recently got a snuggly warm purple hat that fits under my helmet and makes me feel cozy AND stylish. purple hat for the win!

Katie Monroe more than 1 year ago

Nutcase contest

when riding my bike I feel i express your personal style by actually channelling my bike's style; i ride a lime green Simple seven cruiser, and i always feel so free, and happy when i ride- grinning from ear to ear! :)

monica more than 1 year ago

We decorate our bikes!

We usually ride as a family in the city. Sometimes just for fun we decorate our bikes like we are a parade. My four year old is still in the Chariot trailer, but his streamers that fly off the handle bar in the back look awesome when we ride. I have wanted a nutcase helmet for quite sometime and would love one that would match my sky blue bike!

Sara more than 1 year ago

nutcase helmet and bell

I ride a cruiser bike and comfortable cloathes instead of a race bike and the 'Lance uniform"

sharon meagher more than 1 year ago

Nutcase Bells and helmets

I ride in heels and a skirt any chance I can. I also ride a huge cruiser that is all about style. I think not looking like a typical cyclist can help promote cycling as a real mode of transit. In the winter I put on a scarf and allow it to catch the wind and wear my boots. I do not think I even own actual cycling gear, ok wait I do own a rain jacket with reflectors. I also carry my glow in the dark zombie backpack, you cannot say you didn't see me now!

ChaCha Ala Mode more than 1 year ago


I ride with my mp3 player in my handlebar bag and tunes pumped into the air from my skullyboom speaker. Whether it's hardcore, electronic beats, jazz, or something else, it gets me going.

Christopher Joy more than 1 year ago


I express my personal style of being street-safe but fun while riding by using reflective stickers everywhere possible (on me and my bucket bike) and showing some pizzazz with colorful gloves and SHOES/boots (depending on the weather). My style needs to be topped off with a fabulous Nutcase helmet. The bell would add a nice ring to my ride!

Karen more than 1 year ago


I just dress comfortably for the weather when I'm tooling around on my bike. If I'm going to go really long or want to go fast I break out the Spandex!

Paul M. more than 1 year ago


Guess I express my personal style as I ride with my Rasta messenger bag, a pair of cool shades and my be-stickered bike. I didn't say it was stylish, just.mine.

Kurt Tranke more than 1 year ago

Cycle chic

I cycle chic in dresses, skirts, scarves, and boots while riding my sexy, red, Danish city bike, "Stella."

Amy more than 1 year ago


Sometimes, I wear a tutu. For special days like Mother's Day, I ride around wearing my tutu and a tiara proclaiming myself QUEEN! while my kid rides way behind trying to act like she doesn't know me.

Frenetic more than 1 year ago

My Bike Glows in the Dark!

Not only does my bike glow in the dark, i also coordinate my outfits to match my bike color (green). Nutcase is great like that too, helps you express your uniqueness ;)

Heather Arnold more than 1 year ago

Skirts and heels

I love dressing up and riding around. It's so freeing.

Melody Stone more than 1 year ago


Do you know the difference between a Conservative bike rider and a Liberal bike rider? - Spandex

Shannon Taylor more than 1 year ago

Bright Colour!

More often than not I find myself riding in grey drizzly weather, but I love sporting my super bright and cheerful cycling ensemble... a bunch of clashing (yet still somehow awesome) colours from head to toe!

Lauren more than 1 year ago

my pink bike

I put fresh roses under the clear plastic cover of my front rack bag. The flowers end up drying out over time but they remind me of spring all year. I replace the old with new blossoms every year.

Molly more than 1 year ago


I think riding with a funky looking helmet and bell would make the entire commuting experience more fun! It would show people that I'm not some "Lance wannabe" or some angry car-hater - just a guy on a bike who has a sense of humour!

Dan more than 1 year ago

Riding with style

I ride a bicycle frame that I designed and constructed myself. I think that says a lot about me.

Dave more than 1 year ago

add some style to the ride..

I express my style by wearing a matching scarf on every ride I take. Sometimes floral, solids, polka-a-dots and my favorite a striped white and blue one when I ride to the beach! The nutcase helmet and bell would add some style to my ride, and safety to my noggin!

J. Sharp more than 1 year ago


I love these designs. Would love to wear one on the road

MEGAN more than 1 year ago

I'm nuts about nutcase.

I'd love a distinctive and colorful helmet to be safe and visible.

mae more than 1 year ago

Safety, Cargo, and Digital Video

When I ride, I ride for a purpose - commuting, errands, or exercise. Because of those things I rely upon my front and back lights, Ortlieb panniers, and my helmet cam. Living in NYC and riding a bike can be tricky and at times treacherous, so I make sure to stay visible and alert. The helmet cam gives me an added sense of protection because it can operate as my own personal witness, in the event of an unfortunate incident, but it also provides a bit of a thrill on those longer joyrides.

Philip Neumann more than 1 year ago

Bicycling is a safe endeavour. Helmets are silly.

But it's the law where I am so either you give me a helmet or I become a renegade cyclist. This is in your hands.

Matthew Worona more than 1 year ago

Nutcase helmet on my horizon

Right now my personal style while bicycling includes a pointed helmet, one of those racer helmets that looks better on someone wrapped in Spandex and Lycra than on me in my lace-up leather-soled ankle boots, faux-sheepskin-lined corduroy jacket and pink scarf trailing its little fringes in the wind.

I envision a pink leopard-skin Nutcase helmet bouncing happily on the horizon, and I'm pedaling toward it, imagining how cute it would look with my scarf.

Erin Snow more than 1 year ago


As a reent breast cancer survivor, I am riding to save my life! So I sport a lot of pink, the color most often associated with breast cancer awareness. While participating in the Breast Cancer Ride last summer I even wore a bra on top of my helmet. A pink helmet would be so sweet...

Britt Dougall more than 1 year ago

nutcase helmets are awesome !

our family loves the nutcase helmets - the kids have picked out which ones they want as their next helmet !
For my personal style, I just got an electra amsterdam bike (gently used) for my birthday - very comfy to ride with a cute yellow flower on the handlebars. I'm sure there's a nutcase helmet which would go with my new bike !

Tara Christie more than 1 year ago

Helmet = style? Not to my niece

My niece just turned 11, and she's awesome. Wickedly smart and funny, tiny, and all about her sport: BMX, skateboard, climbing, anything that involves a little risk and a lot of fun. And how does she feel about helmets? Boo! Not cool. Not hip. Not for her. I want to show her that you can be cool and protect your noggin at the same time; I'd rather she not find out how important they are the hard way. So I'd love to gift her a new lid that she'll happily wear.

Vicki Cunningham more than 1 year ago

..just love being on two wheels

As an avid road cyclist my whole adult life, it was a tough sell to get my dear husband to buy me a "city" bike for my birthday last year. (it became my 5th bike in my stable not counting the tandem) But over the summer I put on over 150 miles in local errands by the house. I loved being able to hop on my bike in "any" outfit. My adult daughter's and I would ride in our flip flops over to the nail salon for pedicures and enjoyed seeing our freshly dressed toes on top of the pedals. I would flip my cross body Sherpani bag over my shoulder and learned where all the bike racks were located. I love to ride, but riding this way has really made me enjoy it any time.

Theres Nelson more than 1 year ago

Riding to raise awareness

I lead a bicycle team called Ride4CAP, a team that rides to raise awareness for HIV. My style is to ride with two red ribbons on the back of my helmet 365 a year. My hope is that riders following me see the ribbons and consider getting tested for HIV. When our team goes on rides i often wear my knee high rainbow socks to represent my identity as an HIV positive gay cyclists.

Benjamin Gerritz more than 1 year ago

My kid has style

I don't have much fashion style on a bike, but my kid and I make a very stylish team. He is 5 years old, and rides on the back of the xtracycle. He rocks a orange cape, pipe cleaner and feather festooned helmet, mismatched socks, and pink cowboy boots (unless he is in the mood for his firefighter boots). We also sing rock into the oldies songs or nursery rhymes.

Becki more than 1 year ago

No Style

I have no style. My gear is all spandex.I always have cool socks. I'm moving back to the city and I'll be needing some "normal" commuting gear. I want to try to look like I belong.

