June 24, 2013

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Favorite Place for Summer Ride

Anyplace where we can get a smoothie or ice cream to motivate us to continue.

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

My Fav place to ride

I wish to ride to beach this year having my tandem with twins, my 16 yo daughter on her bike and my husband on his bike as well! We have beach chairs that are backpacks, so it's all doable! Wish me luck!

Irina OrangeGaryFisherRider more than 1 year ago

Favorite ride

On a hot day, riding to the nearest forest with a bike and a blanket.

Thom more than 1 year ago

favorite ride

anywhere with my awesome wife and our four year old in-tow attached with her co-pilot.

christopher jason roper more than 1 year ago

My favorite destination

My favorite destination to ride to by bike in the summer is to the river for a relaxing day of fishing and swimming! A close second is riding to a nearby city and enjoying exploring in the historical district for awhile before cooling off with an ice cream cone. Traveling by bike is the best!

Lenie more than 1 year ago

My favorite place to bike in summer is...

In the quiet stillness of the backroads of the pine forest

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

Where I want to bike this summer

Hey, look at my name and you will see that my favorite destination to bike to in the summer is in and about all the wonderful boats, sea craft, restaurants, piers, docks in the: MARINA!

Marina more than 1 year ago

Summer bike destination of choice

With all the warm weather, blue skies, clear air, any bike destination is the favorite of the moment.

Grant more than 1 year ago

My Favorite Summer Bike Destination

It is so obvious, but I will write it in words: THE BEACH!

Dr. Ramey more than 1 year ago

Keen CNX Shoes

My favorite destination to ride to by bike, any season, is our weekly ride to Costco. It's an hour long bike ride, each way, half of it through wetlands where we often stop to birdwatch, turtle watch,and search for otters we've heard are there. This ride is especially fun in the summer because my children, ages 9 and 7, ride along too. Once there, we treat ourselves to berry smoothies (the boys) and an iced latte (myself and hubby). By the time we get home, I feel like wonder woman for carrying the usual large load home, and the boys are tired and calm the rest of the day!

Mistee St Clair more than 1 year ago


I would like to travel theoughout Vancouver, BC. Everywhere is scenic.

Jeff Summers more than 1 year ago

south-east France (Provence, Cote d'Azur)

Provence is a magical place to visit. Yes, you must more than a rudimentary knowledge of French to take full advantage of your trip.
An excellent tertiary road network, exemplary directional signage and patient drivers (vis-a-vis cyclists anyway) make it a safe region for biking.
The Provencal cuisine, wild lavender by the roadside and impeccably maintained old villages make it a bewitching experience.
It will take a chunk of change. And you need lots of vacation time (3 weeks is best) to amortize the trans-Atlantic flight. One person can do it camping (you need to speak French well) or two persons can split the cost of a hotel room provided that you organize bookings 3 or 4 months in advance.
You will need just 2 rear panniers if you are disciplined, use quick dry clothes, do some hand laundry every night and travel during the summer.
In my opinion, the Cote d'Azur is lower down on the cycle touring quality scale.
The Cote d'Azur is closer to the conventional tourist action so poses more challenges. However, provided that you stay away from the coast, you can keep your accommodation costs down.
Be also aware that it is a dry region so during the summer there are frequent forest fire alerts and fires that could result in advisories not to travel certain stretches of roads. In addition, it is an industrial region meaning that some of the towns lack beauty.
But "depaysement" is an integral part of travelling. And you won't be lacking in that by visiting this region.

Anthony more than 1 year ago

Bike to Bagels

One of my favorite rides is along the Burke Gilman trail as it winds through the University of Washington campus. My Sunday morning destination is my bagelry place where I enjoy a tasty, toasty bagel with my fav schmear and a hot cuppa coffee. The ride back is fully charged!

Marti Smithsund more than 1 year ago

Favorite place to ride

My favorite place to ride is an awesome loop that passes by a beautiful overlook of Thatcher Park on the outskirts of Albany, NY. It also goes by an apple orchard. The views are amazing.

Selena more than 1 year ago


These look like the lace design will stay out of the chain. WIll they outperform my cheap velcro runners from WalMart - let me try them to find out!

Michael Fisher more than 1 year ago

Cute shoes

Most of the time I wear sandals in the summer while bicycling, but these are pretty cute, too.

Erin Snow more than 1 year ago

Bike date night

We love biking along the lake. We wave at the Strava riders as we pass them in our Keens, mixte bikes and wearing a skirt. Then we hop over to a brew pub for a light lunch, perhaps a stop at our favorite LBS.

mae more than 1 year ago

Quiet hilltown

I like to bike on the back country roads of my town to the local food coop. They have great brownies!

Howell more than 1 year ago

Favorite place to ride

Favorite place to ride is 15 to 20 miles south of my house to the Williamatte river. Nice to have a cool dunk and then hop back on the bike.

Seth more than 1 year ago

Favorite Summer Ride

I like to start my day by peddling to a secluded forest in the middle of my town. Not many people know it exists, so it becomes a quiet and scenic ride along the overgrown bike paths. Sometimes the best places to visit are right in your backyard.

Helena Best more than 1 year ago

Favorite Summer Ride

Hitting the North Bend section of Rails 2 Trails in WV. The scenery is spectacular and the old railroad tunnels offer a cool respite from the heat. Some are said to be haunted by many that have traveled these routes and very dark and long as well. Wildlife abounds and quaint small towns dot the landscape. My little piece of "Almost Heaven."

Michael Smith more than 1 year ago

Route 66

Riding the historic route 66 in Santa Monica, CA waving to the touristas in the open top double decker sightseeing buses

Dan more than 1 year ago

East Van Cruising

When not riding around east van on a hot summer day i head to wreck beach (where else! :))

Rebecca more than 1 year ago

Beltline Trail to Evergreen Brickworks

I love taking a shady bike trail to the farmer's market on Saturday mornings!

Kate Dykman more than 1 year ago

Mackinac Island, MI

Once you get to the non-touristy parts of the island you get to relax and take in the great views and breezes!

Kyna more than 1 year ago

Vancouver, BC

Late on warm, still evenings riding home through the city when everything is quiet and encounters are random.

Taya more than 1 year ago

Country roads

I like riding around on the rural roads of my small town.

Eugenie more than 1 year ago

Favorite summer ride destination

My favorite destination in the summer is riding down the residential streets and on the greenway to the river on a Thursday night with our weekly crew of riders.

Christopher Joy more than 1 year ago

San Juan Islands in the Summer!

amazing riding, very few cars and slower pace of life. i like the 'no spandex zone' on Lopez Island as well

eric stobin more than 1 year ago

Sabula, Iowa

The island city is magical any time of year, but especially during the summer.

Michael Lemberger more than 1 year ago

Winnipeg, Manitoba

My favourite place to bike to is Assiniboine Park, because the ride to get there is as lovely as the destination.

Rebecca Hadfield more than 1 year ago

Biking in SF

It's chilly in the summer in SF! Good time to head to the Mission or the Castro where it's sunny year-round. Golden Gate park is glorious, but it can get foggy this time of year.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

Anywhere in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is so well connected by bike lanes and bike trails. It's a breeze to pop on to the bike and enjoy the ride to the market, or to meet friends at the pub!

Amber Procaccini more than 1 year ago

to the parks!

In the summer the city parks become the main social areas. Lounging and games. Dogs and popsicles.

Lauren more than 1 year ago

Down to the park

I love to go out with my girlfriend who is still new to biking and just ride over to the park. We just ride along chatting and enjoying each others company on two wheels. Its lovely.

Rick Pasley more than 1 year ago

Go on a Friday Date

I pick up the wife on our tandem on Fridays. We cruise around then head to dinner after.

J Gaerlan more than 1 year ago


beach, breeze and sea! my favorite destination to ride to by bike. take a long ride in bike just to see the waves crashing on the rocks-

Arian more than 1 year ago

Summer biking

My wife and I love biking to Alki beach here in Seattle, with our kids on the back of our longtail and a picnic to boot!

Marshall more than 1 year ago

favorite destination to ride to by bike in the summer

Trails within a forest

Michael Lim more than 1 year ago

Riding my bike in the summer

My favorite place to ride is anywhere that gets me outside. Most frequently I ride my bike downtown to do my banking, go to the library, pick up groceries or fresh stuff from the farmers market.

Pam more than 1 year ago

Favorite summer destination

Love Rock Creek Park in Washington DC!

Amy T more than 1 year ago

Anywhere my copilot wants to go...

"To the park, daddy". Thus far, the park has become our favorite place to ride to this summer. Although it's closely followed by, "daddy, splash park" and "daddy, library." My daughter loves the outdoors and riding the park has become our favorite activity this summer.

Steve more than 1 year ago

Favourite Desination

I like to ride through Taylor Creek Park in Toronto.

Tanya more than 1 year ago


My doggy chewed up my cycling shoes. I could definitely use a new pair as I will keep them away from my doggy.

Peter Shaw more than 1 year ago

New Keens

My previous Keens have worn out after many years of use. I would love to win a new pair. Keep cycling!! :)

Sande MacEachern more than 1 year ago

Hiram Chittenden Locks

I love biking along the ship canal linking Lake Union and Shilshole Bay in Seattle Going to the locks is a favorite destination to see the boats, ships and sometimes log booms been raised and lowered to account for the tides and sea level. Those boats are captive in the locks chambers where we visitors can peer in their portholes, oogle the brass and wave to the passengers. See how the floating world lives!

Ronna Dansky more than 1 year ago

Toronto Islands

I love riding to the the islands off Toronto.

Steve more than 1 year ago

Fav summer ride

My favorite summer ride is our "strawberry tandem ride". My wife and I hop on our tandem bike with panniers on board and ride to one of our local Connecticut Valley strawberry fields. In no time at all we've loaded up enough berries for weeks worth of smoothies, summer salads and other berry-fueled treats. Long days, "sharing the road" and panniers full of summer - it doesn't get any better!

Gary Briere more than 1 year ago

Golden Gate Bridge!

I love riding to the gorgeous bridge to watch how the fog rolls in or out below. I need solid shoes like the Haven CNX because, as Mark Twain noted, the coldest winter he experienced was a summer in San Francisco :-)

Janie more than 1 year ago


I ride to campus basically every day, meaning I no longer have to use public transportation!

Jake more than 1 year ago

Hills in the Prairie

Riding the rolling hills of southeastern South Dakota. Doesn't get much better than sunset out here

Travis Linneweber more than 1 year ago

Bike Riding in the summer

My favorite ride in the summer is along the Waterfront Trail in Cornwall, ON.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

walk the dogs.

I would take the dogs to the off leash park

travey bombard more than 1 year ago


Walk everywhere all the time

John Bombard more than 1 year ago

Going to the park.

We have a beautiful park on the lake, Couchiching Beach Park so I like to bike there. Sometimes I take my lunch and watch the boats.

Allan Harmsworth more than 1 year ago

Tunari Shoes

I love riding to Toronto Island so these shoes would be perfect.

Guy more than 1 year ago


My favourite summer ride is through Pacific Spirit Park to Spanish Banks and along the beach to the Jericho Sailing Centre for dinghy racing or RVYC for keelboat racing

Stephen Chessor more than 1 year ago


Its not the destination, its the journey

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

Favorite Summer Roll

My favorite place to ride my bicycle in the summer is at Lake Mirror in Lakeland, FL. There is so much history and art and culture that I feel very connected. I have a tendency to lose my thoughts at the lake and find peace.

BeFly Bike Tours more than 1 year ago


My favorite ride this summer is around Audubon Park and then to the juice bar or snowball stand, depending on what sounds better that day!

James Wilson more than 1 year ago

Dave and Andy's Homemade Ice Cream

Nothing puts an exclamation point on a fun family ride like a stop for some homemade local ice cream! Try their "horchata" flavor, if you ever get the chance!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

Great Allegheny Passage

A campground near West Newton, PA on the Great Allegheny Passage for bike camping!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Ridge Meadows

I love my training rides around the rural parts of Maple Ridge & then looping back through the flats of Pitt Meadows.

Ryan Barry more than 1 year ago

Cow Bay

I love to ride along the Atlantic ocean from Eastern Passage to Cow Bay in Nova Scotia. Besides the beautiful scenery you have the nice ocean breezes and the ocean smell. There are many spots you can stop to take a break and watch the surf.

Dan Hanton more than 1 year ago

Barefoot rider?

Riding at the beach is great

Barbara more than 1 year ago

Ride to the Trails

My favorite ride in the summer is to the trails (some on-road, some paved off-raod) and then on the mountain biking trails (single-track, challenging) near my place! AMAZING! I can spend a full day on the trails out on the bike. Forests are also a great place to be to enjoy but not get burned by the sun!!

Erica more than 1 year ago

Riding my bike makes me feel young and happy!!! LOVE riding!

Riding my bike makes me feel young and happy!!! LOVE riding!

Irene Adams more than 1 year ago

Fave summer ride: Fort Ord National Monument!

The Fort Ord National Monument in Monterey County, California has miles of both paved and dirt trails. It's loaded with wildlife and in summer has the perfect climate for riding.

Nicole more than 1 year ago

Best Destination

It might be weird, but my favorite summer destination is work. I get to ride a beautiful gravel path lined with trees and marshes rather than stare at billboards along the highway.

Chris more than 1 year ago

Summer destination

I love riding to get ice cream in the summer!

Amanda Bobbitt more than 1 year ago

Fave Summer Destination

The International Bike and Hike Trail along the river and Lake Osoyoos, between orchards and vineyards in Osoyoos, BC.

Laura Chutny more than 1 year ago

Forks of the Credit

I love Forks of the Credit Provincial Park - fast descents, challenging climbs, excellent road surfaces and beautiful surroundings!

James more than 1 year ago

Favorite Summer Ride

My favorite Summer ride starts in Providence and goes to the Connecticut border (and back.) It's only a 60 mile round trip by the route I take, but it means that I've biked across an entire state! (even it it's only Rhode Island).

CarFreePVD more than 1 year ago


My favourite place to ride is up to Artist Point at Mt Baker. It's a tough climb, but the view is outstanding. Plus the look of awe on the faces of those who drove up makes me feel like I did something special.

Janna more than 1 year ago

Big Sur

Biking into Big Sur and camping there is a better way to experience the place than driving. I hope to get down there sometime this summer.

Wendy Peabody more than 1 year ago

FAvorite summer destination

Winter or summer, it's the Bicycle Bridge at Marina del Rey, which carries the Marvin Braude bike path from the causeway to Playa del Rey. On a clear day, you can see the San Gabriel Mountains beyond the vast hum of Los Angeles to the east, and the bright blue Pacific to the west, and thousands of cyclists rolling by on everything from the latest carbon racers to rusted 80-year-old roadsters, and everyone looking happy. The ride there along Ballona Creek is delightful too.

Rick Risemberg more than 1 year ago

Favorite Summer Biking Destination?

Probably Central Park (though that's not really any different from any other time of year).

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago