May 5, 2014

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Ortlieb Classic Wave Panniers

Sweet looking and practical at the same time. Got a 17 mile commute in Spokane, WA that can mean just about any conditions. Just what I need for to haul my sticks and look cool too. Make my friends jel.

Dennis Todaro 222 days ago

One Less Car

I live in rain-couver. It is wet for 11 months and need panniers to ensure daily commute is dryer. I would be able to carry groceries, clothes, plants, books, food, camping gear, camera, vegetables, fruits, tools & rain gear.

M Loo 223 days ago

Groceries and plants

I always end up buying more food or plants than I originally intended to get at the store, then I have to creatively find space on my bike to carry them1

Laura Guillon 224 days ago

i would give them to a friend who is selfless and helpful who cannot afford to buy them herself😊

i would give them to a friend who is selfless and helpful who cannot afford to buy them herself

bruce 224 days ago

Wedding present

My wife and I just got married in January. For our honeymoon we are planning on buying a pair of touring bikes and planning our own week long tour this summer, hopefully visiting many of the people whose gifts allowed us to buy the bikes. In addition, we will always have the bikes to take more trips on in the future, including anniversaries! These panniers would help us on our trip and could be our wedding present from you! We'd be eternally grateful and thank and think of you every trip we took together.

Sean Condon 224 days ago

like a car trunk

I would use it as I use my car trunk : put bags in it I can remove easily.

franz lefort 224 days ago

ortlieb panniers

I would use them to carry stuff on my bike home f4om store. Knowing that weather would be no problem.

Brian Martin 224 days ago

so my back can stop getting so sweaty!

Need panniers so I can stop using my single messenger bag that getsmy back all sweaty!
And so I can grab more on grocery trips, go bike touring with my own stuff instead of using bf's panniers.

Dianne 224 days ago


To use when I go to the store. To put grocery in.

R. Rottman 224 days ago

Lovely design

I have a few sets of panniers on several bikes. For big loads I rock my Yuba Mundo.
Many of the responders to this contest are much more deserving of this prize. Seriously y'all, backpacks are for walkers.
That said, I think these are lovely panniers and worlds more attractive than anything I've seen from Ortlieb. If by chance I do win the contest they'll be used everyday on my city bike and on every infrequent :-( bike tour.

Robi pochapin 225 days ago


I have a rack on my Surly but have been packing my gear in a backpack and never had Panniers. I hall a lot of stuff in my backpack. Tools, sun glasses, iPad, pens and pencils, books, toothbrush, floss, gum, camera, SPF 30, ibuprofen, Oh! And never leave the house without Baby Wipes :p The list goes on. I can dig in my back pack and find gifts and treasures I forgot I had :) With all of my necessities to survive a week if I need to on my bike. I still need to manage to find room for my lunch everyday at work. I like my own food :) I sometimes don't take all I wish because it is so crowded in my pack. And, well, there are just some foods you can't stuff into a backpack and be happy eating them later. I have looked at a lot of Panniers. But I can't decide on one. Things like that drive me crazy tying to pick one. If I win the Panniers. It will solve a plethora of my biking woes. Two important ones would be... I would not need to pick what Panniers I want. This will be done for me :) And most important...I can pack a banana for lunch and not eat it with a spoon after my commute to work :):):)

Jon Pierce 225 days ago

Sports equipement

As I expand my biking from work to other activities I need more room to carry all my equipment. Soccer and basketball gear as well as groceries would go great in this carrier

Wendy 225 days ago

My bike is my car

Since I do everything by bike I am always in need of good accessories. My panniers are finally wearing out after years and years of use. Yesterday I carried approximately 30 pounds of stuff! I especially could use panniers that close like these do - I'm using old open-top grocery panniers for everything and securing the contents can get tricky.

Jacquelyn Luta 225 days ago

More bike less car

I've worn out two sets of panniers myself, and now my wife is leaving her car parked most of the time. But we don't have quite enough carrying capacity for the trips to the farmers' market or the mall! A set of Ortliebs would keep her from reaching for that car key more than once a month! Especially since she loves rain riding but hasn't any waterproof bike luggage...yet.

Richard Risemberg 225 days ago

Finally worn my old ones out.

It is with huge regret I have to announce the demise of a dear friend and travelling companion. My Ortlieb classic roller panniers have succummed to the ravages of time they've only lasted 15years! In those years they have toured, commuted, shopped, been used in a canoe and always come through unscathed. It was on my last tour that the fabric wore through and now sports an unsightly patch.

Les Crook 225 days ago

yyc climate

I have to wear full winter gear for my ride to work but the ride home is gorgeous. So I have a backpack stuffed to the brim on my ride home on my already tired shoulders n

john 225 days ago

Expanding Fun

Winning would be enjoyable as my current trunk is enough for work clothes but hitting the library or farmers market to bring a loaf or cabbage and a bottle to a picnic or dinner would be fun.

Paul Wirsing 225 days ago

school books

I have to take stuff back and forth from school on my bike. This would allow my hands to be free.

joyce s. 225 days ago

Way to Commute

OK, I'm retired, but whenever I am at my daughter's city dwelling, I need to ride to the store for supplies. Ortlieb and me, now that would be just fine.

Ken 225 days ago


My backpack is quite heavy on my back everyday I ride to work, this would take the pressure off and I'm also starting to get a tool kit and I could keep that stuff in the other pannier.

Ashley B 225 days ago

Biking from D.C. to Pittsburgh

I have just finished up a semester internship in Washington D.C. and I am planning to depart in a week on a bike trip from D.C. to Pittsburgh along the Great Allengheny Passageway! Approximately 500 miles of just me, my bike, and the world. I am very excited. But in assembling my gear and outfitting my bike, I am have encountered a difficulty familiar to all of us: equipment is expensive. A pair of panniers would be an absolute blessing, and enable me to push through with my trip plans.

Alana Murphy 226 days ago

Green Ways Gardener

I am a Master Gardener student and I volunteer to work on the plantings on some of our local green ways to keep them healthy and beautiful, for all riders to enjoy! It would be great to have these panniers to carry my garden tools! (That way I could actually ride my bike to work on the gardens.)

Cheryl Papove 226 days ago

I have a rack

ready to go on my commuter bike, but no panniers. These would look mighty nice on my bike and take some weight off my back

Markus 226 days ago

These look cool

Just started commuting to work, and love the look of these panniers. What a great way to get stuff to work.

Kim 226 days ago

Ortlieb Panniers

I could use more space, because it safer to carry than the reusable grocery bags.

Matthew LeDrew 226 days ago

Biking Baby

I've got an 11 month old daughter who will be joining my wife and I on rides. With my daughter will come lot of extra stuff. I currently commute with one pannier and know after 11 months, it won't be enough for all three of us. A set of sweet panniers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Thom Giberson 226 days ago

More room for picnic foods!

I have an Electra Townie and currently just have a basket on the front. I'd love to ditch the basket (I'd get a dynamo headlight for the front instead) and have panniers so I can carry even more picnic supplies!

Amy Aikman 226 days ago

New bike needs new panniers!

For the first time since I was 14 I got a brand new bike to start riding to work, to the garden, to visit with friends. It would be awesome to also have amazing panniers to go with it, I could carry lunches, clothing changes, tonnes of books (to read on my lunches!) and it would come with bragging rights.

Nathalie D 226 days ago

Venture further.

My wife would love these to take on longer excursions as she's discovered the joy of wandering country roads on her bike!

Ryan H 226 days ago

Grad Student with Too Much To Loose

I'm a grad student in DC and have ALL the books and my actual life savings in the form of a fun new MacBook, which I am too terrified to put in my metal baskets---they're really only secured on there with plastic zip ties, after all. Seattle might get the rep for all the rain, but DC is prettttty freaking close. Instead of ALL the stress, you'd be giving me ALL the style and safety.

Rachel C 226 days ago

Baby on Board!

I am expecting my first child and so my bicycle needs to carry stuff for two, just like my body! I'm going to lose my handlebar basket when I add the child seat, so rear panniers are the way to go for that diaper bag.

Tracy 226 days ago

I'm Pooor

Greg Heining 227 days ago


Finding new rides while touring by bike will be much more fun with dry clothes in those snazzy Ortlieb bags. Love the design with the green bike. Makes me feel like riding right this minute.

Colleen MacDonald 227 days ago

Bird gear

Keep my binoculars handy and DRY so I can enjoy birds along the cycle trip. Plus dry clothes!

Lorraine Chisholm 227 days ago

Camping gear for multi-day trips!

These sassy and handy panniers would be perfect to carry all the camping gear I need for biking and camping along the C&O canal and the Shenandoah mountains... Tent, sleeping bag, camping stove and cookware, and of course food! Plus I could use them daily to bring my laptop and clothes to and from work, and on supermarket trips!

Luce 227 days ago

I have been eyeing these bags for months!

I have been eyeing these bags for months! I began commuting to work in December. It began as 2 days a week but I like it so much that I now commute 4 days a week. My husband and I work in the same building so he drives my bag to work each morning. However, he leaves work at 4 and I leave at 5. This means I have to change clothes an hour before I leave. I hate walking around the office in yoga pants for an hour. If I had this bag, I could change clothes on my own time.

Bonnie C. Landry 227 days ago

I would like to have my work clothes with me.

I have been eyeing the bag for months! I began commuting to work in December. It started as a 2 days a week and now I commute 4 days a week. My husband and I work at the same location so he drives my clothes bag to work but it sure would be easier to have the bag with me. He heads home an hour before I do so every day I have to change into my commuting clothes an hour before I plan to leave. I hate walking around the office in yoga pants. It sure would be easier to have them with me so I can change clothes on my own time.

Bonnie Landry 227 days ago

all the things

I am not only a city bag lady, but now planning my greatest touring adventure for the summer! So excited, but so underprepared.

kristin 227 days ago

Seriously, can I win these?

My touring bike seriously deserves these! It's all racked out, but has to go in public with low-cost cheesy-bags. End bike embarrassment today!

Mark 227 days ago

Need to replace the old Panniers

Got hit by cars twice at a stop light and once by a bicyclist during winter.
As a result the old on is ripped...

Martin Rathgeber 227 days ago


A journey of a thousand miles begins with more space. Ride for the love of it. Ride under the city lights to the empty country roads. Always nice to have the space to come prepared

Craig 227 days ago

Baby on Board!!!

We now have a one year old and do not use the car unless required. We bike everywhere! We recently put a Yepp seat on the back of our bikes and got the easy fit XL after learning about it in your magazine. We now have space to carry baby and stuff!!! It will make it a lot easier to continue to stay car free with a bigger set of Panniers!!!!!

Marianne Alexander 227 days ago

sandwiches and beers

Extra-large sandwiches and more beers.

Stephen McMillan 227 days ago


The first use will be a multi-day ride I'm planning along the Oregon coast this summer!

Joe Gallegos 227 days ago

Better Question

A better question is what couldn't I carry in this set. Of the top of my head on any given weekday: work clothes, gym clothes, lunch, p/u supper on the way home (with wine). On the weekend: picnic supplies, doggie fetch toys (with poop bags), BBQ fixins with refreshments, Sunday brunch reqs. The one thing I know I won't carry with these is an extra 20 lbs.

Wes Campbell 227 days ago

School Commuter Bike's Best Friend!

I'm working towards my doctorate and trying to save money wherever we can. I recently restored a 1987 light steel bike to use as my commuter, and these bags would make carrying all of those heavy textbooks!

Anne 227 days ago

More Space, less luggage

I am so tired of having to maneuver a knapsack or dufflebag when I am going long distances, this would be soooo much easier.

Sarah R 227 days ago

Water reisistant way to equalize weight distribution and rack capacity

As a bicycle commuter to the office and most functions outside of it, I've been rained on as a user without a water resistant rear pannier. Luckily I had my items inside another bag that kept it dry. I could totally use a set of panniers to equalize my bike's weight distribution as I only have one bag that isn't quite enough to carry what I need to live, work and play.

cuong trinh 227 days ago


These gorgeous panniers would help me carry extra clipboards when out gathering signatures to lower my neighborhood's speed limit.

Eric McClure 227 days ago

Ortlieb are the best

My 20yo set of rear panniers are worn out and I'd love a shiny new set. :)

Elaine 228 days ago

+++++ use!

My old panniers are breaking of the strain of carrying groceries and large bags of dog food home. I can't think of a better way of advertising amazing panniers by putting them to use at this cycling-only household!

Carrie Marcotte 228 days ago

Two words: beer store

We have the greatest local beer shop around in my town, but it's tough loading up the six packs. This would make carrying them home so much easier!

Kelly Kachnowski 228 days ago

Kids library books

Oh my goodness, these bags would be a godsend for bike rides with my kids and trips to the library. I am finding that as they are getting older, with bigger bikes and more flat tires, having good rear panniers would make life simpler and more stylish. Thank you for offering such cool give-aways. We love Momentum Mag.

Bryan Milliren 228 days ago

big + dry and great design

I loved these paniers when I shared a pair with my bike riding family - when I moved east the panniers stayed west! I'm making do with a few cast offs but I miss them dearly. They are the best ones I have ever used - with tons of space when you buy too many groceries at the farmers market - and thy hold a ton of gear when you are heading out for a weekend trip...the strap makes them easy to carry when you are off your bike and in the city...I love these bags [my fingers are crossed!]

Annabel Vaughan 228 days ago

Ultimate Touring

These panniers are the best for touring. I ride self-supported, full camping gear, solo touring. These big, waterproof, rugged Ortliebs are the bee's knees.

Mike 228 days ago

new Ortlieb panniers for Mother's Day

These panniers would be a welcome Mothers Day gift and well-timed as spring temperatures invite bike travel once again in the northern climes.

Leslie Johanson 228 days ago

from groceries to clothes to library books to camping gear

All of the above and more go into my current set of panniers, including picnic lunches (coffee outdoors, anyone?), crazy roadside finds, furniture- you name it! The problem is that my current panniers, an old second-hand set of Serratus saddlebags from MEC from back when they were Made-in-Canada, is wearing out. I've had them patched once already, but the seams are simply at the end of their lifespan. These new waterproof bags from Ortlieb would protect all my precious cargo and allow me to continue to carry defiant loads on two human-powered wheels for years to come.


Robin 228 days ago

Ortlieb bags are great for family trips

We've had the great fortune to have travelled a couple of times in Europe with our kids, and we rented Ortlieb panniers. They were a terrific product, helping each of us keep a bag of clothes clean and dry along the way from one country to the next. I'm so glad my kids are growing up loving bicycling. These bags would bring back many happy memories, and help us dream up our next trip.

Susan Ellard 228 days ago

With 4 on the bike, I can use the cargo space!

These sweet, weatherproof panniers would really help us on our cargo bike, (I ride with my 3 kids, and they--predictably--take up most of the carrying space), but they'd also be awesome for when I ride to classes and meetings in the city. We live in a place with a considerable rainy season, so the protection would be really great, and--since we also have triple-digit summer heat--anything I can do to not wear a backpack or messenger bag while I ride would be super helpful in not completely becoming a sweaty mess. Thanks for the consideration!

Jarrod Fischer 228 days ago

Why I could use more carrying space...

Because I just don't have enough room to carry my school books and lunch each day! Plus, it's a drag to try to keep things dry on rainy and snowy days. I ride my bike to work, year round.

Jane Healy 228 days ago

Ortlieb Panniers

I currently use a backpack, which as we know, tends to lead to a sweaty back

Stephen 228 days ago

Bike to Work!

I love biking to work but could use some extra space to carry everything I need.

Rachel 228 days ago

Why choose me

Riding 10 miles to campus during the week takes an hour. As an older cyclist I don't like using a backpack. Quality panniers keep my laptop and books dry no matter the weather.

Michael Blandina 228 days ago

I need better bags!

I've owned my current panniers for about 5 years now, with almost daily use. They've seen better days. They're torn at the seams, one zipper is broken and they're not even close to waterproof. I carry a lot on my bicycle: work clothes, gym clothes, lunch, groceries & whatever else I can fit. I really like the Ortlieb line, they match my needs perfectly.

Jason I 228 days ago

Why I Would Like The Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Wave Rear Panniers

I could use these panniers to carry groceries and such on my Giant Via. I have a one piece handlebar/basket combo, but still use a messenger bag or backpack to carry most of my cargo. If I had the panniers I would be able to carry most things on the bike instead of on my back. They would also look great on my bike.

Jeff Chumola 228 days ago

Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Wave Rear Panniers

I would like to use my bike for something other than just fun. Perhaps a trip to the grocery or hardware on occasion.

Wayne Bagley 228 days ago

Great for errands

I'm always looking for bigger and batter ways to transport household items I pick up on my rides - these would be perfect!

Jaime Fearer 228 days ago

Super Panniers!!!

Great for work and play time!

Peter Shaw 228 days ago


I can put lots of gear inside these panniers!!

Sande MacEachern 228 days ago

Get me & my stuff to work

These great bags will carry everything I need to the office

Morgan Staines 228 days ago

Rear Panniers

Mine are falling apart & these are much more visible so my stuff will be dry & I'll be safer! :)

Warren Rudd 228 days ago

Cross Country

If I win these Panniers I will ride from Colorado to Michigan (or a route of your choosing of similar distance) and write about how wonderfully they perform.

Dean Tahtinen 228 days ago

Panniers please!

Doesn't matter where I ride nor how much money I DON'T plan on spending! Inevitably, I end up buying stuffs and not having enough stuffing space. I need a good set of panniers to stuff on my way back home!

Bobby 228 days ago

Carry my stuff to work!

I could use more room to comfortably get all my things to work! I find backpacks somewhat uncomfortable and the basket is better for groceries than work things.

Anne Earney 228 days ago

Car-free American!

I haven't owned a car since February of 2013. These Panniers would make life so much easier for me when I need to transport too many things for my backpack, but not enough to justify my trailer!

Tammy Kulpa 228 days ago

Ortlieb Paniers Great for the Rain and my Baxk

I commute 15 miles to work, from Vancouver WA to PDX. I like to say "there's waterproof, and then there's NW proof" these are the latter. Often I get groceries for my mom who doesn't
drive. These will be a perfect way to transport them as well as my own things, style and function! It's a win win deal!

Bernadette Carrillo 228 days ago

No Car Life

I love riding everyday but my old saddlebags are looking tired.

Gretchen 228 days ago

Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Wave Rear Panniers

My old bags have seen better days. Rain is a common occurence in my area.

Johannes Klein 228 days ago

Slow Food Adventure

We are headed on a slow food adventure with 2 kids in the summer - more veggies could be carried !

gaylene Thoeny 228 days ago

Carrying Stuff for 2 Kids

We are trying to bike as much as possible with our 2 kids. That means packing a LOT of extra stuff wherever we go: changes of clothes, snacks, diapers, stuffed animals... Panniers would help us pack for a day out on the bikes - never mind for touring with the family which we hope to do this summer!

Tanya 228 days ago

I just bougth a new grocery getter bike, it needs new grocery getter panniers

I just bougth a new grocery getter bike, it needs new grocery getter panniers

clay mcfayden 228 days ago

College Bound

My eldest son has embraced the bicycle as the proper way to get around. I am very proud of the fact that he has spurned getting his license, and that he has even decided fenders are cool. He is heading to college soon and he has been asking for a set of panniers to make the book haul easier.

Brian Wood 228 days ago


Trying to increase the number of "no car" days, but still need to get to the grocery.

Jan 228 days ago

nurture touring ambitions

I've always dreamt of doing a proper tour, if only to liberate my roadie from the role of urban steed, but have come to realize I'd need to invest if this is meant to happen.

Stine 228 days ago

Nice "Panty- Yays", You Say?!?

My three year old niece calls my current panniers "panty-yays". I don't have the heart to correct her because for a cyclist good panniers are in fact as essential as panties! Going "commando" is never comfortable!

Kathleen Juten 228 days ago

I want to be cool, too

All the cool kids have Ortliebs; I want some too. Besides, my old pannier (only one) is on its last legs.

Ross 228 days ago

Grad student woes...

I have to drag all sorts of stuff with me to campus, including library books that are unhappy about living in a city where it rains spontaneously and often. I have no panniers, just a non-waterproof backpack. This is a problem.

Allison W 228 days ago

More Space please!

After being loaned a no longer available LARGE and weather-proof pannier, I have been on the hunt for a suitable replacement. These will definitely do the trick!

Queenie 228 days ago

Great for Daily Use

I eventually wore out my last Ortliebs after years of daily use through just about every kind of New England weather imaginable, though their pre-roll-up design did let some snow in during blizzards. They were black and not as visible as I would have liked, so I replaced them with some slightly less waterproof, but more visible, panniers. The newer Ortliebs are more stylish, less black, and more stormproof and would be great for those bad weather commutes!

Jessica Mink 228 days ago


Great bag and waterproof keep my stuff dry on my rainy day commutes.

James D 228 days ago

Ortlieb Panniers

I am a mother of three beautiful riders in San Diego. We commute daily to school and lead a bike train of 5th and 6h graders to their local middle school. I personally love new saddlebags like most women like a new purse, but we always know there are more useful ones than others and there's always a go to bag when you want the perfect one. I have had experience with many great panniers and have always admired the Ortlieb Bags. I've always had interest but have not yet made the investment in this brand. Biking is my preferred choice of transportation and find that I often have a need to carry a lot of goods and extra weight. I have recently added a front rack and have been searching for the perfect bags for the front racks. Possibly Ortlieb is the answer. I know my Soma Mixte or my KHS tandem (both with front racks) would love to ride with these beautiful bags attached, either on the back or on the front they would get much use and much attention. I hope I have the opportunity to discuss the greatness of these bags as they travel with me and are admired on the local streets of San Diego or on a great bike adventure a bit farther away.
Thank you for the consideration and your kindness.

Nicole Burgess 228 days ago

Love the design

Love the design of these Ortliebs!

Colleen Welch 228 days ago

More carrying space means more time to to be gone.

I like my comfortable camping pillow, but it's just a bit too big! I'm also "that guy" who generally packs too much. This would just mean more room for spare supplies.

Dallas McCann 228 days ago

Touring the world takes good panniers!

After we retire in a few years, we are planning to go on a several-months long bike tour of Europe, and then if we have energy left, on to New Zealand and maybe Australia. These panniers would be perfect!

Susan M 228 days ago

More Crap than Sense

Tryin to make it in the world requires a lot of junk. In order to have all of the essentials of 2014 life close at hand the Ortlieb back Roll classic Wave Rear Pannier would fit the bill perfectly. Odd how my name is Bill and they would fit me perfectly as well.

Bill Adkins 228 days ago

Commuter Essentials

I found an affordable city bike after months of searching. It already has a rear rack, but currently don't have room in my budget to buy panniers.

Having two bags means I could take a week's worth of uniforms to work on Monday, and still have plenty of space in the other bag for my lunch, jacket, and stuff for work.

Leave the week's worth of clothes at my desk, and I'll have plenty of room to pick-up groceries on the way home.

Jason Wright 229 days ago

Urban Commuter -weekend touring

As an Urban Commuter in NYC on a nonprofit salary - these panniers would come in handy! Right now i just have to get creative (camera bag as rack bag). Id also love to start bike camping.

Jude Alfaro 229 days ago

win the Ortlieb panniers

wow those are nice and mine need replacing! I prefer the load to be on my bike rather than my back - especially in summer, and those are stylishly perfect!

Leslie Fauvel 229 days ago


These panniers would be just the ticket for getting work clothes and lunch to the office safely. Not to mention how stylish they would look on my bike!

Sue McWain 229 days ago

Ortlieb panniers

Grocery shopping made easy. Yes please.

Wendi McDonald 229 days ago

An essential

I always tell people that if you can't carry groceries on your bike, it's just a toy.

Jeff Perry 229 days ago

Ortlieb Rear Panniers

Why I could use these? Well, actually I want them for my husband. We don't own a car, so our bikes are our SUVs. I already have Ortlieb Rear Panniers that I purchase almost 15 years ago and they are still going strong. His are small nylon fabric pannier that really should have retired several years ago. If he had a pair, this would help me because we could carry more together.

Deanna 229 days ago

The more I manage to carry on my bike the less reason I have to drive my car.

The more I manage to carry on y bike the less reson I have to drive my car.

Kim Wilton 229 days ago


While for my typical daily commute, a backpack serves it's purpose well, a new set of panniers would do even better. Especially for those grocery store runs on the way home when my wife calls to say we're out of milk and bread. Or the late night corner store runs for a bottle of wine and pint of ice cream after the kids have fallen asleep. The ability to keep those things dry is invaluable in Florida's sub-tropical rainy season.

Dustin Mantz 229 days ago

Living in Nature

I live in a rain-forest and I get very wet commuting on my bike. I'm got good water-proof gear - from head to toe - but my panniers are almost thread-bare so I've resorted to lining the inside with a plastic bag. Did I mention I live on an island - with no stores - so improvising is necessary. That said, we do have a post-office so mailed gifts are always greatly appreciated!

Christine Overvelde 229 days ago

New Panniers

These would be the perfect solution for my grocery trips & my weekly trip to the farmers market.

Sondra Bernard 229 days ago

Because mine are falling apart!

My current ones are hand-me-downs, have seen lots of use on tours and in the city, and desperately need to be repaired! Plus the design is not carry friendly... they are so old.. new ones are what I dream of to make getting around with my stuff easier and more safe :) 229 days ago

need a serious upgrade

Got nothing but 2 wheels and a frame on my bike' i need to use it more and be able to carry things which is very limited with a backpack. I need these for sure...

tom calisti 229 days ago

Time for new paniers!

My current paniers have served me well but its now time to retire them. I cycle to work every day and I need me a new pair of fancy Ortlied Back-Roller Classic Wave Rear Panier sisters! They look way too slick, practical and perfect to pass 'em up! Their new owner promises to care super duper care of them.

Lynda DeGuire 229 days ago

My Bicycle loves to carry for me

I am always in need of innovative ways to carry my things with my bicycle. I love to accessories too. Depending on the season and the bike I am using and what I am carrying I need the right pannier.

Emilia T 229 days ago

good panniers replaced by better

I love my Axiom transit series panniers, but the carrying strap alone make these Ortleb panniers worth the ride. I carry a change of clothes and lunch commuting to work and believe these panniers can make it better.

Jeff Bequette 229 days ago

Ortlieb Panniers

These spiffy panniers would look great on the back of my green commuting bike. I could pack all my food for my two back to back jobs. No sleep till Brooklyn!

Nina Sabghir 229 days ago

cheese delivery service

My plan is to be able to delivery cheeses made from a local farm to the 5-7 stores who sell them as well as to the Farmer's Market. These are the perfect size, cute, and durable.

Teresa Hanson-Redrup 229 days ago

Another step towards going car free

My backpack works great except for being uncomfortable and leaving me with a sweaty back every time. These panniers are the perfect solution for my needs.

Chris U 229 days ago

Practical stylish panniers welcome!

Well, wouldn't these look just beautiful on my green touring bike?! They would help with everything from my daily commuter shopping runs all the way to my summer bike touring vacation!

Julie Schliebner 229 days ago


So I can move house this summer! On my bike!

Amanda 229 days ago

Bike Tours!

I could use more carrying space on my bike for bike tours! I'm excited about starting some bike touring and need to get the proper supplies.

lenie 229 days ago


Need more room for my purchases...generally groceries

Pat Arbour-Reily 229 days ago


I would be able to do my regular shop by bike! - instead of car. I can't fit everything in my pack....

Tracy 229 days ago

What will I carry?

Dry Clothes, a sixer of beer, some groceries, some flowers for my lady. I need room to carry it all!

John Leddy 229 days ago

New home and a chance to commute to work

I'm buying a new home, which will allow me to park my car and get on my bike for a daily commute to work. With panniers on the bike rack, I can pack a change of clothing. I will look stylish on the bike and at work!

Maria 229 days ago

Adventure by Bike

This summer a friend and I are taking a 5 day bikepacking adventure in Western SD. This trip is fully self-sustained. No trailers, no car, not even any cell service. If it can't fit on the bike, it doesn't come with. This set of panniers would certainly help lug a little more gear, food, water, etc.

Travus 229 days ago

Bike camping!

We've just discovered the simple joy of camping by bicycle. Of course we need more room for gear and the Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Rear Panniers would be perfect.

Alison Pfeffer 229 days ago

commute longer

I could commute a longer part of the year with truly water proof panniers

Christian 229 days ago

More is more

They look great, big enough for my weekly farmer's market shopping expedition and who knows what I'll find there!

Jane lodge 229 days ago


Because I always carry way more than I need to when touring, and these bags would help me carry even more

Ron Nicolas 229 days ago

Ortlieb Panniers

Commuting, trips to the gym and carrying my daughter' trappings!

Guy 229 days ago


So I can carry an extra set of clothes and a towel to commute to work.

Joe 229 days ago

Sweet panniers!

These panniers will be perfect for trips to the grocery store and weekend bike camping trips! Right now when I go to the grocery store I take my reusable bag and work at balancing my groceries and bike on the ride home. Also I've been wanting to do another bike camping trip and these sweet panniers would be perfect for the trip!

Marisa 229 days ago

Groceries and whatnot

I would use this so I don't have to carry all my groceries in my backpack every time I go to the store. And on some overnight biking camping trips. I really dig the design on them!

Teri 229 days ago

Replace cardboard

When I need cargo room on my bike and my backpack is full I strap on cardboard boxes. Now that I'm older and taking better care of my stuff, I think it's time to upgrade to some real bags...

Dan Stover 229 days ago

Commuter Bike needs new panniers

Need to replace my 1980's nylon panniers. Would like to have this Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Wave Rear Panniers on the back of my commuter bike.

John Wegner 229 days ago

Using a homemade pannier

I stopped using a backpack in favour of a homemade pannier, but it's just not cutting it anymore! I need to upgrade to the real thing so I can pack everything I need for work.

Kaye 229 days ago

hoping to sell my car

if I can show my guys that almost everything we need to carry can be done by bike, I'd like to sell our second car and go down to just the one for winter months (our winter lasts almost 8 months with the bulk of it at -40 with snow, and we live out in the boonies...great for riding but we do need one vehicle for part of the year!)

Carrie Hiebert 229 days ago

Sailing/bike cruisers

We are sailing up the coast from Baltimore to Maine and Nova Scotia. We stop in cities and towns to visit, pick up supplies and even do our laundry on our bikes. .our own land vehicles. These bags would really help carry the loads.

Susan Jachimiec 229 days ago

Rain City - Need Space To Shop

I have owned numerous sets of panniers over the years. I lost a set to theft and others through age. My current ones are starting to show their age and no longer as waterproof as needed. These would be excellent in Vancouver where it is known to rain from time to time, to keep my clothes dry and allow me to carry more groceries and other purchase or to use for a quick weekend getaway.

Coln Brander 229 days ago

Room for more

I would love a new set of panniers to help increase my load when I travel to work or for running errands.
Also, it would be great to have the room to throw in a garden gnome when I go out of the country to explore!
Thanks, TC

Tracey C 229 days ago

Busy Lady...

I commute, I shop, and run most of my errands by bike. I also cycle for fitness. It would be great to have extra storage! <3

tishushu 229 days ago

groceries and gear...

I do the majority of my shopping, along with my commute, by bike, so a set of panniers would be perfect to carry my gear and groceries. I'm just using a daypack for now, so it would be a big upgrade.

Brent S 229 days ago

Functional and sharp looking!

These are sharp looking, perhaps the best-looking Ortlieb panniers I've seen yet! As a pair, I could carry my obnoxiously-large textbooks, a change of clothes, and a water bottle...and reduce the driving I have to do between work-school-home. Thanks, Momentum!

Lee Cornell 229 days ago

Bad Rodent!

A squirrel chewed a huge hole in two of my panniers! Now, of course, they are no longer waterproof.

Colleen Welch 229 days ago


This summer I plan to do camp-outs biking from home for 1-2 nights. The bags would be perfect for traveling. If I look good maybe some of my friends will want to join me.

Judy Foster 229 days ago

Never can have too much carrying capacity

Too much weight to carry? Sure, but bags for the bulky are always nice to have. Load up on baguettes, not canned goods. Extra plus if your bags are waterproof

Jack 229 days ago

For Everything

To take my weeks clothing, food, etc ..., to shop at the farmers market, to show others that travel by bike is not only possible but easy as well ... and just possibly to be rid of that metal box I am occasionally forced to get around in.

David 229 days ago

Never enough room

No matter how well planned out the outing, it seems that there just isn't enough room for everything.

Marci 229 days ago


These would make a weekend getaway by bike easy!

Heather 229 days ago

Want to drive less

I could use more cargo space on my bike because I would like to continue lessening the amount of my travel that I'm forced to do by car.

Paul Molnar 229 days ago


Picking up food at the farmers' markets.

Stephen Leckie 229 days ago

Someone else

I'm the guy that rides a bike. Lots of people ask me how to get started or how to make it work. These would be great to give someone so that they could see how easy it is to go shopping on a bike.

Dennis Taylor 229 days ago

Ortlieb back-roller

I need 2 One for my stuff, and one for my dogs stuff.

sharon 229 days ago

To Carry All The Things

With my kids growing and playing soccer, eating more food, and wanting to sleep in their own tent when we go bike camping, we really need to carry more things. We would use these bags to carry all the things!

Joyanna Eisenberg 229 days ago

bags for the whole family

We are a family of 4 gearing up for bike camping. Wouldn't it be lovely if the kids carried their own gear?

Stacey Brewster 229 days ago

School Textbooks

Come on we all know how heavy those school textbooks are. Panniers to take the brunt of the work!

Brendan 229 days ago

Shopping by bike is the best!

I shop almost daily for groceries and have worn out panniers ... these Ortlieb bags look like they would double my capacity and double my style!!

Susan 229 days ago

bigger loaf

The bigger the pannier, the more bread I can carry from the bakery.

Doug Campbell 229 days ago

pannier envy

These would be a great replacement for my very OLD Cannondale fabric panniers that I currently use for both my off-road trail and on-road cycling.

Walter Fischer 229 days ago

Why i could use more carrying space

I could use more carrying space for long rides and tourning. I plan on doing some bike camping this summer and more space, using front and rear racks, would give me ability to bring enought food and supplies for a few days.

seth kreiss 229 days ago

Always need more room for stuff

It seems when you are toting around the kid you never have enough room to cram in what you need to take or what they want to take. These would be a welcome addition on those trips.

Patrick Bowers 229 days ago


More cargo/carrying space on the bike means less trips in the car!

Lindsay 229 days ago

Panniers would be the bomb!

I have a long commute and often have to carry extra clothes to the office as well as my electronics and food. I've never owned a pair of top-notch panniers but have always thought the Ortlieb brand would be the greatest. I also plan on riding the GAP trail and C&O Canal in the next couple of years.

Andy Carpenter 229 days ago

Bike packing

I want to start touring on my mountain bike on some cross country trips and I'd like to slap a pair of panniers on it to carry my gear. It'd be much easier than taping it to my back!

Dylan Graves 229 days ago

To carry all the rain gear and lock

Here in Vancouver the sun is shining and 30min later it starts pouring rain. So I need to carry all the rain gear and need to be prepared for whatever comes my way. Great Ortlieb panniers desperately needed :-)

Verena Goebeler 229 days ago

Need to replace on Wald folding baskets

My wire folding baskets are getting old and need to be replaced. I can do more with real panniers.

William Wagner 229 days ago

Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Wave Rear Panniers

No matter how compact I try and keep my carry along equipment set-up, there is always one more thing to bring. As Canadian cyclists, one needs 4 weather gear every day. Let alone stopping to pick something up from a store on the commute.
N+1 is the formula for cargo area, you always need more.

Eric Jenkins 229 days ago

Birthday Panniers

I don't need panniers as I ride a 'freighter' bike, but my daughter's daily-ride panniers are threadbare and patched. And her birthday is coming soon. Even if I do not win, you have given me a great idea. Thanks.

Geordie 229 days ago

Everyone Else Deserves Them More

What can I say? I think they look very cool, and would love to own them, but nearly everyone else's reason I've read so far appears to deserve/need them way more than I do! Good luck picking.

Amy 229 days ago


panniers are cute and sexy

danielle 229 days ago


If I had more carrying space, I would shop by bike MUCH more often, perhaps even all the time!

Valerie 229 days ago

Sometimes Stuff is Good!!

To be honest, I like stuff. I carry too much stuff. As my wife and I were getting ready to hit the trail another couple came up to us. One of them said, “Look at all the stuff your husband has! Are you going to Canada? (LOL)” I laughted along and said, “No, but if you are inviting us I’m already packed!” A few minutes later, just as we were about to leave, the couple came back up to us. Apparently their tire was flat and they needed a pump. I quickly jumped off my bike and helped with their tire. Sometimes stuff is good!!! And that is why I need these bags!!

Wayne 229 days ago

No BS!

I'm broke and need panniers

Jason Bruce 229 days ago

Weekend Away

These would be great to pack clothes and supplies in for a weekend bike trip with my wife.

Matt 229 days ago


During the week I bike commute to work, carrying clothes, lunch, a magazine, and other personal items. On the weekends I use the bike to grocery shop. So these Ortlieb pannier bags would come in handy.

Brian Bell 229 days ago


I would love these for getting groceries, way easier than bags on my handlebars!

Rachel 229 days ago

Daily Commute

I commute to/from work daily and need somewhere to put my clothes, lunch, etc.

Bob 229 days ago

Baby needs an overnighter!

Having never been on an overnight bike trip, these would make a dream trip on the GAP and overnight at a B&B a reality!

Colleen Spiegler 229 days ago

Commute to work

I travel a lot for business. Back in March, my husband sold my car while I was out of town. I've now gone from a 3d/wk bike commuter to a 5d/wk bike commuter. It's great! The problem is that there are days when I need to carry a laptop, steel-toe boots, a hard-hat and all my regular work-day kit. I kid you not. My single pannier is not enough! Last week I had to use bungee cords to strap by boots and hardhat to my bike rack. It was totally ghetto -- especially for a woman!!

Jan 229 days ago


I need more storage on my bike because I have Wind-Blox to deliver!!!

Adrienne Fajen 229 days ago

Commuting and camping!!

I would use them for both everyday commuting and camping by bike!

Rae-Leigh Stark 229 days ago

Need another pair

They are great in the rain and snow

Nat 229 days ago

camping and touring

Great bags make camping and touring easier

JoeW 230 days ago

My inner pack rat

Do I want to take too much stuff on my bike? Maybe. But what if I need that extra layer? What if the weather changes? What if I have to wait somewhere and need something to read?

Christopher 230 days ago

Pick Me!

Everyday Commuter, these would be a serious upgrade.

liz jones 230 days ago

Beach bum

Summer = beach + increasing demands of 5 year old for critical beach supplies that Just Can't Be Left At Home, Mom! Including: buckets, small shovels, large shovels, rake, toy bulldozer, toy backhoe-loader, toy excavator, toy dumptruck. Usual towel(s), bathing suits, water, and the all important picnic lunch. Will all of this fit in a beautiful pair of Ortliebs??

Lindsay 230 days ago

Bikepacking here i come!

i'm going to be doing more bike packing this summer around canada and could sure use these badboys!

Heather Myers 230 days ago

Orange Russian

Can't bike everywhere without my sketchbook - a pile of papers outgrew the boundaries of a classic size book long time ago, and a few oranges and/or tomatoes - a must in every bag as a mood enhancer! It can be messy... and that's why Ortlieb rear panniers could be veeeeery useful!

Alina 230 days ago

The Roller Wave

If we all rode around, with a helmet for a crown, we'd be kings and queens alike, atop our trusty bike. The bug of travel inside us, and winds of life to guide us, we'll find all that we crave, amongst the Roller Wave.

lowell 230 days ago

Basket won't cut it

I have a rear basket,but public buses don't like me to keep it on if I use the bus! Plus, all my stuff would get wet if it rained! Having a nice pannier set would solver these problems!

Chelsea Daniel 230 days ago


I went on a weekend tour and my current commuter panniers could barely fit enough! I'd love to have a larger capacity pannier set for longer adventuring!

Daniel Yen-Chiu 230 days ago

More trunk space.

For ten years my husband and I have used a bag on top of the back rack to carry tools, first aid kit, extra clothes, cell phones, bike locks and cables, maps, energy bars, lights, etc. Yes, this is everything all the time. This weekend, we maxed out the bag with 65 degree weather in the morning and 80+ degree weather in the afternoon. The bag could not hold all clothes that we had to carry. We came to the conclusion that it is time to expand the "trunk" space. It is not uncommon for us to bike 25 miles a day and pack food for the trip. With the new panniers we would be able to ride further and enjoy biking even more. Ortieb makes a great pannier and would expand our comfort and travel as we move into another great summer of biking.
Thanks for all that you do at Momentum Magazine!

Joan 230 days ago

Father and Son Adventure

This summer my son is joining me on a tip to tip tour of Prince Edward Island, and he could really make great use of these!

Gordon Williams 230 days ago


To get my backpack off my back while commuting and start doing some grocery runs!

Caleb 230 days ago

Longtime Commuter...Moving to a Rainy climate!

We are moving to a rainy/snowy climate this June, and as a year-round cycling commuter I could really use awesome bags like the Ortliebs for getting to and from work. I'm a classical pianist and keeping my music and recording equipment dry is crucial! I would be thrilled to win these panniers!

Sara 230 days ago


I need more space for my groceries!

Michelle Kirby 230 days ago

Filmmaker on a bicycle

I am a filmmaker who doesn't own a car. I go everywhere by bicycle, but often have to hire a car to carry my camera gear to my filming gigs. I really would like to bike to most of these jobs, and reduce my reliant on the car. The Ortlieb Panniers will be essential to carrying all my gear out to location. They will be invaluable to my effort to reduce my carbon foot print.

Angela 230 days ago

Better than a backpack

I'm gearing up for my spring - summer - fall work commute and would this packing space! What a nice treat for my back to have these great bags instead of my backpack.

Charlene 230 days ago

More space is good!

I accidentally bought some panniers for front racks rather than panniers for the rear rack, so they're a bit small. Oops! These would definitely help with my weekly grocery runs!

T.N. 230 days ago

Better in the back than on my back!

Currently when I ride my 25 mile bike ride to work I have to carry everything I need for the day on my back. I would love to be able to pack more wisely and travel more comfortably! Love to ride my bicycle!

Jennifer 230 days ago

I <3 Ortlieb

I would love to win these bags so that I can carry my camping gear when I travel by bike.

Robert Bellini 230 days ago

Commuter Student

I love baaaaaaaagggs

Alex K 230 days ago

Housekeeper on a Bike

I could use some new bags for my work supplies :)

Sarah 230 days ago