Tracey more than 1 year ago

Personal style

Pah, I have no personal style; I just wear what's comfy. I suppose this might aid in my attempt to be 'stylish', but I don't have high hopes! :P I kid, I enjoy wearing regular clothes if I've got a short distance to traverse, which sometimes means a dress with heels. For longer trips, I'll wear dedicated cycling clothes (and if you have nice legs, who says you can't look stylish in those leggings?)

Tamara more than 1 year ago


I wear really bright coloured sneakers. Also try to wear some sort of reflective jacket not only for style but safety. This helmet would really make a statement glad I found out about this brand through your site.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Your Brain Love(s) Style

A bike is a often a reflection of one's personality and taste. Colour coordinated lettering, pedals, wheels etc really help make a statement. Nutcase products are really helping people stay safe and, most importantly, encourage people to get on their B!kes - with style!

Eric more than 1 year ago

to protect my noggin!

I wear skirts almost every day and I love wearing skirts and tights while cycling : )

Julie more than 1 year ago

Nutcase Helmet & Bell

My personal style usally avoids helmets but perhaps a funky Nutcase helmet would change that.

brian more than 1 year ago


I think it is important to wear what is comfortable, regardless of whether or not it is stylish. Let your freak flag fly!

Stephen Bryne more than 1 year ago


My personal style is expressed while biking in several different ways: stickers from races on helmet; unique and well worn out bag; assorted horns and blinky lights. Definitely need a unique helmet to finish style.

David Higley more than 1 year ago

Nutcase Street Helmet

I have built a fixie from my fathers 1970 Bottecchia. My three kids 5, 8, 10, want me to wear a helmet. I told them if I win this helmet I will wear it and make it part of my biking style.

Chris Prowse more than 1 year ago

nutcase helmet and bell

My bike style is fun and flashy. I love for people to notice how much fun I am having on my bike, so most imortantly, I always flash a big smile! Of course the brighter and more unique my helmet, the more likely they are to see my big smile and wish they were biking too. And if they still don't notice??? Well I'll just have to ring that bell and make them notice. ;~D

Deanne more than 1 year ago


A perfect helmet for riding around town. I have always felt odd wearing my "race" helmet with street clothes, so this would do the trick!

Guy Marjerrison more than 1 year ago

Personal style on a bike

I have always had a style and colour of a bike that fits my personality. These days I'm riding a burnt orange Devinci. I love solid bold colours which not only looks good but is better for safety which is a priority. I also like to have my clothes, pannier and helmet match as well. My helmet strap is starting to fray and I new Nutcase would really be amazing.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Bow ties... Always

I have a quirky bit of style and when people mention me to someone else they say "you know, the guy that's always wearing a bow-tie". Even when I ride I usually have a bit of classy style and always a bow-tie. Depending on the weather, there's probably a swanky suit jacket too. I have gen1 nutcase that I've worn for years, the Evil Knievel one. It was quite an attention getter when I got it but now it's pretty old and beat up. It's time to up the class level with a new Nutcase

Neal more than 1 year ago

Helmet contest

Avoid Spandex is my expression of personal style!

voyou more than 1 year ago

Heels, skirts and visibility

I love expressing my personal style through cute shoes, the kind people always are amazed I bike in, even though heals are no thing to bike in. I also love wearing flowy dresses and skirts and bright colors for visibility. I've found people like looking at pretty things so If I dress pretty people are more lightly to notice me and then not hit me! Hooray!

Melody Stone more than 1 year ago

Fun Helmet

My personal style is to carry a camera around my neck so I can catch something on film while riding!

Jeff R. more than 1 year ago

Fun with style

I ride a '73 yellow Schwinn with a step through frame, so I like to wear dresses. I hope to inspire others that you can look cute and commute at the same time; no need for fancy gear. I even customized my own panniers out of Hawaiian-print oilcloth to add more color and fun to my ride. A Nutcase would be a perfect addition.

Jenn more than 1 year ago

Helmut contest

Sadly, padded bike shorts...

Valpro more than 1 year ago

Light It Up

I decorated my bike with rope lights and wheel lights, it's so fun riding around town. I get lots of compliments from people of all ages. I hope it brightens peoples day (or night) and makes them smile.

Mary Anderson more than 1 year ago

two words!

birthday. suit.

Just kidding!

Linn more than 1 year ago

Comfort, no bike shorts!

Padded bike shorts look terrible on 99% of people. I see too many cyclists on the road dressed like they're in the peloton for the Tour de France. My own style is to wear loose, comfortable clothing. I try to embrace my inner child, and just ride. That huge smile on my face when I ride expresses more about my personal style than looking like a bike racer ever could. A funky melon to protect my melon would fit my style perfectly! :)

George Schoen more than 1 year ago


I wear my cowboy boots. I sit up straight. I laugh. I talk. I take my dog with me.

Jeff Perry more than 1 year ago

Nerdy, but practical

I'm a year round cyclist in Chicago, so a lot of time there's not much room for style when it comes to winter cycling. I wear a lot of practical, but probably nerdy looking layers. My personal style is just being myself, and staying warm and safe.

Alison R. more than 1 year ago

my style

Tackier the shirt the better.

Beth Molvin more than 1 year ago

Work it, Girl!

I show style while on my bike by wearing my helmet that I use for roller derby. My helmet has lots of stickers from other roller derby teams around the world, and some glittery stickers of stars too. My derby name is also on the back so, people on the trail know who I am! I also wear my backpack (for my school commute) that has lots of fun buttons from events that I have been to.

Amanda more than 1 year ago

My Style

I like to use my light up valve stem caps, its totally cool when it gets dark and I get a lot of stares and smiles. Plus its a great way for others to see me at night.
I like to wear capris and a bright shirt so that Im easily seen along with a bike bell Im good to go!

Sandy N. more than 1 year ago

personal style

My bike is my year round transportation so I've gotten comfortable with riding my Surly Long Haul Trucker in skirts and boots. Finding a fun helmet can add to personal style while keeping you safe.

Patti more than 1 year ago

Style, or lack thereof.

My personal riding style is a hodgepodge of comfort. I ride in mtb races and freedome of movement is the most important for me. Also, character. I love things with character. Not the most expensive or the next best thing but something that speaks to me. Ultimately, I've never seen anyone who can ride a bike and not smile so I think one's riding style should mimic the happiness and fun they have on the ride. On a side note, my Husband would be so very hapoy if I found a helmet that I want to keep on my head. :)

Jacqueline Logan more than 1 year ago

grey rainbow.

rainbow of greys, bare ankles, bright shoes and matching panties. flat backpack that it's worth noting fits 3 bottles of wine perfectly.

shauna more than 1 year ago


I express my personal style by not imposing my personal style on the conditions. That means, unlike most city car drivers, I dress for the weather that I have to move in, not move by.

Glenn Kubish more than 1 year ago

showing up happy

Personal style is all about wearing what makes you happy. And showing up on a bike puts a smile on my face almost every time.

Sam more than 1 year ago

Comfy, stylish, and a wee bit WILD!

I've got the handlebar flower vase and a bumpersticker to personalize my bike, but where I really have fun is with what I wear: www.bikiegirlbloomers.com All I need is a colorful nutcase helmet to complete the look!

Karen Canady more than 1 year ago

My bike style

I've always said, "just because I'm athletic, doesn't mean I can't be stylish too!" When I'm on my road bike traveling distances of 50-200 miles in a ride, I sport my signature pink. Pink from my helmet, to my watch, to my jersey, to my socks. I often even wear a tutu! And when I'm on a relaxed ride around town on my vintage city bike, I live to wear skirts and dresses and even heels. Life is better on a bike!

Jeanne Jones more than 1 year ago

Don't Care

My bikes and myself are outfitted with what works for me. I use racks and bags that allow me to carry what I need. I dress like a real person. I give no thought to style or what others may think. Of course, I always include my trusty Nutcase.

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago


my family and I ride together...we're all together loving it! Each with our own bike and comfy attire! The family that rides together... ;)

April more than 1 year ago

My style...

I can't shake the connection to cycling and my childhood. I think that's why I love riding so much aside from the other benefits - cost, health, eco, etc. When I started riding I felt like I needed to look like other commuters, spend lots of money on the "right clothes". After the first couples months though I stopped caring, the kid in me came out. If that makes sense. So my style is whatever works for the ride that day. Ha! Reminds me of my nephew - he'll put clothes on that obviously don't match, but it works for him. I wear bright clothes (it's only smart) and have a vest just in case. What I've found to be amazing is that I've had coworkers start bike commuting because of how awesome I make it out to be - which it is of course! Some of them have said they feel intimidated by cyclists and that they couldn't do it. My kid-like perspective along with the 'go with the flow' type of style has changed their opinions. I would like to make it known that NW Ohio is NOT bike friendly, so it's rare for people to entertain the idea of riding a bike to work. As for the nutcase helmet and bell - that type of stuff is right up my alley. I've been dubbed "random", but I tend to look at it as appreciating the unique.

I didn't think I would type a book - Ha! - I look forward to reading what others write.

Jordan more than 1 year ago

Sticker Collection

My bike is covered with stickers from all our travels around the world. I can tell you all sorts of adventures based on my bumper stickers, also the silly characters and bands I like.

gretchen more than 1 year ago

Simple style

For me, riding is about function before form. I express my style with bikes that are simple and clean, clothing that fits the weather, and of course a sweet helmet.

Mangry more than 1 year ago


I like to build and customize my bikes to show my style and personality. Ill tell you about a few of them. My favorite is my fixed gear. It is an old blue Raleigh Sportif. It has a custom Troy Lee Saddle, Velocity Argyle rims, and lime green Fyxation Session700 tires. I also have a Green Surly Ogre... all green including the Chris King Headset, Oury grips, and the cable housing. It turned out awesome. Lastly, I have an old Specialized Fatboy. Powdercoated white with blue accents. I think bikes can be a work of art.

Thomas Fish more than 1 year ago

bow-ties and heels

i love bow-ties and i wear them proudly when i leisurely ride. nothing like showing up to a professional meeting in a bow-tie, heels, and a helmet dangling from bag. i love the 'look-over' the person gives me ending at my helmet.

jess more than 1 year ago

personal style

My backpack, comfortable shoes, with something black and red that goes with my bicycle.

Diana Diaz more than 1 year ago

with yellow!

I have a yellow hybrid bicycle that I made look even sharper by adding yellow fenders! I use panniers and will wear comfortable, moisture wicking clothes to get the most fun out of my bicycle. :D

stacy p more than 1 year ago


I express my style with my street clothes or sometimes spandex, depending where I'm going.. With stickers on my bike, and added accessories.

Amanda B more than 1 year ago

Ride of Life

Many ride for speed or the climb or the desent. Its best to ride for fun enjoy the view smell the roses. Life is to short not too. Slow down your life ride a bike be happier person!!!!!!!

Jim H more than 1 year ago


I'm probably one of the oldest women bike commuters in Iowa City. I try to dress well, so more women of a certain vintage can see it's possible to ride without extra gear and clothes. I want them to join me on two wheels! A Nutcase helmet would be a great addition to my look!

Anne Duggan more than 1 year ago

slow and easy

I'm in no hurry to get anywhere so I take it slow and easy when I"m riding, I just enjoy feeling the ride and scenery.

teresa harvey more than 1 year ago

Bright colors

I like everything bright and strong - my Salsa Vaya is the loveliest shade of orange!

lexi more than 1 year ago

personal style while riding

I like to dress a little unexpectedly while riding, depending on the purpose; I saw a photo once of a woman in a European city commuting to work while wearing a beautiful dress. Yet she looked perfectly natural on her bike. That stuck with me. I might wear a bow tie or straight tie and dress pants to commute to work on my bike. Or I hike up my right side--chain side pant leg up high and show off crazy socks to passersby. Sometimes I wear my road bike helmet or a European cycling cap from one of my favorite coffee shops while on my commuter converted mountain bike.

christian ward more than 1 year ago

Personal Style/Nutcase Helmet Contest

My style is sensible. I respect the weather and temperature and dress accordingly. I think dressing appropriately and visibly IS stylish for a cyclist!

Mike McCurdy more than 1 year ago


My basket, for me having a basket is a utilitarian thing that shows that I use my bike for practical trips.

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

With pride

Some days I'm in lycra, some days jeans and a t-shirt, whatever I do, I do it with confidence and pride and ride like I belong there.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago