July 22, 2013

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Cool down...

Slow down and carry tons of watermelons!!!

Derek more than 1 year ago


stop, strip, hang in the shade and drink plenty of water.

Jessica more than 1 year ago

Cucumber in the waterbottle

The best known cooling food,.. cucumber. So refreshing!

Laura Langs more than 1 year ago

Soak your shirt

In extreme heat such as when biking 80km of the Kettle Valley Railway in 40C, we would find any pool of water and just toss our shirts in and then ride as long as the cooling would last,.. and repeat.

Steve Vanderwoerd more than 1 year ago

The cool part of a hot summer ride

For a hot summer ride I just throw my shirt in the sink of water then put it on and let the wind blow through to cool my hot body.

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

The way i cool down on hot summer rides

I peel of layer after layer of clothes until I am almost…..naked.

Marina more than 1 year ago

How I cool down riding on a hot summer day

To cool down I slow down.

Grant more than 1 year ago

Cooling down on hot summer rides

If I am taking a ride on a hot summer day the only direction I choose is to the beach and jump into the surf to cool down.

Dr. Ramey more than 1 year ago

how you cool down on hot summer rides

wear wet clothing

michael lim more than 1 year ago

114 Degrees in the Shade last week!

The best way for me to cool down on a hot summer ride is with my Fresh Fiets smoothie. Cucumber,Orange + Carrots through the juicer, then into the blender with Frozen Blueberries,Cranberries and Strawberries.

Sylvia Huizinga more than 1 year ago

Summer days

I cool down in the summer by carrying panniers instead of a backpack, as well as spritzing myself with water from my bottle every once in a while if it's particularly hot!

Dan more than 1 year ago

Ocean therapy

Find the nearest ocean and get to it as soon as possible!

Jessica Mosqueda more than 1 year ago

Be Cool

It's all about attitude!!!

Dee Dee more than 1 year ago


Right after a hot ride I take my helmet off and pour water over my head, then have an adult beveridge.

Will Ashe more than 1 year ago

KEEN CNX shoes

I cool down by being hydrated and riding early in the morning or later in the evening!

Maree G more than 1 year ago

Ice, Ice ... maybe!

Lots of ice in the water in my insulated water bottle, electrolyte drink in the other bottle, and a nice, cool walk and foot soak in the river at the turn-around point of my ride.

Paul Verlaan more than 1 year ago

Two Water Bottles

One for drinking, one for squirting water on my head. I don't handle the heat very well these days, so I have to ride in the morning before it gets too hot.

Susan Christy more than 1 year ago

Spray Bottle!

I hook a spray bottle of water onto my basket and liberally spray down my kids and me on our cargo bike! Plus insulated hydroflasks for everyone.

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

Down by The River

My preference for cooling down is a dip in the river - even just dangling the feet makes everything better.

Colin more than 1 year ago

Slow ride and pool stop

To keep cool on hot days just ride slower and make a stop a the pool to enjoy the summer.

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

One Word: Watermelon

Stock up on watermelon with you cargo bike early in the day before it gets hot. Put that globe of pink goodness on ice for the day. Ride and return 4 - 6 hours later and bust it open. Yummy and cooling. But be sure to stay hydrated with plain old water all day.

Ronna more than 1 year ago

How to cool down

Dunk into the river, if I am not riding near the river, dunk the head under a faucet and hit the road. Nothing like the wind hitting the water and cooling you off.

Seth more than 1 year ago

Keep calm & stay cool

Easy, a dunk in Kootenay Lake (glacier-fed).

Dan more than 1 year ago

Just keep pedaling

Sometimes you can't avoid the sun. I usually don't notice, though, except when I have to stop. I choose my route to minimize the number of long waits at intersections.

Ted W more than 1 year ago

Find the water

I make a detour and ride along the river. It always seem (and may actually be) 10 degrees cooler there.

Marne D. more than 1 year ago


I ride slower in the shady parts.

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago

No socks, just KEENS

Love my current KEENS but the soles have worn through I have used them so much. Surprisingly they are perfect not just for the sunny days of summer but also for the soft rainy days here in Oregon (no drying time required!).

Lisa C more than 1 year ago

Stay cool?

Less Clothes!

J Leddy more than 1 year ago

water and skratch labs

I cool down on summer rides with lots of cold water and a bottle of Skratch Labs raspberry on every ride. I also ride through sprinklers whenever possible. Feels great.

Kim more than 1 year ago

evening rides are best

def try to go with evening rides, hydrate starting 24hrs ahead of time and wear the right clothes. def drink even more if in the day and not ride as fast. i stay away from booze when riding but that's a definite if i did, cuz it would just dehydrate me if i did

S.L. more than 1 year ago


Drench my t-shirt before, during and after my ride. Put ice in my thermal water bottles along with ice cold water. Take sips before, during, after.

Wing-Siu more than 1 year ago

A thermos of iced coffee for a break on the ride

And a cold fruit smoothie afterwards. And lots of water!

Ron Whitmire more than 1 year ago

Find a forest.

Pedal faster. Stay hydrated. Soy sauce packets. Find a forest.

Jacob Furchak more than 1 year ago

Keeping Cool

I rides along streets/paths either lined with trees or water, and I bring lots of water to stay hydrated too.

Kate more than 1 year ago

Ice cream & strategic water pumps!

Know where your water sources are, and a little ice cream never hurts!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

Go to my happy place

Sometimes, you can't dodge the sun, hydrate and just get out of your head.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Cool down on hot summer rides...

Shorts. T-shirt. Flops. Beer. Ice cream.

Ian more than 1 year ago

I ride later in the day

Sitting in the shade with a breeze, hopefully where there is a nice view of the lake.

HL more than 1 year ago

Cooling down...

Plenty of cold water bottles in my bag, and simply favour to ride along the Ontario lake shore where air quality is cleaner and cooler than in the Toronto downtown core.

Yannn more than 1 year ago

Keeping Cool Starts at the Core

There once was a girl on a Breezer
Who rode around town as would please her
Fret she did not
When temps would get hot
She just stored her bike shorts in the freezer

Mike Pop more than 1 year ago

Coolling Down

I live along Lake Michigan so I make sure my ride ends at a place where I can dive in on hot days!

Nancy Berté more than 1 year ago


Cool shoes for a mountain hike

tracey bombard more than 1 year ago

happy feet

My air maxes just kicked the bucket and I need new shoes

john bombard more than 1 year ago

Cool down

Take an ice cold shower after riding since it's perpetually hot and humid all summer where I live and trying to stay cool while riding is futile.

Christopher Joy more than 1 year ago

Ride faster!

For longer rides, I mix two bottles of Gatorade powder the night before, leave one in the fridge, and the other in the freezer. By the time I finished the first bottle, the frozen one will have melted to provide a nice, cold drink.

Eric more than 1 year ago

How to cool down

Dunk head in glacial melt water.

Laura Chutny more than 1 year ago


I'd go hiking til I drop!

Cory more than 1 year ago

Keeping cool

I ride through as many sprinklers as possible.

Dave more than 1 year ago

The breeze created by my own momentum

And ice water in my water bottle. But mostly the breeze, and a touch of joy.

Kim Wilton more than 1 year ago

Coolest of cool

Mojito green tea, portable water mister, & a shaved head.

danny more than 1 year ago


We make homemade lemonade every morning in the summer. We mix a couple of portable containers with half lemonade, half club soda and a bunch of ice cubes - chill that even further while we're getting ready to leave and make a point of riding in shady well-treed paths in the Toronto ravines.

Karen more than 1 year ago

cool down

My favourite way to cool down on a ride I do regularly (downtown Victoria to Colwood, 16 km round trip) is to stop at the new drinking fountain and water bottle refilling station installed last December near Atkins Rd on the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. It's the first of 9 to be installed thanks to the fundraising efforts and vision of volunteer marathon coach Tom MacDonald. (See more about his idea here: www.adropinthebucket.ca) It's a piece of infrastructure that literally had me beaming when I first saw it, and coninues to make me happy each time I stop or even ride by. Here's 3 cheers to him and to those at the Capital Regional District who went along.

Robin Rombs more than 1 year ago

Stay cool!

I cool myself without stopping. My water bottle holder secures a spray bottle with icewater and aloe which can be sprayed on my face, neck, arms and legs. It's great. The evaporation as I ride really cools me down.

Barbara MacDonald more than 1 year ago

our beautiful lake

I ride my bike from my house to Inverhuron Park on beautiful Lake Huron. I wear my bathing suit under my shorts and bike shirt. The park trails wind through cedar and pines and I often share the trails with no one but deer and rabbits. When I get hot enough, I make for a stretch of smooth flat rock where the lake is deep and reward myself with a dip in the cool clear water.

Sandy Nelson more than 1 year ago

Cooling off ...

During the ride I wear UV sleeves which wick. I also wear a wet bandana around my neck. And if I get really desperate, I squirt water from my warmest water bottle down the back of my shirt.

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Cool off

I cool off with ice coffee - the Japanese way: 1/2 the water for drip coffee over the other half ice

Mike more than 1 year ago

Those are the shoes I have always wanted

I cool off by jumping in a lake. I have been known to take my bike shoes off and walk right into a lake in my bike clothes. If I had those Keens, those would be the shoes I would be taking off.

Andrea F more than 1 year ago

KEEN Shoes

My husband usually pours water down my back when I'm not expecting it!

Lindsay more than 1 year ago

KEEN CNX shoes

I cool down with a cold shower.

Ray Stericker more than 1 year ago

Cooling down on hot summer rides.

Too keep cool I wear shorts and I take lots of water to drink along the way!

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago


I'll ride to one of the nearby lakes and maybe go for a swim or hang out in the shade.

Ryan Barry more than 1 year ago

Fashionable Cool

I wear a Skirt when I bike ride in the heat

Emilia Turner more than 1 year ago


I ride through sprinklers whenever possible and drink plenty of water.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

cool down

In New Orleans, there's really no way to cool down in the summer. The best thing you can hope for is a summer shower that will cool you off! And an ice cold beer after your ride!

James Wilson more than 1 year ago


Cold neck towel. Stays cold for a long time.

Sharon Meagher more than 1 year ago

Cool Keen

Ride the trails to the beach, enter water, and repeat.

Guy more than 1 year ago

Hot days

Stay out of the sun and off the asphalt, go for a ride in the forest, drink ice water, and wet down hair.

Stephen more than 1 year ago

cool summer

Summer is supposed to be hot and I have been looking forward to this. I am not about to complain after 8 months of cold and cool temperatures.
I sweat easily and the sweating reminds me that I am alive.
I live in Toronto and manage to get by without an AC. Fans burn very little electricity and are surprisingly effective. That is what the rest of the world have to use. Opt for the more ecological solution.
If you need to think about people who are truly hot, think about the runners. Hitting the hot pavement on each stride, flesh jiggling with each impact, losing sodium, and losing water, To stay cool, cycle instead of running.

Anthony more than 1 year ago

New cycling shoes

I could use some new Keen shoes as I just use old running shoes to ride my bicycle.

Peter Shaw more than 1 year ago

New Keens

I need new Keens as my dog chewed my present ones.

Sande MacEachern more than 1 year ago

cooling in the summer

Bike into the wind at the beginning of the trip

Lauren Deutsch more than 1 year ago

Morning rides

During the summer, I keep cool by riding in the morning, wearing breatheable fabrics and drinking lots of water. Our 6,000 feet altitude als helps.

Amy more than 1 year ago

Keen CNX shoes contest

If I know the day is going to be hot, I try to ride as early in the morning as possible, usually around 6:30 a.m. If I have to ride when it is hot, then I cool down with popsicles and water.

Darlene Stericker more than 1 year ago

How I cool down after a bike ride.

I have read some entries for the contest and many love their nice cold beer after the ride as I do, I love and look forward to a nice cold beer in a really cold glass while sitting on a recliner with my feet up. You see, I was involved in an auto accident which left me with two seriously broken legs, as a result I have hyper sensitivity in my left foot and limited range of motion in both my ankles. Finding shoes that are comfortable is very hard since after a long day of standing I feel like I have a vice grip around each of my ankles and I have no choice but to put my feet up while relaxing after a ride. Riding is the alternative of running to keep in shape and commuting to work ( I only work five miles from home so why drive). Let me sample these Keen CNX shoes and see what they can do for me, maybe I will become a fan and fill a need since they maybe could help me with my situation. Thank you for your time.

Mike M. Young more than 1 year ago

Cold cold water

Fill up water bottles halfway with water and freeze before the ride - keeps water nice and cold.

Amy more than 1 year ago

How I cool down

My cycling clubs end group rides with ice-cream or drinks. Great way to cool down!

Sara Maria more than 1 year ago

Cool Down

I typically cool down with a slow, meandering 30 min ride home...and then settlle down with a nice cold beer.

Alan Magnusson more than 1 year ago

KEEN CNX shoes.

I would love some new shoes to wear while biking!

Sondra Bernard more than 1 year ago

Cooling down

I just think of the cold beer at the end of the ride.

Jeff Perry more than 1 year ago

High Altitude

If you live beyond the front range in Colorado, the summer temps can be in the 90s. Best way to get cool? Grab your gear and get some altitude! Summer in the high country isn't so warm. The high altitude provides some fresh air and some AC ;)

Greta more than 1 year ago

Bay Area...Heat???

I ride in the San Francisco Bay Area...and do not understand with this hot summer ride is of which you speak!! However...on days when it's over 75 and I ride...I usually end up on the Larkspur to San Francisco ferry...where they serve cold beer.... COOL!

Michael Bower more than 1 year ago


Keep myself hydrated,washing face when i feel too exhausted

shyama Balachandra more than 1 year ago

How I keep cool

I keep cool on hot summer rides by freezing half a bottle of water before I leave and then filling the rest up; making my drink icy and wonderful for hours! I also soak a bandana in water and wear it under my helmet, or around my neck and resoak it occasionally. I try to choose routes with shade and often have a destination of the river or somewhere I can enjoy a swim before heading back home. There are times for a difficult, limit-pushing rides, but sometimes I just back off and enjoy a slow, easy ride.

Lenie more than 1 year ago

Cooler by the Lake

If you've ever lived in Chicago, that's a phrase you know well--and it's oh-so-true. Riding through downtown, alongside belching buses and hot cars, the heat can be overwhelming. But then you get to the lakefront trail and--ahhh! So much cooler. If I didn't have to worry about being to work on time, I'd stop at a beach along my route and jump in!

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago

Location, location, location

I do my best to find a route with a breeze. Along the river, usually.

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago