September 29, 2013

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Why Bike trips

Not only is biking rather than driving a way to decrease my stress level, but it saves me the headache of finding parking. At work, I park in my office. In town, I park in front of wherever I am going.

Sara Maria D more than 1 year ago

the sweet rush of internally dispensed drugs

I am a drug addict, you know. Endorphins are my cake, the hard stuff (or moist and soft if considering cake metaphors). And if I am going to put on a public interface at work or at the grocery store, I prefer to shellac my sick desperation for living behind a high. For me, that high is derived by bicycle-cycling about the town. If the vicinity is too proximal, then perhaps a loop is in order to get sufficient dosage. But I am a high functioning addict. Ive never hurt my friends of family and I hide my perversion by dressing within the plebs range of acceptable attire. No harm no foul.

-Bike-to-ride-my-lickcycle addict

chach more than 1 year ago

first choice

Choosing my bike for trips around town is a no-brainer: fresh air, exercise, no cost of fuel, no exhaust, smelling and hearing the environment I pass through, often faster, ease of parking, routes that are unavailable to cars, feeling like part of a community. Each of these and all of these- take your pick.

Robin Rombs more than 1 year ago

enjoy it

I alays enjoy going around town on my bike more than in the car .

clare more than 1 year ago

just around the corner

My local grocer is just around the corner. Why would I do anythig other than ride my bike

Joanne more than 1 year ago

why not use your bicycle

it's amazing to jump on the bike for most trips around the town i live in. my family will get crazy looks from all the big over sized pick up trucks, it's like we are from Mars. Did i mention my family lives in a small Texas City whose main employers are oil refinery companies. The best is on Sunday when we make the grocery run for the week, my wife on her bike with the trailer and my little one behind me on the co-piolt

christopher jason roper more than 1 year ago

Tell us why your bicycle is your first choice for trips around town

No traffic jams, instant exercise

mike more than 1 year ago

Why Use Bicycle

My bike is my first choice because in Vancouver for a short distance the bicycle is faster than a car.

Jeff Summers more than 1 year ago

First choice....

Simply to avoid tickets and not paying for parking!

Yann more than 1 year ago

More fun

It's more fun than driving.

Lloyd S more than 1 year ago

My bicycle is first choice!

We deliberately don't own a car for countless reasons. My bike gets me around faster and easier with a lot more fun and a lot less stress then any driver goes through on any given day. It's reduced my blood pressure, toned up my muscles and somewhat improved my singing abilities! I get to entertain all the other cyclists and pedestrians with my inspired renditions of old Beatles tunes - cycling makes me sing!

Karen more than 1 year ago


Because it keeps me in great shape.

Bob more than 1 year ago

Because it actually is faster

Parking,.. And the walking distance to that parking in my city makes my bike the fastest choice since typically I can lock up right in front of my destination. My bike is not a theft risk,.. Like the Millenium Falcon, it looks like junk but is actually a screamin machine under the hood.

Steve more than 1 year ago


I ride for health - not just the physical benefits, but the mental too. I'm pretty sure that with daily cycling, I'm less of a dick.

Chris byron more than 1 year ago

always found a parking spot

My bicycle(s) get me around town so efficiently. I can roll up to the bike racks outside my workplace and get rock star parking. I can visit friends living in high density areas, or wander off on a bike lane to a local park. Whether going out at night for a bike date with my husband or cycling with my kids in the cargo bike to a birthday party, it is always more enjoyable by bike!

Victoria L. more than 1 year ago

It is a time machine...

I avoid traffic, park easily wherever I want, and get to go FAST! I love it!

Brent stewart more than 1 year ago


My bike gets me quickly around town, it's healthy, inexpensive and most of all, it's fun!

Jacqueline Potvin more than 1 year ago

Ride your bike!

It's free to use, easy to park, cheap to repair, and gets you closer to nature. I can't think of anything other than my bike that can do all that and get me through rush hour traffic faster than a car or walking.

Steve Dinn more than 1 year ago

Easy to park

I can usually find a space right in front of the building

Jeff Perry more than 1 year ago

Health and fun

I'm a young cancer survivor, so I don't take my health for granted. Riding my bike for transportation is the easiest way to maintain my health and savor every day.

Scott more than 1 year ago

my bike

Its healthy!

Nichole Smith more than 1 year ago

I'm alive

In a car I feel trapped, sluggish and frustrated. On my bike I'm always moving. Always weaving. Always smiling. How can you beat that?

Neal Spinler more than 1 year ago

Great Riding Shorts

So often you want to get out of the lycra and wear something that still will be high performance. This is it.

Ken more than 1 year ago


I am the happiest getting from point A to point B when I am on my bike. Be it alone or in a group nothing bets traveling by bike.

Christopher Svensrud more than 1 year ago

My Bike and I....

I love taking my bike on trips around town, especially downtown, where I don't have to worry about parking or being stuck on traffic. I can park my bike close to where I'm stopping. I don't have to be crowded and jammed like sardines on the bus or skytrain...It's perfect!
Bike = Freedom :D

Beng more than 1 year ago

Easy Peasy

Its just the simplest choice! No parking hassles, no traffic jams (in bike lanes), and it reduces stress.

Queenie more than 1 year ago


Biking lets you park right in front of wherever you go.
No fuss, no muss with parking lots, ,meters,& metermaids.

danny more than 1 year ago

old and reliable

I ride my dad's old Peugeot from the early 70s, which I've completely overhauled. It doesn't attract thieves too obviously, yet is a pure joy to ride, especially knowing it's got so much history behind it.

Biking is my first choice, generally, because of the incredible freedom I feel compared to any other mode of transportation. more than 1 year ago

Fashon Police

I want to wear those shorts to a restaurant and set a good example on not looking too bikey. Those shorts deserve some casual shoes (maybe even flip-flops) for a cruise downtown. The tall black socks and cycling shoes are fine for a serious ride, but really, those shorts are begging for a comfortable ride to a cafe with my lovely lady.

Chris Bosley more than 1 year ago

Giro overshorts

Shorts are my preferred mode of dress anytime anywhere.

Alan Magnusson more than 1 year ago

Stylish shorts for me

As I work downtown and car-parking is very tenuous, I hop on my bike, my Positive Thoughts Generator, and I can commute to work and do all the shopping I need by bike. Regardless the traffic or weather, it's always better by bike.

Marty Penner more than 1 year ago


Can't afford to ride transit or drive to work, plus I get some daily exercise!

Katy more than 1 year ago

Get to say hello

I love biking around town and in the neighbourhood as I get to say hello and wave to people I know while I do errands. It makes me feel connected to the place I call home.

Alice Hutton more than 1 year ago


I use the Divvy bikeshare bikes because they're always nearby and always available.

Bob more than 1 year ago


As a working mom I don't have time for the gym. I get my exercise pulling the trailer around town.

tracey more than 1 year ago

quick trips

My bike is my first choice around town because I like to get that burst of fresh air

john bomnard more than 1 year ago


and a sense of freedom no other mode of transport offers.

tom more than 1 year ago

Daily Exercise

It keeps me fit, is cheaper and cleaner than a car, bus, or subway!

Cory more than 1 year ago

Biking is my pasion

Biking means my whole world!

Aly more than 1 year ago

First Choice for Travel

Cheaper and easier on the environment than a car, and often faster than the bus.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

bicycle is your first choice for trips around town

Bike is quick, healthy (muscles energy), eco way, fun and feel pretty free... toutes les qualités ;)

Chantal Leclair more than 1 year ago

Free parking

On short trips, it is nice to lock up near the store instead of circling the block looking for a parking space.

Jon more than 1 year ago

My town is bike sized

If there is something to do in town it's almost always a bikeable distance. The weather is typically great, the traffic isn't too bad and the motorists are generally courteous. Plus it saves a buck and keeps me feeling young.

Albert more than 1 year ago

Free parking, offroad trails

I prefer to riding my bike to driving a car or motorcycle since I can almost always find a place to lock up right in front of my destination, and it doesn't cost me anything to do so; I can ride through parks and along the beach instead of driving in traffic; and I don't burn any gas, just calories.

Stephen C. more than 1 year ago

Bike > Car

Parking + traffic? No thanks. I always reach for my helmet before my car keys.

Calvin Lee more than 1 year ago

live like a rockstar

You can park closer then any car to the entrance of almost every building, you get better then rockstar parking!!!

Dale more than 1 year ago

The fun of it all

Commuting daily results to living longer, beating illness, looking younger, improving sex life, healthy family time. Whats not to love about these and many more benefits of cycling. Its all together fun to have the wind in your face with a bit fat smile (not too big as you will catch bugs) :`)

Douglas more than 1 year ago

Health, economics, and freedom

I have been bicycle commuting for over 10 years, but never consistently. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and more cardio was one tactic to slow the effects of diabetes, so I added more days until we eventually got rid of a car. Now, with a basket, my bike is not only a commuter, but for trips to the grocery, and for recreation. I've lost 30 pounds so far, we are saving over $300 per month in car payments (not to mention gas and insurance), and I can always find "parking." I just don't know why I didn't do it years ago!

Joe T more than 1 year ago

I love bikes

It's that simple, there's no joy in riding/driving a car for me. Bikes, are just...well, I have a problem.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Free parking!

Free parking, fresh air, a stronger body, what's not to like?

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

Ultimate freedom, childlike fun, grown-up frugality

I prefer to ride a bike around town for many reasons, some practical, some not.

I can park just about anywhere from my living room to any sign or parking meter, and especially "proper" bike-locking facilities. If I make a wrong turn, I can just stop and turn around, or on a one-way street I can just walk the bike on the sidewalk the other direction.

When on two wheels, I can not only get through car and truck traffic, but I can stop for a bagel or to talk to people. On a bike I can actually see the coffee shop or the friends. I can smell pizza, hear music and look at girls.

Riding around keeps me in shape for said girls (turns out they love bike legs, so extra bonus).

Riding a bike doesn't cost money, no petrol, no oil changes, no expensive repairs and maintenance.

If I'm on my bike and I need a lift for whatever reason, I can roll the bike into a train or the front of a bus.

And, of course there are the benefits to society of people on bikes from not belching noxious gasses to not wearing out streets or making noise. If there is a disagreement with a pedestrian or other cyclist, it generally can be handled safely and quickly - sometimes making a new friend.

Brian McGloin more than 1 year ago

Giro Shorts

I have come to rely on my Bike to get around town.
The ease with which I can get to and from home too my workplaces, as well as the positive physical and mental results make my Bike one of my best friends.

Andrew R. Mitchell more than 1 year ago


Freedom of riding in the open air and enjoying the weather as well as not sitting a a metal box behind many other metal boxes waiting. It is a happier and less stressed form of transportation!

scott more than 1 year ago

My bicycle is my friend

For the freedom of locking anywhere saving me time, and money on car maintenance and expenses. I use my bicycle for my daily needs. It gives me the joys of fresh air, and the feeling of conquering the day.

Emilia more than 1 year ago

My bike is the best!

What I love about taking my bike instead of a car (or even the bus) is that I don't have to worry about parking, and I can actually get to most places I need to go in about the same amount of time, but I get the bonus of exercise and stress-relief!

Daniel Yen-Chiu more than 1 year ago

My bike is my car

I don't have a car so I've become an expert at carrying loads around town and doing EVERYTHING by bike. What's more, I never have to search for a parking space and I never get stuck in traffic. What's not to like?

Jac more than 1 year ago

Plan A: Bike

Door to door I can typically get there faster by bicycle (or transit +bike) than driving a car. Additionally I get the triple benefit of a workout that is better for the environment and my pocketbook! However, my favorite part about going by bike is the ability to experience my city on a human scale and enjoy the people, parks, and architecture at a slower speed.

Amber more than 1 year ago

Why my bike is my first shoice for trips

My bike is my first transportation choice for many reasons. It is not oil reliant as many of the other choices. Besides that first one, riding by bike has many other benefits. It is healthier, sometimes can be quicker then car especially when going into downtown or heavy traffic, cheaper to fuel, much more fun to listen to some tunes and pedal while watching all the sights you ride by, you get a different view and perspective then when sitting in a car. It is a great way to meet people with the same interests as you, bikes.

seth kreiss more than 1 year ago

The wind in my face....

If you've ever seen a dog with his head out the window of a car you understand that they get what cyclists have known for a long time. The wind in my face make me feel alive and like a kid again. Why would I not make that my first choice for transportation?

Mike J more than 1 year ago

My bike is my first choice because...

she's the sexiest thing I can have between my legs without my girl knocking me out.

Ian D more than 1 year ago

Cause driving is too damn expensive

I'm a college kid. MONEY DONT GROW ON TREES.

Ryson Walden more than 1 year ago

Sick of Driving

I both drive and bike-train commute to work during the week. I prefer to take my bike on trips around town because it's easy, convenient, quick and I don't have to find parking. But most of all, I get tired of driving in the car.

JJ Strahle more than 1 year ago

Makes me feel 12

It's quick and fun.

Eric R more than 1 year ago

bicycle is first choice for trips around town

I don't always have time for the gym, but if I ride around town getting my groceries and running errand, I'm killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Besides that we LOVE the money we are saving now that we cancelled insurance on one of our cars!

Deanne more than 1 year ago

Only sensible urban choice

Cycling to work is faster, healthier, less stressful, inexpensive, and more enjoyable than driving a car (gas, parking, traffic) or riding the subway or busses (cost, crowded, poor time tables) in the Boston area. Cycling also allows you to see, feel, interact and be a part of your surroundings, which include other fellow cyclists, pedestrians, food trucks, storefronts, gardens, flowerbeds, puppies...

Stephen Goss more than 1 year ago

I've spent all week in a cage.

After spending a couple of hours in a car each day commuting, and eight or nine in my glassed-in office, nothing is better than pedaling about town with my ears in the wind. And, if there's one thing that autumn is screaming for, its a pair of wool overshorts.

Dave M. more than 1 year ago

my first choice

My bike is my first choice because the joy and empowerment I feel when riding compares to no other transportation means. Cycling completes me as a human.

Nicole S. more than 1 year ago

car vs. bike

The more I ride my bike, the more I despise being stuck in a car. No matter the destination, when I arrive on my bike, I am happier, healthier, and more energetic.

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

Always the first choice!

The bike is the simplest, easiest way to go for trips around town. It's fun, it makes me feel good physically, and it gives me a mental lift every time. And best of all, no parking hassles!

Lori B. more than 1 year ago

bike is first choice

It is better for the environment and cheaper for my pocket to use my bike for errands around town. It is also a good way to exercise.

lisa mcfarland more than 1 year ago

Why riding is my first choice

I took a near-decade leave from cycling, then hopped on my bike for some light trail riding with the family almost a year ago. Within a few hundred yards of riding, I felt great. Over the next couple of months I started doing my leisure riding and finally upgraded my aging mountain bike to a more street worthy commuter bike that I use almost daily to get to and from work.

I ride, at the very core, because it makes me happy. There are a lot of other things I like about it; the environmental benefits, the health benefits, and the ease of getting around a city. But in the end, I hop on my bike because it makes me smile. Daily driving doesn't do that for me.

Doug CohenMiller more than 1 year ago

Feels good, like you know it should

I ride my bike everywhere as often as I can because it makes getting to places feel like going somewhere.

Randy more than 1 year ago

Fits my 3F philosophy of life

Biking is fun, freedom and fulfillment. Never have to worry about a parking space, can breathe in the day, can feel the great outdoors, say hi to the urban wildlife I pass, and experience urban living on a human scale!

George Hamm more than 1 year ago

Just as fast

The nice thing about Vancouver is that it is fairly compact. There aren't many places that are faster to reach by car than bike. And biking feels better!

Andrea more than 1 year ago

why your bicycle is your first choice for trips around town -

My bicycle is the ONLY choice for all things...plain and simple.

David M. more than 1 year ago

Why I ride....

No parking costs, no waiting for the bus, no gas costs, no car maintenance costs, no need to go the gym, no getting stuck in rush hour, and I looks good doin' it!

Wong Wing-Siu more than 1 year ago

Bike 4 life

Grocery shopping, dropping the car at the shop- give me a reason and I'll be on my bike. Having a chronic health condition, biking challenges me to stay active and fit. The gain far outweighs the pain! As Jens Voigt says, "Shut up Legs!". My bike is the best medicine!

JP more than 1 year ago

why your bicycle is your first choice

It saves on the pollution from not having to use my car and at the same time , i'm doing what i love, riding my bike!

Maree Grandy more than 1 year ago

I ride because..

it helps me feel good, look good, and do good.

J. Leddy more than 1 year ago

Best Family Vehicle

I love getting around town by bicycle because my toddler son can ride on his front mounted seat, and we can talk as we ride along. It's so much more personal than riding in the car!

Emily more than 1 year ago

No car trips under ten miles round trip

I bike to all local destinations so that my wife and I can keep to one car in my car-centric town.

Tony Panero more than 1 year ago

First Choice

My bicycle is my first choice because I hate using my car if I don't have to!

Jeff Arnold more than 1 year ago

Because No-one Needs to See A Lycra Covered Butt

I wear shorts overtop of my padded cycling shorts b/c I feel that no one should be subjected to seeing my lycra covered @** while I am cycling around town. I wish more people felt this way and covered up...

Kris Fruin more than 1 year ago

Oops - Maybe I Should Answer Question

I ride by bike because it is quick, fun, and less frustrating than driving to work. It's also awesome to see the smile on my daughter's face when we are biking together!

Kris Fruin more than 1 year ago

Giro 5M Overshorts.

My bicycle is your first choice for trips around town because the bus system here is slow, I'm too lazy to walk and don't own a car...

Tim Brown more than 1 year ago

A part of the world

Unlike being crammed into a metal box, being on my bike connects me to the smells, sounds and temperature (be that good or bad!) around me. I get to hear the rustling of trees and sighing of the wind. It's like being included in a story instead of just driving through it.

Eric more than 1 year ago

Trips around town

I love the bike for getting around the city because I can often bypass long lines of traffic and there are no parking hassles, which generally makes for a less stressful trip. Also, I get to see more of what's around me, from buildings, to art work, to people. I feel much more connected to the city as a result.

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago

Bike is best

My kids love it and it's easy to pack them and everthing in. We see more of the world and connect with our community.

Olena more than 1 year ago

The Best

In an urban environment it's the fastest, most reliable, and most convenient mode of transportation. Hands down!

Gaby more than 1 year ago


It gets me from A to B faster than any other mode of transport.

Christopher more than 1 year ago


The bike is my first choice because it is fast, convenient, fun, and it's super easy to find parking in the city!

Dave more than 1 year ago

Bike first!

I turn to my bicycle first for trips around town because it's quicker than driving or taking transit and cheaper. No virtue involved here, just practicality.

Ross more than 1 year ago