October 14, 2013


October 14, 2013

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leather is great!

Earlier this year, I cut one (of a pair) of Velo Orange's elkhide bar covers in half and used it over a layer of cotton tape to rpelace the worn-out cork tape on my zippy Cannondale http://www.flickr.com/photos/26941526@N00/8646638832/
I've really enjoyed how these feel, wet or dry, and they're developing a lovely patina.

I'm always tinkering on and restoring bikes to rideable condition. I have an old Raleigh 3-speed that I'm working on, and it or any other project would benefit from the style injection provided by these grips. In addition to the comfort of a natural material, I find that having something with an organic origin nicely sets off (and softens?) the all the metal and rubber on a bike.
Since cows are being killed for meat anyway, I figure we may as well at least make good use of the rest of the beast.

Robin Rombs 334 days ago

I can feel the ride with leather grips

The daily commute on my bicycle never felt better after I won the Walnut Studiolo Bare Knuckle Leather Grips from this week's Momentum Mag Contests Blog. The grips cool look turn everybody's eyes when I pull up on my iron horse. The leather grips are born to be on the wild road.

Todd Kraemer 336 days ago

New bars need new grips!

I recently replaced my city cruiser's flat-ish bar with a swept back rising bar. My old grips are pretty uncomfortable now that they're pointed at me not perpendicular. These would match the style of my ride perfectly!

Kip 337 days ago


As Mellow Cat (see '70s-'80s Skateboarder Magazine for reference) often said: "Birds of a feather ain't made of leather." These grips are. Gimme.

Dave McGowan 337 days ago


i ride a cargo bike with my 5 year old daughter. we need these grips so we can be badass babes.

courtney 337 days ago

Halifax needs more leather

And they might just match my jacket

Jules 337 days ago

knuckle brainer

multiple uses for leather grips...bike, hand tools, kitchen gadgets, styling mirrors,etc.

danny 338 days ago

Make my old steel benotto look great again!

I've got an Italian benotto (not to be confused with Mexican!) that could use some new, pretty leather grips. Hook me up!

calvin lee 338 days ago

Leather Grips

I love the feel of leather.

Matthew LeDrew 338 days ago

new project

I`ve been looking for an old city bike to refurbish. This would be a further incentive and a first step!

velomane@yahoo.ca 339 days ago

Grips, oh so stylish

What a great addition to accompany my honey brown leather Brooks B-17 saddle

Ken 339 days ago

Sweet leather grips to put my rubber ones out of their misery!

These beautiful leather grips would be wonderful for my bike, since my standard-issue rubber ones keep slipping and disintegrating, leaving behind sad and annoying residue and teeny, tiny pieces whenever I ride. Plus, living in a city with a pretty serious amount of rain, my quality-of-ride would be greatly enhanced as the wet season rapidly approaches. Thanks so much for considering me!

Jarrod Fischer 339 days ago


They look great and fit perfect on my cargo bike

David Viens 339 days ago


Because they are awesome, thats why.

Albert 340 days ago



Jeff 340 days ago

Leather Grips?!

The cork grips on my daily commuter and weekend day tripper are so sad they're slowly breaking free from my handlebars to display the chrome underneath, but not in a cool way like the Studiolo Bare Knuckle Leather Grips do. I would love to win a pair of these grips--it would be sweet to have some smooth leather to hold onto instead of a chipped cork and chrome combo, especially for the long weekend rides.

Marisa 340 days ago

Walnut Leather Grips

Existing rubber grips on my commuter = rock hard, I can feel every little pothole that the Winnipeg streets throw at me. Existing rubber grips in -20 degree Winnipeg Winter = Like holding a freekin' frozen banana. New Leather Grips in -20 degree Winnipeg Winter = Soft, cushy feel, day dreamin' of riding with the summer sunshine on my face :)

Geoff 340 days ago


I would love these grips for the 3-speed townie frame I am currently building. They would be a perfect addition.

Dave 340 days ago

My grips are so sad, and these are so happy!

The ancient rubber grips on my daily commuter (which also happens to be me 3 year-old son's daily commuter) are so decrepit they barely stay on. They have big rips in the rubber seams and slide off the bars with any amount of moisture. These gorgeous grips would look lovely on my north road bars, and would get a LOT of use and weathering this winter in Minneapolis.

Damien 340 days ago

I like to have a ride on my Beach-Cruiser bike.

I'd like to win a pair of these grips because on my Beach-Cruiser bike ; my famous Sparker Electra that should be very good to have a ride with my Brooks B 190 saddle and with these nice grips. Let's have a good ride ...

Oliver. 340 days ago

fighting vintage

I have a vintage-ish bike that I hate the grips on, and want something more my style.

Rob Hendricks 340 days ago