May 27, 2013


May 27, 2013

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I have been riding my bike with my friend for exercise and that is really enjoyable and i think if i got these shoes i could add more walking and biking to my routine

Linda 321 days ago

giveaway from KEEN-what I enjoy most about riding my bike in the summer

I enjoy the freedom it gives me to get from place to place without the concerns of where to park a car, the cost of gas, and the negative effects that the car's waste has on the environment. Riding my bike makes me feel positive about helping the environment, and I can discover places and things that I never could with a car.

Daniel Naumann 321 days ago

Why I like biking in the summer

I like the ease of getting around and the sun on my face as I whiz down the road on my electric-assisted semi-recumbent bike.

Pam 321 days ago

Why I Love Summer Riding

Bike hard, bike naked.

Samantha Lutz 321 days ago

Why I love Summer riding

My favorite part of summer riding is taking a sunny afternoon ride by the ocean with my fiance after having a lunch date - the smells, the sights, and the sounds of summer at their best!

Abbra 322 days ago

Best thing about riding in the summer

Night time riding after a hot summer's day.

Thom Heppell 322 days ago

It's always summer in the southwest ...

... biking in sandals and short sleeves almost year' round is great, but the smell of the oleanders in summer is pretty nice, as is the fact that the college students, snowbirds, and their questionable driving skills are gone leaving more of the roadway for cyclists.

marge 322 days ago

Summer bike riding

I love riding my bike in Vancouver in the summer because there's less rain! Though I love the rain too, it helps keep me cool...

Carolyn Jimenez 322 days ago

Summer Bike riding

Riding in the summer in the fair city of Yellowknife NT means no studded tires, no snowboard helmet and ski goggles, no longjohns and parka. It means fun rides to friends' houses in the light at midnight with bottles clanking in the pannier . It means taking the long way around the lake instead of across the (no longer there) ice.

Eric Diller 322 days ago

Summer Rides

Getting on my bike as the sun rises and knowing I have the whole day in front of me to ride.

Sean McGurr 322 days ago

Summer bike riding

I love riding my bike in the summer because it means a pit stop for icecream!!!

Tracy Ferreira 322 days ago

More the Merrier!!!

Now that the weather is nicer, I have seen more riders on my commute to and from work. Great to see them out and now my wife is riding regularly.

Todd O 323 days ago

I LOVE riding my bike in the Summer...

because it is almost always warm enough here in Portland, Oregon to NOT SHIVER when riding naked in the World Naked Bike Ride next Saturday, June 8th. Sponsored starting point this year at the Portland Art Museum in the Park Blocks; entrance fee $1 per piece of clothing worn!

Robin 323 days ago

summer bike riding

I love riding bike in the summer because you can go so many places, do so many things. We always ride our bike down to the local farmers market.

Steve Z. 323 days ago

What you enjoy most about riding your bike in the summer

Farmers markets & the great riding weather

Michael Lim 323 days ago

Fresh fruit

I like riding to patches of wild blackberries and stuffing my face on fruit!

Allen Hancock 323 days ago

minimal baggage

9 months out of the year I have to carry a large bag with change of clothes but in the summer just a few tools.

jacob heiser 323 days ago

Rain Gear

No more rain gear! Love the freedom of just riding with what you have on and not having to suit up.

Kirk Tran 323 days ago

Summer time riding

Riding in the summer time is void of the rain. Also no more Icey spots decreases crashing pain. The summer sky's so clear and blue it surely is a sight. I'm on my bike and on the road and everything's alright.

David Blanchard 323 days ago

Laughing with my kids

I love riding my Yuba while my kids cheer me on up the hills and giggle on the downhills

Leigh Anne 323 days ago

Summer riding

Being able to see the waves of the lake hit the shore, while smelling and feeling the warm wet air from the lake as it blows by! Not to mention having my son ride up front with me! (Love our bike seat).

Queenie 323 days ago

Watching bald eagles

Watching the bald eagles as I ride down the Three Rivers Heritage Trail!

Iris W. 323 days ago

Night riding

Riding at night when it's cool and quiet, listening to the sounds as you travel along and feeling the chill off the trees as you bomb down a sweet hill!

Jun Z. 323 days ago


I love riding in the summer because it's one of the only activities that I can do with my brother. We live far away from each other, but we always make time to see each other and get out on the road or trail every summer. He's been going through some hard times, but he recently told me that I motivate him to get out on the trail, and that it's a special time when he can forget what his problems are. I'm just glad that I can help him in a healthy, productive way while having fun and bonding with my big bro just like old times.

Tom Rodrigues 323 days ago

Summer Sensations

I love the feel of a warm breeze and smelling the flowers, cooking food and other scents of summer.

Kate 324 days ago

Mudding It Up

Best thing about riding in warm temps is getting on the Mt bike and hitting some trails and mud holes then showering off with your kit still on!

Kelly Bowyer 324 days ago

Spring riding

I love to ride in the rain as I get a natural shower.

Peter Shaw 324 days ago

Being thrown in the mix!

I live in Chicago and have biked the city streets year round for the last 6 years. What I love most about riding my bike in the summer is getting to witness the burst of life and activity that evolves out of our long, cold winters. Day by day I am a first hand witness to the increase in fellow bikers and people strolling the sidewalks and parks of our many different neighborhoods here in Chicago. While pedaling around town I notice the canopy of leaves that stretch across from either side of the street forming a tunnel of shade for my hot summer rides. I can smell the aroma of food from a summer fest from blocks away or can hear when the Cubs have hit a home run when I ride past Wrigley. The sight of farmers markets in mid-June tells me that fresh, in season veggies are finally here. I can have an impromptu cinema night if I happen to ride past the dozens of free movies in the park night throughout the city. I get to be part of it all while riding my bike in the summer.

Rachael Huttner 324 days ago

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Believe it or not, I enjoy getting caught in the frequent pummmelling thunderstorms we have down here in Florida - no reason kids should have all the fun playing in the rain.

JP 324 days ago

Enjoying the outdoors!

Summer riding is simply the best way to enjoy the wonderful parks and trails throughout my area. Seeing the trees and plants create a thick, green landscape is very enjoyable! It's my chance to get out there, clear my mind, breathe fresh air, and ride!

Rob DeRosia 324 days ago

What I enjoy most about riding my bike in the summer

I don't have to think about how much to wear, but rather, how little.

marcus 324 days ago

Summer riding

I love riding my bike in the summer because I don't have to worry too much about layering clothes or bringing too many extra things for weather. And the breeze is so refreshing on a warm day!

Dan YC 324 days ago

Time of Light

Riding my bike in the summer I enjoy breathing in the fresh air, smelling the salt of the ocean, soaking in the warmth and light of the sun, and enjoying the views of Vancouver. A beautiful sunny day on my bike,... you'll find me smiling and singing wherever I go.

Kathi L 324 days ago

Summer In The City

I rode close to 4,000 kilometers last summer around the entire island of Montreal and its' surrounding areas. I have the intention to improve on that mark this season. Experiencing the city from the saddle of my bicycle gives me a new perspective of its' beauty and its' alluring charm. With the largest bicycle path network in North America, Montreal is a world class city that comes alive in the summer! Festivals, outdoor activities, breathtaking sites and outstanding restaurants all beckoning to a rider's call. Feeling the sun on my skin and the humidity in the air is a great way for my body to rid itself of the bone-chilling cold of long winters. Riding with friends and sharing fun excursions together adds to the magic of summer in this amazing city.

Howard Pinkas 324 days ago

The monsoon

Arizona gets hot in the summer months -- even in the high county of Flagstaff -- but the monsoon rains bring cool, moist days and blanket the landscape in green grass and wildflowers. My favorite time to ride is in between the downpours, when the ground is still wet and the smell of fresh rain tinges the mountain air. It's in those moments that you actually feel sorry for all the poor schmucks locked inside their air conditioned metal boxes.

Eric Betz 324 days ago


I love riding in the summer, going on bike trips... not as likely to rain!

Wendy Peabody 324 days ago

Summer breezes

Being able to ride without a jacket, hat, winter gloves and everything else......and the opposite sex in bike shorts. Hey, I'm honest.

tom m 324 days ago

Fresh Air

I'm not sure what it is, but there is something to be said for the feeling of the warm sun on your skin and fresh air blowing across you as you ride your bike. Although I wear my helmet pretty consistently, sometimes you can't help the urge to take it off and feel the wind blow through your hair. I live in a city where you can hardly breathe in the winter because of the dirty air, so we grow to appreciate the clean air when we have it. And the health benefits on top of that are incredible.

Annette 324 days ago

My favorite season

I love summer riding because of tan lines, longer days, the company of good friends and smelling honeysuckle, wisteria, cut grass and barbecues.

Robyn C 324 days ago

Night riding

It's dark, and warm. The streets are quiet. Light on and well prepared to take on the evening. Nothing's better!

Dani 324 days ago

The Breeze

One of the greatest joys of riding my bike in the summer is feeling the breeze. Especially in the evening after a hot day.

Maggie 325 days ago

The James

I love the feeling of the sun on my back as I speed through the city of Richmond, VA. After a sweaty ride, there is no better feeling than taking a dip in the James River.

Luke Serutti 325 days ago


Love the wind in my face and the sound of laughter from my kids riding behind me on our Cargo Bike. :)

Michelle C 325 days ago


Summer is when we go on holiday by bike. This year we are biking to a friend's wedding on Vancouver Island.

Rachel Goddyn 325 days ago

Riding in the rain

Yes, it's rainy in summer here in the sunny Pacific Northwest. But with a pair of wool socks and my Keens it's great to ride.

dita rudinow 325 days ago

Car Free Sundays

I enjoy riding on the parkway on Sundays during the summer. I live in New York City and suffer a phobia of motorized vehicles. But four Sundays in July and August I get the whole Parkeay to share with other bikers! It's awesome!

Robin Lee 325 days ago


Starting out around 5:00 or so and feeling the temperature drop slowly, seeing the light change - riding 'til it's dark

Randy 325 days ago

Early Morning Sidewalk

Biking in the am before it gets too hot. There's a newly built biking trail I have to check out!

Mary 325 days ago


After a day spent at the office, there's nothing better than cruising down a country road and seeing a beautiful summer sunset in the Texas sky.

Maddi 325 days ago


I get to ride more time because there is more light in the evening

Brian 326 days ago

Warm weather

after riding in the cold it's nice to ride on warm weather

Rocio 326 days ago

Infinite Adventures

Where else can you find endless opportunities for adventure...riding my bike in the summer is the best answer for me. I've always loved the outdoors and once I pedaled past the end of my drive-way, I haven't found a better mode of transportation for exploration. My bike takes me everywhere I need to go and now it provides the same sense of adventure to my family.

Steve 326 days ago

Summer Riding

I love the fresh air and sunshine.

Bob 326 days ago

Watching Grass Grow

In the spring and summer the world around us changes so fast. Two weeks ago we were watching the corn being planted. Last week we noticed it was up - just a peek of green. This week, the corn is up about 2". Each day we ride, we see another change in the world around us. Even if we bike the same roads each day, it is always different and there is always something new at which marvel. I can't wait to ride tonight.

Andrea F 326 days ago

dry season

Summer is the dry season, so I'm no longer getting dumped on.

Lauren 326 days ago

warm evening air...

nothing better than a warm breeze in your hair, coming home on your bike after a evening dip in the ocean/river/lake. sandals could really be a nice addition to this activity.

armel castellan 326 days ago

Riding near the river

is a special treat in the summer as it smells quite refreshing (or not, depending on how long the latest heat wave lasted).

Sokrates 326 days ago

Enjoying my summer bike ride!

I love riding all the time, but in the summer the breeze is so refreshing, and the views you get is so much better during that time!

Orange Gary Fisher Rider 326 days ago

Sweet Summer Ridin'

I love riding by the river in the can reach into the mid 100 degrees here, and gong by the river to cool off sure comes in handy when you're sweaty the whole rest of the day. Having some awesome KEEN sandals would really come in handy, since they'd be safe to ride in, provide some nice ventilation for my feet, and--obviously--they're made to handle the water. (They'd be an awesome birthday surprise, as well!) Thanks for the opportunity!

Jarrod 326 days ago

best thing about riding a bike in the summer

I love the sun being out longer in summer and being able to ride after work in the daylight!

alison 326 days ago

Summer Riding

I love biking to the farmers' market in a sundress and sneaking raspberries out of my basket on the way home.

Liz 326 days ago

Weeknight riding

It stays light out later and my 9 year-old is not in school, so we can go out riding after dinner.

Kim 327 days ago

summer rides

The bike stays cleaner in the summer and it's a bit safer without the snow and grit.

doug greaser 327 days ago

The most enjoyment of summer biking

I most enjoy biking in summer because i can minimize my clothing and maximize my sunning!

Grant 327 days ago

The most enjoyable aspect of summer biking

I most enjoy summer biking because here in Southern California, it is like summer all the time and I can ride all the time, no snow, hardly any rain, just sunny bliss!

R G 327 days ago

Summer riding and liking

I most enjoy about riding my bike in summer because it is functional, ecologically clean. It’s like a song, the sound of the bicycle when I peddle, like a melody and I can greet and smile to people.

Vitellia 327 days ago

Riding bike in summer

I enjoy most riding my bike in summer: Everything! Absolutely everything! There is no single thing that I don’t like, just my element in this time of year.

Marina 327 days ago

Hot nights

Cool riding through the warm air of hot nights.

Steve 327 days ago

Biking in summer

I enjoy working out in the gym during the long months of the off season. And I commute in fall/winter/spring when snow/ice/rain does not make it unpleasant. But both are merely poor substitutes for biking in hot weather. They are but filler activities. They are part of the big wait.
Summer makes me feel alive again. I can catch up on accumulating vitamin D naturally. I can feel good about being sweaty and smelly. I can taste brine-like beads of sweat after a long ride. And improved fitness from biking helps me to tolerate the heat.
People all around me are in a good mood, and those on a bike seem to be in an even better mood. Everyone appears less inhibited about showing them bodies, imperfect as they may be. Daylight hours stretch out and life seems to move more slowly.
Best of all, it is the right time of year for bicycle vacations. Cycle touring when it is 25 or 30 degrees means no jacket or tights are required. I have toured in Alsace, France, but temperatures of 15 or 20 were a distraction from enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and the experience of "depaysement".
Enjoy the heat!

Anthony 327 days ago

Summer riding

In the summer, the days are longer, so I have the time to ride more than just my commute. I can explore areas of my city, go for longer rides on the highway, or speed around the entire bike path. You also encounter so many more other cyclists than you do in winter, all with smiles plastered on their faces.

Sara Maria Daubisse 327 days ago


In the South, summer just feels calmer, lazier, and more freeing! The cool rivers to jump in, the ice cream to consume, the icy watermelon to eat, the fishing, and of course the long bike rides. I love finding a good hill to ride down as if I'm flying! Summer just feels more like a vacation--no matter what you end up doing--and the heat seems to slow everyone down. There's no heavy clothing to wear, flip-flops are allowed, and everything is simpler in the summer!

Lenie 327 days ago

Summer biking

Not having to worry about raingear when it's warm enough to just get wet.

Stephen C. 327 days ago

Summer Rides

Being able to take the long way home and not need lights :)

Debbie Snihur 327 days ago

Summer Rides

Being able to take the long way home and not need lights :)

Debbie Snihur 327 days ago

Bike Riding in the summer

During the summer, I love to ride to work in the morning when it is cool, and for relaxation in the evening. It also allows me to get around town easily.

Matthew LeDrew 327 days ago

Early Rides

Early morning rides, the air is crisp and you feel alive

Robert Shackles 327 days ago

getting where I'm going

I like to ride to make local trips. I'll be riding to a psych class I'm taking so i can apply to grad school after a decade of dithering.

Lily 327 days ago


seeing & breathing & listening & wind

lynn wilson 327 days ago

Scoping out all the other hot ...

bikes along the beach and seawall!

Peter 327 days ago

summer riding

Biking to the river in the summer is our favorite pastime. We can wear our Keens straight from the bikes to the river and back, cooling off on the water for the ride home. 327 days ago

Summer Sun Rides

I enjoy the sun,the warm weather, the cool breezes,the birds,the flowers,the smells and just the great views that can be had.

Tanya 327 days ago

air, wind, and me

When I bike I just love the feeling of me blending with air, and wind. I am just part of this world and feels good. Especially when it's warm out during the summer (since I don't bike in cold weather.)

masa 328 days ago

Bike riding in the summer

is great when you can just hop on and off your bike in shorts and a T-shirt. No layering needed and I love feeling the warmth of the sun on my face!

Beng 328 days ago


What I enjoy most about riding in summer..well I will find it out !! Finally I took a step forward and bought my FIRST bike!! Even though I took this BIG step in New York City with its hectic traffic , I am going to enjoy my first riding in this summer. After work nothing better that take a ride, clear my mind and feeling that I am in endless vacation.

Ariana Juliao 328 days ago


What I enjoy most about riding in summer..well I will find it out !! Finally I took a step forward and bought my FIRST bike!! Even though I took this BIG step in New York City with its hectic traffic , I am going to enjoy my first riding in this summer. After work nothing better that take a ride, clear my mind and feeling that I am in endless vacation.

Ariana Juliao 328 days ago


I love the freedom of biking in the summer around Halifax. As tourist season keeps the streets congested I am able to ride with the ability to avoid traffic jams and frustration.

Dan Hanton 328 days ago

Bike Riding in the summer

Bike riding in the summer is a great stress reliever. Riding before work helps me deal with the stresses of the day.

Judy 328 days ago

quiet and peaceful

not a single gas powered vehicle on the road, you have the time and peace to really understand your surroundings.

tom 328 days ago

Layering, lack thereof

I love not having to worry about layering in the summer.

Christopher Stephens 328 days ago

Rush hour

I love passing the cars who are stuck in rush hour traffic.

David Higley 328 days ago


Early summer mornings when its just getting light out, the weather is warm, the streets are quiet. Its just you and your bike and the day ahead.

Michele Barutha 328 days ago

the heat

so hot outside, no warm up required

sean 328 days ago


I love the freedom of the open road! :)

Niccole Tapp 328 days ago

Summer Riding

Warm wind, sudden rainshowers to cool me off. Riding with the kids. Discovering new paths and enjoying old ones. Summer is SO short here, gotta take full advantage of it.

Laura Chutny 328 days ago

riding in the summer

I love riding in summer especially early morning when the sun is just coming up. It renews my senses and all is right with the world.

Peg 328 days ago


When I'm on my bike it's not about getting there, its the adventure of the ride. I like to smell the roses...

Kent W Anderson 328 days ago

summer biking

I love the fact that I can go to various parks on nice warm days and ride the bike paths or lock up my bike and hit the hiking trails or tube down the river a bit and come back and enjoy my packed lunch.....

Ashley B. 328 days ago

Warmth, wind, wonder

Summer comes and brings bright days, cool nights and my bike takes me to the places I love.

Lisa C 328 days ago

The wind in my hair

I love the feeling of wind in my hair and the freedom riding a bike gives me.

Yingfah 328 days ago

Getting there..

I love riding bike in the summer for the same reasons I do in the fall, winter and spring, it takes me where I want to go.

Kurt Franke 328 days ago


Summer rides along the beach with the ocean breeze can't be beat.

Amy 328 days ago

Riding bike

I love the weather and exercise.

cathlene dantuono 328 days ago

Being KEEN on riding my bike in the summer.

I'm KEEN on the breeze in my hair and smelling the flowers. I'm KEEN on being free from the smelly public transit. I'm KEEN on wiggling my toes while I ride my bike.

Ania 328 days ago


Gotta guard my toes.

Jeff Perry 328 days ago


I enjoy looking at the scenery! Watching the boats on the river, flowers, people walking at the parks, etc.

Kris B 328 days ago

Neighborhood Rides

I love how you see things in the neighborhood, that you would normally miss. Like flowers sprouting up in flower gardens, and waving at people as you ride by. Makes me feel like a kid again!

Barbara Mayes 328 days ago


Love the lazy hot Summer days and nights.

Ron L. 328 days ago

summer riding

I enjoy the longer days for longer rides in the summer

Deanne 328 days ago

Riding in summer

I like everything about riding in summer. More light for longer, not having to bundle up or use rain gear, more riders out on the road, more ride events happening and taking the fenders off the ride.

Seth 328 days ago


Makes me feel I'm 12 again.

Eric 328 days ago

Family fun

I love that my kids are off from school and we can all go riding as a family.

Michelle Golemi 328 days ago

The wife comes along

I'm a big bicycle-for-change supporter, but my wife doesn't follow me all the time. Either because she's scared by cars, or all the uphills in Atlanta, or maybe she's just tired. But summer is always a good time of the year for her going out to pedal with me.

Guido Lagos 328 days ago

Warm breeze

I love the warm breeze on the way downhill!

Amanda 328 days ago

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