March 24, 2014

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Handle bar bag

It would look good on the girlfriends bike Might be able to sneek a cool one in there as well.

Keith Gorh 266 days ago

To get my wife riding more

With this bag my wife could carry her belongings much easier and stylish as she does it. This fits her personality to a T. Practical and nice looking.

Scott Murray 266 days ago

Just because ...

Just because it's practical doesn't mean it can't be stylish; really like that. This little bag is just right for running errands, keeping my money & ID safe & separate from the groceries, etc. in my pannier bags. I might have to buy one if I do not win one ; )

Diane Mohney 266 days ago


It's as stylin as I am on a bike.

Tanya Raymond 266 days ago

For those shopping days...

My back rack is full with loaded panniers. Where to put those keys and coupons? Hmmm,....I know! My Po Campo handlebar bag! If I win!

Kathleen Smith 267 days ago

Stylish and handy

My bike said that a Po Campo six corners handlebar bag would soooooo match her tires.

Marsha 267 days ago

po campo handlebar bag

Because it's as beautiful as my life is!

Renee Goldberg 267 days ago

Keeping it Handy

Great for the commute, stylish and sporty - just like me

Robin Neiuber 267 days ago

For my Mom

For my Mom

Stephen C. 267 days ago

His and Hers

I actually think my husband might want this one as much as me!

Queenie 267 days ago

Don't need or deserve, but sure do want

So I can have my lipstick, phone and mace handy for the 6 miles of my commute to work that take me through a precarious section of Philadelphia. This stylish bag looks like it could conceal all sorts of handy items!
rve it, but I sure do want it.

Anne Rock 267 days ago

a Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag tell

Because my handlebar pouch is decades-old decrepit.

michael lim 268 days ago

Never Win anything.

I am the original biggest loser.

Janis Guilbeau 268 days ago

Po Campo Handlebar Bag

My BFF would ride more if she had this on her handlebars!

Robin 269 days ago

Share the bike love

If I win, I'll put the bag in my stash of goodies to give away at a local women's bike night!

Carrie Kirkpatrick 269 days ago

A Great Idea!!

I would love to have a bike bag that is so easy to put on my bike for a ride and easy to take off if I want to run in the little store just off the bike path. I would have everything I need with me at all times. I could use the body strap, while at the store, so my hands would be free. It is a Great Idea!!

Doris 269 days ago

My mom

My mom started biking 5 years ago due to health reasons. To this day, she rides at least an hour a day, all over town. Seeing her ride has been so inspirational and led me to start riding as well. She would really benefit from this handlebar bag, as she is always riding around. She is quite money conscious though, so she would never buy something so nice for herself. She would love it very much though!

Erica 269 days ago

My handlebar bag

Wow, so cute. This would be perfect for my around town tours on my LHT Surly.While many of us need this…..I simply want it and will cherish it :) 269 days ago


It's not for me it's for my dog, Pugsley. He said he wants a new bag for bike rides.

Joseph Szul 269 days ago

Perfect for summer riding!

This would be fantastic as the (hopefully!) warmer weather approaches. I would love to carry this instead of a heavy bag!

Katie 269 days ago

Must have~!

Great for someone on the go, like me! Fits just the essentials.

Valentina Zapata 269 days ago


l want to win because although I ride my bike everywhere l don't want to look like l do!

Kathy Mildenstein 269 days ago


this would be great for quick trips and cruising around the area!

linda 269 days ago

So cute!

I would like to win because I have a hard time finding small bags that aren't clunky and ugly. Bags are personal and this one looks perfect.

Kim 269 days ago


Just the right size and just the right place.

louise 269 days ago

Need all the bags

We are a carless family with kids and are always looking for useful, space-saving ways to carry stuff!! This would be perfect!!!

Jessica Nelson 269 days ago

Perfect for trips around town

I would love this bag for a quick trip out instead of having to take my larger bags. So much more convenient

veronica 269 days ago

Po Campo Bag

What a brilliant idea. I could use one 'cause my purse takes up caluable real estate in my panniers. I'd much rather use the pannier space for more lunch (and maybe a pair of socks or undies).

Lisa Krack 269 days ago

Great for riding around town

Sometimes I just want to cruise around town and just take my wallet and phone. This is the perfect unobtrusive bag!

Tara 269 days ago

Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag

This is all you need for quick trips around town.

Miranda 269 days ago

Why I Want To Win

Because this is quite possibly the coolest idea for a handlebar bag that I've seen! It rocks and I'd love to show it off on my bike.

Lenie 269 days ago


You can't have too many bike bags.

Doug 269 days ago


This would be perfect for my 'not quite pink' beach cruiser

Barbara 270 days ago

Because I don't like to lose---sic.

Very sharp item, can't wait to install it on my wife's bike.

Turbo bob 270 days ago

Sustainability in style

I bike as a practice of sustainability, I want to win this to commute morning and night with minimal baggage, another practice of sustainability, less is more! I want to win this to ride in conscious effort to consume less and sustain more!

Leanne 270 days ago

Small and convenient!

Sometimes when riding my bike, all I need is a place to put my phone, keys, and cards. I hate carrying purses that are hard to hold on the bike, so I tend to risk losing these items by placing them in my pockets. This lovely little handlebar bag would be perfect to hold those items while I ride!

Annette 270 days ago

size matters

a handlebar bag is perfect for when a pannier bag is too big for a wallet and a set of keys!

joni 270 days ago

Easy access

It is hard to find a practical bag for carrying biking essentials with easy attachment/detachment that converts into a shoulder bag. What more is there to want?

Sara 270 days ago

Less Car

Trying to do more biking to places this year and less using the car - this would be the perfect thing to have for that!

Dawn Peterson 270 days ago

Simple Solution

This bag would definitely lighten my load when I bike -- it's sleek and small, but just big enough to hold the essentials.

Lisa L. 270 days ago

Love Po Campo bags

You can never have too many. :)

Katie 270 days ago

Essentials only

The handlebar bag is a perfect size to carry the essentials for a bike ride to meet friends for a coffee or lunch. Plus, it is chic.

May 270 days ago

a great gift

I'd give this to my wife for our 30th wedding anniversary.

Ross 270 days ago

what a grea use of space

I could actually ride hands free - what a great idea!

joyce s. 270 days ago

An Excellcent Gift

I would give this Po Campo bag to my mother as birthday or Mother's day gift.

Matthew LeDrew 270 days ago

Po Campo Haiku

a po campo bag
for the little essentials
of daily riding

Liz 270 days ago

Po Campo Bag

I would love this, my basket no longer fits on my new bike, and this would be way cooler than the back pack that I'm using now. Looks sweet!

Rachel Bee 270 days ago

Murse on a bike!

This sure looks like a Man's Purse and would complement my riding kilt/skort...

d 271 days ago

Handlebar Bag

I'd like to have something to replace my purse when I bike

Chelsea 271 days ago

Utility riding!

I'd like to increase my utility riding, and this would help prevent the banging around of my purse that I have over my shoulder!

Iris W. 271 days ago

The biking midwife

I'm a midwifery student, very soon to be on-call, and I'd love a way to keep my 'emergency food/toiletries' stash separate from my birth-related equipment. Also, this was the first winter I biked all the way through - hurrah! - doesn't that merit some sort of prize? (It was Toronto's worst winter in 20 years!)

Lisa 271 days ago

more storage

always need ways to carry more stuff

Rob 271 days ago

Rolling Advertisement

The more gear I can accessorize on my bikes, the more I can promote urban cycling in my community as a lifestyle!

Tim S 271 days ago

The Perfect Going-Out Accessory

This perfect-size handlebar bag eliminates the question of wearing a bulkier shoulder bag (and creating a sweaty situation where I live in Miami!) or strapping a larger bag on my back pannier before going out. It would be perfect for phone, wallet, keys and an extra light at night!

Laura Jane 271 days ago

Hands free

I would love this! Would allow hands free riding!

heidi 271 days ago

Po campo

I need a bag Because I'm getting a bike for Mother's Day!! I'm finally done with strollers!!!

Maribel Compagnone 272 days ago

No more big bags

If I won this stylin' bag, I wouldn't have to use a huge backpack or panniers if I was just making a short trip!

Daniel Yen-Chiu 272 days ago

Love the versatility

I like the idea that I can carry my wallet, keys, phone and a snack and then take the bag inside with me when I get to work or wherever.

kbrak 272 days ago


I really could use this bag for my keys, Cliff bars, etc. during my rides. Pick me, pick me, please.

Bob A. 272 days ago

6 Corners? That's a hex of a bag!

Seriously, I really need a new bar bag for my touring/commuting bike. But who wants a bag the size of a suitcase, then pack it around the destination? This size is much better. But if my wife sees it, I may need two!

Mark 272 days ago

What a present!

My wife routinely rides to school with the kids, and this little item would really be handy for first aid!! kids are always getting scrapes!

Scott 272 days ago

for my workhorse

My bike is like our family's minivan; i use it to haul kids, dog, groceries, work stuff + stuff for picnics or gardening. It had several attachments and adaptable bits to met its flexible identity. I bought it in 1991, it has traveled across the country multiple times and even got a colour change. It has never had a front basket/container and the handlebars are feeling underutilized.

Lara Pinchbeck 272 days ago

Po Campo for my Wifey

I think my sweet wife could use this Po Campo bag. She rides to work most days and is always cramming her backpack full to the brim. This might help distribute her crazy load a bit.

Jonathan Roberts 272 days ago

Starting Young

I would like a bag for my 9 year old daughter. When we go for an impromptu ride she would have a place to put her camera. It is always a bummer when we see a scene that is photo-worthy, but left the camera at home due to no place to put it...

Lauren Kilmer 272 days ago

Po Campo

I would love to win this bag for zipping around town running errands on my bike. No fuss, no bulk, no worries.

Deanne 272 days ago

Pro Campo 6 corners bag

A great place to put my Bluetooth speaker.

Chris Byron 272 days ago

Great Bike Bags!

I've been eyeing these Po Campo bags since the company started. Only thing keeping me from buying one was that I had wanted to make something myself, but time has shown that that will not happen any time soon! Winning this would make a great addition for my bike. Love it.

Elaine 272 days ago

Woman-owned company!

I LOVE this bag so much (I bought one for me--selfish) that I want to win one for my sister who has started commuting everywhere. She has a big bag, but needs a little pursey bag for when she just goes out with her friends. She made me fall in love with Triathlon, it's time to pay back!

Sandra M! 272 days ago

A design for women, woohoo!

I've been scouring my local bike shops and etsy for a purse that will also attach quickly and easily to my handlebars. This bag by Po Campo looks ingenious!

Stephanie Allen 272 days ago

My bike needs some bling

And i need a place to hold my things while your product !!

Julie 272 days ago

Beautiful bag!

I'm getting a brand new bike this week and this bag would look good on it. I just discovered Po Campo this weekend and would love to get my hands on one of their beautiful bags! :)

Angela 272 days ago

Need a handlebar bag!

I don't have a handlebar bag, but sometimes, that's all I need to go grab coffee with a friend or go for a short ride. I don't want to have to bring my panniers everywhere

Valerie 272 days ago


I already have a Po Campo trunk bag and I love it. But, sometimes a smaller bag would suite me - especially in black. I often ride to bike dates with my husband, friends, etc. It's perfect.

Sara Struckman 272 days ago

Need storage

I always wanted a bag to store on my bike I don't like to wear one while I ride. It would be nice to not have to worry if my keys went flying out of my pocket on a ride or just avoiding the annoyance of wearing a bag while I ride to carry my keys,phone and wallet. It makes way more sense to have the bike wear the bag rather than the rider.

Tanya 272 days ago

Why Rosebud and I need a Po Campo bag

Why do I want this Po Campo bag? It's like asking why I want spring. Because deep down you just know when it's time for a change, especially when that change means warmth and fun and more time - and less road salt - on your bike. And practicality - let's talk practicality. I have my 1986 Bridgestone mixte bike - Rosebud - set up as my grocery bike - a large basket on front and roll-up panniers on back. But when I pull her out for just a general errand, I don't have a place for my keys and wallet, unless I want to throw a purse into the basket. A small crossbody bag is my answer, but having it be a handlebar bag as well is even better of a solution, because I hate to wear purses or messenger bags on me when I ride. This lightbulb went off just a day or two ago, and then my [devastatingly handsome] guy (he asked for a better plug than just "my guy") points me to your giveaway offer. Even if I don't win, your black handlebar bag will be perfect for Rosebud!

Christiane 272 days ago

Looks good on purple bikes

My poor purple steed currently pouts over the non-aesthetic, very purposeful handlebar she carries at the moment. What a happy bicycle she would be with this Po Campo bag. Because we know a happy bike is a happy rider.

Jessica G 273 days ago

Handlebar Bag

I so need that, I just got a beach cruiser bike, Im in need of a bag and this one is awesome!

Sandy N. 273 days ago

Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag

This would look so awesome on my bike!

Sondra Bernard 273 days ago

I Love It!

That should be reason enough.

Kelvin 273 days ago

Cute & Functional

Love this great little bag and its very unique bikey features!

Michelle C 273 days ago

Love po-campo designs

How can anyone not like this small bag? It's just big enough for my long rides with friends!

Kelley Westenhoff 273 days ago

Birthday Bag

I'm turning 35 (mid-30s!) on Friday and all I want for my birthday is a cute and functional handlebar bag:)

ednita 273 days ago

Our Bike Ride

This handlebar bag would come in so handy when i take my Grandchildren on our bike rides.We could take along our snacks and some essentials.

colleen cuddy 273 days ago

Pick me!!!

Would love a six corners bag for quick access to my wallet, keys etc. I usually throw my wall purse in my bike basket and it has actually bounced out going over a big bump!

Athena Knibbs 273 days ago

Six Corners

My wife one of these , but would like another one in a different print.

Jeff 273 days ago

So cute

I'd totally make this my go-to bag (whether on the bike or not) - it's adorable.

Jessica B 273 days ago

Love Po Campo!

I have been admiring these bags since I moved to Chicago. Would love to have this bag this summer, especially on evening rides to get frozen yogurt with friends or to go to the beach.

Bailey 273 days ago

On my Beach - Cruiser bike it's all right...

I like to have a ride on my Beach - Cruiser bike ; my famous Sparker Electra ; and with the Pro Campo Bag that should be easy because I never know where to put my keys and my portable phone. Let's have a good ride ...

Olivier 273 days ago

It would make my girlfriend very happy

to use this bag every day on her commute to the train station. Her eyes light up when I give her new bike gear. I love her very much and I like make her happy.

James Vancio 273 days ago

nice bag!

perfect size for my wife to remember to carry her wallet in, so she can occasionally be the one to treat!

Craig 273 days ago

For popping to the bank or down the trails

The Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar bag is a great size to toss my wallet in for a quick jaunt to the bank or maybe across town to visit my boyfriend. Also great to hop on the trails ~1 mile from my house without packing a bag for tools/wallet/sunglasses/gloves. Won't detract from the lines of my bike (so pretty, my noble steed that carries me everywhere) and she deserves a little something from time to time because she does so much work for me.

Jess 273 days ago

Good looking bag

I could keep stuff in it, but I would try to fit it under my saddle.

Eric R 273 days ago

I want to win the Po Campo Bag!

I was pregnant last summer so I couldn't ride my awesome Public bike. Now that my baby girl is here, I can't wait to bring her along on rides with me! I think this Po Campo Bag is perfect for storing an extra diaper and some wipes so I don't need to bring that bulky diaper bag.
Help me enjoy a summer of riding with my little baby girl - if I win, I'll send you some great shots of us riding around Ottawa!

Aleksandra Walsh 273 days ago