September 23, 2013

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role model

I leave my helmet on my desk all day to inspire my students

franz lefort more than 1 year ago

Lead by example...It's fun, healthy, and free

If you look like you're having fun, others will be curious and soon they'll join the wonderful community of families that cycle together. I believe there's a natural curiosity for deriving how others find happiness so doing what we love and sharing why we love it is the best way to inspire others to ride more often.

Steve more than 1 year ago

Just do it

My wife and I just started doing, biking with the kid on the back shows all our childless friends that if we can do what is your excuse

Billy more than 1 year ago

how you hope to inspire others to ride their bicycles more often

By example - ride to work every day, rain or shine, night & day.

mike more than 1 year ago

Connected to Community

I will inspire others to ride more often when I tell them about random, fun moments I have on my bike, interacting with others in my community. Saying hello, giving small smiles and high fives, and petting dogs at stop lights allow me to connect with others in a meaningful way. I want more people to have that experience!

Allison more than 1 year ago

In my sweet new shoes

I will display the comfort of these new shoes while riding my bike and everyone will think I am "the shit". And want to ride with me.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

an easier way

Cycling is a part of my day, but perhaps others are not able to cycle or don't give it a chance. If I can encourage friends and family to cycle to an event instead of drive, it generally makes both the journey and the destination more enjoyable!

Victoria L. more than 1 year ago

showing up

...by bike. even if i'm attending something like church, or on occasion, even speaking, I typically show up by bike

steve hong more than 1 year ago

invite others for a ride

I invite friends who do not often ride to join me for a short rides to local establishments to eat, shop, or just to grab a beer. They discover how easy it is, that it is not inconvient, and they usually end up wanting to go on more rides.

Doug more than 1 year ago

graduate school classmates

By showing the other girls in my class that they don't have to suit up in lycra and a mountain biking helmet to ride their bikes to school - we can still dress cute and ride to class every day.

Michelle B more than 1 year ago

Inspire by example

I've been riding my cargo bike since I built it this past spring to get groceries, pick up my kids from school, drop off recycles, go to the bank. The people ride, the more others will join in.

scott more than 1 year ago

minor fixes

I found that a lot of people don't ride their bikes because of very simple mechanical issues. Since I do a little bike mechanics, I often offer to fix minor problems. Some people get discouraged even by a flat tire!

velomane@yahoo,ca more than 1 year ago

Commuting to Work

I just got my employer to sign up for a corporate membership to Divvy, Chicago's new bike share, and offer all employees a complimentary membership.

Babatunde more than 1 year ago


A lot of people say I am brave to take on the traffic to get to work. I always tel them, that it gets easier and it really doesn't take too much longer that driving and it is always faster than the bus. The best thing about it is keeping fit.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Formal wear downtown

I commute in business clothes and get a lot of looks. I figure, it says to others, hey, if that dude can do it, why not me?

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Smile and share the fun

Enjoy the ride - have a 'bikey face' - let's people know how fun it is to ride a bike!

Amanda Plante more than 1 year ago

Be fit

I try to get my friends to ride with me. Add it on as a form of exercise.

Joel Brambila more than 1 year ago

Faster and more fun than driving!

I was recently very surprised when a co-worker came to me to tell me about his decision to bike to work daily - including dropping his son off at childcare. He purchased an xtracycle and had an electric motor installed as his commute is long-ish (20km each way). His main reason to change his mode of commuting was a year-long construction project that affected the roads he'd need to drive. Not only did he cut his commute time in half, he and his son have a blast biking in all weather (he installed speakers too so they have tunes!). At the end of his story, he told me that I was his inspiration to do this! I commute by bike everyday - sometimes kid(s) in tow to get them where they need to be - but I didn't think anyone noticed! I managed to inspire one person THAT I KNOW OF with my actions, so I hope that maybe there are a couple more that I don't know of!

Tanya Binette more than 1 year ago

Show its fun and simple

Ride, smile, and say hello

Tom more than 1 year ago

beating the traffic

The traffic in downtown Toronto (where I generally ride) is horrendous, and I generally beat it by a mile. Folks stuck in their cars in traffic see me and my fellow bicyclists quietly and happily passing them by; hopefully that will inspire more folks to try biking.

Barbara Leiterman more than 1 year ago

helping to train the next generation

our 3.5 year old rides his pedal bike wherever he can and we try to spread the gospel of learning on run bikes rather than training wheels to other parents. In the evening our dead end street sometimes becomes a practice area/race track for neighbourhood bike grommets.

MarkusK more than 1 year ago


Working with local groups who help make cycling more accessible

Patti more than 1 year ago

First in town with a family cargo bike

We have two year old twin boys who love grabbing their "hehmets" and riding in the trailer to our local Connecticut town. With twin girls on the way, we're planning ahead and just got our first box bike. Riding into town with two up front and two in the trailer is going to be....inspirational, no doubt. What I love about our town is that it's very bike friendly, in that I only get positive comments when riding with the boys. However, we lack focused infrastructure. As a " first cargo bike adopter" in our town, I'm looking forward to changing the mindset, maybe even the infrastructure, and setting a great example, with four kids and their "hehmets"!

K V more than 1 year ago

The more we ride together....

....the happier will be. Inviting others to ride with you is one of the best ways to ride and encourage others to.

Queenie more than 1 year ago

Participating in DC's new Women & Bikes Group

We are a group of women cyclists who support each other in urban riding. Many women contact the group for advice on getting over their fear of city cycling, and I (and the other fabulous ladies) are there to help!

Liz P. more than 1 year ago

Showing how you can ride with kids

I'm lucky enough to get to ride around with my 3 children on my cargo bike throughout the day, and I get to talk to a bunch of people and show them that replacing a car trip--even with 3 kids and running errands--is easier than one may think. I started carrying business cards of the local bike shop that specializes in cargo and commuter bikes to give to people who want to know where to find these helpful bikes, and started a blog to answer questions or just provide pictures and observations for people curious about changing to a more bike-friendly lifestyle. I was inspired by a neighbor to try this new way of getting around after seeing her in action, and now I'm trying to do the same for someone else. Thanks!

Jarrod Fischer more than 1 year ago

I tell them

To join me! I make them ride with me as I love a riding partner. Eventually they begin to see the joys of bike riding again. Then they start calling me to go for bike rides.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

riding with children

I hope people are inspired seeing me ride with my children. Out for groceries, to pick up the mail or just for AMD evening activity to watch the sun set

tracey bombard more than 1 year ago

all year round

If I can ride in all seasons then I hope that will inspire a few people to get out and ride.

john bombard more than 1 year ago

Ride for anything

I try to inspire others to ride by simply riding for anything - and being willing to talk about it. I ride to work, to the store, for a haircut, for exercise, for fun, whatever. When the subject comes up, I talk about how freeing it is, how much time it can save, and how it has helped me to move more and lose weight - as well as how much fun it is to be out on a bike! I try to show that riding a bike can be done in normal clothes, on a simple, inexpensive bike, at any speed and effort level you wish.

Ted more than 1 year ago

Just Do It

I've been getting the kids out cycling more this year and just want to show them that cycling is fun. No rushing around, just pedal, stop, rest, enjoy the sites, pedal again. Keep it simple.

Kris Fruin more than 1 year ago

pied piper

When I am out on my bike, I try to be as visible as possible and not just for safety reasons. I know people are looking at me and some are wondering what it would feel like to hop on the back of my bike and feel the glide. I do my best to ride responsibly in traffic, respecting motorists without ever compromising my own safety. I smile and make eye contact with those with whom I am sharing the road or those who wish to cross it. I know that some of those I connect with are watching me to get an idea of how they might feel about taking up city cycling. I even feel compelled to dress nice when I ride. No one sees your outfits when your behind a driver's wheel. I don't exactly wear pied pants and jacket but I often have children peddling behind or towed in a trailer and like to whistle or sing when I'm coasting. I don't know if seeing me sail by has ever inspired anyone to hop on a bike and follow me to a better way of getting around but I do get followed by curious, envious and all kinds of stares.

lee more than 1 year ago

Role Model

I use my bicycle to attend many events around the community; equipped with panniers and gear for all occasions, I show others that the weather or the destination should not be a reason to revert to 4 wheel transport.

M Wood more than 1 year ago

Inspire others!

I smile when I bike, and always tell my coworkers to ride bike to work, instead of bus/train commuting.

Irina Z G more than 1 year ago

I just say Hi and smile

When I ride, I smile and wave at passing pedestrians and bicyclists and if I get the chance to chat them up, I do. I volunteer at the bike kitchen a little too but i think making people feel good when they bike makes them want to bike more.

Albert more than 1 year ago


I let my friends know when I'm riding and encourage them to go with me.

Jenn more than 1 year ago

Grinning all the way

I use my Dutch bike with the purple panniers around town to go to the shops and to the local farmers market. Every single time I get on my bike, strap on my purple flowered helmet and hit the road I feel like a kid playing hooky from school and can't help but grinning all the way!

Sylvia Huizinga more than 1 year ago

Cycling is for everyday life

I'd like people to notice that cyclists can wear everyday clothes and shoes, and make bicycling an everyday activity for errands, visiting friends, going places around your city or town.

Erin Snow more than 1 year ago

I demonstrate how completely FUN it is!

I bike everywhere, and I have a blast doing it! I believe when people see how much fun I'm having, they want to bike, too. It is human nature.

brent stewart more than 1 year ago

By Example

I hope I can convince some summer-only riders to keep riding by being out there myself. The rain is back and the days are getting shorter but the temperature is perfect.

Stephen Chessor more than 1 year ago


I encourage people to ride for enjoyment and tell them it's a great way to slow down and look at the scenery.

Howell more than 1 year ago


Just show them how it is simple to ride a bike from home to work or other destination. Give them advice for choosing gears...

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

Looking fabulous on my bike

People on bikes don't have to look drab and lacking in any fashionable sense. I make sure to look fabulous on my bike to show others that you can ride while still keeping your style!

Florence Fan more than 1 year ago

Invite them!

I try to invite my friends as much as possible, and to ride my bike to all our gatherings, to show them that riding a bike doesn't have to be a workout or "a ride" - it can be merely a form a transportation!

Calvin Lee more than 1 year ago

Having fun

I agree with Katy, I just show that I have fun riding my bike

David Viens more than 1 year ago

Showing them how much fun it is!

People want to do what's fun and enjoyable, and showing them how much fun biking can be is a great way to demonstrate that. I ride with a smile on my face that shows how much fun biking really is.

Kathy Forde more than 1 year ago

Be the Change...

I think that the best way to inspire others to cycle is to and go about your daily trips by bicycle. People need to see other people cycling, but they also need to see someone like themselves on a bicycle, dressed like they would be dressed, doing the activities they would do. This normalises cycling, and makes it more socially inclusive and representative of the population.

Moreno more than 1 year ago

be non-judgemental

The best way to inspire others to bike ride there bike more is to celebrate when they do. I view any bike ride, no matter how fast or far a victory. Sometimes just a smile and a "Have a great day" is all that a new rider needs to hear. I also am very careful about offering advice, I don't want to come off a being preachy. I am always willing to help, but beyond safety issues I don't want to provide unsolicited advice.

David Jones more than 1 year ago

Bicycle Love

I have a bicycle blog and that is my main purpose is to inspire people to ride their bikes. Bicycle-love.net. I ride everywhere for my daily needs and our neighbours now have bicycles too. I went with my neighbour on a slow food cycle tour. I have filled out surveys with our local city encouraging for more bicycle dedicated separated bicycle lanes. I have asked the local grocery store for a bicycle rack, now in place. I have used bikes in my garage for anyone to use when they come visit. I have twittered the Mayor on bicycle issues. I am a slow sit up cyclist and encourage everyone to use their bike for their daily needs. I have signed petitions encouraging bicycle lanes, bike share. I share my passion for bicycle sustainable and healthy living with everyone I meet.

Emilia more than 1 year ago

Teva Carbon shoes

Any cycling equipment or clothes designed for cycling that doesn't LOOK like cycling clothes or equipment could inspire those that don't want to look like "spandex-wearing-cylcling-wierdos"

Tim Brown more than 1 year ago

Family of Five...We ride for life.

We are a family of five. We gave up our vehicle two years ago. We live in Seattle, WA. We, my wife and I, ride our bikes to work. We average over 55 miles a week. Our children ride their bikes, their ages are 7, 11, 13. We use our bikes to grocery shop. We use our bikes to ride to the library. We ride our bikes to be an example of what one can do. We ride for life.

David Maple more than 1 year ago

Start them young

I encourage my children to cycle. We live in Vancouver's West End where cycling is an excellent way of getting around. My son's bike was stolen within days of starting school at the beginning of September. One neighbour gave me her daughter's old bike that was in pieces and not working. I swallowed my pride and, via email, asked another neighbour who's an avid cyclist whether he could help me fix the bike. I sent the email in the morning and by the time I got back in the evening, the bike was fixed and ready to go. It just needed a new seat & post which I picked up for $5 from Our Community Bikes, a fantastic shop on 17th and Main. My son is back to cycling to school every day, even this morning, in the rain. The shoes would be for my son, who seems to go through shoes like they're made of cardboard. My oldest daughter cycled to work every day before she moved to Calgary. Working on getting the youngest a bike she's comfortable with. Keep on cycling!

Theresa more than 1 year ago

Bear Witness

I let people in the office be aware that I bike - I have my helmet out, they see me on the elevator in cycling clothes, subtle things. I encourage people to do what's within their comfort zone, rather than pushing them to ride through blizzards or blistering heat.

Ross more than 1 year ago

Always looking to do more

Aside from looking after Rack Works a division of Woodcock Cycle Works Inc. who's mission is to put a rack infront of every business in Winnipeg, Being on Board of Directors, Manitoba Cycling Association, Having been on City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Advisory Committee 2011, 2012
Enjoying the Can-Bike National Advisory Council, Winnipeg Cycling Map Committee, Bike to Work Day Committee and the Ciclovia Committee. I lead three group road rides a week totalling 200 km. Last year I brought in a couple hundred "1 metre please jerseys" and all the profit went to the Manitoba Cycling Assoc. and Bike Winnipeg (our advocacy group). next season I am looking at a technical shirt fundraiser with " Cyclists may use full lane" road sign as a reflective graphic on the back.

Currie more than 1 year ago

Leading by example

I encourage others to ride by riding. There is nothing that makes me want to ride more than seeing other people ride.

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago


I ask friends to go with me on rides to enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

Eugenie more than 1 year ago

Ride, ride, ride

Ride everyday, have a smile in my face and have style

Roxanne more than 1 year ago

Inspiring with moxie!

I ride two of the more unusual bikes people tend to see on the road--a Dutch cargo bike with large wooden box on the front and a pink-and-blue Brompton folding bike. People often notice me and stop and ask questions. I let them know there are options out there for whatever their riding needs might be.

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago


I think just riding more myself can inspire others to ride. Especially when I'm out in bad weather with a smile on my face.

Dave more than 1 year ago

How to inspire others to ride

I try to inspire other riders by giving them tips. Riding year round in a wet area, equipment does make a difference. But you do not need to go broke getting the needed equipment. I also try to encourage the casual rider to try riding more often. There are also the casual riders who are afraid of the road traffic. I try to give them tips on getting over his fear.

Seth Kreiss more than 1 year ago

How to inspire

I try to inspire other to love to ride by posting online pics of the great parts of my ride. A gorgeous view, happy cyclists, a discovered bakery or cafe. Then I post a map of my ride tracked from my cycling app with km marks.

Lorraine Chisholm more than 1 year ago


I try to inspire others to ride more often by riding more often myself. I am working on being fitter, and it can be difficult to find the time or motivation. But I do it for myself and for the environment and to feel good, and I'm not shy about sharing that opinion with others!

Gina more than 1 year ago