August 12, 2013

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the Very Best Part

the best part of biking in august is that you always have a breeze to help you keep cool!

mary o'neill more than 1 year ago

Bike riding in August, anytime!

Well, I find biking is good anytime, unless it's... icy road! I tried it all, but was not good on ice!

Irina@OrangeGaryFisherRider more than 1 year ago

Favorite Part of Riding a Bike in August

Taking the long way home on the first autumn-like day of the year.

Cody Stringer more than 1 year ago

August rides

Way fewer bugs in my teeth!

Turlough O'Hare more than 1 year ago

August rides

Love cool evening rides!

Joel Brambila more than 1 year ago

Florida+August = bike riding

Frankly, every month is perfect for riding a bike in Florida. However, Florida heat and humidity makes those long rides very satisfying - after a cold shower.

Kristin Apotsos more than 1 year ago

favorite part of riding a bike in August

Cool morning rides

michael more than 1 year ago

August Ride

The weather finally starts cooling down!

Travis Nelson more than 1 year ago

august riding

my favorite part about riding in august is commuting to work on the cool mornings and the warmer afternoons for my ride back. all the farm fields are bursting with corn and soybeans. flowers are at their peak. Birds are starting to group up getting ready to start their winter journey south. All these things i get to see while riding my bike. Things I wouldn't get to see if i were in a car.

bonnie daisy more than 1 year ago

Favorite thing of biking in August

The way the breeze of your passing cools the sweat on your skin.

Allison Keats more than 1 year ago

Beautiful sunrises

Taking in all the scenery during slow pre-dawn rides around the local farms!

Joe Tilman more than 1 year ago

Best part about biking in August...

The sunny days are my favourite part about biking in August. I love biking early in the morning when it's still a bit chilly from the night. I also like biking late at night when there are no cars on the road and the only lights are from my bike and the street lamps.

T more than 1 year ago

no layers

Perfect temps before and after work means less worry about layers and more focusing on the ride.

franko more than 1 year ago

Perfect Temps

It's cooled down from July heat, but is not yet subject to September chills.

Cory more than 1 year ago

To the beach with the kidlets

After work load up one or both of the kidlets and bike to a nearby beach

Markus Kellerhals more than 1 year ago

Long Days

sunset at 8pm

Dan more than 1 year ago

Biking + Swimming = Good Times

I love to ride my bike to the lake, go swimming, and enjoy the sunshine.

Ryan Roth more than 1 year ago

Beat the Heat

I am fortunate enough to mtn. bike to work. Here in Boise, we have seen temps. topping out at 108 in the afternoon. It's beautiful to watch the sunrise over the foothills, be one of the only people out on the trails, and most importantly... beat the heat!

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Bright, Warm and Dry

August in New England - especially this one - tends to be ideal cycling weather: bright, warm and dry. The daylight still lasts, the temperatures are warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, but no so hot that you're uncomfortable, and there's little rain and even less humidity. Perfect weather for my favorite outdoor activity!

Ted more than 1 year ago

Western Wind

Consistent wind from the West makes my commutes home a breeze!

Casey more than 1 year ago

Fewer Mosquitos

Riding in August simply means I'm not dealing with the assault of mosquitos. With the flooding this year, we had a bumper crop.

Chris byron more than 1 year ago

Evening rides

Since the days are still quite long, I love an after dinner ride along the lakeshore, riding into the suunset with the skyline behind me.

Karen more than 1 year ago

Falling for Summer

With a t-shirt on and the sun on your back the feeling is like no other. As you breeze down your favorite trail, August reminds you summer is winding down and to appreciate every minute. Soon you will be crunching a rainbow of leaves under your tires. You think about the cool, crisp nights riding the boardwalk once filled tourists. You pause for a second feeling sorry for those who don’t share in your passion. And then the second passes, and you wish the ride would never end …

Wayne Hulek more than 1 year ago

August riding

I love whizzing along the bike lane or MUP, past all the people stuck idling in traffic on clogged roads and even the highway, 1 per automobile. Although their exhaust and congestion get me down, my own freedom makes up for it!

Robin Rombs more than 1 year ago

Sun biking

My favorite part of biking in August is just being out in the sun. In Mn, we know that the winter months are always coming, so it's nice to get out and enjoy your time while you can.

David Higley more than 1 year ago

Riding my Bike in August

My favorite time in August is early in the am, still cool and having the opportunity to observe Wildlife along Forest Trails or on the Bike path. I travel with my camera to catch any interesting scene or subject.

Peter zahrndt more than 1 year ago

teva carbon shoes

my favorite part of riding a bike in august is that it is cooler than jogging

lisa mcfarland more than 1 year ago

Riding in August

I think my favorite part is that school is starting, and I get to ride with my peers to campus and start getting to know new students in the neighborhood through that common bond of biking to class. Especially here in LA, where it is rather rare to see bikers, we immediately form a bond over braving the crazy car-packed streets.

Kacey more than 1 year ago

Favorite part of riding a bike in August

My favorite part of riding a bike in August is all the additional riders out. I ride year round for transportation, fun and lifestyle. It is nice seeing new riders, seasonal riders, kids out and so on. I also try and get skiddish riders out and to get coworkers to try commuting into work.
Another fun part of riding in August is the amount of light. It is bright in the morning, all day and until after 9 without a need for additional lights.

seth more than 1 year ago

Riding a bike in August.

The wind in my hair (Thru my helmet) :)

Warren Rudd more than 1 year ago

Riding in August, freshness after the heat

Normaly in August, the morning are fresher than July, sometimes it 's taste falls in Monreal !! It's still nice but cooler and I enjoy that a lot during my commuting to work

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

Boat shoes

Wear em in the walleye chaser..

Sean MacDonald more than 1 year ago

harbinger of Autumn

Hints of cooler weather come in and you start to feel that the best season of them all is around the corner - but you can still go for nice twilit evening rides.

Randy Gatley more than 1 year ago

in August

I love riding when it's really hot, and then jumping into a refreshing natural body of water

Christian Huot more than 1 year ago

Riding in august

My favourite part is riding home from work at sunset.

Oreste Drapaca more than 1 year ago

Biking inAugust

Being able to ride in shorts without a jacket.

Earl Hong Tai more than 1 year ago

Seeing the gardens full

Seeing the gardens full of life and full with flowers and vegetables before the inevitable decline of fall. On a bicycle you experience the sights and smells as you pass by.

Allan Harmsworth more than 1 year ago

Riding in August

Riding in August always reminds me of being a kid. You've got only a few weeks left before school so you have to pack it all in, see it all, feel it all, ride as fast as you can. August in Vancouver always starts with a long weekend and ends with a long weekend, you have fireworks and so many bikeventures to be had. And best of all the nights are warm and the days are hot. The rainy June and even sometimes July always dries up for August and you can go on long multi day trips on your bike without having to worry about getting caught in a rain storm. Now as an adult and as the fall hits and work picks up again and the time for leisurely riding decreases, the long, beautiful rides of August stick in my memory and give me something great to look forward to the next summer.

EA P more than 1 year ago

Fogust in San Francisco

My favorite part of riding in August in San Francisco is rolling around town searching for sunshine. Because we get so much fog, the search for sun takes you to all parts of town, from the Golden Gate to Mission Dolores. And you can grab a burrito along the way.

Nicholas more than 1 year ago

Surprise storms

Warm rain is grand. Cold seeping rain, not so much.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

August Riding

The best part of riding in August is knowing that you are enjoying the tail end of summer, simultaneously looking forward to fall's changing colors.

Roger Class more than 1 year ago

Riding in August

The best part of riding in August is when it rains it pours. Normally I don't enjoy the rain but when the air is hot it can be quite present.

Ryan Jones more than 1 year ago

August Riding

My favorite part of riding in August is at dusk when the it start to get cool. the day is still warm and that cool evening feels refreshing after a weeknight ride.

Natalie Labbe more than 1 year ago

The remains of summer

My favorite part of my August ride is the elegant dance of opposing forces that play out every morning on my commute to work. As I pedal in the in the morning rush hour I see the sun waking up just a little bit later everyday and the sweltering heat of the summer gently yielding to the cooler winds of autumn. I find that the darkness lingers just a tad more as I cruise down the newly installed bike lane on Dearborn street and that the briskness of the breeze bites less gently with every morning ride. The back and forth tug of seasons can be seen also in my attire. I no longer ponder what to take off and what will prevent me from sweating but have instead started playing with what accessories or functional clothing will be my new ride companion.

Francisco Robles more than 1 year ago

riding in August

Riding in August means feeling alive because I am sweating. Going to the gym during that long amorphous period of fall/winter/spring is all well and good. But there is nothing like feeling perspiration coming out of my pores to remind me that the beautiful season comes around each year and that I am not a cyborg.

Anthony more than 1 year ago

riding with my little niece

My niece just turn 1 year old august first! I was excited on getting her in the bike carrier for a stroll in town.She just love it.When not slepping she is singing!

Nathalie Marcotte more than 1 year ago

Summer Night Cruise

A muggy, August evening after work in Minneapolis screams a slow jaunt along the Mississippi river, where the only challenge is deciding whether pedaling faster will blow the sweat from my face or create more. Stopping on any one of the bridges to watch the sunset over the skyline is one of the best ways to relax after a long day.

Michael more than 1 year ago

Hot August Nights

One of my favourite things about riding in August is that it's still warm in the evenings for night time adventures by bike. Smelling the blackberries is another fav as Rebecaa said before.

Maria Jackman more than 1 year ago

August Daze

I'm used to the heat by then!

Amy more than 1 year ago


My favorite part of bicycling in August is the scent of ripe blackberries as I pedal by.

Rebecca more than 1 year ago

Calm before the storm...

Riding in August is a great way to get the last kicks out of summer before the hectic school schedules begin in September.

Shannon more than 1 year ago


Enjoy the nice weather and other people good mood to be outside

Derek more than 1 year ago


I like to ride in August because of the longer days. It gave more opportunities for longer evening rides.

Yann more than 1 year ago

August Riding

I love riding in August, because I can go anywhere in town, whether it's commuting to work, a casual ride or going shopping. I go just about everywhere on my bike at this time of year,

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Getting through the fog to the sun...

Biking in the SF Bay Area during August means fog, fog, and more fog...but, the sun usually comes out in the afternoon to get people smiling. So, layers are key, and then you can bike with no worries!

Brent Stewart more than 1 year ago

favorite part of riding a bike in August

The evenings are nice to ride in when the weather is Augusty, the air is nice and people are out walking and riding enjoying summer.

Albet more than 1 year ago

Freedom and respect for surroundings

I love to ride...and forget. August is the time for outdoors; a great time to start! Cool nights, brisk mornings here in NC. It's the perfect time to hop on and get rolling! Maybe the leaves are starting to change. The cool wind flowing off your face. My love for biking came from my relatives in Germany. Over there you have towns clustered together, surrounded by fields. These fields and forests are lined with trails to ride your bike. It shows a respect for the environment and says "this is for everyone." In this way getting on those two wheels and pedaling does not discriminate. I'm not a cyclist or mountain biker, but a casual rider. The more people we can get on bikes, the better. We all need to learn to relax and let the wheels take us where they may.

Daniel O. more than 1 year ago

Riding in cool wheather without mosquitoes.

August is the best time of the year to ride in the Province of Quebec. Days are not too hot and insects are mostly gone. There is still a lot to see and do ("festivals" and other fiestas, for instance) and water still hot enough for a good swim in the afternoon.

Alexandre St-Laurent more than 1 year ago


Warm nights.

Stephen C. more than 1 year ago

My Favorite Part of riding in August

School starts back and biking is the perfect way to hold onto the slow, fun days of summer as you ease back into a school routine! The days are getting a little shorter, it's a little cooler (hopefully!) and suddenly the promise of fall is in the air. I love fall and the excitement of getting to live through another one of my favorite seasons is enough to get me through mourning the end of summer. It's not over yet, there are great things ahead in fall, but summer in winding down and I use August to fit in as much summer fun as I can before moving fully into fall mode!

Lenie more than 1 year ago

August is Bittersweet

The shadows are changing and the leaves are getting a little paler, a little drier, and some have already made their way off the branches and onto the ground. Cycling in August reminds me that the summer is winding down. The days are just beginning to get a little shorter, so I am reminded of the neverending passage of time. The kids are back in school and the trails are now deserted. Time marches on.

Jacquelyn Luta more than 1 year ago

Picnic while biking

riding my bicycle to the local wineries and stopping for a picnic is a favourite part of riding in August for me

Emilia more than 1 year ago

Biking Everywhere

The ability to bike everywhere and in every form. From long road rides to various forms of mountain biking. Commuting around and playing polo. This is the perfect time of year to do it all.

Jason more than 1 year ago

Lowering my EcoFootprint

I ride my Miele 40 min to work & back nearly every day. I not only love the freedom of being outdoors, flying down forest paths with the wind in my hair, but I love the thought that my footprint on this earth isn't getting any bigger by cycling. Plus, it's amazing exercise!

Lindz Marsh more than 1 year ago

So cooooool

Riding my bike to the beach during summer!!!

Anitha Kuppuswamy more than 1 year ago

Portland Evening Bike Rides

I love riding my bike in twilight time during the month of August. It is dreamy being able to ride through tree-lined neighborhoods, passing under clear skies, hearing bits of family chatter from open windowed homes, and all the while pedaling my bike. In the best possible way, it's like being 10 years old again only now there's nobody telling me that it's time to come inside for the night!

Tony Hunt more than 1 year ago

It's just so cooool....

I love riding early in the morning....when you can just see the edge of Big Red (the sun) peaking out above the mountains the breeze is just sooooo cool and refreshing!

jennifer vaughn more than 1 year ago

August in Tevas

My favourite part about riding a bike in August is the awesome lack of cars on the road.

Guy more than 1 year ago

My August commute

I start my ride around 2:00 p.m. everyday with temps close to 1000. The payoff is the ride home after midnight, much cooler and much more peaceful.

Loren Rogers more than 1 year ago

Teva Shoes

I would sooooo good in these.

Brian Lehman more than 1 year ago

School has started.

Vacationers are starting to go home, and the weather remains chilly and foggy, which is fine by me, though it is nice to see the sun every once in a while.

Wendy Peabody more than 1 year ago

August Riding

My favorite part of riding is the early mornings are noticeably cooler. This is the best part of my commute. Often it's getting too hot on my return.

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago

Summertime and the living's easy

My favourite part of riding in the summertime are those gorgeous summer breezes that cool you off en route. A hint that fall's on the way :)

Megan more than 1 year ago

Unusually cool riding in St Louis August

Unlike any previous St Louis August that I can remember, 2013's weather has been glorious. On Sunday's ride, I basked in the cooler air, the bluer sky, the greener landscape. It was nirvana, for sure. St Louis in the summer is routinely very hot, very humid -- almost unbearable. Riding my bike this August has been fantastic! (And besides, Teva is my favorite shoe.)

Tina Amrein more than 1 year ago

Getting in the very last drop of summer!

August riding for me may mean the hottest and busiest streets of the year but I welcome the extreme conditions knowing that right around the corner is that harsh Chicago winter that seems to knock on our door all too early! So for me, my fav part of riding around during August is embracing the very last of our full nice weather months and being grateful that there is not yet 6 inches of snow on the ground!

Rachael Huttner more than 1 year ago

Vacation time

Riding my bike to the beach during my vacation.

Lloyd more than 1 year ago

riding in august

now, hold on to your handlebars! why should riding in august be any different?

john campanile more than 1 year ago

Because winter is not far

I like cycling. I especially like cycling in summer and August signals the coming of the end of summer so I savour every bike riding moment of August. I hope you enjoy it too.

ania more than 1 year ago

my birthday ride

riding on my birthday with my family

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

August = Riding my Bike Back to School

I'm a teacher and I head back to work in August. I commute to school on my bike, and riding through the streets of Chicago early in the morning to work give me a chance to unwind and reflect on my day ahead. After work as well, riding my bike home is my moment to de-stress before starting my at-home mom duties. Even though I am going back to work, riding my bike to and fro makes the summer seem to last just a little bit longer!

Amy Bizzarri more than 1 year ago

Air conditioning

Riding downhill in August is like creating my own air conditioning! The warm air whipping past is a very refreshing feeling.

Jessica more than 1 year ago

Cool Morning Rides

We like to ride in the early morning while it's still cool. Nice to see the sunrise too!

Jeffrey R. more than 1 year ago

Rocky Mountain Sunsets

Riding in the evenings and catching Rocky Mountain Sunsets in Denver.

Lindsay more than 1 year ago

Cool August Riding

Where I live, August can be the warmest month of the year, but it also is when we start to see signs of colling and start gaining back our energy that is sapped from the heat. An evening ride is one of the best ways to cool down as we create our own breeze.

Steve v. more than 1 year ago

August riding = the best

Riding my bike in August is the best... the air is cooler both in the morning and evening (my fav times to ride) but if i do go out at midday i still get to work on my bike-tan and get a good sweat on. Plus if a cycle up north in Algonquin Park then i have SUCH a better chance of seeing moose, bear, deer and other wildlife in August than i do in June/July due to the cooler temps on the shoulders of the day PLUS there are no bugs in August, generally speaking.

jake birch more than 1 year ago

Water breaks

My favorite part of riding a bike in August is that I get to stop more frequently at water fountains, etc. Must stay hydrated, right?

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago

Teva Carbon Shoes

In August, our favourite activity is to wait for the heat of the day to subside and ride along the trail to our favourite italian home cooked meals restaurant for a little late lunch/early supper and then digesting the wonderful food lovingly made by the Italian mamas - riding downhill all the way with the breeze cooling you off as the sun sinks in the sky filtering through the leaves on the trees overhanging the trail and stopping in for a capuccino at our favourite local cafe, 5 minutes from home to cap the day.

Barry more than 1 year ago


In August along Lake Michigan's western shore, dragonflies dot the sky like flying aces, dipping and diving everywhere. It's an awesome sight.

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago