August 19, 2013

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inspiring my neighbours to bike!

I an an avid bike rider and bike almost daily. My very best friend and next door neighbour has watched me for years. About 3 weeks ago she came over to see my beautiful road bike and ask my husband who is also an avid rider, and myself a few questions about bikes. A couple of hours later she came over as excited as a small girl because she had purchased a gorgeous new bike. She loves her new bike and now her and her husband have started weekend bike rides together. We are all now going to Italy next spring for a biking holiday. I am just so happy to have inspired my friend to find the joy in bike riding!

Cathy Wolfe more than 1 year ago

Fondest memory of bike riding

Biking with my twins in their Schwinn trailer, it gives many smiles, and they enjoy it too!

Irina G more than 1 year ago

Bikes, music, and environmentalism

This summer I rode on the California Climate Ride, and wrote a new song each of the 5 days - biking on beautiful roads with beautiful people dedicated to saving the earth was an inspiration.

Tom Ayres more than 1 year ago

Fondest summer riding memory...

That ride when it didn't rain...I'm sure there was one. Maybe that was that last summer...

Tony Hauser more than 1 year ago

Cycling Theatre Festival

In July my husband and I joined the two-wheeled audience of Theatre Skam's Bike Ride festival in Victoria, BC. Twelve small theatre companies had set up little shows along the edge of a busy public trail, and we go to ride around from parks to industrial areas watching plays, puppets, poetry and song all afternoon.

Cat more than 1 year ago

Fondest summer cycling memory

Riding our xtracycle with our one year old and five year old for the first time. Seeing the smiles on other people's faces as we rode by made the moment even better. Spreading the joy (and ease) of biking!

Lindsay more than 1 year ago

Fondest summer cycling memory

After years of dreaming about it, I finally got the chance to ride Going-To-The-Sun road in Glacier National Park. I rode solo on my 1990 mountain bike - the bike I bring on summer road trips. I wore my camp shorts and shirt, Keen sandals, and a backpack. And it was one of the greatest most memorable rides I have ever had. This ride should be on every cyclist bucket list. I'm already planning a return trip with friends to go up and over and get to experience the east side of the pass.

Michael Mann more than 1 year ago

Fondest Cycling Memory of the far

My fondest cycling moment so far this season, was a weekend when my brother and sister in law came to visit me in Ottawa and we cycled the trails starting from my house all the way to The Mill Street Brewery located on the Ottawa River, stopped in for tour and craft beer, then continued on to view the Parliament and canal, finally making our way back home. The cycling trails in Ottawa are incredibly scenic!

Natalie Labbe more than 1 year ago

Fondues bike memory

My fondest memory this year was riding in New York City during their annual summer streets. The streets were closed to cars from Central Park to the Brooklyn bridge.

Judy more than 1 year ago

Have a great weekend!

It is what we say as we leave work. It’s what we intend to do. It is exactly what I did, however un-intentionally , the weekend before my EKG Stress test. I try to commute by bike to work 2-3 days a week for the National Bike Challenge 2013, but the distance and time involved lead to some days where I can’t ride. This week worked out to riding home Friday morning, to work Friday night. Saturday morning saw the first BRAGG (Bikers & Runners Against Guns & Gangs) ride in Omaha and Sunday was our Corporate Cup Cycling Challenge. While getting hooked up to the EKG machine Monday, the tech reviewed my weekend activities and I realized I had scratched out a Century weekend, with my best time in the CCCC ever, 42 hilly miles in just over 3 hours. (a good time for me!) Though the Stress test was challenging (meant to be) it was easier knowing what I had got done on the bike that weekend.

Jeff Bequette more than 1 year ago

first bike tour

I went on my first bike tour this summer. It was only from Portland to Eugene, but that was quite a trip for me. I felt so strong afterward.

Lauren more than 1 year ago

fondest summer memory

this year, my best memory so far has been biking all day from Nanoose Bay to a quiet river in Courtenay, BC, and then being really hot, walking up a trail and jumping in to let the current carry me down a beautiful beach.

Christian Huot more than 1 year ago

Fondest Summer Cycling Memory

My husband, daughter and I were testing out our new cargo bike for the first time. It was a beautiful and sunny Sunday morning as we rode on a scenic, wooden boardwalk pathway that runs alongside pristine bay wetlands near our home. The day was young and the path peaceful and uncrowded as shore birds of all varieties treated us with their graceful presence. My husband and daughter were on the cargo bike and I followed on my cross bike, the sun warming our faces as we rode. My daughter looked back at me from her seat with the largest and most joyous smile imaginable. She sat so proudly next to her daddy, feet on the running boards and hands gripping her own special set of handlebars. That smile and moment is one I'll never forget- absolute childhood bliss. My heart seemed to swell from the sheer beauty of her innocence and joy.

Alisha Oloughlin more than 1 year ago

When your heart is heavy and feel alone

Waking up one morning after a hard day at work and with no friends, felt alone and depressed. Every effort was a struggle. Coffee was bitter, and peanut butter on slice of bread even tasted spoiled. Dressed into my biking clothes and peddled up Mount Diablo. First mile, heard the birds chirping; second mile, saw cottontail rabbit run along the road; third mile, a skinny bobcat crossing the road ahead of me. The sun burned out the hazy day, and everything got brighter and clearer.Felt life breathing into me again and energized me to the summit with a satisfying smile on my face.

Jeff Mock more than 1 year ago

Fondest Memory

My fondest memory was going on a ride with my 5 year old daughter. It wasn't far and it wasn't hard but it was awesome to be together.

Travis Nelson more than 1 year ago

The fondest memory of riding this summer

My joy was to ride in the Tour da Arts in Santa Monica with hundreds of other bikers!

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

So far my fondest summer ride

Riding to the college for education without having to take the car, in a total ecological mode.

Marina more than 1 year ago

This summer’s fondest bike memory

Every day this “summer” was cool and not summery.

Grant more than 1 year ago

Fondest riding memory this summer

Making it through mid August without a flat!

Dr. Ramey more than 1 year ago

The road less travelled

I road out Indian River Road one hot Saturday. The shade of the trees made it cooler but much more humid. The rollers are so steep - I'm sure some must be over 20% - that it's a challenge to climb them on a road bike without putting a foot down and you can't let it go on the downhills because most end in a blind corner or a switchback.

Dave more than 1 year ago

Summer Fun on My Dahon

Commuting to Harlan Wolfe Ranch on my Dahon folder to teach yoga, tend the garden, and occassionally cook farm to table meals. Its a great blend of some of my favorite things to do, especially tooling around on my bike!

Joanna Zaremba more than 1 year ago

The great divide

rode from Jasper Alberta, through to Radium Hot Springs Cranbrook,Kaslo, Vernon, Kamloos, Lillooet, Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish, to Vancouver .. 3 riders, 2 weeks, priceless .. piece of cake...double-wide shoulders ..courteous drivers .. need new shoes now! thanks. 1500 +km

Jan more than 1 year ago

Family Ride

My fondest memory of riding this summer was when my mom, sister and I went for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood. I really enjoyed this ride because my mom isn't into biking or any outdoors activity and my sister had just gotten a bike. I have been trying to convince them that biking was fun for way too long and they FINALLY decided to come along. It was a great ride but when we got home my mom said that ride was her exercise for the year. I guess I'll get her to ride again next year.

Latrina more than 1 year ago

Biking home from the airport

Reagan National Airport has bike parking next to the terminal, allowing me a quick escape once arriving home. All I had was a backpack so I exited the terminal, got on my bike, and within minutes was cruising along the Potomac and into the sunset.

Joe Flood more than 1 year ago

bicycles battling cancer

My best friend and I did a group ride for the american cancer society, to raise money for cancer. I did it in honor of my Mom, and several other family members who have passed away from breast cancer, and it was such an emotional ride filled with laughter, memories and a few tears. It was great to share it with my friend who has been like a sister to me for 30 years. Definitely, the best ride of the summer for me.

jodie madeira more than 1 year ago

fondest memory of riding this summer

My fondest memory of riding this summer would be tough to choose. There have been many summer group fun rides so far. I would have to group up into the month long event locally called pedalpalooza. There were so many fun rides and getting to know new people it would be tough to limit it to one specific memory. The entire pedalpalooza would be my fondest memory this summer.

seth kreiss more than 1 year ago

Ride with baby

This summer was the first ride with our youngest. He's loved the bike since the beginning and to have the whole family rolling has been amazing.

Brad Raughley more than 1 year ago

Hometown night adventure

My roommate and I live in Los Angeles and we were traveling to Minneapolis, my hometown for a summer vacation. She wanted to see the city, so we grabbed the bikes at around 10pm and went for a night adventure. We got to see neighborhood bike ways, Downtown Minneapolis, the Mississippi river and rode along the path next to the light rail. She got to see so much of the city and it was the time of night where things were quiet and the summer breeze was just perfect. I think it showed her why Minneapolis has such a great bicycle reputation and was the best tour of the city I could imagine!

Madeline Brozen more than 1 year ago

Sausalito for Dinner

My wife and I got a sitter for the kids and took off over the GG Bridge for a ride into Sausalito for dinner. The ride there and back was much more memorable than the dinner. Considering we have some of the best restaurants a few blocks from us in SF, it was still a wonderful date night, thanks to the ride.

JJ more than 1 year ago

Neighborhood Ride

Riding out from East Van to Burnaby Heights on Adanac to teach Pilates. It's a great 20-25minute ride there and back. The return has gorgeous views of the city, and the air is so fresh in the early morning and evening - makes me love this city!

Alison Lynne Ward more than 1 year ago

Getting a new bike.

At the start of this summer, I actually went bike shopping and now have spent the summer commuting to work on a used hybrid bike. My fondest memory is probably the first time I walked into the office with my bike and everyone gushed over how "brave" I was to bike the 4 miles.

Heather more than 1 year ago

Fern Gully

A mountain bike ride in the redwoods of Mendocino County. The ranger said we were hitting the trail at its peak, he was right, it was beautiful!

Amy more than 1 year ago

Cargo Ride

A nice Sunday morning ride relaxing in the front of my husbands homemade cargo bike to the grocery store. Just us, no kids, enjoying the morning and getting groceries for a home cooked Sunday meal.

Beth more than 1 year ago

Slow Food Cycle

I went on a slow food cycle tour it was really fun and the community feel was great, so many people had unique accessories for their produce.

Emilia more than 1 year ago

Summer Rains Bring Sweet Ride

It's hot in Arizona in the summer. My most memorable rides are not usually in July or August,but this summer was different. My four kids and I took advantage of a freakishly cool overcast morning and rode about five miles round trip to our favorite bakery. We enjoyed danishes, croissants, and cookies. On the way home it was still cool for 10 am so we played at the park before pedaling home. My kids have begged to go again, but it will have to wait until October.

Rachael B more than 1 year ago

Bar Harbor to Pembroke, ME

We tried to bike the rail trail from Bar Harbor to Machias, but found that it was peak black fly season and the hottest day of the year in Maine. We left the trail and took roads instead, trading flies and dust for cars. But as we turned on to our host's street, still 2 miles to go on a 105 mile day, the sun was setting over the mountains, the ocean was glistening, there was a cool breeze and our exhaustion turned into exhilaration. Those two miles made the other 103 worth it.

Alyssa Koomas more than 1 year ago

Jim and I

My buddy, Jim, and I had a quiet ride through the country. Jim and I have been frends for years, and we are both cyclists, but life's demands only let us get together every few months or so. The joy of a great ride, great fun and just catching up made our ride one for the memory bank.

Mark Pace more than 1 year ago

son flying down the beach

i towed my son in his recumbent wee-goo trailer home from his summer camp. we went along the great highway, and he had a great time "flying" arms wide open, enjoying the ride. if i can only get him to help me pedal more!

steve hong more than 1 year ago

buttetfeild acres

I enjoyed a family bikeride to the petting zoo. We had a great time ridding through huge puddles and petting the animals.

tracey bombard more than 1 year ago

Como Park

My favorite ride this summer was riding to Como Park in St. Paul, MN. I ride around Lake Como in the park, which is chock full of waterfowl, insects and various fauna. The bike path winds around the lake and is usually not full of bikers. The park also has a bandstand where jazz is often played evenings. The ride can be accomplished by riders of any skill level. I enjoy stopping by a bench to sit and look at the placid water. I've discovered new species of birds along the bank, and of course, I enjoy taking in sights of joggers and passersby. Riding my bike allows me to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors at my own pace.

Renoir Gaither more than 1 year ago

East Boothbay Lunch Run

My favorite ride of the summer - so far - was riding to the East Boothbay General Store from Ocean Point with my spouse in June. It's about a 10-mile round trip, along the rocky coast of Maine, then inland with the occassional glimpse of the ocean. The day was ideal, dry and warm. The route is a good mix of hills and flats, sun and shade, very little traffic. We had a great ride, a delightful lunch, and a beutiful return trip, before heading over to Botthbay harbor for a little kayaking.

Ted more than 1 year ago

Museum Piece on 2 Wheels

I've been catching glimpses of a man who is out on his high wheeled tall bike riding around my neighborhood in Denver. This summer on my commute home, I caught up to this phantom antique rider and we shared stories of riding city streets and our mutual love of bicycles. At one point we pulled into a parking lot an I gave his ride a spin (not an easy feat!). I have a much greater appreciation for the years of design and engineering that have resulted in the cushy commuter ride I am able to enjoy daily.

Alexxandra more than 1 year ago

Something you could only see on a bicycle

I was doing a two-week, self-contained trip up the Pacific Coast to San Francisco this summer. One of the nights, I camped in San Simeon. It had been a short day of riding, so I had plenty of energy and some time to kill, so I decided to ride a little more up the coast to go see the infamous elephant seals. It was neat, the seals were massive, but most of them were asleep. I decided it was time to get some food and set up camp, so I started back to the state park where I was camping. Along the way, maybe a mile south of the seal lookout, I heard some really loud seal calls. I pulled off to the side of the rode and watched a several of them swimming around a small cove. Some were feeding, and I could see them come back up with something in their mouths. A pair of them was fighting in the water, grunting and splashing and hammering one another with their tusks and teeth. After watching for a while, a few cars sped past me and pulled me back from the trance I had been in. That's when it hit me: this was a section of the highway where cars could not pull over; and pedestrian paths were forbidden on this section of beach to preserve the wildlife. I was the only person to witness the elephant seals being active in the water; and it was precisely because I was riding my bicycle that day.

Chris Murphy more than 1 year ago

Bike Race

My favorite cycling moment this year was a local 24 hour community building bike race in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. I was awake for 38 hours straight, rode 121 miles and completed nearly 20 bonus stop activities which included, metal welding, creating a video for a local non-profit that trains homeless youth to be bike mechanics and played bike polo!

Jessica N more than 1 year ago

Bike trip to Salem

First time working this summer in Salem. Got a trail bike, awesome 30 miles ride, I couldn't ask for more, New England is the best state to ride a bike during summer time. Unforgettable, stopping at the end to Rockport and Newburyport.

Ana Garza more than 1 year ago

Tandem Ride

My wife and I went on our longest tandem ride last month. 46 miles round trip to a picnic at the Chicago Botanical Gardens and a stop off at the beach on the way home!

Casey more than 1 year ago


I have a 34 km round trip bicycle commute. My favourite summer ride was passing a Maserati on the way into work. My humble hybrid bike decked out with a basket beats a fancy Italian sportscar :)

Karen Ward more than 1 year ago

Bike trip in Porteuf

We ride with the family a loop from Québec to Riviere a Pierre, Jolliette and Victoriaville. The best stop of the trip was Les Hauteurs de Porneuf where only cyclist are welcome by the bike path.

David Viens more than 1 year ago

Blueberries' bike route

There is, along the shores of St-Jean's Lake (Province of Quebec), a bike toute called "Véloroute des bleuets" (which I liberally translated by Blueberries' bike route). There is great scenery to see there, people offer warm welcome and, of course, there is good blueberries to eat!

On of the best part of the bike route is about 5 kilometers east of St-Henri de Taillon, on the north shore of the lake. There, the bike path is windering through a nice forest with a couple of gentle hills. It's a pleasure for anyone who sometime dreams of being a professional bicyle rider... :-)

Alexandre St-Laurent more than 1 year ago

Fondest memory so far

I was commuting home last wednesday and usually there is a head wind all the way but that day there was not, the sun was shining and the breeze was nice and I rode 15 miles with an ear to ear smile on my face. Riding home can feel like a chore some days but that day it was sweet.

Albert Araujo Jr more than 1 year ago

More than I expected so soon..

I hadn't been on my bike in several years but decided to start commuting by bike. Are started on a Tuesday and by Friday I was able to ride the full 13+ miles to work despite the significant climb on the way there. It wasn't a fast commute but still way more than I expected I could do that soon.

Kelly Pearson more than 1 year ago

Riding in the summer...

My favorite ride so far this summer has been riding home in the rain one evening, with my husband. We were sweltering all day at work, and it was lovely and so refreshing to feel the rain! We were seeking out puddles to ride through and laughed our whole way home!

Alexandra Ling more than 1 year ago

short bike trip with friends

Friends who teach English in Korea came over to visit and we did a short bike trip in southern Ontario. It was good for me to get outside Toronto.

Anthony more than 1 year ago

Fondest memory of riding this summer!

My fondest memory of riding this summer was when I got a new battery for my E-Bike. You see, I have permanent damage to both legs and use my E-Bike for therapy. By having the convenience of pedal assist, I can ride with my family, go shopping, go riding to the local convenient store to buy slurpees with my step son, go to the beach nearby, go to the local movie kiosk and rent movies with the family. You see by having this bike we turn my therapy into an enjoyable moment, it sure beats riding a stationary bike. My family is so understanding of my therapy and encourage me by turning therapy into memorable, quality time with the family. My whole summer was a fond memory!!!

mike young more than 1 year ago

early morning

Early morning commute in February, -20, I stopped to adjust my gloves and had 2 other riders stop to ask if I was ok. The cycling community is fantastic.

john bombard more than 1 year ago

Manhan Rail Trail

I've really enjoyed riding on the Manhan Rail Trail. So peaceful and goes by many scenic and historic points of interest.

Howell more than 1 year ago

Breakfast/Brunch rides

My fondest memory of riding so far this summer is weekend breakfast/brunch rides with my husband. Delicious pastries and high quality coffee at artisan style restaurants made my morning rides really fun. Additionally, bike rides diminished my guilty feeling of having sweet stuffs. :)

YY Lim more than 1 year ago

English Bay outdoor concerts and movies

Riding from Point Grey to West Vancouver and back; along beaches, through parks, and over the Lions Gate bridge. Went to several of the Harmony Arts Festival's free outdoor concerts and movies by the beach. Watched Spirit of the West then Life of Pi in my raingear; just a light warm shower, the first rain after Vancouver's record setting dry spell.

Stephen C. more than 1 year ago

MultiModal Mondays

My best rides of the year involve taking my bike and my buddies down to Minneapolis on the NorthStar Commuter Train. We rode our bikes to the train, transfered to the Light Rail before heading on out to Minnehaha Falls and the Minneapolis lakes. Good time in a great bicycle city.

Kurt Franke more than 1 year ago

Healing Ride

My first ride after getting out of the hospital was in Lanesboro MN last week on a most beautiful day and on a newly redone trail. I was in heaven to be there and able to ride again.

Cathy more than 1 year ago

Riding back from the party

After a great bbq and party, meeting lots of cool people, making new friends, I rode the 10+ miles across town to my new place. Gorgeous night weather, bike route all the a dream! I smile just remembering it!

Brent Stewart more than 1 year ago

Evening bike ride and lake swim

Went for an evening bike ride with a friend down a local trail followed by a dip in the lake to cool off and then biked back during sunset ... great evening ride!

Wendy more than 1 year ago

Keen CNX

Green is my favorite colour :)

Debbie more than 1 year ago

Speeding through my neighbourhood

I recently got a new ebike and I have been able to cover further distances with it so I have explored so much of my neighbourhood. Its been fun to see it all.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Biking everyday

My fondest memory of biking this summer, is proving to myself I could do everything I used to do by taking the bus or driving a car. Sometimes it takes a little planning and getting the right gear. But it is something I intend on doing for as long as I am able to.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Riding in the rain!

This summer in Atlanta has been rather wet and so most of my summer riding has had a dose of rain. My favorite was the Atlanta Streets Alive in May!

Amber more than 1 year ago

This Summer = No Training Wheels for my Girls

This summer's best biking memory has been that of watching my soon-to-be-kindergarteners leave training wheels behind and take their first independent rides. While a sliver of their innocence and sense of invulnerability is gone, seeing their pure joy and confidence in being able to ride JUST LIKE GROWN-UPS is priceless. Their absolute glee in piloting themselves to the park, or ice cream shop, or coffeehouse with us has been the best part of the summer. I still can't get over how much it has meant to them to be independent and know that they can tackle a challenge like this that is legitimately difficult and more than just a little dangerous. I'm very proud of them, and I'm thrilled that they're learning to love life on a bike, just like me.

Jarrod Fischer more than 1 year ago

fondest riding memory

just being a fun way to exercise while hanging with friends

lisa mcfarland more than 1 year ago

fondest memory of riding this summer

I went on the lucha libre mask cruiser ride for the first time this year - I loved seeing the joy (and confusion!) on the faces of the people we passed.

Elaine more than 1 year ago

The Bison Ride

While taking a peppy 30 miler on our local trail, I came upon a large field with at least 10-15 majestic bison grazing, sleeping, and generally enjoying the summer weather.

Ken more than 1 year ago


Fondest ride has been taking my daughter home from dinner with friends. I glanced back at her in the trailer and she was kicked back, feet up on the lip of the trailer, just taking it all in- the twilit sky, the fresh air, the bike powered breeze in her face. She was happy.

Guy more than 1 year ago

Noisemaker ride

This summer our bike group organized monthly full moon ride. The best was July's noisemaker-themed ride, with over 25 people out dinging their bells, honking their horns, and playing their cat-synthesizers on their ipads.

Sara Maria D. more than 1 year ago

Traveling Garage Sale

We were given a hand made bike cart from one of our neighbors last fall. We have loved using it for the grocery store, and our 4 year old loves going for rides around the neighborhood in it. I needed to take some small furniture, and other odds and ends to that same neighbors garage sale and I loaded up the bike trailer. I looked like a traveling garage sale and everybody got quite the kick out of it. I love my bike and my neighborhood and this is one of my best riding memories this summer.

Jules more than 1 year ago

With my Beach-Cruiser bike in the country ...

My favorite moment this summer is when I take my Beach-Cruiser bike ; my Sparker Electra bike ; and I enjoy having a ride in the country. No noise and no car it's all right. I like the wind in my hair when I have a ride ...

BURINE OLIVIER more than 1 year ago

Trail Improvements

My fondest riding memory was actually off the bike. A local trail had a big drop from bridge to gravel and was near impossible to cross with a child trailer. My 4 year old son and I stopped one day and built a nice ramp out of board and stone. Right as we finished, some bikes came along and used the ramp right in front of my son. The look on his face was priceless. So proud.

Aaron more than 1 year ago

Summer memory

My Favorite moment this summer was riding around the Superdome here in New Orleans with about 30 people from NOLA Social Ride after installing Cycle Lights. It was amazing! Wheels lit up in different colors and smiles everywhere as we rode.

James Wilson more than 1 year ago


I had many pleasant rides along the Norwottuck Rail Trail near where I live.

Eugenie more than 1 year ago

Mountain biking and camping

Went out into the woods and camped near some waterfalls in Elk Creek, ID. There were trails all around and we went down every single one of them! Saw some wildlife, got some air, stood above some waterfalls — it was awesome and I intend to do it again.

Aaron Couch more than 1 year ago

Fondest memory

My fondest memory of riding this summer was during work, teaching at-risk youth children how to ride bikes on trails. It was their first time riding off paved roads. It was really inspiring how much they enjoyed it. They also got a dose of nature. We took them to one of the local State Parks. This memory will last forever watching these young men slowly improve their lives.

Danny Smith more than 1 year ago

Car Free since June

I relate very much to Annette. I have been commuting daily since June and I have not driven to work once (even in rain and heat). I am so proud of this accomplishment. I favorite memory thus far this summer happened yesterday. I had just loaded up my Burley Travoy trailer on my Brompton at Costco and was starting my journey home. I saw a beaver running through the grass! This is my first beaver sighting in my life and I never would have seen it had I been driving to Costco instead of biking. :)

Amber more than 1 year ago

fav summer 2013 biking memory

My favourite summer of 2013 cycling memory is when my wife and I went for a relatively short trek through a new subdivision that built the bike path FIRST... it was great to spend time with her and we also saw a blue heron, lots of other song birds and 3 deer because it was twilight. So great.

jacob birch more than 1 year ago

Bike Stolen/Bike Replaced

my happiest memory from this summer is not a ride; it'll be the memory of my beloved (brand new, first 'real' bike, a specialized vita sport) getting stolen on a thursday and by sunday, being presented with a secretly collected fund generated by 25 of my friends that (more than) replaced my bike.

Letha more than 1 year ago

riding at all

I wasnt supposed to be riding after an accident last fall, but I have been able to ride some

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

In training

I am in training to ride from the city to the beach, big thrill to get it done!

Maree more than 1 year ago

Commuting Daily

For the first time since I started riding my bike regularly, I have been commuting every single day to work.For the last 4 months, I have commuted, and it has changed my life. So although it is not one memory, it is a summer's worth of memories that are linked to one goal, one accomplishment, and one killer sense of satisfaction. I plan to keep commuting, even through the winter.

Annette more than 1 year ago

My first time on CitiBike

It made me realize that biking can be an ordinary way to get from A to B, not an adventure. Which made it even more of an adventure.

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago

Keen riders

My fondest memory of riding so far this summer - without a doubt, is our ride from Port Credit along the lakeshore trail to downtown Toronto. Stopping off to watch the sunset, a beautiful Saturday early evening, intercepting the happy crowds at the Caribbean festival and the longest ride we've done so far.

Karen more than 1 year ago