November 25, 2013

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thankful for...

…i am most thankful for the first bike i bought that converted me into a cyclista!

Natalie L 327 days ago

thank you

I am thankful for my husband who keeps my bike tuned and safe for me to ride.

tracey 327 days ago


I am thankful for the system on pathways and the great workers who spend countless hours clearing them in the winter

john 327 days ago

Kickass shorts

I am thankful for my Kickass Club Ride shorts that I purchased at Cartecay Bike Shop in Ellijay GA. Now that winter is here I will be thankful for these pants when I win them. Thank you.

Amy 327 days ago

What I'm Thankful For

I am thankful for my wife. I am thankful for each time my wife lets me go for a bike ride. I am more thankful when when she rides with me. I am thankful for my two wonderful daughters. I am more thankful when they ride with me. I am most thankful when we are all riding bikes together.

Mark O 328 days ago


Thankful that I can get on my bike and ride... anywhere! To work, along coastlines, over mountain passes, through deserts, between snowflakes, and across countries large and small.

Betty 328 days ago

Thankful for my old bike

So many reasons to be grateful that I'm able to commute by bike. Time on the trail to clear my head, both directions. A smaller footprint. Good health. And my longtime French girlfriend, Bicyclette Peugeot. She'll be 40 years old next spring.

Morgan Staines 328 days ago

I am most thankful for...

living in a city that works to make cycling safer and more accessible for everyone.

Dan Steinert 328 days ago

Thankful for being able to ride

I like being independent of others for my transportation.

Allen Hancock 329 days ago

Clearing my head

I agree with previous posters: I am so thankful to live in a city where effort has been and is being put into making cycling safer and more accessible through bike lanes and bike trails. Every morning that I get on my bike to work, I am thankful for the 20 minutes I get to clear my head before I sit down to work.

Tanya 329 days ago

first of all..

I'm grateful for the good health that lets me ride. Second of all I am grateful for anyone that has ever advocated for bike lanes and bike trails. Thanks to their efforts I have some great and safe routes to ride to work, around my community and for longer recreational rides.

Markus 329 days ago


The wind at my back!

Don Cook 329 days ago

Zipping past all these cars during commute

I am so happy that I can ride my bike on a separate bike path and zip past all these cars in the morning waiting and backing up at traffic lights...I guess you call that Schadenfreude...

Olof Hansen 329 days ago

As I get older.

As I get older, close to sixty, I'm thankful that I'm healthy enough to ride everyday. It simply makes me happy and keeps me young.

Loren Rogers 329 days ago

riding my bike

I am most thankful for the fact that I am feel like a kid while riding..and that i am going places under my own power.

Matthew 329 days ago

I am thankful

For the fact that I have my health to ride my bike every day. The more I ride, the healthier I hopefully get!

Ted 329 days ago

For leadership and inspiration

I am thankful for all those people at momentum and other cycling advocates for inspiration and leadership in making cycling accessible,fun, and stylish.

Tom Roetker 330 days ago


I am thankful for the ability to own, maintain and ride my bike.

Maria Jackman 330 days ago

Thankful for those who created trails!!

So many people have fought for the property, funding and construction of numerous bike trails. These paths create a beautiful escape for traffic and an awesome opportunity for safe exercise. Thanks to all of those individuals and teams that have made it possible for the rest of us to ride in peace. Thanks also to all those who maintain the trails. Your vision and hard work are much appreciated!

Dave Schaller 330 days ago

Thankful for the weather

I just participated in a first annual Thanksgiving day bike ride in my town, and our weather in northern CA was fantastic! Little kids and parents came along for a great time. Woodland Bike Campaign is a great group.

Kim 330 days ago

Thankful for my bike!

I'm thankful for the satisfaction I get when riding my bike, that I'm doing something fun, healthy, budget-friendly and eco-friendly and allows me to enjoy fresh air and chat with other cyclists when we're at a red light.

Jocelyn 330 days ago

Riding Jeans

Not using fossil fuel

Warren Rudd 330 days ago


For living in Porltand, OR, one of the best bike communities there is!

Patti 330 days ago

Riding Jeans

I am grateful for a fully functional body that lives, breathes , and is able to propel me up these steep hills all over this hilly great city of Vancouver its surrounds.

wong wing-siu 330 days ago

Riding Jeans

Thankful for the freedom cycling affords.

Guy 330 days ago

Club Ride

I am thankful that I have the ability to still ride and enjoy my bike.

Josh Ward 330 days ago


for the chance to win geat apparel

Rob 330 days ago

the view from the saddle

I'm thankful for my bicycle for giving me that extra boost of happiness in life and extra satisfaction every morning I commute past angry drivers in their 3-ton polluting pieces of metal. Now I just need to find a lady friend I can 'share' a saddle with.

Dmitri 330 days ago

I'm grateful I CAN ride

A few years ago I had a serious illness and could barely walk. Now I'm car-free and riding everywhere and I love it. Each day is a victory. I am grateful I could ride myself back to health and I intend to keep riding for as long as I am able.

Mendocino 330 days ago


Thankful for those who fight the front lines for our freedom to be able to ride in this great country.Thank you soldiers.

peg 330 days ago

Fun times

I'm thankful that riding makes me feel 12 again.

Eric 330 days ago

Health and freedom

With every turn of the pedals I am grateful for my health and the freedom to be on my bike.

JIm 331 days ago

Gray and still riding

I'm 73 and thankful that I'm still riding my bikes. Thankful to still be able to ride to the gym, church and the grocery store. Thankful to still go on club rides. Maybe riding is why I can be thankful to ride?

John Todd 331 days ago

Bike Thankfulness

I am simply thankful for just being on my bike

Matthew Justice 331 days ago

Another way

I'm thankful for another way to interact with and look at the world around me when I ride!

Iris W. 332 days ago


I'm thankful that when I bike commute, I start and end the day feeling exhilarated and knowing I'm alive!

Jun Z. 332 days ago


I'm thankful for the nice weather we've been having.

Stephen C. 332 days ago

waterproof jacket

I'm grateful for good gear that keeps me comfortable in all riding conditions.

Spencer Hawkes 332 days ago


I am thankful for everyone I wave and smile at who wave and smile back. It makes a ride even more special. On my bike I feel so much more connected to the world, my city and others.

Janet Michaels 332 days ago

I am thankful for

the view.

Whitney 332 days ago


I am thankful that I have a bike and a job to ride it too. I am thankful I have a family to share my bike passion with. I am thankful that I am healthy and can ride my bike. I am thankful to car drivers who are considerate and watch out for bikes. There are many more things I could think of but this is a great start. Happy Thanksgiving.

Shelby 332 days ago

I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful for being able to ride! I've had problems in the past with my legs and at times have struggled to even walk! Being strong enough to ride a bike is something that I will not ever take for granted again and I am thankful every day that I can walk, ride, and even run now! If I were to be riding while wearing such awesome jeans though.. that's a whole extra level of thankfulness!

Lenie 332 days ago

Where to start?

I am thankful that I have a bike to ride, which is more than most of the world's population can say.

Lori B. 332 days ago

Grateful for...

I'm thankful when my morning involves a bike commute, rather than a subway ride; oftentimes it's the only time during the day I can spend outside, feeling the wind and the sun on my skin, due to my desk job. I'm also so happy that my three kids are growing up to consider cycling a natural way to get around.

Julie Triedman 332 days ago


I'm thankful for my health, my family and cycling being a part of both.

James 332 days ago

Most thankful

I'm thankful for having been introduced to the joy of cycling year-round, for living in a city that makes it feasible, and for having the health to do so.

Andrée Lafontaine 332 days ago

So grateful

I am most grateful for the opportunity to see my neighborhood and city at a pace that I can integrate. It also brings me tremendous joy to be able to do this with my family. My husband looks at me with such abject adoration when I ride. One of my sons is a bike mechanic and a bicyle and public transportation activist. My other son enjoys the days out riding with Mom and Dad and rides around town independently as well.

Tania 333 days ago

What I'm thankful for

I'm thankful that I get to relieve stress after a commute!

Chelsea 333 days ago


I'm thankful that I am healthy enough to ride a bike, and privileged enough to have a nice bike that I can ride in relative safety.

Daniel YC 333 days ago

Thankful, thankful, thankful

I'm thankful I am healthy enough to ride a bike, thankful for my beautiful, fabulous functional bike, thankful to have a partner who shares my passion for cycling, thankful for the Lakefront Trail. I could go on. . . .

Zipter Yvonne 333 days ago

So thankful

That I live in a place where I can ride to work and back, under my own power, without spending heaps of cash on a fossil-fuelled vehicle. I'm also thankful that I can do that year-round.

ted 333 days ago


Wow. Where to begin? Riding is everything to me. At 45, I never learned to drive. It's keeps my mental and physical health up, and my weight down. It gets me around every day. It's my long distance and race recreation. It's the hub of my social life. Met lots of fantastic friends and girlfriends by bike. It's fun to ride with my daughter and give her the feeling of unfettered freedom. I've had some great adventures in the deep woods too. Fun to ride on snow. Basically, I'm grateful that humans invited The Bike. Period.

Jonathan 333 days ago

Thankful while riding

I am thankful for being able to ride my along the Hudson River along the Greenway toward the George Washington Bridge. It's a spectacular view day or night and it gives me the opportunity to think about my family, my friends, and how lucky I am to have them in my life.

Ernst VanBergeijk 333 days ago

Thankful for while riding

I am thankful that I still have all my sences.
Vision to see all the nature and street art seen while riding.
Smell for all the bakery fresh smells, nature, well not really smog and car exhaust.
Taste so I can taste the bugs and leaves that fly into my mouth. Ok, bad example, taste so I can taste my gree tea out of my polarbottle.
Feeling so I can feel my legs as I pump up and down hills and when slowing down (fixed gear), touching my bars, bar tape, break levers. Every bump in the road.
3rd eye so I can sence the sneaky ninja cars about to the and do bad things in my vicinity.

I guess I just love riding. I need another pair of cycling jeans and would love this pair :)

Seth kreiss 333 days ago

most thankful for

breathing the fresh air and getting exercise on the way to and from work

aaron 333 days ago

not driving

These days, i`ve had to take a job 30 kms away from home for a while, so I have to drive and very much dislike it. When I ride my bike, I am quite thankful I am not driving.

Christian 333 days ago

not stuck at a desk

even during the hottest, rainiest, dustiest, buggiest or windiest rides, do i ever regret the opportunity to NOT have my nose to the grindstone in some stuffy office doing useless tasks. wish i worked more- not a chance! wish i rode more- every day!

janet north 333 days ago

Mens sana in corpore sano

Although I may still struggle with my weight, cycling keeps me incredibly fit for my age and size. My says I move like a modern tank on my bike: fast, agile and unstoppable. And she should know because she's army. But I also love how the ride not only gives me time to think so I can sort out any problems I may be experiencing or plan out events (like when I catered my own wedding,) but it also keeps me from taking myself too seriously. When a car cuts me off in Winter traffic and I --self-righteously--ring my bell at the driver, it always gives me a giggle.

Rob 333 days ago


I most value the sunshine-filled outlook it gives my work day - even if the sun's not shining!

Patrick Finley 333 days ago

So many things!

I'm most thankful for the opportunity to ride, the freedom to ride where I want, and for motorists who stop! :)

Ian Sherwood 333 days ago


I'm thankful for my supportive bike advocate fiance that encouraged me to get a better bike so we could ride together more often and leave the car at home for sometimes weeks at a time. These pants would be for him!

Laura Langs 333 days ago

Most thankful for...

So many things,. but this year I'm most thankful for this amazing year of weather! And not just at home, I have cycled in 9 different cities globally this year and never once was weather an issue (not that it would deter me unless it was snow).

Steve Vanderwoerd 333 days ago

Still alive

I could have died in an accident. Im always thankful I didnt

Rob 333 days ago

Contest Entry

I love the ability to commute in the outdoors. Being able to spend additional time outside improves my mood and helps me appreciate my surroundings.

Melody 333 days ago

Bicycle chic

I love the pairing of one time-honored thing (jeans) with another (bicycle). Now I need only a pick-axe and a pan and I could go panning for gold the way the old jeans-wearers did in the 1800s!

Erin Snow 333 days ago


When I was younger I liked trails the most but as I age I now prefer the smooth ride of hot-mix asphalt.

Don Cook 333 days ago

most thankful for when bike riding

i am thankful that i have the ability and time to ride my bike

lisa mcfarland 333 days ago

Most thankful for...

Family. Health. Internet contests. Yes.

Ryan Franklin 333 days ago

Most thankful for...

staying upright on a bike.

Ian Deleporte 333 days ago

Most thankful for...

I'm most thankful for the friendly faces I see while riding. A wave from a driver, a smile from a pedestrian or chatting with other folks on bikes at intersections always gives me warm fuzzies.

Also, I also love a good 'on your left' when other riders pass me. It makes my day on the rare occasion I hear one in Vancouver.

Sara 333 days ago

Most thankful for...

It is a bit hokey but I'm most thankful for; just being able to ride.

brian McPherson 333 days ago


I'm thankful for getting the feeling of flying without having to earn a pilots license!

Josh 333 days ago


Riding my bike contributes to my health and happiness. I'm thankful that most drivers I have encountered have been respectful and courteous.

Kelvin 333 days ago

My trails

I'm thankful for the amazing trails that I am blessed with around my house. Without them, I would probably go insane.

Jack 333 days ago

Family & life!

I'm thankful for my family and this incredible life I get to experience.

Sven Stuwe 333 days ago

Na Zdorovie!

When riding, I am always thankful for my health.

Randy 333 days ago

Childlike Joy

I am most thankful for seeing the excitement on my son's face when he interacts with the world while we are cycling. It helps me notice things I otherwise wouldn't!!

Emily 333 days ago

Giving Thanks

While riding, thanks are given for the time I have been given on earth.

J Leddy 333 days ago


that I'm not experiencing the universe contained behind a glass windshield and steering wheel.

Linn 333 days ago


I am thankful I have two working legs and eyes to see everything around me.

Dave 333 days ago

While riding my bike I am

most thankful for the beautiful outdoors that surround me, the ability to pedal to work every day & the engagement with my amazing cycling community.

Sherri Sadler 333 days ago


I'm thankful for the ability to use my legs every day and feel the sharp cold wind on my face as I bike to and from work.

David Owens 333 days ago


Finding that place where the mind is clear and the body is working... that's what I'm thankful for on a bike.

Ryan Hanser 333 days ago


I'm thankful that someone invented all the parts that make up a bicycle, because it never would have occurred to me on my own.

Christopher 333 days ago

Thankful and grateful...

I am most thankful for the road gently rising before me while riding my bicycle, revealing something new to make me smile around every turn, reminding me how precious our limited time on this earth is. Auto drivers do not realize how insulated they are from the beautiful world around them and most only see the things that limit how fast they can get to their destination while not enjoying the journey.

Robin 333 days ago


that I have 3 healthy kids and I am able to find a few hours each week to escape them on my bike.

Kurt P. 333 days ago


I am just thankful that at 66 I can still ride!

Jeff 333 days ago

While riding my bike...

...I am most thankful that I learned to mountain bike at age 50 and can get out on the trails above town and enjoy nature.

Pam 333 days ago


I am most thankful for how healthy we are since taking up biking!

Deanne 333 days ago

Mountain Biking

the ability to work out my lungs Read:Breath Deep

doug 333 days ago

I am most thankful for..

having a wife that also appreciates and participates in cycling

Minh 333 days ago

I am most thankful for

Fresh air & exercise

Tara 333 days ago

I am most thankful for...

not having wrecked yet.

Bill 333 days ago